The Friendship Case
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The Friendship Case

2013, Mystery  -   84 Comments
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Newspapers talked about it, people wanted to know, but nobody could penetrate the mystery. What was going on? Strange flying machines were playing the skies of Italy. It was the fifties. Some people took incredible photos, others were frightened and shouted "They're here, they're among us," while still others believed that aliens came to help. But who were they; where were they from, and above all what did they want?

Until recently, the phenomenon of contactism, or the deliberate encounter, repeated over time, between man and evolved extraterrestrial entities, was believed to involve only a few chosen individuals, or contactees.

Many of them went down in history. George Adamski, Howard Menger, Eugenio Siragusa, just to name a few, all of them faithfully abided by this cliché. But in 2007, something happened that would change the cards on the table. Stefano Breccia, and engineer from Marche, living in Abruzzo, published some startling papers that seemed to reveal the story of repeated direct encounters between more than 100 people, and extraterrestrial beings living in numerous secret bases on our planet.

The main figure of the event told by Breccia is the writer Bruno Sammaciccia. The case is said to have taken place mainly in and around Pescara. It would all begin in 1956, and would last for many years. The film clips and photographs that have emerged so far are of considerable interest. But even more extraordinary are the testimonies of the individuals involved. Everyone called their story "friendship." And that is the name that has come down to us today. Thanks to Stefano Breccia's courage, one of the most awe-inspiring sagas in ufology has come to light. It wasn't an easy decision to decide to make it known.

It all started from an idea from Bruno Sammaciccia. He'd been thinking about writing down his experiences, and then asked Breccia to be the one to do it. And so he was at his house for a month to record his stories. Then he put everything together. Besides granting his dear friend's wishes, Breccia had set himself another objective. One reason is, he hoped that it might work as bait to encourage other people in the group to come forward.

Gaspare De Lama and his wife Mirella are among those still alive today who were involved in the "friendship" event, and who accepted Breccia's invitation to come forward. They now live on the shores of Lake Como. Gaspare admired Stefano's courage to expose himself so directly, despite being a well-known figure in science and academia. Gaspare De Lama became a fan of ufology in the late 40s and, together with his wife, sought a path to greater awareness. Even Gaspare's mother took part in the events.

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  1. Rainbow

    Stupid music!
    This is not ancient aliens! You should have beautiful loving music evocative of heart centered friendship. Not the sensationalistic high drama fear frequency. Wake up Human This story is about love and trust. Your soundtrack should reflect it instead of trying to whip people into fear state. Just tell the story with love, wonder and humility.

  2. dazzle

    The 1 tall Arnie and 1 short Danny,have scoped the planet and decided Lake Como is much nicer than the Nevada/Arizona area.

  3. flippinecc

    Some of the bonehead comments on here examplify why extraterrrestials don't land on the White House lawn. In their formative stages of spiritual evolution, human beings can be extremely dangerous to both themselves and others. Anyone with the attention span to absorb the information will understand that the protagonists in this case were highly respected professionals, including professors, journalists and even a diplomat, who kept their secrets for decades, well away from the simple-minded and fearful.

    1. Terry

      Wow youd bore them to death

    2. Nibiru60

      Absolutely! On every point. The issue that terminated the scenario was that the humans could not maintain their amicable relationships. The beings told them from the outset that their 'reality' is built upon the energetic harmonics of Love. That even their technology is 'programmed' as such to the degree that if one attempts to even 'think' about using it in a nefarious manner it will self-destruct. They also told the group that they were on shaky ground with the opposing ETs and had to be careful. So that petty, knit-picking and selfish behavior which started to manifest among the members actually made it dangerous for the 'friends' to continue. It is sad. I am not sure how far back in history we need to go before we understand just how long these 'elites' have been playing the Divide and Conquer Game; triggering us left and right. It is time to wake up from the American (or insert Western colonial nation) Dreaming.

    3. Rainbow

      YES. You are so right. Thank you, Beloved ✨💜

  4. Fintan

    hmm..aliens that don't pay there debts..think my sister's an alien!

  5. Baba

    Italian should stick to inventing new types of Pizza and not this.. C'mon !

  6. Melody

    Soooo, if the information they had to share was so vital, why did they share it in such a convoluted manner, AND to people who had ABSOLUTELY ZERO stroke anywhere! Telling these "important" things to this group of people was akin to telling a bedtime story to a bunch of kids! LOL! What a bunch of HOGWASH!

    1. Jenny

      So Melody should they have told the information to you? That’s funny 😄

  7. nytehawk

    These aliens let these people take umpteen photos and a short video of there craft but no photos of the 1 meter tall and 2.5 meter tall alien or the inside of their craft. Interesting. The aliens all have a message of hope or they want to conquer us. Why don't any aliens ever stop to just say hi and get a Starbucks coffee or a Big Mac?

  8. marchigian

    Well well, lots of crappy comments about people that just like to open their mouth without even try to understand what happened....i live right in the place where the facts happened and now a days nobody can explain what happened...the amount of proof trough the years is absolutely ridiculously big as the number of witnesses that after the end of the friendship have seen flying saucers and ufos flying on top of that mountains or the adriatic see...of course anybody can have their own opinion, but just say that these guys made up everything just to publish some books is even more ridiculous...the pro are there and all their material was and is still being analyzed..yet nobody gave a "normal" explanation...please know the facts before talk and inform the only way to really get a free opinion...cheers

  9. seisoner

    This also happened in Argentina and other people have spoken about these friendship aliens . There is many stories all you have to do is research it also have more than one investigation in to this.

  10. huh ?

    If a case of this magnitude has any validity, then why hasn't it been headlined by any of the serious researchers or received any mention in any of the 'Ancient Aliens' episodes yet as I've been researching UFO cases for years and this is the first I've ever even heard of it ?

    1. jeb

      ancient aliens is a guido-fest, check out the doc on that. Are there any serious ufo researchers? -or rather researchers taken seriously? This is also the first I've ever seen of this, I think only because there is sooo much ufo stuff.

    2. huh ?

      Most of the researchers interviewed on 'Ancient Aliens' are serious, but the problem I've found with most of them is they're still amatures running too much on false assumptions - false assumption always lead to false conclusions, which lead to more false assumptions and so on. The other problem is the mainstream scientific community and general public have a 2 dimentional, if one things wrong it all must be wrong mentality - have they ever been wrong about something ?, but does that make everything they think and believe wrong ? In addition, virtually none of them have actually studied the material and case histories - it's a subject that's simply out of their belief index, and therefore they simply dismiss the whole subject out of hand without considering the evidence.
      For me I don't have the luxury of disbelief as back about 1960 my oldest brother while walking home from playing ball one night around 9:30 PM about broke the front door down coming in the house in a terror stricken panic; after my parents calmed him down he said a flying fireball about the size of a bowling or basketball chased him home - if it wasn't one of those spheres (foo-fighters, the little orbs witnesses report seeing being emitted from the bigger craft believed to be probes) then what was it as to my knowledge swamp gas and meteors don't chase people. I might add this was a tiny country village of farmers, and still is, and nobody up there at that time period had TVs or access to comic books and barely even heard of UFOs let alone have any interest in them. He encountered something because he was never the same since, a different personality always on edge and wired, clear up till the day he died and would get spooked whenever the subject was brought up.

    3. Rainbow

      Because they are fear-based and not overload frequency. Same for the military. That’s the whole point.

  11. Dave Vanderstraeten

    I haven't watched this documentary since I'm already a long term
    believer,but based on the commentaries below I would like to state some things. It's not my intention to convince anyone, frankly I don't care if you believe or not. If you analyse all past meesages concerning other life forms: it all comes down to this: either you've had a personal experience (not necessarily shaking E.T's.
    hand) or you haven't. You're either convinced that there's more to life, or you don't. If you're open to it and really want to see, you will encounter, just patient and keep your eyes open. I've only been in touch with Sirius, but the universe is filled with life, and yes many are here to help. I've been sceptical for like 6 years
    reading their messages, but they are truth when you deeply consider up till today. And it will only get better....In short: science is spirit and spirit is science. You're primordial spine evokes an energy from the universe during meditation (see all mythology, ancient scripts, religion); it's all pointing at the same thing. As for science: we've discovered that our smallest particles are of pure light and form patterns (i.e. flower of life, mathematical complex patterns => see Large Hadron Collider) . Light? God is light, written all over religion, texts, on Earth...Consider a new emerging / manifesting reality, which will be pure and love-based. Einstein foretold that the new religion would be a cosmic religion:
    one that unites us all. Well, I see where we're heading, hopefully. It's
    happening gradually, when all negativity breaks down (war, chaos, dominance and so on), definititly.

  12. PLsmscientist

    This is really too much. Aliens that visited the earth ok, aliens that might still be here ok, but this story could be written by a 5 yr old child. Not one piece of evidence these people were able to show. Only a video of an alleged flying saucer flown by a completely drunken alien and some photos. Hillarious that the alleged alien friend paid for the merchandise. This kind of documentary has the same credibility as those who claim they saw the madonna.

  13. Richard Neva

    Fantastic and believable!

  14. jbeckham360 .

    Did you notice the supposed aliens were Giants? I wonder how they fit in those tiny ships lol. E.T. are demons people! They do not come from some crazy far off planet light years away. Hitler was the first to build these UFO Machines. Did you notice that these UFOs advance in design about the same as our cars have? From the nice and shinny saucer's to massive triangle shaped craft! Just like our first jet fighters to our now stealth fighters and B-2 bombers! The balls of light are the real deal demonic invaders as it says in the good book that Lucifer was a light being who could take any shape he wanted to fool the masses. Every abduction sounds just like they are creating the Giants again, their offspring! In every case woman and men have been sexually raped to get mans sperm and then impregnate the women just long enough to start the egg off growing and then they come back and take the woman's baby and in most cases their ovaries as well. Most women have been shown these crossbred babies. Wake up people! The fake alien invasion is coming to grab total control over you!

    1. Jared Chaney

      Really!? Aliens are demons!? Maybe Satan created your religion to fool the masses. Where do you get your answers? Aliens are more believable than demons. And plausible.

    2. kdeh2

      This is same kind of ignorant intellect that got so many innocents burned at the stake after being accused of being witches when they were not. Take note....there are 'good' and 'bad' influences throughout the entire universe, not just in the earth. Some are not as advanced as we and others are far more advanced. God did not and does not limit Himself to just the Earth, but created many many other planets with lifeforms out there. Earth is just a grain of sand amongst them all. Just because you don't understand it, you judge it with such foolishness. Something to ponder... Is not the 'good' angels known to be beings of light or just Lucifer and his fallen followers? There are good beings out there besides just here on Earth and yes, even perhaps not so good, so do not judge all to be the latter if you really believe that God 'is'.

    3. Achems_Razor

      How do you know this? Or is it just a 'cum hoc ergo procter hoc' fallacy, in itself unproven. How do you know there is a god? What god? YOUR god of course. Name other planets with life forms that YOUR god created, am sure all of us would like to know, definitely the cosmologists, you have made some major claims, now the burden of proof rests on you to prove such with empirical evidence!

    4. a_no_n

      lol, is this sarcastic? if it is it's incredibly funny.

  15. edz

    Yes they are here. I've been in contact with them and they have been here for a long long time. Influencing us, helping us to grow more caring for the world, for the universe, and for all living things.

    1. John

      '... helping us grow more caring for the world'?! What planet are you from?

    2. kdeh2

      The 'free will' planet that tends to do what 'it' wants, rather than what's right. Planet Earth.

    3. Rainbow

      More will be revealed in the not so distant future and all you skeptics & doubting Thomases will be the ones frozen in place with your minds blown open and the widest eyes. And won’t THAT be a surprise!

  16. Kingsenz

    I don't think people should form an opinion on the content of the stories and argue over things like 'why are they using money, story must be fake' etc.

    If you're approaching this in a non-biased way, then I think you should consider the fact that the evidence presented in this video although cannot ever be successfully proven to be real alien photos and stories etc. it cannot also be proven to be false and just an elaborate hoax. Therefore, its open to you whether you want to believe it or not.

  17. Bad Conduct

    Oh.. wow. Those aren't obviously small man made objects close to the camera. Of course, there's no pictures of the inside of the ship of the aliens. Of course not. That would be absurd. I'm convinced.

    1. jaberwokky

      Haha. Me too :-)

  18. Diddier.

    People should keep an open mind when it comes to this kind of things. Before making conclusions, maybe one should read a couple of books and make further researchs in that field. Otherwise you're going to get things twisted and everything will definitely sounds absurd to yall. No doubt.

    I would suggest a couple of readings that as to do with Alien/ufo abduction. Because those are the ones who tend to answer most of the questions people ask themselves regarding to UFOs and alien contacts. You do that and come back. I'll suggest book written by Budd Hopkins. Well written and revealing.

    Oh and there's critical differences between contectee and abductees** to take in consideration.

    1. jaberwokky

      I'm all for the notion that there is other intelligent life out there in the universe, probability should be a good indicator. However I'm rather sceptical of the notion that they enjoy visiting yokels in Mississippi and giving them anal probes, which seems to be their favoured pass time according to nearly every report I've come across. This would suggest to me that they are not intelligent. Or perhaps they don't exist. Coupled with your insistence that I read a book that you may or may not be fanatical about ( same argument Quran readers use) and I'm just not convinced. Of course I don't know if you're fanatical about Budd Hopkins I'm just going with the info presented.

    2. Diddier.

      I find your comments to be rather ignorant then honest. I really don't know where people picked the notion of alien coming here to probe people in the buttock.

      That's what wrong with us. When talking about the possibility of intelligent life coming to earth. People always seems to have the notion that these beings would somehow be in a comparable stage of evolution as we earthlings. "If we can't do it, they certainly can't" and "oh yeah? why would they come here since our behavior is apparently so primitive according to the notion of intelligence". As if human were the only thing the planet as to offer. Disregard the one place on this solar system where there's a concentration of genetic materials.

      If an alien race was to come here, they would have to be scientifics in nature. And science rarely tend to just ignore things. Budd was only one suggestion among a few i personally trust. Nothing fanatical nor religious. You seem to be one those people whose already made their mind about this subject so I won't go on trying to convince you of anything. The only things I can do is give references and suggestions to people looking to comprehend this phenomenon. Have a great day sir.

    3. jaberwokky

      You seem like you've thought on this a bit more than me and I've never spoke to - in real life or otherwise - anyone that believes in UFOs so yes maybe I'm a little ignorant on it. Perhaps I was too flippant with my anal probe scenario but people in the pickup truck regions of america do tend to report the incident a lot.

      edit: I've always had my suspicions about George Bush senior but I've concluded he's just a lizard person.

    4. John

      I also hate that arrogance that assumes if we don't have the know-how to travel through time and space then no one has. It's also a little bit silly to even entertain the notion that in, an infinite universe consisting of an infinite number of galaxies, ours is the only one that could support an intelligent life form.

  19. biograaf

    Never believed in ufo and stuff, and this doc proves me right.

    1. 1BassJohn .

      Of course, ONE doco is all you needed not to believe. Open mind you have. Scared?

    2. Diddier.

      Ok then why watch nonsense over and over again? Nothing better to do?

  20. Jarkko Toivonen

    aha..Ufo TV I'll skip this nonsense ..

  21. Nada nada

    16:35 LOL What? The aliens pay in cash? What was that? Were they counterfeit bills? If not they run a real business over here? Anyway... If they had been around for centuries (if not millennia) and had perfect knowledge of the geopolitical, economic and social status of this planet where would they go to sound alarm over nuclear weapons threatening the Earth? To a bunch of ordinary Italians??? Hell no. Plus they were in contact for quite a long time with a super-advanced civilization (they even did some business!!) and what they got? Absolutely nothing??

  22. dewflirt

    Ahh, the famous fruit smuggling incident of '59, I remember it well.

  23. Imightberiding

    Was this a Mel Brooks production?

    These people are as a nutty as L. Ron Hubbard but only half as wacky & deluded as his followers, all those creepy, kooky scientologists.

    1. bringmeredwine

      I lasted 16 minutes.
      I believe extraterrestrial beings are out there, somewhere; but this story was just too far fetched yet told by seemingly normal people.
      This doc was too far "out there" for me.

    2. Imightberiding

      Well, that's 15 minutes longer than the average male, but then again you are a woman.

      As far as ET's go: maybe, maybe not. Chances of them ever visiting (finding) earth (if other life exists & are advanced to the measure of knowledge required & physically capable of travel over these vast distances) are next to nil when you take in to account how immeasurable/far-reaching & ever expanding the universe is. The countless solar systems & other planets let alone our single galaxy, would liken it to finding a needle in a haystack or more likely at even greater odds.

    3. bringmeredwine

      Haha, your first line was funny!
      Heaven help the ET'S if they ever DO beam me up and ask me questions!
      I'm heading back to my camp today sans the internet. I was only in town for the day when I watched this doc.
      UFO television-I should have known better!

  24. Firas Lami

    Minute: 45:10

    In Arabic, A’qree, is pronounced: Abqree; which also means a
    Genius. It does not mean: “A group of friends, or something like that…”

  25. Taylor Ryen

    I'm angry for having watched this... bunch of old Italian guys making up a whole range of pure crap for what? So they can see their names in the news paper? Just awful

  26. Paul Gloor

    Considering the abundance of cheap photography equipment of
    increasing quality and ease of use these days, you would think by now someone would have some definitive proof of alien beings visiting the earth and making contact, whether intentional or not.
    Everyone with a cellphone these days has at least 1 megapixel quality camera and, quite often, video capability available at a moments notice.

    Some clean, in focus shots and non shaky video isn't too much to ask for these days.

    1. Diddier.

      You should try and take your cellphone at night and go shoot videos of airplanes in the distant and up close. Then tell me about the quality.

    2. Paul Gloor

      I know, its a very small sensor and a very wide angle plastic lens and doesn't catch movement very well. But the fact remains that at least 4 billion people worldwide have access to consumer photo and recording technology. Most of Russia's population have dash cams, the UK seems like it has more street cameras than people. Thats a lot of video coverage.

    3. rainmaker

      "Most of Russia's population have dash cams"?! Have you even been to Russia? Just this comment of yours shows you are just making things up.

      The records from the UK street cams are not available for public access, but only for police and related governmental services. In case you didn't know.

      If you want to make a point, refer to something you know.

    4. Paul Gloor

      Well maybe not most, but on youtube 'russian dash cams' gets over 100,000 hits and they're all compilations as far as I've seen. As for UK street cams, humans have access to them, whether they're authority or not, videos leak. I would like to think that nobody could resist their 10 minutes of fame for a solid shot of a UFO.

    5. rainmaker

      I've lived in Russian for several years - most Russians don't even have a car and heavily rely on public transportation. As for the UK street cams: (A) they are not pointed out in the sky or deserted places, but ... streets, alleys, etc. and (B) a video leak with some supernatural phenomenon would get the person in charge of that video in big trouble. Most officials don't want to get in trouble while dealing with anything that may have a "matter of national security" tag attached to it. (Edward Snowden was certainly an exception.) With that number of street cams installed, their budget and maintenance costs, there is definitely a sophisticated and well thought-through system of how to manage the footage.

      [Diddier.] is right - only professional or high quality equipment can shoot something in the dark. I had hard times choosing a mid-budget camera that could film in the evening, not to say about dark sky.

      But I agree with you: at this moment there is no proof whatsoever of extraterrestrials vising us. The video "evidence" present at this moment is a joke.

    6. verebralarsonist

      Dashcams are widespread in Russia[1] as a form of surveillance, because Russian courts prefer video evidence to eye witness testimony, and as a guard against police corruption and insurance fraud.[2]
      They have been called "ubiquitous" and "an on-line obsession", and are
      so prevalent that dashcam footage was the most common footage of the
      2013 Chelyabinsk meteor,[3]
      which was documented from a dozen angles. Thousands of videos showing
      automobile crashes, close calls, and attempts at insurance fraud have
      been uploaded,[1] an oft-gruesome genre which has generated its own Russian lexicon[4]... - from the wiki

  27. Harry Nutzack

    typical ufo tv fare, only this time with a special guest appearance by a german shepherd named "dick". underground and sea bases that conveniently can be returned to their original conditions without evidence of ever existing. aliens that panhandle provisions. "experts" digitally examining B&W photos of flying hubcaps. yes, even a mutt and jeff team of aliens that work parlor tricks james randi would facepalm over. why do i watch these? how does anybody buy into such a story?

    1. pwndecaf

      Yeah, the dog named "dick" caught me by surprise! I wonder what the fruit was for? Who cares about beryllium? Maybe I was dozing when all was made clear.

    2. Harry Nutzack

      the storyteller opined beryllium nitrate is used in the manufacture of vidicon tubes (or chips perhaps, as they showed a modern camcorder), though that was unknown to the human "friends" supplying the compound. features like this one actually make my pine for the "sensibility" of the "sacred geometry of pyramids" math shenanigans. i was waiting for the table to rise, aunt rosey to knock on walls from the afterlife, and john edwards to step out of the closet to do his sideshow hucksterism. "i feel a name that starts with S....". i think they were making sangria to serve at "burning man" from the fruit, actually

    3. Imightberiding

      Keep dozing. It will never be "made clear" unless of course you're Tom Cruise.

  28. pwndecaf

    They must be angels! No...gods!

    It could be the two ufologists in town were good magicians. Some of that stuff sounded like it was right out of the seance industry - messages appearing on paper and disappearing again - it seems very familiar.

  29. FreeRangeRadical

    I truly want to believe in alien contact, but if it was that ubiquitous as many make it seem, where's all the cellphone video of UFOs and aliens?

    It seems odd to me that it suddenly dried up just as camera phones became popular

    1. John-Sebastian Barrera

      There are hundreds of UFO videos uploaded every month. Even some NASA videos. Check them out online =)

    2. FreeRangeRadical

      I've seen some pretty sketchy stuff, but nothing in any way compelling.

    3. John

      If you think you're going to capture high quality footage of UFOs with a cell phone camera then you are deluded.

    4. a_no_n

      Lol how? Cameras on your average smartphone are more than good enough for that.

  30. a_no_n

    Lol...this film reminds me of Galexyquest...that film where the aliens see the sci-fi TV episodes and think it's all real.

    the video sequences at 21:00 are the fakest bit of fakery i've ever seen in my life...that saucer is clearly the size of an airfix model, and also bouncing about like it's on a string...The photos that follow immidiately after confirm this, you can see by the photo of the 'craft' in perspective in front of the trees at 21:13 where the thing clearly only measures about a foot across if that...It's a toy on a string.

    1. audiotech

      You are too obsessed with the present day reality of illusion that you ignore the message of this programme.

    2. Geoffrey Grekin

      I too like to keep my mind open, but these people are obviously making this crap up..., not just the photos but their stories as well.

      For example,
      They can make underground bases in a flick of a switch. Able to teleport objects and people and are a group of aliens from over the universe.

      Yet despite all these technological advances! they want humans to order them shipments of fruits and minerals and get stingy with paying the tab?

      If there is such a thing as real encounters these people are mocking them with this pathetic alien friendship story.

    3. audiotech

      For sure, I'm sceptical of the claims made, but again I'm more interested in the message being put forward.

    4. Imightberiding

      What is this message put forth by this video? I fear I have missed it & would be great full if you could clarify for my sake & others reading these comments.

    5. audiotech

      To promote friendship, love, affection, harmony, loyalty, ethics, altruism and morality to avoid nuclear annihilation.

    6. Jack1952

      So, you're saying its ok to pass off BS as truth as long as your BS carries the message to love thy neighbour...and try not to nuke anyone. Wouldn't a little honesty be more effective?

    7. audiotech

      That was you saying it's OK to pass off bullshit as truth, not me and for clarity some of my neighbours are a pain in the butt. Honesty? Who from politicians and the like? The comment from one of the participants in this programme: 'Believe it, or don't believe it' was pretty up front in the honesty stakes, You think it's bulls*it. I'm open to that probability.

    8. a_no_n

      which is?

    9. Pysmythe

      But what if the little green men are really little? Say like about 1 inch tall? You could fit 4 or 5 of them in a sombrero like that, right? That's enough for a crew.

    10. Diddier.

      Have you heard of the acknowledgement of multidimensional space by the scientific community?

      Why I'm saying this is because it as been said that some of those things are seems actually much bigger from the inside.. and that they can dissappear without actually disappearing but just changing realm (dimensions)** now who the heck would come up with something like this as an explanation? Try a Honest guess

    11. Diddier.

      Anon, believe or not but there's actually an explanation for that. If you really cared you would research it by yourself. But the explanation is iut there, on the web and in books.

      Now will come the question if you will believe it or not.

    12. a_no_n

      Is there an explaination or isn't there?

    13. Diddier.

      Radars and the magnetic field of the Earth is what causes those sketchy movement "when talking about an actual saucer. Those two are the prime reason they "supposedly crash".I believe it to be true. If you were actually interested you would have looked it up like I told u to. If my explanation brings a bit more of curiosity then go on and actually Google it? Your choice, have a great day.

      Ps** of course you would have to take what I said with a grain of salt if you aren't into ufologie.

    14. a_no_n

      radars don't have a physical presence, they are refracted soundwaves so they wouldn't effect any kind of craft in any sort of way beyond detecting them.

      I take what you say with a whole shaker full of salt because you clearly have no idea what you're talking about...turbulence from radar...i've never heard anything so silly in all my life.