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How are we to process the ultimate impact of Bernie Sanders in the age of President Donald Trump? Though he failed to clinch the Democratic nomination, he created an impassioned movement like few we've witnessed in modern political history. The documentary BERN examines the aspects of his ideology that resounded most with the American people, and how these ideals have defined him throughout his career.

Assorted media clips portray Sanders as a true maverick on the political stage; unafraid to speak truth to power or even rebel against the status quo of his own party. For example, he spoke out against the 1994 crime bill proposed by then President Clinton, which he viewed as an immoral ploy to incarcerate greater numbers of the disadvantaged population. This would later come to represent a key contrast between himself and Hillary Clinton during the presidential race.

Sanders' ire against the growing wealth divide constituted perhaps his most meaningful contribution to the national dialogue. He repeatedly rallied against tax breaks for the super rich at the expense of the lower and middle classes, and denounced politicians who had become the puppets of wealthy special interest groups.

The film plays like a greatest hits compilation of these and many other causes which were near and dear to Sanders' heart. It races through a series of early career highlights with great velocity until it eventually settles in to his impactful presidential bid. Whether battling Hillary Clinton on a debate stage, or blaring misgivings about then candidate Trump in various television interviews, Sanders' message was uncommonly consistent for a career politician. In many respects, he remained a 60's radical at heart, and this spirit proved particularly infectious for the youngest voters who were eager for change and willing to approach the notion of Democratic socialism from a fresh perspective.

BERN could prove tiring and repetitive for those who feel drained in the aftermath of a vicious campaign season. But it's a potent reminder of a movement that mattered to many, and it could serve as a motivation for these viewers to continue Sanders' message into the next election cycle and beyond.

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Younes Arbib
2 years ago

Friends on Facebook:
Let us be honest, ...!
Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Donald Trump. Republicans, Democrats. The donkey and or a elephant, all of them are just a two-faced coin. There is simply no difference between the two flags.
The elections, US elections, European elections, just all elections are just a pornographic, erotic Striptease show on the theatrical stage. The politicians are just actors, the voters are the blind viewers, the deaf listeners and the dumb followers.
The real directors and decision makers are behind the scenes.

2 years ago

You loonies. Socialism policies working in 90% of the world. Every country of Europe has strong socialism policies. And same scary socialism is in its apex in scandinavian countries. Solidarity and good life standards for everybody.

3 years ago

If Vice produced it, it was going to be pro Bernie, but I watched it anyway.
Here is my question to the young socialists: 100 million people died believing in the promises of socialism, what makes you think this time is different?
Marx outlined the vices of capitalism, I give you that, but he never, let me repeat, he never proposed a pathway to progress, an economic revolution that will bring the desired prosperity.
The socialist revolutions were a path to power but not for the people, but for a new oligarchy: the members of the party. They enjoyed the best jobs, as long as they supported the leader in all his fallacies, even to killing people for the mere fact of recognizing the West (Mao's purge, K'mer Rouge)...ask any Venezuelan right now if all the expropriation, price control. nationalization has brought any advancement in their cause, it is futile, socialism has brought misery every time it has been tried.
Now I support capitalism despite its faults because is the only way to bring real economic progress. The rate of poverty is down, and though there is work to do, we can control it, modify it, regulated, adjust it to our needs. To that end we must direct our efforts.
Young socialists are are the fresh class of useful idiots Stalin was proud of.

Jon Jonzz
3 years ago

Bernie. A tired old man, trying to sell a tired old philosophy that murdered millions.

3 years ago

We already have socialism and it IS for the corporations. Study history and economics before repeating what your daddy told you.

4 years ago

The idea that Wealth Redistribution enforced and operated by the state, being a necessary evil caused by the rich, is a falsehood, and Socialist propaganda by those who know that it is a lie. The idea that there is only a pie plate of money in the world or a country and that it needs to be divided up better is also a falsehood, a lie.

In today's world every time someone borrows money to by a house, they have created money. If it is a new house, that money has a new asset associated with it, not causing a dilution of the money. On the gold standard, when a miner finds more gold, it increases the money supply. Same for mining bitcoins. Clearly debt based economies not creating enough new assets, which could be manufactured products, are diluting the money supply via debt based money creation. One of the favorite methods the banksters steal and accumulate the wealth from the people.

A strong state IS the problem, Not the solution. Always has been always will be. A strong state will never take from the truly rich who put them in power. Nor can they due to all their legalized tax haven schemes. Congress is filled with the minions of the rich who put them there. So how is that strong state of @Bluejules going to redistribute wealth?

When the semi rich get depleted or move in short order, it will be the almost poor who are confiscated (stolen) from via Tyrannical over taxation. THAT is the history of true Socialism. And if you actually looked at who is defined as rich, even in the usa, by the taxing authorities, you will find that to be true. The income level keeps dropping to where the people you would never consider as rich, the govt defines as rich for tax purposes.

That is exactly why the usa came to be in the first place. To shed the tyranny of a strong state. That is what the Constitution was all about, to protect the people from a strong state, to limit govt. Unfortunately the lazy people let their rights disappear at the hands of the Socialist/Globalists strong state proponents by being lazy.

If not for world reserve currency status the incrementally increasingly socialist usa would have gone belly up long ago, like any of the so called socialist nations which borrowed and spent too much. Greece, with many Euro nations on the brink, not to mention some of the South American countries. China is having a rough time at redistribution as well, having done it for too long. They too are in debt up to their eyeballs.

Eventually a country will find no one to lend it more. Then it goes after any money they can find, typically what little the almost poor have left. Then when everyone is poor, they tire of that never improving and have a revolution. The legacy of full Socialism is brutal theft and massive death. Mao, Stalin, Lenin, etc.

Why is it that the Socialist promoters can never see the consequences of their historically proven failed ideas? Because it is THEY who are GREEDY for power and for other people's money and manage to convince an unthinking population, via govt school indoctrination that capitalism is evil, when it is corporatism hand in glove with Socialism that is evil. Corporatism is NOT Capitalism. Corporatism is Fascism. The Socialist propagandists can never tell you the truth about Socialism and Capitalism or they would never succeed.

Capitalism is just the ability to trade freely with each other without interference from others, especially govt. Clearly that ideal has long been gone in the usa.

That is precisely how the usa became the once great nation it was. Set the people free to do what is in THEIR best interests, not the so called elite who buy influence and power and otherwise control most any type of govt, typically through govt DEBT, i.e. the banksters are the semi-visible powers that be.

It is always the weak minded, who like free stuff, and think not ahead to the strings attached, nor the consequences of how that "free stuff" is obtained and provided, nor for others and the nation as a whole.

It is NOT necessary to Borrow money from a bank NOR to get a strong state to take(steal) from someone else to give to you. Asian families pool their money to assist one of the younger adults to purchase or start a business. They have done this for many decades. Why not others? There is the GoFundMe type websites. There is working and saving up until you can buy something for cash. It is the Greedy, "I want it now generations", who think Socialism wealth distribution is necessary to get what they want.

They say there are no jobs? How about creating one instead of crying that there are none? Rather than dope booze parties video games junk food, etc. You and your friends could pool your few dollars to buy a used lawn mower and make money mowing lawns. I know some well off lawn maintenance people who started out with a used lawn mower. If you don't like work, move to some other country that wants to buy your lazy vote... oh yeah that's the usa, if you are not a citizen already.

If you don't want to be valuable to others, you reap what you sow... until you can convince a majority to have the govt steal for you. That is criminal and you belong in jail ... where the rest of the Socialists belong.

4 years ago

Socialism can be tough too, its not always about increasing spending on the undeserving and unproductive poor. Its can also be about redistributing wealth in a society that has allowed networks of the very wealthy to develop; some of which are undeserving and unproductive. Of course! It would be much better if a state was not required to initiate this redistribution, it would be better initiated voluntarily by many who have benefited from the recent tax breaks they have received. Investment in their own people.

The Banker Elites you talk about, what else other than a strong state can force these to relinquish their influence, the same strong state that bailed them out. The hand that giveth can also take away.

You talk of faith in markets to solve medical issues. You are correct about the existence of crony capitalism; the government was wrong to allow the insurance companies to have too much involvement in the creation of Obama Care. Governments can ossify into nepotistic self serving autocracies, at least the people get the chance to vote them out. Democracy is a vital component; be it socialist or market liberal.

Trump could be the best thing that has ever happened to the American socialist movement; it just needs a younger more vital and fresh face that Bernie Sanders. It could also keep some of Trumps nationalism.

Lets just watch where the money is spent.

5 years ago

Did this docu cover Bernie's knowledge and/or involvement with his wife's shenanigans with the large amount of money from her failed college BS? Unlikely, but the video is unavailable, for me at least.

Oh yes, Socialism is fantastic for those who like others to pay for their stuff ...right up until the money runs out; and it ALWAYS does run out eventually. It takes awhile. Kind of like the wings being ripped off of the airplane you are in. Looking out the window things look fine right up until you crash. Western countries in Europe have been in bad shape and getting worse because of going into debt to keep buying the Socialist vote. That is precisely why the US Stock market is rising so high, FOREIGNERS moving their money to the USA. Not that the usa economy is on fire, which it isn't. The Euro is falling and eventually could go to zip, precisely due to Socialism. That is the reason for their moving to USA assets.

The Constitution and Socialism are incompatible. If you disagree with The Constitution, leave the USA and move to your Socialist utopia, where ever that is. PLease! Why is it that all the miserable Socialist-Communists want to ruin this country too? Why not just leave and be happy?! Bunch of chicken littles with all sorts of excuses. It is the same for any game, if you don't like the rules to chess, do you work to overthrow the chess association? Or do you find a different game to play? If you don't like the rules ot Basketball do you tell the ref to piss off, carry the ball out of bounds while you grab a ladder to dunk it? How would that work out? No. All these miserable Socialists want to ruin everywhere, including here, run it into the ground like Europe. Which of course has been the bankster elite (Rockefeller, et al) propagandists plan from the beginning, to run the USA into the ground. Now they have plenty of useful idiots, as Lenin called them, to cause their own demise, or that of their children, make them suffer the horrors they caused.

If you think health insurance is high, go to a direct health cooperative. Example would be like Atlas MD in Wichita. The Dr. founder of that has helped others found them elsewhere, about 600. If there isn't one near you. Get off your butt and see to it yourself. I would imagine he would help if you found some interested doctors who are sick of dealing with Govt and insurance companies. One of the least expensive direct cut out the middle men way to go. Unless of course you can get the govt to steal from someone else to pay for your health care.

The ignorance pounded into the young and old alike via the socialist govt schools and socialist corpro govt media complex is truly sad. Nothing wrong with having a safety net. We had one, more than enough, which too many free loaders were taking advantage of. Instead of fixing that, the Socialist However, Socialism is inherently corrupt method of eliminating competition in favor of the govt crony suppliers, for everything. The will simply outlaw you if you decide you are sick of bad service or bad prices and decide to compete. "We already have a health care system." "We already have an energy utility." That is how the oil companies, banks, health insurance companies, and the rest of the big boys get rid of the competition. By getting their cronies in govt to do it for them via socialism. This is why some of the largest insurance companies supported obamacare. They saw it as a way to put even more money in their pockets by letting the old folks die. And they tell you the exact opposite, that the Republicans want to kill your grandma.

Rather than being EMOTIONAL, why not just read the rules. Obamacare which was designed to fail. The rules of XX country's socialist plan. And a good direct health cooperative plan. Every wonderful Socialist plan has people coming to the usa for surgery who cannot afford to wait like their govt dictates. Yes, their govt prefers them to die. Estate taxes, less govt burden. Those Socialist are so caring...

Most people from another country are treated well by the Socialist health care system you are visiting. If not, word would get out and it would affect tourism. Many tourists are older folks who can afford it but realize they may need healthcare on a trip. Yet the locals have to go to a place like the usa to get surgery when they need it instead of waiting in line in their own wonderful health care system.

Socialist propaganda simply is the same as a computer, emotional garbage in = emotional garbage out. Too emotionalized to realize you are being duped into selling your vote for supposedly free stuff, which is never free. Somebody pays. But the weasels of the world think it fine to get the govt to steal for them.

What are those making minimum wage supposed to do? They must like it, so what is the problem? Otherwise they would gather together with their fellow burger flippers and start their own much better, cheaper, higher quality burger joint that people would flock to and reap those rewards. Oh no, can't do that. Been to the govt indoctrination center which teaches Socialism and that somebody rich owes you.

If one were to follow the law, it seems the Socialist propagandists and those installing socialist professors in universities should be tossed in jail for treason. It seems the only way to stop the downfall of the once great usa.

6 years ago

I was/am a Bernie Supporter. Should Bernie run in 2020, I will work for him again. I was born in 1952, when my father was a draftsman for TRW. He belonged to a union as all did back then. He worked 40 hours a week, was provided healthcare and pre-existing conditions didn't matter. His company invested in their employees and the employees stayed with the company until retirement. Schools were great. Though we went to Catholic schools, the public school I would have attended had a 100% graduation rate with 98% going to college. Mind you, this was a lower middle class neighborhood in the suburbs of Cleveland, OH. My father's salary allowed our family to go on a two week vacation and many long weekend vacations. We didn't have a lot, but we didn't do without. Salaries kept up with the cost of living. I was able to put myself through college with jobs that paid $1.65 and hour. I graduated with honors and loan-free by working since the age of 15 and throughout college. My mom was a democrat and my dad was a republican. Neither would tell anyone to which party they belonged, but I figured it out by their personality! My parents voted religiously and when I turned 21, I started my long road to political activism and voting in EVERY election. I no longer vote for anyone taking corporate money. I believe healthcare is a right - it's what I was brought up with! I believe in great public schools not vouchers. If you were brought up in the 50's you know what I'm talking about. Democratic Socialism is a great way to live. I'm so glad I didn't vote for Hillary as I would have been responsible for putting Trump in the White House. Now that Trump is in the White House, people are finally fighting for what they want. Fill those town halls, make your representatives and senators accountable to YOU. If they don't represent you, throw them out the next election. Let them know they work for YOU and not the corporations. There is NO difference between the democrats and republicans, they both work for the corporations and their money. Bernie is the only senator who eats lunch alone - the other senators eat lunch with their money hungry lobbyists. Stop voting for anyone who takes corporate money, no matter how local the position is. Get your butt to a town hall, make some difference. Be the change, Live the change.

Leslie Johnson
6 years ago

I just watched this, and am still crying. I was born in the forties into a white family that was Republican. I have watched Eisenhower over the years warn against the military-industrial complex. I am also educated (math teacher as well as an RN) and lived in Germany in the 70's for 6 years. When I first arrived there, I saw that "they" were Social Democrats. In the 20's, here in the states, there was a lot of negative press concerning Socialism and Communism and, of course, I had heard/read about that so when I heard 'Social Democrats', I went "oh, wow"......but after learning German, primarily from a wonderful woman in this village of maybe 200 people, I got a job with the German Red Cross as an RN on their bloodmobile, and, boy, did I learn a lot.

Nonetheless, the anti-Communism, anti-Socialisam rhetoric persists to this day.

Just an aside, this Bloodmobile went to cities/towns every 3 months to get blood donations. The towns would have town dinner get-togethers afterwards to honor the blood donees. Our daily donations ranged from 50-300 and we went to the same towns every 3 months knowing ahead of time the anticipated number, depending on the size of the town. Can you imagine that here in the states? Especially on an every 3 months you can donate schedule? The Germans donated regular as clockwork.

During that time with the Red Cross, I got the flu and I had to go to a doctor to get 'written up sick'....and he wrote me up sick, and said I needed 2 weeks off. I was blown away because, in the States, the day you can crawl out of bed after being sick, is the day that you go back to work.....and as an RN, let me tell you, the hospital will welcome you back (actually beg you to come in even if you are sick because they were 'short' staffed). When I went back to work in Germany, I finally felt good.

It was quite an eye-opener for me as, after going to work in a US Army Hospital in Germany (for $5.25/hr, and this was in the 70's). I got mononucleosis 2 months after starting work there. I had accrued 2 days sick leave, one for each month worked. With mono, I was wiped out physically, so took a 3rd day off without pay and returned to work, still quite tired, in the ICU, where on night shifts I was also the hospital Supervisor (and I got a lot of night shifts being a civilian nurse working in an Army Hospital, BTW). My blood work did not come back 'normal' for 2 months.

Another time, I broke my ankle and was put in a walking cast in the morning so I could report for work in the ICU at 3pm. My cast was still wet. Sure, I survived....but when I shared this story with my German co-workers at the Blood Bank, they were shocked. Had I been working for them then, I would have been off until healed or was well again.

Know what else? Working for the Germans, I got an extra 50 marks/month because I a 2 year old daughter and the rule was an extra 50 marks/month for each child. I have never been one who tries to figure out how to "get over" on anything, but I was struck by the civilized nature of their country...a civilized nature that is definitely missing here. I wasn't even 'political' back then....but I was also not so stupid to have not noticed the quality of life there as opposed to what we have here in the States....and this was back in the 70's, like I said. Not only that, the two week vacation we get here? It increased in Germany gradually up to 6 weeks per year by the time one was reaching retirement age. I was stunned and never again thought that Social Democracy was a "bad thing". Like Bernie said, we're the only industrialized country that does not have universal health care.

All that said, I have long since not bought into the "horror" of Socialism (trust me, the increase in taxes
is FAR less than what we have to pay for our self-bought health insurance here...and the insurance companies here are the the ones who determine whether you can 'have' the health care your doctor recommends. Our insurance companies DO deny coverage. I have Medicare, and my coverage has NEVER been denied....saying that 'we can't have the Government telling us whether it will cover this or that medical condition' is just plain BS directed to an uninformed populace which has been conditioned to believe that the systems we have here in the US are simply the best and "Socialized Medicine" must be evil. It is not. And Bernie is correct on this. We are the only industrialized country that does not have Universal Health Care. Now I'd like to get you really fired up in case you didn't know. Our Congresspeople are very well paid compared to us. They have full medical coverage and after they leave Congress, they have an exceptional retirement income as well as full health care benefits.

Now my anger will rage: Who the F*&^ do they think they are to decide what kind of healthcare coverage we, the working people get to have while they spend a HUGE amount of our tax money waging war in the Middle East against countries who never attacked us, for their oil presumably.

You're asking...never attacked us???? What about 9/11????? Yes, what about 9/11....

I'm going to stop here for a moment. I am a regular working mom in the the US. I never made a large amount of money/year. Twice I hit 42K for the year. As a Supervisor for a Home Health Co., I made 35K/yr in the 90's, with a staff of 25 nurses and aides and a patient population of 100. My professions were nursing and teaching math. Neither were high paying jobs in those times....nursing has gotten much better today. Teacher friends I had eventually got to 50K/yr after teaching their whole careers. I got my Math Ed degree when I was 40 yrs old. My first year salary (and I was a single mom with 2 kids) was $19,001.00). It would increase by 1K/year thereafter (hmmm...this is kind of a testimony of how I have followed my heart instead of money).

I'm sharing all this because I was/am an avid supporter and a volunteer in Bernie's campaign.... A Social Democracy is a good thing because it really is a government for, of and by the people. Our government, today, is not for, of or by "us". It is one run for, of and by Corporate Profits.....and those profits are obtained, to one degree or another, by the outsourcing of US jobs, whereby the labor costs to US companies are greatly reduced. And, with our 'low wages' we can afford to buy cheap goods made overseas. Oh boy.

So. I've digressed. 9/11....WHY do I believe I know so much about 9/11??? Because I had a lot of time on my hands to research it and most of the working population of this country didn't....most of the working population was just trying to make ends meet and entertain themselves when they weren't working.

And why did I have so much time on my hands? Because my daughter was murdered in 1999 in Yosemite (remember those murders of 4?). My daughter was the 4th victim. Was I crazy after that? Well, duh. But I didn't "quit" the world. Matter of fact, I eventually went to China to teach English. And know what? The only sad observation I had regarding China, was the immense air pollution due, most likely, to their using coal in their homes for cooking and heating and whatever else. Yes, the air pollution there is really bad and you can see people in cities wearing surgical masks while walking down the streets. Are the Chinese just about the most polite and hospitable people I have met? Yes. Did I get the feeling that Communism was something horrible? Absolutely not. The students at the university where I taught, were either majoring in a subject that they hoped would enable them to earn a good income, or, they were members of the Communist Party because they wanted to work in government. Could I tell the difference? No. Did the people living in the rural communities around this university seem to be living okay? Yes. Did I hear complaints about their government, like I can hear them hear in the US against ours? No. Do they have complaints? Maybe, probably. Are they as mad as we are with ours? Or as nasty among themselves as we are? No.

OK. Back to 9/11. I'm not punching a clock, I'm pissed about the vote in Florida (BTW, I officially dropped the GOP after that election and registered as a Democrat.....I was all about Gore as my daughter was an outdoor educator and an environmentalist. I'm starting to pay attention...and the only reason I can, is because I am not working 40+hours/week for a barely livable salary while raising kids as a single mom and one of the dad's is a deadbeat. Just saying, not complaining.

These are my beliefs after watching too many videos and reports. We were either complicit in the destruction of the World Trade Towers ( there were 3 towers that collapsed that day and I have met people, as recently as one month ago, that are unaware that a 3rd tower collapsed that day), or we were tacitly (quietly) complicit in their destruction by simply allowing it to happen (like we did when Pearl Harbor was attacked) maybe not scrambling our military aircraft to intercept these highjacked planes? There is no way in Hell that office fires brought those towers down. There is a skyscraper (sh*t, somewhere, I can't remember right now) that burned for 26 hours without collapsing. Yet we are told that the burning jet fuel brought the towers down in free fall speed, in under an hour or so, exactly how buildings wired for controlled demolition fall and the third tower (#7) came down later that day without being hit by an airplane. That was after Silverstein said "we had to pull it" which is the exact verbiage used when bringing down a building by controlled demolition. The next day, a killing was made on Wall St. because of the options put on the airline companies. Lucky guesses? No. People knew.

America, I so want you/all of us to wake up. I know, by in large, why we don't. It's not by desire to remain ignorant and trust our government. It's because the majority of us are working hard just to get by or to earn a little extra so we can find some time to enjoy some fruits of our labor. Some of us get a lot more fruit than others, but that's not the main issue. The issue is working your ass off and barely getting by. We all need to demand our government works for us, not corporate profits. It's constitutionally mandated. We know it's not working for "us"'s working for someone, somewhere, and there are many of us who know that it is the corporate elite.....

Both of our establishment political parties are the status quo. In this past election, Bernie was the only opposition candidate. Many of us were clueless of the merits of a Progressive agenda, even less so on
Social Democracy. The real popular candidates were not part of the 'establishment' and the best one was Bernie, the Social Democrat (which seemed to 'freak' a lot of people out).

Social Democracy is not a cuss word. Socialism is not an evil convention for the success of the is geared toward the success of the population at large. Study this. Research it. For decades we have been Sheeple, believing what we have been told. I've just said, "research it"....yeah, in your spare time...which many of you don't have. I get it. They have us by the balls. I don't have balls and I haven't been punching a clock since my daughters' murder. But I do have time. And I research. And my research is as good as I can find. It may not be 100%, but I am dying trying.

My next goal is to be active in anti-war protests. I was around in the 60's protesting the war in Viet Nam. There are many things today for us to 'fight' for and I've come to the conclusion that anti-war protesting would be the most comprehensive (saving lives, cities, countries and the environment) fight to join as we started the wars in the Middle East. THAT is the reason they may hate us, certainly not Bush's reason that "they hate us for our freedom". I don't own a gun, nor do I want one.....but if a big, fat country attacked us on bogus reasons would I want to fight back? Well sure I would.

Today I can say that I have marched with "Black Lives Matter" in Raleigh, NC. I joined the NAACP, Vets for Peace and the Jewish Voice for Peace, and plan to join the Peace group in the town I have just moved to....All the while lamenting what real change could have looked like had Bernie not been pushed out of the running (closed polls, voter purges, Californian's not be well informed about asking for a ballot that had his name on it, the DNC being biased,....etc.)

My favorite bumper sticker from Key West Florida:

we are all equal members of

P.S. I officially changed my party affiliation after the Florida 2000 election. You guys do know that Bush also lost the popular vote back than as well. I think we need to get rid of the Electoral College for real. Twice now, in 16 years, we've gotten sh*theads for president.

6 years ago

Superb presentation! Gave me chills; Incredible to think of what could have been..

Just listen
6 years ago

Look, I realize the black live matter movement is not a bad thing by any means, but sticking like 15-20 minutes of it in the middle of this documentary that is about BERNIE, makes no sense. You didn't even show him for 15-20min.... I realize the person who made this doc may be black and passionate about it, but even then why not just take that part out and make it into a "mini documentary"? It really detracts from the main focus of what I assumed—by the title—was the focus of this documentary: Bernie.

6 years ago

Robin Hood didn't have a quote or any comments of his own only a complaint that others
didn't have one either, thanks for the chuckle

I still think its a good joke
6 years ago

Just quotes from others. Doesn't anyone any thoughts/comments/quotes of their own?
~Robin Hood

Robin Hood
6 years ago

Just quotes from others. Doesn't anyone any thoughts/comments/quotes of their own?

6 years ago

We are in a prison of our own minds holding our own chains around us. We create our oligarchs and fight for their right to oppose us.
~Heather Marsh Binding Chaos

6 years ago

"Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither"
Ben Franklin

nunya beezwax
6 years ago

"Men will never be free until the last Democrat is strangled with the entrails of the last Communist." - Hans-Hermann Hoppe