Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie
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Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie

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Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb MovieThis fascinating but academically presented documentary uses recently declassified military documents and footage never seen by the public to offer a more detailed chronicle of the history of the atomic bomb.

The film was made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The creation of the technology and the Cold War that followed are all graphically depicted.

One particularly unnerving scene shows the Russians defying the ban on nuclear testing and unleashing the largest atomic blast in history.

The film also includes interviews with the surviving designers of the bomb and also shows rare footage of interesting devices for launching the bombs and scenes of them being exploded in space. Some of the scenes come from the newest special-effects technology.

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  1. David Almanza

    On September 2,2018 in Mogadishu,Somalia it appears that the mushroom shaped cloud shows that using nuclear weapons still goes on.I could be wrong, but see for Yourself! A car bomb?

  2. Sam

    It's on HULU if you care to watch it; albeit with commercials. Glad they all got tired of popping those things off whewy. No tellin' how many folks came down with some sort of cancer from the 40's-50's&60's from that ignorance in motion.

  3. ForeverDove

    All hail the coming of the yellow man!!!

  4. Aaron

    If you've seen the film, could you tell me what the music was because its really amazing. And props to Shatner for narrating it, truely awesome stuff. Also, in my opinion, I imagine the rest of humanity would be verily annoyed if some Russian and American pushed the button for the stupid reason of "they don't believe in the same thing as me, ergo they are my enemy and must be destroyed", Lord knows I would.

  5. Alfred E. Newman

    Isn't it bad enough that all the Oil Platforms are being blown up!. Do the "Technical Details" of Thermal Nuclear Devices really need to be publicly displayed for the world to see?. That 'someone else' you speak of could be living right next door!.

  6. Adam

    What happen to the full version of this doco that I recall watching last year?

  7. A different Norm

    I watched this documentary based on the information in the introduction. Indeed, it was visually stunning. A very good restoration job. The music score was powerful, moving and perfectly suited to the theme of the movie (lots of low minor chords, for example). In an IMAX theatre, this would be mind shattering. Love him or hate him, I believe Wil Shatner did a good job of narration.

    However, I was disappointed at the lack of technical details as to the make up of the bombs themselves. Additionally, I feel that using restored material in a documentary is OK, and even desirable. But by adding scenes (no doubt for dramatic effect) that were not part of the original record is a slippery slope, especially when these 're-enactments' are not clearly and plainly separated as such. it reduces the credibility of the documentary.

    For me the most chilling part of the film was not the explosions themselves (not that they didn't raise the hair on the back of my neck) but rather was the interview with Edward Teller, "Father of the H - Bomb". If I may paraphrase, he stated that if he had not taken on the job and invented thermonuclear weapons someone else would have, and in fact someone else did in the U.S.S.R.. It is precisely this type of justification that allows mindbending evil to flourish, and brought us to where we are today: living under constant threat of extinction by men who will push the button because if they don't, someone else will.

    1. Dallas Hoggan

      "not enough technical details as to the makeup of the bombs themselves?" i share your need for knowledge on such things, but i think we should put our desires aside in this case. imagine if they had released enough details to satisfy our needs, great. but the problem is it just might be enough to satisfy the "men who will push the button because if they dont, someone else will." that someone else could very well be the fundamentalist living next door...

  8. sickuminatus

    @john seals

    any lab reports on how heating the ozonesphere with a million watts per meter/whatever "kills" ozone

    bet not

    and how much money did the powers that beast scarf up changing us to the new refrigerant, prolly based on chlorine or the like, name their poison

  9. Scott


    Did you really say, "this is your docco" ?????
    "Documentary" was just too much work to type?


    1. Dallas Hoggan

      why would something like that piss you off so much?

  10. John seals

    @ sickuminatus

    What conspiracy theory have they come up with now? Look weather you like it or not freon kills ozone, i've witnessed this first hand in the lab. Now I will not say that freon alone causes holes in the ozone layer but it is no doubt that it was and would still be a contributor if not regulated by the EPA.
    As far as this documentary goes, wow!! I had no idea we did so many tests. The total disregaurd for environmental damage is sickening, of course back then not too many people where worried about the environment- shame.

  11. Eric

    Wow is all I can say...what a huge waste of resources in a very short period of time.

  12. sickuminatus

    the ozone hole was cased by haarp weapons tests, not friggin freoning

    1. Dallas Hoggan

      oh my god...seriously?

    2. january37

      harp weapons tests? Huh?

  13. Trin

    They aren't supporting the bombings, correct?

  14. Norm

    I wonder how many fish they killed and how we now have depleting fish populations. Oh yea and our old fridges and air conditioners caused holes in the ozone. They are blaming us for what has been done by them and every other county that tests nuclear bombs has done. Even the first test site in the desert still has radiation 50 years later.
    Imagine what it has done to the oceans with their tests
    They are trying to pass the blame on us for their mistakes

  15. BBC

    I still can't believe Hiroshima, and Nagasaki.

  16. BBC

    I can't believe they had their men on ships in the area of the explosions. I wonder how many of those sailors died from radiation poisoning? Thats just insane.

  17. Ray

    Particular circuit of mortal humans seem to be proud of what they did. A pathetic excuse to create and feed from darkness.

    I will join my brothers in final fight. Soon the Devil will be defeated by Angels.

    Choose your side.

    1. Dallas Hoggan

      the catholic church called, they want their preacher back. mortal humans, um actually we're all mortal. i agree, splitting the atom was a great achievement in our history, but of course the only implication they could derive from it was to create bombs that would wipe out everything on sad. by the way, i'll choose the angel side, if it will have me...

  18. squid

    Man, William Shatner's voice in this makes even a 15 megaton H-bomb seem soothing.

  19. Thomas

    As a kid, I used to like to make things explode. But after seeing this, I guess I was a bit of a lightweight :).
    Pretty sick propaganda by the Chinese in the end of the doc, better watch out when they bring out their horses.

  20. Mike


  21. Steve

    Really good over view of the US and Soviet development programs (part US). Some terrific footage. If you like watching nuclear explosions, this is your docco.

    1. Dallas Hoggan

      "docco"? reminded me of Taco, now im hungry.