Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11

Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11

2003, 9/11  -   53 Comments
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Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11This is a great eyeopening documentary film. The left is far more infiltrated by actual paid agents of the FBI and the CIA, and the like, than most of us on the left are willing to think about seriously. The CIA...has virtually unlimited funds. It is above and beyond the law and it knows no moral constraints. It has no financial or moral or legal constraints to stop it from doing whatever it's going to do. There's a tremendously large number of CIA agents who are moles within the media. They occupy positions, high and low, throughout the newspaper, television, radio, and book publishing industries. A dozen carefully researched books have exposed the official story of 9/11 to be a terror fraud. Yet the mainstream media have monolithically failed to ask elementary questions about anomalies in this story. So-called alternative media have been little better. Towers of Deception explains why and prescribes actions to break out the truth.

Authored by a lifelong journalist who was for thirty-five years a media critic, Towers of Deception provides twenty-six "exhibits" of evidence proving "beyond a reasonable doubt" that 9/11 was an inside job. It then presents case histories of de facto censorship by mainstream media and examines the psychological phenomenon of denial. "False flag" operations and psychological warfare are dealt with in detail, as is the "invisible government"-the powers pulling strings behind the scenes. Following a profile of Dr. David Ray Griffin as an authentic prophet of the 9/11 truth movement, Towers of Deception urges people to speak truth to power and challenge all media.

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  1. Insidejob

    This is for Batvette, do some research!!

  2. Megajism

    People choose to believe whatever pays the best.

  3. Vietnam Helicopter Gunship Doorgunner

    Indisputable evidence of thermite. Tower Seven is not hit by a jet and falls identical to a controlled demolition with a few office fires that are hundreds of degrees below the melting point of steel. How can these facts alone be ignored in an alleged land of freedom and democracy? How can the 9-11 report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) be considered as authoritative or absolute when the stated facts have not been indisputably dismissed? The Land of the Free and the Brave and the founding principles for which hundreds of thousands heroic soldiers fought and died for, are in imminent danger. The majority of Americans are in defensive denial. Will Americans wake up in time? Demand an independent, impartial investigation with the facts presented through the judiciary process. No statute of limitations on murder.

    1. Adrian Parker

      I hear you brother...the media.....when the people stop acting like lemmings and following whatever "everybody else is" we wil start operating as a cohesive unit. In themeantime there are much to many lily livered peole who don't "wanna make a scene" it's long past making a scene time. If people realized what has occurred in what is called a 'democracy' ...i hope they would be alarmed but based on curent oputlooks ie: all the info. outthere on 911 etc. yet THEY STILL wanna rap of about conspiracy theorys. Thes e people and the media have to be treated the same way s the y treat thos e who really know. That is with utmost dismissive ness and caled a traitor/s for aiding and abetting th eperpetuation of lies terribly detrimental to lierally not only thge us.a and acnada but trhe world. Wake up people!

  4. clernfimmel

    Motive, who had one? Not Afghanistan.
    Building Seven, not in the 911 report.
    They didn't scramble the jets.
    Demolished building remains riddled with nanothermite.
    There were no WMDs in Iraq.

  5. Barbara Mullin

    It took ten years before I heard about Building #7 the third building that collapsed in seconds online in NYC on 9/11/01. I agree that Noam Chomsky is misleading the liberals not only on 9/11/01 but recently he has been quoted as saying that "who cares who killed JFK". New information is also coming out on this. Read book "The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination" by Lamar Waldron. The CIA shadow government must be stopped.


    The Earth is a tickling Time Bomb. That's why the savior had to come. It will end in a firestorm. If the Universe were not expanding, there would be hope. But unfortunately, it is. and so. is the wicked human consciousness which is Anti-logos.

  7. JohnnyBrighton

    I don't find this guy Zwicker very persuasive. For a journalism specialist he has remarkably woolly English, and can't say the simplest sentence without adding unhelpful nervous afterthoughts to it. More importantly, he claims there's a big conspiracy in the media because there's lots of FBI and CIA people there (without providing evidence by the way), but if this were so how does he explain the piles of books about the CIA that he has in his film, and how comes he believes THOSE? I'm not a big fan of Chomsky myself, but I don't see how you can criticise him because he's not prepared to go along with every tinpot conspiracy on the net, or because he's not particularly interested in who killed JFK.

  8. nikodemus1st

    True, 9/11 was an inside job but what he keeps on banging on about the left being aware of this and the left being a good force i think he is totally wrong, most 'lefties' i know wont even want to discuss anything to do with 911, you can almost hear the 'closed mind' shutters coming down if you tackle anything like this with any leftie, yes lefties are good at getting on the streets and banging their drums or blowing their whisles if al gore says the planet is heating up too quick etc, but for real action Lefties are actually the cause for letting us get into this mess (going with what the government tells them). I get the strong feeling this guy is a major liberal leftie that has seen the light and deep down realises that he has been with the 'sleeping left' and is doing all he can to justify it, in other words he is awakening.

  9. Drumming Spain

    One of the worst documentaries I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot....

  10. David Wilby

    people in power will do anything to gain more power... and do even worse things to keep it

  11. Joe Marquis

    The sad part is the children growing up are being taught and educated in complete lies.......It only took me one week after 9/11 to know what my eyes told me. I live in Las Vegas and have seen demolitions done.......Nothing comes down that precise without the use of explosives end of story.

    1. batvette

      So if we move the NIST to Las Vegas for a couple of years will that add legitimacy to their report? LOL!
      Their report is thorough and exhaustive. The collapse of the towers was in no way similar to a controlled demolition. Look at the way the columns on the floors of fire and impact were distorting in the minute before collapse. Look at the way the lower part of the building continued to remain intact until the mass of the upper part crushed it.
      That looked nothing like any of the well documented casino demolitions in Vegas or anywhere else. There is a clip on youtube which shows a tall building in Texas being destroyed, if you looked at that and the WTC towers it also shows, and said they were similar, you'd be blind.
      How did you expect them to come down? Gravity pulls in one direction, and it was hardly "neat and precise", large chunks of the outer columns and skin fell hundreds of feet outwards in nearly all directions. What do you think hit bldg 7?
      This is obscured in most video clips by dust and debris in the air.

    2. Another21stCenturySlave

      & ur explanation for wt7?
      & their explanation for wt7? wait, they hadn't got 1 for wt7. why was this?
      also both towers mysteriously collapse within exactly 30 mins of eachother..?!?!?!..

    3. batvette

      It's all in the NIST report. It's not a "mystery".

    4. Rough McHewn

      I agree completely, It is not a mystery, the NIST report is FICTION.

    5. batvette

      "also both towers mysteriously collapse within exactly 30 mins of eachother..?!?!?!.."

      Well that IS a mystery since both towers were struck by airplanes within 17 minutes of each other... but to be precise here is the timeline:

      Three buildings in the World Trade Center Complex collapsed due to structural failure.The South Tower collapsed at 9:59 a.m. after burning for 56 minutes in a fire caused by the impact of United Airlines Flight 175.The North Tower collapsed at 10:28 a.m. after burning for 102 minutes. When the North Tower collapsed, debris fell on the nearby 7 World Trade Center building (7 WTC), damaging it and starting fires. These fires burned for hours, compromising the building's structural integrity, and 7 WTC collapsed at 5:21 p.m.

      So both towers "mysteriously" collapsed within 29 minutes of each other.

    6. LoCoPat

      Batvette, I believed the official narrative for almost ten years, despite what my eyes told me was true. But the physics don't lie. The fires were confined to only a few floors in each building and were not evenly spread across the floors. Firemen could be heard on the radios saying that the fires were controllable, and office workers were seen walking over to the openings in the buildings and waving to passing helicopters for help. From this it's easy to conclude that temperatures were not hot enough to bring the buildings down. If anything, the tops of the buildings should have toppled over sideways and not straight down, since the damage was confined to corners of the buildings and not uniformly spread.

      The official story is that the weight of the upper floors gave way and crushed the lower stories in a free-fall cascade, reducing thousands of tons of cold, unheated steel and office equipment to powdery dust. This defies physics and logic. If you look closely at the footage from each collapse, the top sections of the buildings were also reduced to dust on the way down, before even reaching street level. How do the top sections disintegrate just like the lower sections, but without anything crushing down on top of them?

      There are numerous documentaries out there showing how the buildings were constructed. The interior of the towers consisted of a super-strong cage of steel beams, all bolted together in a rigid mesh. The entire structure was designed to hold together as a single unit. Because of the considerable resistance provided by that stiff central core, the straight-down path would have actually been the path of greatest resistance to any falling debris. The "pancaking" described by the media could not have happened, since each floor was cantilevered off this central core and also welded to the outer steel frame. In anything, the floors should have slid down while leaving the central core intact. The 9/11 Commission's own computer model of the collapse shows exactly that -- the floors pancaking down while leaving the center of the tower intact. By their own inadvertent admission, they knew it was impossible for the central core of the towers to pancake down on itself. Any tower weak enough to pancake from its own weight would never even satisfy the building code... Think about that for a moment.

      The fact of the matter is that no steel-framed building has ever collapsed due to fire, before or since 9/11. WTC 1, 2 and 7 are the only dubious examples fire-caused collapse in all of history. This is why steel is used in building construction in the first place, for its fireproofing abilities. Only a controlled demolition using military-grade explosives could have done this. If you look at the collapse in slow-motion, you can see blows coming from the sides of the towers as the they went down, completely consistent with those seen in controlled demos of high rise buildings. The extreme explosive forces, not gravity, are what blew steel beams hundreds of feet sideways, imbedding them in adjacent buildings. Gravity works in a downward direction -- not sideways. Very little of the debris from the towers actually hit Bldg 7, while other nearby structures sustained significant damage without falling.

      The extreme heat is also what produced those gaseous, pyroclastic clouds of pulverized material. Pyroclastic flows are a feature of major controlled demolitions as well as volcanic eruptions and result from extreme high temperatures. Puddles of red-hot molten steel were found at the bottom of the wreckage DAYS after the collapse. Kerosene-fueled fires are not capable of doing this, even if office refuse, plastics and other material are added to the mix. Most of us cannot psychologically get our minds around the fact that certain elements inside (and outside) our government could have done this. But what other explanation is there? Think about all the changes that came about in our society because of the destruction of those towers... Think about the freedoms lost, the wars launched and the contracts awarded to certain industries in the defense and security sectors... What better way to change an entire nation's way of thinking about their role as citizens than to rig a false terrorist attack? I'd like to believe differently and go on trusting what we're told, but we no longer have that luxury.

    7. batvette

      This shows:

      "The fires were confined to only a few floors in each building and were not evenly spread across the floors. Firemen could be heard on the radios saying that the fires were controllable, and office workers were seen walking over to the openings in the buildings and waving to passing helicopters for help. From this it's easy to conclude that temperatures were not hot enough to bring the buildings down."

      That either through willful ignorance or lapse of memory, you have a completely distorted recollection of that day's events in your mind. The firemen you quote had just reached the edge of the area where the fires were, (which were burning up, not down) and they saw fires before them which appeared "controllable". They were hardly in any position to make an assessment of the situation in the whole building.

      "If anything, the tops of the buildings should have toppled over sideways and not straight down,"

      This shows a complete ignorance of any concept of how a large building is constructed, and thus a discussion of structural failure analysis with you would be pointless.

      "If you look closely at the footage from each collapse, the top sections of the buildings were also reduced to dust on the way down, before even reaching street level. How do the top sections disintegrate just like the lower sections, but without anything crushing down on top of them?"

      That's silly, what you are looking at is SOME dust clouds surrounding (and obscuring from view)the mass of solid debris.

      "The fact of the matter is that no steel-framed building has ever collapsed due to fire, before or since 9/11. "

      I've not much further to say to anyone who isn't aware that two airplanes travelling at high speed hit those buildings, or would feign such ignorance to attempt to establish a point. But have yourself a "truthy" day.

    8. LoCoPat

      The architect of the WTC stated that the structure was designed to withstand being hit by THREE Boeing 707's simultaneously and still remain standing. Three 707s crashing into a building was a scenario they figured was beyond the realm of any statistical chance, and yet they still made the buildings that strong. The fuselage of a passenger jet is comparatively fragile -- so fragile that even a hard belly landing three or four times the normal force of a regular landing will usually destroy the aircraft with massive loss of life. The planes were utterly destroyed in the 9/11 impacts and didn't even come out the other side of the towers except in tiny fragments. The steel structure of the WTC remained largely intact.

      I studied architecture and obtained a degree in industrial design, and I watched at least ten 50-plus-story buildings go up in the immediate vicinity of where I went to school, a few of them over 1,000 feet. I think I'm fairly well acquainted with how buildings go up. The WTC was revolutionary for its time and was one of the first buildings constructed with a dense inner core of interconnected steel beams. There is tremendous resistance to downward force by this steel inner core, thus the path of greatest resistance for falling debris would have been straight down. The tops should have toppled over to one side where there was no resistance or friction, not straight down through all that cold steel at near free-fall speed. That's just plain, obvious physics.

      Again, I believed the official story for a long time, despite what my gut and education told me. I'm not a "truther", merely a citizen who desires to understand the truth of what happened and not live in denial. If you're willing to accept the official narrative and the phony physics and live a deceived life, that's entirely your choice.

    9. batvette

      If you feel you have the professional qualifications to challenge the NIST report's conclusions, by all means stop wasting your time in internet forums and publish an alternative hypotheses in a peer review scientific journal. I'm sure the editors will be impressed at your lofty credentials of watching other people construct 50 story buildings. If it seems I am being a bit contemptuous well I am. Your insistence that a major part of any large skyscraper would be expected to remain intact, "toppling sideways" instead of crumbling to pieces and falling where gravity directed, demonstrates a`continued ignorance of their construction,
      Furthermore when you produce an analysis by the building's designers that state they considered planes twice the mass of B707's travelling near full speed striking the towers and withstanding subsequent jet fuel ignited fires left unfought, you will have a point.
      Oh and those center cores, well you are partially right about that, on one of the towers a 40 story section of the core columns remained intact standing for nearly a minute. Means nothing.

    10. LoCoPat

      There have been several challenges to the NIST report, some initiated by families of 9/11 victims. More and more architects and engineers are coming forward to challenge the official view. It's like the global warming scam, which was perpetuated by the media to manipulate people's behavior. At first, most people believed in it because the media and big business kept pushing it. Then little by little, the facts started coming out and people began making informed decisions for themselves.

      People are starting to wake up about 9/11. I see you writing sentences in all caps... Anger often accompanies denial and doubt. I never had to reply to you, but I care enough about this issue that people wake up.

    11. feba59

      If you do just a little research on the flight envelope of those passenger planes, you would learn it is physically imposible, due to wind shear at that altitiude, for those planes to remain in a stable flight path to stay airborne! Let alone due to wind shear, thru drag, the wings would have easily flown off! Its amazing how willingly ignorent nay sayers are to the speed of gravity, flight mechanics, structural engineering, the periodic table of alumium and steel, sol gel nano super thermite!

    12. rufusclyde

      Cherry pickin' ol' spinning batvette! 767 weighs 395 000lbs, 707 weighs 336 000lbs. Were the original aircraft-impact specs made for aircraft with engines powered by something other than fuel?

    13. Ryan Loftis

      He doesn't need professional qualifications. There's actually a group of roughly 1,300 engineers and physicists and the like that have already done this for us. All of their data, aka the truth, is out there and can be reviewed by peers. NIST's.... is not. They won't release full models and/or data and have denied numerous requests being formal or legal. So you tell me what people are supposed to believe? A extremely large group of professionals putting their careers on the line or a group hired by the government that won't even give us the full story? I think the answer is pretty clear and you are clearly wrong in attacking someone like that on a forum.

  12. Xercès Des Stèles

    first part has a time length of 9:11... i see numbers everywhere!

  13. Jakob Isindahowz

    The sad reality is the fact "most" people are not all that smart or willing to think objectively about important matters. Perhaps, I'm being to critical because everyone is raised and trained -to a degree-by popular media which inevitably has a huge influence on us that most are not aware of. By keeping the majority of working class people concerned about their immediate lives and making ends meet, we don't have the time to bother questioning news stories or even politicians despite it being common knowledge they will say just about anything to stay in power. our entertainment has been dumbed down to the point of not really having to think at all.I do see a glimmer of hope in the future by the use of the internet and how information is being put out there that isn't controlled by big money. I just cannot believe how many people can watch building #7 and not see something wrong with the official story. Really? A fire on a couple floors did that?! Come on people look at the largest building in your city, now imagine a few floor on fire, now imagine it suddenly completely collapse, all those massive steel beams ALL failing, in the exact same way at the exact same time-by a few fires.finally it all falls into itself not leaving piles of concrete floors but a fine dust and bent and dismembered steel. All from a fire, really? Sorry but if you believe that than you should have your head examined.

  14. James Irvine

    9/11 was not an inside job, the evidence proves the conspiracies are wrong, if the official story is not accurate it does not mean it was an inside job, just that it is wrong, I don't know why there are so many people slitting their own throats and not seeing the reality right in front of them.

    1. James Irvine

      could it be Allahs will or Satan rather

    2. Annunaki420

      prove it wasnt ...your the one not seeing the reality

    3. Onnad

      then explain the collapse of Tower 7. If you can do that we will all believe you.

    4. weslen1

      Let me throw little "trump" in here. Larry Silverstein, the OWNER of building 7, stated, on c-span, that HE ORDERED the fire dept. to PULL the building. He had, just a few weeks before, changed the insurance he had on that building, to include triple damages if the building was damaged or destroyed by a "terrorist attack". Now, add the fact that the previous 3 owners of the twin towers, had tried for YEARS to get permission from the city of NY, to demolish those 2 buildings, and were denied. The video of Silverstein making that comment is still available on YouTube, and the rest is in an article I found recently while searching previous owners. Whatever the WHOLE truth is, one thing is certain. That IS that the "official" story is bunk. Also, for several weeks, or months before this tragic day, Guilliani was storing secret documents in building 7, covering his dirty dealing as mayor, and, so was the CIA, covering up their dirty dealings around the world.

    5. Christopher Paul

      Any single attempt at fighting the 911 conspiracy theory can be shut down instantly with this: FREE FALL SPEED

    6. batvette

      Only the towers didn't fall at free fall speed. End of story.

    7. Daniel T

      Interesting perspective James. In my opinion if 911 is an inside job it's still a terrorist attack and if the offical story is in-accurate/wrong than perhaps the justifacation for the war on terror is unjustified.

    8. coolbeenz

      i feel sry for sad people like u,,, expecially if u have claimed to do some research! there is no way 9/11 happened at all like we were told,, it goes against the law of phyisics, the law of mathmatics, the law of gravity, the law of science, most importantly the law of logic. it is such a sad pathetic lie and it just shows how low americans have scooped and how completely brainwashed they are,,, it is intellecually and morally degradion to believe such a lie, and u are sharing in the pure evil of what they have done if u claim to keep ur opinion about what happened on 9/11,,, i suggest u do some more research and wake up from the AMERICAN DREAM!!!

    9. Brandon Wease

      I think you're full of sh** you can see explosions in the lower floors. The planes hitting the towers wouldn't have caused that. God you're blind if you think the government wasn't behind the wtc

  15. trumpsahead

    Please do not post my long comment. I'm certain it will do more harm than good. Thank you. Sorry if I offended anyone.

  16. musbcrazy

    as much as i understand why people struggle to believe governments being capable of such horrendous acts, u really do need to do your own research instead askin others to answer your questions. the amount of available info out there is overwhelming...if documentaries are ur choice of media then there's 41 docs on then understand why they do these things then watch zeitgeist, Obama deception end game, the arrivals...the list is endless. to answer why Obama continues the bad behaviour, the answer to that is hes as much of a tyrant as bush was, sad to say, a great book that explains this is jesse ventura's '63 documents the government doesn't want you to see'. perhaps you should start researching the new world order! other great books are of course towers of deception but also the 911 commission report, dying to win, imperial hubris, jon pilgers hidden agendas tell me no lies, the new rulers of the world and start looking at a republican ron paul...he is the most honest and ethical politician that has been around in a long long time.

    1. trumpsahead


  17. linemanchuck

    i am by no means a scholar..but if all this is true why hasnt president obama removed the troops and contacted the muslims and appologized. If the alquida is not a terrorist group, is their any terrorist group. Why if this country is such and embarrisment to the educated scholars in this country why dont they all leave and go to france. Im just a public educated, public utility employee,who has worked and payed his property taxes, fuel taxes, income taxes, taxes on every dollar i spend. I have a budget and live by it and do not want any hand outs from the government, but i have to watch as politians give excuses and blame each others parties for why things are the way they are. We are in a war, whether or not you agree with the reason or not, it needs to be finished.. we have a budget deficit that could be correct easily ( god somebody please ask me how...) . Right , Left they all make me sick, they just want to be reelected and have power, and all the journalist and theorist just want to be listened to or their books sold. The majority of the people in this country have jobs, and they are at work when all this crap is going on during the day, and the money we earn subsidizes the entire government. One regular guy, with common sense could fix 90% of the problems with this weeks, and still have time to go home and keep his yard up, go to the gym, and be a good neighbor. But NOOOO we have all these supposed brilliant " leaders", journalist, , that have forgotten all that is important to the majority of this country. Opportunity is not given it is earned, Respect is not given it is earned. There is no cure for death and we will all die, so you better be responsible for yourself.

  18. Danny Young

    mr zweicher has gotten it right about media failure on 9 11. too bad a whole generation will be duped for years to come. look at what todays events pose as news the trials of charlie sheen and lindsay lowhan where is the real news? like iraq and afghanastan wars total news blackouts. nixon today would have gotten away with watergate under todays media.

  19. deg

    Then tell me "jack"...what are you "selling/"

  20. deg

    oops "here" and typo's

  21. jim T

    People are very easliy manipulated with the sway to the left, or the right.
    As so far as Barrie's book, he is right about one thing; the leftist are very easily manipulated and infilltrated as well. The left have very few moral constraints and can be deceived much more easily.
    I wonder if the left would have jumped on the bandwagon to condem the white house, if it would have happened on Obama, or on Bill Clinton watch.
    I will agree with the idea of NWO and CIA efforts to control the outcome of almost anything today. Elections, economies, Wars, Threats, and the perceived need for enemies. What would happen if everyone stayed home for the next presidential election?

  22. jack1952

    I'm convinced. The United States is the only evil empire. No one else would even consider doing wrong. Everyone else is either victims of this terrible regime or they are brainwashed sycophants. The CIA is everywhere. Infiltrated into the media, religious organizations, big business, protest groups, maybe even in your family. There may be an operative reading this post right now. There is a very strange buzzing sound on my telephone. And that guy in the sunglasses; why is he always in the library reading the same newspapers that I do.
    Of course I'm being a bit of a smart ass. Zwicker is a journalist huh. That can't be. How could a leftist journalist been allowed to have a job all these years? Surely that all pervasive CIA would have put a stop to him by now. Are they that inept? If I was the head of the CIA I would .... better not give them any ideas.
    Its amazing how all leftist rhetoric is truth but rightist rhetoric is propaganda. I've got a news flash for you, Mr. Journalist. It's all propaganda. It all has to taken with a grain of salt. If Zwicker is to be truly objective, he would give us a comprehensive account of Islamic fundamentalists beliefs and goal and their American right wing counterparts. He would give a minute by minute account of how the mainstream depicts 911 and then refute each detail with solid evidence. Neither he nor any other conspiracy theorist has done this to my satisfaction, and I want them to. If what he is saying is true I really want to know without a shadow of doubt. Then we would all know, for sure, that the U.S. is truly the only enemy we need fight and fear.
    To set the record straight, I am not an American sympathizer. I do not like a lot of what America stands for (corporate globalization especially). But I refuse to believe that there is a CIA operative under my bed until I actually find one there. I will not succumb to paranoia of any kind whether sponsored by the left or the right. What I want are unbiased accounts of world events. The truth is exposed by facts (no WMDs in Iraq for example) not by wishful thinking.
    I do not have a book to sell either.

  23. Healer

    It doesn't take a genius to realise how clumsy and misleading Mr. Bush's rethoric was. America the beacon of hope and freedom my ass. Of course it's a good thing to love your country no matter who sits on the throne, but when your king is turning your country to a rotten piece of land, you're supposed to say "hey, you can't do that!". The people who say these things don't get so much media visibility. I've seen here a lot of talk on the documents here about how USA is speeding up to be the next promised land of fascism, and I've seen an equal amount of talk about how USA has just as tight a media control about these things. I wouldn't damn sure pay TV-payment of any kind in your country, don't pay in mine either since I ain't got no TV, that thing's a rotten old propaganda and brainwashing transmitter, choosing what you can watch for you, and giving you a very restricted variety of what you can watch. Internet however, here you can at least attemp to seek the knowledge you can put a bit more trust on. Not 100% of your trust, but a bit more than what you can on TV.

  24. Jhef

    I'd really love to get a copy of the chart shown so many times in this documentary. Anyone know where to get it?

  25. squirrel

    This "documentary" appears to be nothing more than a ten-minute ad for a book. Not much is presented, other than an outline of that book.

  26. Banking Elite Rule the Whole World!

    "America was attacked because we're the brightest beakon of freedom" G.W. Bush

    Because of 911 and 19 HJ (who many of whom are STILL ALIVE) how many of our freedoms have been taken away in the name of "The War on Terror" There is no left and there is no right. these are only illusions of a choice. They can get Obama out of the whitehouse and put in another puppet of their choice. And the media which they own will always back them up and cover up any lies. Cut the strings and only then will we solve the problem. Stop and think. Dont be told.

    1. Rough McHewn

      "There is no left and there is no right."
      While that may well be true, it does not mean that because there is no Left, there is no Right. Presently it is all Right as far as Political Leaders and their Masters are concerned.
      And they do convince enough of 99% to continue our sham democracy myth.

  27. timothy price

    Now that the has been the evidence published on the Danish Chemical Journal the shows thermate was thick in the dust from the WTC, and we know that Larry Silverstein was the lease holder and Marvin Bush was in charge of security, they had to know that the themate was in the building: thousands and thousands of pound of exotic high explosives; so lets call for their arrest for murder, for insurance fraud, and for being traitors in aiding the enemies of America. Arrest Larry Silverstein, Marvin Bush, and lets hear how all that thermate got into the WTC.

    1. Demetri

      so dam true