Post-Truth Times: We the media
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Post-Truth Times: We the media

2017, Media  -   21 Comments
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How can truth survive in a society that no longer values verifiable facts? Perhaps no organization has been more plagued by this dilemma than the mainstream news media. In recent times, the media has been met with a tremendous amount of ire and skepticism from bellicose politicians and an increasingly embittered population. Post-Truth Times: We the media examines this troubling phenomenon from a myriad of fascinating perspectives, and attempts to diagnose what it all means for journalism and the culture at large.

The film doesn't hold back in its depiction of the cancer that has spread from within the industry itself. Rapidly shrinking budgets, diminishing readership, massive personnel losses, and the changing face of content consumption have all had a major impact on journalistic standards. The desire to be first often exceeds the need to be right. Facing unprecedented time constraints and pressures from an endless well of competitive outlets, journalists are too often forced to play fast and loose with the facts.

But this is only one piece in the mosaic of misinformation. Our politically divisive landscape has fragmented the industry like never before, and its tainted our ability to discern fact from pleasing fiction. Consumers are no longer looking for informed or unbiased journalism. They want a media that affirms instead of challenges their points of view.

President Donald Trump has successfully manipulated this culture war to his advantage. By stoking the fires of mistrust among the populace, he's branded the media as a public enemy, and managed to mangle even the most negative coverage in his favor.

The film explores a series of essential questions. Is there such a thing as parallel truths, and how valid are they? To what extent does corporate obligation compromise a journalist's ability to speak truth to power? How can the modern media continue to operate in this climate while remaining true to its foundational roots of integrity?

Noam Chomsky, Gay Talese and Amy Goodman lead a line-up of journalists and cultural icons who join in on the debate.

Post-Truth Times: We the media tackles one of the most relevant and timely issues of the day with great insight and clarity.

Directed by: Héctor Carré

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Mike Ehrmantraut
10 months ago

CNN, the most trusted name in news... is being sued out of existence by two teenagers. Oddly enough, all three people named are ideologically driven liars. But the gullible and naive useful idiots lap it up...

Renaissance Man
1 year ago

Misinformation everywhere is right. Look at the stories the corporate media have been pushing, “Russia Collusion,” “NSA spying on Trump,” “Hunter Biden laptop is Russian Disinformation” I thought those all were just crazy stories too. I followed the carefully crafter narrative of the corporate media telling us that “There was no spying on the Trump campaign” which we later found out was a complete lie and then the corporate media perpetuated it and gaslighted us. “Russian Collusion” the corporate media fed is that story daily until eventually people began to believe it. We later find out definitively that it was all another big lie by corporate media. Not only that, but now Special Prosecutor Durham appears to have found collusion with the Russians… By the CLINTON CAMPAIGN… For months we were told by the corporate media that the Hunter Biden Laptop was Russian disinformation leading up to the election. This was all conspiracy theory stuff… Now a year after using fake news like that to manipulate an election the NYT comes out and confirms it’s real. So yes, fake news HAS been used to manipulate elections. By pushing fake false narratives like Russia Collusion, No One spies on the Trump Campaign, and Hunter Biden Laptop is fake, all lies to be thoroughly outed as lies as much as 2 years later, those “Mainstream” media false news and lies did impact the election. They have lost viewership en masse because of their own actions. Now they want to throw the first amendment out the window and trample on the constitution by having the government shut down any dissent to their fake narrative. Sound familiar? It does to me because I was in the Eastern Bloc organizing dissent in the late 1980s. It sounds VERY FAMILIAR. And for all of you who don’t believe that the “Mainstream” media is nothing but lies, just remember the clip of that bald headed clown from CNN, Ari Velshi standing with a Seattle burning behind him telling us “Peaceful Protests”… They actually think you, the American People are so stupid that they can be that blatant. The city ablaze in the background and that clown talking the world how peaceful it is. Is it no wonder no one watches/reads/ listens? It’s like “professional wrestling” … to be consumed for entertainment only. Watch to see just how big of a lie they’re going to tell us next… But now they’re going to say that the election really was free and fair and expect us to believe them? “We lied to you every other time but THIS is real… Ooohhh Kaayyyy

2 years ago

Misinformation is everywhere
People even become crazy over it. Pizzagate is one such example. People even come to believe in something that didn't happen despite having the video footage
It's ridiculous

But the thing is it's not just a left problem. The Left and the Right have both been playing this game of misinformation. It's been around for decades and Trump is not responsible for it. You just need to open your eyes to see what's going on. But that's the very meaning of being brainwashed, not being able to see what's going on.

I believe in Freedom of Speech and receiving objective news
Unfortunately, we don't have that and it's pretty much the same in every country
But I think it's up to everyone to think critically and analyse the news making sure they're not being played. To fight fake news, you first need to know how the medias, politicians & individuals can take advantage of your weaknesses

1/ Confirmation bias: You are more likely to believe false news if you agree with what is said

2/ Trust without an assessment of credibility: Assessing the credibility of a news source include searching for evidence rather than opinions + seeking confirmation in other media

3/ Limits of attention:
Headlines are often biased to be sensationalist. The reader who only reads the headlines may believe this biased information

4/ Targeted emotions:
Fake news often appeal to emotions such as fear or anger rather than logic preventing critical reasoning

5/ Reiteration
The more we are exposed to certain info, the more likely we are to believe it & social medias can amplify the repetition of messages

6/ Social pressures
Politics and perspectives are based on beliefs about how things should be done. Education or the workplace exert a level of social pressure to conform to the views of the community. Friendships are also based on sameness and common ground

Because in the end, your mind is like your home, if you leave your door wide open, some people are going to throw their trash in. You have no choice but to filter who you're letting in if you don't want it to become a dump

Me (not you)
3 years ago

And with this paragraph (President Donald Trump has successfully manipulated this culture war to his advantage. By stoking the fires of mistrust among the populace, he's branded the media as a public enemy, and managed to mangle even the most negative coverage in his favor.), I can sum up what the whole documentary is more than likely about: ORANGE MAN BAD! LMAO! What a bunch of pussies the left is. Thank GOD for President Donald J. Trump. He's truly Making America Great Again!!!

Urban dweller
4 years ago

More left wing news uncovering the " real news!" Thank God!

5 years ago

More left wing fake news covering the "fake news".

Is there really any authoritative documentary on the fake news phenomenon? It's been going on forever the J-media has stepped it up times 100x recently never seen anything like it

Walter Haas
5 years ago

narcissistic drivel about the absurd conceit that reporters are speaking truth to power. in other words, to the director of this film “the truth“ is liberal progressive left wing truth.

5 years ago

I hope most big medias today crash and that a new one will emerge. But it wont, cause thats gonna be a shitfest. All that is needed now/soon is a great conflict. That way those in power wont be touched, cause "then we fear we will lose the war, cause its such vulnerable times"

5 years ago

The main questions he kept asking was based around could this happen,which in all cases have most unfortunately been answered.

5 years ago

A person who knowingly lies spiritually negates themself.

5 years ago

When PPL find themselves with way too much money they buy newspapers to shape the narrative.

I found it humorous that the NYT which is almost out of business was put out as the gold standard, and the Washington Post is the gold standard.

This is a left wing bleat.

5 years ago

Donald Dump, its not propaganda when it actually gets out that a lot of stuff said about him is fake. It doesnt matter if you like him or not, im not particularly fond of him, but Id be ripping my hair out if it was Hillary

David Llewellyn Foster
5 years ago

Valuable narrative, but far too much derivative stock-footage of boring crowds and wasted silences. This would have been more effective if cut back to 30 minutes. In fact everything could have been said without any accompaniment and images. Spoken word is often far more content rich, than examples like this of unnecessary time-consuming 'documentary' dressing. The thing is to communicate essential information, not entertain us and distract our focus with cliched imagery and background sound.

Mark Gaboury
5 years ago

Sounds like you are excusing fake news, which makes you fake news. You need to be honest and to expose the sins of the MSM Fake News Complex.

Donald Dump
5 years ago

okay, so i didn't want to watch this because of the donald dummy preview and the donald dummy "fake news" bs, but it seems this wasn't propaganda for that dummy. they did mention how biased news networks hide the facts to make someone else look better, but this wasnt a really hard hitting documentary. the fact of the matter is, we've got a narcissist in the whitehouse. he'll say and do anything to make himself look better and everyone else is worse than him. come on.....obama is the leader of isis? who really believes that?......

5 years ago

Why are there no dates on anything here?
This story, the doc, and the comments could all be ancient history.

Roger Andout
5 years ago

Big on theory - "power wants certain stories suppressed."
Short on examples.
Poor report.

5 years ago

Poor journalists. Give them food stamps. I almost cried.

5 years ago

Of course this presupposes that anyone of consequence actually want the truth to survive.