The Killing Zone

The Killing Zone

2003, Military and War  -   37 Comments
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Dispatches: The Killing ZonePalestinian civilians live under the threat of Israeli Defence Force attacks that do not discriminate between militants and children. Israeli settlers live in fear of suicide attacks. But it is not only Palestinians and Israelis who are dying. Since the Gulf war, three Westerners have come under Israeli army attack.

An American peace activist was crushed to death by an IDF bulldozer; a British peace protester was shot in the head by an IDF sniper and remains in a coma; and last weekend, a British cameraman was shot dead by the IDF. Within hours of arriving Sandra and Rodrigo are shot at and tear-gassed by Israeli troops breaking up a memorial service for Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist crushed by an Israeli Army bulldozer two days before.

That sets the tone for a five-week stay in which they document the shooting by Israeli troops of the British peace campaigner Tom Hurndall, the death of James Miller, the award-winning cameraman who worked extensively for Channel 4, killed as he filmed Israeli troops bulldozing Palestinian homes, and the deaths and mutilation of many innocent Palestinians and Israelis.

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  1. Irving Babbitt

    For an American to be killed by an IDF American Built Bulldozer words cannot explain how pissed I am. America should of sent our elite defense forces in there and pulled the responsible IDF Soldier(s) out and brought them back here to be prosecuted. I am not taking away from the many Palestinian civilians who are being murdered daily by the IDF. Enough is enough. It’s time for Americans to realize that the Jews of today and currently in Israel are not Hebrews of the Bible but are khazarin Turkish blood by science proved genetic testing. In 2012, Israeli researcher Eran Elhaik published a study claiming to prove that Khazar ancestry is the single largest element in the Ashkenazi (from eastern Russia) gene pool. Sand declared himself vindicated, and progressive organs such as Haaretz and The Forward trumpeted the results.
    Israel seems finally to have thrown in the towel. A blue-ribbon team of scholars from leading research institutions and museums has just issued a secret report to the government, acknowledging that European Jews are in fact Khazars.

  2. James

    Karin is not denying Zionism has comparisons to an apartheid like system. Very condescending. Even Mandela worked out he could implement his abhorrent objectives by playing the political nice guy. Perhaps if hamas took some time out to research these case studies instead of spreading more mindless hate to like minded morons; fighting submarines with artillery rockets, they might stand a chance of being successful. There needs to be a two state solution.

  3. Sara

    Funny you should mention the South African apartheid Karin, now that israel is a fully fledged member of the apartheid community. I dislike conspiracy theories about any section of society and never condone anti-Semiticism dressed up as human rights. However, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine is an abhorrent modern day action that we are either witnessing, supporting or taking part in, and it is the IDF which are the ones taking part in it. And Israeli citizens are living in an apartheid whether they admit it or not, as are you Karin.

  4. Karin

    I have never before commented on peoples' oppinions on the net, but I am willing to make an exception....
    I'm jewish. I'm israeli. My daily routine is very simple. I treat dogs and cats, educate owners on preventing cruelty due to ignorance, fight those who do it on purpose, rescue helpless animals when I can, volunteer where I can, and eventually share my love with my own fury children.
    According to mister Jacob Isindahowz I'm a demon....
    It is extremests and overly enthusiastic egocentric ignorants like some of the above unempathic writers, that glued satanic and demonic myths to various groups of people and nations, of whom jews are now popular.
    I know the internet is a platground for anyone to make their opinion known, but i'm begging you, please spare us your vometile ignorance. If you truly want to preach peace, educate yourself first by studying those very few who actually accomplished it. I don't think the aparthide would have been lifted if Mandela would have blogged "white people" and "demonic" in the same sentence....

  5. Art m

    Jim do u think 8 years was enough. 3 million compensation for one of your own. Very cheap!

  6. jim

    The solider that killed Tom was sentenced to 8 years in prison. The family of James M received almost 3 million dollars in compensation.

  7. catmc66

    Cowards...and the Palestinians will not get help from the US because the US & Israel are allies. That in itself is a national disgrace. So while the Israeli's continue to terrify the Palestinian people, we just stand by and watch...They use their power in much the same way as Hitler and it is said that history repeats itself... it just might be true. One would think they would be more passionate, but it is confirmed that they get some sort of distorted satisfaction from killing innocent men, women & children. Perhaps, some tools they learned in there pasts have become useful. It would certainly appear that way.

    1. jacobella

      If you want to see how the Israeli army "toys" with the peolple of Palestine, a great documentary that shows this is Checkpoint. No one can possibly live like that.

  8. Don Dubray

    I cant comprehend why the United States who say they have the most powerful army in the world why they dont go in and protect these innocent people and kids from the Israeli army who are killing all these poor people it makes me sick,mankind is so disgusting these israeli people need to be put in there place those killers

    1. apaulocreed

      Because America's the Israeli Government,Army & Systems main source of support,supply & Inspiration!

  9. sid gunn

    ***holes ***holes talk about nazis a big heil to the IDF unbeleveable murdering basterds.

  10. Winston Smith

    why do Muslims scream "GOD IS GREAT!!" ('Alahu Akbar') so often during tragedies?
    I would think it is precisely in such moments that one might consider if there is a god,, that s/he isnt that great or we would not have a world with so much evil and injustice in it.

    1. Ruqaiya Barazanji

      Because we have faith in Allah, no matter what. That is the beautiful thing about Islam,we love our god more than anything which is what brings our people together and we only have one way to practice our religion, unlike other religions which may have been revised over a thousand times. And its the fact we remain strongly faithful during hard times and Allah will help us through our hard times. Its all a test.

  11. Jakob Isindahowz

    ...and I wondered why it seems that throughout history , of all people, the one that seems to have been demonized the most were/are jews. I always thought that there must be some reason why they have been seen as trouble. I can definately see why now-at least zionists. its also no secret that western media is very jew friendly and this fact probably does more harm than good.

  12. misha borovsky

    why dont you show the real and complit story?
    palestinian gunman shoot from civilian neighberhoods, and always targets cevilians in israeli sitys, the IDF never targets civilians, unfortunatly they get hit too, this is a war, pepole get killed in thats the realety of war...
    the jurnalist knew where and what they are entering, they can blame only they selvs!!
    I can tell by my own expereance that while you are sitting in a tank it is very hard to tell who and what is pointing at you, an anti-tank missile or a video-camera!
    any way I dont know any other contry except Israel that reacts so moderatly to years of constant shooting and terror acts against her civilians, other contrys start huge wars for less than that!! e.g- america in iraq or afganistan, or russia in chechnia

    1. jj

      i do the same if some race came in and was stealing my land block by block,and if they dont move find ways to kill them,there gig is up and why america is isolated becausr europe is onto the facts nowmjust america is still playing stupid

    2. captainarmando567

      The reason why they attack Isreal is because they no other way to defend themselves. The IDF has openly admitted they targeted civilians. Killing children for fun and sending them to prison to be tortured. The State of Israel is an illegal state. The Palestians were there way before Israel. But its ok, God will punish you and those that cause harm onto others. Have you have no humanity. If you think for one second that you have the "right" to be there, you are wrong.

    3. Samuel K Parker

      The Jews in Israel are not the true Jews of the Old testament. That being said, everything they say do and the Zionist philosophy is based completely upon falsehoods. Not to mention that the state of Israel was formed by terrorist acts against the British in the late 40's by the first leaders of Israel, when the land was still called British Palistine.

  13. kchief58

    Very good doc,,But it sad that its happening like that

  14. tone_deaf

    I remember years ago I'd spoken to a friend who just came back from a trip with her christian church group in Israel. She was talking about the conflict and saying that the Israelis do no inflict or continue the violence, only the palestinians. They solely act in defense.

    I'd thought at the time, "I'd be pretty angry too if my family and countrymen were being killed". 'Angry', an under statement. It seems that over the years the west has been given a more favorable portrayal of Israel than Palestine. After my own research, I've leaned more toward Palestine. I don't know everything about this conflict, but my heart breaks watching this. This is unimaginable to me if it were my children affected.

  15. PeaceInTheWorld

    Time to think, realising people are really getting killed out there is about the furthest someone can go. Its time i go there, and try everything in me to give my support, whether i survive or not.... I CAN NOT BARE THE PAIN OF A LITTLE GIRL OR WATCH A YOUNG BOY DIE IT IS NOT IN MY NATURE...PEACE TO EVERYONE.

  16. Josh Gab

    I didn't realize the Jewish people were killers. I've watched several doc's and they all indicate the same thing "Israel is a killing Country." Now I understand why Hitler did what he did to the Jews. What comes around goes around. It happend once to them and they didn't learn their lesson. Shame on the Jewish people and the rest of the world that knows about the horrible things they've done. They without any question were involved in the 9-11 attacks. They planted the bombs inside the world trade centers prior to 9-11. Bush, Obama, and the Israel people will get what they haven given sooner or later. Shame on the Jewish communities, shame on the jewish religious folks. May God judge you without remorse.

    1. jj

      true and on top of that ,like hitler who was also a jew ,they want us to hate the whole arab race,just like the nazi didmthey want the enemy to be are enemy and bring this country down being a sheild for them,what they preach and what they practice is completly the opposite,i dont fall for there lies and propagandy they taken too much power her through the media and paid politition and taken this country away from its true self,thry wanted all this special privilidge and open mindness mand once in shut the doors on others,unless you go along there agenda

    2. Beau Jeste

      JJ - Hitler a jew? What are you on about???

      What about the 13th SS Arab Muslim Unit? They fought for Hitler and helped exterminate thousands of jews from the Baltics.

      It's ignorance like this, that causes people to sympathise with Jews.

  17. Shannon

    The Jew banksters in the USA control the government, look at Obama, he is surrounded by them, even the dual citizens, they put him in office and he does what they tell him to do, rob from the poor to give more to the rich. And even worse the genocide they commit in the name of their terrible religion, with a God that is as insane as they all are.

  18. Ien Carlson

    Jews justify doing this because they believe they are God's "chosen people". Which implies, of course, that the Palestinians are not chosen people and you can do anything to them that you wish. The Christians will not intervene because they want the apocalypse to come by fulfilling Bible prophecy, and it also helps them destabilize the Muslims in order to take their oil.

  19. somebody

    I cannot understand that the whole world is looking at this without doing something. It´s long time, when peolpe know, what Israelis are doing. It was a very big mistake to accept them as a state. As a state in a someone else´s land. It seems that was a very big mistake, they do what they want and this is only terror and not only there, Mossad is also in Europe and in all over the world. For me they are simply murder...

  20. Tim Osman

    The IDF are a bunch of high-school aged pussies, seconds away from wetting their pants from the threat of a starving 5-year-old with a rock

  21. aprarye

    Israeli Defence Force attacks that do not discriminate between militants and children What it should read is 'Israeli Defence Force attacks that do not discriminate' militants, civilians and children all qualify as militants if they let 'militants' hide amongst them and dress like them. Furthermore some of the Palestinian schools teach hate to the children and it is reinforced by their Palestinian civilians parents that look up to the suicide bombers.
    one other thing - the Palestinian rockets shot at the Israelis do not discriminate between militants and children either. While it is true that almost all 18-35 yo Israelis are in the IDF reserves and those that are active are required to have their weapon very near by it is for defensive use, where the Palestinian rockets are an offensive used weapon.

    1. Fed_Up_With_Abuse_2011

      Surely you realize how disproportionate the two are. While both sides have committed human rights violations, none of it would occur if Israel was not occupying the Palestinian land and bulldozing their homes. It was bad enough that another country (Britain) gave the Jews a homeland on another people's territory, but then for Israel to launch a surprise attack on it's neighbors for the sole purpose of expanding it's borders is absolutely absurd. The international community has said over and over that what Israel is doing is illegal under international law, but that doesn't seem to mean anything to Israel or the United States. Given the atrocities committed against Jewish people, one would think that they would not treat other people in much the same way. Shame on Israel and the people who condone their actions.

  22. Meagan

    I sobbed watching that little girl cry after she realized she was blind. This is disgusting.

  23. tofik


    1. Liebewitz

      I presume-you- must mean a brain that is not shot at?

      Also-desist from cap on shouting!

  24. Asim Naveed

    How one could be so cruel to one and so merciful to others...why do they forget that every single individual is equal in the eyes of "God".

    May Peace prevail and all those vanish who seek nothing but bloodshed.

  25. e nash

    I,ve just watched the'KILLING ZONE'and i think every one should.....the isrealis are murdering innocent woman and children and getting away with it......