Undercover Mosque

Undercover Mosque

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Dispatches: Undercover MosquePrime Minister Tony Blair recently described tolerance as 'what makes Britain Britain' but in this extensive investigation Dispatches reveals how a message of hatred and segregation is being spread throughout the UK and examines how it is influenced by the religious establishment of Saudi Arabia.

Dispatches has investigated a number of mosques run by high profile national organisations that claim to be dedicated to moderation and dialogue with other faiths. But an undercover reporter joined worshippers to find a message of religious bigotry and extremism being preached.

He captures chilling sermons in which Saudi-trained preachers proclaim the supremacy of Islam, preach hatred for non-Muslims and for Muslims who do not follow their extreme beliefs - and predict a coming jihad. "An army of Muslims will arise," announces one preacher. Another preacher said British Muslims must "dismantle" British democracy - they must "live like a state within a state" until they are "strong enough to take over."

The investigation reveals Saudi Arabian universities are recruiting young Western Muslims to train them in their extreme theology, then sending them back to the West to spread the word. And the Dispatches reporter discovers that British Muslims can ask for fatwas, religious rulings, direct from the top religious leader in Saudi Arabia, the Grand Mufti.

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1 year ago

Really very disturbing. The west really needs to wake up to this and ban Islam

Joe Burn
3 years ago

Frankly, the video and the whole documentary is not in full. The video looks like has been edited, clip and exposing much of the negative parts. Anyhow, if true this is not the kind of Islam conveyed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). More like that of retarded Wahabi sect product of Saud's regime from the Arab Peninsula. The literal understanding of Al Quran is always the case of un-tolerance. I am a Muslim from Malaysia, though the 2 Haramain (Makkah and Madinah) is in the Arab Peninsula. Make it clear to all, the Saudis is not representing Islam for Muslims of the whole world. The majority of Muslims in the world are Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah which represents almost 90%, balance is Shiism and Wahabism.

4 years ago

Say NO to religious nutters !

David Mortimer
7 years ago

Ha ha the biggest con of all is that Muslims want to live nice and cosy with their western brethren , yes until they can tip the scale of balance then you will see their teeth ..

A Liberal
7 years ago

Stop blaming this on liberals. Stop assuming that we progressives support this. Speaking as a leftist, a liberal I say this is disgusting! Deport these parasites. Sharia Law has no place in the UK or on American soil! As a liberal I'm not afraid to be labeled a conservative because there is nothing conservative about opposing Sharia Law or standing up to religious radicals.

Again, don't assume liberals support this nonsense.

8 years ago

Unbelieveable we allow this hate to proliferate in the UK, surely any Muslim with these views wouldn't want to live here but move to a stricter regime.
Or, is it a fear that those stricter regimes would interfere with the freedom they have here.

9 years ago

If they want to behave like animals perhaps we should treat them like animals. Time to have a cull of these vermin, methinks

9 years ago

For the m*rons who can't seem to know the difference, this is SAUDI-funded Islamic extremism. Let me remind you that Saudi Arabia is an ally of both US and UK governments. If you don't deal with that, it will hurt you one day as it already did.

Connie Buckley Smith
10 years ago

Islam without political domination cannot survive!

10 years ago

To Wild: What total takiyya! For THOUSANDS of years, before anyone ever heard of Islam. Before Islam existed; Jews are FAMOUS for worshiping the One God alone, our Glorious, Awesome Creator! The HOLY ONE who declared: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER. Many have studied Islam and are deeply aware that the god of Islam is the complete OPPOSITE of our Wonderful God! Our Precious Creator!

Founder of Islam, HUGE slave trader, Mohammad, murdered/beheaded 700 Jewish men because of the Jews' enormous love for, and allegiance to our One GOD, the Creator. The loyal Jews refused to follow another god and the new religion of Mohammad. The Jews' wives and children were seized for slaves to lives of living hell.

11 years ago

Scary stuff. I don't see any reason why all immigration from Muslim countries shouldn't be closed already... and I wonder when people will take seditious behaviors seriously too?

As things stand, the future of the UK is to become an Islamic Republic.

11 years ago

National Headquarters: Hilo, Hawaii U.S.A.

Islam is Islam and Islam wants to conquer and dominate the entire world.
There is only one solution to Islam and that is to destroy Islam.
Islam is the religion of the antichrist and unless Islam is destroy it will conquer and dominate the world.

11 years ago

@Mark Quest, would you post the links to the full lectures? I would totally appreciate it.


11 years ago

Wow... I personally have watched those lectures to understand and confirm but this documentary has carefully picked and distorted the info. Watch the lectures before commenting on this doco.
Does anyone understand how the lectures are conducted? Why can the Doco producers give the viewers the full lectures they picked to judge for them selves instead of pumping info into peoples minds by interpreting themselves without understanding. Well....... dear lads get hold of the full Mosque lectures.

Mark Quest.

11 years ago

@Guest, the UK may have hate laws, but their leaders are lilly-livered, limp-wristed bleeding hearts who are scared shitless of the Muslim community, which appears to be making very good progress in England with its jihad to install an Islamic state.
Thank God my great grandparents fled the UK and came to Canada. And by the way, this documentary is Canadian. Odd, isn't it, that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation had to come to England to make a documentary on this subject? Shouldn't this be the BBC's job?

11 years ago

Deport every single one of these non british muslims who preach this violent nonsense as their main aim is to take over british society,they say it loud, they say it cleary, so what is the UK government going to do about hate mongering people from outside the UK living in the UK or UK taxes..

11 years ago

Pretty simple to resolve. From what I seen in this docu, there are laws in UK that condemn hatred? So, lock them up and prevent those convicted by tribunals to be freed only by being accepted in any country of their choice.
They claim that a man represent the thoughts of his family?
No prob'm, whenever the offender take his flight out of UK, the family follow.

With proofs such as there are in this docu, it 1st be double checked and then be part of the accusation.
Just a photo of an activist taking part of a manifestation where harder posters are carried around should be taken in note and added to a file for further references. To be submitted as the addition went overboard.

Funny how the Brits are phlegmatic about the taste of oil wells.

Saudis? Wasn't it Bush Sr. friends, the sole airplane in flight over the USA territory the day after 9/11?
Quite a bit of the same thing for UK & the USA.
Next thing we'll know is that either a "Blair" or a "Bush" will tell us from the UN assembly that it was not exactly from Saudi Arabia but rather from Iran that it all came from.

What's the point of solving a problem when one can make business out of warfare by privatizing mercenaries?


11 years ago

If we eliminate Islamic confict in the world what do we have....Peace Imagine That!

11 years ago

1) That's wahabism which is by no way represents real muslims
2) The translations are deliberately incorrect and bias

11 years ago

Saudi arabia ideology established for building Saudi family empire not to spread Islam, that's why they always promote hate.
islam allowing muslims to marry christian and Jew women how come to marry some one you hate.

11 years ago

so, pedophilia is acceptable in islam?

11 years ago

that is why i left Islam !!
for those who don't know , saudi is the biggest extremists founder , yet they are supported by US/UK

12 years ago

Interesting production, albeit on the "Muslim is the Boogie Man" trip. Maybe America should invade England to give it back it's Democracy. Start with a carpet bombing campaign of the City of London. Worked for Iraq, Just a suggestion.

I think England is in trouble. The plan seams to create every country into a multi cultural UN type nightmare goo. In America, we have the Mexican hordes, who hate the Gringo, and want there land back haha. In South Africa, they have the Whites (like myself) who have just invaded that country totally. In England's case, it is all the colonies citizenry from conquests of lesser countries coming home to mother England to roost and lay eggs in Britain, and all a total mess. England is really getting it with its multi culture policies haha... The city is burning as I write this.

Not a big fan of the Muslim religion. Can't stand it really, religious zealotry. That being said, not much of a fan of the Christian ones either; Jehovah Witness, Born Again, Pope kiddy Diddlers, Mormons, blah blaaaa, etc. If the Muslims are behaving like Christian Crusaders, spreading the word, send them back to where they came from, and vise versa.

Some people's response to Muslims is send them to Abu Ghraib for torture and prisoner abuse. Well, I guess we should be afraid of Muslim creep, but I think there are bigger fish to fry (fear) than multiculturalism... maybe. What a dangerous mess it all is.

Time for a little honesty here, Anglo/American empire has and is waging constant self perpetuating warfare, self inflicted false flag operations, biowarfare, eco-terrorism, preparations for controlled global financial collapse, global genocide, and subsequent Global Governance.

Eugenics, Population Control and Global Totalitarianism; this goal in the tradition of the arcane anti-human ideology that originated amongst British aristocracy in the 19th century, is in play. I guess my point is there are a lot more "scary" agendas in play than the Muslim coming to a town near you.

12 years ago

Bin Laden...not much use dead is he?

12 years ago

Bin laden..ha ha

12 years ago

SMH...so sad

12 years ago

You are so free that you can choose the bondage of puppet masters

12 years ago

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12 years ago


they are coming to western countries is because their ultimate goal is to get every country ruled under sharia law. there have been countries in western world that have sharia law within the muslim community, its call creeping sharia

12 years ago

Why is it seen as a conspiracy that in western democratic countries one is expected to embrace democracy? When one moves to a democracy one is expected to accept that form of life. Otherwise, why would you live there? Just as, if a westerner moved to Saudi Arabia, they would not be allowed to have their own seperate laws and way of life that goes against Sharia. If you want to live by Islamic law rather than democracy, live where you can do so. And if you want to live in a democracy, then do so. It is these fundamentalist Muslims who are trying to change the west, not the other way around. Why are they coming to other countries and telling them how to live?

Lary Nine
12 years ago

I am familiar with Sheikh Khalid Yasin. He was raised in Brooklyn as a Christian, studied in Saudi Arabia and has been busy over the past 10 years disseminating his Wahhabist message of strict, fundamentalist Islam. Of course, such bearers of the Dawa like Sheikh Yasin will predictably look you in the eyes when you say that and tell you that there is no Islam but Islam. Wahhabists deny that Islamic fundamentalism exists and conveniently disavow this charge. This man has been placed on Australia's "hot list" of radical Islamists to watch and has been sued repeatedly for mismanagement of funds for his recent start up of a British-based Islamic TV network which has failed. I became aware of him through DVDs of his quite candid, no punches pulled lectures which saturate the subculture of American Islamic converts---which he would deny exist, preferring to call them "reverts". This, like the faecitious insistence that no fundamentalist Islam exists,is because of the pretense that all mankind are born Muslims and some, like Christians and Jews, just drift away from the mothership into other faiths.
Anyhow, the upshot of my knowledge of the Sheikh[?]is he is a fraud and a religious huckster with a large following, precisely the type of bad-mojo arriviste that the global Muslim "deen" doesn't need....IMHO.

12 years ago

nice one Andrine

12 years ago

It never fails. Whenever there's a discussion about fundamentalist muslims, a bunch of knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathers divebomb the thread with their idiotic, run-on sentences/rants involving "Salam," "Peace" and all that "S.A.W.A" nonsense. Doing nothing to dispel the notion that they're raving lunatics.

The rest is typical as well. The discussion then turns to how this is not *true* islam, or when someone quotes the quran, they argue, "Oh, that's the Hadith, that's something different." BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. BORING, BORING, BORING. Bunch of one-trick-ponies.

It's all for the stupid, P.C. as* kissers—those whom the fundamentalists have always easily fooled.

From an American, I want to tell the lovely British people to hang in there and keep fighting this monstrous tumor infecting Britain and British society. I know we Americans are a pain in the ass, but we just may need to continue to stick together on this one thing. And, no, I don't mean by committing your boys to our wars. I mean, we should support you if you ever need to give this barbaric faction the BOOT out of Great Britain.


12 years ago


Very well said sir.I am christian myself and have no tolerance for islam.NOT ONE PART OF IT! All religions have their radicalists but islam should not be tolerated in any civalized country.

12 years ago

cousin marrying inbreds.

12 years ago

Sorry to say after reading Islamic Holy book, and watching countless documentaries...this relegion that portrays as themselves as peaceful be it "moderate" or "fundamentalists" in public, are entirely different in private. All this brings me to one simple conclusion, all there hate will one day be there demise. As for us "kuffers" here is warning to these ppl, bring it on I will be ready.

12 years ago

Let's show some restraint and tolerance towards people who are here in the United Kingdom it is only right that they are allowed to stay, however Islam should be outlawed in the United Kingdom but the current military operations in aghanistan should be diverted to cut of the head of the snake and flatten the suadi arabian infrastructure and impose a ban on the preaching of Islam with death as the penalty for non compliance, show no tolerance, you can be kind to people but if they abuse that kindness you have a right to show no mercy on them.

12 years ago

Islam breeds intolerance and promotes child abuse to the greatest degree. Send those childmolesters back to their homeland. If they stay in our country have their testamony be half of a womans and a one third of a christians. The Mosques are the same creations of Albert Spere and their leader is Adlof Hitler with a horrible beard and a dress. The Muslim Faith if a failed sect that is so inbreed it sees no tolerance for the normal breeding of difference to take place.

12 years ago

I try to stay neutral but in this situation Im with Geert, deport these people. We're all born in seperate countries for a reason.

12 years ago

Integrate Muslims into England by taking the proper steps . These being;do not allow any more Mosques to be built, do not allow the repair of or renovation of existing Mosques and do not allow their symbols or any of their religious manners to be displayed in public. Have Muslims pay a tax for being Muslim. Have their testimony in a court of law be worth half of a Christians.
If you want integration and peace, the proper conditions must be created.

12 years ago

about your comment on islam sanctions rape with slaves captured in wars

you have just written a small part of that chapter.it is about those women which are widows of war,slaves whom the prophet possed and all.also it says only after releasig the girls only he can marry the girl.because he or anyone else cannot force someone to marry him.this was for their own protection.the prophet lived at a time where the women had very much difficulty to live without the protection of their men.eventhough only a believer can marry only upto 4 women under their will and only if he thinks that he can satisfy all the 4 in an equal manner,an exception was made for the prophet.the prophet at the time of this chapter(chapter 33) already had 4 wifes.so in order to make the girls secure in the society, an exception in the limit of marriage was made.

the correct translation of verse 50 of chapter 33 is like this

'Prophet! We have made lawful to you the wives
whom you have paid their dowries, as well as
those whom God has placed in your right hand
through war, as also the daughters of your
paternal uncles and aunts, and the daughters of
your maternal uncles and aunts, who have
migrated with you; and any believing woman who
offers herself freely to the Prophet and whom the
Prophet might be willing to wed: [this latter]
applies to you alone and not to other believers. We
well know what We have made obligatory to
them in respect of their wives and other women
their right hands possess; and thus no blame shall
attach to you. God is Much- Forgiving, Merciful.'

as you can see it doesnot mention anything about rape and all.before jumping into conclusions always seek an expert opinion.

12 years ago

i saw about 15 minutes of this movie.what i can say is that many of the things which are said are true.but some of them are out of proportion.for example, the man in the video says to beat your children if he/she doesn't perform his prayer even at the age of 10.but some of the words before that is omitted.the parents should also advise the children to prayer at the age of 7 itself.only if the child does not pray at the age of 10, he/she should be beat.it doesn't mean that you sholud beat him to death.who in the world doesn't beat his child when he do somthing which is not acceptable...the child should not grow up as a man who is ungrateful to his God.after all He gave u a place to live on earth..gave u legs,hands,eyes and all.

on the contrary the man in the movie says that the women are deficient.i don't know on what occassion he used those words.but see, aisha(wife of the prophet muhammed(p.b.u.h))is considered as the mother of islam.even the caliphs had an inferior status than aisha.umar ibn al-khattab(the 3rd caliph) even asked permission for burying him after his death besides the prophet.there are commentaries of aisha available today.there is even a chapter in the quran named 'maryam'(Mary)-the mother of jesus.

now about having firends with 'kafir'(non believer).do you know that one of the uncle of the prophet, abu talib, was not a muslim.but he did a lot for the prophet during the days of his prophethood.so he can't say that not to befriend a kafir.in india where the people follow all kinds of religions,we don't have any problem to live we a non-muslim.here all the communities live together happily.everyone has got friends following different faiths.and we follow the laws of the state.only in an islamic country(where the majority are muslims),islamic law should be forced to the people of all faiths.in india, the government allow some of the sharia laws to be followed by muslim community like that of divorse.there is even a sharia board under indian government.

also in islam there is no age limit for marriage,at least that is wht i know.don't blame me if i am wrong.also i heard that the prophet married aisha at the very low age.don't blame me if i am worng.but quran says that at place where you can't find proofs of somthng, you should use your sense.the prophet said,never force a woman for marriage.

if you want any proofs on anything i said,please leave a reply.i will do my best of my knowledge to help you, because i am not a scholar.i am just aregular guy.

12 years ago

hey brits, do we need to rescue you?

12 years ago

Wow, I can only see some of my home buddies going for this c@#$... major hoedown here... prepare for a major fu in the US

12 years ago

Well, I am American...I must say this is scary. I thought our extremist were bad....this is super bad....can you believe that from an american?.....

13 years ago

u fu ck ing muva fukas y dont u just chill ya slf and try get on wiv each other dats da whole point of civilization, biting at muslims aint gettin u no wer coz its more than 1400 hundred years old and it STAYING for good.
deze terrorist are "BLACK SHEEP" as they call it
i there are all kind of terrorists in the world but islam is targeted more. ignorance is all you have and your life has no value due to the fact you have no understanding of the particular subject while there is context behind each philosophy. i can go on all day but i hope people change and bring up our youth today as more acceptable towards cultures and religions around the world. the verses put up there seem to be altered too.
and finally the ones with no belief u need to expand your knowledge and seek itll come to u if fate brings it, your jus kiddin your self really :)

13 years ago

I am a Christian i don't drink smoke or eat Pork ! yet i respect all Faiths, Hindu christian buddist. But Islam i will never respect ! because it is a Politics of death and false Religion. When Christ returns we shall see who teach the Truth ;)
The Muslim who accept this Rubbish including the Guy who is in the House of Lords who attends Green Lane should be Removed from Office. In my opinion thay are undercover Terrorists and its no wonder the EDL was formed Last year. Becuase the British can see what is going on with Muslims . :-) And Thank Jesus we are wide awake !

13 years ago

This shows what they think of us after we welcome them to a country of freedom and peace. The Extreamists MUST BE EXPELLED from Britian. Their schools should be shut down. There faith is false, And Political. They preach Filth ! and there second hand Koran is just a copy off the Holy Bible :)

13 years ago

Islam sanctions rape with slaves captured in wars

Islam and the rape of women capturd in wars
33:[50] O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses (slaves )out of the prisoners(booty) of war whom Allah has assigned to thee; and daughters of thy paternal uncles and aunts, and daughters of thy maternal uncles and aunts, who migrated (from Mecca) with thee; and any believing woman who dedicates her soul to the Prophet if the Prophet wishes to wed her; this only for thee, and not for the Believers (at large): We know what We have appointed for them as to their wives and the captives whom their right hands possess; in order that there should be no difficulty for thee. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful

13 years ago

Quran 4:34: Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made them to excel over the others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in their sleeping places and BEAT them;then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.

Muslims call WIFE BEATING respect for women , LOL!