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TribeOver several years, Parry spent a month living with fifteen different tribes in remote regions of the world. The result is an insight into wildly differing cultures that are vibrant, hospitable and full of spirit despite numerous hardships.

Parry's insatiable curiosity takes him deep into the heart of each community, whether they be forest people, cannibals or nomadic herders, where beyond the obvious differences, he finds the same loves, trials and issues we have the world over.

His encounters also throw up some thought-provoking and challenging questions: is change good? Should we protect tribes people? And, more importantly, who are we to impose our own cultural sensitivities in our judgment of their customs?

Along the way, Parry takes part in some ridiculously dangerous rituals, which include taking mammoth amounts of a potentially lethal hallucinogen, having his penis forced back into his body and eating rats' livers cake. He also forges new friendships that will last him a lifetime. Episodes: 1. Adi, 2. Suri, 3. Kombai, 4. Babongo, 5. Darhad, and 6. Sanema.

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7 years ago

Disappointing. He never mentioned anymore and did not share his dreaded "infusion" experience. When he tasted the bone marrow his face did not match his words :). However, kudus deserved for taking off his clothes to be one of the people.

Appoline P.Aldea
9 years ago

so blessed to see this unique experience of Parry, truly a brave and godly person .I will be on a 6 month mission field next year and this gave me a great idea what to expect dealing with aboriginals culture.

11 years ago

All of the six documentaries are very informative and interesting to see different worldviews and lifestyles. Positive to see a European living with people in forest, jungles, etc. to learn there knowledge,live and be like them. This guy really get deep into all the different people he lives with for at least a month!

john kay
11 years ago

very nice to learn about other cultures and peoples..
great site, great vids, amazing people and things...thx 2 all

11 years ago

it is always nice to see european learning from indigenous people,not exploit them.sad we are already doomed...

12 years ago

I like this series. It does not just show us the cultures of less known peoples around the world, it also make us see how very much alike people are. None are supream in any way, unless you prefer to see it that way.

In other words: It is in the eye of the beholder.
And Bruce Perry & Co give us the oportunity to be quite wise beholders.

12 years ago

absolutely extraordinary series, especially the Kombai episode. gives such a great insight into the unique lifestyle each tribe has, its religious beliefs, its attitude towards masculinity/femininity, etc. watching this has been a truly remarkable experience. i just wish could live like that someday, eh.

Arnold Vinette
12 years ago

I have just finished the second episode Suri and now I know the origin of men's testosterone and desire to fight all the time. Since this is the birth place of mankind everything is now starting to make a lot more sense with regards to the aggression of men and desire to be at constant war.

The hospitality of the Suri King / Chief was remarkable to see and have it filmed. It is nice that his kindness, generosity and protection will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people and realize that the kindness of people also originates at mankind's roots.

This episode featured a lot of aggressive fighting and it was very interesting how human males originally fought and still do to attract a woman to mate with. We are definitely not that far removed from nature.

What I missed in this episode was all the fun that Bruce had with the Suri kids. There was a lot more that happened with the kids that we really do not get to see. The focus being more on the upcoming stick fight and preparation for this event.

This show also helps me to better understand the aggression, hostility and violence that takes place in the African nations. It really is just a a normal part of their every day day life where the strongest and most aggressive survive and prosper to carry on their genes.

Good work by everyone to bring this to the screen. It was very educational and enlightening giving me a better understanding of myself and my heritage and the nature of African cultures.

Arnold Vinette
Ottawa, Canada

Arnold Vinette
12 years ago

I just finished watching the first episode Adi and it was so well done. It is wonderful to see how other people live and how simply they can live with the basic of necessities. The less people seem to have the more giving and loving the community. I have experienced this same type of family out reach when I go to the smaller villages in Russia. The friendships I make profoundly affect my life in a positive way.

Arnold Vinette
Ottawa, Canada

Arnold Vinette
12 years ago

Thank you Maureen.

12 years ago

It seems most of these videos have been moved to youtube. Look for them there. For example, search: Tribe - The Babongo

12 years ago

Great series loved watching them all grow to love bruce, great to see how others exist out there

12 years ago

None of the videos are working... do we have new links? I would LOVE to watch this!

12 years ago

these tribes should be off limits. like so many other treasures barely hanging on while our worldwide culture of dominion tears them down bit by bit. the last traces of what once upon a time worked with nature ..are almost gone forever....tribes, communities balanced as part of the only commonality life posses....biodiversity. we are toast. we are gone unless we make our way back into the circle....and no, that deosn't mean go back to the so called stone ages for chrissakes. we need to trim so much waste that we've created though systems that simply do not work. we need these peoples, and the ecosystems that surround them, to be left alone as much as possible.

12 years ago

he just like gettin mucked up on all those different drugs haha, but for real... this show is tight!

12 years ago

Great series. Id love to watch this on a larger screen with bwetter resolution..does anyone know where or how? Keep up the super work.

12 years ago

Can anyone identify the bird in the village of the Sanema tribe? I need to have one!

12 years ago

Wow what a Great Series !! Thank

12 years ago!!! This series is mesmerizing!! I can not stop watching a second of it! The insight into these remote tribes is just incredible.

Bruce Parry is so lucky to have had these experiences and I am grateful that he was able to share them with us all!

These cultures can really teach us a lot about harmony and respect for each other and the land we live on.

I have not seen the last two yet, but I will say that my two favorites are Kombai - Because it was just so enthralling and hilarious!! The other is Babongo when Barry went on his initiation to become a man in the tribe. His experience on that hallucinogenic plant has obviously changed him in a way that will last a lifetime. I was glad he mentioned some of the medical advancements the plant has created in the modern world... I could imagine it being important to cure a lot of post traumatic type illnesses (as an example).

12 years ago

Made it to the Kombai so far, that one had me rolling! Pretty scary at first but then sooo funny. I love these ccan't wait to see the rest.

12 years ago

This could be the best series I've ever seen! Having been a student of Anthropology and Religious Studies I would give anything to be in Parry's shoes (although I'd probably be too scared). What an amazing job!

canadian jason
12 years ago

What a facinating and educational eye opening documentary

12 years ago

Bruce Parry is a legend, this is a fantastic series, already got an seen them all, but great up!

12 years ago

They're all just bunch of tree-hugging communists! ;)

13 years ago

Suri ...the fortuen teller says the goat gut has it's hooves in 2 worlds that of man and that of nature , i i think of the Aborists today who was talking about the local Coconuts , how hard the older trees were hit by the freeze some will make it some willnot and then he talked about something i had noticed also , that the 2 years before this event the trees were producing many nor enuts htat was normal ( it was nice to hear from some one else they saw the same trend in production )

and the arborist wondered a loud to another interested and tree RESPECTING person ( me ) " Do you think they knew what was coming and set a bunch of fruit just in case they were to die off , wouldn't that be strange to think that a coconut could tell the future ? "

then we both got on about the current Lychee and mangoe crops and started to wonder what messages , what tiny aspects the trees may know that we have lost touch with .

so Goats guts may seem like BULL .... S ... to us but , i am wondering .... more and more about the things we call BS

the economy of the holy cow .... they do not seem to have vast amounts of veggies when in fact humanity is very onivorus and eas over 10k plants , in fact i got some seed form a local latin market for pigeon peas but it swas thru na sfrican stie i learned about the makeing of it into a flour for cookies and porriges .... the film talksa bout common staples like bannana corn payapa ..the holy cow is a value and a problem during dry seasons when PRIME TIME CROPS FAIL . because of the dependance on 1 item ...mon culture or the holy cow....

when FOOD foresting in prepartion fro the time honored fact of repeated drought would encourage forage plants to be available then also .

13 years ago

has anyone seen the one where he is on island on the pacific? ive been searching for that episode... please post more :)

13 years ago

very good series.. its sad that pretty soon these tribes will probably be vanished :/

13 years ago

That Kombai show is too funny.

13 years ago

Any more episodes to come? Great show! Would love to get a hold of the series.

13 years ago

Awesome. Bruce Parry's a legend.
Has anyone had any luck tracking down the Amazon triogy he made?

13 years ago

thanks a lot, loved watching these.

13 years ago

This guy might is brave. Great to see the friendships that are formed. Great Job.

13 years ago

Thnaks for posting!
Are there going to be any more TRIBE episodes posted? I've watching all 6 here and am eager to watch the other 9.

Or does anyone else know where I could watch them online?


13 years ago

what can i say great stuff thanks for getting this on your site great!!