Dogs and Us: The Secret of a Friendship

Dogs and Us: The Secret of a Friendship

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It is a common phrase that dogs are man's best friends. There is a reason the saying has endured for generations. Dogs are one of the most commonly kept domestic animals. They can be cared for in every type of weather, and can be a source of company in even some professional scenarios. Dogs are most commonly described as being loyal but they can also be quite rambunctious creatures with great memory and an eagerness to learn.

Scientifically, their emotional responses parallel that of humans. The communication process with dogs is one of their more interesting characteristics since they have proven to be able to understand commands given by their owners, their tone when the commands are given and even their owners facial expressions. They even go as far as adjusting their behavior based on how much they feel being seen or being watched by their owners.

Dogs also have an extensive field of vision which makes them great sheepherders. In Norway, farmers find companions and even work partners in huskies. As distant relatives of wolves, their energy and strength make them perfect for helping to guide and often indicate danger to their owners as sled dogs. They make great hunters as well and get a lot of affection and trust from their owners because of their intelligence and value.

Some dogs have such a great sense of smell that they can be trained to sniff out drugs, weapons, explosives and even some diseases like cancer. Some trained cadaver dogs are able to detect human remains. This makes them useful partners for the crime scene investigators who search for bodies, and professionals who use K9 teams to detect cancer cells.

For persons who have certain illnesses like Asperger’s, they also make great companions. This feature relates a beautiful experience and friendship that most people may have experienced at least once. It shows dogs in atypical situations that prove how truly special they are. If you are an animal lover, then you will enjoy learning just a bit more about the furry four-legged creature we call friend.

Directed by: Ute de Groot

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2 years ago

Wonderful documentary! I have had all animals in my life, but I have never had the opportunity to have a dog of my own. This documentary has inspired me so that on the day I get a dog of my own, I will let my dogs potential shine by expanding it's knowledge and giving it the love and compassion it needs.

2 years ago

I dont like it when they try to lick your face, especially after having eaten fæcal matter..