Exposing Jeffrey Epstein

Exposing Jeffrey Epstein

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60 Minutes Australia tackles one of the most disturbing stories of recent times with Exposing Jeffrey Epstein, a sobering examination of the billionaire rapist and the ocean of questions that remain unanswered in the wake of his suspicious death.

A highly successful financier, Epstein lived a grand life of private jets and private islands. But there was a side of Epstein that he couldn't keep private - a sinister predilection for young girls and an underground operation in which he freely engaged in sex trafficking. In some circles, these nefarious crimes were essentially an open secret, and are alleged to have involved other members of the elite billionaire club, including British royalty.

The victims of Epstein are claimed to be in the thousands. In August 2019, Epstein was found hanged and dead in his prison cell, which effectively closed the criminal case against him. But what about the others who have been implicated in his decades-long spree of sexual abuse crimes?

The film is driven by a raw set of interviews with two of his accusers. Their accounts contain a seemingly irrefutable degree of specificity and commonality. The emotional and psychological trauma they endured as teenagers under Epstein and others is still evident in their testimonies.

A significant portion of the film points a finger at one of Epstein's highest profile cohorts - Prince Andrew. The women in the film detail their lascivious interactions with the prince when they were clearly underage. "At some point, he's going to have to face the music," says one interview subject.

At the heart of Exposing Jeffrey Epstein is the central question that defines much of the Epstein saga: to what extent do wealth and power shield you from prosecution and accountability? The system itself seemed to be designed to protect Epstein and his criminal operation from meaningful legal action for many years. But the victims refused to remain voiceless, and their public outcries led to charges of underage sex trafficking.

As a prisoner, Epstein was the ultimate "man who knew too much". Following his curious suicide, has he closed the book on not only his own accountability, but the ability to prosecute those who aided and conspired in his criminal enterprise?

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1 year ago

This film is controlled opposition funded by US gov't agencies. They conveniently ignore that Epstein was groomed by CIA, like so many politicians, sex abuse victims, etc., & put in position to facilitate sex trafficking for the agency involving numerous properties and over 80 aircraft. They conveniently ignore that Epstein was also involved in illegal arms deals for DynCorp (which is also associated w/ sex trafficking, organ trafficking). His brother took over after his death, and business continues as usual. CIA, FBI, and private corporations (often fronts for CIA) have trafficking operations & sex abuse rings across the US and in foreign nations, including Mexico and Canada.

3 years ago

Just wanna know the title and artist of the accoustic background music.
"we come so far ......

3 years ago

Poor Virginia...she knew 'sex abuse' from an early age, yet failed to recognize it there when facing so many attractive opportunities. 'Trafficked' ? More likly and exciting, adventurous, unspoken, expectant quid pro quo. Her feet never moved toward an exit. Nothing was said of any restraints, threats, etc. Curious, eh?
And, her constant affirmative rapid nodding (annoying-distracting) only struck me as some unconvincing attempt to reinforce her highly questionable allegations. There is a strong whiff of opportunism herein.
I strongly support any prosecution of sexual deviates and child predators, but care must be taken to gather all the facts.
Fifteen minutes of this poorly scripted and obviously biased documentary was all I could take.

Benoit Encore
3 years ago

Strange, very strange is I see7-8 pics of he and trump with young girls but only the one of Andrew & he's 'drawing' all the attention. What adds to my curiosity is, Epsteins early association as a teacher, hired by W. Barr's father at a private school and later, with all this incriminating, unheard evidence...Barr visits Epstein in the prison a mere 36 hrs before and the guards, on 24/7 suicide watch, leave him unattended for 30 minutes...thevtime he needed 2 hang himself???
3 things;
1- follow the guards spending habits for the next 3-4 yrs.
2- look into everything associated with both the Barr boys.
3- I don't think anybody will argue that the one distinct, frequently used tool he uses with terrific success, is DISTRACTION. Again, the timing of this is right on cue.

3 years ago

"Exposing Jeffrey Epstein"...? – when there is so much left unexposed...just today (Dec 1, 2019) we learn about a "mysterious hacker" who might have "content" en masse tucked away, etc, etc...no, it's too early...