The Arrivals

The Arrivals

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This series explores the revelations in world religions regarding the arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and the second coming of The Christ.

A work inspired by Hashemsfilms and of course the words of the Noble Qoran, The Holy Bible, and The Torah. The Arrivals is a Joint Production by truth-seekers Noreagaaa and Achernahr.

Preferably watch the Intro, the 50 parts and the Outro to understand. So basically you have to watch from the Intro to the Outro.

According to the authors you can't just watch 1 or 2 parts and say it doesn't make sense. You have to watch all of them in order to understand everything.

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  1. I watched this in my mid teens, it left a big impression on me.
    But as for most complicated things in life, we prefer a good vs evil type story, when reality is a lot less clear cut.
    People in government are dog sh*t, but that has nothing to do with the number of steps on the pyramid, and the whatever symbol is on the dollar bill.

  2. Who made this,i want give lot of love for him

  3. Alhamdulillah I watched the arrival on Bollywood also it opened my eyes ..

  4. Is this even real or was it all a conspiracy? Seems like the Matrix

  5. I don't follow the teachings of allah, I follow Jesus Christ. This documentary certainly opened my eyes to the things hidden in plain sight which led my on to such books as "The Curse of Canaan" by Eustace Mullins, and began the search for the origins of evil. I would never have become a searcher if not for Noreagaa and Achernahr. I will be forever greatful.

  6. Used to binge watch this whilst gettin high a decade ago.. Alhumdulillah, I am now a Muslim & in hindsight this played quite the role!

  7. Awsome documentary

    1. I watched this about ten years ago loved it now I want to watch it all again ,
      I had it in dvd but I can't find it does anyone have a link to all 50 chapters ?

  8. I have watched this documentary few years is definitely something that gave me a whole different perception of life....but i can't find this documentary anywhere now....please someone tell me where to watch it...?

    1. You can find it in youtube

  9. I saw this around 8 years ago and I remember it was ridiculously long showing different pictures . I think the information on this could have been delivered much better and more efficient . I would say that if you look close enough i believe that you can find conspiracy in anything. I think most of this cult sh*t comes from the elites and their collage experience and the fraternities that they were in. Once you get so rich and you can have who and whatever you want. Life gets boring , you start to become apart of different cults of your peers , you start banging kids, walking up and grabbing supper stars dicks and daring anyone to say anything bc your so rich and have influence bc you are a part of a cult/group that allow you to have a certain amount of influence. I think its human nature to just take it to that level. power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely. These documentaries are entertaining and help you see things in a certain way, but dont let these documentaries full derail you . Dont get envolved in them too much and loose your mind. These cult type people are not omnipotent. They are sick demented people that feel they are above the rest of the population. They have delusion of grandeur. Once you realize that .... you can stop giving them your attention which gives them power . Live your life the best you can and bring as much joy to you and the people around you . Live a happy life

  10. Bunch of BS. Sky fairy stories are obsolete.

    1. Its not bullsh*t. There is too many coincidences to be considered BS

    2. You are an elite success story. It's d*ckheads like you that will keep them in control forever

  11. I dislike the Music , and NOW we see , using IT has caused a BLOCK ! Hhmm, ALLAAH is SENDING A SIGN ! ALHUMDULLI ALLAAH!
    There is a MISSING LINK, Orange Orangutang in USA 🇺🇸 ‘S White House ! Someone please take IT back to the ZOO !

  12. Cannot watch the other videos ( Only Intro) ! Dispute about MUSIC CopyRight )!
    Regardless, MUSLIMS who STUDY ,KNOW how
    this will END ! I always said” Empires Rise & Fall, Always From Within! This TOO Shall PASS”!

  13. Anyone denying the existence of a conspiracy on muslims or any conspiracy at all, answer me this, did you watch the segment where they discuss Hollywood and the long history in "vilifying arabs" as the source documentary puts it? No? fine, watch the whole thing if you want, its called 'Reel Bad Arabs' 2005, Jack Shaheen a christian american who watched a 1000 films, all discussed in his book, all share the same thing

    Now why would Hollywood be very focussed on these "miserable" people way before 9/11? what's so special about them?

    Anyone claiming his abrahamic religion is right, explain to me how his religion contributed in maintaining the values of his religion alive in his country and rejected the modern norms applied by atheists, decency morals, preventing serious wrongdoings like adultry which could sentence a child to a very miserable life since the moment he get conceived? prevented it being normalized to the point that childs are recruited as soon as they turn 18 to serve an industry that only in our dreams we hope we can win that fight? or better yet, how it prevented an immoral thing like allowing a couple of male/female freaks to join by the law and church, and worse, adopt a child, sending most likely an orphant or an illegal child straight to a freak show? how it made an end to slave trade back when many leaders were claiming they abide by religion? how it prevented sorcerers and devil worshipers from practicing let alone practice openly? how it stood out against anyone who even dare mock its icons and made it known it's not acceptable and did not let it pass without any big reaction that the whole world hears about everytime?

    Anyone denying the existence of a spiritual war, or even magic(I don't know why am I even addressing you) answer me this, why is it when someone want to turn to satanism he has to commit blasphemous acts more so speciphically to his previous religion and not particular one, be it Judaism, Christianity or Islam)?

    Let me answer this one for you, the orders dictated by satan to commit blasphemy are not meant to reveal the right religion, in fact that only proves all three religions are right, since just as they are all related as Islam tells.
    Judaism denied Christianity, Christianity addmited Judaism but denied Islam, and Islam admitted both, why? because there was no "next in line" to deny? if we had to put them on a scale based on this fact, how would you place them? Which is best and which is worse?
    In Islam doctrines it is very well known that no one is held responsible for something he didn't know, the fact that one pleases satan by blasphemy is proof that they are worshiping an opposite to what they worhipped before, an opposite they knew in their previous religion and so they know exactly what they're doing and are very aware of their actions.
    The abrahamic religion that denies all others is Judaism, and the one that admmits them all is Islam, and in the modern history the longest conflict the world have witnessed is the one between Israel and Palestine, with arabs supporting Palestine despite their leaders siding with Israel, US supporting Israel with no good explanation why they side with together with all horrible crimes commited by Israel almost on daily basis and everyone turning a blind eye, even US who always tries to play the role of a peace keeper.Got better explanation? go ahead.

  14. Where are the directors of this documentary??
    Where are Noreaga and Achernahr??

    1. I've been wondering that for the longest...I have a feeling they got to them

  15. The Arrivals tricked everyone by revealing the ex-satanist who confirms there’s a spiritual war taking place. They then used that to promote Islam.. the only thing is this.. further in that mans interview what they didn’t show was that he said Seventh day Adventists have the truth!! Watch it for yourself A trip into the Supernatural by Roger Morneau

    1. we are in a spiritual wont believe it until you are entered in it.

    2. Don't be so gullible.. so the people of Truth are the small sect of suburban whites in America or those worldwide that preach & live by strict Monotheism.. more devout that any other people.. those that pray as Jesus did & cover themselves as the Mother of Jesus did.. a huge proportion of whom are enduring financial hardships.. so do you think the Just God brought them. who are constantly in search for the next meal to Truth or you, who have endless time & resource to seek out what is True?? Seek guidance from your Creator!

    3. Nice try

  16. Brothers, you claim that all religions need to band together to face the enemy, yet you bash Hinduism by showing one picture as evidence for your theory? The british ruled India for 200 yrs, it is very easy to change the artwork to include masonic symbols in that timeframe. What do you know about Hinduism? Have you even read its scriptures and holy books? I think you'd be surprised to find that there are many parallels to what Islam teaches. Hindusm also talks about Maya aka Illusion.

    1. The same goes for other pagan religions. they point out that religions who worship multiple gods is not holy. we as monotheistic are taught ONE God.

    2. So why are Hindus kill the minority in India? And before you reply with Bull**** I've read all religious texts

    3. Hindus deny the existence of Allah - the creator of this universe or multiverse. He is an intelligent supreme Being, yet Hindus vehemently DENY his existence, and worse put dieties next to Him, how humiliating. Allah says in Qur'an - the last of His scripture, that all will see paradise, Jews, Christians and Muslims - but not those who DENY His existence, those are called as Mushriks. They negate Him and His existence.
      Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in the existence of Allah, unlike Hinduism. Hence they are monotheistic religions.

    4. If you want to watch a more in depth video, check out rational believer, army of the Satan on YouTube, they are going to take it off YouTube soon so be quick !

  17. I'm trying to find out who's the person talking on the The Arrivals series episode 20 @ 7min 40sec please?

    1. His name is Bill Cooper

  18. Since they violated copy right laws...guess we wont be seeing it

    1. well in 2008 people were still using music from others and nobody had to specify they dont own the rights then. yes things have changed. LOL

    2. plus thats all you seem to have to say,,.., im sure they thought it would just sound really cool with the material being shown. if thats all you goto from the series then you have some work to do on yourself.

  19. If we have evolved from being apes, why are there still apes?
    Is a brother of mine still running around in a jungle? Are we all Tarzans?

    1. Apes, Chimps, and us Human Apes are all evolved from a common ancestor. And us humans are a member of the family Hominidae, the great Apes: Orangatans, Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and Humans!

    2. Achems bought the govt school indoctrination and other materials hook line and sinker, despite the fact that Darwin's Hypothesis, not even a theory, that a specie can become another specie entirely such that would have to occur for his hypothesis to have merit, has never been proven. He couldn't prove it and said it would have to be left for future generations. They haven't and cannot. Oh there are some microbial claims but when a specie of bacteria can morph into 12 entirely different looking and acting things to protect itself, as does a bacterium often associated with cancer; does that make it "evolution" or a metamorphosis like a caterpillar becoming a moth. At any rate and regardless of those who claim "they know", they don't.

      Why would the teachers lie? 2 reasons: 1. They just accepted what they were taught without sufficient investigation. 2. Marxism(socialism-communism), what the lefty elitists, banksters, and multinational ceo's keep pushing for, requires that there be no God so that people will submit to Govt-god like little ants in an ant farm they control. That's it. That is why Darwin's nonsense has been kept alive all these years, just like the old failed many times over idea of Marxism. Because the power hungry see the huge advantage to themselves, if they can keep fooling/indoctrinating enough at an early age.

    3. Charles Darwin theory was taught to him by Satan to denounce god, the theory is bogus, satan taught him, if you want to do more research look into roger mornueu- a trip into the supernatural

  20. This Documentary has change my mind for some reason. The real mindblowing is 'Agenda' about NWO, Money, Mind Controls, Media Controls, and U.F.O Nazi.

    I know this serial is not 100% truth. But open your mind and watch this clearly.
    Relly Highly Recommended

    Peace for all peoples in the world ^_^

    1. Yeah turns out they stole the soundtrack

  21. it is a pile of bull.
    What annoys me the most is how they stole and ruined the very beautiful soundtrack of "the fountain"

  22. Excellent documentary wish they would make more

  23. Didn't watch it
    don't need to
    the length of the comment list snitches it off

    1. You have time to write comment but not watch , why comment then

    2. Highly recommend you DO watch it for yourself Mikem

    3. If you can't handle the truth don't watch it because it will make you depressed unless you're a true believer in God and (all) his messenger(s). People who did see it and still reject the truth are blinded by what they saw on TV, smartphone, etc. Life is far more greater than what they show us. And now with the Corona plandemic it is more obvious than ever. Please wake up and submit yourself to God!

    4. This is the reason we have brainless sheep’s, because of people like you lol

  24. Was this digital currency you speak of in (episode)pt 47 crypto currency ..if so then it's based on interest and "illusionary" value ..which makes it haram for Muslims is it not ? ..(what if all paper money no longer is in rotation won't cryto be too expensive for us to indulge in( make it halal again because we have no choice but to do business with this money (or should we being getting acquainted more with agriculture& technology moving forward so we won't need money ,)

    I've too many clients I make money with crypto currency but choose to stay away from it myself

    Allah knows best ..Shukran for your time anyway if you don't have an answer for me

    1. as long as we dont do RIBA'..u good to go mannn...

  25. hello all people. Jewish, Christian, Muslim is one and United.

    Anyone who would help someone in times of trouble Or he knows that someone always helps him, He is also monotheist, and Allah is able and capable in himself.
    i am Muslim and love people and all of humanity. please love yourself, your family, your Same religion, your country-mate, and love all of humanity And try to make the world better and clearer.
    thanks a lot for your series.
    to be continued inshaallah ...

    1. As a real Persian Iranian bakhtiyari from Caspian Russian ancestry fnow living in America my friend I would tell you I am awake since 2007 , if u think you are Iranian , you are Muslim , you have not woken up yet, please separate yourself from religion , creed color ancestry so you can find the inner you the god not some Islamic crap , the last 3 parts is what it is all about , stop appraising and associating a religion to real Iranians . If u keep associating a label to your self and others you are breeding division between people real humans and being a troll . Thank you

    2. Im Christ follower Jesus loves you ❤ too Open you eyes world wake up .Jesus died for each and everyone of you although we don't deserve it ,,,,Peace Blessings.

  26. Great Documentary. A real eye-opener. Must-See!

  27. I watched this series back in 2008/2009. It was interesting - but similar to what many other conspiracy documentaries discuss. Since the time this series was circulated, humanity is perhaps worse off - we value the wrong things even moreso. I don't think this series is specifically an Islamic view though, or even a Shia view, and I am even sceptical that it may have been created by a non-Muslim with other motives. In any case, for the time it was interesting to watch - there are some kernels of truth in there, but also lots of irrelevant material.

    1. I agree excellent comment Muslim again think it’s all about them with understanding chakras not religions , wake up people .

    2. It is, in fact, a Muslim view. Hinted in the Qur'an.

  28. Hi,i really admire ur documentary....

  29. It never fails to amuse me on how the white christian race forgets all the racist, violence and greed they have committed and still do. They put down other religions and if you research christianity you will find it was founded on racism, superiority and greed. They brought their god from Europe and inposed him on everyone else who already had a god but it was not the god of the white man so it had to go..Please even the KKK considers themselves christians...The white race even own a human race and if they had their way it would go back to the way it was down south legally lynching Black men and boys and sometimes infansts. That is why they voted trump in as their savior to bring them back as little gods when they owned the Black race....There is nothing good about the white race. They came here from Europe full of hair and body lice and not all legal, didn't speak the language and lived 15 to a room with their chickens...And they developed the KKK, the skin heads, white supremacy, and this is the man that the rednecks voted in and mark my words it will be those same rednecks who will bring him down..A president that was endorsed by the KKK and never denouced them because he used them for votes...The jews hate the muslims just as much as the muslims hate jews, they are all full of hate and with everything those two people have gone thru you would think they would be at peace with each other. They are like cousins, jews have done what the muslims have done kill each others people but the jews are doing to the Palestinians what Hitler did to them with the wall and the tags to identify they are Muslims, to have to pass thru a security gate and those young arrogant jew soldiers are no better than who they claim is so violent...Chosen people!!!? chosen my butt!!!

    1. You are a pure troll and half robot cloned human , and should not be watching this type of documentaries , while humanity awakens you will be among the few stuck in your low dimension for you chose war bring on think breed speak of hatred , buy into their agenda , divide separate and hate . It’s too bad this documentary doesn’t slap you in the face . You plane of existence must be full of suffering .all colored blinds you eyes . Wish you luck

    2. This country was built by whom it was built by. If you don’t like it, don’t come. If your already here then leave. We will not confirm to facism, liberalism, or any other new age fad you try to impose. We will fight you until our dying breath so at your time, bring it we will be waiting patriotically!

  30. Where is the sound option?
    Cant hear that video
    its silent :(

  31. I strongly recommend this to everyone out there theists or atheists... who are seeking informations about the current world scenarios....
    what one need is to just have an open and free thinking mind.. if you dont have that you will ultimately develop this at the end of the series..

    Get ready for a roller coster ride..

  32. All these atheists are nuts... Yep there are some flaws in this documentary like movie clips and the music..but trust me they weren't making a Hollywood blockbuster.
    religion raises questions on u r personal selves and it embarasses u because u r too afraid to admit it..doesn't matter from which society u belong... Just think is u r existence just a coincidence, natures freak or something like that, r u merely a biological being or something better... Created for a purpose and yes u don't need a documentary to tell u that.

  33. Its not about what we believe. Its our destiny. So don't deny just pray from God to delay this time. I myself don't want to believe but its a nightmare we all have to face.

    1. Excellent comment I agree

  34. The Arrivals is a eye opener for the closed minded people. And Yes I think this is happening for a long time and the New World Order is at its place in REAL LIFE today no doubt.

    Like Allah says in the Quran if you can see he has made you see, and you if don't see he has blinded you from the truth.

    1. Allah is you you should wake up

  35. The Arrivals blew me away. My entire worldview has been changed for good.

    1. Same... its really an eye opener.

  36. I thought it was amazing. I think over the next year or so you will be glad you watched this. From the research I have been doing on this subject for years, it rings truth to me. If there is a devil, then surely there is God as well and that's a good thing. I have read a whole lot of religious texts.. but it's inspired me to also read the Quran as well. God bless and thank you for spending the time on making this. It's much appreciated.

  37. Its not a must to watch this documentary talk more of saying bad things about it... no matter the hard work of someone... others should appreciate it .... you guys did the best... am very grateful for your information....thanks alot

  38. This guy is a true hypocrite!!!
    I appreciate all the effort they put into making this documentary, but one thing seems utterly naive and religious of their intentions.
    If this documentary is just all about proving the negativity human kind is surrounded with, then why criticize and compare Greek gods, Hindu gods, gods from different religions to bad omen?

    Do they really know about other religion or what they preach or they are making religious interpretations?
    If they did, they would probably know their intentions are similar.

    Don't you think they delivered negative vibrations by criticizing other religions, now this is how peace within mankind would be destroyed.

    1. this series is good for changing. it's good to start researching. after watching this, you have to talk and ask your question from a muslim scientist. like scientists in iran. This is the most important event in your life. so after your research you can choose : Laughing at god and Islam or other religions forever, or accept God and Islam or other religions..I'm sure that if you have a free and open mind you would choose God. But the truth is hard to find. many people will not understand thy truth. they have power and they don't want that you know the truth. They will mislead you from the path of truth.

    2. It is not meant to criticize or to be seen as a negative thing but to inform you. There is a difference between truth and fact. I think that's the true message they are trying to convey.

  39. I watch this documentary films in 4 days... after that i know what authors want we know about the truth...
    I want a longer video than this 8 hours. Maybe 24 hours. Because this 8 hours isnt enough to explain this truth. Too many question after watch this film.

    Spend your 8 hours watching this film to save your lifetime.

  40. what a waste of time. the documentary could have sufficed in 2 hours, instead it went on for 8 hours i can never get back. it's repetitive.

  41. All religion was created by man to explain and control things that he could not, whether it was the sun rising or the moon setting or vice verse or even especially woman and himself. Than as we got older we created names and stories to back up this BS. This is just more of the best story telling and lawbreaking BS.

    I do find it interesting that it slams Islam the least thereby creating and promoting more negative energy.
    Born a Jew, Raised a Jew and living mostly as a Jew with the best of all worlds. So screw yaw'all .

    1. You're born a Jew, that is why your beliefs are different.
      But I, being a Muslim, my beliefs are different.
      We ain't religious leaders or the prophets or anything, we're just humans.
      I can say the same, ya' know?
      Born a Muslim, raised a Muslim, and living mostly as a Muslim with the best of all worlds so screw y'all.
      But I won't.
      I'm not dumb enough to believe that the sun is rising itself or the moon is setting itself or a man is doing all that.
      If you don't know about other religions, kindly, don't talk bad about' em.
      Learn your religion first, follow your religion first, then we'll discuss the religion Islam! alright?

    2. Oooou someone's racist.

    3. @Kainat Thank you, you reasonable human being.

  42. great work!! MUST WATCH!!! A job well done...Thumbs up (y)

  43. Nero Caesar was the beast of Revelation...those who did not believe that Yahweh's Messiah had come in the person of Jesus were referred to as the spirit of anti-Christ...Jesus coming from Matthew 24 was in judgment upon those still living under the Law of Moses in 70 AD...the destruction of Jerusalem...this video is speculation and conjecture at best....

  44. These are the most stupid and ignorant videos i 've ever seen .

    1. if you watch it in a vacant way

    2. This video is not a mirror my dude.

  45. I've never watched and heard so much stupidity and ignorance elsewhere than in these silly series here above. ...

    Use your minds , folks

    1. Absolute nonsense of a documentary. Ignore this and anything else that anything else that promotes any type of division.

    2. It's not promoting division. Also all the stupidity and ignorance is in your head. Thank you for your time

  46. These above mentioned series are really the top of stupidity and ignorance .

    A real waste of time.

    Use your minds , guys , pleeeaaaase. Thanks.

    1. Oh so it's like you?

  47. its the best documantary that i have seen.its reality true.i wanted god that show me whats true and its the sign of god that showed me.wake up people.if u dont agree with because you dont want accept go out this matrix that you are into

    1. For Dog’s sake! You watch a doc and think Dog showed you a sign? I saw a sign like that once, it said gullible fools > THIS WAY

      You’re not one of them are you?

      The Crucified One

    2. Sorry, my friend .

      I do not buy most of that non-sense .

  48. Dont waste your time on this video! It is 6 hours long via multiple 5 to 9 minute parts. Many parts dont have sound, and alot of the scripture from all religions are altered and changed.

    1. Oh but you have time to watch porn, huh? smh

  49. Kabbalah IS NOT MAGIC you i*iots, people like MADONNA say it's magic but they don't know s***. Magic doesn't exist and I only like to listen to your prayers on audio when I'm high!

    1. kabbalah is the tree of life.

    2. You dont believe something until and unless you have experienced it...just like many say there arent any ghosts or spirits...but they same is the case with magic...if you don't know...then keep shut...if you don't know something whether it exists or not because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it don't exist.

    3. "i only like to listen to your prayers on audio when I'm high!" holy sh*t thats gotta be the best quote i ever read!

  50. @josh, most of that 1% of religious people are amosngst the sickest of the sick, like preachers that mollest little boys so I see nothing wrong in a people that seek to enlighten the blind followers of religion

  51. i think that there's some truth in that series but there's some thing obscure in the middel and the end of that's series somthing they try to persuasion us
    that's when they bring that clips of loard of the ring like the happy ending but is that true what they think it's in the future we don't know if that what will happen so god i the only one who know the future and that's a truth but about the new system i think must of it true they control us they make us do what they wont . that's at less my theory

  52. ACTUALLY:: Evolution is a PUBLISHED THEORY, therefore not a fact. WHY? Well one it is full of mis-communications, temporary names, misunderstandings and written in old english. It is not a fact because it is not completely factual. A fact? Adaptation, this herein is a fact, Adaptation. Another fact is that Darwin never wrote "Survival of the Fittest" and few people know this. As far as Darwin is concerned, most of this is based upon his observations of an island that still exists. He merely discovered the reality of an ever changing environment in his own political, scientific, and cultural standpoint. It only seems so shocking, because he and his society were so rigid, mostly being trapped on an island held in the clutches of the remnants of the old roman republic.

    Evolution is a Theory, even a Pretty Decent Theory, but it is not all encompassing, it is full is conjecture and not nearly as sound as Adaptation itself. So lets just get over that nature vs nurture argument. its clearly always been BOTH

    1. You're right, evolutionary theory is not a fact. It's many facts. Most of everything else you said is basically a wacky conspiracy suggested about anyone who sees the world without god goggles on. "The bible says so" does not become any stronger of an option if you falsely spread silly rumors against standard scientific models. You misunderstand science, critical thinking and the nature of existence all in one fell swoop.

    2. First of all a theory can never be fact.You can either reject it or support it.For example before man went into the space ,it was only atheory that earth is round but now that we have observed it it becomes a fact.But there is very little or no evidence based on observation to suggest that evolution is a fact.

    3. It has always been my understanding that Allah encouraged education and knowledge seeking. I don't think we would be where we are now if it weren't for the advances of the ancient Islamic world. What's your excuse?

  53. this is just the first step..Aware others

  54. omg 7 hours??? .. im gonna find a more shorter documentary lol

    1. plz see it

  55. i like it but all those things are writen in QURAN so any muslim should know

    1. Most of them actually know it

    2. This documentary explains it.

  56. good documentary but i felt as if i was being forced to convey everything its spoked about

  57. in the name of allmighty allah who created us ,the universe ,zannat and zahannam .he has no father ,no mother,no children,he is only one.he has no partner.his final messenger hazrat muhammed(pbuh) warned us about dajjal the antichrist.many apeople who does believe in lonenes of allah does not believe that dajjal is a man.but in bukharysharif &muslimsharif hazrat muhammed(peace be upon him)described the body habitus &activity of dajjal.i request everybody to go through this book of authenthic we can save ourself from the evil deeds of dajjal,who will declare to be god.we should recite first few ayat of surah KAHAF DURING HIS ARRIVAL.and protect our faith in allah.

    1. we all know that all the prophets did little but warn us against the dajjal. long before moham. well we might not all know that. to deny the existence of a force which exists in the dajjal pattern would be like to deny the existence of greed or poverty.

  58. my right eyebrow is still in spasm from shooting skywards when my face contorted with incredulity.

    1. It's just trying to escape your face.

  59. same ol same ol. all other religions are false. only ours is right yada yada yada.
    only science is correct(at time of publishing) cos it evolves to incorporate new ideas and discoveries. only science can help the world and its people. praying won't fix and has never fixed anything. so lets stop being bombing the **** out of each other, have a chinwag and got on with sorting **** out. oh and move this dribble to the conspiracy section where it belongs

    1. anyone who would sit in a blog post of a topic like religion that they clearly dont belive in should ask themselfs why i care so much about changing other peoples minds that do belive in religion if a movie like this can make people not belive the mindless brainwashing and become a better person because of it people like u would be holding them back from the way that one person finds peace of mind the world is full pf sick people and if religon can help 1% of them real or not there is something positive about it and there is no proof 1 creature directly evolved into another and as far as it being in a book does not make it fact if people can say the bibles false and or ancesters where vary intelagent the nerve to think the knowledge they left behind is useless when the only reason we are where we are today was because of there knowledge of the earth and the stars and universe and advancements that we have made of that knowledge

  60. piiiiiiiisssshhhh. don't waste however many dozens of hours of your life watching this utter gash. like i did. kinda got the feeling i was being indoctrinated. some of the ideas on display here are scary. but all religion is. and how they reach some of their conclussions is scariest of all. completely deluded. aliens? anti christ? inter dimensional beings? come on to ****. sorry to ruin the big "twist" for all who haven't seen it. difficult to be told to abstain from material posessions by a man swanning about airports wearing £200 shades no?

    1. It's not "dozens of hours", its seven. You'll see how wrong you are, very soon. Just wait.

  61. please some1 tell me whats the name of movie in arrival part 48 . the guy who is walking behind kinda arabs army. tnx.

  62. Just something I noticed, but does anyone else see how much HATE and EVILNESS the religious zealot's bring to the argument? just sayin....

    1. @ Jenny, I agree with you....its so very true...why is it the one's who profess to be true believers who are the ones who spew more vitriol than anyone else. The profess to being the defenders of the faith. My question is: "Is your faith/God so fickle and that your God requires you (a mere human) to defend the faith?" If your are truly so pure and full of the spirit of the faith/God, then surely he/she must be ashamed of the filth that spill forth from your lips.

  63. Yo Dalia, we use logic and science around here, so you're indoctrinated bible speak will literally get you NO WHERE. Just a heads up, you are now the idealogical minority : ) And welcome : )

  64. Stupid childish drivel... Don't waste your time on this one.

    1. Yeah maybe your parents should't have wasted their time with you, child.

  65. yuck

    1. I feel bad for your mirror.

  66. how this could be applauded . typical american humor isn't it

  67. Why this could be applauded, is this applauded. typical american humor

  68. I think these people do not help us at all, as they manipulate us and see that they actually exist, open our eyes, they tell how they control us, but do not give us solutions, the truth makes us feel the need to believe in a new world order, know that! friends I know a book that told us that many years ago and gives us the solution to this system is the Bible. But we still do not accept and teach us from the monkey,

  69. Sorry, can't get past George Carlin doing the very thing he states to hate, mind control...propaganda. He might be right in context to his performance, but for the bits and pieces taken out to drive home the opinion of the writer/producer, stuff it!!! Pathetic.

  70. it is the best of the documentary series ... There are really lots of shaking facts with excellent and strong evidences . I can's say that all the info are right , but i can say lots of them are really true .

    We can discover that such series has many enemies from many religions , some jews , some chriestian people , and some muslims . And a Muslim I can say that the Muslim enemy for this series are the : Wahabi people (Salafi people ) who are really very dangerous cancer cos they pretend Islam ..

    Thanx a lot for the producers and I hope we can get more and more documentary series in the future .

    1. yes u r rite.........we can get more nd more of dhat series.............''IN SHAA ALLAH''

  71. It's sad to see so much negativity here, and only a few people who actually have some understanding and spirituality. Most of these comments shine a light on the amount of ignorance, arrogance, hatred, defensiveness, and shallowness.
    Even a child would admit to God's existence! Simply due to the fact that this universe, this earth, it's inhabitants and the complexity of our human bodies could not have just "evolved" or become the result of a big bang theory, because if there was a big bang theory then who created the big bang theory? It's not rocket science! It's only truth and logical truth but only those who understand will see.

    It's easier to deny the existence of God because we don't have to think, or worry about the consequences of our actions, But take a look at this world we live in today and how short our lives are! And how easily we can be taken away at any given moment. Look at the wars, natural disasters, famine, drought, is this the amazing life ? Do you really think that God will neglect the innocent and the good doers? If you answer that God is that God is allowing this or causing this you are wrong, it is the result of man as man was given free will, and man can very foolish,selfish, greedy, and can easily be lured into evil for money, power, and fame.And the signs are all in the Qur'an, but best not to judge, criticize, and talk about things which you have not enough knowledge about.

    This documentary has clearly stated not to take it as solid proof, but one who has understanding will see that it has positiveness as it is encouraging unity among humanity, discouraging extremism, encouraging kindness and respect for all humanity despite their religion, and shedding light on the fact that this world has become extremely materialistic, focusing mostly on money, consumerism, outer beauty, fame, fortune, while the majority of the people who are suffering from poverty, hunger, torture, pain,war, and other horrific events are neglected. Media has definitly distorted our view of what is important, it has done a great job in dumbing us down and keeping us in a trance, as we seem to focus on the most trivial matters like celebrities, the hottest trends, latest gadgets, coolest places to visit, how to become a millionaire (although the majority of us are still paying off our debt!) and forget the gruesome reality of the happenings in this world.

    Why not look at the positive aspects that this documentary is trying to get through to many of our thick heads? That we need to think, we need to stop and ask, what is more important in this life? We need to embrace our spirituality, focus on our inside, as well as our outside, love one another, be kind, giving, unite in peace, have faith, accept that we are nothing more or less than week mortal human beings, dependent on GOD the Almighty. Remember, God doesn't need you, you need HIM.

    Only those who have humanity, who are wise, who have understanding, who are humble, will understand the concept of GOD'S existence, reason being, because they haven not fallen victims to ignorance, their hearts have not been hardened, and they have a great deal of love.

    Sadly, this post will be ridiculed by many, and only a very few will grasp the concept or at least understand the point. Because it is the masses who have been brainwashed, and the minority who have been blessed to see the truth.

    I wish nothing but peace and love to all of you as you are still a creation of my CREATOR, and I am after all a part of our human race. :)))

    May ALLAH (SWT) guide and help you. Insh'ALLAH

    1. Actually, Dina, it did... And yes, we have experiments that prove it... Sorry, BUT check out basic Quantum Theory, toss that dusty Quran out, because I promise you it holds no key to any sort of salvation, on earth or in any supposed heaven.

    2. actually, and perhaps interestingly to you, jeremy.

      the quran, which was written quite sometime ago, describes in depth clearly, the process of cellular division of an embryo in the womb. a process which we, until this last century (20th ie 1900s) hadnt even scientifically quantified (at least during this cosmic cycle)

      it also has, clearly written and decipherable in any language, the speed of light formula. something einstein drew from.

      but anyway, quantum theory is irrelevant without an understanding of quantum mechanics. again, unproven theory leading to greater horizons, but its imperfect and shouldnt be quoted as scripture either.

      anyway, its likely that the 'holy' or 'spiritual' texts hold keys to understanding the nature of our existence, the view of civilization and its own 'evolution' and or deeper keys into our historical mind as a species. it is not irrelevant to any open mind.

    3. further it was only recently that science discovered the qurans version of embryonic development was most accurate, when they were able to see that their own assertation, skin/bone grew a certain way were completely wrong and the version in teh quran had been correct. this was chronicled by the scientists who discovered the truth. (discovery is of something which is that your walking into, not invention)

    4. people who need god to make them think about the consequences of their actions are weak. everybody knows its wrong to steal, insult, commit adultery cos it pisses people off. people still do it. even religous people. hey, you can always repent? as if that makes any difference. however to kill in the name of religion is often seen as noble and in some religions will even be rewarded in the next life. you don't need to believe in god to understand ALL life is sacred. and it would be a lot more peaceful and understanding planet without religion. oh and religion has held us back socially, technologically and as a species for millenia. i say species but you would have to believe in evolution to understand. and most religions DO NOT. and thats kinda r*tarded

    5. Since you believe in "evolution" that's why you don't need any God, because ape will never have one.. However may be you are one of the intelligent apes, which can surf internet

    6. evolution isnt a belief. it is a fact.

      we are apes that is 100% fact. we evolved. deal with it.

    7. Evolution is a THEORY, crack a book sometime.

    8. LOL no evolution is a fact. things evolve. that is a fact. organisms that breed pass on inheritable traits and allele frequencies vary with each offspring born. this is the fact of evolution

      THE THEORY of evolution is an explanation as to how those facts happen. Mutation, gene drift, gene flow, and natural selection.

      a theory explains a fact a theory is better than a fact.

      dont tell someone who goes to university for this to crack a book. perhaps you should crack a book sir.

      actually you can look at my anthropology text book; 2009 The Human Past: World Prehistory & the Development of Human Societies (2nd Edition). London: Thames & Hudson. and you can see the very first line of the first chapter states "Evolution is a fact"

      so there. its in a book.

    9. with due respect to ur knowledge but i think that all the ''evolutionary mechanisms''that u quoted above r based on misconceptions.these so called mechanisms may be able to create change in a living organism but that doesnt necassarrily mean that they can be transferred to the next generation for that a change shud occur in the basic structure of the sex cells and even if these mechanisms are able to produce the change in the sex cells they r always negative. no mutation has been found till date that has produced a ''better organism''.

    10. the change is in the genetic code and that is inheritable.

    11. honestly.

      the term 'evolution' is a theoretical supposition, based upon the scientific observation of isolated creatures on a small island off the coast of south america.

      In the Terms of Science itself, Evolution is NOT a FACT, it is indeed a Theoretical Scientific Principle. Darwins own works, albeit somewhat colorful, are not complete, comprehensive nor are they extremely accurate, they are done mostly in hand written, hand drawn journal books and are, the best a man of his time could do.

      An attempt to define elements of an ever changing condition. Time and Matter. Even water goes through changes, phase changes during its sojourn in time. Animals children acquire mixed versions of their parents characteristics.

      Adaptation, more concise, explains this as well as a hundreds year old sketchbook of evolution. Apes? who knows..

    12. "the term 'evolution' is a theoretical supposition, based upon the scientific observation of isolated creatures on a small island off the coast of south america."

      no it is not. EVOLUTION is the OBSERVED fact that organisms pass on genetic information that mutates with every organism born and the environmental pressures select for which genes express themselves. this is observed EVERYWHERE on the planet and has been witnessed in the lab when studying E. Coli.

      your level of education on this topic is like me arguing with a child about physics. its embarrassing.

      LOL @ you attacking darwins works.....those were the FIRST writings on evolution some 150 years ago....OF COURSE it wasnt complete, have you been ignoring the past 150 years of scientific research into evolution?????

      you need to go back to school and stop pretending that you know what you are talking about. you have a belief that is fine. but it doesnt stand up to science. deal with it.

    13. First of all evolution is the most r*tarded crock of s*it I have ever heard, the evolutionary theory was imagined up by darwin in the 19th century, when in fact the holy quran which was NEVER changed AT ALL(UNLIKE THE BIBLE AND TORAH) for 1400 years states “We created man from an extract of clay. Then We made him as a drop in a place of settlement, firmly fixed. Then We made the drop into an alaqah (leech, suspended thing, and blood clot), then We made the alaqah into a mudghah (chewed substance).“ -Noble Quran, 23:12-14" and point

    14. KNOWELEDGE676

      you claim"evolution is the most r*tarded crock of s*it I have ever heard" really? please explain what problems you have with evolution and i will try to address them.

    15. There is no proof with evolution thats the problem its all theory and speculation, I choose to as a person to look at things as they appear before me, and me being a muslim i see a book that is the word of god thats from 1400 yrs ago and has never been changed describe the berthing process in detail, and realizing modern science just figured that process out in full in the last 50-60yrs....the doctor who was credited for the discovery found out afterwards that it was in a book written 1400 yrs ago was astonished and converted right away to islam.....the man who discovered the body of pharaoh ramses II( the pharaoh from prophet moses time)...was found exactly were he was supposed to be found in 1898 the red sea a place called jabalian ...he was found and hadn't decomposed without being mummified which was astonishing because he was from thousands of years ago, yrs later a famous world renound doctor from paris Maurice Bucaille looked into it and came across a verse in the quran "Today We will preserve (save) your body so you can be a Sign for people who come after you. Surely many people are heedless of Our Signs.” (Quran chapter10: Verse92)"...).thats why I choose not to believe in theory and speculation god controls all of this every single last grain of sand...its up to you to look into islam I did my part......and now on when the day of judgment comes and go asks you if anyone had told you about Islam....what will your answer be I hope your guided to the right path I truly do wish the best for you...i just thought i'd let you know what the media wont show your research and do what makes sense....

    16. KNOWELEDGE676

      you claimevolution is the most r*tarded crock of s*it I have ever heard". i respond with a request for what problems you have. so you reply with "There is no proof with evolution" that is such a broad statement that the wall of text needed to address it would not be allowed here. so i will ask what are your top one or two specific problems with evolution?

      as for the rest of your post show me the exact passages that support your claims of explaimimg "describe the berthing process in detail" and " pharaoh ramses II( the pharaoh from prophet moses time)...was found exactly were he was supposed to be found" and as you made the claims of "exactly" and "in detail" it would be nice to see the exact and detailed passages. please do not show me something that requires interpretation as that is not your claim

    17. i agree with u...

    18. In regards to my previous post, I hereby apologise to anyone who might have been offended. Only apologising for "First of all the holy quran is the most r*tarded crock of s*it I have ever heard, (LIKE THE BIBLE AND TORAH)." but not the rest.

      Wow!!! Two posts, had to apologise for both. A great start. Maybe a hat-trick on the way.

    19. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your mind, I do hope you find it soon.

      The Crucified One

    20. sorry man. but evolution is true.

      if the bible says WE made man from an extract of clay. first of all who is WE? i thought there was only one god. second of all, only stupid people who lived 1400 years ago would think humans were made out of clay. perhaps you need to grow up and realize the quran is full of myths.

    21. Well said!

    22. how could you say well said after i corrected him?

    23. I don't think that's necessarily correct. We are Homo Sapiens, which is a different species than an ape.

    24. Evolution is a by product of Gods written word! What do you truly think the Holy Spirit is? I AM is, evolution is not! Growth and inherent effects of gravity and age are evolution. Man is not from apes, deal with it. Its in a book so crack one. The fact that we are sons of the Greatest God is 100% fact! Maybe someday your thought process and ideals will 'evolve' and you can be saved. Jesus loves you and thats 100% fact, deal with it!!!

    25. Its in a book?? hoopty do!! so is Spiderman, Batman.

      By the way all your invisible gods are Ho's!

      Funny religee's!

    26. You could see 'God' as some kind of superhero. If God is a superhero, then maybe superheroes are gods...

      "Spiderman loves you! Thats 100% fact! We are sons of superhero is 100% fact!"

    27. can u see ur pain when anyone hits u????
      so how can u say that there is no god and so???
      ur post is lame and hellarious and laughable!!!

    28. everything you have typed is nothing more than the rantings of your wishes.

      however it is completely false.

      grow up. read a book. take a biology class.

    29. in the quran, (factually) is the prayer that says the creator is neither father nor fathered.

    30. Dina, I am Christian and I love your post. The Arrivals is a great documentary. People have been conditioned from their young age to be ignorant and arrogant and they will not question anything the elite serves them on a plate full of lies. Brainwashing is too strong, they will accept lies and even defend it.

      I used to believe in evolution and all that nonsense they teach us, but thank God and Jesus for waking me up and showing me the real truth.

      Everyone can tell that there is something wrong with this world. We are drowning in sin and we don’t want to take any responsibility and repent. We would rather blame someone else and God. People need to wake up, take responsibility for their actions, repent and seek Jesus. God’s grace and mercy provided a way back to His kingdom. He gave His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to teach us and to die for us so we can live. People need to humble themselves and open their hearts and minds to the love and wisdom of God who created us. God is real, Jesus is real. Please people wake up before it’s too late.

    31. There is simply so much hypocrisy in your post Dina.

      'Even a child would admit to God's existence! Simply due to the fact that this universe, this earth, it's inhabitants and the complexity of our human bodies could not have just "evolved" or become the result of a big bang theory, because if there was a big bang theory then who created the big bang theory? It's not rocket science! It's only truth and logical truth but only those who understand will see.'

      Well, of course the child would. The child might also believe in unicorns and santa clause, which are equally as ridiculous. They are children and their brains haven't fully developed yet. As an adult it disappoints me when people claim that just because the universe in its beautiful complexity is that way and thus attribute its characteristics to a god. Which god do you attribute to ? Why not Shiva? Jesus ? Thor ? - Why do you choose Allah out of the thousands of gods in human history. Your claim has no merit, no evidence and yet you still choose to believe it - much like a child would.

      "And how easily we can be taken away at any given moment. Look at the wars, natural disasters, famine, drought, is this the amazing life ?..."

      Wait, isn't this god supposed to be omnipotent, transcendent, everlasting and all-knowing ? Why would he allow for man to carry out such horrible things. How do you know god doesn't or does allow these things to happen ? What if it's a sadistic/evil/disgusting/childlike god and he enjoys watching people murder each other ? I can claim that much like you can that he isn't that way. I have no evidence of him being evil but neither do you of him being good. We wouldn't know because we have never talked to him/seen him/ heard him. What kind of god lets his creations kill each other ? Would you let your children kill each other ?

      We aren't the creations of any god, our creator is biology and the grand cosmos. We are the result of billions of years of chemical reaction and trial error by the universe. I hope you realize that one day

      And thanks, but I don't need such a vengeful, disgusting, mysoginistic god in my life. I don't need a god to do good because I already am a good person, I don't need a god to be spiritual because I have music, meditation and art for that. I also don't need your condescending viewpoint about you being 'blessed' to see the truth. The truth is found in science textbooks and education and I hope that is what you teach your children.

      Good luck

  72. This film should be in the conspiracy group. There's films made by christians in the conspiracy group. And The Arrivals is supposed to be for everyone, not just theists.

  73. reality is a fantasy world that blinds you from the truth

    GOD is TRUTH the devil is lies

    you will never find GOD if you cant be honest with yourself

    there is no truth in fiction and no fiction in truth

    obeying the system does not mean you are obeying GOD

    dont ever feel sorry for those who have GOD in their lives be sorry if your not one of them

    GOD is not the problem HE is the solution

    the WORD of GOD is eternal and does change with the times

    a lost soul can never be found if it doesnt find the TRUTH

    if you think this world is as good as it gets than you have no idea who GOD really is

    this world offers nothing GOD can give you

    if we think as one love as one we will be as ONE

    we must get rid of anything in our life that is a barrier to GOD

    if you dont need GOD why does GOD need you

    a liar doesnt have a clue who GOD is

    all GOD wants from you is to admit to HIM when your wrong

    you will never be satisfied with your life if it doesnt include GOD

    all liers have a filthy soul

    if you are not willing to change your life for GOD you have already sealed your fate

    it doesnt matter who you are on the outside only on the inside

    it doesnt matter what other people think of you only what GOD thinks of you

    you cant go wrong by doing right

  74. you wont find the truth on the outside only on the inside

    when you find the truth you really begin to see whats wrong with this world

    GOD has the final say on everything

  75. The Arrivals" series should not be watched brother. A general warning about the series must be issued. It is enough that the series was made by the shia and openly calls to shia aqeedah particularly regarding what would happen in the last days! It is definately shia dawah and propoganda. After that, there are MANY other mistakes in aqeedah, half truths, and speculation that can not be affirmed or proven. Let the community learn the Qur'an and Sunnah with the understanding of the Sahaabah and not waste their time on such nonsense. Any information about masonry etc. should be taken from orthodox scholars of Islam and approved books on firaq wal adyaan. Please do what you can to warn the community and get the imams of masaajid to issue warnings as well.

    1. @shehry I watched this series like a year or so ago on another sight other than TDF... I found the series to be very interesting and worth watching. But my question to you is what was wrong with the points made in this film about freemasonry? I have not read the Qur'an and Sunnah for i'm not of that religion. But i did feel that some good points were made regarding freemasonry and the different symbolisms. If you have not heard or checked out this sight called VC The Vigilant Citizen...I think it is a good place that really has great discussions on freemasonry and various other topics as well.

    2. This documentary is a MUST SEE, it opens up the truth to what the elite group are really about. BTW, this series in my opinion is not calling for any aqeedah at all, becuase the producers repeatedly explain how all monotheist people should unite together as one to overthrow the tyranny and elite group thus getting us ready for the return of Imam Mahdi!

    3. why would you want imams to issue warnings? just becuase you noticed that the produced might be from the Shia sect? Your just causing the divisions between the ummah to widen, SHAME

    4. well i think there is nothing like " shame " in that, i think we muslims need to forget these differences n get together against those evils. be positive . i dont know why we muslims mostly are ready always to give a " Fatwah " against another muslim...

    5. forget abut " maslik " n all guyz, plz. this is not the time to be indulge in these arguments. we all muslims need to be united to face that Evil.

    6. well i think these videos are no way " maslik issue ". what is the issue is the so called western system ruling our world we all are suffering from, i am affraid mate, i dont know why ppl get something negative from something very much positive. even if there is going something against ur " maslik faith " i think u have got the right to ignore n believe n thinkg abut wt u atleast believe, thnx

    7. It is really too bad to hear such words from a one pretend he/she is Muslim .. This hating words which u said are big evidences of the bad roots of ur (Mathhab) . (Salafi People) are really dangerous , u just say this group can be killed cos they are not real muslim , Shi'a'a are not real muslim so we can bomb them kill them. U are the dangerous cancer in the Islam religion ..Shia'a and Sunnah are brothers, and your sickness will be known by all the world ,, U r the Qaeda makers.Al-qaedah members pretending Islam but actually they destroy Islam ,You just help US government to make ugly imaginations about Muslim people .

    8. who on earth are you to judge him or others! the best judge of all is Allah (SWT)

    9. Of course you would say that, because for having the word of god written by man, having 12,963 denominations / sects /interpretations that all disagree over basically everything makes total sense.... grow up!

    10. jeremy, the thing with your writings is that they are accusing the religions of the same things ur saying the sciences do. both of them are pretyt much equal, religion and science. most people dont get it, it is like the nature vs nurture debate.

      lol are u kidding? its both.

    11. arrivals is a fine series, it gets outlandish in the ufo stuff. and it assumes a few things, but in truth it sticks to the basic message.

  76. i watch it and it is good but i have some but i dont no why they blame the saudi royal family but i dont understand that you say no prophet warned his nation about dajjal muhammad[saw] told about dajjal ,immam mehdiand hazrat essa.

  77. this is a must see for every one and watch all parts this has open my eyes more to the sick world we have been living in but the good thing is if most of us wake up we can stop it

  78. google this .....unified field of consciousness

  79. the series were awesome, and of course we daon't say that every information in it is correct but we can say that most of them are correct.
    I feel so angry when I see the bad reaction from some of the (Salafi) who pretend that they like non-muslim people and in the same time they hate arrivals because(the producers are Sheia'a).
    Salafi people are new group in Islam and they want to divide Muslim people to many aggresive groups, but we have to stop them.

    Yes for the Truth

  80. well i must say this film is very important and have very good points to them and i feel and know this should be a "Must See " for every human being ! u will enjoy it and not only that but u will open your mind and gain some wisdom it might be a little long but it is worth it and for the 3 full parts of these documentaries go to youtube and look it up ! take the hint , you won't regret it !

  81. Maybe this doc should be in the conspiracy section.

    1. No. This document is about turning people into islam. It's in the right section.

  82. It is incitefull in no larger amount as it has been done in the past[history(human) repeats itself]. A few 'mistakes' have been obviously "pushed" through in a propaganda style(Islam is inherentely good, its the followers who are corrupt, to recite you, the saudi royal family, the british royal family... a bit of a pattern, could almost disguise it as comunist propaganda if you'd carry on that path, but the mojo here is religion and the lack of it, which is attributed to, in the 'outro', to the atheists as the single most dangerous sect to the future of our planet. What if insted of trying to push people to religion as we know it, we tried instead to move into a universal set up of (agreeing) one god, one goal, save our little corner of this solar system, because we have tried for centuries now, to confort ourselves with the feeling of humanity or political correctness of freedom of speech and so on...surely we should be able to learn from our conclusion it is an angle that as been exploited before but still I applaude you for reminding us all of the true enemy, the fallen one!

  83. debateis superior argument ends with no greater understanding

  84. Argument is the worst sort of conversation. Put an end to dividing lies and let the truth be known.

    If anyone wants a copy of The Arrivals all 51 parts, please email me at

    "Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth, best who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance." (The Qur'an Ch.16 V.125).

    I have other documentaries by the same producers also.

    I post to all parts of the World for free.

  85. Just because a religion is growing and quickly does not make it correct - what is popular is not always right, and what is right is seldom popular.

    I think that we should try our best not to judge each other. To judge someone as a "little indian troll" is just the same as someone to call you "a radical Islamic nutcase" or whatever other insults they want to throw.

    Sadly, the truth is that we must not let religion dictate our morality - killing and hurting people, disallowing them from expressing personal freedoms based on sex, race or any reason is wrong. I personally do not understand what makes these differences between a Sunni and a Shiite or a Baptist and a Catholic - these are arbitrary details that distract humankind from uniting to fight against real injustice and wrongdoings. Those who possess great faith cling greatly to their beliefs but vehemently deny the beliefs of others. If a Christian confronted a Muslim, nothing he/she could say could change that person's mind to make them convert to Christianity and vice versa, yet both parties feel they they must be right (and therefore the other is wrong) and that his/her faith is strong and correct even if both people have the same attitudes about completely opposing sides.

    I honestly didn't watch much of the video - it became apparent to me quite quickly that it was composed either to serve some great conspiracy theory or as religious propaganda. I think that we are definitely reaching a climactic point in our global society, there is great injustice caused by our governments and, honestly, many religious groups. We must see the class struggle for what it is - the result of a scrambling of greedy men to attain as much wealth and power as possible at the expense of others. I just think it is sad to see people judge each other and sling hate for no reason. We instead should unite to fight against the true injustices in our world.

    1. Divide and Conquer, their motto. If you can't figure whose motto that is, you still have a lot to learn, though it is right in front of you: In Mass Deception Media, Hollyweird, Wall Street, International Gangster Bankstering, Fiat 'Money', Eternal Wars for Rapine, Infiltration of Governments or Murder of their Elected Leaders; Perversion of Youth, Degradation of Marriage, Degradation of Women, Mockery of History, of Religion, of Morality, of Humanity, of Love...

      Mmmm.... Did I say "Arrivals"? Do you need me to name 'them'? Too bad religionists around the world cannot see that their division is/was fabricated by the ex-Masters of Deceit. Always! But if 'they' can breakup tight knit families, matrimonies, with their legendary venom, why not entire populations of religionists half a world appart?

      The series are populated by historical and religious errors, they used well known disinformants to 'inform', and the authors have an apparent lack of personal knowledge of or about Mysticism and Symbolism, and therefore confuse it with 'satanism', occultism, evil.

      And they also have a misguided opinion or concept of Ancient Egypt and India and their Polytheism (as evolving minds, thousands of years ago, for heavens sake!), but mysteriously entirely forgot, or ignored, the Monotheism of Akhnaton, who, unexplained by modern science, understood the Sun was a Cosmic center of life giving energy to Earth and its people, NOT a god as we are deceivingly told, by 'them'.

      Those who have watched the recent video 'Thunderbolts Of The Gods', or the Electrical Universe (not Gravitational) by modern Astronomers, will conclude that Akhnaton was way ahead of his time.

      With all its inaccuracies, may 'The Arrivals' serve to guide and unite Humanity against the Beast from Babylon (not Egypt!), its anti-Christ, and the Hive that risibly believes they are the "masters of the jewniverse". LOL!

    2. wtever mate, but the differnce b/w good and bad is way clear.

  86. if islam is that bad then why is it the fastest growing religion in the west and the majority of the converts being women. FACT

  87. i think that your just another little indian troll who spends their days writing lies about islam, there is plenty of people like you out there and the majority are little indian people just like you.

  88. everybody wake up! your gods are dead and irrelevant in this world we live in now religion is a lie!

    1. you are the one who needs to wake up!

    2. poor willy.

      u know whether it was true or not, im pretty sure u and i wont be the ones to reveal this truth to the world.

      on another note:) maybe ur wrong and so are the evolutionists?

      likely isnt it.. that were all wrong somehow here and nobody knows for sure anything other than weve got a lot to learn

    3. When u die, u'll get to know religions are a lie or Allah is dead!!!

    4. Sorry for u to wake up after u die and see that Allah and religions have always been true, although some tried to apparently show it the other way around.

  89. shia are liars and killers....... they killed hocine

    1. I have never heard of a shia suicide bomber whereas you wahabi sunnis invented it and your master yazeed was a well known liar and this is where you get most of your information from you clown.

    2. shia or sunny or jew or catholic or any other, the truth is always the truth.. and you gotta accept it... you're being a bloody racist now.... islam has no place for racism...

      "O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things)." [Quran 49.13]

    3. Abdel Hamid ,, I think You think Shia'a are Kafarah , right ?? u r really the devil's members's version in Islam .. U don't belong to Islam . U just want to spread hating and killing among all the world and among Muslim people themselves .. U r the terrorists which the US government depend on to demolish the great reputation of Islam ...

  90. part 39 is the proof that the owner is from shia ......dont believe him

    1. he clearly said he is NOT shia...... even if a shia says 2+2=4, you have to agree he is right... bcoz he (a shia) said 2+2=4, u can't say it is 6.

    2. no no, we should believe in you Sunni terrorist!

    3. Go and measure your beard and miswak

    4. He is Shia metalmaji. It's well known the creators were Shia. Also Abdel Hamid, that part 39 said was the truth. The nasibis can burn themselves in rage :) .;

  91. Ok can i ask, how is it possible that in mecca, the holy kaaba, it is called the house of Allah but how come there is always a stampede happening? Surely we not there to die

  92. OK, so let me get this straight... The Knights Templar, who somewhere down the line became the Freemasons, are now Zionists?

    Man, I wish my dad was still alive.. He would have loved this!
    [33rd degree - Scottish Rite]

  93. wat up peeple lets c wat u want...

  94. hey world get ready da most powerful way 2 kontrol any animal is 2 get it away from its natural way of existence...human live of da land 4 thousands of many peeple u kno kan suvive of da land with...wat we call tecknology skillz

  95. Does anyone know if this series is available on dvd?

    1. yes in fact i bought from a guy on ebay. he was australian.

  96. Does anyone know if this series is available on dvd?

  97. The arguments in this documentary are poorly made. example: Walt Disney is a zionist who sought to corrupt the minds of children by slipping subliminal penises into movies.. actually he was a well documented ANTI-semetic pervert. Are there incredibly sinister crimes being perpetrated by these massive corporations? you bet your ass there is. Is it actually the order of zion(knights templar was the name they assumed during the crusades)? not a chance.There may have been some good points in this documentary, but unfortunately it just ends up being anti-semetic propaganda. The anti-christ is not coming to earth and he is certainly not being prepared for by a giant sinister organization of jews.The twisting of words by a religion to fit their own end is as old as religion itself and this is no different. If you seriously believe the propaganda in this film than you are just as much of a sheep as the people who voted to re-elect bush. Just for the record, I am not a jew or a christian or even an american, this honestly just seems to me like something that hitler would have come up with.

    1. You insist you are not a jew, yet all your arguments are for the jews. If you can accept that there is a Talmud, and that the Protocols were written by jews, then you cannot deny, nor any jew, nor the entire world, that these so-called jews (ashkenazi-khazars) ARE in control, but no thanks to their secrecy through millenia. The Internet exposed them, we know all their tricks and crimes. Finally, the constant use of 'nazis' and 'Hitler', instead of the tenfold evil Bolsheviks (jews) and their Mega-Holocaust of Christians and Europeans, is a sure sign of a zionic jew trolling the threads.

  98. This is what iam looking for ...thnx thnx thnx very much to the producers i will share this page to the friends ^^

  99. Ask I simply know all of us will be judge from the things we done right.
    even though let say they are no really heaven or hell its better to pursue whats right. its not might simple for human being but keep on trying to do right. to much information on our heads make us insane to really believe the undeniable truth if its the truth.

  100. I know exactly who Al Mahdi is if anyone wants to know he is already here and the battle of all battles has already started.Al Mahdi is the Holy spirit if you read this infiltrated bible of ours and you read the Revelation 21 under the heading The rider on the White Horse You'll understand it if you leave in South Africa and if you have heard of Shembe

  101. first it seemed like it was all religious propoganda and attacks on Jews, but as the part progressed it was more interesting. Oh and this is definitely longer then 7 hours!

  102. I've always thought that Noreaga is kind of weak without Capone.

  103. very interesting, definitely worth while, but plz do keep an open-mind while watching, and try not to be too judgmental in regards to the makers and they're way of putting things!!
    after all, no one necessarily has to believe every single thing presented here, although I believe many interesting facts are

  104. I'm a muslim, but I think all religions (especially the Abrahamic ones)should only be allowed to stay religions, religion shouldn't poke its nose into politics, nothing good came out of that, never. European middle ages and the church, State of Israel's current mixing of religion with politics, and Iran's mixing of fanatic shiite Islam with politics, all done/doing great damage to humanity... Whatever civilization made a social-political issue from religion didn't evolve. Unfortunately politics is a very good scene for the old war between religions to take place. I personally don't care weather jews betrayed Jesus, Jews betrayed Muslims, Palestine's problem... Lebanon's sectarian violence is palestinian's, lebanese's problem, at most Arab's problems, shouldn't be a problem of the Iranian people. The same goes for Jews, they should fix their land problems, why should the US taxpayer pay for their expenses? So many people have died because of these wars, why? because of religion

    1. Regardless of what you were taught and believe about Islam, can you understand the ambivalence of many non-Muslims as they become aware of stories of former moderates who become newly radicalized by persuasive jihadists? These proselytizers utilize the doctrine of "taqiyya" as well the well known device of "abrogation" to shape the surrahs into favorable supportive doctrine. How does one deal with that at the masjid?

    2. you did not used the right word that religion should not poke its nose into politics.a muslim should say that politics should stay away from religion and not poke its nose into religion.religion should be involved as it gives solution to everything. if u are a muslim then you should know how hazrat umar and other khalifas governened their countries and is an example youshouldknow

    3. your definately not a muslim now, its like me saying im a vegetarian but eat meat. just because you might have a muslim name doesnt make you one.

  105. This is a bad version of arrivals with bad music. Get the dvd or you will find this documentary pathetic.

  106. in response to the film "The Arrivals"
    which is about the Muslim/Moslem antichrist as revealed in the Koran/Quraan.
    anyone still confused by this comment is either looking at this on a different webpage or has no brain.


    i like the cash scam in the upper portion of the movie screen... makes it look really professional and in no way does it look like they want to commit identity fraud.

    ps. the above comment is sarcasm

    i can't even watch more than three minutes of this because it makes no sense. are they talking about balor the one-eyed or odin... are they talking about a pirate or a kid hit by a land mine... everyone that has only one eye... seriously?... what if a terrorist was running through a ruin and poked his eye out on a shard of glass, nail, rebar, etc. Is the terrorist now working for the one-eyed bad guy? suppose he starting preaching... would you listen or judge him? what if he was preaching the koran? would you try to shut him up? what if god appeared only to him and gave him a new revelation you hadn't heard before? would you call him a false prophet, therefore angering god and end up in hell rather than heaven with the 72 virgins?

    has anyone ever heard of the word 'think' before?
    why do i have to try and rationalize this obiviously crazy propaghanda film?

    the makers said you can't just watch a little and then look away... that means it's supposed to captivate you and keep your attention. So far I've noticed it trying to scare me before revealing that I can be saved by them from the very same bad stuff they say is happening.

    religious people always like to tell an atheist, "what if you are wrong?"


    what if they are wrong? suppose every modern day religion and belief structure is wrong and the paleolithic shamans were right. did you bury your relatives with spices, herbs, floweres, and red ocre? Did you put them under a giant stone or pile of stones? were they buried with any idols of a fat woman with no feet or hand maybe even no head? did you give them food, medicine, tools, weapons, crop seeds, or farm animals? Did a guy dress up to address the mourners in animal skins, while saying he was a wolf, stag, or bear? did the shaman remind you that your relative was now in the shadow world and proved it to you by showing everyone a painted picture story on a rock wall done by his great grand father? was his great great grandfather left alone in the woods to die because the group could support them during a seasonal migration? Did the service keep you happy and secure in the knowledge that the earth did float on the back of a giant sea turtle?

    get real. you believe what you believe because of you contact with it. the books are designed to be a head game. and why? to control you. "don't kill unless we tell you who and when," is a great example.

    suppose that a true god or set of gods died of old age before the dinosaurs croaked... does it even really matter now what he/she/they wanted us to do? and i mean stone cold dead not "we became spirits and live forever in an afterlife"... i think that could explain why everyone's prayer for world peace goes unanswered. what if god had a heart attack? you never seem to expect them. what if god didn't see it as being in his plan but it happened anyway?

    one day god say to jesus, "hey jesus..."
    jesus says "what?" turns to look at his father and his father is on the floor already dead and he can't do anything because his powers came from that now extinct god.
    would he think he was in trouble?
    would he try to hide the body?
    or maybe jesus would try to do a "weekend with bernie's" kind of thing.
    would jesus freak out? he's supposed to actually be god. now god's dead. what kind of mental torture would that be?
    would jesus go on a bender? doing jello shots out of mary magdelene's navel? lines of coke off her belly? a threesome with her and judas? would he be the pitcher or the catcher?
    would he do it all in vegas?
    would he have a hangover the next day?
    would he regret it? would he have to?
    would he have to go to hell again?
    would he instead pick himself up out of despair and take over the family business?
    would he find out that he now had inheirited controlling investment over heaven and earth?
    would he find out that after god's death it wasn't worth the paper it was printed on and jesus would jump out a window on the 44th floor?
    what if there was water at the bottom where he fell? would he still sink or would there be a jesus pancake floating perfectly on top of the river?

    and back to this one-eyed bad guy... they could say that a tv is his voice because it has one screen (ie. one eye on the world... just like a camera). but what if you watch tv with a wall of tv's? now there's more than one. what if all but one are set to religious channels dealing with judeo-christian type religion and one is on al-jazerra? isn't now the one-eye looking at you (looking at it) a muslim one at that point? What if your one-eyed camera actually has different lens changes you could take on and off or multiple lens already attached? what if your one-eyed computer has 57 popups on it... wouldn't each open window be like adding a eye to the so called beast? and if every camera, every tv, every computer moniter, i phone, think pad, touch screen gps, etcetera are all considered part of one-eyed bad guy... then doesn't he actually have billions of eyes and therefore the prophet lied to his followers about the beast having only one eye. what if you think the end of your pecker looks like a one-eye? do you snip it off? does it convert you from being a muslim to be a jew? do you have to go around cutting off other people's peepees?

    and can someone explain why the makers of this film, who quite obvuiously seem to be muslim, use clips from THE LORD OF THE RINGS? didn't the commandments say to not use things made by the non-believers. apparently they think tolkein was a muslim practitioner instead of a catholic with a lot of knowledge about norse mythos (you know, like odin). wouldn't you think they would believe it to be such an evil thing since it promotes the idea that magic users are good people... last i checked most religions with the character of abraham and most modern religions, period, hate magic users especially weather witches. there are even groups of magic practitioners that don't like weather witches. and why does the film keep putting up subtitles in arabic when it won't translate them. seriously watch the intro it looks as if they replaced the lines said by the characters in LOTR film but they won't translate it into english!?!?? I guess they don't want to really convince me that they are right.

    seems within only three minutes they have commited copyright violation by using clips from the film but also revealed themselves to not be a savior with a message but rather a group of people with an agenda based on deception and misconception and unprofessional journalims. this is supposed to be a documentary but I doubt they tried to cross reference their data with other sources and opposing viewpoints.

    and the biggest hoot is that they say god is not one-eyed. did they check? are they a liscense optomitrist now? what if god had a glass eye in his eye socket on that day?... because company was coming over. what if he had been wearing sunglasses... could you really be sure he had two behind those glasses? What if he had no eyes but when the prophet saw him he had drawn fake ones on his eyelids and kept them closed during the conversation? what if he had one or more eyes in the back of his head? what if god was just one big eye? does that count? after all he doesn't have one eye, he IS one eye. what if he winks and the only time you look at him is at that moment? would you try to kill the false god then? What if god had incureably bad eyesight and his eyes were only half as good as normal people's? does that mean he mathematically has only one good eye? does that count?

    what if a single barreled gun was just another of ol'one-eye's tricks and symbols to destroy mankind and man's covenant with god? would the terrorists stop using guns? What if one-eye's eye looked like a grenade or satchel bomb? would they stop using them? what if one-eye's eye looked like a pine tree? (think about that, it makes sense) What if god only had one eye and it looked like a cresent moon?

    what if one of their car headlights goes out? do they get rid of it because it's now possessed by ol'one-eye? if so, what about motorcycles? do they require a side car with a light so as not to offend god? Do they put two lights on the front of every train? do they use specially made to order spotlights with two beams? is there a way we can get one for the twin towers memorial?

    and muslims don't eat pork because it's an unclean animal.
    did they never cook it? if you don't cook it you'll get a disease as with most meat that is allowed to root in it's own filth. scientists have discoverd that pigs actually prefer to stay clean if given the chance for baths or showers.

    what if god was a pig? it makes sense... he keeps telling us that murder and cannibalism is wrong... so is eating bacon. he's scared everyone's going to arrive in heaven expecting a pig roast. and afterall cleanliness is next to godliness and we know now pigs prefer to stay clean.

    1. Hmmm.. maybe Thomas should have watched the film. He obviously have enough time on his hands.
      I think his comments belong in a comedy skit and not in a critical thinking arena like this.

    2. Before you comment and make yourself seem like a complete idiot, you should have maybe watched it. Obviously you're opinionated, however your opinion would be taken much more seriously if you can provide us with proof about how this video is wrong. Then again, I guess that would keep you away from your over consumption of pornography and the rest of your disgusting lifestyle. If you actually took the time to watch this, you would have figured out that this actually isn't progaganda for Islam. It talks about religions of Abrahamic traditions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam [chronological order]). Religions of Abrahamic traditions have existed and they relate to each other. This video shows us have we all have the same messages, the same goals, some of the people reaccur in these texts, etc.

      You're right; the LOTR film maker IS in fact a catholic with a lot of knowledge about norse mythos. So am I. You don't have to be muslim to know what the hell is going on around you. You do have to be a complete idiot to begin a whole tirade without even the slightest clue of what this movie is all about. If you don't believe in God, keep your mouth shut. Not even to respect other religious individuals, but to respect yourself and your family who "raised" you. As far as I'm concerned, you're the only pig I know.

      I suggest watching it and then giving us proof that this online documentary is false. If you can't do that, go kick rocks.

    3. man all ur thoughts are limited to materialism where u even think god is a creature that needs food and safety to survive.. and religions are much deeper than what kids think of.. like where is god in what corner and how he looks like.. thoughts similiar to yours.. and i dunno why ur spending time on trying to make fun of such things:p


  108. eye opener

  109. OK 1 Question to all the participants here.

    Everyone is educated & a thoughtful person, that is why he/she is on such a forum otherwise he/she might not be here . . .so I expect an honest and unbiased answer from everyone ;)

    The Question is . . .

    What if this documentary (The Arrivals) was made by anyone who is exactly of "your religion", sect, culture, language, skin, area etc etc etc . . . . (having no change in content of documentary)

    Would your comments & views be still the same ? ? ?

    Y / N

    1. Honestly, no. If it came from my own religion I don't think I'd find it as believable; which is weird, but for some reason the fact that it's not my religion saying this is what makes me want to watch it more and more. I try to find the facts in it for what they are facts, not what religion the prophecies or the creator are from.

  110. I'm sorry but this has to be the worst N.W.O. doc I have ever seen. I lasted 3 parts...

  111. First thing half of the Moslems (0.7 billion) are not raping. Second according to the infamous Islamic law there's a ruling of a death penalty for rapists. I think you're assuming that Moslems somewhere have it in there religion to rape their women and throw acid on their face

    1. My question where do you get information that muslims rape women. Your church or your news cast. It is the most stupidist accusation i have ever heard from all the lies they (freemasonry) accuse Islam. As a matter of fact rape in muslim countries percentage are zero. Our women wear the scarf on their head and cover their body to be modest and hunble in the eyes of God and to prevent perversion in society. If we were rapist like you claim we simply do what christians do to their women which is let them run around naked in shorts and bikinis, but we dont. In the west and to be more specific the US girls get raped every 2 seconds according to american statistics. Incest is practiced in american family like a normal thing. look at the pornography on the internet, all done by christian americans and europinans. Child pornography, rape,, bondage, incest, sex with animals all done by christians not muslims and the internet is the proof no one can doubt that. Not to mention the millions of cases of priest molestation of children inside the vatican and churchs around the world. Some christian tactics is if we blame our filthy actions on muslims that will shift the blame from us. In muslim countries we take rape sin and punishment seriously which is death and that is why our countries is rape free and clean. Try a differrent lie next time.

  112. @ninjaturtle215,
    No but when half the Christians are raping like Moslems then Christianity is bad.

  113. Its more of a fashion these days to say No/not good/Nops just to let the world know that i am socarates of this time and ppl will start saying that WOW, look Mr.XYZ didn't even like the best so he must be a genius.

    I read almost all the comments here & most of the ppl are holding guns pointing at each other waiting for best shot.
    Everyone is preacher & scholoar of his religion & norms here.

    Ok, All this documentry is nothing but crap but can't we just find the good ones in this. I am sure there must be 1 or 2 good +ve points in it.

    Guys, put your guns down . . . be patient & learn to tolerate. I know ur all too good, too genius, too intelligent

    I do not 100% agree with 'The Arriavls' but atleast this effort made the world to think.

    Appreciating someone needs a lot of courage & not everyone has it.

  114. @Steve
    So if a christian rapes a woman, christianity is bad?
    Seriously do u have nuts in your head?

  115. yano what "steve" if you think that badly about islam and their views then simply do not watch the video, an bdw is muslims, not moslems :-D
    nobody brain washes children or people into blowing themselves up because it does say that we should "blow" our selves up in the quraan.
    better than "all" you terrorists, yes ok, and what proof do you have that "all" the muslim species are terrorists???
    no muslim rapes any woman ok, an the adultery thing, in christianity it is a crime to also commit adultery not only islam belives that adultery is a crime yeah, so maybe you should STOP hating like a pathetic little child and do some manly reasearch on what you think, get your facts right first before you preach, the world is bad enough without idiotic people like you making things worse!!!!

  116. A strictly Islamic propaganda documentary. You want to talk about the media brain washing people? What about the innocent children you Moslems kidnap and brain wash into blowing them selves up? Or what about the thousands of innocent women who you barbaric Moslems rape and disfigure with acids or stone to death for adultery? How can you possibly justify beheading people like wild savages? Religion is the worst disease to ever infect mankind. Islam is the worst sub species of this horrific disease. I don't believe that the US is preparing a "New Secular Order", but if they are, they are still better than all you terrorists. Why am I saying this? Because here I won't be issued fatwas or be beheaded for expressing my free will.

  117. erm, wts with tha muslims beliving wht thy want, why du ppl care so bludy much bou wht uthr ppl belive??
    every1 has tha freedom to think an belive what thy wish, whts with all the hatred 2 the muslims??

  118. garbage.

  119. To the makers of the doc; Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You will have agents who post negative comments or subversive points of view of no relevency. But you hit the mark.

    Can we add "conspiracy theorist" are you average high school teacher, collage professor, and news analysts because all we are ever taught are theories, hell even Einsteins' theories are being debunked.
    So that whole idea of calling anyone searching for a truth a "conspiracy thoerist" is just a way to close peoples minds to the truth

    Its just plain ugly TRUTH!!!!!!

  120. Whoever is watching this documentary, I suggest you look past the religious bs and the obvious muslim bias the creators had, and just focus on the "secret society" and "mind control" aspect of it.

  121. ok i got rid of the green ad (a minor mistake)it's very early in the morning.

  122. hi there folks, i've watched quite a few documentaries on this interesting site (good job). this is my 1st post, i have not seen the whole of this documentary as its annoying with that God forsaken green ad. will watch it on another site and post back with comments. adios

  123. for every body who reed's this i hope you don't judje this documintary untill you do some research of your own first because this isn't a small deal ok thanks for tour time

  124. Dr Adam..

    well said!

    most of the jin party only muslims with knowlage can understand but if you take out the relgion party.. i would say this 80% true.

    but being muslim brother i know for fact most of the religion party are 100% true.. which i understand well enough even tho our muslim leaders are controlled as well and none of us can diny it i belive on 3 relgion it our duty to belive becouse moses, jesus, mohamed had bring to us only with same massage but only people with open mind and heart will understand this and also whom ever god wills to guid to the trues..

    thanks for the serias excellent work even tho it could be edited better. the repetion is bit of problem for those who are not muslim cos they cant understand well enough when repite things..

  125. the people who dont want to face the realities of world are not taking it seriously but as a muslim its a part of my belief and our propher told about this all scene 1400 years i have no doubt in wait u people n we r also waiting.lets the time come.

  126. Hi people, i have not grown up with any religion but i have done a lot of research into it as well the occult and symbolism. My main focus has always been the mind and psychology. I def believe in mind over matter. I have heavily studied NLP and read books on the sub conscious mind. I do very much believe in Allah (the one creator god of all things) but do not follow Islam.

    Now this series is very clever... has they attempt to subliminally open your mind. This why it takes long and hence the music. Whilst a lot of what they say can be down to ones interpretation, you cannot deny that behind every government agenda is money and power. You only have to research the history of banks to work that one out. The part on mind control is very strong too and anybody that has read up on this subject will get it straight away. Whilst you can go back further and further in time and link the pieces together you could conclude that this is true. However remember this, HISTORY = "HIS STORY" So you can never be completely 100% sure that everything you read is indeed correct especially the further back in time you go. However Symbolism sits stronger with me because there is a coincidence within architecture and objects. Another thing to take on-bored is subject of Jinn. If you take this into account then yes things stack up very well and explains alot. It also explains for paranormal activity which science cannot explain.

    Also remember people that science cannot explain many things like mind over matter, chi energy (shaolin monks lying on spiked beds whilst having bricks broken on them etc), death defiant accounts, paranormal activity etc. Remember many of things out there are THEORY. We don't even know why a person dreams...yet it is something each of experience possibly every night.

    My conclusion is def worth a cannot right it off but you cannot say its the truth. Unless however you take out the religious aspect and only focus on the deception of governments with the main agenda of people with mass wealth wanting acquire more more wealth.

    One thing for sure that you cannot deny is that if everyone in the world lived by the ten commandments we would all be at peace!!

    Love conquers all...and if there is a tangible devil then maybe he just needs a hug!

    1. One thing for sure that you cannot deny is that if everyone in the world lived by the ten commandments we would all be at peace!!

  127. let we pray for palestin...............

  128. @jaldaj: 05/06/2010 at 14:26 There is no such thing as the Dajjal!

    Dajjal is in your name. Just rearrange the letters!

  129. HADITH... Mohammad's sayings?

    Its even a worst story than "the compiling of the KORAN by OSMAN"..!

    The Hadith was initially 1st compiled by a decree from Caliph Omar Bin Abel-Aziz in the Omayyad dynasty about 120 - 150 years after the death of Mohammad.

    Caliph Omar Bin Abel-Aziz died and soon after that the entire Omayyad dynasty was annihilated and replaced by the Abbasi dynasty

    Once Abbasi dynasty got situated in power they resumed the pursuit of Mohammad's sayings quote on quote "several to dozen generations earlier" for an additional 200 to 300 years

    the pursuit of Mohammad's sayings was a fancy respected social position - such people used to travel days in days out in pursuit of a single Hadith, travel expenses were paid by "benevolent rich" or the government of Abbasi dynasty.

    Those saying contradicted themselves and the decrees of the Koran:
    example regarding dogs and fornicating prostitutes:

    In one saying it says that Mohammad ordered all dogs to be killed
    In another it says that a prostitute entered heaven for offering a thirsty dog water to drink from a deep well using one of her shoes? She was not lashed nor stoned to death?!!!

    So for those of you who think that hadith is reliable the above shows how unreliable it is! Same as some parts "interjected by OSMAN in the KORAN" Osman wanted to imitate the old testament TORAH - SO HE MADE KORAN OF 114 CHAPTERS / Suras and tucked into it a lots of biblical punishments & stories!

    So after the progressive nature that prevailed before Osman the Islamic religion & History regressed dramatically allowing exceptional power in the hand of the ruler or the ruling party!

    CALIPH Osman Bin AFFAN DARED DOING WHAT 2 EARLIER CALIPHS DID NOT EVEN THINK OF DOING - Osman did it 10 years after the death of Mohammad!

    What did Osman do?

    OSMAN compiled and published "what was written sporadically by Mohammad's clerks" the Koran, and burned everything else!
    So what did the real Muslims of that time do to Osman, they killed him, and refused him burial for 3 days, he was buried not in an Islamic cemetery - he was buried at the external wall of a Jewish cemetery!

    More than 11 people participated in killing him, among them are the sons of the earlier 2 Caliphs!

    Why did they kill the 80 years old Osman?
    Because he messed around with the Koran in addition to his poor governing!

    Did any of you "pretending to know the KORAN" had read what garbage OSMAN had interjected in the KORAN?

    ITS ALNOOR SURA - Where it says you should NOT FORCE your female-maid or female slave TO PROSTITUTE HERSELF "if she wish to marry" AND WHOEVER FORCED THEM god is forgiving!

    Well....! Suppose your female-maid/slave does not wish to marry ARE YOU ALLOWED TO PUT HER IN A POSITION TO PROSTITUTE HERSELF, OR TO FORCE HER INTO PROSTITUTION?

    Its because of the example above OSMAN was killed....!

  131. I must say to Mohamed Ali and to the others muslims who claim to have read the quran and the hadhiths of prophet Mohamed, PBUH do you really say that their is no mention of the dajjal or the return of Isa PBUH ????? Man you must be reading with your eyes closed. Or you must like the life style of the non believers of Allah that you try to please them with false information just to fit in. The documentary is just an idea of reminding you people of the truth ....just wake up before its too late. Islam doesn't ask to fight or to be little anyone, but it just invites the human kind to the way of truth. Some of you from your coments i can see that you try to be very brave and try stand against the truth , but in reality its your cowardliness to really face the truth. Because none of you can deny the fact that people are born everyday and they die, and when they die you cannot contact them ..... no matter how much you try. Just do a favour upon yourselves and wake up before its too late. I invitew you to the way of truth, I invite you to ISLAM.Take care

  132. great documentary!
    although lack of concrete evidence, its really opened our eyes.
    all the evidences can be search by ourselves for proof.

    for those who commented, no one force you to watch and believe. its all up to you, i don't understand with your anger. you have your own mind to decide for yourself. seem like the "disagree peoples" try to decide for others.
    may Allah give you 'hidayah'.

    thanks a lot for the team.
    may Allah bless you.

  133. hey guys : does anybody know how could i find the Music of the series . that was really impressive. if somebody knows please let me know.

  134. If there was any conspiracy, no head full of s*** will find out about it. The world is controlled by powerful capitalists in collaboration with elected governments and politicians...FULL STOP.

    You don't have to be a rocket-scientist to figure that out. All this religious talk is mythology. Religions including Islam are a means of control. Islam as a political system that is closer to Nazism than to democracy. How can Islam be an alternative if it teaches hatred of and prejudice against Jews, pagans,atheists, apostates, homosexuals, feminists?

    No freedom of speech or religion is Islam. Allah accepts only Islam. You all people of the world who don't embrace the religion of this desert God are going to hell where you are going to be burnt until the end of time.

    The history of Islam is full of wars, execution, excommunication, civil war, political deception! The history of Islam isn't very different from the history of any other empire...the good, the bad and the ugly! I am a Muslim by the way...a Muslim who has grown sick and tired of the bull**** embedded in his religion.

  135. can we have a shorter edited version of this without the repeating of repeating of repeating and matrix rubbish??
    i reckon this could be edited into a decent film …..and a better soundtrack please?
    ive not got time for this … to part 8 and gave up!!!!!!

  136. OK... for start - who is Abdullah Hashem? Very hard to find info on him. Does he drive a sports car? Own a smartphone? Credit card?

    Most people probably completely agree that his view is Muslim, and although I do support his idea of religious unity, this does little to get us there. The pie-eyed view of a youthful mind.

    For all of time people have questioned the power structures, and rightfully so - they are often corrupt - but his take on spirituality and power is more schitzophrenic than it is real. A paranoid ranting of zealous proportions which is really only old recycled conspiracy theories. Some true?...Probably - there are nuts everywhere - but there is an inherent assumption that he himself claims to have a grasp of the word of God to a higher degree than many of his learned elders.

    Where in the world has his message of religious unity become more realized than in America, anyway? We have achieved this through religious tolerance, not secularism - secularism is a mandatory by-product of religious tolerance.

    Admittedly, American foreign policy does not reflect our values of religious tolerance to the world - but America by nature is self-preservationist - as are all nations and religions of the world. If religious unity were your true directive - and not power or recognition for yourself - your theme to the series would need to be adjusted. Really, again, I see this as a youthful attempt at something which has good intent.

    However, your energies would be much better directed at American foreign policy, UN policy, or world policy - rather than being used to fuel irrational fears of secular Americans or Christianity.

    Politically, there is a message of anti-globalization, also. Some people fail to realize that without globalization we would all live in mud houses, caves, and straw huts. We would be highly subject to enourmous amounts of disease, famine, natural disaster, etc. Our life expectancy - if we passed birth - would be about 35 to 40 years.

    The author fails to address real paradoxes, and really only creates his own, (or recycles those of others):
    1. He travels the world, has a smart phone, video camera, a western education in film making, but suggests we should all live a humble life outside the machine. Perhaps he feels a calling to 'help' others before he does this (so he needs modern tools to do this)- but insists that you should not have them. So is he going to start a cult so we can all do his laundry and grow food for him while he preaches to the world from his BMW/smartphone pulpit? Is he a great man that we should all follow? Good lord, he represents the exact image he preaches against - cultism - talk about promises!
    2. Politicians protect blood lines? - apparently they are not very good at protecting it, at the level of 9th cousin. In an area with low migration rates, at 9th cousin, you are probably related to 95 percent of people within 1000 miles! Besides, it isn't much different than when your family disapproves of your girlfriend - it is natural instinct to protect and perpetuate what your family holds valuable within yourselves. Does the author also want to have 'everyone' sleep with 'everyone' to create a new DNA balance in the world? Come to America, and most other educated, modern cities in the world - we are already working on it!
    3. The video is very heavy on conjecture and very light on facts - I guess they are just too darn good at hiding your truth from you, forcing you to listen to your schitzophrenic projections. It wouldn't be so bad if the motivation behind your fears wasn't so true to what is known today about the human mind, desires, fears, etc.
    4. The world bank stuff was very good, and true it is privately owned, but if it wasn't, it would be American owned anyway - so that would still not work for you... and in which case the same people would be appointed to controlling positions anyway - because they are the most financially responsible people in history - (most responsible, not most ethical, i agree). If they really wanted to destroy us the could have already - if they wanted you to be slaves, you would be. If they wanted you to have no opportunity to think freely - as you clearly do - they would have that, too. Paranoia, anxiety, fear - these are killers - killers of good judgment, too.
    5. The Matrix movie - some of the Western theologian/philosophical ideology was clearly intended as an entertaining aspect of the movie, but what was much more developed in the movie was the Eastern philosophies of self development. Your very lacking commentary of these ideas puts you at a loss to recruit the majority of the worlds minds and souls - sorry.

    But, I will admit - your work has had a valuable entertainment aspect to it - but I would very much hope for moderation of integration to the ideology of our young fertile minds. In the end your series offers very little of substance or proof - and is very high on old recycled conspiracy.

    In fact, if what you are saying is true, you are clearly a willing victim of the power stucture as it exists anyway. You hold up the values of a simple life as your solution - but if the illuminati truely has the power over the real world though evil powers, then you can not escape their real world power, anyway - so why add to your own suffering? Wait - God wants us to suffer? - well, who the hell is the bad one here?

    It all sounds like an endless arguement - typical of a conspiracy theory based on fearful schitzophrenic ideology.

  137. Who's to say that what one person believes in is not right, and that their views are better?

    I believe there is no real "satan", but instead an image used merely to characterize the negativity in the world. (Similarly to how Egyptians used their gods to symbolize the things which mattered to them in their lives.)

    While I did enjoy some of what I've watched in this documentary, I disagree strongly that you believe this is an argument between religeons. Surely, as you yourself have also stated, the quickest and more secure way to conquer an area of any size is to divide it. Wouldn't it be more obvious to assume race, class AND religeon play a part in dividing up our world?

    I would find it much easier to assume the men behind the scenes wish for a New World Order because of money and power rather than religeous reasons.


  138. dudes just shut down your tv and the whole series just collapses!
    man this series is way too extreme
    these dudes seriosly think there is some mumbo jumbo org controlling us?
    we make our own destiny!
    death is certain
    so why not do something that actually helps make the world a better place?

  139. Well, now that billyboy 101 has said he's seen it with his own eyes, that's all the hard evidence I need *eye roll*

  140. I can tell you guys who are doubting this first hand that i witnessed, WHAT THE SO CALLED ELITE DO, I wont say anymore all i will say is. Watch open your eyes and think about it. won't hurt to watch. TRUST ME

  141. Intresting but sadly not very factual or based on any real evidence from the Noble Qur'an or the life of the Prophet Muhammad, may the pace and blessings of Allah be upon him. I can see a lot of specualtion, conjecture and opinion but little truth. Muslims have all they need in the Book of Allah and the narrations of the Prophet, so it's best to keep away from this sort of opinionated documemtary with no scholars in sight. Peace from the Sunni Muslim.

  142. i have seen that and i was realy having a wide eyes in some moments , u just need to finish it all till the end and then ask urself what did u learn from that and plz just be strong enough to face the facts and don't object before u listen and be patient ....
    its so usefull and i can say that my life changed since the day i have finished it all 3 times actualy .

  143. @Sandra

    You are right about the expulsion of the Jews from European countries starting with England in 1290, the decree was called the statutes of Jewry. The reasons that you sited of blood libel and other more fanciful claims are true, but you missed money lending at interest and alleged debasement of currency by mixing gold with semi-precious metals. All definite allegations, some with a component of truth...

    I don't think that it's fair to say that no one likes them. You have to consider that usury was outlawed to christians and that the Medici bankers used the Jews because their religion allowed the borrowing of money at interest to the non-jew! Also it's important to put things into some context, by this i mean that the Jewish religion is without doubt a high form of mind control of an extremely destructive nature. They are the biggest victims in this game of control!

    Everyone should try to understand the religious Jewish culture and phsycology. It's extremely repressive and destructive in origin.

    p.s. Jews are a race and a religion! Depending on whether you believe Arthur Koestlers 'the 13th tribe' or not, it seems factual but gets no acclaim and recognition... It's ok to attack the religion in my opinion but not fair to attack the race. Israel is another tougher issue and i don't claim that this way of thinking justifies or backs up their 'homeland' argument.

  144. Jews were expelled from England in 1290, France in 1392, and from Spain the same year of Columbus' voyage in 1492 looking for India. They were then expelled from Portugal in 1497. They attempted, with varying responses, to live throughout Europe, including Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Morocco, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

    some of the reasons:

    punishment for European Jews for failing to convert to Christianity

    because of their corruption

    any Jew is just as guilty of killing Christ as clamored for his crucification, and the only way to be rid of this guilt was to convert.

    had been accused by Christians of being greedy

    during the Medieval time period there were these three stories : blood libel that (Jews kidnapped Christian children and performed ritual murder upon them), host desecration (that Jews stole consecrated holy wafers and tortured them), and well poisoning. When the Black Death swept Europe from 1347 to 1360, Jews were accused of causing the plague by poisoning wells.

    No one likes Jews!



  146. I got up to part seven before I turned it off. This is disgusting, anti-Semitic, misogynist propaganda that presents a completely skewed version of history and argues from a false premise. It's this kind of fundamentalist bullsh*t that inspires violence. Fundamentalism in any form is poisonous to a free and just society, doesn't matter if that fundamentalism is Islamic, Christian, Zionist, or whatever. It's all bad.

    These people are living in the dark ages and the fact that they call themselves "truth-seekers" would be laughably pathetic if they weren't such bigoted pieces of sh*t.

  147. Beast = Islam
    False Prophet = Isa

    Yeshua is the only way to Salvation and Eternal Life!
    He is the son of God and He payed the price for our sins.
    He died on the cross and He rose again.
    Believe and be saved! The one true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Loves you. Only with Him will you find true peace and LOVE.

    I stand with Israel.

  148. so first THEY made lord of rings movies to give u clues
    then THEY built dubai tower to confirm ur clues.
    then THEY make energy buildings
    and english people are pharoah decendants

    what is wrong with u people ?

    why u come up with stuff like this to show what?

  149. sorry but this is a documentry???? lmao!! nice try guys my name is Zam faiz the boss man : P

  150. I have watched enough of these episodes to know that they are mainly conjecture and speculation of what is to come. I am a Muslim and follow the Qur'an and the Sunnah (way) of the last Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. I would advise Muslims to stay away from these documentaries if they want to avoid affecting their faith, and non-Muslims to read the only true sources of Islam which I have mentioned above. These 'Arrivals' are not backed by scholars or any real evidence, and the evidence provided it coincidental and made to fit the producer's views of the world. Nice to see some good comments on here at least.Peace.

  151. The Matrix... if you read the quran then you must have read the part where it says follow the prophets foot steps .. meaning do wat the prophet did ... thats what Sunni means .. so if you are a practicing Muslim then you are sunni

  152. Type "the arrivals" on youtube, those who control media have tried to censor this series (taking out audio)for the revolutionary information it ties together. Satans plan to strip the world of religious belief has worked,(many comments here testament to this conclusion)and the war between good and evil is not myth. Research the occult...research to what extent Satan has empowered them...who runs the world from behind closed doors? The most powerful men are not athiests.. Similar to how the Mayans spilled blood for Satan, so have world leaders waging wars...The New World Order will be headed by the Anti-Christ. This plan is centuries old, Satan the architect. But God is the truth. And his faithful followers, Jews, Christians and Muslims, and other good souls will previal against evil and tyranny. Jesus will return before the end of humanity. God Bless you all. And religion is not the problem...mankind is. Nonetheless, good always triumphs over evil. All progressive persons, research before concluding, or partaking in any act of defamation.

  153. I agree with masterc,All the people of the world that believe in GOD and his prophets from Adam to Noah to Moses to Jesus to Muhammed (Peace on them all)and do good and love all mankind..must unite to fight the evil in the world of alocohol,drugs,wars,killing,hate,racism,etc....

  154. I have found the real prophet.You wouldn't believe me if I was to tell you who he was.Most people don't and it will take a long time when people finally realize what the truth is.Hint,not a single religion is the correct path to truth and as a matter of fact.Religion is completely fantasy of man in order to control,enslave the illiterate masses.Your better off being an atheist or a person who has never been exposed to any religion.
    The truth is so much more than any god or religion, so much grander it's beyond human comprehension.Definitely nothing to fear and if it uses fear as a requirement.Good chance it was fantasy of scribes working for head priests who worked for governments or the like.Good luck to all you fanatics.Im free from fear of god or your Antichrist or the afterlife.You must keep searching and not let anyone tell you what to believe.

  155. My god will beat your god up.ALL RELIGION MUST GO.

  156. Have anyone watched the arrivals reloaded version? Where can I get the dvd?

  157. Your comment makes little sense, do you mean to tell me I should be more sympathetic? I'm not saying negative global events, such as the invasion of Iraq, are laughable, I'm saying some of these comments are laughable.

    (I'll bite on your little you're-a-bad-person rant, though)

    Of course I wouldn't be laughing if my country were attacked, what does that even have to do with anything? I shrug when for instance, a bunch of suicide bombers blow themselves and half a cityblock to sh*t, I don't care, it does not effect me. Having no influence, part or stake in global events leave me apathetic in respect to such events.

    For instance, Haiti had some bad luck recently, should I care? Am I under some moral obligation to care? No, I am not. Therefore, I do not care.

    What system are you referring to, and how am I stuck in it? And, who will obtain 110% (seriously?) control of my mind? Also, would you mind paying a little attention to proper grammar in your posts, this is just ridiculous.

    Just one last question, are you legally required to wear a helmet at all times? If so, please don't bother replying.

  158. d-k that because you are stuck in the system and your afraid to admit it thus what do you do laugh your worries off!!!!

    80% people didn't want war with Iraq what did they do? the government f***** off and did war anyway -

    They are attacking Muslim countries investing in Israel and not doing anything for Muslim countries - how can you d-k sit there and say its laughable???

    Just because you got a bed to sleep in at night - if you were one of those living in the countries being attacked i don't think you would find it laughable then....keep laughing your worries away until they finally obtain full 110% control of your know why? because its laughable that your stuck in the system and you don't realise it or you realise it but you seem happy with - freedom my a**!!!!

  159. lporigionalp - its not that people who are scared will listen to anything... its more the opposite when people hear the truth they become scared as they cant handle it - fair enough i do agree its looooonngggg!!! but well worth it in the end - certainly changed my outlook on life and is well worth it in the end to watch all of it and recommend it to others - the reality is not asking people to convert to Muslim just saying if you really believe that the government gives a shit about us all then people are well delusional - REALITY is they don't care - watch the arrivals you understand its been put in peoples brain to accept whatever happens in this world which is so damn true!!!! Believe in god whatever religion and he will help you.

  160. jano 660 hey me not shia to your suprise - wouldnt even class my self as sunni to be honest althou the mosque i wastought at people would be lyk am sunni and therefore i would call myself sunni when i was a child but never understood why lol so on its a belief put into peoples mind - but recently after reading quran etc i now dont class myself as sunni - just muslim is what i would say at the end of the day its what the quran says when people ask what you are say muslim its all about unity......

  161. The only arrival we can be sure of is the next big Meteor hitting the earth.

  162. I found the very enlightening and mind blowing I believe that every body should watch this and have their eyes opened to what is going on under their eyes opened. Not every one will believe what is happening in the world but hopefully the majority will. Have faith God loves us all what ever our colour or religion. Thank you very much for this insight.

  163. Man this thing is just waaaaay too long, at least four times longer than it needs to be. It's filled with a sh*t-ton of movie clips that have nothing to do with the subject matter along with long sections of ugly hard to read yellow text on a black screen with mediocre music that is displayed long enough for you to read each sentence six or seven times (if you can squint well enough to read it at all). Final criticism in my rant, why the arabic version, not trying to be bigoted or anything I'm just saying it's an english website, ain't it?

    PS there's so much bs in the movie and they are just trying to scare people because scared people always are looking for someone to listen to to tell them what to do, because they are scared and don't know what to do. Meo already made a great comment about this and more eloquent than I could do so that's all I'll say about that.

    Don't waste your time on the arrivals.

  164. its the most important documentary program i have ever seen it talks about evry theing in this lie live i prefer evrey one to watch it cause it will show him what the real world is..................

  165. True, I will not (nor did I) claim otherwise.

  166. and you @D - eye - see - K are exactly what your name says you are!

  167. My my.. this comment section is particularly dim.. Something tells me that changing the bulb wouldn't have any effect, though.

    Some of these people's opinions/theories are downright laughable...

  168. well said, the matrix.

    by the way, you sheer or sunny?

    methinks you sheer.

  169. I think this is definitely true - in the gospel and taurat it clearly states the coming of the prophet muhammed pbuh it says we will brethen a prophet unto thee moses - in gospel deutromony i cant mind top of my head but just google it - if something is the word of god then there shouldnt be any inconsistincies? right? well why is the bible gospel etc all re written and altered - one book will say there were 400 solders while another will say 40000 for example - whereas when the quran came down 1400 years ago - guess what? it hasnt changed one bit - and god challenged people yet no one ever has - we are born in a planet called earth - if we truly camefrom monkeys - what happened? did the monkey bang its head and say one day "oh where did i come from?" if we truly came from monkeys then why are monkeys not thinking like human today? harun yahyas work speaks of creationism which i think proves the existence of god and wipes darwinism theory - the god of islam is the same god of christianity and jews etc - as muslims believe in the previous prophets - like david, solomon abraham having two sons isaac and ishmael pbuh them all etc the hierarchy of the prophets especially starting from Abraham is very interesting and makes sense - but the difference arises where -people who read taurat and gospel dont understand something - which is god clearly stated the coming of prophet in the future who will speak the word of god - think! the quran hasnt changed one bit there are a lot of scientific miracles in quran which scientists discovered recently it answers all your questions - eg people ask will we really be ressurected from the dead? god replies we can even make the tip of your fingers in its exact form stated in the quran - talking about how unique each human beings finger tips are - and the prophet muhammed pbuh coming mentioned in gospel and taurat cant be jesus - because gospel says there will be a prophet unto thee moses - similarities of moses and mohammed pbuh them both - both born naturally lived their lives and died normally - whereas jesus (isa) pbuh came from one parent and he didnt actually die god saved him from the cross and jesus pbuh will come back down - we live in a planet called earth - quran speaks about big bang - after bigbang everything in universe came into existence - normally after some kind of bang tends to be disruption however after big bang everything was placed in order i.e.sun orbiting around earth - what makes the sun move? what tells the sun to move and earth to move? why does day change to night vice versa? why is there a variety of fruits on this planet? milk comes from cows - why are certain fruits got covering e.g. banana? who or what made it be like that? is it really coincidence? what tells it to be the shape it is? and what tells your genes to decide the size of your arm what tells it to be equal lengths etc. why is the shape of a rose the shape it is? the creator himself is nothing like his creation - use logic one can understand there is definitely a creator who has provided all for us - shame we dont appreciate it

  170. thank you, jono, for spotting scientist's talent, and for your appreciation.

    the thing is i think i have been banned by vlatko, for i think he too read into what you read; but the thing is i had to change my id and give those smart a** atheists a double shuffle they deserved; and as you might notice, they couldn't replying solidly, for clearly they didn't seem very sure which side i was on.

    evidence for this last claim lies from experience on other posts here where i shed my gentleman suit and gave them a few acidic pieces of mind that only three people noticed - i think yourself (on this one), vlatko and somebody else i won't name.

  171. lol@scientist

    Can't believe ya got away with trolling SO HARD an no-one sniffed it.

    Hats off to you my man

  172. There are other Docs you can also watch like..
    "The obama Deception"
    "Phase 3"
    "911 truth"

    which can bewtched on youtube..

  173. What B.S.! I have been Muslim for 10 years and I attest that there is NOTHING in this video that is based on Islamic teaching.

    I have seen a monumental amount of this crock of shiet in videos posted by non-Muslims at YouTube as well and I didn't believe them either!

  174. There is no such thing as the Dajjal!

  175. The Dajjal is a being no doubt but the point is that they preparing for his arrival and hence the symbols suggesting who his followers are.

  176. ok...I'm only in at 2:22 and already there's a problem. The dajjal does indeed have a defective eye. But he is an actual being! Not some governmental conspiracy that choose to use the one eye as a symbol. he is an actual walking talking being. If I can be bothered I will show the hadiths to support what I've said. Anyway back to watching.

  177. interesting comments, I am about to watch and will form an opinion afterwards.

    @ Achems Razor

    Where doesn't the sun shine?

  178. @ Dying Breed:

    Reward?? 27 virgins maybe? What kind of test are you referring to?

    Hell fire?? Blow it out where the sun don't shine!

  179. I agree,life is a test. Easy for some, difficult for many.

  180. Life is a test. For those who pass,there will be a reward. For those who fail,Hell fire.

    There is no 2nd chance after death. Disbelievers will scream,"Please give me a second chance!!!! It's mommy and daddy's fault!! I didnt know that..........!!"

    There will be no forgiveness for being "stupid". The answers are out there. Go find it.

  181. Well done peoplz im only 17 and u opened mi eyes up dudes big tym. With all due repect 'Scientist' i swear ur a fukin devil worshipper u prat, no wonder ur critisising evry1!!!!!

  182. The most enlightening thing to come my way for a long time. This doc really tells it like it is.
    God bless the makers of this one and keep doing the good work.
    You really give people hope.

  183. like it morpheus says ,YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH>

  184. @ Yavanna,

    I am a christian, and for me, this was one of the best revelations ever! I have been researching the book of Revelation for as long as I can remember, knowing deep down that something was happening around us! As it goes, we are very near the end of this regime!
    Of course, through the media's skilled use of propaganda, my view on Islam has been, up to now, extremely warped. But I am happy to say, that together we serve Allah! God! The Almighty who created all things! And have found along with that, a great sense of comfort and belonging!

    A big thank you to the creators of "The Arrivals",
    your work truely is doing its part to reveal the truth about the world we live! And may the Lord Almighty have mercy on those who fail to wake up from their deep ignorant sleep!


  185. People calm down i thought this doco was very interesting and think some of you should always keep an open mind when in regards to other peaceful religions anyone is allowed to believe in what they want cos who really knows 100% that their god or their story of god is the correct one, as long as everyone is believing in being a good person what does it really matter? cos not even satanist can take away our morals or our individuality yet only they would want to,

    1. Just don't get brainwashed by TV into a self centered stuck up piece of shit that thinks money, possessions and looks will make you happy and
    2. Don't be an evil prick that worships Satan, and
    3. Always treat nature and fellow people with respect and i think the world will be a good place.

  186. first, this is education, plus there are a lot of things that can open your eyes. (Y) great job.

  187. You bore.

  188. Mr. Scientist, by reading your previous comments I assumed that you want me to apply them to myself, like you wanted Freethinker and Loyd Travis to do so. Let me give some free news my fellow human. My parents never influenced me in any way. I was a very devout theist of a monotheistic religion without being encouraged by my parents what so ever. I think I always listened to the voice of reason. At an early age I realized that religion is very much unreasonable. Now, the news for you was that not every ones parents influence them. I suppose you applying your own experiences to every one you come in contact with. Not very scientific you see.

  189. Lalloo, you too.

  190. The person who made this documentary took bits and pieces from other original documentaries and gave it an ISLAMIC SPIN. There is more writing exorcist type music than real info. What a pathetic attempt. AND FOR ALL OF YOU WHO HAD LENGTHY COMMENTS, WITH ALL DUE RESPECT YOU SHOULD TO A BIT MORE RESEARCH.

  191. Too much unsupported imagery, especially in the first part. I hope they hire an editing team for their sequels. The repitition in the film seemed like a propaganda technique. Made parts of it boring. Music and advertisements were annoying. Neat take on some events, if they would have been more concise and tightened it up, it would have been more convincing. I thought this film was going to be a historical lesson on the antichrist, so a little disappointed. The hype to 2012 is similar to Y2K, if you remember nothing happened. Although we shouldn't forget about self fulfilling prophecies.

  192. hmmm, dont really know what to make of this, some i agree with some i dont.

    if the plan is to create world free from religion, then would that not make it harder for the dajal/fake messiah to be accepted, as they no longer believe or care about messiahs/religion?

    also if the antichrist is aiming to decieve people into who he really is, then this documentary could also be part of that plan by giving u some truth that is already out there, and throwing u off track with a few lies in there to conceal his identity...?

    i also find it a bit intimidating and possibly biased that the creator is trying to convert us to Islam... maybe hes right though, but i felt too much pressure was being put on this conversion and that he should allow people to do their own research before concluding Islam is the way.
    overall great documentary!!! must watch!!! will get my friends n family to check this crazy sh^t out lol :)

    much love people. peace :D

  193. i am muslim too,and i say this is a new insult to muslims people,because you think muslims are so stupids and using islam and queran to convince us that dangerous is west/usa.israel,but my friend i know very clear our sick goverments in islamic countries is the source of danger to us the muslims,and if there somebody preparing to antichrist coming,it will be them and there tools like you.
    and again please dont use queran and mohamed in such a misurieable means.
    muslim knows the trueth.

  194. If there will ever be another World War, it will be because of the clash of cultures, greed or religion. I'd like to see two scientists shoot each other because of a new theory.

    And by the way, if I'd die in this ominous 'Armageddon', I'd find that very unfair. I consider myself to be a good person, better than many bishop out there. If I ever meet that supreme being, I'd like to have a serious talk before he casts me into the fires of hell :-D

  195. You mean there is no "Rapture"??


  196. In the words of Mr Mackey I must retort..... "MmmmKay!"

  197. I've discovered another man's version (obviously Muslim) of 'The Arrivals'. The English is a little bit skewed here and there, but you're used to that in these comment sections, right?

    WARNING: This point of view is strictly from a religious perspective.


    Very soon there is going to be a Great War that will destroy three out of four parts; three fourths is going to be destroyed... The most terrible and the greatest war is coming now, and that is the bridge or mediator between the small signs and big signs; when that war breaks out, the little signs are going to draw near to the big signs. The people of this world are waiting; everyone is awaiting that war, morning or evening. There is a fear on the whole world.

    When that begins, finished. The big signs will follow the war, and during the war the Mahdi (alai) will say Takbir, 'Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!' and he will appear... and then the great sign, the Dajjal, will come. After the second great sign, Isa (alai) (Jesus) will come. Then three parts of this dunya (earthly concerns and possessions) will sink into the earth; this whole world is going to be covered by thick smoke; then fire; then the sun rising from the place of its setting, the West. When it is all complete Qiyamah (Day of Resurrection) will come.

    As believers of the Traditions, we believe in a Savior who will come first before Jesus. Yes. He must come before Jesus. We have this in our Traditions. His name is Muhammad al Mahdi (alai). He is coming, but his arrival will be after a Great War (Armagaddon). Our Traditions tell us that the Great War will be the last war. It will be fought by the big powers with each other. Don't say that Switzerland is a neutral country or Austria or Luxembourg or Sweden. No! When the storm comes, it will come from the East to the West, totally and wholly. Also from the West to the East. From the continents to the oceans and from the oceans to the continents. That must be so.

    And in that huge war, the Mahdi (alai) will come like a Divine Hand from heaven to earth and stop the war because when small countries are fighting now, the big ones come and say, Stop!, but what about when the big dragons come to fight? No one can stop them except Divine Power which will say to them, 'God is Greater!' (Allahu akbar!). Then they must stop. That will be the first Savior whose name has been given through Traditions as Muhammad al-Mahdi (alai).

    A short time After this, a tyrant will appear, well known through Traditions as Anti-Christ. He is the most dangerous tyrant for the children of Adam. The whole world will get into never ending troubles and sufferings during his time.

    Then the second Savior, Jesust will come from heavens to earth. He will meet Mahdi (alai) in Damascus at the tomb of John the Baptist, the son of Jesus Christ's aunt Elizabeth, the wife of Zacharias. He is buried in Damascus under a beautiful dome. Jesus Christ will come to a minaret of that dome which lies in the East. When the people go to the dawn prescribed prayer and two angels will protect Him with their wings. They will bring him down...he will be shining. He has the most beautiful face, rosy and white. His beard is red and he is sweating.

    He has a sword. When he was on earth, he never touched a sword, but now he is coming a Savior. In his time, all technology will be finished. His sword can reach any point to where he sends it. It is a miraculous sword, a heavenly sword. His Lord gave it to him. He will save the people from the hands of the Anti-Christ. He will come to the dawn prescribed prayer. It will be full of people in the mosque and they will all be performing the prescribed prayer because prayer is always for all prophets and their nations. Even if people have lost it now, it does not matter. Jesus Christ was, in any case, praying to his Lord. He was not praying to himself or to the cross. No! He was kneeling in front of his Lord. He is the Savior who will save the people and will not leave one of the followers of Anti-Christ on earth.

    When he saves the people from the hands of the Anti-Christ, there will come forty years of absolute peace on earth. In these times we will not need planes or ships or cars. Nothing! Every person will be given miraculous powers through Jesus Christ. If I, for example, look at the second hill of that mountain and say, 'In the Name of God,' this means, 'By your Divine Permission, oh my Lord! You have honored me to be your deputy. I ask of You!' And if He gives permission, then you may put your step from here to the second hill of the mountain.


    ...a guarantee for people during Armageddon...there are three points. If they are kept, the person cannot be hurt in the wars. This is not something to cry or ask about. No.

    It is impossible for those who deny the Creator to survive. Never. If it is your father or mother or daughter, sister or brother! It is impossible!

    It is impossible to survive if you deny the Creator. There people must be killed. They will kill each other. If anyone of his relatives was denying the Prophet, they would fight them, kill them.

    Cruel people cannot survive. Cruel people will not survive.

    Envious people: Envious people are the enemy of humanity. They will be killed and hurt and harmed according to the envy in their hearts.

    It is impossible for believers to be killed during Armageddon and for people with good actions and good intentions. That is impossible, but for those who harm humanity and have enemies and are denying the Creator, they must be killed. That is their punishment.

    (he goes on to say that the spark which will ignite the Third World War will be when Russia invades Turkey.)

  198. Why can't we all just get along? (Thanks R. King) We clearly have a common enemy. It is not the "God" that we believe in or don't believe in. Reading alot of these comments reminds me of watching children sitting in a sandbox arguing over whose action figure has more power. These comments are usually put on by seemingly educated and assumingly intelligent people. C'mon people! Rise above your petty differences!

  199. Why do people who believe in a God believe that their God is the only real God? If we believe God to be superior to us than how can we think that we know how He/She thinks? Or how can we justify God's reasons for "letting things happen?" It is beyond our abilities to think we know God's intentions or reasons.

  200. All this 2012 antichrist stuff is a load of religious BS. What a waste of time. All you "truthers" get real. Dread, you racist, bigoted fool. Voodoo ha! go kill a witch child. I suppose you think AIDs was created by the white man. White man's "voodoo" has brought you the computer you are viewing this "documentary" on.

  201. ARRIVAL, of the whiteman, the one eyed pirate.

    SEED of Satan's Bloodline is long time sown.

    Arrived with white voodoo. still practicing. and claiming about a one good GOD -one color,one uniform, one science, one school, one mind = Globalization.

  202. What i think is that people all over the world in general have no problem with any religion whatsoever. I mean, the one's not in the power politics don't want to interfere in other people's lives. Jews, Christians, and Muslims, we all won't give a fk to what the other's just the 'controlled media' that's creating the feelings of hatred amongst us. I believe that high class people in the politics arena are certainly conspiring to do something big, and the one's among them who defy them are assassinated, like Abraham Lincoln, like Martin Luther King, like John F. Kennedy, like Saudia's leader Aziz, like Pakistan's prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and i think that another person is going to be killed in the near future, won't tell the name, only time will tell.

  203. The real problem is organized religion still pollutes the world and has caused more war and bloodshed then any other cause and this comes from beliefs that are supposed to be steeped in love and forgiveness.. Hippocrates ... all of them.. Wake up and stop believing in mindless fairy tales.. God is abscent.. people experience terrible catastrophe's and say it is by the grace of god that they are alive and that god will help them.. if god was present then why would he let the event occur to begin with.. if god cared why would it have to be corrected after the fact.. pure nonsense.. so god is great and can do all but why then does he make his people to suffer.. sick and sadistic. Furthermore this "Documentary", and I do use the term loosely, is terribly made form poor film clips from movies and other docs and is clearly made by a couple teenagers wo saw zeitgeist or loose change and thought it would be cool to make their own.

  204. “Travis Lloyd”

    Same applies to you.

    If you are a theist then you can’t be a critical thinker; where you are talking from is because you have been indoctrinated from the moment you were born to think in a particular way.

    If you are an atheist, then your parents must have left you to decide for yourself – NEVER must they have told you that “religion” is just full of sh*t; and if they did, that wasn’t indoctrination of any sort.

    That was wonderful training on critical thinking.

  205. "Travis Lloyd"

    Same applies to you.

    If you are a theist then you can't be a critical thinker; where you are talking from is because you have been indoctrinated from the moment you were born to think in a particular way.

    If you are an atheist, then your parents must have left you to decide for yourself - NEVER must they have told you that "religion" is just full of shit; and if they did, that wasn't indoctrination of any sort.

    That was wonderful training on critical thinking.

  206. "Free Thinker"

    Are you a theist or an atheist?

    If you are a theist, and you think that it's a great documentary, then you are sick, and dead wrong.

    If you are an atheist, and you think that it's a great documentary, then it goes without saying that you are open-minded, and must have done a thorough scientific and objective analysis to conclude that it's a great documentary.

  207. A free thinker = A conspiracy theorist

  208. It's just an amazing documentary
    It rises several questions about the origins of christianity & Judaism
    It shows as well that there is a clear similarities between Islam & the original religion of Jesus that has been changed by Paul
    And I just understood through this documentary & the commentaries below that this is not just a religion conflict between muslims, christians & jews but a racial conflict
    Indeed, white non muslims european either Jews or christians don' t care to look at evidences, or just wonder why there is so much similitude between christianity & paganism, why there is so many racist quotes coming out the Talmud
    No, they don't care about that as they believe that there are superior, more inteligent ... that makes them in a narrow minded estate that covers every single evidence even if it' s clearer than the sun in the sky
    That' s my opinion
    I do believe that it' s a great documentary
    Good job guys

  209. Travis one thing you say I agree with , their is no doubt in my mind that the NWO (Illuminati) are made up of Muslims as well as the RCC and other Religious power brokers. All part of the game to control the masses that are incapable of free thinking. No sacrifice is needed. Quite the opposite. To beat the NWO you merely have to NOT join a side.


    I find myself astounded by this documentary. It presents all great assumptions and opinions about how critical thinking can be applied. On this hand I would like to say that it is once again one of those documentaries that will be downplayed as misconception and conspiracy. I being a Muslim myself have studied the Qu'ran(Koran) very well and have to say that I can't help but wonder why people continue to prophet certain outlooks for the future. Muhammad, Salam Aleikum, was the last prophet brothers and sisters, so in a sense these directors are defaming Islam. Many millions and possibly billions of people have in fact known that world government plans have been implemented for more than half a century and running but documentaries are not the way to solve this problem unless the solution they propose is in fact that, a SOLUTION. Free energy will be that solution just find a way to create it and hand it out to everyone. Not such an easy task. Remember if you cause enough stir they will always be watching you because they have this ability. In tune with this, just as there is an Illuminati order of Christians there is surely one that encompasses the Muslim world!!! Muslims had empires too and inherited the 1/3 of the world's wealth and resources. Remember, *hint* Saudi Arabia owns 25% of OPEC *hint* so they are in on it too. Who do you think funded the construction of the tallest building in the world located in Dubai?!? It is a race to run the N.W.O. between Christians and Muslims and now the boiling point is close to the fire. Who will win? No one knows and no one-by no one I mean the middle class of the human race-really cares or this never would have never been allowed to happen. Choose your side and be against both give everyone the chance to to think about sacrifice and the solution will set you all free. To all of you, Thank you for your time.

    Peace be upon you, from the One,
    Almighty, and Merciful Allah.

  211. by identifying enemies is the start to hatred, and the path to hatred only means suffering, pain, misery and trauma. Best to not attract negative mindsets and live a positive life starting from changing yourself instead of changing the outside world. Become independent, leave the city, start a new way of life! That way there's no need for an antichrist to dictate your life for at last it's always been up to you to choose the path to love or hate & fear. Have you ever considered that you create al this need for dramatic possibilities so as to fill up an empty life at the cost of hurting many others? So stop feeding all this negative media of fear fueled mindsets! Peace be unto to you. God has always been alive in our hearts, we have only forgotten that being so distracted by all the toys that life has to offer. Meditate more, eat less meat and watch less tv. Be content with less and have a grateful heart. Simple really. Most of all, cultivate peace with people you don't know instead of projecting fearful imagery unto others to torment them. Don't let religion divide! We are all part of the same world and in it all together. Nature is beautiful, let us protect her!

    1. Well Said Meo... Well Said

  212. I was dumb enough to watch the whole series... are you guys waiting for the messiah to come as well? bloodlines, descendant of Mohammad, antichrist... hahaha, the only better series than this one seems to be "hashemfilms" with reptilians, gates to other worlds blar blar blar etc ;)

  213. This is pathetic

  214. ergh, so many parts with no sound but bad music

  215. Its obvious thats a pretty Muslim view of what is going on in the world right now. Its quite funny since they use video clips and song lyrics to support their imaginary corruption and conspiracy scenario of Antichrist coming. Especially the last parts in which they saw the bad white man and his bad cartoons in which the good Arab is bad and ugly. I just loled

  216. This is a very slick production and I found it interesting to watch as it comes at the Illuminati / 911 /2012 stuff from a moderate Islamic viewpoint. If you are not a theist it's best to suspend belief as there is a lot of God / Anti-Christ assumptions but that in itself is educational if (as I do) want to learn for of the Muslim mind set. The first ten parts don't get into that so much however, something I think that was deliberate.

    Far too much use of The Matrix clips throughout - much as all conspiracy theory series do. Also a lot of repetition with regards to the immoralities of modern society using examples of female pop stars.

    It will be interesting to see what Christians think of this doc, part 36 in particular.

  217. I want to see what everybody will say.

    I hope it is not just bible verse. circular.

  218. 1400 years

    Here is an adequate forum for discussion on this subject :)