World's Biggest Cave

World's Biggest Cave

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World's Biggest CaveThere's a jungle inside Vietnam's mammoth cavern. A skyscraper could fit too.

Hear author Mark Jenkins and National Geographic's Boyd Matson talk about what could be considered the largest cave in the world, the 2.5-mile Hang Son Doong, or mountain river cave, along the Vietnam-Laos border.

Is it the World's Biggest Cave? More than three times the height of Niagara Falls, much of Vietnam's Mountain River Cave has remained untouched by humans until now.

With exclusive footage, NGC reveals, for the first time in history, astounding evidence that this could be the largest cave in the world.

Together with renowned expedition leader Howard Limbert, cave geologist Darryl Granger uncovers the formula for how the cave grew so grand.

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  1. GunnarInLA

    Raptor is's not really a "documentary" all. And I did not get a sense of what it might be like being there...sure, we can see that it's an amazing place, but...that's about it.
    I admire and respect the effort to produce this, needs to be redone (and will be I'm sure)

  2. elizann

    So amazing! Thank you for this doc.

  3. A. O

    Excellent documentary! Eye opening!

  4. SH

    @Bill Blankenship -- i think you are referring to a movie called Sanctum. It's not a doc, but it's based on a true story. good movie!

  5. Agnieszka Jeglinska


  6. Raptor jones

    Yeah, not really a documentary is it? More like some European guy showing off his holiday snaps and appealing for funds. Wish I could get paid to go on vacation in Vietnam.

  7. the555hit

    Beam me down there --- got this idea for a theme park with burgers 'n rafting 'n facebook 'n everything

  8. Roger l

    Incredible....simply incredible...thanks for this doc

  9. Bill Blankenship

    I'm looking for a documentary about some explorers who become stuck in a cave after it starts to rain so they have to find another way out.
    It was early 90s when I saw it. Any ideas on where to look? anyone please??

  10. ThomasOwens

    I love it how NG always tries so hard to prove their "global warming" argument in all the new programs they produce. These new programs are half propaganda, half reality, since the Rockefeller foundation started funding them. Just tell us the facts NG, not your theories.

    1. unrepentant_expat

      You can't handle the facts.


      Some sound counter-arguments about their research there! Oh wait, just another anti-intellectual bashing science with no evidence..

  11. Shannon Elizabeth Staley

    OK. Not one of the best Natgeos I have seen, though...needed more umph.

  12. Daniel Gogarty

    great cave but i have seen hit wodlice b4 so its nt realy a new species is it

  13. Gary V

    Great doc, huuuuuuge cave

  14. Rayvan Osano


  15. ukphil

    Good Documentary. But you all are not the first people to have entered the cave before.

  16. magarac

    Nice hole!

  17. Karenwasherefirst

    I am surprised that there wasn't more life in the cave.

  18. Tony

    great doc. Thanks

  19. Brian Keys

    From someone who has only crawled through abandoned mines, this is awe inspiring.

  20. Schneider

    Boring! Can't see hardly any of the cave just a load of people dithering around in the dark.

  21. toddy


  22. Guest

    Great doc.

    And I thought Carlsbad Caverns was big?

    1. il ms1234

      Great Discovery,
      Congratulation, your team have done a great job
      So far so good, you HOLD the record
      Hope that none 'll break yours .. soon ;)
      Thanks for all endeavors of your team to bring this magnificent cave to us.