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BiosphereAn audiovisual presentation about our planet, its people, its cities, its habitat.

The human population of our planet is steadily increasing at the rate of one million more people every four days, and the total human population is now over six thousand million!

This is quite frightening when you remember that in 1970 there were fewer than 3,500 million humans inhabiting the world.

As the human population increases, so do environmental problems of every kind. More attention is now being paid to the environment, but huge damage is still being done throughout the world. At the moment there is not enough thought for the future.

So what is the biosphere? Put simply, it's the bit on the outside of the planet, where all living things are able to exist. It includes the deepest layers of soils and ocean trenches, upwards to the highest levels of the atmosphere in which any form of life (including dormant spores, bacteria or other cells) is present.

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10 years ago

Isn't a picture worth a thousand words?

10 years ago

Boring...Just music over pretty pictures....I thought there was to be information shared... :(

11 years ago

Really enjoyed the views and amazing scenes of Earth. Certainly owes a great deal to Koyaanisqatsi as Mr Foster notes in earlier comment. Some great parts nonetheless.

11 years ago

Like a bad remake of Koyaanisqatsi.

11 years ago

Started good then just dragged on and was a bit boring.

11 years ago

Extremely beautiful. The whole point is showing earth as a timeless precious mysterious being, no normal narrative can do it justice. One of the best films I've seen.

11 years ago

good equipment, in hands of amaterus, no message was transmitted, phony

11 years ago

I used to live on JFK Boulevard, which is a very long street in New Jersey that looks across the Hudson River to Manhattan. My boyfriend, a videographer used to point out how you could see Times Square rhythmically beating light like some sort of urban heart in the midst of the iconic skyline. This doc captures that eerie feeling it caused to see that.

11 years ago

Wake me up when its over.....

11 years ago

MK ultra hypnosis in the middle of the video...

11 years ago

...nice imagery, but too many time-lapse urban scenes... One might think after viewing this doc that the "biosphere" is predominately human - and it's not.

11 years ago

That many people and the rabid right is trying to take away birth control. Maybe they really do want us to die quickly.

11 years ago

Experiments are only failures when you don't learn anything from them.

11 years ago

I guess this is the ‘new’ biosphere; the man-made biosphere.

Man doesn’t get it, with all of the scientific evidence to the contrary he still thinks he is the center of the universe; that he can create this little piece of heaven anywhere he wants and can survive comfortably…forever. Every species on this planet has a purpose that affects every other species in its ecosystem. Dust mites, flies and dung beetles provide essential services that ‘greater’ species take for granted and cannot do without.

Instead of trying to create mini-biospheres to use when man has to evacuate this planet, why don’t we fix the one we have…it works.

11 years ago

No dialogue does not mean no narrative.
Anyway, this did have some terrible dialogue -
But no narrative.

waste o' time.
Kinda made me want to nuke the planet not save it.

11 years ago

Well that was 45 mins Im never going to get back. What a waste of time that was I enjoyed the highspeed shots of the citys at the begining I was disapointed however that this had no real dialog at all

11 years ago

I really enjoyed this film. What did I get out of it? It made me appreciate the fact that I have had the unique opportunity to experience life at the pinnacle of human existence...before it all went to hell.

11 years ago

this "Biosphere" is a rip-off of a beautiful documentary call "Baraka"

11 years ago

Humans have always had the power to conquer nature. But we must not abuse that power for it would be the end of us all. -Thomas Weissenfluh

phillip wong
11 years ago

How pathetic. Not even one city is Asia. Really?

11 years ago

As a species we must start to control the unmanageable & unsustainable birth rates right across our planet! China's actions are probably slightly extreme but they have the right idea!

11 years ago

Sorry...couldn't handle the digitized echoing voice and the weird ambiance noise in the background ...didn't make it to 5 minutes into this thing before I had to turn it off...

11 years ago

i have watched 4 times and i still cant see pauly wtf were is pauly

11 years ago

The real message remains unclear, sorry

11 years ago

Six thousand million? How about 6 billion! Are you a 6 year old?

11 years ago

Oops sorry. I thought this was Bio-dome with Pauly Shore.

11 years ago

*The biosphere in Montreal, the whole inside burned in 1976, there are a few pics on line. Made it look like a ball of fire.
*The shopping scene is kind of revealing, it is consumerism that pays for space program. The money game's number one rule. BUY BUY BUY anything anywhere anytime...just BUY BUY BUY. Could write a song with this BUY BUY BUY.
*Imagine the cost of keeping all those lights on, in these city buildings. And they tell us to try to cut down on electric power usage and on water usage!!!
*The concept of noosphere is well represented by Tibetan flags, "prayer (which i think is a wrong translation of Sutra not meaning prayers) flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom".
*Where is that luminous talking wall? Somewhere French i think? anyone knows? Paris or Montreal?
*Surprised there are no shots of Biosphere II in Arizona.
Well done, good sound track too.

11 years ago

Pure propaganda

11 years ago

Yeah, nice ambient soundtrack + beautiful photography does not a documentary make.

Regards, Sam.

11 years ago

Not saying much nice pictures but little substance! Not a lot of information!