HIV = AIDS, Fact or Fraud?

HIV = AIDS, Fact or Fraud?

2009, Mystery  -   207 Comments
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Too many people are making too much money out of it, and money is much stronger than truth. One of the most powerful video documentaries of our time boldly reveals the modern medical-industrial complex’s dire descent into utter corruption.

This feature-length expose explains exactly how the 300-Billion-dollar AID$ fraud began, why HIV can NOT be the cause of AIDS, what the real causes could be, and who manipulates the public's good intentions while poisoning hundreds of thousands with toxic drugs that cause the very disease they are supposed to prevent.

This is a systematic dissection of the HIV/AID$ machine and how they hijacked a program designed to fight a worldwide plight of human suffering and drove it down the road to hell. Yet this program offers hope, inspired by the courage and articulate arguments of a group of growing voices internationally challenging the HIV=AIDS=DEATH hysteria. A MUST SEE for anyone interested in truly understanding the facts about HIV/AID$.

You will meet a number of highly reputable scientists who all agree that HIV doesn't cause AIDS, including Dr. Peter Duesberg, who was the first scientist to map the genetic structure of retroviruses. He is joined by Nobel Prize winners Dr. Kary Mullis and Dr.Walter Gilbert, along with Dr. David Rasnick, an expert in the field of protease inhibitors.

Is HIV/AIDS the golden idol of junk science? Judge for yourself. Professionally produced, written and researched, acclaimed by physicians, scientists, journalists and humanitarians internationally, this is the video encyclopedia of HIV/AIDS dissident movement! THE defining documentary on the HIV/AIDS fraud.

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john smith
11 months ago

I remember in 1983 when they said Mozambique 78% of the population were HIV positive.Really? Where are the millions of corpses? This was a lie.All those NGO'S operating in Africa at the time were making millions of out it and injecting patients with the one dollar Elisa test, of course if you had Malaria or TB you came up positive on the test, but they didn't care as they were making up the numbers and earning money and over exaggerating the stats.This is true.I checked it out with the head of labs from New Zealand some years ago.

1 year ago

Hi everyone.
Happy healthy person here living “apparently” with “HIV” … I stopped taking medication 3 years ago. I was previously on Stribuild, then Genvoya … now I am not taking anything and I am healthy and happy. My health has not declined one bit. I am of the opinion that the medication is harmful. It has terrible side effects (headache, nausea, diarrhea, nightmares, insomnia) all those I experienced and is not normal. NOW I DONT EXPIRIENCE ANY OF THOSE. This is my personal story. I would encourage people to share their story and please feel free to comment on mine. Thank you

2 years ago

Well according to this documentary, you're only going to get aids if you're either shooting up or bumming people. I like that theory because i'm in the clear!

Cris Sale
2 years ago

Truly, Moses together with Jesus will soon comeback to rewrite the 10 commandments:
Rule #1: Thou shall not commit conspiracy.
Rule#2: Thou shall not commit corruption.
Rule#3: Thou shall not commit false information.
..... and Rule# 1000: Those with HIV/AIDS infection shall be condemned to hell forever. BECAUSE GOD LOVES YOU ALL.

2 years ago

I am very curious as to why this film (I reject the idea that this is a documentary) is not in the
”conspiracy” group? That seems wholly irresponsible.

The idea that HIV is not the cause of AIDS, despite some of these commenters, is not only untrue, disproven, and downright dangerous. I am wondering if possibly the website owners themselves just don't have a clue that this film is pure confabulation.
Not only are the actual scientists in the film apparently outraged over the heavy and selective editing of their words, there is outstanding, solid gold proof that AIDS is caused by HIV. To imply otherwise is playing with fire, not to mention how it's transmitted, treated, etc.

Spreading disinformation like this can seriously endanger people who may not realize what they're truly watching. Science is not easy, and by throwing buzzwords into an idea like this could do serious harm to someone.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I would like to emphasize that there has already been a
”true believer” of this type of disinformation - so much so that, since he was a head of state, denied his people life-saving medicine, and had since been convicted in the ICC and us in prison.

This is no joke. This is a film about a conspiracy theory, that is not even in question, especially what we know now in the 21st century. No one should be misled into thinking that it's anything otherwise.

If for no other reason than social responsibility, this should be filed in your
”conspiracy” section.

Barbara Durfee
3 years ago

And here we have Fauci at the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic... ready and willing put push vaccines on us all, that he and Gates developed, that he and Gates will profit from. Will we collectively stand for it? Research all you can about Fauci and this coronavirus. After the USA deemed a moratorium on Chimeric research Fauci funnel 3.7 million dollars to Wuhan lab. This is a chimeric virus. He's corrupt to the core. Wake up folks.

3 years ago

The whole medical industry was designated to make profit, nothing more nothing less. They couldn't care less about "curing" people. Learn the history of how the medical industry was manipulated by the Rockefellers.

3 years ago

rubbish documentary with a rubbish bnarrator.nothing more than spin propoganda

A smart man
4 years ago

Ok I read your words.
You use double talk!
You quote say "why HIV can NOT be the cause of AIDS, what the real causes could be, and who manipulates the public's good intentions while poisoning hundreds of thousands with toxic drugs that cause the very disease they are supposed to prevent."

So you are saying it exist!?
Basically your saying doctors are the cause.
So what are you saying.?
It don't exist then magically it does exist....ughhhh....really.

5 years ago

Doctors are the actual devil. Trust on Jesus have a good life, stay away from Sin. Pray daily. Even though if your blood report says HIV Positive. Never mind. Jesus is with us as a living God. Those who trust Jesus will not have medicine. Having natural food is itself a good medicine and Jesus is our Healer.

Its a matter of Blind faith on Christ.

5 years ago

Michael D., physician:

Anyone on this thread should check the entries of Susan G. versus Mike A in about 2014-2015. Explains the whole issue! Viruses constitute an estimated 10 to the 31st power of life forms on earth. That’s greater than all known stars in our universe. The amount of genes and therefore protein coded for is probably nearing emphasis. If those suckers, like the comensal Retroviruses HIV wanted to harm us, we’d have never evolved!!!

The Lion's Roar
5 years ago

Brilliant. I'll sleep soundly tonight, never having to fear HIV, but continuing to have faith in natural "medicine" (I know that's now a bad word), and look after my self the ways I know to be right (good diet, lifestyle). Damn the medical profession for perpetuating another hoax on all of us.

5 years ago

Too many brainwashed sheep by greedy Corporation... MORE than half of the "diseases" that "exist" doesnt even exist they just want you sheep to buy "medicine" because you are brainwashed sheep that cant think for yourself... And especially these "deadliest" "diseases"...

5 years ago

A trend I have noted over the past few years of hiv/aids management is the gradual lowering of the requirements for diagnosing aids. Foe instance, the initial cd4 level for initiating haart was 200cells/mm3. This was later raised to 350/mm3 and now it is 500/mm3. This has recruited many more normal healthy people with no other issues other than testing positive for "HIV antibodies" and having a ?reduced cd4 counts into the AIDS category. Little wonder then that the statistics show reduced death rates!! It's mainly because many healthy people are now mislabeled.

5 years ago

Katherine -
1. what other virus's are you talking about?
2. the HIV virus attaches itself to the hosts DNA, hence within the very immune specific cells that would normally fight infection. There is no known case of an individual ever curing themselves of HIV through normal immune response. Only 1 person cured ever so far after 2 bone marrow transplants.
3. why are only HIV positive people dying of AIDS? They've had a blood test since mid 80s they've even identified each of the multiple strains. Another thing to ask yourself is if you don't believe the health community understands it then why has their treatment for it been so effective? It's a highlight of recent science that current therapy can mean a near normal life expectancy if only everyone had access to healthcare we take for granted

5 years ago

So, we are back to the medieval era, and HIV is a plague exclusive designed to kill gay men. Because if it's a virus, it MUST infect everyone. If this virus only affects gays, anyone with a micro brain can rethink about hiv. ''There are a lot o women with hiv''. OK , NAME ONE! FAMOUS, ARTIST , SINGER, ACTRESS. THERE IS NONE. AND FREDDIE MERCURY IS NOT A WOMAN

5 years ago

Charles B: If you refuse to believe "denialism" is a real force in the world today then you would take another look at Michelle and Barack Obama because they live in denialism

5 years ago

Biochemist here.
I've actually been researching this for my personal interest for some time and now stumbled on this documentary, which I have yet to see. The question I have for anyone still on this comment thread is: has anyone come across statistics, from any country or any group, that shows the incidence of the HIV virus in confirmed AIDS patients? I've searched high and low and cannot seem to find such a study.

What bothers me about the HIV=AIDS theory (and it is a theory, as is all science - very few concepts have been conclusively proven) is that HIV is a virus in a family of 3 viruses. The other two are entirely benign in the human body but this one is not. From a biological standpoint, this makes little sense as the activity of the viruses is similar (though, granted, nor perfectly the same) or they wouldn't all belong to the same family. So the question remains in my mind, what makes this one different from the other 2? The current literature out there on what we deem the HIV virus does not answer this question.

Based on what I've read, I'm going to put forth my theory, that will undoubtedly offend some people and make others nod in contemplative agreement... it is entirely possible that HIV and AIDS correlate but are not cause and effect. Patients with AIDS have a complex batch of symptoms that is hard to pinpoint due to the fact that a lowered immune system allows a great deal of opportunistic infections to occur. My theory is stated as such: people with AIDS definitely have an autoimmune disease. This disease is likely caused by environmental or nutritional habits (i.e. poor eating habits, binge drinking, drug use, high levels of a certain pollutant, etc.). HIV is merely one of the opportunistic viruses that take advantage of the lowered immune system so we have related this to be the cause of AIDS, but the HIV viral load in AIDS patients is actually the effect of a different cause. A person with a healthy immune system would never have an issue controlling the HIV virus. However, due to the fact that at times in our lives we all come under moments of extreme stress, and we know that with the rise of processed foods today, nutrition is at an all time low in the developed world, this triggers the cause for AIDS and in those patients that already had HIV, it appears as if HIV is the cause. When immunity is restored, HIV is controlled naturally, but if the conditions that caused lowered immunity in the first place remain, then HIV multiplies and since we're already looking for it, it seems like it's also the cause because it correlates strongly with the AIDS condition.
Does this make sense? Thoughts?

7 years ago

Susan, it would be better to educate yourself before engaging in scientific conversations as it's very obvious you are irrelevant with the subject . If Peter Duesberg and Karry Mullis are quacks and charlatans then what about you?? All information you provide is copy paste and you go ahead to use the world health statistics without checking how reliable the data is. Most are fabricated. You want evidence that HIV is older than 35 years. First of all provide the evidence that HIV is killing cells and then we discuss the your enquiry.

7 years ago

Again for Susan,

You claim that some retroviruses cause leukaemia. Can you name them please and give us a reference. If retroviruses causing cancers we would have known this by now. In the 60's and the 70's it was precisely this program the virus cancer program that didn't prove anything like that. It was a relative of HIV that was suspected guess by who!! If retroviruses were causing cancers then they would be unable to kill cells as HIV allegedly does. Susan you have mixed up a couple of things in your mind and its obvious your knowledge in biology is very limited. You reproducing information without understanding much and without thinking.

7 years ago

Susan, you don't have to receive AZT to die if you are severely immunosuppressed. However if you do you will die faster. As the matter of fact AZT will kill you regardless of your HIV status and your general health if used for a considerable period of time. In any other case it will cause great harm as all chemotherapies do.

7 years ago

Dear Friends,

The amount of comments in this post reflect the lack of knowledge and understanding of what science is and what scientific process means. I am amazed to see arguments based on belief and faith. Don't you believe that HIV causes AIDS?! As its a matter of belief or faith .... In reality many aspects of everyday life based on faith, belief and blind trust. No evidence no case that is the basis of science.

Alex-joel Rios
9 years ago

This is the truth, and we know it now.. To bad some people succumb to believing that HIV is a deadly disease I would be dead already, 28 years with this " virus " and I never took any meds but yet I am as healthy as ox. Some people can't see the truth in front of their faces, HIV and Aids is a scam!!!! People die from thousands of illness it doesn't necessary has to be HIV .... Before talking make sure you know what you saying because not everything they teach you at school is legit. There is a lot of opinion though, but I speak for myself and for what I have learn and seen. Plus I am gay and a phlebotomist that work in a clinic. Eat right, exercise, don't use drugs, make sure you eat organic foods ( natural ) use a condom, be happy and love thy neighbor and you will see a dramatic change in you.

9 years ago

Ok if HIV isn't the cause of AIDS then why are HIV postive patients living a lot longer then where 15-20 years ago? I'm a HIV positive if I stop taking my meds I would get sick and die

Tuli Banerjee
9 years ago

on 2010 i had a direct sex without using condom with my boyfriend and now i have another boyfriend with him if i want to direct sex is there any chance of getting AIDS to me. Plz help me out sir...

10 years ago

Even if you test positive for hiv THAT does not mean that the virus is active. viruses remain in the body for many years after the antibodies have done there job.

11 years ago

Ok, so HIV does not cause AIDS!

Some people tend to state this, then if come up with such a dangerous statement then PLEASE do back it up with valid proof and STATE what causes AIDS (then), is AIDS even a disease?

I would remove this video from all websites until these guys come with some valid proof. Most AIDS patients do have HIV! Fact.

11 years ago

I have to admit that when I first started watching this I thought this was a bunch of rubbish. I just finished reading a book how people are making money off this exact argument, only in Africa, and a long term study done shows that tens of thousands of lives were lost because some corrupt African dictator decided that the pharmaceutical industry was corrupt. He then used some opportunistic scientists to back them up and they became rich on his tab in the process -- when watching this, please keep in mind that there are a lot of people out there who make money off BOTH sides of this argument, and think about how gullible people in our society are now a days.

I have changed my mind a bit since finishing this -- only in relation to the poor scientist who lost his grants. I think that both sides of an argument should always be investigated. He makes wonderful points about recreational drug use and one of his strongest cases is that there are no specific AIDS related diseases, rather only ones that already exist. In this way, any disease can be made up.

HOWEVER, this documentary plays on the Americans who have obviously never themselves worked with AIDS patients -- neither here nor in Africa. In Africa, people with AIDS will die from other more aggressive diseases or from genocide before their immunity is slowly worn down. I know plenty of people with HIV and AIDS and I hate to say it but they are not, and have never been, drug users.

Either way, I think that this needs to be investigated. Maybe it CAN be transmitted sexually, who knows? Just because one doctor makes a good point doesn't mean that he is right on all the aspects of his theory, and this video may put people off -- by the time it was over I had much more to criticism instead of praise. The point is that there is enough evidence here to get even smart scientists asking for a re-evaluation. No matter how you look at it, our best solution is to give a toxic drug to already sick people. This way, people on both sides of the argument lose out, and look how much money is being spent!

11 years ago

And yes, I did spend some time without drugs. I was tired, suffered from fungal skin infections, oral thrush, general lymphadenopathy, chest infections etc. Within 1 month of taking ARTs (Atripla) I had my health back and felt like a man in his 20s again rather than one in his 60s.

11 years ago

HIV causes AIDS! PUT SIMPLY(And I mean simply) - The HIV virus attacks the white blood cells (T-cells, also known as CD4+ T cells ) which protect the body from infection and are produced in the lymphnodes. The average healthy human has somewhere between 500 and 1200 of these cells per cubic millimeter(mm3). A reduction of these cells (a compromised immune system such as that created by the hiv infection) leaves the human body open to infection. When the HIV virus has brought the T-cell or CD4 count to below 200mm3 we call that AIDS. So - HIV attacks T-cells, T-cells decrease in number, T-cells fall below 200mm3, Aids is diagnosed.
AIDS itself does not kill you....if not treated your body will no doubt pick up some virus or other and with a lowered immune system(below 200mm3 CD4) your body will not be able to fight it off.
Wasting Disease - wasting is not a disease it is a conditon that occurs when a debilitating disease (i.e. AIDS, TB, chronic diarrhea etc) causes muscle and fat tissue to "waste" away.
I'm HIV positive. :)

11 years ago

It's a running joke here where I live in West Hollywood, California, otherwise
known as boys town............the only people that die from aids are the ones
who get medical treatment. Another interesting fact, All those people dying
in Africa from "Aids"? Is there not a single person who does not remember well
before "Aids" was discovered that these Africans were dying en masse from
"Wasting Disease"? Suddenly "Aids comes along and Poof!! no more wasting
disease! How can a disease which was medically purported to kill so many
people suddenly disappear and be replaced by a new disease with a new
name? If Aids was discovered when scientists claim it was, then it cannot
be confused with Wasting Disease that plagued Africans for a much longer
time before "Aids" was identified. Sorry, can't have it both ways.

12 years ago

I live in Ontario Canada and am friends with a man that has had HIV for over 30 years and he takes the medication 2 years off and 1 on and is healthy even well living a very unhealthy life.Thats my only knowledge about this but it seems the people with no reason to lie witch others do for money are right.Not to say a person will 100 persent live with the medication.I feel my friend would and has lived 30 years with only taking the meds every 3 years mabe less.He probably would be dead if he was taking it every day and not as learned as he is about what works for him.

12 years ago

when i see a film like this, what i want to see is a public debate or a openly accessible answer to it. I have been trained in science and i still cannot be sure as to which is correct or accurate here. I don't focus on the lack of cure, cures are rare for any illness, and we do seem to have some degree of management in developed countries. Often this is the best we can get, with any illness... not just lucrative ones.

12 years ago

Since Duesberg published his first paper on the subject in 1987, scientists have examined and criticized the accuracy of his hypotheses on AIDS causation. Duesberg sustained a long dispute with John Maddox, then-editor of the scientific journal Nature, demanding the right to rebut articles that HIV caused AIDS. For several years Maddox consented to this demand but ultimately refused to continue to publish Duesberg's criticisms:

[Duesberg] forfeited the right to expect answers by his rhetorical technique. Questions left unanswered for more than about ten minutes he takes as further proof that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. Evidence that contradicts his alternative drug hypothesis is on the other hand brushed aside...Duesberg will not be alone in protesting that this is merely a recipe for suppressing challenges to received wisdom. So it can be. But Nature will not so use it. Instead, what Duesberg continues to say about the causation of AIDS will be reported in the general interest. When he offers a text for publication that can be authenticated, it will if possible be published.
—Maddox, 1993

12 years ago

At no point in this documentary did any person state that AIDS does not kill or that if tested posative for AIDS they will not die. Fact is immune deficiency does kill.The argument is that HIV may not cause AIDS and as stated in this doco many of us may already carry this disease as a result of being born with it and live out our entire lives healthy and die at a ripe old age of some other disease or infliction and never know we had HIV at all.
There are many,many cases on record of people testing posative for HIV and living long healthy lives. However due to testing posative for HIV the death certificate may not state pneumonia,rather AIDS related pneumonia or something along those lines. As you say facts are facts and i think allot of the facts mentioned in this doco are lost on you.
In saying that i hope you live a long and happy life.

12 years ago

I'm a female who's ex-husband gave her HIV. I break all stereotypes. I'm from an upper crust white neighborhood. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. If I stopped taking my meds everyday, I would be sick. The fact is that most of the aids denialists, who didn't have aids supposedly, are now dead. Facts are facts.

With Truth
12 years ago

If this conspiracy theory is itself a conspiracy it must be removed from the site.

With Truth
12 years ago

Facts in the documentary seemingly cannot be pooh-poohed so easily.
1.No argument found against the class 8 question(how infectious when antibodies are already there) or remaining dormant for years

2.Few organization might also be keen on keeping the theory alive as they might think that the fear will keep people away from SEX-DRUG-HOMO-etc.

Science should be above conspiracy.

12 years ago

i will go see a psychiatrist after i have you injected with cancer and azt drugs which you love to promote. i think that is fair enough. i first inject you then you accompany me to a psychiatrist after that you may want to get an insurance company (wchich includes cancer as payable) or funeral company to arrange your burial hahaha


I will give you a dose of your own medicine so that people reading this will know what is the real truth behind these drugs


12 years ago


when I read your comments, I get an image of a wild-eyed man with crazy hair who keeps quacking "ha ha" like a parrot (you DO end most of your sentences with "haha")

Rather than arguing with science, why don't you go see a psychologist/psychiatrist? You sound like you're early onset schizophrenia. And I say this sincerely.

12 years ago

@RR and yet you know that Hugh doens't do any STD testing? Oh please. We're talking about a man who is so medically paranoid that he's constantly getting check ups, eating countless types of vitamins, and of course viagra.

The porn industry is required by law to do testing constantly so shoots can be shut down whenever one actor tests positive for HIV.

I do not work for the drug industry so I don't get money from it. I'm merely stating FACTS so that m@#$%^ like you don't die a horrible death and meanwhile, spread the disease to as many unsuspecting people as possible.

are you mentally unsound? Your writing style is unusual.......... You've basically made up your mind and refuse to see reason. maybe you should actually learn a little about science first.

Chr. Monsune
12 years ago

lets do it this way

why dont you try injecting yourself with cancer drugs(which is basically the same as AZT which are both poisonuous so called drugs) the thing is you wont even classify AZT and cancer drugs as poison, and so since you dont classify that as poison and consider it as a harmless no sideffect medicine why dont i inject you with cancer drugs free of charge I WILL PAY FOR IT MAN

OK, presented with this overwhelming argumentation, I must give up. Seems like HIV does not cause AIDS.

12 years ago

to wq

oh common man! as if you know the life of hugh and the other billionaires out there who f evry second. what are you a PR man or something. they test first before they F oh common i know people who live a life like hugh and they dont do that so dont fool me and they are still f^&% alive and kickin

the porn industry knew about the outbrek only recently? oh common man your industry is an outbreak in itself!

why dont we try you together with chr be injected with cancer and azt drugs so that you will know if it is indeed a medicine or not

that is a fair challenge enough. i will answer the bill of your injection since both of you love these drugs


12 years ago

and i thought this thread is dead because of my unbreakable arguments how pathetic

Chr. Monsune 75

“Simply give AZT to HIV Negative and healthy people for a long period of time…and they will die from the same effects!”

Interesting. Millions of HIV positive take a drug-combination including AZT and have done it for a decade, and live normal lives, despite some reporting side-effects.

But HIV negative will die! Interesting indeed.

And how would you know?


CHR you again!

how many times do i have to debunk your arguements

lets do it this way

why dont you try injecting yourself with cancer drugs(which is basically the same as AZT which are both poisonuous so called drugs) the thing is you wont even classify AZT and cancer drugs as poison, and so since you dont classify that as poison and consider it as a harmless no sideffect medicine why dont i inject you with cancer drugs free of charge I WILL PAY FOR IT MAN!
so that you will see what i am talking about

those who believe in my arguments isnt that a fair challenge
so that we will stop talking about what is the truth to hiv and these drugs

why dont we put an end to this thread by injecting chr monsune with cancer and aids drugs so hell find out the real truth if it is really a poison or a medicine


common chr lets do it!

IM PAYING FOR IT! hhahahahaahaha

12 years ago


I hope you don't already have AIDs. Because if you screw prostitutes, your risk is very high and you're in denial. if you already have aids and you continue to have sex with other people, you're putting them at risk and that makes you a potential murderer.

The issue is NOT having sex less or more. The issue is whether or not the person you're having sex with is CLEAN.

Hugh hefner has sex with lots of girls, however I will guarantee you anything that the girls are contractually obligated to stay loyal to him during the length of their "arrangemet" and that there are regular STD tests to make sure the girls are clean.

Why do I believe this? Because that's what the porn industry does. DUH! and that's how we found out about the recent HIV outbreak in the porn industry!!!

You just want to justify your bad behavior. You would rather go into denial than to protect yourself. Frankly, i couldn't give less of a F that you want to pay for prostitutes. it's none of my business. I only care if you're contributing to a public health crisis. If you get aids and you spread it to your wife or girlfriend and you do so KNOWINGLY, you can go to jail! and you'd DESERVE to go to jail.

seeing as you're on this site and you've already admitted in writing that you frequent prostitutes, in the future if you DO get infected and infect others, there's written documentation.

YES! there is a scientifically validated way to determine on a genetic basis WHO spread HIV to whom. so there's no denying it. How do you think the CDC traces infections? a Ouji board?

12 years ago

@A quiet mind

The baby contracted HIV because the mother refused to take antivirals when pregnant and giving birth to the child. Those drugs have been proven to reduce the chance of passing HIV on to the infant but because she didn't believe HIV caused AIDs, she basically murdered her child. Denial kills!

@ Will See
If you knew even one iota of real information on virology and bacteriology you'd know the reason there's HIV1 and 2 isn't because scientists made up a new category to explain things they can't explain. All bacteria and viruses have different strains. There are countless strains of E. coli, countless strains of Listeria, and the same goes for virus. ESPECIALLY for viruses like HIV because HIV is a retrovirus (meaning it's genetic code goes from RNA to DNA instead of DNA to RNA). Retroviruses have a very high mutation rate because there is no mistake-fixing mechanism when you go from RNA to DNA. As a result, different strains of HIV are constantly appearing. The high mutation rate is also why its impossible, so far at least, to make a vaccine against HIV. But at the same time, due to the predictable rate of mutation that can be found in HIV, we can actually determine who was the original patient zero in every HIV outbreak. All we have to do is look at the genetic material of the HIV in all the infected, do a calculation on the differences that are a result of mutations, and we can calculate backwards to find hte person who had the original strain of HIV (ie the patient zero who infected everyone else). (Even with Herpes there are multiple strains. Most commonly known ones are herpes simplex 1 and 2, which causes cold scores and genital herpes)

Trust me it's a science. it's not something we just made up for the hell of it. And if you had studied genetics and cellular genetics, you'd be too informed to buy the simplest conspiracy theory answer. Real science is tough to understand so I know why lazy people would rather believe BS and go into denial.

The reason that antiviral drugs and drug cocktails do not CURE people is because viruses are incurable. The goal of the drugs is to prolong life and delay the onset of full blown AIDs. Just like insulin injections do not CURE a diabetic but simply controls the disease, the same is true of antiviral drugs for HIV.

We now know a small number of people are naturally resistant to HIV due to a difference in their cell surface receptor. Apparently it is better at exposing the virus to the immune system so it will be recognized and targeted for destruction.

H1N1 is very real but like all viruses, there are different strains. I have a phylogeny chart of all the H1N1 strains that infected numerous populations in asia and the west if you'd like to study it so that you may understand the mutation rate (molecular clock).

12 years ago

This is not a documentary. This is propaganda of the worst kind. Of COURSE HIV causes AIDS. there's been countless research by scientists all over the world that proves HIV causes AIDs. You think all the new grad students and post-docs who join the research every year wouldn't have noticed if the project they were working on was faked? You think all the money going towards AIDs research was spent on tequila?

HIV causes AIDS because HIV *IS* AIDS. why the different terms? because AIDs is when your HIV load is too high and your immune system too low and opportunistic diseases get ya when you're weakened. A person who has HIV but NOT AIDs is simply an infected person who still has immune function. That's it! these propagandists talk as if HIV and AIDs were separate diseases, they're NOT.

To the people who prefer to listen to a tiny group of quacks versus the entire world's legitimate scientists, I both pity and worry about you. If you have HIV, I hope your denial doesn't get you killed or another person infected. Not too long ago, one of the anti-HIV-causes-Aids proponents had children and refused to take antivirals to reduce her chance of passing HIV to her children. She thought HIV doesn't cause AIDs but her kids ended up infected. Then one of her kids died of HIV-related complications and she insists it was pneumonia, not AIDs that killed the kid. OF COURSE IT WAS PNEUMONIA! that's how AIDs kills! it weakens your immune system so that opportunistic infectios will get you and you won't be able to fight it off!

that's like a person insisting someone can die from a limb getting amputated while disputing the reason for that is because of blood loss

Alexander Dalbakk
12 years ago

It seems like some people here are very eager to state their opinion about the HIV/AIDS and the treatment of it without checking the facts. Even not consider some of the facts actually presented in this documentary (not even knowing if they are facts or not!).
One should always applaud when people are being critical, even if what they say seem unreasonable, they are contributing by questioning what so many of us blindly belive in.

If you are so damn busy with agreeing or disagreeing with people, then join a political movent, study law enforcement or join some fanatically religious group. Don't bother with science. Numbers and calculations are not trying to convince us of any thing, although the people who present them might. All we have to do is consider.

12 years ago

wow, what BS. i have had friends who were on their deathbeds due to AIDS. Shitting out blood, vomitting blood, down to 100lbs. They started these new HIV drugs and now are healthy, functioning adults. To say that HIV doesnt cause AIDS is dangerous. My friends can now live productive lives with hardly any side effects with these new meds. Docs like this really shouldn't exist anymore. If you know anyone that works in an aids clinic anywhere they will tell you since 1995 when these new drugs have come out the death rates have decreased DRAMATICALLY! Call any aids clinic near you and they will tell you this info

Chr. Monsune
12 years ago

"Simply give AZT to HIV Negative and healthy people for a long period of time…and they will die from the same effects!"

Interesting. Millions of HIV positive take a drug-combination including AZT and have done it for a decade, and live normal lives, despite some reporting side-effects.

But HIV negative will die! Interesting indeed.

And how would you know?