Finger of God
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Finger of God

2007, Religion  -   421 Comments
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Finger of GodHundreds raised from the dead. Manna appearing in the Pentagon. Gemstones falling from the sky. Teenagers healing perfect strangers on the street.

This isn't old time religion. This is a new beginning. A spiritual revolution. This is the Finger of God. Prepare to go on a dizzying journey around the world - from the streets of Northern California to the mud huts of Africa.

From the underground church in China to the Gypsies in Eastern Europe - you will be challenged and encouraged by the extraordinary things God is doing in our world today.

Born out of filmmaker Darren Wilson's personal journey of two years and hundreds of hours of footage, Finger of God will show you a world you never knew existed. A world of hope and courage. A world where God's fingerprints are found in the unlikeliest of places.

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7 years ago

My Son went on a mission trip to Mexico and personally witnessed a healing of a guy who was deaf and a kid who had a club foot. It was real. Most of you unbelievers put too many limits on what God can do. I was blessed by the ministry going on in the documentary. But, I know that most churches never get to the miracles and wonders of God. They are too busy editing the Bible and not putting any effort to witness the real stuff. I have been to a Benny Hinn service in San Antonio about 25 years ago and witnessed hundreds of people slain in the Spirit. I didn't believe that stuff either until I saw it. I vowed that nothing was going to knock me down, but I felt it. It's not hype. I feel sorry for all who have a hard heart and a closed mind.

Stephanie Diaz
9 years ago

This movie saved me.After watching it, I instantly felt the holy spirit. Thank you to the creator and thank God for having me stumble on to this movie on a regular thursday afternoon. Praise God

Sherry Myers Derman
10 years ago

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Do you realize if we had something tangible that Christ himself touched over 2000 years ago that we could have the fingerprint of the Creator of the universe/world? That's amazing to me to think that God once had a fingerprint here on earth! Unfathomable!

10 years ago

can someone tell me if any miracles actually happen in the doc ?... I mean miracles, not a hunched over woman can now stand up straight. If so MAYBE I'll watch it.

10 years ago

some serious PR exercise albeit mouthing the same old same old. Let's call it... "Starwars 7: The Religious Strikes Back. "

10 years ago

everything is TRUE

Nicola-Jane Wiseman
10 years ago

god needs to get his tush over to Twitter and get himself a verified account with a little blue tick beside his name..... then and only then.... maybe..... I'd try to believe in him.. just a teensy bit.

11 years ago

Ok guys here is the question. If there is no God and Christ was not the incarnate God then no harm no foul! Believe what you want and do what you want no harm!but if He is real(and He so is!) then your actions are going to lead you to eternal burning and seperation from God! Think of how bad it hurts when u bang ur finger with that hammer. Now multiply it expedentially add fire and repeat! LOGIC at least dictates the safe bet. I mean what do u lose by following Christ?? Really? Whats the down side? I dont get it!!

11 years ago

bla bla bla bla, show me a 4000 year old mummy come to life now that's a f...king miracle.

11 years ago

Many of the comments are very interesting, for those who do not believe in the one true God, the ones who want proof. We have proof ,and when you give yourself to him and have just a little faith he will show you proof that will change your life. Salvation is a free gift, paid by blood. Sometimes God will show his proof to the unsaved so they may marvel and believe, but most times he uses the saved to lead others to salvation. Go get the smartest man in the world, give him a little each element in the universe, o heck lets say he lives a thousand years. Can he make life? Will his globe of goo breath , no my friend it will not.Nothing lives until God gives it life.God bless you all. This old redneck from Alabama is going to bed.

11 years ago

I have watched this film, along with Furious Love, so many times and I can't wait to watch it and share it with my friends again and again. There is so much love and passion flowing from these individuals. If you don't see truth here, you can't deny that these are people caring for and helping people in ways that are so wonderful! These people want their lives to look like that of Jesus -- they seek His heart and look to bring Heaven to Earth. You might not believe it, but at least you've come to watch it. If you finished the film, thank you for having an open mind!

I've read some of the comments and it seems that many are looking for proof but a well-read individual would know that proof isn't really God's thing. If you are familiar with the life of Jesus you'll know that he refused to prove himself to Satan when they were out in the wilderness. He didn't wish to prove anything to us, but only to show a loving God and to reveal a new life full of grace, not one of law. He moved to take us out of the Old Covenant into a new one full of grace. He wanted to heal and restore people to their true selves -- healthy, loving, joyous beings! If you're looking for proof just so you can try to disprove, you might (continue to) be disappointed.

I heard a man once say that either Jesus was the greatest deceiver that ever lived or he was the man he said he was. Regardless, it seems that He has had such an impact on the world that as responsible, intelligent individuals it is our duty to study this figure and decide for ourselves. Which would mean reading the Old and New Testament, reading about His life and watching films like this. Talk to people, go to some churches and see what's happening in our communities. This film shows that God wants to surprise us and make our lives richer. For the religious skeptics out there: we've become too complacent and comfortable with our views of who he is and I think he wants to challenge our lazy, doctrinal thinking! So many are quick to confine God into a small, religious box that makes sense -- but an unfathomable creator does unfathomable things. We're not supposed to understand -- it would be arrogant to think that we could. We are only supposed to live a life of expectancy, one of love and honesty -- with our eyes, and hearts, open to the possibilities. To seek an intimacy with Him so that we may come to understand His heart and His ways. He wants to reward us in our faith, and bring glorious gifts from Heaven down for us to enjoy.

Not all Christians are perfect. Not all of them are great ambassadors for God, and not all of them should be trusted, but Darren Wilson is an honest man who is painting a picture of a God that is real. These films and the incredible people in them are graceful, generous and loving -- people who are interesting to learn about. It is okay to be unsure, and it is certainly okay to be frustrated. But there's no need for anger, judgmental criticism, or ignorance. Be discerning, ask questions, and be open minded. Don't believe everything that everyone tells you, but be smart and seek the truth. Seek and you shall find!

You are all awesome and it's obvious that there are many intelligent individuals posting great points and asking great questions. Good luck with your searching and keep loving!

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
-- Albert Einstein.

11 years ago

Is there not one person that can see and appreciate this documentary as a display of the amazing love of God!? How can some people be so blind and deceived!?

11 years ago

The message has always been very clear, maybe we've grown so cynical to it. We are loved. Simply love in turn. It matters not which religion you hail from, the message is always the same. Love each other, help each other. Evil is a condition of the soul, a soul that doesn't allow Love deteriorates. Love is the best love affair you could ever have with yourself. The selflessness that comes with it defines us. It's the legacy we shall leave on earth. arguing amongst yourselves whose religion triumphs whose will not make the problems dissapear. Think of it as the famous hindu teaching of the blind men adn the elephant. one took a trunk, one the leg, one the tail and they all believed that they had the actual full story. I see religions like this. It's like a mountain road, all paths lead to the top, we all know God is there instinctively. Won't an atheist cry out to God when they fear death? it's the truth that our soul knows, simply accept it. It won't make you less of a person. Again with the great story of the blind men and the elephant. Everyone on earth has their own version of God, of Spirituality. No one can honestly say, I see the whole elephant! There is a God. That's what I believe. If we stopped bickering amongst ourselves, we'd actually take note of our surroundings. It's the actions we take. Was it God or human greed that spawned wars on this earth? is it not our bickering? Have we forgotten what wears down a soul? what depresses us? what makes us fear? Can we not just stand together on this one issue and accept that we are loved? Is it so hard to humble oneself on such a level? The world is a global community, we should help one another, love one another, however cliched some of you might think it is, just take that very first step. smile at a stranger, help someone who crosses your path with a problem. does it not uplift you? Do you not feel lighter? Are some of your doubts not assuaged? it doesn't matter whether you're a christian, a catholic, a muslim, a buddhist. you're all just taking differnt roads towards the same destination. God I believe, would never condemn a righteous person, no matter which route you use to seek him out. This religious debate is from a man. Please quit quarreling, it takes us nowhere. Just Love and change the World for the better.

11 years ago

This isn't about an F5 tornando! You're gonna rue the day for this! I'm talkin' imminent rueage!

11 years ago

How sad that so many people can be duped into believing this mess!
READ YOUR BIBLES!!! The Bible clearly states "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;" 2 Thessalonians 2: 3

There is no revival. There is no "outpouring". There is none of this. Just apostasy. Anyone saying this is of God is not reading their Bibles. They're just acting on their emotions and believing a lie.
Jesus said "Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" Luke 18: 8.
It was a rhetorical question. The answer is "NO".
Yet these people tell you that things are getting better and God is "pouring out His spirit".
NO! Not according to His own Word.
People are believing a lie and He is giving them what they want; a show, an experience, an emotional jolt - they want anything but God Himself.
This is horrible!

11 years ago

I just want someone to tell me please what is the point of this Doc???

11 years ago

When I was in my early teens I was watching an American film with my Grandma. One of the scenes was set in a strip club. As the scene commenced with dancing girls auctioning their assets, my Grandma turned to me, almost with total disbelief and said "only in America".
Since this early memory I have travelled to many countries, and have now concluded that this was quite a naive statement in that context.
Lately, I have found myself saying "only in America" in disbelief all too often when watching documentaries about religious movements in America. I can only describe some of what I've seen as crazy, or at the very least gross ignorance. America seems to have some serious religious problems that we wouldn't normally find in the Western World. It's very disheartening to see these sort of beliefs anywhere, let alone in the Western World.
Could a 'normal' American please give me their thoughts on why this fanaticism might be flourishing in the States.
Never mind the true Scotsman fallacy, by normal I intend to imply someone who isn't a fanatic of any sorts.

11 years ago

Hi I would like to know if I can order a copy of this documentary. and where can I go to get it. I would like to show it to the bible study we have in our house. I believe that it should be the new normal, to show the miracle working God that we serve. and to bring people hope and the truth.

11 years ago

I bet that your invisible deity even finds parking spots for believers vehicles right?

11 years ago

Ret*rded. An insult to God.

11 years ago

According to this video, with all the suffering in the world…God is performing miracles by blessing people with Gold Teeth and Gems.. Thats what God is doing to prove his existance and his majesty.

It's funny that the people who receive these Gold teeth clearly have tooth problems (look for yourself), this indicates that a likely scenario is that they have had dental work done recently. What would be a motive for people to do this you ask? The easy answer is to gain support for their church and receive donations, thats right, Money.

Ok, now the Gems…. Um they randomly appear in peoples hands? This isn't to difficult to figure out.. It's also funny that they "came from God" but are CUT exactly in the way that any Jeweler would cut a Gem Stone. What a coincidence that God has the Same geometric cuts that all stones are cut with. And I love the 'magical' qualities of these Gems, none of which are supported by any evidence or inspection.And the magical appearance in their hands…well thats pretty easy to figure out.

Well, what about the gold dust? Have you ever seen gold dust? It's very easy to sprinkle this stuff everywhere and it makes a real mess. I've used it for art projects and it is easy to dust anyone or anything with it be it on purpose or by accident. BTW it's not real gold, it's a lightweight foil/powder thats just gold color.

Then a woman feels "chills" after being prayed for. WOW! Chills? I've never heard of anyone getting chills especially when they believe whats happening is a powerful experience.

Oh then the man who's leg is "healed'. You will notice that he puts his crutches down and walks. Only he could walk before being 'healed', and when he does walk, he walks with an obvious Limp.

This is a video that everyone should watch, because it exposes the truth and ridiculousness of this type of practice. And it does it unknowingly to it'self because it is so easy to see the illogical conclusions that are being drawn by the people who themselves are making the documentary.

11 years ago

This "Flick" is a mantra for every con man under the sun. the perpetrator's are true scum bags. By the way, what "Manna" was, is unknown to this day, and only conjectured by scholars, to have been mushrooms.

11 years ago

wow. this is the kind of life that i want to live.. everyone should see this movie.. it completely changed the way i see Christianity and what it should look like ..

11 years ago

wow this stuff is powerful. Believe. Every knee shall bow and every mouth will confess that Jesus is Lord. Every knee and every mouth... every believer/every unbeliever will one day confess. Its a fact.
Ask God to help you see it. You have to find out for yourself.

11 years ago

for they will be ever seeing but never perceiving. They will be ever hearing but never understanding...

Open your eyes to the miracle of love and the way of the spirit.

11 years ago

I'm a christian but I don't believe what this people are doing. I think they are probably lying. I am religious but not gullible.

11 years ago

This is just silly. Gods new line in miracles, gold teeth and sparkly things!

11 years ago

I dont usually comment on these things but the ignorance trying to pass off as "fact" is just to much. First Darwin was NOT...thats right NOT a Christian. While there are Christians who accept the plausibility of evolution Darwin WAS agnostic.
Secondly evolution is NOT ...thats right NOT a fact. It is a scientific THEORY. Unless I missed it the "missing link" is still missing. And even that discovery would only advance the THEORY of evolution-not establish it as fact. Much of what the ignorant refer to as scientific "fact" is, if we are going to be factual, nothing more than theoretical.
(As an aside scripture does not expressly exclude evolution and the Biblical account of creation, when the "days" are simply taken as an arbitrary quantification of time, could be almost a description of evolutionary development).

11 years ago

If people are really being healed in this world today why does it only happen to more VAGUE conditions than amputees. If for instance a celebrity who didn't have an arm, and this was known to alot of people, suddenly had an arm tomorrow this would be quite spectacular.

Instead the more VAGUE a condition is the easier it is to CLAIM miracle.

Fraudsters use vagueness to their advantage. People use it for self-deception. They have since time immemorial.

Poets also use vagueness to twist the meaning of a word halfway through a sentence giving it emotional meanings the word doesn't really have.

Religious texts use vagueness and ambigouity, in poetry or not, claiming poor communication skills as wisdom.

Real wisdom can be seen in CLARITY rather than vagueness.

Real wisdom adresses long term values versus short term desires.

Real wisdom seperates value questions, fairness, other peoples point of view etc from "what exists" questions.

Real wisdom uses a proper level of complexity for it's audience when possible.

Real wisdom has a relevant level of precision, neither more nor less.

Real wisdom does not adress complex questions superficially. It digs down to the proper depth, and might need to give complex answers as opposed to simplistic slogans or commandments.

Example:The nations laws vs the golden rule which is superficial which takes the complexity of society into account?

Real wisdom is aware of egocentric or sociocentric thinking.

Example: Am I thinking about how this affects me? Should I be thinking about how it will affect others?

Example:How does the matter look from the perspective of a group of mostly poor people informed only by the government controlled information in their country? Do you look helpful or threatning when this is taken into consideration? What are the implications and consequences of this?

Real wisdom is logically consistent.

Real wisdom changes when it discovers new better ways of thinking.

Real wisdom does not exist. Noone is perfect but if I define 'real wisdom' as 'better thinking' than the poor communication of vague ambigous old texts then yes it does exist in that SENSE. Real wisdom considers the sense a word is intended, not just the literal letters. Nor does it change that sense halfway through a line of thinking.

The foundation for critical thinking has alot of resources on this and more if it should interest you.

12 years ago

Then certain of the scribes and the Pharisees answered, saying Master, we
would have a SIGN (Miracle) from thee. But he answered and said unto them,
"An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a SIGN (Miracle) and there shall no SIGN (Miracle) be given to it, But the SIGN (Miracle) of the Prophet Jonas Matthew 12:38-39 (Holy Bible)

Seeing brain washed people like this...Who stop using their true Miracle - Their Brains! I am no more surprised why people chose not to believe in God and call themselves Atheist!

These People have made God some sort of Magician out there pleasing people with tricks that do not appeal to the intellect & wisdom...

If indeed you have the treasure of Miracles then go out to all hospitals heal people there - People are fed up paying doctors in hope of getting cured - Health care has become a big money making industry you miracle workers can break this trend!
If indeed you have the treasure of Miracles go to those famine hit areas in the world, just pray get some gold or whatever u can manage...But for heaven sake stop those famines!
If indeed you have the treasure of Miracles go to those "Terrorist" just cure them of their sickness! I bet everybody want this to be done no matter what means or whether one is Religious or Atheist...
If indeed you have the treasure of Miracles go to those war zones and solve also those problems "Once for All". Numerous people are suffering oppression for reasons they dont know, Numerous soldiers are suffering oppressing people for reasons they too dont know...all are leading just so much frustrated life...Just for God Sake go there!

But indeed if you have a shred of Truth and Sanity left in you... please cease from what you are doing ( I know you people think whatever you do is pleasing God!) it is simply bringing wrath of God closer to you...There will come a day when all this what you do will break down in front of you...just like a dream and that day the pain in your heart & the nervous break down in your brain will have no peace no cure...and there will certainly be no miracle coming down for such people!

You are the Miracle...You have such wonderful thing called Brain...Use this Miracle...God save You...

Todd MacDonald
12 years ago

God fingered my grandmother.

12 years ago

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12 years ago

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12 years ago

First off, this film has a huge story behind it. Why it was even made! And there is a second file called Ferious Love, it is even better. When you hear the store behind this film being made and the next two film you see God working on something so much greater. This file was a man saying yes to God in making it. I pray you say yes to God. When you don't see the whole picture or know why, but just say yes and step out BIG things happen that only God can do and not man. That is the God I want to serve. Great Job Darren, i look forward to the 3rd file father of light coming this january. PS: get the whole story behind this making.

12 years ago

Apparently, God has time to do the dentist and sprinkle fairy dust on people's crotches but can't spare a second for the thousands and thousands of children dying of hunger and raped every single day. In that case, he must be one Holy, Omnipotent and All-knowing JACKASS.

Scott Sherwood
12 years ago

I was watching along, and suddenly I realized. OMG, the Narrator has been compromised!! Ruuun, save yourselves!!!!!!

Markus Makkonen
12 years ago

Uh oh... Great to see the Atheist Crusaders on fire again. You feel proud?

12 years ago

Beautiful, awe-inspiring. I am a relatively new follower of Jesus Christ. I study Scripture and commentaries at least 8 hours a day for the past 3 years. Even so, miracles in our day I felt a bit skeptical about. The Spirit of God led me to this site and to this documentary - I had no idea what I was really looking for until I found it. Months ago I prayed fervently foGod to provide me with wisdom and revelation of who He is. I prayed not for wealth, health, or things of that nature. Just more wisdom at Knowing Who God is, His Character, and Does He really Do what He says He will do according to His Will. After watching this documentary, I cried sweet tears of joy and relief. And I thanked our Father in Heaven for guiding me to this movie. It was extremely encouraging, uplifting, and pointed right to the heart of God Himself. Thank you dearly for making this movie. I have been blessed dearly and I long to show it to others. May the peace of God surround the heart of all who read this, in the name of our Lord and Savior. Open your eyes to see, open your ears to hear - be open minded and open your heart to Yeshua - He will do the rest and you will come to believe upon asking Him with sincerity and love. Blessing to us all. God be praised!!

12 years ago

Literally watched 10mins of this shit, not gonna bother with this American garbage. Got better things to do. These yankie doodles for real.

12 years ago

@KikkiNeh -- your ignorance blows me away. Read a book.

12 years ago


12 years ago

This is the simply ridiculous. "About a year ago, I couldn't turn my neck to the left. Now I have a full range of motion!" It cant possibly be that the body heals naturally over time...could it?

12 years ago

What is wrong with you sheepeople. Really gold teeth you should fined the dentist who put them in. Why didn't GOD fix the rest of that old woman teeth. Common, people will look for anything to fill up there lives. I can't figure out why GOD only protects American soldiers and not anybody else who they fight against, just can't watch anymore of this totally insane doc.

Brandon Schultz
12 years ago

I don't think I'm going to finish watching this, but I got a long ways into it. I started watching it because I thought it would be a critical look at Christianity.

I felt that for a practicing religious person, this guy had a pretty fair, reasonable outlook. It was interesting to take in a favorable opinion of miracle phenomenon, since most docs are about the obvious reason why they are phony.

He does talk about his personal faith, so it might make good material as reference for religions courses & so on.

12 years ago

"But whoever fails to find me harms himself; all who hate me love death."
Proverbs 8:36

Eternal life is not only life after death. It is the God quality of life that is available to you now, before your body dies... and forever.

Brian Willis
12 years ago

Why are people who believe in eternal life worrying about cancer? Go meet god sooner! In fact, put your gonads in a jar and go meet him right now. I'm going to try praying for god to give me cancer, so I can start experiencing the afterlife sooner

12 years ago

Ignorance. Evolution is not a religion and it does not tell you to love "everyone." It is a scientific position on the way that organisms evolved into human beings. It does not make statements like, lets just all love each other." If anything, evolutions says that we are just complex biological anomalies for which love is just a redicluous statement because it is a chemical reaction to certain stimuli. Time to wake up, ignorance is disgusting, please educate yourself!

12 years ago

Interesting that many of these conditions can be improved by positive thinking or just faking it. If god healed you, why doesn't he heal the believers with real illnesses such as cancer, spinabifida, down syndrome, aids......If Christians are right yall are the biggest hypocrites and idiots in the world. If you are wrong (which you are), you are the most gullible person in the world. If there is proof or evidence show me! Why is it that all reason, logic, history and science are contrary to your beliefs? Maybe you should ask yourself this question.

12 years ago

And just for the record, there is no proof that science is real either!!! Some people just GUESSED what it could be and wrote i down as a formula... it only proofes that humans are really creative and have an awesome imagination. If some of them use it to invent Sciences and Formulars and others put their efford into god, there is nothing wrong about it. Just let them believe in what they want! no need to debate and call each other names and make each other bad in front of the rest of the world!!!

12 years ago

They do go into hospitals and pray for children with cancer. The hospitals that will allow them in. And many of them get healed. Bethel Church in Redding, CA has an almost 100% cancer healing rate.

If you love these children that you feel need healing as your evidence: round up as many as you can and take them to Redding, CA, to Bethel Church, and get the evidence you need to separate yourself from God for eternity, or finally get what you seek.

Many good people live a miserable life while living in the most wonderful places. Many people in the most miserable places live with more happiness than you see here in America. It's not their theology, their politics, their intelligence... it's there understanding of God. The God who loves them with an unending love that is not bound by the laws of this reality.

The love of God manifested in miracles is not really evidence: it's demonstration. The evidence is that God touches the lives of people you don't really care about, so their miserable, joyless existence is transformed into a joyous, celebration of victory. And they get healed and live in a state of bliss for eternity to boot.

You are going to live forever.

Even people who have died and said that they didn't see anything testify to the fact that they remember the things that took place when they died. It would be a better testimony, if theirs is an argument against an afterlife, for them to say that they don't remember.

You are going to live eternally with the God who makes everyone alive, or the ideas that become void and a reproach to all who trust in them. Travel the world and try God. You will not be disappointed.