Banking on Heaven
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Banking on Heaven

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Banking on HeavenPolygamy in the heartland of the American West. Banking on Heaven is the inside story of the largest polygamous enclave in the United States, written, produced, and narrated by Laurie Allen, who escaped a similar polygamous sect.

Banking on Heaven reveals what happens behind closed doors in the FLDS, including the YFZ Ranch in Texas. Banking on Heaven reveals the corruption, the legislatures failure to help, the Mormon Church's role, and the plight of innocent members of the FLDS polygamous sect.

Banking on Heaven is the deep story behind the headlines. While politicians brag about liberating the women and children of Afghanistan and Iraq, Banking on Heaven asks who is going to liberate the women and children of Colorado City, Arizona.

Directed by: Dot Reidelbach

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6 years ago

How is everyone watching this? I only see a preview

11 years ago

This is so biased!!! Leave them alone and their wont be a Jones massacre!! You know how many BLACK women are having children for welfare??? They outnumber these polygamist fools a million fold!! I'm sick of WHITE,and BLACK trash living off of me,but I also understand that their are ppl that worked their whole life,and lost their job,cause of our crooked government.These ppl need welfare,it's the ones living down the road from me in their free houses,and free food,and free new clothes,and drive brand new cars,and dont ,and never have had a job!! Leave these ppl alone and go after the real welfare scammers!!!

11 years ago

Listen to these state officials!!! They're ten times more crooked than any polygamist group!!! I really HATE them HYPOCRITE a**holes!!!

11 years ago

Americans claim to be leading the world in the War on Terror, yet in their very own back yards, hundreds upon hundreds of civilians are being terrorized into compliance to the most grueling demands and conditions by the most cruel tryants one can imagine.

12 years ago

wiseatheist has a point. Every type of social organsation has had its critics, that is one way humans move on. The malcontents being catylysts for change as corruption weakens the grip of those in power.

We need the journey not the destination.

But we need to be going somewhere.

Well, there is a practical, yet hopeful way. A long term jouney with short term destinations that we may get to but will not entrap us.

Follow the road signs written by science and reason.

Onward! Forget those philosophers endlessly babbling by the roadside: Onward! Let the light of reason guide you on the pioneering paths of science. Onward! Let romance and reason be partners, not enemies as before.

"Brave new world!" Stretford! (through genetic engerneering not robots). Fictional nightmares that science and reason could transform into Utopian ideals. If any doubt that, that doubt could, hopefully, be lovingly and scientifically removed in the future.

There is a lot to discuss. For example how to sublimate corruptive tendencies? So let's talk whilst we're travelling.

Happy days are here again?

Not quite!

But a happy day could be on its way.

Hail science!

Maybe God is a scientist.

12 years ago

Another reason why human society must abolish all religion and start living using science and reason and rationale as their guide.

For those of you who ridicule polygamy, please first ridicule husbands who have 10 girlfriends,in secret. At least the ones who take the responsibility of marrying their girlfriends must be applauded for their courage and honesty, rather than being ridiculed. And ridicule the backward laws that prevent taking up more than one spouse, considering such an act to be criminal, while taking up dozens of girlfriends is considered ok and acceptable. Surely there is a flaw in this logic.

For those of you who claim to be adherents of the Bible, your own prophets practiced polygamy, starting with Abraham. And rape of children and women is rampant in the "holy" book.

There is no hope for humanity as long as we continue to follow violet ancient Bedouin religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all of whom claim Abraham to be their "father".

Humanity needs a wake up call. Everyone should read Richard Dawkins and Chritopher Hitchens books.

12 years ago

That was a total eye opener, I felt so bad for Ruth, she is a very strong woman. I sincerely hope that one day there will be a time when the women and children can be free from this type of thing.

12 years ago

Ruth and her brother are amazing. This documentary is terrifying and yet Ruth is so resilient and inspirational.

sonny corbi
12 years ago

Rachel not only do people ruin religion but they are also the ones who invent it.

12 years ago

Apple owners are allowed to marry as many computers as they want. Truly an evil, evil cult. The Profit Jobs should be feared!

12 years ago

not all religion is evil. It becomes evil when people use it in the name of their evil doings. they are the ones who give religion a bad name. but religion itself can be good. it is people who ruin it.

12 years ago

This is a prime example of how religion stews ignorance and ridiculous ideas about the role of men and women in society.

Religion is an evil concept. All of them.

sonny corbi
12 years ago

at first my gut feeling was they need to put those men away for a long long time!! As time goes on after watching this thing i realized this is a belief system and the men as well as the woman are brain washed!!!! That's not to say these people should be forgiven for their ignorence! All religons are senthetic, WITH A SOLID FOUNDATION BUILT UPON IGNORIENCE AND FEAR!! the fact that i cast a shadow is all the verification i need. I myself have full faith in a balancing force, the moment i first felt LOVE is when i REALIZED GOD. I am not sure about this but i don't beleave that we will be allowed to stay here under false pretenses. Please forgive my speeling, i need spell check! As my oldest daughter once said, "who made webster the boss"

12 years ago


Why do you have an iPad? It has 1/3 the processing ability of a netbook, half the battery life, and nowhere near the memory capability.

Plus Netbooks can do almost anything a regular computer can - it's also cheaper than an iPad.

I don't get why people settle for lesser technology for more money. It baffles me, this Apple cult.

mr aloplop
12 years ago

evil cowards

12 years ago

This documentary makes me incredibly frustrated. The men don't see anything wrong with what they are doing while the women have complete faith in the men and their bogus Prophet, believing they're the ones who have sinned and have been bad when their rights are being robbed from them.

Shows how stupid/easily brainwashed humans can be, contrary to how intelligent we think we are. All you have to do is isolate the brain from external information and manipulation will be so simple.

It is so frustrating because these people don't realize it and neither can they be blamed for it. And nothing concrete is being done to help.

12 years ago


Please upgrade to a usefull netbook!

12 years ago

The worse part about this documentary is the fact that everyone kept calling the husbands Men..
They are not men, If they were real men they would not treat there wives and children that way.
And i agree that it will never stop as long as the states that they live in don't uphold the laws to protect the women and children from it.

Linda McGuigan
12 years ago

I was very disturbed by this documentary.
This is happening in America today what is the goverment going to do about it. The women and children being abused in the name of god, come on even the mormon's have stopped this practice. I live in Scotland and I am going to e-mail our prime minister to see if there is anything that can be done to help these women and thier children escape this narsasist living off of thier welfare stamp's in my country this is called fraud as for the F B I they must know where he is,I hope that these abused people find someone to help.

these view's are my own

Linda ;-(

Cliff T
12 years ago

That would be Apple who dislikes Flash. You'll have to deal with that for now as these vids are hosted elsewhere, they are just embedded here for convenience.

12 years ago

I can't view these on my iPad. Please update them to html5

12 years ago

Im pretty sure there was a big raid in Texas where they used DNA to prove sexual activity with minors. A few people went to jail and then all the families moved back to the ranch.

Don't blame law enforcement for these atrocities.

Its hard to pass a law to take a child away from their mother when all you can prove is that she goes to church every sunday and is on food stamps.

12 years ago

Disturbing to know of such terrible control. Seems odd that the governments allow this to continue, making nonsense excuses and hollow conversation. Blatantly fishy.

I very much like Ruth. I admire her courage, strength of mind and resilient character.