Secrets of the Parthenon

Secrets of the Parthenon

2008, History  -   10 Comments
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Secrets of the ParthenonA highly sophisticated restoration team is painstakingly reassembling the Parthenon of Athens—a classic Greek building that has suffered from wars, earthquakes, and disastrous previous restoration attempts.

The Parthenon's builders created dauntingly precise yet subtle curves throughout the structure, giving the building its legendary grace.

Etched in the marble itself, the restoration team discovers traces made by the ingenious tools the stonemasons used to carve the blocks with such speed and precision.

Experts examine the extent to which the Parthenon's symmetry and visual harmony is dependent on a system of mathematical proportions.

Two hundred miles from Athens, faint lines left behind on another Greek temple reveal the technique the early engineers used to sculpt the Parthenon's perfect curves. (Excerpt from

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Maulana Salahudin Chan
1 year ago

Good Evening , I want know Philipus Caesar Palace . What did Parthenon built by Philipuss Caesar ? . Be tell me completely about Philipus Caesar ? . Thank you .

5 years ago

Classical Greek??? by the time it was built Greeks did not exist. It is the Pelasgians that are credited for the majestic buildings.

8 years ago

A good documentary reliving the building techniques of ancient Greece. It will be nice when they are finished, however modern political, and economical austerity measures would seem to put the whole project in jeopardy.

Constantinos Bikos
11 years ago

Thank you very much for this documentary. Ancient Greeks built it and it is my belief that only modern Greeks could have the will and determination to rebuild it after 2500 years. With the exact same materials, tools and methods, which makes this project very painful, challenging and expensive. When it is finished 40 years will have passed and a thousand problems will have been solved. And it will be perfect and worthy of our heritage.

These kind of projects which project the great qualities of this nation, in a period the world is provided only with the bad qualities, the crisis and everybody blames the Greeks, these kind of documentaries and the hard work of my fellow citizens makes me proud to be called a Greek.

Thanks again very much for this informative and educational video.

12 years ago

Enjoyable and containing lots of architectural information. My only wonder is the multiple use of the term B.C.E. It means Before Current Era. Greece is a Christrian culture and there are still lots of Christians around so one might ask what's with this BCE instead of BC: Is someone offended by BC? Before Christ? If so: What's the problem?

13 years ago

may we never forget the past

I'll be your work slave !
13 years ago

could the lines be , or the way it was built be the big secret of the Freemasons with the use of optics ?

this makes me want to visit the Parthenon even more , I'd give a right nut to be able to work somewhere on that site .

Sick of Lies
13 years ago

Yes,good doc.. Too bad we have been lead astray as to craftsmanship in today's modern world. Good luck finding even a real carpenter nowadays who can level and plumb a door...

Achems Razor
13 years ago

A very interesting Doc.

Amazing technology of ancient Greece.

That can hardly be matched today.