Freedom: Are You a Freedom Seeker?

Freedom: Are You a Freedom Seeker?

2013, Society  -   41 Comments
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Freedom is a film about a personal quest for freedom that doesn't stop with easy answers. Freedom is the right to do whatever you wish, provided that it doesn't interfere with the freedom of anyone else who has the right to similar enjoyment.

Freedom is getting to know yourself for who you really are and waking up every day knowing that you're going to create what's going to happen to you.

Freedom is to be able to truly be what you are. A recognition of something greater than yourself. Without fear anything is possible.

Freedom is to find decent food to eat and a good place to sleep. Freedom is infinity, dance is the freedom. The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

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5 years ago

I must say that those who free themselves from the major media (propagandists and enslavement promoters) seem to be more centered or happier.

5 years ago

One persons freedom is another persons chains. For example, some want to be free to smote pok. That is a chain for some and may become one for them. Another example would be a prior commenter desiring "a robust efficient govt" which is an oxymoron, will never happen since it is the entity which provides/allows corruption and deception and more nefarious activity ...such as enslavement. Same person thinks cities are it, whereas they in fact are ever expanding wildlife and nature destruction zones. Same person desires a great health care system. Yet it makes people slaves to their drugs.

To me freedom would be the lack of need or want of anything. Meaning you have what you need and want. Covers a LOT of territory.

I have to agree with another commenter who said similar to "too many people are cowards." If your current situation is severely dragging you down to the point it is just too much to bear and you are about to go postal on yourself or others... I met an accountant who took a year off and got bored and got a job pumping gas at a fairly busy station. Was having a ball at it. For him it was a no stress job and he got to exchange pleasantries with people. For others it would be the opposite and they would dread it.

Some won't even TRY to look for a different job if their current situation is a teeth clencher. Had one of those jobs, took me over 5 years to leave it but I did finally get relief from it. Happened fairly fast when I set my mind to it, rather than just complaining to myself and others about it.

A mind set in motion can accomplish quite a bit. Some times the better question might be: What would you really like to accomplish?

5 years ago

I thought I'd run through some comments before potentially wasting time on this one and it appears to fit my experience of most of these 'freedom' docs. Yes, do what you want, but bear in mind no man is an island is a truism and what you do (or don't) impacts on others' lives in some way or other. As to Freedom itself, I left the West 20 years ago and eventually settled in Asia. I have to tell you that there is nothing more freeing than not having to depend on anyone for anything = peace of mind. Wherever you are.

7 years ago

seems to be like a modern religion,and this is a weakness about this idea in this documentary , once you telling people what they should and should not do, basically you stealing their freedom (under the name of advises, religion,ideology ) ,and also you need to be more realistic cause the harmony is not every where as we all wish, if you look at the nature carefully as it is,you can easily see the unfairness every where like survival is belong to the stronger not any creature has a right to live (as we wish).

7 years ago

thank you for this. the description really resonated with me. amazing :)

8 years ago

This was a pretty bad film, please learn more about Egypt for real, this is new age bs.

Mihaela M
9 years ago

I firmly recommend this doc to everybody; every thing sayd here is according to common sense that mankind have to use it! every thought and idea in this documentary are valid and solid. Watch and learn from it if you need it! If not, just enjoy! Congrats to the autor for every action he did in realisation of this film..

Jacek Walker
10 years ago

Many want to be free to do what they please, but they shirk responsibility for their acctions. They need more understanding, more courage. Majority are inmatured cowards - that's why they need leaders, churches, politicians, orgazinations etc to shift responsibility on them.
They need to grow up in consciousness to understand what freedom is. Freedom IS understanding.

10 years ago

I am really sorry, but I have watched half an hour of this, and am really feeling that I have never wasted my time in a less productive way!! I don't normally write comments with out watching the whole thing, but I am just worried that the next half will make me even more bemused with the time in my life that I have lost.

a clear man
10 years ago

Today I abstained voluntarily from mainstream media, as I have been practicing since age 17. I couldn't resist commenting on this video though...I started watching some "all you need to have a weed farm" but it wasn't very stimulating. The premise of this films' synopsis struck me as sort of, well, not to be inconsiderate but...hokey~
However, watching it was a good experience. I see where some of the other post commentators are critical, but as a very sharp witted and exacting virgo I would like to offer this film a pass.
Without prattling on, I simply want to present some very precise angles.
It is too didactic to say "we must face our fears head on," and then launch into some trippy diatribe of an egypt vacation, spliced with ayahuasca tripping/into vaguely post anarchistic communal living in the countryside of the netherlands???

Listen. I believe deeply in the evolutionary underpinnings of the animations journey. I am in it in my own path of life. I too learned of maslows hierarchy of needs in my early 20's, then ran far into counter-cultural exploration to try to find a way...

What I learned, or perhaps am naturally pre-dispositioned too, is that there is much work to be done in the way of DUTY...
I mean, to participate in life.
Running away isn't really possible.
Its good to have outs, but better to have a way to do battle and have clear egress when necessary.
Much of what I write im sure is off into the ethers, but for a few important souls, it will help.

What is needed is repurposing.
The urban model, technology, information, even shipping, globalization etc...
These are not entirely horrible.

However, what needs to occur is a truly advanced and ecological version of this.

Im very unconvinced that some sort of throwback to quasi-communist 60s methodology will support this.

However, I do applaud the organic treatment of land and food production, as well as humanely raised and more importantly small scale use of animal/livestock.

That said, I think-
Many people can and should have such revelations about the futility of blind consumerism, and participating hook line and sinker in "the system."

But I think, the appropriate response might be less escapism, and more settling into a real courageous city shoulder to shoulder paradigm.

I hope, essentially, there are less cars, less cops, less political corporate entities, more community, more communications, and a governance based on providing truly enriching social support systems such as healthcare and education.

I think there should absolutely be a strong, robust government type entity, however its job should be severely restricted to managing and distributing effectively. UNDERLINE EFFECTIVELY~ Standard of social services.

Free of agenda except to support the egalitarian well being of people.

As far as trade, commerce, regulation, this should be divorced from government funding.

What is happening in the banking system, and in general where the government is wholly vested into industries, psy-op agendas of dominance, is just terribly ruined.

Its a purely logistical matter of such a way of things being handled ineffectively.

That is the sticking point.
Its not so much that society is bad, financial systems inherently prone to corruption, oversight wrong, etc.

The problem is that things are disorganized, poorly defined, chaotic.

We are in for interesting times,
and thank heavens the computers will provide for us much more in the way of keeping track of things...

Anyways. The message also, of the heart of the matter-Egypt as the great historical landmark of our "society" more importantly its technologies of hierarchy, distribution...

Heard and seen.

I think the endgame of a fertile river flowing free of toxicity, with an advanced crystalline structured solar fueled parallel human civilization is good.

We musn't have so many barriers though. Especially that of the old order. however, monarchy is already become the friend of the people.

There is industry possible in so many things.



monsanto first.

It would be completely acceptable in the eyes of fate should a band of brave citizens gather information and purge, carefully, this planet of those who sow malice in the way of contrived and machinated machines of oppression such as cancer causing toxic food crisis, and pharmaceutical cures.

The answer is not always to retire to a farm and sing coombaya.

Sometimes, it will be far more useful to be quiet, smart, conservative-and perhaps join the infrastructure with a very specific design of undermining the current regime.

DO I propose the F.B.I and C.I.A and worldbank and I.M.F be repurposed to fight for ecology and restoration of health?


It is a great way to start.
It is not that structures are inherently corrupt.

However, they must be trained to be inherently ethical and moral.

Ancient. Egyptian.

The resources of the many will create well being for all.

fire rabbit
10 years ago

anyone who needs leaders(16:00), and speaks about social status without questioning it doesn't really understand concept of freedom and has not seen into free zones and has not exchange thoughts with people understanding freedom.

it does look as if he's refering a bit on political situation in some countries, but doesn't try to deconstruct and describe the power guided-political systems and it's ability to shape societies.

it's very childlish to say that hierarchy in society is ok as long as the exploiter is having respect for the the exploited. there is no respect in power system.

this video is like a romantic story with a thin glaze of mistical told to
people in order to push them into seeking "freedom" inside the
society but without questionig and atacking the society (it's-you can be free under theese terms-kind of "freedom"). well... it's kind of the
abused spouse story- you can't fix the abuser, you can't stay cos it won't get better, you just have to get out and seek/make other forms of relations.

this video is flerting with some phenomens in an unseen ways… speaking about mariage as a step to freedom?

And life is not short, because life doesn’t stop the moment you die. Your life is short. So step out of the "I".

beware and watch this video cum grano salis (lots of grano!)

10 years ago

Thank you

Jeremy Benson
10 years ago

No one is free, there are moments of freedom. I think accepting that has made me happier than a life of chasing the unattainable would, lol.

Sharon B
10 years ago

Awesome movie!! I too am on the path to freedom, and its such an amazing journey...<3

10 years ago

What, at about 38:40 this guy makes a statement i could not disagree with more. "....I just need to accept it openly without any judgement, the truth will come up sooner or later, I don't need to judge." This is a ridiculous statement in my opinion. Of course we need to judge what is or isn't truth for ourselves. Otherwise someone else is telling you what truth is, how is that freedom? I can see that we shouldn't make this judgement until we have all relevant information, and that we must avoid prejudice and bias as best we can if we want to arrive at the real truth instead of what we want the truth to be. But, the truth doesn't just come up sooner or later, it doesn't come plop itself in your lap just because you have decided to be open minded. At least it hasn't in my experience.

This doc is o.k. until you get about half way through and realize this guy is just pushing another pseudo-scientific bunch of new age b.s. He says he studies astrology to get a deeper understanding of the cycles of nature, not astronomy, astrology. That is a laugh. He says truth will just reveal itself to you if you suspend critical thinking, another laugh. He is simply trying to get you into the mind space he needs you in if he hopes to sell you his version of new age spirituality. .

10 years ago

A contradiction at about 3:00 minutes in, "Live within the terms of society but, live how you want to live". It has been my experience that living within the terms society dictates is what steals most of our freedom.

10 years ago

just be grateful robert bauval has clothes on for a change

10 years ago

I thought this was pretty good overall. There were some great messages. The thing that bugs me about messages like this, however, is they hit on very important points but offer no definitive plan of action and vague, at best, solutions. People are afraid to drop everything they know, and with good reason—there is a lot at stake. People have spent their entire lives building and working towards what they have, and 'slave' or not, without something solid to grasp onto, they aren't typically going to wager everything they have on a notion put together in a documentary. If messages like this want to be better accepted and taken more seriously as viable options for humanity, the message should provide solutions that are realistic and understandable, and that people can relate to.

10 years ago

As I watch 1/2 of this doc., I think that the quest for freedom as defined by all here + myself is not going to be an important question if our air is polluted, our water is not clean and basic degredation of nature for our resources diminishes the qualityof all life on earth.. It seems to me that learning to work within our own communities on a smaller scale and enjoying the riches each individual shares with others; will provide an important niche for everyone. As you found, people are creative thinkers and innovators. But, I think we become overwhelmed by worldly concerns. I see the bumper stickers, "Freedom is not free." I ask you; how can freedom NOT be free??
Perhaps, finding what you can offer up from inside yourself to fill a niche where you live will allow for the "freedom" you seek.

10 years ago

"I want freedom" Lose the "I" that's ego. Lose the want, that's desire. And freedom (relative to ones being) is what is left. =)

Paul Gloor
10 years ago

Its true, freedom is the time to enjoy life by whatever means you choose so long as it doesn't cause harm, the room to find yourself and then find yourself again.
I don't like the idea that its pushing drugs as a gateway to self discovery even if they are 'traditional' and 'harmless'. Everyone is different and must find their own pleasure or pain that opens their own doors.

To answer the question;
"What would you do with unlimited money, unlimited skills, and no emotional ties ?"
I would be building an empire of research and technology bringing as many people who can and want to make a difference together and say "have at it". curing disease, pushing space exploration, green energy raising awareness, save humanity and the planet and all that jazz. Big science.

10 years ago

I'm a "Freedom Seeker" but I find this video too difficult to watch. Next.

10 years ago

Very poor video technique, which makes the viewer confused at times but the message is valuable though it's not possible for every one to follow this path. You must inherit some wealth or win the jackpot to say good bye to the existing complex daily life and pursue your passion and get closer to the nature. When you your rent is due and there not enough money in your account, it's impossible to focus on what you really want to do or have FREEDOM to do what ever you like to do.

10 years ago

the first time it's a great doc
the second time it's a great thinking tool
the third time you can already see it assimilated in parts
a like overall...can't remember what part i didn't like if any
i liked the style of presentation
(i saw it earlier on a different site)
10 years ago

I am currently pursuing this philosophy in Saskatchewan Canada. My free life has been underway for several years now. All I have needed has come easily-- once I stopped following the brainwashing of my youth. My years as a robot are over and I now have peace. I will post video of my property and home in another month or so when the snow melts. I think that the Permaculture movement works in harmony with freedom and that the sharing of this knowledge will set us free.