Decoding the Great Pyramid

Decoding the Great Pyramid

2019, Mystery  -   10 Comments
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The Great Pyramid of Giza is a marvel of engineering. The precision of craftsmanship that went into mounting this colossal monument continues to amaze and mystify archeologists around the world. How did the ancient Egyptians manage to haul six million tons of stone without the benefit of modern technology? Produced by the award-winning documentary series NOVA, Decoding the Great Pyramid calls upon recently unearthed documents and other research materials to outline the monumental efforts behind the construction of this wondrous structure.

Constructed 4,500 years ago, the pyramid was constructed to serve as a sacred tomb to a fallen pharaoh. Massively scaled and perfectly proportioned, the structure is the oldest of the existing Seven Wonders of the World. Remarkably, the pyramid remains largely intact after all those thousands of years.

Much folklore has grown over the existence of the pyramid. The challenge to modern archeologists is to decipher fact from fiction. Recent discoveries have led them closer to the truth than ever before.

For example, contrary to long-held opinion, the laborers were not slaves. Researchers now believe most of the labor force consisted of farmers, and they all shared a sense of national pride in their efforts. The existence of thousands of bread molds indicates that this team was well nourished during their decades of hard labor.

The film features insights from several highly skilled archeologists and Egyptologists. Collectively, they summarize various aspects of the pyramid's scarily accurate construction.

Ordered and organized by the pharaoh Khufu, the structure might have appeared typical from the outside, but its audacious design was anything but. We hear how the pyramid's flawless design begins with its perfectly leveled foundation. We learn how the space designed to house the tomb was shielded from potential disrepair, and which tools were likely employed to shape and move each hefty limestone. The uncovering of the world's oldest papyrus texts further illustrates the inner workings of this complex undertaking.

Featuring enlightening narration and stunningly realized reenactments, Decoding the Great Pyramid provides logical and well-informed answers to many of the most puzzling questions surrounding the construction and purpose of the pyramid.

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Uhtred son of Uhtred
10 months ago

Many quackaroonies in the previous comments. Reality is stranger than these 'ancient high technology' proponents give it credit for.

peruda hudson
2 years ago

the egyptians inherited the pyramids, its just good for their economy to let buffoons believe that they did build them.

Claudius Pereira
3 years ago

NOT a good documenrary !

3 years ago

My research proves that the first ritual held in the pyramid, was the rite of mithras, 64.000 years ago. (book of Enoch) But that's not the reason I write here.

What do you see? Wonderfull thing's... I see a dog (anubis) seated on a platform, raised higher at the front than the back, I see most photographers try to disguise this simple fact. For when placed beside the Sphinx, one deduces the same angle, as that which the Sphinx's gave looks below the horizon, albeit inverted. The Dog looks the same angle above the horizon as the Sphinx looks below. Strange how the water errosion follows said angle, of the sphinx's gaze below the horizon, when it should be as level as the pyramid itself.

This SUGGESTS all around the pyramid has moved. The Pyramid is NOT on earth, but a great big black square of 4 to 20 tonne slabs. Insulated. The Generator is simple. Stand at the top of a pyramid with a glass of water, in a brown paper bag. Place bagged glass of water above head, and stick finger in the water in the glass. Meet God. By running a single core of cable from top of pyramid (call it + or positive) and a single core from the negative well in base of pyramid, at least 48.000 volts will be encountered.

3 years ago

Awful outdated conjectures!

4 years ago

This is like a fairy story, full of hypothesis, conjectures and wishful thinking. Just rehash of other theories. Thousands of workers punching away with copper tools on granite, how ridiculous can one get. How is that possible. Because they don't understand or comprehend how these pyramids were built, they invent. Nothing fits.

4 years ago

the pyramids are not tombs, are far older than 4500 and not constructed in the manner thus portrayed. The reason this sort of propaganda is allowed to flourish is because a pyramid older than 4500 years would undermine the Islamic belief that the world came into being 5000 years ago, would make the history books invalid and professors teaching this rubbish would be made to look as they really are, stupid. It is telling that the main proponent of the Khufu tomb myth is none other than Zawi Hawass who is currently under investigation for stealing Egyptian antiquities. Do we really need to take seriously a person who is clearly dishonest?

4 years ago

"...Constructed 4,500 years ago, the pyramid was constructed to serve as a sacred tomb to a fallen pharaoh...."
...well, this view has been challenged for quite a while and is no longer universally accepted and so for that reason...I'm out...