Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

2016, Crime  -   14 Comments
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The children stare at the camera and address a father figure they're never likely to meet. These are the orphaned children who populate the city of Angeles in the Philippines, and their stories are told in the new documentary Fallen Angels produced by RT Docs.

Most of these young children share a common origin; they were conceived as a result of the region's thriving sex trade. Within the alluring concrete and neon facade of a bustling street, a large sex worker population gathers to greet new arrivals to the city. Men from all over the world flock to the Philippines for the promise of rampant and readily available sex. By the time these men leave to return home, many of them have left behind their offspring.

The children these men abandon dream of becoming doctors and superstar actresses, but their situation predisposes them to a poverty-stricken existence defined by limited life choices. Their mothers have dreams of their own - white weddings and a lifetime spent in the care of a man they love - but their daily lives are spent instead on providing for their children in any way they can both financially and emotionally. It becomes more difficult for them to make ends meet as they grow older and are pushed out of a sex trade that values youth above all else.

In one instance profiled in the film, a male tourist owns up to his responsibility, falls in love with the woman he impregnated and does his part to help raise the child. But this is by far an exception to the stark reality facing most of the players in this painfully sad setting.

The film follows these young mothers through the streets and hotels of the city as they woo an endless barrage of potential clients, and gives voice to their feelings of inadequacy and regret as they struggle to make a home for their children. Fallen Angels examines the sex trade from a vantage point not often considered, and produces a deeply personal and compassionate portrait of an epidemic that has reshaped an entire region of the world.

Directed by: Alyona Simikina

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14 Comments / User Reviews

  1. F

    Did anyone find out how to help them??? I want to help but don't know how..

    1. Rita Deuber

      What happened to the children from the documentary where are they now? 2019

  2. Frank

    The same thing went on at nearby Subic Bay naval base and probably on a much larger scale due to the large amount of U.S. military that were stationed there. It is pathetic that a so called man will turn his back on his own child.

  3. Rika

    The social consequences of entire generations of children growing up in this situation are dire. We already know the devastating emotional and psychological damage that parent abandonment does to a child; the ability to achieve healthy and productive lives is severely impaired. Entire societies filled with forgotten children will always attract the moneyed bottom-feeders of the world who have nothing better to do than travel around exploiting the vulnerable. How can a place like this ever meet the needs of its people? I'm not even sure there is a law in existence that fits this crime. It's a shameful chapter in human history.

  4. oracle

    Look at all these bleeding hearts...without the tourist dollar..country goes under...just like thailand....those lazy kunts know exactly what there doing...bar girls are good for one thing...THATS IT....END OF....supply and demand....they take a punt on the farang...thats there problem not his....take a pill...abortion....use a rubber...otherwise deal with it and move on...lifes a bitch..then you marry one LOL

  5. gwen watts

    How do get in contact with Pia and John John ?

    1. A. Erasmus

      I'd like to know how to get in contact with them as well. Please let me know if you found out.

  6. Sal

    Watching incidences like this happening around the world is truly heartbreaking. I'm ashamed of the lack of support coming towards the government or whoever controls the land. I can not blame a certain group, but there are links. I'm sure every girl on the street who ( would have) had a decent income and job wouldn't commit such acts, but it's hard because they cannot provide for themselves nor their family members unless they continue. On the other hand the men of these children should be supporting them..what a disgrace. At the end of the day, we should truly be thankful and grateful in whatever circumstances we are in because there always is another individual having it worse than we are. Deep down I hope situations will get easier for them.

  7. Aj Digs

    Nice hotel... Is it the rich cultural history of Angeles city ?

    When will these women be afforded dignity and the benefits from organizing their trade?
    How many businesses, restaurants, etc., plus all they employ in Angeles city, are (figuratively) riding on these girls backs?

    Their community leaders are the owners of these establishments and its off shoot industries... every level of which forms the foundation of the police's "milk money".

    The church welcomes and praises financial offerings from those who escape judgement because their "morals" allow them to earn from this trade indirectly. The Catholic church, with its authority, views the trade not unlike Santa Clause. Technically, the trade doesn't exist... It is a sin. So abortions and other health issues which aids empowerment are also non existent.

    The layers of Angeles's golden eggs are instead supported with a surplus of judgement which has a trade in value of discounted sympathy.
    These women, and their dependents, deserve self empowerment in their own trade ... which will not come at a cost to anybody else.

  8. Bdoon

    Their own government won't take care of them. Anyone with a minor should be executed or at least castrated. I can only afford to sponsor one child on what used to be called Christian Children s' Fund. There are so many millions. With DNA today we should be able to match paternity but who cares enough to do this. "Feed the rich to the poor until there are no rich no more"

  9. Merino

    The ''men'' who take advantage of these girls are for the most part mor*n's they know it's illegal in there Country's to have sex with a minor so they choose to have a ''vacation'' how low can you get I'll be sixty in a few weeks and never would i do such a crime.

    But I would be willing to sponsor one of these girls on a monthly basis from Canada

  10. Maria

    Before it were the American soldiers who were using that sex industry there and bringing lots of kids in the world.
    Due to base closing lots of jobs were lost and stores and beauty shops closing. The poverty got worse and now it are men from all over the world just like in so many other countries.
    And due to the Catholic Church with their stories of not using the pills or condoms so sexually disease are rampant too.

  11. Donna M Crane

    This is so heartbreaking. Poor girls, poor children.

  12. Sharon Azar

    its all very sad...including the dog tied around his neck to a post...