Slavery: A Global Investigation

Slavery: A Global Investigation

2001, Politics  -   19 Comments
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Slavery: A Global InvestigationThe global economy has created immense wealth in the West, but it has also spawned a sinister new market in slaves – in Africa, Asia and South America, and on our own doorsteps in the capitals of Britain and the U.S.

True Vision of London produced this 80-minute documentary, inspired by Free the Slaves President Kevin Bales' award-winning book Disposable People, exposes cases of slavery around the world. Filmmakers Brian Edwards and Kate Blewett actually buy slaves in Africa and help free child slaves in India.

The film exposes slavery in the rug-making sector of Northwest India, the cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast, and even the home of a World Bank official in Washington, D.C. Small, personal stories of slavery are woven together to tell the larger story of slavery in the global economy. Slavery won the Peabody Award in 2001.

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  1. john

    OK stop having babies you can't care for already. Why would a sane human have children when they can barely feed themselves? It's the parents who are also to blame but they don't have the intelligence or compassion of an slug.

    1. Jo

      Many of these women having these innocent babies are NOT getting pregnant by choice, you *****!! Many get raped and tans are kept on them so that those men can reap the financial benefits of that child by making money off of them!!
      You are the one with the intelligence and compassion of a slug speaking like this!!

    2. Radha

      Blame the victims.

  2. Matilda

    Neva imagined there s so much to be fixed in this world.I dont think i' l find sleep tonight.

  3. Letícia

    Well, this situation is completely scared!!! Gosh kwons!! I'm brazilian and here, we just kwon about so many cases about slavery work, but unfornatily not all the people whom really seems this abuses tell for someone!! We need work together for end this kind of situation. Let's denouce!! Please guys!!

  4. Europa

    democracy makes this possible. it is the rule of the elite. there is a system that would destroy this and it is not the state capitalistic system of communism. one of its versions are Justicialism

  5. Europa

    this is easily stopped in a day. the responsible ones are the government marionettes that make this possible and allow it. death penalty to the slavers

    1. Ale

      Death is a relief.. they should work for free for the rest of their lives

  6. Europa

    yeah have created an immense wealth for selected few. This idiotic we notion i have no part in.

  7. Miss Sara

    When fingers stop pointing outward claiming it is that place not mine and begin saying it is a human need everywhere is when more progress can be made. So long as you provide yourself an out by saying "I did my part in feeling angry" then nothing will change because you gave yourself permission to again look away.

  8. Donnamay

    I know there is so many things to fix in our world....but my wish is that every very rich person on our planet would give half their bank accounts to help.. and personally see to it that it is going to the proper organizations!! I wish I was a very wealthy person dream has always been to help people and animals in poor countries !

  9. Keith Sauerwald

    One of the best thing I ever did was to join this group. With so many great documentaries, you give me a never ending supply of hours of enjoyable and interesting viewing. Thanks for being so generous.

  10. rpolady

    A couple of years ago I saw a documentary that mentioned The Border Hays family were responsible for Scots being enslaved and sent to plantations. Does anyone know the name of it please as I would like to see it again?

  11. Jarkiewicz

    enduring freedom: capitalism is best system for those who gain and profit from the exploation of this worlds people....if thats best....well, its not the world I want, and not the boys in the Ivory coast.

  12. enduring freedom

    when i say goverments i mean the 3rd world goverments.

  13. enduring freedom

    these goverments of these countries are a pitfull exuse they need to set up an agency or at least a volunter force that finds these forced slaves then take the owner and exucutes him.

  14. enduring freedom

    Capitalism has its flaws but it is the best system and the problem lies with the goverments of the third world countries who dont put safe guards in for the working class

  15. whatistruth

    I knew about the diamond slaves but it hit much closer to the heart to find it in our own borders . no doubt the people working as domestic slaves in the US and Britian our in the homes of millionaires. What these people can't afford to pay a girl a decent salary. say like $50k a year what is $50k to these people... a bad nite in vegas. elitist pigs wake up and smell the cocoa i guess we need to tell them...
    Vlatko Thamk you for your work in finding these thought provoking docs.

  16. Bluesmanwalking

    These types of horror stories are in all 3rd world countries and even some not so 3rd world. Corporations are very aware of what they're buying and where it comes from, that's how they decide on a buy & sell price. Governments keep these countries in the dark ages for their profit of course. Make no mistake tho, the officials of the poorest countries on the planet may it be dictators, corrupted or illegal governments, they all get largely paid. As a matter of fact, during the Summer seasons you can see them partying on their 30 million dollar yachts mooring in the waters of the Mediterranean facing Monte Carlos or Cannes.
    You can say nothing changes, because it doesn't. But tomorrow, i will take the necessary time to enter carpet stores and confront them if they don't have "Rugmark" on India made carpets. I will also check a fine chocolate maker near my house... . What would really help to fix and heal the world, is having Documentaries on regular TV channels on prime times nightly, do we really need "are you smarter than a fifth grader" ???. I can't believe there is no Producers on the site (TDF), you'd make lots of money don't worry about it.
    Peace. Keep up the Great Work Vlatko, something will change.