Humans, Gods and Technology

Humans, Gods and Technology

2017, Technology  -   9 Comments
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The double-edged sword that is technology lies at the root of "Humans, Gods and Technology", an absorbing and timely documentary from the vpro backlight series. In particular, the film explores the modern age of artificial intelligence. Will it bring about a bold new world of limitless possibilities or contribute to the demise of the individual?

Throughout the history of humankind, technology has both enhanced and limited our potential. Both rustic and sophisticated tools have expanded our average life span, increased our efficiency in performing vital daily tasks, and even empowered us to journey beyond the confines of our own planet. On the other hand, we've largely abandoned our connection to the natural world, we've become completely reliant on electronic devices, and we lack the survival instincts that distinguished our ancestors.

The film recaps this complicated history as a prelude to the reality we are facing today. Historians, futurists and other interview subjects confirm that artificial intelligence is no longer a figment of imaginative speculation; we have already reached the crucial point where we can create our own forms of life. These technologies can operate autonomously. One day soon, they could evolve to read our every thought and feeling, and connect the minds of billions of people across every corner of our planet.

The central dilemma before us could shape the course of future generations and of humankind itself. Will we play God responsibly and for the good of all mankind, or will we allow our creations to ultimately control and destroy us?

These concepts were once looked upon as irrational fantasies, but they are now very prescient and consequential realities for all of us. We're clearly at a crossroads in our evolution.

To properly address these modern concerns, we must reach back to the most basic philosophical questions that have plagued our species since the beginning of time. Why are we here? What does it mean to be human? What kind of future do we want for our children and grandchildren?

"Humans, Gods and Technology" is a precautionary portrait that urges us to confront these critical issues before it's too late.

Directed by: Rob van Hattum

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4 years ago

Today the major media limit what information they provide you. Based on that limited information you jump to conclusions they want. You are so easily programmed that way.

All we really have in this life is the choices that we make. To allow someone or some algorithm to choose for you ... as we do now, would indicate a severe lack of self worth. Or confusion caused by those wanting to confuse and manipulate via limited information. The silly part is how we think we are informed.

Such is exactly what the powers that be, desire. Slavery by consent. They already call us chattel, morons, peons, useful idiots, useless eaters, expendable, and so on.

The self proclaimed superior require someone beneath them in order to feel superior. It reality it is they who feel like they are less or they would not have the need to feel superior. Those who have egos which control them rather than as it should be, us controlling our egos.

Those who own the best technology will fear that the ordinary person will become equal to them, so they will horde it to themselves, as happens now in some areas.

They speak of big data... then like now, some group will be a gatekeeper and limit who is allowed to access it. Heaven forbid everyone or just anyone is allowed to know what the manipulators know.

Future-think always dreams we will be far more advanced than actually happens. I have a 1958 magazine that made predictions for the year 2000 which have not come close to happening yet. It was more like the Jetsons (a futuristic family flying to work in a spacecraft like vehicle). We are still driving around in a more comfortable, 100 year old technology, including the battery powered electric vehicles.

Urban dweller
5 years ago

Also, he doesn't understand the concept of Christianity, which most christians (small "c") don't and that is, by accepting Jesus (for more read the Bible) you become "new." Meaning you never loose or gain "points" you have all the points possible.

Urban dweller
5 years ago

Wow! When the historian said, "...that the vast majority of people will [have in the future] very little political or economic power," the editor immediately cut to a group of African American people. I think the future is going to be totally unexpected - as decided by artificial intelligence and not human beings.

Neil Mandala Wattage
5 years ago

We will have to deal with machines in the future, especially the AI will be a threat and a challenge for the human being. Anyway, liberalism and the limitation should be there among the human being. On the Other hand, the human mind does not work as Machines.It varies from moment to moment, not in order as AI. A Good prediction.

5 years ago

Very thought provoking. It all makes sense and presents a new perspective on our potential future as human beings or not.

Martin Hedington
5 years ago

Utterly fascinating.

Mary-Ann Carleton
5 years ago

We don’t want or need another religion, we are already fragmented enough from all the useless mindless authoritarian patriarchal disenfranchised sociopathic agenda. Owning some ones beings data is not only sick and mentally ill at it’s top, it actually needs to be put down like an old dog. It’s garbage propaganda control. Dis function at its best. Distopia.