The Pyramid Code

The Pyramid Code

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The Pyramid CodeThe Pyramid Code is a documentary series of 5 episodes that explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples in Egypt as well as ancient megalithic sites around the world looking for clues to matriarchal consciousness, ancient knowledge and sophisticated technology in a Golden Age.

The series is based on the extensive research done in 23 trips to Egypt and 50 other countries around the world by Dr. Carmen Boulter in the Graduate Division of Educational Research at the University of Calgary.

The Pyramid Code features interviews with prominent scholars and authors in multidisciplinary fields: geology, physics, astrophysics, archeology, biological engineering, magnetic field theory, hieroglyphics, and Egyptology.

The series explores penetrating questions: Who were the ancients and what did they know? Could the pyramids be much older than traditional Egyptology would have us believe? Could it be that the ancients were more technologically advanced than we are today? Why do we have so little understanding of the ancient Egyptians?

Are there still secrets hidden in plain sight? Do new discoveries force the issue of establishing a new chronology? Are there little known sites that provide clues to a new understanding of our distant past? Are we really the most advanced civilization to ever live on Earth?

Episodes in the playlist: 1. The Band of Peace 2. High Level Technology 3. Sacred Cosmology 4. The Empowered Human 5. A New Chronology.

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  1. Excellent, thank you!

  2. Total B.S. Naïve and uneducated interpretation(s) of Egypt...... EVER!!!!
    "The Woman is equal and even more powerful" GARBAGE!!!!!

    1. Can you provide verifiable sources to back up your claim that the documentary is inaccurate?

  3. Really really interesting documentary! Was amazed at the information they were saying. Can't fault the show whatsoever...apart from 1 small thing, the music could be turned off as I could not fully hear what they were saying. But other than that, fab show

  4. WHY chose a desert palette of muted colors for your intricate map graphics. Why challenge us so when you could use CONTRASTING colors and make our experience so much easier! Also why use a fine font in WHITE for City locations against a sandy beige background. Very user unfriendly.


    1. Video not available

  6. please remove the background music. it is difficult to understand the commentators.
    the backgorund music has no relevance to the arguments.

  7. The doc started out okay, but it got hokey in a hurry. Took on a conspiracy aire. Ended up being a waste of time. I like the way they slipped the anti capitalism message in there.

  8. A Refreshing and more truthful than what is and has been told. It is about time. Great series.

  9. A breath of fresh air. The fact that I am seeing more and more people more interested in the emergent truth, then the indoctrinated concept of reality is hope that this new era (as perceived by the Maya) may bring forth a revolution of truth and total enlightenment. I just fear the cost that must be paid to reach such a goal. Have we polluted the genetic cycles beyond repair? Have we lost our ability to restore such spirituality or understanding? What must be paid for the pure to emerge anew? what will be left if such a revolution does occur? Scariest of all, will it occur during my lifetime?

    What I miss most, I never had.

  10. This documentary is absolutely wonderful. I am so glad this information is finally getting out. I hope more documentary shows like this are created.

  11. this is too boring to carry on watching

    1. but you found it necessary to comment ...what a waste

    2. I'm glad we have comments, In thirty min. I found this to be pure guesswork and "well maybe it was this...." Boring in that it is useless. Thanks for saving my time to not finish this B.S. not science or archaelogy

  12. yeah but did they have smartphones?

    1 question - what about Radiometric dating?

    we are all parasites and always will be, but how pretentious of all of us to think we really have any kind of impact on the earth, the earth is 4.5 billion
    yrs. old, we have no more impact on it then a flea has on a dog.

    1. Unless that one flea multiplies to several hundred thousand, then it does have an impact on that dog, doesn't it?

      Now, we're talking about 7+ billion, and a species that directly impacts 40% of the net primary productivity of the planet. To think we have no impact is to be willfully ignorant.

    2. Fleas had a huge impact on humanity in the form of the bubonic plague.

  13. Simples - I is owed £350 Grand.Petrichor was my fave.The swimming pool was
    in my backgarden.The salamanders are salurians.Ami was a girl who vanished in the eighties(Her missing poster was on a bus stop by the salamanders home in the university).The secret to the pond is - "Only i know".And why should i stop the reset.The Swindon Burough Council forced me illegaly from my Timeship (caravan) Even tho I OWNED the land and not one person helped me.Start - SN33LX The pool is seen on the older googlemaps Zoom to street and it mysteriously vanishes like voodoo magic man.You still dont understand?.What has it got to do with pyramids - Triangulation.Follow the truth it will set you free....As for the river - It was the river cole.An i run dmc.

    1. LEGO is the key.But where did they go...OH MY GOODNESS They got wiped out.Did we kill the builders because they were a threat ANT/BOOT or was it just a reset.Really i dont care who pays the bill.Just get it paid (Natwest plz) an i can get you to 2034 Thats when my gnu licence runs out.After that i hope you can understand i cant stop OFCOM from digitizing ya all,Thats down to you.As for the police who stole my driving licence and birth cert and deny it.I have 2 peeps video evidence to prove the authority are basicaly LIARS.Cos you were seen taking them.Hint - RUN

    2. This is a special one.

    3. Malcom I kmow its been 7 years but please for the love of god what does this mean

  14. No bad.

  15. Thanks for sharing. It is too bad truth has been lied about for greed and power by alot of so called professionals. We are not the Most and Advance people that some/think and say we are.

  16. Knowledge as key to all answers still remains the best criteria of scholarly excellence, and by vigilent pursuit of learning, mankind learns how all pieces of the puzzle he inherits called history/legacy fit together to create the logical whole - throughout the universe, or on planet earth, and among peoples. No one truly has all the answers because no one has been able to be there at the beginning and travel through the infinity of time to the present.

    Hence, history is the only method which can be used to make sense of human life, human habits, and tradition. It is a lifelong process to be able to piece together the puzzle, each for ourselves. The alternative is simply believing what one is told, and for most, that is a paltry and weak approach to science, but a necessity for history. Mankind has little choice of reconciliation except to build a bridge between the two, if he is interested in their relative relationship, and their impact upon his life.

  17. Wow...the lack of humility and hypocrisy in some of these postings is unbelievable. As with any religous or spiritaul belief, there is the possiblity for someome to take advantage of others and try make themselves superior. Look at the Catholic church, the christain movement in the US, Islam, Judaism and you see the same things people in this thread are complaining about in regards to ancient Egyptian spiritualism. As for the people in the call them dipshits, or idiots, when I am quite certain that those making the statements here have no experience or education in matters of Archeaology or ancient beliefs, or languages would be a bit like Hitler saying Saddam Hussein was a bad guy. This documentary poses the questions..what if, we got it wrong? What if there is another explanation? Asking questions isn't wrong, but being closed minded to possibilities is.

    1. I think this documentary is actually pretty right on. It cracks me up that people get offended and call those that think outside of the box dip***** or m*rons when they themselves either have no knowledge or have gladly swallowed up everything by the mainstream. I find it very suspicious that the writings on the wall were washed away with some kind of acid after the restoration. I think the "tombs" were actually devices. Not sure for what but i suspect for healing or connecting to the higher dimensions. If you have not already check out the theory of Nassim Harramein

  18. They totally misinterpreted the Vedic concept of Yugas, which last millions, not thousands of years

  19. thanks alot for sharing...can we still think that we are the most advanced and sophisticated society on earth?how dare of us!...our ancestors had known the spirit is more than material...

  20. thanks alot for sharing...can we still believe that we are the most advanced and sophisticated society on earth?how dare of us...

  21. Well, I thought the Pyramid Code was very interesting. I intend to watch it in its entirety again. I especially liked the old guy (forgive my, his name escapes me).

    For all the folks who condemn it for lack of scientific proof, I would submit the following:
    First, the academia are also short on proof and long on theory. I haven't seen any blueprints on how we could even build this structures today with our machinery, for one thing.
    Second, history is written, and rewritten by the victors. Hell, they only chose the books for the Bible that would solidify the power of the then emerging sect of Christianity which is now the only one.
    Thirdly, while the subversion of the Divine Feminine was indeed a dismal setback, we must also take some responsibility for our current position. We need to begin to stick together instead of competing and stabbing each other in the back over a man. We need to incorporate our perspective into the corporate and power structure instead of simply donning a masculine perspective to get ahead. Not easy I understand, but the alternative is the continuation of the status quo.
    Thirdly, things that science scoffed at years ago are now being seriously considered. For instance, multiple dimensions, parallel universes and multiple universes were the domain of quacks less than a decade ago. Now leading astrophysicists are claiming that is indeed the nature of the cosmos.

    Unfortunately, rewriting history, or established doctrine, even when new evidence appears to contradict it, seems to be very difficult. It's a little like trying to get someone out of prison even when new evidence proves their innocence.

    I also think we mistakenly conclude that technology is the sole indicator of a species enlightenment, intelligence and conscious evolution. Perhaps, there are other means of communication, travel, etc. than through the use of metal, wire, machines, and the like.

    And I agree with those comments about our ego. We may have (and this is inconclusive) advance in our technology and understanding (at least from the dark ages). But we certainly have may no advancement in our spiritual consciousness, our understanding about our true place and purpose (unless you concur with those who believe we are morally obliged to dominate and control not only this planet, but any other planet that has resources we need whether or not life already exist on that planet), nor have we progressed in the way we treat each other, not to mention other species and nature. We want to think and control our way to a better life instead of change and grow our way there. Perhaps we should rethink this strategy since every civilization we have built has been destroyed for the same reasons: blatant destruction of the environment to out compete others, a greater and greater gap between the haves and have not leading to greater extortion of the masses, and the need to control and dominate rather than respect and finding a balance. And scientists have uncovered facts that support the reasons that I stated for the demise of our civilizations, for all of you skeptics.

    Finally, I noticed that some people were bothered because the series presented more than one theory for the use of the pyramids. I think the series purpose was to explore other theories, ideas, histories, etc., based on the various evidence rather than to authoritatively declare the way it had to be. A rigid stance in scientific exploration is the pitfall of so many scientists, especially when we are constantly uncovering new evidence and new understandings. Our theories must be fluid enough to accommodate new discoveries, new perspectives, new understandings, as they arise or they will become dogma and doctrine rather than a search for truth and understanding.

    1. I wish I was able to write my thoughts down as well as you. Nice job. Extremely nice job.

  22. we are approaching an age of knowing instead of an age of belief. If we could get all the disciplines together. But how will all those slippery liars in power allow it? How can we by pass them? Will they blow up more buildings on us? and without arabs to blame for it? It dont take a genious to see thru the lies of 911. So what is wrong with us? Are we that hyptnotized or that gutless? please someone tell me!!

  23. Concerning the glowing of the pyramids let me add that at the site of Tell el-Amarna (Akhnaton's town) every time when there are rainstorms, people living around this place report about glowing lights over these ancient monument sites. So maybe this ancient technology was still used in the New Kingdom as well.

  24. They are trying to tell us something, iam sure they had a better understanding about our place in the universe. sadly religion have done too good of a job suppression this. we are now a people of collectiv amnisia thanks too a few greedy powerhungry men, and even more sad is it continues today by people running things. knowledge is power, and we are being dumbed down everyday

  25. As for the round stone bowls with the small holes under its edge, about which public opinion goes that these were bowl to keep the blood of the sacrificed animals, I must say I don't think so. I think they were rather industrial bowls made to produce something, and the holes were made for putting the materials INSIDE the bowls, not for pouring something outside. It they would have been invented for pouring something outside, the holes would be DOWN near the ground, not up. And certainly the pyramids weren't burial sites, even if maybe the one or other pharao chose them as one. But their PURPOSE was something else, I am sure.

    1. Animal sacrifice is just another way of saying they have no clue.
      I was watching this other doc. were they found the skeleton of a animal inside some old ruines. And before they even got half the dirt off or even knew that animal it was, they went on and on for 30mins about why this animal was sacrificed too bring good luck in battle, and blah blah.. with NO prove whatsoever.. Iam getting so sick of this.

  26. Much of the suppression of knowledge can be laid at the feet of organized reason why the world was plunged into the Dark Ages...the popes sought to protect their "empire".

    1. @ Tom Bower
      Much of the suppression of knowledge can be laid at the feet
      of organized religion..."

      My knee-jerk reaction to your comment is to flat out agree.


      Do you, upon reflection, truly believe that any religion can exit
      which is not "organized?"

      If so, do you think you could provide an example or two?

      Just saying :-)


  27. All their writing with chisels? Maybe they didn't. That's the whole point of the series.

  28. i must of watched this 50 times and will probably watch it another 50 times. i love it and its so jammed packed with ideas and concepts of info.Great Doc.

  29. The Egyptians had advanced technology eh? So why do they do all their writing with a hammer and a chisel on stone blocks, don't sound very advanced to me.
    If you don't understand something then just make something up is not science.

    1. Because stone last a lot longer than paper. They wanted there information to stand the test of time..and it did. If our civilisation crumbled today most of our text would be lost when the next civilisation uncovered it. Pee wee minds only think about their lives the Egyptians thought about millenia.

    2. Jean-Murray has a point, but the answer to your question is, you weren't paying attention, the carvings in one obelisk in particular could not have been done with a chisel, they are to fine, and lack the tool marks.

  30. incredible. how did u get away with publishing this perfectly fundemental simple and beautiful explanation of the legacy of events that would have normally been swept under the rug. I hope you will be able to produce further work as humanity desperately needs your guidance.

  31. to watch the patriarchy push the 'her' a side is what is wrong with our world. the mother condemned to live under a fools rule has destroyed a future we all could have shared. but now live in turmoil , greed , indifference and finally violence. may the ' he' change and let wisdom guide us out of the only a mother , creative and willing seeking life...can

  32. @ the skeptics &/or non-believers.

    To the unenlightened or closed minded people of this world, this documentary will not make sense. Even the simple fact that "Ancient Egypt" was very clearly NOT just 4000+ years ago, but much, much longer, will be a very hard fact to grasp.
    Humans have such a short life span and I believe this fact is part of the reason, that trying to fathom linear time, of a people clearly more intelligent than we are today at 35,000 years ago, seems impossible! How could any one be more intelligent or evolved than us, with our internet and other amazing 21st century gadgets? -I have one word for this line of thinking. EGO -let your ego go and open your mind to the possibilities!
    The notion that the Pyramids were electrical conductors should not be discounted, but explored. In a time when we rely heavily on Coal Burning produced Electricity or god forbid Nuclear Energy, what do we have to lose exploring a new clean energy source? Solar & Wind Turbine electricity are great clean energy sources, but what if Earth had it's own energy source that we could tap into, that would produce clean electricity on mass? Is that not worth exploring? Is it not worth putting aside our ego's and finding the money and time to investigate and figure out how "neanderthals" produced this genius? Clearly our truly "Ancient" counterparts weren't the knuckle draggers we believed them to be!
    Open your minds people, look at the evidence and what we have to gain if we tap into the technology of the Ancients!

    1. Well said. The Pyramids being electrical conductors is completely reasonable. To those that think otherwise - google the name Nikola Tesla. In the early 1900s, he realized that the Earth naturally generates enough electricity that everyone on the planet could have free power.

      But, when Tesla's backer (a man by the name of J.P Morgan) found out that Tesla wanted to share electricity for FREE, he pulled his funding. After all, the greedy can't make any money that way. Bunch of crooks.

      It might seem far-fetched, but also remember that there are 2000 thunderstorms occurring at any given time and 100 lightning strikes over the Earth per second.

    2. What warped thinking you have. Person ONE gives person TWO free money to develop a certain technology, person TWO doesn't use the free money for it intended purpose, so person ONE discontinues the funding. And then you think person ONE is the crook!

    3. Silly goose! In THIS case, person one IS the crook! How many millions of people can't get access to simple electricity?

      I mean, damn! I would love to go down in history by being involved in something that benefits ALL mankind!

  33. This is the most elegant way of explaining our "issues" I have seen for years - amazing - thanks a billion (sorry have not read the comments) - yes its a bit new age etc. etc...but all in all what a wonderful fresh breath in a world of completely obsolete thinkers. This is the most inspiring series I have seen for years...THANKS and lets get going.... ;-)

  34. @ Jt

    Its been a while since I watched that Doc, But from what I remember you are asking more for a teat then Donals trump could afford.

    where would enough money come from to build a Pyramid next to the 8 mile moved Nile river ? Do you know the man hours involved? And how can we build it exactly alike when we don't even agree yet on how it was built?

    Also there are too many factors yet to be understood in the process. Like they just realized what the granite rock was all about.

    The Nile river once flowed into the underground aqua ducts leading into and under the temples.

    There are all kinds of stuff we are just understanding and to get the same results for example we would need the exact locations and eaxct water flow and pressure , geological positioing etc.
    It would be easier to move the nile River back to the pyramids from where they moved 8 miles away.

    But still there is so much more complexity to the workings then we yet understand.

    1. Maybe re-route the Nile

  35. how about someone who is competent with these materials should build a mock version based on the pyramid engineering and see if it will work today??

  36. very interesting doc. I dont know what to think after watching it. I was totally on the site of the author all through the explanation of the technology and use of the pyramids as a power plant type device. Then i felt like they flipped it on me by saying it was a spiritual energy generator. ~that was a little too bold a conclusion for me to follow. I didn't quite see enough evidence for those sort of claims. However there was a lot of great info in this. I think the guy in Garbage Man doc should incorporate this kind of feature into his pyramid.

    1. I agree, and some one built a small scale model of the great pyramid's underground chamber, and thought it made a great water pump

  37. read drunvalo melchizedek's 'the ancient secret of the flower of life, vol. 1 & vol. 2'...your mind will be blown wide open with information about the ancient egyptians and more! highly, highly recommended for more than just what you want to know about the egyptians.

    1. I once walked into a buffet style vegetarian restaurant in Montreal, i was alone but smiling when i walked in. I went to the buffet filled my plate and came back towards the dining room (near the entrance door). A stranger looked at me and offered a chair for me to sit with him, i accepted, we introduced ourselves and then he asked me: why were you smiling when you walked in, you were alone? I told him i had just bought a ticket to go to Egypt and i felt exicted, i was leaving 3-4 days later. He pulled volume 1 The Flower OF Life and said to me..."take this with you, that is the reason we met today".
      When i came back i bought volume 2.
      Interesting books about Sacred Geometry.

  38. This just blew my mind...

  39. This is truly incredible. I definitely think they're on to something, and wish I will live long enough to experience the truth behind it all.

    Or possibly see for myself when I "die"?

  40. Ancients or those who dwelt with ancients certainly had some mathematical value of the number 13. 13 acre pyramid base. Modern measure comes close but never exactly to what these ancient structures used for measurement. Modern mas sees them all as being all a little off to mans calculations. Water motes surrounding the base was means to true the beginning of construction. The tarot cards were taken off a wall of a pyramid, and the 13th or first major arcana card no one knows it's purpose, I'm no expert but the zodiac is not considered science but astrology is. There is actually 13 zodiac configuration arrangements in the so called heavens. Now that modern scientists has discovered these at one time air tight pyramids, were perhaps power plants projecting microwave hydrogen towards the sky above. By the evidence along the walls was a partial ingredient in which would cause the basic mechanics of an ancient powerful energy source. One theory of stone movement is solidifying the stone and reconfigured it into a perfectly measured mold, rendering all stones one true size. Using some sort of extreme heating source. Kings and queens chambers may have been simply chambers to produce something other then what modern mans mind can think how it's put to use. So simple it's blinding. But maybe used to produce energy of a sort to fuel ancient astronauts means or method of travel. We now realize this was a seeded planet. The biblical arc is seen along many walls as their perhaps were many arc's. Within these arc's could have been devises used as tools to preform many tasks. abductees of off world races brought back some hints as the pyramids being 7200 years old, but who knows. Dark forces within the structure of humanity sadly restricts our advancements, as history slowly gets washed further away. I'm no expert, but the clues are yet to come as they seem to be only sprinkled upon us at a slow pace. My only wish was to have been taught this in school, even today our youth is being restricted of being enlightened these new findings and new understandings. Have a peaceful day, everyday

  41. Who co-signs facts? The woman who made this presentation did not do it for your "viewing pleasure," at least in my estimation. If you would like to discuss history, I'm pretty well grounded there mate. Are you one that is "told?" I'm not. I study. I suspect you do as well. So, how do you expect to get any pearls of wisdom if you use ad homonym? What? You don't share?

  42. Yea well...ok. You don't even have the credibility she has so I definitely won't listen to you. I wonder why no one has "co-signed" your very-insightful history tidbits??? Again I say... She did not do a good job of presenting facts or just plain good viewing! Maybe you should make the next doc and name it "I Don't Know If My History Is Correct Either, Can You Tell Me"

    Good day, sir!

    Go Vlatko!!!!!!!!(3x)

  43. The idea that we, as human beings are somehow superior to the creatures and energetic emanations that are present on our planet is one only we hold. (sort of a majority of one)

    The notion that history is misleading. I'm afraid it's a proven fact.
    My questions remain, what can I do about history if I could and what difference does that make now?
    We have the knowledge but the system we've built is that of repression. As examples I give you Tesla. There are thousands of others....
    Now is what matters. Investigating the past is but a means to discover what we might do to change our predicament.

  44. @Ali I'm curious to know what you believe. I don't know if you are American, but what we are taught here is drowned in theory and hypothesis. the only true facts (for the most part) is mathematics, 2+2=4 can't be disputed. But majority of American Education can be disputed, all of our knowledge is through a euro-centric funnel. We today might not ever know exactly what the truth is about these ancient sites. But one thing remains true; what is taught in American schools is still up for debate. Just because a majority of so called "intellects" agree doesn't mean its a fact. One point, American Philosophers, Biologists, Historians, etc. just 70 years ago and prior to agreed overwhelmingly that African slaves came from Apes and whites came from GOD...

  45. @ M1tche11

    Kool ! You fit right in . Are you new? If so Welcome and dont mind my sisters and brothers they really are positively great people.
    We sound like a bunch of old heckling Hens but trust me. We Fight hard and play hard and we absolutely Love these Docs and the Site owner.
    He is the best at getting us great Docs so we can scrouplusly disect them and watch them again and again.
    Thats the fun part.
    Its a game of procrastination, Looks like you might fit right in. AGain Welcome stay around and Join the family.

  46. What I notice on this site is every doc has so many negative comments and so few positive ones. Are you all so arrogant to think you know more than these people who have dedicated their lives to Egyptology? Make your own documentaries if you already know all the answers. Why even bother being interested in documentary film making if you are already completely satisfied with every conventional theory? At any rate this film was extremely interesting, so stop spreading your negative “know it all” energy.

  47. I believe... Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding... PEACE!!!

  48. Zahi Hawass is a stubborn old goat! Most of the main stream archeologists do not want to re-write history because they want to sell documentary's, books, slots in a college course, and of course get their own History Channel show!!!
    We need to question what we are told that doesn't add up! If it is sound and can be tested and proven then it must be fact....if a shadow of a doubt exists in the educated mind then we need to re-examine the evidence!
    The great pyramid could of or could have not been a power plant...who knows....only the ancient Egyptians....not us...them!
    I do know Nikolia Tesla was on to something...The Tesla tower was the closest thing we ever had to finding out if it is possible to use the earth for energy in this bad GREED is mankind's favorite sin...for this we will die........................... with allot of toys!!!

  49. I think it is very interesting that this film is putting forth the hypothesis that the Egyptian pyramids were emitting energy that altered peoples attitudes. I don't know what the heck the HAARP contraption is doing but it's hard to believe it's anything so benevolent however, it could be used for such a purpose. The only difference is, the Egyptians used naturally occurring energy and HAARP is using fossil fuel...

  50. @Squeegee

    Just curious? If the history there is so suppressed how is it that you have all these fun facts and who can vouch for them because I don't see anyone co-signing. Not really trying to start anything but something about that kinda rubbed me the wrong way, thas all. However, if you choose to get upset...oh well.

  51. Firstly, I am a huge fan of this site and I usually love the docs i see here. I have to say though, this one was a bit, shall I say...a bit thin. She was always saying "perhaps" and "if we consider" and "I dont think" when I watch a doc I want to hear some rebuttals with weight to them. Not someone basically asking me what I think because I dont know thats why I am watching the doc. She didnt do much in the way of defining her "New Theory or theories" just kinda threw em out there.

    Oh and squeegee...FAIL!

  52. @Connie

    Wait what? Did you just mention ATLANTIANS? I thought Atlantis was mentioned by Plato and no one has ever mentioned Atlantis before that or after that (not counting the modern books). Err...anyway, do you have any other source for atlantis?

  53. @Connie

    I put another comment with the missing link.... but it was not accepted by the administrator of the Top Documentary Films :(

    I don’t know why it was not authorized, since the videos in youtube have cuts that give incoherence to the five documentaries. I just wanted to help!

    Go to the website of “Meefedia”, you will find them there and better edited.

  54. @ Jota

    what I did notice is that it is you, who has the missing link

  55. @Connie:

    Dowser are you. I can't say one way or the other that dowsing really works. Dowsers have tried the "million dollar challenge" with the "Amazing Randy" they have failed.

    Still have not watched all this doc. But watched the latest one on the wormhole docs, "What are we made off"

    Later, Chow.

  56. So much talking but nobody realized that there are missing parts in the documentary. The videos posted in Youtube are out of order and confuse.
    I must say that sometimes I think some people only comment to show themselves, not to comment the docs :(

    Here's a link to see the 5 episodes of the documentary, without any problems.

  57. @ Achems !! Your Alive :-)

    Yes I did some research on a project we were doing in Apple Valley Ca. I found High radon from the granite there also. Its not a good idea to build low cost housing units on the lowland parts. The water run off below the Granite rocks seap up into the basements.
    I did see where they are attempting to build with a space between floors and ground and create more drainage away from homes. we will have to see if it really works.

    Golly I wish you were near I would love to see those books.

    Question ? I am a dowser is the same energy I use to find water for wells the same as tulleric currents ? If so I'd love to try a bagdahd Battery from that source. I know a couple spots that I have all I can do from getting beat to death from when I witch.

    unfortunatly everyone says I do it backwards and the dowsing rod hits me first instead of going down it goes up and smacks me. I have been shown repeatedly how to hold it another way. Yet for the life of me I cant see it.

    Good to see you again!

  58. @Connie:

    Okay watched up to 3, can't sit in one spot long enough to watch all, will watch the rest later.
    Yes, googled tuleric currents, knew that before, google radon, actually bad stuff, where I live, high in radio-active radon gas. Be careful of that stuff, comes basically from granite. Don't sleep in concrete basements or basements of rock, etc: will fry you, (LOL)

    Have lot of books on the baghdad battery's, lights etc:
    All the new age, and conjectures aside, still a good doc. so far.

    My take is Earth is like a giant capacitor, which has negative charge, atmosphere positive charge,

  59. @ Erie/666

    Are you being a good boy? Or will you need more disciplining?

  60. Last part was the best with the esoteric theories

  61. I'm all for pre-deluvian civilizations, and you only have to look at Ireland's history to see how information is hidden regarding our past. Newgrange is older than the Pyramids, is the oldest roofed structure known in the world @ 3000BC, it shows the first use of trigonometry/pythagoras' theorem and shows and advanced knowledge of astronomy and mathematics (Strange fact: If one stands in the central chamber at Newgrange and looks out the passage way, you are looking DIRECTLY at Avesbury, Paris, Rome and ending at a pyramid in Etheopia that excibits the exact same solar effect captured on winter solstice at Newgrange. One stone at the rear of Knowth is now thought to be an astrological calculator. Yet if you open a history book in the Irish school system, you will learn none of this. Hell it is illegal for us to use metal detectors, so who knows what is yet to be found.

    (Strange fact #2: The 1st Pharoah of the 1st Dynesty, Menes , died and is buried in the north of Ireland. And this all happened while we were still "savages".

    (#3: The Algonquin Native American language is very closely linked to old Gaeilge (Irish))

    (#4: A 2000yr old red head mummy was found in china with (S.American Cannabis!)

    Somethings dont fit the timeline of accepted history, yet your a "kook" to even question them.

    Contrary to the doc though,I had a look at Abu Rowas, the "pyramid ontop a mountain" but you can clearly see a causeway/ramp 1.5km long and rising 150m uniformly, so approx <6degree incline. Could this not have been used to cart the stones up?

  62. OK that got messed somehow.

    but why and how did you become a science teacher ? , As you claim to be on so many occasions? Are yo trying to convience yourself of that?

    We have disgreed before. An I told you I was done debating with you , since you circularly avoid the questions in your logic ,but this is just an observation.

    I wouldnt let you teach my neighbors kid , with all the stuff that comes out from you. Hypoyhs are good but , come on man.

    @Miss Kitty

    Hey there , kitten!


  63. @Chris

    You have said on other threads numerous times , (why?) or (how?)...

  64. @ Laurie

    Stichens is pretty discredited amongst his peers.

  65. @ Chris , LOL can't imagine what book that was. Was that goldly locks and the three egyptian cats?

  66. I do agree that planet earth habitation is much much older than we are taught. I wish I had kept notes along the way on my studies these past two years. I could of shared alot of info. Instead I followed bread crumbs and picked them up and laid them somewhereamoungst my thousands of emails and way to long of favorites list.

    I want to keep better notes from now on. Does anyone read Zacharia Sitchens books?

    And yes it was enlightning to me from this doc. I am excited to see that even the Egyptians had cultures built upon old ruins. Awesome!

  67. History starts at the time writing emerged for a reason. Anything before that is prehistory and falls under paleontology or certain types of anthropology. History needs documentation if not directly about the event then something that at least mentions it, this is the agreed upon standard. Historians are not equiped or educated to interpret civilizations from artifacts or ruins alone. according to extablished anthropology the first civilization to develope writing was the city of UR. This is where the first hunter gathers started agriculture, first place we can prove it any way. This is where animals where first domesticated. This is where the first known hero was concieved, Gilgamesh their king. This city was a stepping stone to Sumer, where writing and arithmatic both really got underway. The entire region of course was eventually called Mesopotamia. Many get confused and think Mesopotamia itself was a city, it was a collection of cities actually. Including, at its height, Sumer, Babylonia, Assyria, and Akkad. Constant war and strife between city states over religion eventually ended its dominance. See the value of monotheism to those that want to control. One god, one set of rules- equalls centralized power and potential for corruption goes through the roof. All the poitical powers that be have to do is get in with one guy or group and now they have you on all fronts spiritual, secular, personal, public, etc. etc.

  68. @Connie

    "Do you have a particular theory you are chasing?"

    As a matter of fact, I do. I think that civilization could be hundreds of thousands of years old, if not older. Some of these civilizations could have been multi-genus, that is, nurtured more than one version of Homo. The neanderthals existed on this earth for far longer than Homo Sapien. It may be that these civilizations were wiped out by various planet-wide cataclysmic events - some so horrific as to wipe out all (or most all) traces of what came before. The geological record contains evidence of sudden and disastrous extinctions.

    It could very well be that some ancient monumental structures were rediscovered by subsequent peoples and re-purposed. We may indeed be a people who have lost all memory of who we used to be.

    Given the ingenuity of homo sapiens, it would seem out of character for us to have developed civilization only in the last few thousand years of our existence.

    In the "Search for Adam" video, all men's DNA may be traced back to a common ancestor 60,000 to 100,000 years ago. That only one man's line survived to populate the planet would seem to indicate a world-wide catastrophe of some type. Disease, epidemic, ice-age, or a "FLOOD."

    Hmm. I may have read that in an old book, somewhere...

  69. Okay, I finished it. While I think civilization must be much older and varied than currently taught, the problem with these videos is the messenger, not the message.

    Each one of the presenters, as well as the narrator, are fringe. Especially Carmen Boulter who is not a researcher. By adding their new-age dogma to what could be important discoveries and interpretations, they almost assure that mainstream research -- which needs to attract money to stay in business -- will avoid them.

    This is what happens when "interpretation" goes off searching for data rather than data leading.

  70. I love stuff like this. I don't always agree with it but I find some of the "against the grain" theories fascinating. Especially with some of the evidence/events that occur in them.

    However...I'm not buying that "orbs" seem to occur more often in certain places....not one bit...

  71. @ doe

    Couldn't agree more, one need only look at the technologies that were discovered by the Greeks and Romans, but subsequently lost and rediscovered during the 'Renaissance' period (and later) to understand that there may be more technologies known by our ancestors, both recent and ancient, that may have been lost to the ravages of Time.

    With this fact in mind, it would be presumptuous of us to instantly dismiss a need to question accepted theories about History. This is the most important thing we should remember... what gets taught as history, is really only theory still, we can never know for sure what has been lost, only make informed guesses, which may be closer or further away from the 'truth'.

    Without our ability to question, we wouldn't be where, or what, we are today - and we should continue to question the facts until they become incontrovertible.

    To my mind, this has not happened yet, no matter what Zahi Hawass may have you believe ;-)


  72. I don't get why so many people have a problem with the idea that human civilization is older then what we presently know. On top of what we find buried just imagine all that was simply destroyed by natural weathering. Sumaria and Mesopatamia pop up right after a mini Ice age so why is it so inconceivable that there was a civilizaton before the ice age?

    I believe there was a civilization before the ice age that probably lived further north due to warmer times (interglacial periods). As the ice age began They were forced towards the equator and everything they built was covered by advancing glaciers. As the ice age ended they were able to begin living comfortably again and civilization blossomed. Most of the buildings from the pre-ice age civilizations were most likely destroyed by receding glaciers just as they carve valleys into solid stone.

    We as a species have been using tools for more then 2 million years. Homo sapien have been around for 250,000 years and they say we made the "great leap forward" 50,000 years ago when we started burying our dead, creating art and creating many different and advanced tools to make living easier. So basicly they say we were as advanced 50,000 years ago as we were 10,000 ago.... I would like to think we advanced during that 40,000 year period!

  73. Also:

    Carmen Boulter, a _teacher of English_ who writes books about the eternal feminine and had visions of past lives. She thinks antigravity was used to build the pyramids. Her evidence to support all this crackpottery? 0, null, nada.

  74. Rubbish. This is more of "ZOMG! These pyramids are ancient. We don't exactly know how they were built. Therefore, aliens or a "superior science" must have been involved! ZOMG!!!!111eleven!!

    "Geodesic center of the world..." I should have stopped watching there.

  75. @ Connie

    Mesopatamia and Sumaria are older then egypt and they're not rumors... your response "a hundred curtseys" had me laughing pretty good.

    @ Ali

    What do you mean "not based on sound reasoning"?.... your reasoning? They're claims and arguments were based on the evidence they presented. It's "sound reasoning" that claims the pyramids were tombs and also that they were built by slaves... but recent evidence says different. It's a fact that the sphinx is unnaturally weathered if you accept they're interpretation that the egyptians made it within the last 6000 years... or it's not unnaturally weathered if it was made much earlier during a wet period which for egypt is more then 6000 years ago. Theres also the river nile which has shifted 7 miles away from where it was when the pyramids where built. I agree that they may have jumped to conclusions about why they are there and the whole 2012 thing but you can't deny the evidence.

  76. May I pay my respects to most honored DOC MAN (host), Sir you are a prince of theiv well shall we say borrowers! This site has replaced three TV's in my home. Thank you...

  77. @ Chris,

    The only other peoples I have read about older than the Ancient Egyptians are the Atlantians who are rumored to have been around ? Very vague in what I have collected, If you ever hear of more info on this I hope you come back and share it.

    I have not found any positive proof of anything elae as of yet, Only speculations or stories of esoterics. How about you? Do you have a particular theory you are chasing?

  78. This is ridiculous. It's soooo unscientific and the arguments are not based on sound reasoning and looking at it from more than just the view that supports all the conclusions you want to reach. Disappointing... Btw, to the owner of the site, you are awesome man. Love the site and am an addict :P Keep the posts coming.

  79. Awesome ! A hundred Curtseys to the Administrator! I can't wait to watch this tonight !I'll watch as many as you can find on these subjects. Thank you!

  80. Granite is as hard as steel, today they use diamond tipped blades and power tools to cut it. As well, it gets so hot you need to spray with water while you cut. What im saying is that the granite monuments were done in some way we have not figured out yet.

  81. I can't wait to read all the sheeple talking about the ramps and copper tools that were used. Another great documentary on the pyramids is "THE GIZA POWER PLANT" by Christopher Dunn.

  82. I like to see more challenging of standard, traditional Egyptology beliefs. More and more evidence is accumulating indicating a much older civilization than that which is commonly known and taught. The Great Spinx enclosure indicating rainfall erosion from an era long before that which is believed for its construction for example. While these concepts attract a fringe element, there seems to be some truths to be uncovered, eventually.