Technologies of the Gods

Technologies of the Gods

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Technologies of the GodsTechnologies of the Gods brings "convincing evidence" that ancient civilizations utilized high-tech engineering methods equal to, if not superior to our own and that these technologies were being applied on a world-wide level.

It has long been suspected that the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, and the Mayan temples could not have been built using the primitive technologies attributed to those peoples by the orthodox academic view which states that primitive civilization in Mesopotamia, Egypt and India emerged from the stone age just over five thousand years ago.

In Technologies of the Gods breakthrough researchers, writers and engineers take a look at real evidence - largely ignored by the academic establishment - which shatters the orthodox scenario for the dawn of civilization on Earth.

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  1. he egyptians inherited the pyramids etc, modern egyptologists like hawass will not accept this, he wouldnt even have a debate with graham hancock on this, it is good for their economy to let the ignorant believe they made these structures

  2. it goes without saying the ancients were far more advanced than quacks give them credit for, i mean look at some of the temples in india that are being hidden by the mainstream, check out praveen mohans site on that subject, that is if y/t has not banned him, they deleted several of his vids lately

  3. The purpose of the Sphinx is for one to find oneself. Not for everyone, but One. The Pachacouti tribe sacrificed 2 children from 250 tribes to ask the god Pachacouti, not to turn the world on it's head at the end of (mayan) time. Instead of using the Sun god's, one must entertain the chinese Lunar cycle, to notice the Monkey King rising to take it's rightful place as what the Sphinx is looking for. 2012 is NOT a year of the Monkey, yet a monkey was reborn in 2012. Simple. A new Human, who did not take the initiation, but cracked the code of who the Monkey is. The arrival of the new human, reborn in 2012, the One who is NOT to take the masonic initiation, or to put it simply, turn the world upside down, at the end of Mayan time. Not everyone knows that the origional medical cadacus found in egypt, over 3000 years old, has a Monkey on top. Todays medical profession omit the monkey for it contains a genetc secret. A Monkey male, has it's dna altered by cruel people. It THEN makes babies. Obviously, it's child has it's dna. Not the modified dna one would expect, but the father's ORIGIONAL dna. Quite simply, the Genetically modified dna of the father is erased or reset before the child is created.. For the Monkey is the height of man's intelligence as opposed to the lower serpent base intelligence. The Monkey of the Nazca Plains, clearly shows the Monkey King , holding something down. The Monkey King hold's the soul in thrall between heaven and earth, on a cross of Tesyract's, directly above the void, that wake's many as they fall into it, in their dreams, unaware that when they reach the botton, they will hear a rush of EVERYTHING, and rather than get knocked off the edge of everything, a fight ensue's, where Odin looses his sight grabbing onto the tree that is predicted by the bible to be torn in half. The Monkey of the Nazca plains is the Monkey King Pachacouti, that same monkey called Thoth. Furious the Monkey of Japan is that same Monkey King. The reiki Monkey mind, same thing.

    The proof I AM is beyond your simplistic single one with an 'ALL' that cannot actually exist yet, for all is still in the process of being created, proving those that believe themselves to be one with the all, are dellusional, unable to see the all is still being created. Creation... The gift they threw away...

  4. It’s funny how people waste so much time trying to figure out how , when the guide book has the answers , and it hasn’t changed in 3000 years.

  5. Why the planet Earth don't see the real things in life.We already made contact.

  6. People keep talking of spaceships, you're travelling on one now moving through space at thousands of miles per hour rotating and revolving around a star in a solar system moving at thousands of miles per hour while in a galaxy rotating at thousands of miles per hour in a universe expanding at thousands of miles per second in all directions, hmm.
    People keep saying they moved all these heavy stones to mark the times of the soltices/equinoxes. Really!? they had the knowledge to erect these edifices without martar but lacked the common sense to find an easier way.

  7. The funny part is we humans anno 2019 don't know anything about how certain old buildings like the pyramids were built. Being a building engineer myself I wondered and keep wondering how they were made by of the hardest of stones carved from miles away and what there purpose was. Certain is they werent made by the Egyptians themselves. Till this day we don't know anything. Asking a local servant at the Knossos museum in Iraklion how one perfectly shaped pott of the hardest stone was made she couldnt answer but kept saying ''they had their technologies''. It was so funny because I knew she couldn't.

  8. There were aliens before as much as they are now. These structures have been built by another civ that fell into the dark and left these majestic structures for who to come to learn about them.

    1. I believe more in they subished a war against them, they was more intelligent of our world is, they wanted even with all the richness or technologies to live like they was living because they had reached God and then everything for them was to live with him and we know that they had a God in the old civilizations. So they received unfortunately a war which put them in another space time of the evolution of God, which mean the roots of the humanity source is somewhere else then on the Earth traveling through space for the life to appear on Earth which have become humanity and this world. So they left this planet and started their space stations and theirs defense with starships and robots working as a 25 millions human units for only one of them. They have take over the world with the God of Earth and then new Reign Orders they are more intelligents then us and more experienced with an advanced technologies of combat and techniques not even known by our governments or leaders of multi-governmental structure of the world coalitions. They externinates planet size mars with more people the here today 2019 all the world, this in 10 minutes destroyed size mars activists planet. On this the war is over God win the sin rayons touching your skins keep you a the distance between God and yourselfe and you will melt with a loop comming back always at the time the time which give you the better position for you with pur God, more you perfect yourself and purify your souls more close you will burn ad a star beside our God. Then who in this is the more closer of god with the rayon of the sun keeping you there where you are. The one there is the one which should be the more listened in the wolrd he is the pur prophet and should be the leader of the world coalition for defense and attacks of G0D. They look ay us from the moon and the review our evolution which bring us today.

  9. The only really intelligent commenter on here ive seen, though I didnt read all the comments, is freely associated97 ! I havent even watched the video yet, but im about to and if its like Ancient Aliens like some on here have said, than it will probably be interesting. Aside from freely associated97, most of the comments as far down the list as I went which was fairly far are just a bunch of closed minded, dumbed down, brainwashed, superficial people who cant handle any possibilities outside of the hypothesis propagandized by mainstream boring superficial people from the early 1900s and before. What closed mind, unintelligent, indoctrinated, dumbed down people you are ! The possibilities in the Cosmos are so far beyond your extremely small, closed, undeveloped superficial minds, and you dont have the open mindedness or courage to even except theoretically things beyong your puny comprehension or awareness or intelligence ! You just belittle and piss on people far more open minded and courageous and intelligent than you because youre cowards ! Albert Einstein talked and wrote about that as have many other open minded intelligent people with the courage to wonder and learn and grow ! Thx freely associated97 for your intelligent open mind well articulated comments ! I enjoyed them ! By the way, belief is for those who dont know, knowledge is for those who find out beyond belief ! ! !

    1. you used ‘open minded’ enough times in your comment to make me wonder just how truly ‘open minded’ you are.....

  10. These acts were all done by the gods, little g. The same 200 that disobeyed God. Read the book of Enoch and you will see the connection. Greek Mythology was no myth, it was Lucifer and his 200 who can take any shape they want to disguise their true nature.

    1. Indeed jbeckham360, although almost everybody will be dismissive of what you said, that is the only valid explanation.

  11. I like Ancient alien theories, so was fairly good I suppose.

  12. ...And I thought science was supposed to be the rational "cure" to superstition and religion. Give us logic and reason, eh? Just look at most of you in the comments below. Acting like such brutes to each other over ideas that I wouldn't be surprised if any of you have the credentials and authority over the subject to say anything at all concrete on these subjects. These people in the documentary ARE out in the field doing their homework. In such a vast ever-changing universe I am surprised by the masses that hold to scientific information like it was the word of god. So much so, they feel their entire foundation shaken when new theories are introduced and regress to accusations and name calling. Like a goddamned witch hunt could break out at any moment. Kudos to the fine people like in the doc trying to move and shake the world view. Thank you for evoking wonder and keeping everyone on their toes.

    1. Right on! Thank you for saying that. People forget that this world is constantly changing. And what we think is truth can be changed in an instant by new information. Science should be used to expand our knowledge of the universe, not to be used in a pissing match.

  13. If We couldn't 'evolve' abilities over time and needed 'aliens' to teach
    and help us poor little inept hominids... Then who Taught the Teachers hmmmm? Your 'beliefs' fall apart when even a 5 year old thinks about it for a few minutes. It all had to evolve at some point. Even if we did have higher technology 10,000 years ago than we do today, (or a Million) it doesn't mean there wasn't time for us to evolve. We aren't talking millions but BILLIONS of years of time to evolve. A billion is a thousand million. We surely had plenty of time to attain 'golden ages' any number of times and have no evidence of it today. The entire landmass of Earth is constantly being recycled due to convection under and subduction of the ground beneath our feet. There could have been high order civilization 500 million years ago, that itself was preceded by high order civilizations 500 millions years before that, there is no reason to suppose we didn't evolve just because we believe we have done a lot since. Researchers like John Anthony West don't seem to appreciate how much time we are talking about and how many times the Earth surface has disruptively recycled itself, erasing any hope of our knowing what truly happened throughout time. Darwin wasn't wrong, your personal horizon is to small to apply his elegant and obvious theory to your (laudable) goal of extending our history using common sense and what little evidence there is left.
    If the 'aliens' gave us the technology to make the Antikythera device, surely hey would have mention the correct number of planets and the fact that the Earth goes around the Sun! (See? Don't 'BELIEVE', Explore All Possibilities until one fits all the known 'facts') like Jean-Pierre Houdin did for the Great Pyramid. He explored everything until he found what set of theories explained every fact we do know.

  14. All this we were ape like people is crap, if one does some research not just believe every stupid science theory they might have an insight of what people did.But most people just repeat something some scientist said because they don't know so they make it up. just like lucy and the piltdown man it was all a big lie and most people fell for it.

  15. The only thing we do know is that we don't know. But perhaps the sceptics should think that not only do you have to prove that there was no alien technology you also need to prove beyond any doubt how they actually constructed these buildings. The facts are there as stated in the video, some of these stones could not be lifted by modern cranes & why be accurate to within 1/10th of an inch so that they line up with the stars. How did they achieve that, how did they create monuments in perfect line with one another that are miles apart. How did they create the Nascar Lines that run in perfect parralell for miles without having a view from above. Before you dismiss the outside technology, give us concrete proof that these monuments were created by man.

    1. negative, the burden of proof lies with the one who is making a claim not the one who dismisses it, otherwise anyone could make absurd claims..for example, the pyramids are 100,000 years old, No? prove me wrong, you cant? must be true..the burden of proof lies with the people making the's called the scientific method

    2. I couldn't agree with you more, but I have to agree with you both, since you yourself Matt want us to use the scientific method it becomes a paradox, since there aren't any proof that we build the pyramids and neither is there that the "aliens" or whatever people want to call it built it, but still they stand there, so by conclusion we can't say that we built it nor can we say that the aliens did since there isn't any proof, and unfortunately therein lies the problem, of your conclusion.
      I can't say who built it but since it is does exist and since we have no idea who built/moved it, we have to accept all possible theories, and that my friend is science at it's finest.

  16. All knowledge is received so don't blame anyone for trusting too much. However as Bush would say the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. It is the complete lack of any solid foundation for any point of view (ancient aliens, High Technology, God Himself) which makes it very difficult to find a camp to stand behind. I would love to think that if Aliens had visited us in the past they would not have wanted to be forgotten, and all civilizations set out to make a mark, from the earliest cave drawing to the Eiffel Tower. Seeing the pains these people apparently took to dazzle us with their awesome wisdom and power it is strange that there would be no concrete evidence of their technologies left over, yet it's also likely that something cataclysmic did happen to wipe them out.
    Because we can never be sure, it's always best to keep an open mind, so that when 'actual proof' does arrive, you're not left with egg on your face

  17. Ancient Aliens theory simply does not have enough real evidence to support it. A much more rational explination is that these ancient people were more advanced than we give then credit for.
    Even the theory that they inherited these building techniques from a more ancient, technologically advanced HUMAN civillization makes more sense than AA. After all, homo sapiens has been around in its present from long enough for a civillization even as advanced as ours to rise and fall (about 130,000 years). And 10-20 thousand years is more than enough time for all the iron/concrete in every major city on earth to fade away into mineral deposits.

    1. And how do you know how long humans have been here for? because that's what you were told, and by the same people that make up all the history based on there perspective of things and teach these ideas as facts. Do you really think that the idea of space travel is that unlikely that you would close your mind to it completely? The truth is we don't know, and most likely wont know, but its a lot more fun to keep an open mind to all the possibilities.

    2. I would love to think that aliens had visited us in the past.

      As soon as there is a single piece of evidence that cannot be explained any other way, I will jump on that bandwagon with glee. But before we go all the way to the "Aliens did it" explanation, there are many other more statistically realistic possibilities we need to rule out first.
      I just feel that it's unfair to assume that people who lived thousands of years ago were so 'primitive' that they couldn't have built those structures.

      And yes, I was "told" that humans are 130,000 years old but can we simply discard all scientific knowledge because some scientists skew the facts to fit their dogma?

    3. Thank you I love the idea of ancient advanced civilizations but why are aliens always lumped in with the idea. Evolution is pretty legit but it doesnt disprove that an ancient advanced human or human like race born of this planet couldve existed and then perished.

  18. Early man had to have help by something more advanced because some of that stuff they did back then is still almost impossible to do today

  19. disgusting documentary , it's like spiting in the face of the whole humankind

    1. If that's the case then if man knew all about this advanced stuff back then why were we living in our own filth and garbage up until the 1800's you would think we would be a lot smarter then that

    2. Well just think about what would happen to a wonderful modern society if a great cataclysm were to be fall it you know the comet that wiped out the dinosaurs, but just a little smaller so that maybe there was 500,000 people left on earth...what do you think would happen?

    3. It's people like you that mocked people when they claimed the world was indeed not flat. You should just sit in the corner and wait to be spoken to.

    4. Actually- its sort of a myth that people were walking around thinking the world was flat before Columbus. You can find lots of circle/oval shaped maps(especially in asia) dated waaay before.

    5. Also funny how in my 2,500 year old mahabharata a commoner clearly expressed knowledge of the earth revolving around the sun and did so in a way that made it seem as if this was common knowledge to everyone at that time hmmmm....Man does anyone ever go check out these claims fed to them or what....people go research it is most definitely a myth that everyone believed the earth was flat.

    6. says Mengo Bla- thats an alien name if I've ever heard one. ;)

  20. Does anyone find it funny that with technology used for interstellar travel they still were only able to build cities slightly more impressive than the standard for the time?

    Just in case you haven't noticed, but the CN tower is more impressive than the pyramids. It's funny how modern humans > ancient aliens.

    1. Yes , lots of tower is taller and prettier than CN tower . Some heated discussion was drawn out when assumption and hypothesis was proposed : Can CN tower and some other beautiful highrises in Canada withstand 911 type of attack ? Pyramid of Giza should be able to withstand 100 Airbus 380 ramming into it without suffering major damages . Do you agree and ever ponder why

    2. Yeah but left unkept that CN tower will fall way before the pyramids do...That's kind of the big deal about the pyramids is how structurally sound they are that they can even withstand earthquakes

  21. nonetheless: the modern Egyptians did not build that s***. they found it. they will not acknowledge the obvious truth because it means nagation of their cultural "heritage" , a history they have pilfered, not earned.

    1. Since according to wikipedia (article: "Population history of Egypt"), genetic research shows the ancient Egyptians are the ancestors of the modern Egyptians, (with a 10% or so influx from various invaders) who exactly did they 'pilfer' their history from?

  22. WTF is with the pyramid "Atlantis Rising" logo? Is this some Illuminist, disinfo, distraction prop? Of course. It's always UFO,s and Bigfoot and 911 Truth garbage and nothing about getting out and doing the real work of managing our world for ourselves right here, right now. Distraction. Distraction. Distraction.

    I can lift a heavy block of stone and lay it perfectly on a perfectly flat surface I have created without any special alien technology. It's called ...ready?....FLOATING. You build a wall around a thing and then create a pool and build the thing in the pool. The water's surface provides the perfectly-flat surface for stone grinding and reference, and a barge can be used to lift even the heaviest stone. WATER, people. WATER.

    1. Do you understand how huge the great pyramid is?

  23. WTF i s with the pyramid "Atlantis Rising" logo? Is this some Illuminist, disinfo, distraction prop? Of course. It's always UFO,s and Bigfoot and 911 Truth garbage and nothing about getting out and doing the real work of managing our word for ourselves right here, right now. Distraction. Distraction. Distraction.

  24. As a renovater of old buildings I am puzzled by the the idea put foreward of the "stapling" of blocks of stone. There would be no need , because gravity and friction would hold the blocks together, the only reason I can fathom for this technique would be to hold the structure together in the case of an earthquake, certainly copper would expand, but bronze would snap, what metal did they use? I use stainless steel staples to hold buidings together ,damaged by subsidence or earthquake damage, but there is no risk of further seismic shifting,here in central France, we have been told the volcanoes of the Auvergne are inert, I remain un convinced, European fault lines are at the best, as the FRench say " capricious".

  25. "Hubble did not discover the expanding universe. It was discovered using the space telescope named after him. Hubble was long dead when this discovery was made."

    Hubble did discover the expansion of the universe. That's one of the reason they named the telescope after him ^^ His key discovery what that of the galaxies moving away from us.

    1. You are correct on that. I misspoke. They discovered that the universe was accelerating in its expansion using the Hubble telescope. This was unexpected and seemed to indicate that the universe was not destined to collapse in on itself. The idea of dark matter was proposed to explain this acceleration.

  26. Thank you because i take it as a complement to think like a child . I love children trying to understand and ask question that amazes me . No format nor hesitation and most of the time , embarrass the adult . Adults tends to think they are right and more knowledgeable and brush children off as childish when no answer is available . There was a big fool that declare in year 1900 that : there is nothing more to study in the field of physics . Einstein give him a big slap by coming up with theory of general relativity a few short years after that . Quantum physics/mechanic spiced up and probably kicked that big fool in the groin . Well , this big fool was no ordinary people , he was the head of this and head of that and recorded his foolishness for all to see . You are lucky in the sense that what is written and posted here will not be recorded to be mentioned in year 2124 , 112 years later . So is mine remarks or comment posted here . To be call a fool is not bad after all , that big fool was holding such high position in the physician world in year 1900 and i am not comparable to him and so are you . What we see in the sky now and recorded by ancient can not be denied . You can't erase all the ancient depiction and religious text about ancient ET came to them and subsequently transform or made a god by our ancestor . You can't accept modern childish man like me that belief in UFO and ancient alien that have interacted with our ancestor . You give so much credit to our ancestor that manage to build the pyramid in Giza , came up with long count calender in South America using their own brain without help but left us the riddle of god coming from the sky in stone . Ya , you are the smartest adult of all , maybe you will be mentioned in year 2124 after all : the man that seek to correct and erase all human childishness , be it ancient or in year 2012 .

    1. Childish curiosity and awe is a wonderful attribute. However, as an adult, one should answer the questions that this childlike curiosity causes with honesty and objectivity and with an adult and sober mind. Most of the greatest achievements in science, medicine and technology began with the simple questions a child might ask. The answers did not come from an imagination run amuck.

      Knowledge is built one fact upon another, joining all the facts together so one can arrive at a cohesive and coherent understanding of a subject at hand. To understand how the Great Pyramid was built, one gathers all the information available. This would include all the archaeology, known history, ancient texts and other applicable sciences. One field of study should help to corroborate the other fields. When one item of fact is suggested and is corroborated by all or most of the fields of study one can state that the suggestion of fact has become the reality of fact. To ask how it was possible the Egyptians could have achieved such a marvel is not fact. It is a question. There is no verifiable fact of the presence of aliens interfering in the development of man. There are stories but nowhere are those stories substantiated by solid physical evidence that everyone can touch, photograph, point at or marvel about. Until there is corroborating evidence, it is just an idea without substance.

      Why wouldn't we give credit to the abilities of our ancestors? What is it about ancient times that gives some people the impression that these people were all incompetent boobs? Lack of knowledge does not automatically mean lack of ability. At this moment I do not know how to fly a plane. I lack the information and knowledge to get behind the controls and successfully complete a flight. That does not mean I can't learn or that I can't drive a car either. Just because the ancients couldn't build a steel skyscraper doesn't mean they couldn't build a stone structure. It is a matter of where that society stood in their technological development.

      Nothing wrong with trying to understand the ancient texts. Just remember that they were written by people with limited access to information and that the information they did have was filled with religious superstition. When Schliemann read the works of Homer, he was convinced of the possibility of an actual ancient city called Troy. His archaeological digs proved that city did exist but that still doesn't prove the ancient Greek Gods must have also existed as gods or aliens. That has to be proven by corroborative evidence which doesn't seem likely but who knows. It is the word evidence that is the key. Without it, any idea is speculation.

      Continue to learn and study but try not to jump to conclusions. Questions are easy to ask and belong to the childlike mind. Answers come about through hard work and diligence and is the product of a clear and adult mind.

    2. Just a quick one that i wish to repeat for you . How do ancient Hindu cosmologist came up with something like 4.32 billion year that is close to our age of the earth . Lord Brahma of the Hindu religion spell it out loudly of the expanding universe , multiverse , parallel universe , multi dimension and so on and so on . I am a lazy b*stard , some one telling me some facts would suit me better instead of searching . Lazy child asking also how long or how many generation is needed to observe and record to come up with a long count calender that is 26000 years cycle . 72 years to see one degree rotation

    3. The age of the universe according Hinduism is the 4.32 billion years that you speak of. However, the age of the universe is actually believed to be 13.75 years. The age of the earth is thought to be around 4.3 billion years. The age of the universe and that of the earth are two different things. Hindu cosmology is filled with ages for different cosmological ideas. Space and time are considered to be "Maya" or illusion. The 4.32 billion years is as likely to be coincidence as anything else. Also, their ideas about an expanding universe and parallel universes and the rest are quite likely philosophical ideas and not scientific in nature.

      The Mayan calendar was drawn after hundreds of years of careful and painstaking recording of the motions in the heavens. Humans are biologically programmed to notice patterns in the world around them. After observing and recording this data they could see that at 1 degree of 72 years, then the entire cycle would be 72 x 360 = 25,920 years. They didn't have to wait out the entire time period to know they were correct. Mathematics is brutally honest and predictive.

      The problem with being lazy and waiting for others to give you the information is that you may become victim to the information the giver chooses to give you. It limits your perspective. If you are only exposed to erroneous ideas you have no background of knowledge that allows you to discern the truth from the nonsense.

    4. 4.32 billion years as the age of the earth as mentioned in the Hindu cosmology as the age of earth . someone else brush this off as mere coincidence also , Carl Sagan did it earlier just like you . I love to see more coincidence , you miss out the expanding universe and billions of solar system mentioned in the Hindu text but chose to mention Maya . Well this is what some of our smartest brain at the present age is talking about also : The world could be an illusion . Are we real ? Bbc have some good show hosted by someone with TItle :Sir also . Maybe this Sir is not as smart or technical as you and like pseudo science . LHC and CERN are all design with specific function . Without knowing the wobbly nature of our earth that take 26000 years to complete one cycle . It take thousands of uninterrupted observation and recording to see that ,and only possible if they knew so much about solar system and the universe already .Did the Mayan lasted for so long ? Coincidence again ? Probability of such coincidence can not be so rampant . Hobble renamed the expanding universe and gladly took the title bestowed to him . The Hindu text are all rubbish to most of you so called educated with and analytical mind . To me this is the mind of the people that are fill with ego and denial

    5. Hindu texts say the universe is 4.32 billion years old. It does not say the earth. The universe. That is wrong. The universe is 13.75 billion years old. The earth is 4.32 billion years old. Those texts do not say that. They say the universe is that old. Two different and separate entities. You can insist that the texts say the earth is that old but those texts don't say that. You are wrong if that is what you think it says. The figure they give for the age of the universe is actually the age of the earth. Strange, yes and probably a coincidence but is still wrong.

      We don't know how the writers of the Hindu texts arrived at the concepts of multiverses and expanding universes. It is stated in religious terms and would seem to be a philosophical concept as much as a scientific one. It does seem to be intuitively correct but we do not know how they arrived at these conclusion. That they got the idea from aliens might answer this question but it may not be correct. Those ancient Hindus were intelligent and insightful people. That could also be the answer and the more likely one.

      The Mayans kept star charts for hundreds of years. They noticed that the stars appeared to be moving slowly across the sky. They deduced that it would take any given star 26,000 years to complete a cycle or to return to the place in the sky it started from. They used mathematics to predict the length of this cycle. They were smart people. Not a coincidence at all.

      Hubble did not discover the expanding universe. It was discovered using the space telescope named after him. Hubble was long dead when this discovery was made.

      It is those of the analytical mind that marvel at what the ancients were able to accomplish. They are quite willing to admit that they don't know how some of their projects were completed. Saying "I don't know" does not indicate a massive ego. In fact, it would seem the humble thing to say. It is those who claim to know that aliens intervened that display a massive ego. They are right in their assertions and anyone who says they are wrong are closed minded and in denial. Honestly, of the two statements "I don't know" or "I know aliens did it" has the egotistical feel to it?

    6. Ya , just like what i posted earlier , you are the smart one that not only manage to tell others needed to be more scientific and analytical in all approaches , but kept the most( scientific language) to you and your fraternity uses : probably , coincidences , philosophical and none scientific to defend your own failure to explain away some abnornally . It arouse my curiousity on prolific writter such as yourself which are plenty around on the net going all out to deny the UFO , ET and Ancient alien contact etc etc . I do suspect at time that you are one hired and paid to disinform all . Because you are not ready to admit to anything and can simply deny and deny by repeating your own skewed so call scientific suggestion on all that seem to worry me .

    7. Your evidence is weak so you attack and denigrate those who don't agree with you. Then you trot out your clever ploy to circumvent the "no evidence" problem. The reason there is no evidence is because there is a massive campaign to suppress all evidence and dispel misinformation. You can't seriously think that I may be paid to convince you to give up your alien theories? Well, you're wrong again. I'm a reptilian humanoid, sent from my home planet to take over your world. We don't use money. We're too advanced.

    8. Oop , from the self proclaimed scientific and analytical mind blowing up after a few round of no answer to the childish question . Well , that Sir Martin Rees is a strong proponent of multiverse . To derive at multiverse which their calculation leading them to the ultimate Maya world written down in the ancient Hindu text . Modern man term it as world of super simulation or matrix world . Sir Martin is definitely not alone in these belief and there are some support there in his field . Are you saying that Sir Martin and his gang are childish and deserve some spanking from you . These astrophysicist with all their calculation and understanding of the universe are seeking fame ? I did not attack the non believer as such . I only ask those who try to explain these abnormally away with their self proclaimed scientific analytical mind that uses all the unscientific languages to stop being the guru to tell someone off . I rather belief in UFO than a Maya world . Too much to ask myself that question , is my son and daughter real ?

    9. The existence of multiverses has been proposed by many theoretical scientists, especially those who support string theory. It has never been verified. The problem is that it appears to be an untestable idea. There doesn't seem to be any way to prove that there are other universes. Most scientists think that the idea of parallel universes has its merits but as long as it hasn't been proven it is only a good idea. In other words, they really don't know for sure, yet.

      How the ancient Hindus arrived at the idea of multiverses is unknown. Maybe it was aliens but maybe it is just a logical deduction that falls into step with the Hindu ideas of reincarnation. The problem with the alien idea is that there are no alien artefacts that we can look at and say that this was definitely made by an extraterrestrial life form. Another problem with the idea of alien contact is the light speed limitations. We have found nothing that exceeds the speed of light and all the available mathematics seem to support the idea that it can't be done. It may be possible but as of now, we have absolutely no idea how it could be done.

      It is the analytical scientific mind that allowed for the development of the technological wonders we have today. It is through careful and meticulous study that mankind has uncovered the laws of nature and how to use them to make the tools we use everyday. Don't denigrate their accomplishments. Without this careful analysis of the laws of nature, we would not be in this discussion over the internet, on computers and across great distances.

    10. Maybe it was alien after all . i just like that word . It is all i am looking for also : Maybe . Newton was the smart one but was drawn into studying symbolism after all his great contribution in gravity and others was done . Einstein was the genius all rounder that dwell into philosophical on top of pure science and mathematics . Einstein work on speed of light might not last forever with quantum theory of entanglement proving that space and speed is not the barrier . But Einstein contribution to the philosophical and wise wisdom of human kind will last forever . Neil DeGrase must be your favorite , he hammered and ridiculed all UFO incidences without reserve in earlier years . Look at him talk now , he is wobbly and saying that maybe but we need solid evidence and bla bla . I only started looking into this UFO and the related AA 2 to 3 years back . After my retirement and that few instances i saw those flying stuff that defy explanation with traditional debunker's favorite and at time universal concerted effort . I look up as much as possible in all area and read some ancient religion text too . Those ancient religious text of Hindu and I Jeng of the Chinese are all too advance in telling tales of universe and matters forming . Looks like we have gone one big round coming to defined what was written down thousand of years ago in our new so call scientific languages . Scientific knowledge that we are told to embrace feverishly also produces that MAD missile we have to live with . Modern gadgets are mostly by products of our insatiable desire for war and greed that drive our so call advances without that bit of consideration for our environment . You are happy with what you are enjoying now ? Most of the gadget you have at this very moment might be deem obsolete in a few years and some of the latest scientific knowledge you have acquired might be termed outdated that fast also .You are limiting your own capacity with narrow band of scientific knowledge that make you comfortable . Be happy and comfi with what you already decided to accepted . By the way , we are commenting on this show call Technology of The God , not AA Debunk . You came in to attack and i and host of others only defended .

  27. Like the pilots of UFO's these machines used to achieve extreme percision carving stone also connect to the consciousness using the nervious-system of the operator.
    Knowing of this technology and it's focus within human consciousness will be taken away from humanity once mankind gets discovered using it, fearing it may be used against each other.

  28. How to prove anything . Almost all of us accepted the earth is spherical with picture projected and model depicting the earth as such . How many are privileged enough to fly out of the atmosphere to view that in person . Scientist trying to view the subatomic particles are all depending on devices to detect their existence . Neutrino ,quarks , gluons and our latest celebrity Higgs are all beyond the normal senses we are born and equip with . Can't see nor feel the trillions of neutrino passing through our body every second but all accepted such when we are told so . Told by the scientist who used million or billion of dollar to build devices to detect such , not viewing . Pictures and formula are put forth to represent all subatomic particles in the best way that human can grasp , which the scientist admitted that it is awful . Radar , picture , video , millions of eye witnesses and testimony that all points to existence of ufo or some new name being used now are always under attack by skeptic claiming to be more scientific in their approach . Asking for more scientific evidence but accepting pictures of imagination drawn up by scientist on subatomic particles and the basic model of atom which we can grasp but not the true picture of an atom anyway . Who is the fool now , some fool accepting imaginary pictures produced by scientist soaking up billion and trillion using devices seeking evidences that can't be seen nor feel . These fool will look at the picture in the i Phone as real but the actual scenes the i phone capture as imaginary that needed more scientific verification .

    1. We don't have to see the atom to know it exists. Nagasaki and Hiroshima are testaments to their reality. The electricity that powers the computer that you have typed your comment on could well be electricity harnessed by the splitting of the atom. The existence of neutrinos and the Higgs Boson are arrived at using mathematics and is available to anyone who wants to take the time and effort to get the education to understand its complexities. These basic elements are a predicted phenomenon and it takes an incredibly complex and expensive machine to prove whether the mathematics and predictions are correct.

      No one denies that pictures are being taken or that strange things are sometimes seen in the sky. It is unprofessional and unscientific to look at a picture of something new and decide from this what exactly it is one is looking at. One could make a guess but that is all it is. You don't know where they are from, how far away their home is, how many of them there are, what they look like, how they solved the light speed problem...etc. In other words, you know nothing. All you see is a picture of something in the sky. How you come up with the rest of your information absolutely astounds me. Your grasp of the principle "rules of evidence" is lacking and the way you process information is almost childlike in nature.

  29. You would think once a new sence of enlightenment comes into existence it's taught to our youth so our young may become more knowledgable then the parent. But things seem to be going in reverse. Pretty soon man will be dumbed down to monkeys again.

    1. You are definitely doing your part in proving your final statement to be correct. Nevertheless, I have read some very intelligent comments on this thread, so I'm going to call it a wash.

  30. Some times we witness a superior advanced race that comes down to earths surface effortlessly, they indeed witness a restriction of advancements and evolving within humanity. World truths are enveloped in secrecy. Gravity and light technology is forbiden knowledge for mankind. Once man comes close to discovering one part of the method of advanced travel, its taken away quick. It's dictatorship. the money system, and religions that's not allowed outside of this planet. Money and god simply does not exist off this planet or anywhere else in space. God and his hell only exist in the human mind, and the focus on that unfortunately brings its wrath, which restricts any advancements.

  31. everyone involved with this thread needs a lesson in epistemology.

  32. "The human race was implanted with alien thought long ago, they have altered the human mind through their high superior technology". These bastards travel millions of years light to teach the ancient humans how to build stone monuments... oh wait, actually there is evidence that the stones were cut and piled "by" the visitors using superior technology from other worlds. Of course they needed to leave stone messages. The stupid 21st century, least evolve humans with access to way inferior technology chose some obsolete gold-anodized aluminium plaques, called the Pioneer Plaques, with hyperfine transition of neutral hydrogen schematics...

  33. I recently saw a short clip from the TV show Fact Or Faked!, which is a show that normally sucks really bad at anything scientific lol. But! They had some guy on that showed how 1-2 people can construct stonehenge with very basic stuff.
    Granted that doesnt prove its how it was done. But it does offer some cool evidence on how certain parts might have been achieved.

  34. it's easier to fill the unknown with fairy(that's the aliens)magic(that's the technology) than to sit down,look up & learn(that's the hard way)!how can one sleep at night with all them gobblins,elves,monsters & aliens hiding under all them beds of the fantasy gifted minds?i nearly got abducted by an alien but a swift kick in the 'ghoulies' changed the colour in his kinky little grey face & made his soulless eyes pop out!that's why i can sleep at night(with the popped out eyes pickled in a jar under me bed)!

  35. ....A quick and plain answer....."Aliens abducted us long ago, transformed our ape mind only, and this is the result in what you see in the ancient and today's technology." The EBE's (Scientific term: Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) are far in advanced than us, just altering the mind of the subject is all that is needed; we will find this out too, in the future.

    1. I went to high school with a guy named Ebe and I think he was from outer space. A really strange character.

      I didn't know that "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities" was the correct scientific terminology. Thanks for the science lesson.

      If you actually believe this is stuff, I think the mind altering has been accomplished by the weed you've been smoking.

    2. ....Please "Jackass1952" you really need to educate yourself on this subject, you’re just one of those typical debunking fools that try to downplay the reality in of the UFO phenomena that is surely taking place day & night in our skies. The truth is growing in momentum in evidence of EBE interaction with us.

    3. I never once downplayed anything concerning the reality of UFOs. That's because I've seen flashing lights that appeared to be revolving around something of an incredible size moving slowly across the night sky. There is nothing that I know of that can explain what I and three others who were with me were witnessing. I don't know what it was and I am quite willing to leave it at that. Any theory that I could propose would only be a guess. I can't tell what it was because in reality I don't know. That goes for all of the other sightings also. It's weird. It's compelling, but you can't extrapolate that into a story about aliens coming down and helping to build pyramids for the ancient Egyptians. There is no solid proof of this ever happening. As a matter of fact there is more proof that it was just the people of Egypt that did it. There are ancient manuscripts that talked about the construction and explain some of the engineering principles and mathematics used in the construction. The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, written around 1650 BC, even explains concepts relating to the slope of a pyramid.

      As for proof that they are interacting with us, I have not heard anything that would convince me that it is happening. It is all anecdotal evidence and is very difficult to corroborate. Those who use it as proof do so to prove an existing belief they already have. There is nothing solid to show that they are aliens. Our science so far does not support it either. That life could exist on other planets, even advanced civilizations is a logical idea, but our knowledge of physics says that nothing can go faster than the speed of light. Until we find this to be untrue, it is a limitation not to be ignored. I can't understand why people can't just say that there is something strange about the things that are being seen but that any explanation they could offer is no more that guesswork.

      Name calling does not enhance the veracity of any idea that you are defending. In fact, it demeans you and leaves the impression that you have very little to offer to support the claims you have and you must resort to verbal bullying to show that you could be right. If you want to advance a coherent argument, give facts. Leave the name calling in the school yard.

    4. .....I really wish I could bury my head in the sand like you, but after having so many EBE encounters myself, I have to carry on in waking up the mass into the reality of EBE presence here on our world. Accept the millions of reports by Joe public, service men, judges, presidents, policemen/women to name a few, in their statements/video/ photographic evidence sir, and be at rest.

      Here's one book for starters, it really brings out the 'cover-up' by the US government, yes, there are plenty of US government conspiracies, but i choose this one as the most reliably...."The Conspiracy of Silence" by Kevin D. Randle, Captain, U.S.A.F.R. CO-AUTHOR OF UFO CRASH AT ROSWELL. He was a former Air Force intelligence officer. Google it. Try to get your hands on this most valuable book.
      Sorry for the name calling, just p_ _ _ed off on the ignorance of persons who forever debunk the solid evidence of this phenomena. And there is SOLID evidence out there and in here on the net too, if you care to push hard on the net in finding it. Science likes tangible evidence, I don’t blame them, but when dealing a superior intelligence, (which science hasn’t encountered directly) we’re not going to get it severed on a silver platter are we?

      As you know, a higher intelligence then us, has the capabilities of higher manipulation, and superior anti-detection technology. Meaning, they are not able to be detected by all animal life form senses here on earth. Invisibility is one of their advantages! I can gladly copy & paste one my past ‘encounters of the forth kind’ to you if you wish?

    5. As Jack pointed out, you're still just extrapolating a story from an observed phenomenon you have no current explanation for.

      I'd like to believe in life--even intelligent life--existing elsewhere in our universe. I could even say, cautiously, that there's a pretty good chance of it.

      But extraterrestrial intervention here on earth? Can't prove it by me.

      And srsly? "Invisibility is one of their advantages!"

      The only thing you've failed to come up with is a convincing reason why superior intelligences would give a flying f*** about this planet, much less go all cloak-and-dagger secrecy instead of just coming right out and putting us into our not-so-superior places.

    6. This applies to you "Kateye70", (as with all the other 'blind' persons I have sent this same post to in the past on this UFO subject, this is a one of my short ones)....."The human race is still asleep. To slow to except in what’s going on, always joking about it, or wanting to disbelieve it. Unbelievable in what our race thinks about all this...unbelievable!"

    7. Somehow I don't think I'm the 'blind' one here...

      P.S. I can tell the difference between wishful thinking and reality. You can too, if you put your 'mind' to it!

    8. . ....Obviously I'm wasting my time here with you, go find out the truth yourself; obviously you haven't bothered to check any of it out. The same old debunker, been replied by so many like you over the years.

    9. ShadowMan
      could you present me with the best two or three pieces of solid demonstrable evidence? i am not interested in hearsay or personal testimony. you claim they have been identified so you must have something of substance to back up such a claim. if not why should anyone take you any more seriously than someone screaming on the corner?

    10. I post to you the same post as to "Kateye70" below....Hey, I'm not saying humans didn't build these magnificent monuments, I’m saying that the human race was implanted with alien thought long ago, they have altered the human mind through their high superior technology, you have to stop thinking in human thinking terms of EBE’s physical and mind state as somewhat like us, like every human finger print, it is different, so too is intelligence. I have seen that Stonehenge link you sent me before, of course it’s possible to do as that guy did, but remember my explanation of how we got our intelligence, so of course he can move those stone blocks!

      And you saying….”You have yet to provide anything of substance.” How can I prove my own Encounters of the Forth Kind with EBE’s? What, I’m going to introduce you to them! I like thousands of others who have had these encounters cannot present hard evidence, only the marks or implants etc, please check out Budd Hopkins/John Mack/David M Jacobs this will save time on my lengthy explanations to you. View this and more, there are tons of testimonies by people in high ranking positions, who have had encounters with EAC’s and EBE’s, even if just one out of the 100’ of thousands testimonies is proven true, that is all that is needed! Interestingly, a lot of those testimonies are from children, even at the age of 2 or 3 yrs old! Schools have encountered EAC’s flying and landing at the school, (there’s a famous case in South Africa of an EAC landing by the school and whole school witnesses it, even teachers witness too, they all drew the same craft and strange robotic creatures that exited it too!) (dig around, I shall find the links, (here’s the South African case: Ruwa Zimbabwe UFO / OVNI / ALIEN school children’s TRUE close encounter case- 1994 ) and pass on to you, you will truly be shocked, this video is a starter for you. There are many school encounters around the world over the years. In Russia one KGB agent got interviewed about a school encounter, anyway, I use children in this case, these are more credible to disbelievers, but adults have to be taken seriously too. After all, EBE doesn’t just contact children, they contact all walks of life, a few presidents have admitted seeing EAC’s as mentioned to you previous.
      Please make effort to check around others.

    11. ShadowMan,
      personal testimonials mean nothing to me. there was a time when countless people saw witches. people have seen angels.gods. bigfoot, ghosts, demons and on and on. some of these people seem completely sane and honest. so until some hard evidence is given for these claims i will not accept them. and nobody should ever accept a claim without evidence. as for the :presidents have admitted seeing EAC’s" please provide me with their admittance of such things. and remember you said EAC not UFO.

    12. ....I really don't care if you believe me or not, i know this is true and that's all that matters, you will find out some day this is all true, then you remember me in all i said. When millions, (all walks of life, people in responsible positions, children, military personnel etc) come forward stating they saw EAC's or UFO's as most like to call them, there has to be ounce of truth in this, the law of averages says so! I agree in what you say in demanding evidence, i would too, if i never had seen an EAC, so i hope one day you are lucky enough to! Jimmy Carter stated, Ronald Reagan, Dennis Kucinich, Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington, and Senator Richard B. Russell, Jr., that's just the US politicians!

      Here's a Russian president testimony..."
      "But in another twist, the President of the Republic of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov Russia, claims to have been abducted by aliens from a Moscow apartment, in 1997.
      RT reports Ilyumzhinov saying they are a friendly type, and are not ready to meet humans. He remembers walking through a long tunnel that led to a space ship, where he met aliens in yellow spacesuits." Check around more “over the Edge." You'll find plenty. Go ahead, carry on with your head buried in the sand, learn the hard way.You see, there was one time when most would laugh at the talk of EAC’s or EBE’s sightings, now the table has turned, more are serious in believing and few are laughing these days. :O)

    13. From your post: ."The human race is still asleep. To slow to except in what’s going on, always joking about it, or wanting to disbelieve it. Unbelievable in what our race thinks about all this...unbelievable!"

      What is this supposed to be proof of?

      And, err, not to be the grammar nazi, but "Too slow to *accept* (not 'except', look up the meanings!) what's going on..."

      Not that I agree with that statement in the least. Again, there's a gigantic difference between wishful thinking and reality.

      If you came up with anything other than a mysterious quote from an unnamed source--something to sink our teeth into, so to speak--it would be great. So far, you're completely unconvincing since you've not provided anything to back up your claims.

    14. ...Like I said, you know nothing about the UFO phenomena, (I no longer call them UFO's, because now we know they are EAC's: Extraterrestrial Aerial Craft, piloted by non-human beings, no longer ‘unidentified.’) You, like the millions of others, just spend time on the net 'trolling' others to satisfy your empty mind, it will never fill, because it has a hole in it from the ignorance bullet that went into it long ago!

    15. Wow, hate much? I very carefully did not say you are an idi*t, because I'm not here to sling insults.

      You've made some rather sweeping judgements about me and yet all you know of me is a few posts on an internet page.

      Your own posts are full of assertions but nothing that might convince a skeptic to look deeper, much less believe outright. If your goal is to convince others, you're not doing it right.

      Personally, I find it harder to believe in aliens than in the intelligence and capabilities of my own ancestors. I also don't think any intercession--divine, alien, or whatever--was necessary for them to figure things out all by themselves. I, for one, am willing to give them all the credit they are due.

      If aliens want credit, they need to man up and present themselves for it! (pun intended!)

    16. some people give a flying f*** about dandelions and they are one in a million flowers on earth, great for wine...imagine?
      I'm not saying i agree with the shadow..i am just saying....imagine.

    17. I like dandelions, although I have never had dandelion wine. =)

      My only point is that our own ancestors did such wonderful, amazing things, but people want to give the credit away to mysterious aliens from another world.

      And yet there's a guy on youtube demonstrating exactly how to move gigantic blocks of stone with some pebbles. Imagine that!

    18. ....O' and the part you say...."That's because I've seen flashing lights that appeared to be revolving around something of an incredible size moving slowly across the night sky." I too have seen the same, in the UK, at night time, a very strange craft crossing over my town’s bay, as it passed silently overhead, i noticed 3 or 4 'red balls' dancing like, around it, i bet those revolving lights you say were also the same description yes? You say revolving, you mean revolving on the rim of the craft? The red balls i saw, were circling all around the 'mother craft.'

      The part you say...."but you can't extrapolate that into a story about aliens coming down and helping to build pyramids for the ancient Egyptians."....I'm not implying they came down and helped us, I said they "altered our mind long ago" we are carrying out in our heads, their imported thinking.

  36. The technology of my gods uses magic - the kind of magic that is not technology advanced enough to be seen as magic. Also... magic. Did I mention "magic"? Magic.

  37. information is shared over thousands of years the same way it has always been through writings, oral traditions, religious traditions, buildings, mathematics and sacred geometries...for example. again i don't endorse the idea of alien construction but i do embrace the idea of shared knowledge and skills and the possibility that some of those may have been shared intergalacticly. what i whole heartedly refuse to accept and what has driven me to post is that because we believe (operative word) we know how things are now that we know how they were in the past. do we know for a fact that ancients didn't have computer technology? nuclear? or any other "modern" technology? no we don't. do we know what these structures were used for? no and there is an outstanding amount of evidence that can be coupled with "common sense" that shows the great pyramid was not a temple or a tomb and most likely not even a monument. it in all likely-hood served a function we are not aware of. so my point is that you don't know what the world, universe, humans, and their capabilities were in the past so stop being so dismissive of alternative ideas. if we observe what we can about history without blinders then the only information we can be sure is absolutely bogus is the accepted interpretation of events. i don't see why you are harping on lost technologies as if it wasn't the crux of my argument. we have lost massive amounts of tech and we also have lost massive amounts of information about what kind of tech existed in the past. to back that up just imagine how much technological information was lost when the spanish destroyed thousands of years of texts and culture when they ravaged the aztecs/mayans/etc and the incas. and the universe only knows the cultures and techs that were lost that weren't mentioned in the conquerors account of history. i'm not an engineer but what i am aware of is that many of the features of these structures and their precision are beyond our ability to achieve, so they must have had some serious forms of technology that we can not develop at this moment (be they purely terrestrial, which again i would lean more towards as well, or extra-terrestrial). what we also can't know is how they had such a profound knowledge of the workings of a universe (for example they knew it was heliocentric, which seems like "common sense" but ask middle age europe why they didn't know that) that we can only begin to understand with the assistance of satellites, computers and the like. does this mean aliens told them ? no but could it mean that they had very advanced technologies that we are unaware of? absolutely. and could it mean that they had cultural exchanges with extra-terrestrials? its not impossible. these features and abilities to be as precise in certain technologies still remain out of our grasp with all the nano, bio, and engineering technology that we have accomplished in our own times. and so i will leave all of you with this...what if our modern technological advancements were also enhanced by alien contact?

    1. wow, you really are completely clueless. i honestly hope you are no older than 15, because i really have a hard time believing an adult could display such willful ignorance of fact. REALITY pretty much disproves that entire "we dont know what incredible technology they posessed" argument. speculative nonsense is NOT a valid alternative to observed fact. a mayan pyramid is a huge pile of rubble with pretty facing stones stacked in a pleasing manner. there are no mysterious properties, thats hokum that charlatans use to sell junk to dreamy eyed misinformed pigeons. we do KNOW they poisoned themselves with the toxic wastes of their metallurgy. they depleted their soil by overfarming. they sacrificed fellow humans to their gods in bloody rituals to ensure good harvests and luck. with the exception of human sacrifice, pretty much EVERY ancient society of merit did the same. slow self destruction is a fair indicator of lack of any "grand lost secret knowledge". our toys today are more impressive, our tools are more sophisticated, and our knowledge of what makes the universe "tick" is more complete because it is built slowly and unceasingly on the base those ancients left for us. their copper and stone technology slowly evolved into our modern "exotic" materials. no, they werent ignorant "savages" squatting in their own dung, but they were certainly ignorant of much we now know. they lacked the modern materials technology we posess. how do i know that? because NO evidence has ever been found that actually says otherwise. nuclear technology leaves evidence that lasts for INCREDIBLY long periods of time. electronic technology requires materials that are for the most part bio-inert (they DONT decompose). if you dig up your local landfill in 5 thousand years, you are going to find great heaps of evidence of television sets, radios, cell phones, landline phones, disposable lighters, and packaging materials. no such "junk" exists in ANY ancient site. before you say it, ill head you off at the pass, and point out they left the poisonous tailings of copper and gold production EVERYWHERE, so it is seriously doubtful they recycled their plastics and glass, or decided to use some exotic means to eliminate their nuclear waste. reality flies in the face of the fanciful tales so many dreamers embrace. "it just aint so, joe"

    2. uninformed cultural bigotry. you don't get it at all. your whole opinion is a collection of possibilities at best, outright lies at their worst, taken out of context and placed a-historically in a neat linear frame work that fits nicely into chapter 8 of your high school world cultures book. age is irrelevant here and your assumption that a 15 year old couldn't have knowledge just illustrates that you approach most things in life from a bigoted position. (but to allay your fears that maybe a child is out thinking you i am not a teenager or adolescents and we can leave it at that)... anyway because we use non-biodegradable inorganic compounds than therefore every other culture that wishes to advance technologically must as well? your thought process here again smacks of cultural bigotry. and again you are defining the past based on current definitions and trappings of progress and technology (again a-historical). what if the technologies you hold so high were unnecessary and they had technologies that were far more advanced but useful in different contexts such as control of sound for purposes other than audible recreation? so exposing your limited scope of mental vision obviously you should be so confident to deny the existence of any "junk" at ancient sites because you have scoured the earth in all the jungles, ancient oceans, deserts, and current areas covered by water that once weren't, and can say definitively that no other possible technology more advanced than our own ever existed. good thing we have you as our 21st century indiana jones to reveal the secrets of antiquity. whats next dr. jones will you tell us the true origins and purpose of the sphinx? i can't wait. the only speculative nonsense and pulp fiction being offered here is your display of "facts." which by the way you have offered none of other than saying "if you look here..." (where? everywhere? thanks for the tip) or "we know because we can't find..." or "pretty much every..." these are simple trite tactics used by bigots to drum up some imaginary support base who try to solidify theory as scientific fact based on this phony consensus. and what does "pretty much prove" mean anyway? wouldn't your choice of words "pretty much" automatically imply room for doubt in the conclusiveness of an idea? yeah it would. if you were clueless i could have sympathy for you but your are a baseless loudmouth of the fascist type. but please, for the sake of anyone else who might have to interact with you in any capacity, if you take anything away from this exchange notice; i'm not posing ideas as facts, i am simply posing questions. maybe your conversations in the future will be less close minded if you asked questions instead of told people what you DON'T KNOW.

    3. and stop trying to make attempts at defining who i am in life or what experiences make my life. again here is something you don't know, you fascist m****. and thats not a speculation you have proven yourself to be such. of all the close-minded nonsense you have posted and all of the technological information you have provided constantly ignore the whole point of my input...that the ancients achieved things and we don't know how they did it and certain technological advances achieved by them can not be duplicated by us. you can say yada yada yada about ways that we build and the similarities to their KNOWN technologies but if you research anything before you talk you would know that we can not say with certainty what they were capable of in any regard to any function of life and society and again absolutely can not recreate or understand how they achieved certain feats. you simply don't know and you can't know. so its not that the ancient alien idea is right its that you are wrong. pay attention to what i'm saying so that at some point we can progress beyond repeating myself. btw did you know that the inca were better and more successful at certain types of brain surgeries than we are... nah you probably didn't. schmuck.

    4. please list a single PROVABLE example of a "mysterious ancient technology". please dont give me ambiguous tripe like "the apex of a pyramid is the perfect shape to resonate at "x" frequency" or similar nonsense. in short, PUT UP OR SHUT UP. when your assertions about nuclear and electronic technology are shot down, you pull the "sonic technology" bunny from your tophat. ok, roll with it, wow me with your vast knowledge. by using such terms as "fascist" in reference to a debate on technology, you only show you lack the definition of the word. you keep repeating yourself because you offer nothing of substance. you allude to the existance of some "miraculous stuff" but wont even list anything plausible. my suspicion is because you cant. you have a feeling, a belief. sorry, your moon eyed dreams of ancient mumbo jumbo is in no way compelling. i dont accept "fairy dust" as an explanation for anything unless and until you can actually demonstrate "fairy dust" at work. my mind is perfectly open, so long as the concept being hawked is demonstrable in reality. by the same token, when somebody pees on my leg and tells me it's a warm spring rain shower, i call them on it. so far, all i see from you is urine. now, i accept that you may not be able to demonstrate such "mysterious technology of the ancients" with words tapped out on your keyboard. so, post a link or 10, but please not to those "paragraphs of nonsense with enya backing tracks" youtube vids. dont just spout phrases like "sacred geometry" or other pablum. PROVE your assertion. screeching "schmuck" only proves you have a very minor command of yiddish epithets. the explanations i have offered up are demonstrable, sensible, and fit what we actually KNOW about the cultures and technology the ancients posess. i propose NOTHING that requires a "leap of faith", or unquantifiable supposition. i know they are workable, because i have used them numerous times over decades of work, or at least actually observed their use (i add that only because i have never used an ox to move a load, btw). so dont stamp your foot, dont cry out in frustration, just show me some concrete, plausible, real world nuts and bolts that back your position.

    5. Not to be completely rude, but you should try doing some pulp fiction.

  38. Look at our world trade center , 2 planes rammed into it brought it crumpling down to pieces . Ram 100 airbus 380 into the pyramid of Giza and i am quite sure that the pyramid would not shake a bit . Can we build such monument that can withstand such act ? We have not even come up with a theory on how the pyramid was built , let alone duplicating one with such precision that is simply mind boggling . Our ancestor built such complex monument ? Mainstream historian depict our ancestor as primitive but yet trying to explain such monument away by giving our ancestor credit as wonderful builder .

    1. u wanted to say that u personally have no idea how the pyramid was built. well if u have no idea i suggest u learn... most of us know "a theory"... well its kinda on the walls inside of pyramid;)
      jeez i dont know how... must be allien thing... doh. /pickingnose...

    2. The World Trade Centres were working, functioning buildings made to withstand ordinary stresses and was only considered as a monument in an idealogical way. The Pyramid at Giza is made of building blocks made of solid rock with a few passage ways and chambers and is not serviceable as any kind practical structure, whatsoever, except as a monument. We could build one today if we wanted to using modern equipment. What we don't completely understand is how the people of Egypt could have accomplished it, thirty five hundred years ago, with the technology they would have had at their disposal. We don't use the methods that they used any more and have forgotten how it could have been done. That is what we don't understand and why we are trying to come up with a theory of how they could have possibly done it. It's not that we don't think it impossible.

      If you want to talk about precision, just take a look at your computer and the hardware that goes with it. All these tiny parts that are precision made to fit perfectly together to make a fully functional computer...and this is duplicated hundreds of millions of times. That is precision that is mind boggling. It makes the precision of a bunch of blocks fitted together to make a pyramid structure look like child's play.

      It is people, like yourself, who are depicting the people of ancient times as primitive. Modern historians understand that these people had many capabilities but did not understand some of the basics of science that we now take for granted. In many ways, the capabilities of modern man is built on what these ancients learned and applied. It is part of the progression of our technological growth.

      I repeat, its not that we can't do it today but we would be hard pressed to do it with only the tools they had available. In the end, however, we could figure it out and after using an incredibly huge work force and enough time and at great monetary expense it would be done. The question is...why would we? We would use high tech cutting tools to make the three ton blocks. An ordinary crane would pick them up and place them on truck beds or railway cars and delivery them to the building site where ordinary lift cranes would start stacking them in place. The engineering is quite simple. Its the motivation that would be difficult.

    3. The computer that was used to send Apollo 13 up to the moon was capable of doing 4000 calculation in a second or so . Our i phone 5 can outperform that by thousand of time in 50 years span . We can look at that 50 year old junk and tell ourselves happily that we made that much progresses . Look into the possibility of advances in technology in another 50 years ahead , what is i phone 5 to that generation in year 2062 ? A piece of junk that make them happy how far they have made the progresses in 50 year span . But i am quite sure that the future generation will still be asking how the hell those pyramid was made with bare hands and minimum tools . You are the typical so call modern doer that accepted and embraced some theory and go round bashing others for being ignorant and non scientific like you . Why not a single one of you tried to get some fund and build a pyramid that will quench all speculation and whimsy thinking . Not that original size of course but perhaps one tenth scale with all the mighty machinery you can put your hand on . I do think that Washington DC would be a nice place to erect such scale down pyramid since they imported an obelisk some years back from Egypt . The amount of money involve would not be staggering and you shall be the person to lead such venture to leave behind a legacy . A hand made computer will be mind boggling to me . A hand made car without all the machinery would suffice to blow my brain off . Mine other question is what drawn you into watching such (stupid) documentary in the first place ? The title would have turn you away and you need not waste any energy to post and comment . I made a proposal for you that you can be a legend by building that scale down pyramid . Start soon since i notice there are a lot like you on this blog

    4. calm down mate,i would go so far that the pyramids weren't used as
      tombs with the possibility of technical usage of some sort & thats bending it far but still a possibility.maybe future excavations will help
      to clarify but the nearest solution(the easiest) should be applied & not the most far fetched.i know where you're coming from.i've read
      almost most of e.von dänikens work (& i shudder using the term 'work' as they are more travel guides at the most) & he himself states that he offers an alternative not a final theory & is glad to accept new & concrete evidence of the insult yourself when you deny your ancestors credibility...& mine too by the way.

    5. These pyramid builders were doing it for their Pharaoh , an english title anyway and this Pharaoh were God to them . They built it for their God or Pharaoh

    6. A short one i hope , I am a Chinese and i can remember all my elderly telling folklore and never once show disrespectful of our ancestor but only praises . It is the kind of influences we grow up with . Our ancestor were smarter . Ever wonder how long you need to gaze at the sky with naked eye to come up with a long count calender ? How many generation is needed to compile data to come up that Mayan calender ? Maybe i will get some lecture again for being ignorant

    7. no lecturing just discussion with facts for the fundament of the theory.

    8. Thanks so much for restraining . Ever read any facts or theory that can explain away the Hindu ancient cosmology ? I was awestruck by their number of Brahma year of approximate 4.32 billion year in day . This odd number was just brush off by Carl Sagan who was drawn by the myth of Hindu as a mere coincidence to the age of our earth . Typical western educated scientist would do that instead of investigating further . Hindu text further reveal that of parallel and expanding universe inside a multiple universes that are not visible nor comprehensible by human or Lord Brahma himself . This is our astronomy latest baby . Dark matter , dark energy and expanding universe and visible universe . No more big bang but perpetual expansion and contraction of our universe or multiverse , which most if not all were written down thousand of years ago in Hindu cosmology . Can't blame me for suspecting some knowledge of ancient were not earthly . I belief in God , god of extraterrestrial origin . Not enough , look at Taoist and I-Jeng description of all matter formed in the beginning , sound too similar to Higg's boson in ancient language

    9. great reply....i'm diving into the old sanskrit texts at the moment as
      they are an interesting riddle & need questioning like how,why & when,which should shake the foundations of the western status quo
      regarding scientific knowledge..........mind blowing!

    10. I am still reading and finding out more sources to compare different interpretation of Hindu , Taoist and some other ancient religion text that survived . looking into our past , exploring far into our visible universe and peek into the real small of subatomic particles do interest me tremendously .

    11. ....Well said Mookleong, ...."We we're definitely created by some other being, just who was that being is, has yet to be found out. Even God is a being, but I never believe he was some ghostly like being, I think God is nature, as one abductee who presented a question to the aliens that took him..."Do you believe in God, which is in the image of man?" The alien replied in English with a confused look..."The universe is God!" We don't understand why you think God is in human form, we are confused. That explains a lot does that to me. God said "I will make man in my image" But maybe the human being will end up as a universe far in the future!"

    12. The question about God confused the alien. Why would that be? It doesn't seem likely that an alien, who speaks English, comes to earth to abduct an earthling, yet he has no idea of the human concepts of God. You would think that this alien would have done his homework and learned a little about the culture of the people he was about to abduct for study purposes. After all, he did expend the time and energy to learn English.

      How did you arrive at the conclusion that aliens intervened in our development and chained our brain? Is this one of your own concepts or do you have evidence to show that this actually happened?

      Benny Hinn has thousands who show up for his miracle crusades hoping for a cure even though there is no definitive proof that he has ever cured anyone. Millions believe the Pope is infallible and millions think this is all nonsense. Which group of millions should one believe? Saying that there are millions who have had UFO experiences is evidence is no different than my Pope illustration. It doesn't hold up unless there is corroborative evidence of a substantial nature to back up each individual case. This would not include a claim that fifty people all saw this weird light in the sky. That proves they saw a light. That doesn't prove what it is. You need solid proof...physical in nature that you can touch, point at and know that this could be nothing else than an alien artefact. It boggles the mind that millions claim to have been abducted, yet none of them manage to slip some alien artefact into their pants pocket. Even Kevin Randle says that these alien abductees were likely suffering from sleep paralysis and weren't abducted at all. Using children as witnesses fails also. It is well known just how vulnerable children are to manipulation.

      You still have no credible evidence for your claims. If you do please enlighten us. There are those who would like to know.

    13. .....O' come on, are you really this stupid in what you say in your reply! You honestly have to really look at what you write to me, it's so unintelligent! First off, when the alien said ..."The universe is God." can't you see why this entity would be confused? The alien knows the universe is God, we think God is a human like figure, when in fact nature is God, God is nature, as they say...God is all around us." too true that statement. Can't you envision that this alien entity is so different from us; they have trouble understanding us, (Especially if from another universe!) Don’t think about aliens on TV shows, they are always portrayed as human thinking and in their actions too, in most cases that is. That's Hollywood, the human conception of how we see aliens interacting with us. There are many kinds of EBE's here interacting with us, they have learnt the English language long ago, and they know it's international.

      You’re saying ..."How did you arrive at the conclusion that aliens intervened in our development and chained our brain?" Just step back some, look at the human race for a moment, look how we are to the rest of the animal world, we have covered the planet with concrete, dug up metal and made it into transportation, we have landed on the moon, yet the rest of the animal world is still the same as it was from billions of earth years ago, we have evolved dramatically, why is this so?! We are new to this planet too, only a few million years old, we should be the most primitive of the animal world! No we where either put here, or as I said before…”interfered with.” What, you really believe that we just ‘hey presto’ got our superior intelligence with a snap of a finger out of the blue! The human race is extremely odd to the rest of the animal kingdom, EXTREMELY odd!

      Can’t you see the big picture, the human being acts and looks very different to the rest of the animal world, we destroy and kill for any unreasonable reason, we waste, we lie, and we change things in nature when it doesn’t need to be changed? This is sick behavior; in the animal world they don’t do some of these things, unless locked up in a cage year after year. The human race simply doesn’t fit into this world, and it’s all because we have ‘foreign’ thinking in us, this behavior is ‘alien’ to this planet. You see my point? Another point, why have we changed in appearance from this supposing ape ancestor we evolved from? Put the early caveman next to modern day man, you would never believe we evolved from him, yet the shark and the crocodile who have been here hundreds of millions of years before us have changed little, just in size mostly.

      The human race is being evolved fast, in what I mean by that statement, EBE has a way of speeding us up in both physical and mentally, as we progress in technology, we struggle to keep up, they want us intelligent, (this reason I’m still working on it) and intelligence can only be grown over time, not made instant as you know, but they have the ability to speed it up in us, but only to a certain extent. Just look at people, the way we move, the way we do things, this is very odd. Everything in the human race has been blown out of proportion, our communication is extremely complex, our body movement, believe it or not, is very complex, our thinking is instant in helping solving everyday problems, all trebled like, this is very odd! Anyway, think what you think, I step back and can see the human picture; we just don’t fit with earth’s animal world.

      EAC’s have been recorded by photograph and video by the hundreds of thousands, this is strong enough evidence, say what you say, video’s and photos and testimonies as faked, there has to be a least one out of them all, that is real, and that one is all that is needed, the ‘law of averages’ says so too! You’re just not stepping back and looking at the big picture, big and just as easily be missed as something so small, you know that! Check out all that is said and shown on both youtube and Google, you may see something that changes your mind.

    14. There isn't much I can say in reply to this comment. It seems you have written a wonderful story to explain the ills and history of humanity. All I can say is good luck with that. I hope you finally decide to pursue a proper education. I don't believe you will, however. It would jeopardize that lofty and special position you believe is yours due to your superior intellect. No one would want that to happen.

    15. This part has to be redone....."BIG, can just as easily be missed as something so small can be."

    16. I would bet that you did not go to the website suggested by Justin Hebert. His comment is around the tenth one posted. His suggestion will take you to a Youtube video which shows how one man stood a ten ton slab on its end without any type of mechanized equipment. He did this alone, without any help...ten tons...damn heavy...and did I mention he did this without help and alone?

      I'm not sure what the point is about the progress of computer technology. There really isn't too much progress to be made in stone construction. Stone does is not really that useful in its raw form.

      I worked in a scrap yard for eleven years. I operated an old crane built in 1963 that could easily lift five tons and then carry it across the yard. The world largest crane is called Taisun and is in the Yantai Raffles Shipyard (YRS),in Shandong Province China. It can lift twenty thousand metric tons (20,000) in one lift. How's that for mighty machines. Do you really think equipment like this couldn't perform the lifts necessary to construct a pyramid? The average weight of the blocks at the great pyramid is around three tons. That old crane I operated could stack those puppies and the guy in the video I mentioned earlier could do it by himself without any equipment. Try to visualize what ten thousand workers, directed by some very clever engineers, could accomplish.

      Why watch these videos you ask? That is the best question you've raised. Even though this video offers some silly theories it does pique my curiosity about these places and I find myself surfing the net and poring through my encyclopaedias to learn more about them. A person can learn a great deal about history and the world in this manner. It is the only saving grace of this type of doc. and its a slim one at best. Try to do the same thing when watching documentaries. Your educational base will multiply at an amazing pace and you would be surprised at the things that you will find.

      The number one concept a person should learn is the concept known as the "rules of evidence". Find out what it means, how evidence is gathered, evaluated and conclusions are drawn from this evidence. When you truly understand this concept, apply it to this video and see if you still think that this doc holds any great truths.

    17. Well , i was trained as a civil and structural engineer and work as a builder for the past 30 years and just completed a 33 storey apartment before retiring two years back . Crane of various capacity and uses in building industry were used or shown in the various technical course that i attended . I do not question the capacity of our modern crane or other lifting devices . The sheer number of stone blocks used that ranging from 600 k to 2.3 million pieces according to various theory and calculation done , stack it up to such accuracy is that question that begs for answer . Top it up with tunnel dug to the king and queen chamber make it that mind boggling . We have pbs nova or bbc trying to provide part of the answer with sensational heading of claims of providing solution to the mystery of the pyramid and raising of the obelisk always fall short . These established tv production always tackle a single issue of the construction process and claim of mystery solved . Technology of various human invention of past can be lost or became obsolete due to various reason or functionality needed no more . The pyramid is standing there for all to dissect and study and we are still arguing and speculating . Build one now with our modern technology , we needed some new monument and marvel to visit instead of some 3000 years old stone building that raise more question that answer

    18. actually, NOVA did a miniseries of docs in the 90s on the modern attempts to repeat "ancient marvels". the stone mason who was featured in a few episodes of "this old house" (i only remember his first name, roger) travelled to egypt, and built a mini pyramid with the assistance of current day egyptian stone workers and quarrymen. the first half of the episode was a chronicle of the bizarre antics of those learned gentry who buy into the "mysterious technology". they accomplished little except to amuse the actual folks who work in stone. the local masons and quarrymen told roger "there is no mystery, we do it the same way today". they set a mini obelisk using pretty much the technique of the guy who has previously been mentioned. another episode featuring phillipe petit (the tightrope walker) built a reproduction incan rope bridge from grass (also with the help of local tribes folk). the true marvel of the pyramids, and any other ancient edifice, is that folks erected such large structures with so little technology. you actually steal their thunder by championing the "alternative theories". their efforts paved the way for our current building technology. to say "it would be impossible to do it now" is completely untrue. we just lack the numbers of specialized workers in many fields that would be required. the same could be said for the great european cathedrals. our stone cutters are few and far between, replaced by welders, concrete workers, rod busters, steel climbers, brick and block masons, drywallers, stuccoers, etc. the hauling gangs of old were replaced by heavy machinery. by the same token, the popularity of cars has made the skill of buggy whip manufacture a rarity. drywall made plasterers a rarity. commercial paints made the skill of grinding pigments and making egg based paints a rarity among the modern artists. blacksmithing is a modern rarity (at least in urban environs). these days, the 5 axis CNC mill is the reason "old school" tool and die makers are for the most part grey haired old men. times change, old methods become "obsolete" from a perspective of efficiency. skills that were common a century ago are now a "specialty hobby". many a modern "whiz" at keyboarding would be lost if they had to pound out words on a 1940s vintage smith-corona. look in your local yellow pages for a "tinker". most folks wouldnt even know what function such a craftsperson would perform. times change, old common skills become rare (sometimes forgotten), but that doesnt make the old methods "impossible", just impractical. you cant build a skyscraper from stone. you cant build a bridge that handles modern loads from hemp and wood. you dont need a tinker when a pot costs 3 bucks at walmart. you dont sweat pipejoints when you use PVC. babbiting a pillowblock is a waste of time when you can buy one with a roller bearing for the cost of the plumbus alloy needed.

    19. the design of the twin towers was a stressed steel skin with a central support spine holding up cantilevered floors. once a load exceeded the safety factor limit of any of those floors, that skin basically became a trash chute for that floor, and all below it. once the floors no longer braced the skin, it was free to flex beyond its design limits. a pyramid is a self supporting pile of stones sitting on bedrock. its basic shape is one of the most stable (a triangle). look around you at anything designed to carry loads. the mast of a crane (triangles), the framing of a drag racer (triangles), a lattice bridge (triangles), get the picture? as the only section of a pyramid that isnt a triangle is its footprint, it is pretty much the MOST stable structure one can build. the twin towers could be measurably rocked back and forth by standing on the roof, and shifting your weight from right to left and back rythmicly. your comparison is akin to comparing a single bamboo pole to a sand pile. the stones used in the construction of a pyramid are massive because they have to be. only its mass holds it together. each course cantilevers the one below (the weight above prevents the block from tipping). each course sits on a base (the course below) that extends past it. a wider base also prevents tipping. so, you have a structure that is for all purposes shaped at the natural equallibrium for the pile of material it is (dump any material, anywhere, and then cut the pile in half vertically, that section is a triangle). the individual "particles" (stones) of that pile are a very stable shape (oblong 3 dimensional parallelograms), and stabilized by both the portion below, and the portion above. that gives incredible static stability, but also even more incredible dynamic stability. but, you can only put an office on the "roof" of a pyramid. there are NO appreciable internal spaces. the twin towers on the other hand, were, aside from the floors, hollow. you could pack a hundred thousand people in each with little or no discomfort. to get a thousand people in a pyramid, you would have to liquify them and pour them between the joints of the blocks. your comparison is, in other words, about the ultimate example of "apples to oranges".

    20. its apparently cheaper to keep planes away from flimsy structures through regulation.

    21. I am fairly sure it would not withstand that kind of abuse (which pyramid?). Theories do exist about the technology used to build the pyramids - plausible ones too. You should be able to find further information on the subject right here on TDF.

  39. even though the claims made by AA's are an insult to common sense they are
    equally entertaining as any fantasy book/film & should be digested/treated
    as such.

  40. don't forget who spawned this idea.....the ancient civi's themselves by re-inventing their own history by claiming their descendence from the stars.
    that this 'joke' would survive till this day & influence 'modern man's' view on them is a prank that kick-fired back on them as a gullible part of the evoluted
    human species believe,that their ancestors were thick as a pyramid.

  41. Read the book of Enoch, or just listen to it on youtube, and you'll realize exactly who the ancient people were.

  42. we have lost certain Cloth Dying techniques from only a couple of hundred years ago and thousands more tech's, why are these never mentioned? Forgotten Tech is Forgotten tech 100k years ago or 50 years ago. laughable really and so Illogical.

  43. Why do these docs always start with ''Did the ancients knowledge and technology rival or even surpass our own''? For all you suckers that buy into this nonsense here it is laid out simple. The ancients built these megalithic structures to measure processions, lunar cycles and so on with great precision. We built computers enough said. Somehow they developed interesting ways of doing these things that we later disregarded as useless knowledge.

  44. @judyqtique ask ur skool teacher or watch!

  45. In reading ancient Egyptian records it is said that the builders of the pyramid used "soul ships." The same thing is said in the ancient India writings and the Bible. It is an interesting subject.

  46. I know for a fact that Aliens didnt build shit,every structure on this planet was constructed by Humans and they were not primitive in anyway,they were a thinking and an organised people.

    1. I am curious to know what fact it is that you know. Please enlighten me. Thanx.

  47. @all you ignorant bigots with ur Phds and Bsc and all other pieces of paper in ur possesion i say bla bla bla to u all,how many of u have seen the pyramids or any of the so called "ancient" Artifact?i know for sure that if there is anything we "modern" humans are good at,it`s SPECULATION,we "modern" humans still live in mud houses(bricks).If we were to land on another habitable planet 2day,a planet just like earth,what will we build our houses(camps) with? why do we always think our ancestors were premitive and stupid?

  48. They're doing nothing but selling the ingenuity of ancient man with thousands of people and a hundred or 2 hundred year timeline to achieve.

    The only thing that keeps us from achieving even more monumental constructions is our impatience. Imagine we had modern machines designed to manipulate blocks the way Wally Wallington does it. Think of the massive wonders that could be built with that modern technology and the time scale the pyramids and Stonehenge were built !

  49. i notice a lot of people on here have a problem with these "experts" as if somehow you are all experts instead. i didn't hear too many of these experts make definitive conclusions (although i hear too many of you making them); all i heard was people who have found additional information that necessitates that we change our accepted understandings of the past. no one knows how our ancients built what they did. not the people in the video (although i would wager they know a little more than any of us) and not any of you. everyone is so quick to dismiss the possibility of aliens cause it makes you uncomfortable (odds are there is a predominance of Christians here, which is also deducible from the way you present your opinions as facts) but why is it so absurd? some say we are diminishing our ancients capabilities, but are we? wouldn't it be diminishing them and ourselves to not accept the possibility that we learned and shared information from this planet and across the universe? is not denying the possible existence of other intelligent life tantamount to a form of species supremacy, implying an inherent right to dominance and knowledge? this leaves us with an illusion of a god-like supremacy over the universe (which by the way is why we find our planet and civilization in such a decrepit state). this is profoundly arrogant and ignorant. i think the technologies necessary to build these structures came from extensive interactions between cultures, plants, animals, nature, the earth, the universe, and even possibly alien life. there were skills and very deep understandings of the inner workings of ourselves and the universe that allowed us at one time or another to create such incredibly amazing structures and obtain knowledges and skills that are not available to us anymore because of our self-imposed planetary/species isolation. the arrogance to think that the only way that we learn and accomplish things is through our own "divine" knowledge and not the harnessing of natural energies, the accumulation of experiences, and sharing of understandings is sickening. stop putting restraints on thought, when we break through the acceptance of what is "known" is when we will find what we need to know.

    1. yes, how "arrogant" of us to presuppose that the solution to the "mystery" might be the one that is supported by history, evidence, actual experience, observation of the modern tools and techniques, common sense, and reality. i guess out of fairness we should lend equal weight to opinions of convicted conmen, supported by a web of imagination, and outright falsification. just to let you know, a few decades ago i actually did lend some credence to the idea. but, over time, with experience, and greater availability of actual facts related to the subject, i had little choice but to embrace what appears to be the most believable answer. there is no evidence of any kind that suuports the idea of alien builders. there are mountains of evidence that point in no uncertain terms to human construction. until the 19th century, there were NO power driven earthmovers, cranes, or elevators. yet castles, palaces, cathedrals, and all manner of other HUGE scale projects were assembled. do you imagine the parthenon was built by spaceships? the cathedral at worms? ankor waht? the palaces and temples of the egyptians that actually required real engineering skills? yet somehow, making a big pile of rocks was an insurmountable task for a huge population. from a purely sophistication of the engineering ability required standpoint, the simplest structure imaginable is the one that requires the assistance of buck rogers. pretty much every civilization that had access to suitable materials, and the ability to make copper tools built them, world wide.

    2. I don't think any of the posters here claim to be experts. Most of them do have a level of education that allows them to evaluate what this documentary is saying and coming to a rational conclusion on the veracity of its claims. Couple this basic education with a bit of common sense and then add the fact that this documentary offers no evidence of alien intervention and most of them can say, with certainty, that the claims made in this doc are pure nonsense.

      Remember one thing. Every monument that these Ancient Alien historians use as examples are made of stone. Stone that lies in abundance all over this planet. No other artefact has ever been found that so baffles professional historians that they feel the only answer could be alien intervention. Learn something about history...actually, the more you learn about history, the more you will realize that this entire idea is bogus. These guys make a comfortable living selling books, videos and other paraphernalia and doing the dinner circuit. A good reason to insist that this nonsense is true.

  50. Pyramids are the same all over the world another one?
    WTF a Pyramid is very different to a Ziggurat, why don't they show all the earlier pyramids that were built in Egypt you know the ones that were 'experiments' and some of them collapsed through trial and error and i am suprised to hear these so called 'experts' do not know that the Pyramid shape is one of the most stable structures to build its not Aliens or shared knowledge its BASIC Engineering a child could discover with building blocks anywhere in the world.
    I better stop ranting lol.

    1. Basic engineering? do you even know what you are talking about? i don't know where i stand on alien technology although i would say that it is in no way impossible but, why would it not be shared knowledge? be it between human cultures or alien contact. do you think that ancient civilizations lived isolated existences trapped in their specific geological locations? why would humans of the past not travel the world and interact with each other and share knowledge? and please tell me if it is such basic engineering why can't we recreate these structures? i think it would serve you well to look a little harder into the technicalities in the type of structures that the ancients have left us before you so confidently dismiss any possibilities. btw a child also learns fairly quickly not to talk about what they don't understand...what happen to you?

    2. because YOU lack both the knowledge and skills required to reproduce such works in no way means they would be impossible for all. there is no grand engineering mystery to building a pyramid, it's a pile of stones. modern stone workers actually use pretty much the same tools, just driven by air or electricity, rather than elbow grease. our more sophisticated materials to make the tools from give them greater longevity, but that in no way keeps a copper chisel from being used with a scribe head to fit a joint as tightly as a solingen tool steel chisel. the actual working portions of the tools are for all intents and purposes the same. block splitting is done the same way. fitting is done the same way. finishing is done the same way, only with much more rapid application of energy to the work. my guess is that you occupy a desk for a living. in such a case, i can see how there might be some potential "grand mystery" to handling and working materials. i have moved stones that defied a backhoe, with tools no more sophisticated than an 8 ft 4x4, and scraps of 2x4 for cribbing, along with a shovel. it only required time, the desire to do it, some thought, and the weight of 2 people (one of which seriously doubted it could be done). the cathedrals of europe were built with technology not much more sophisticated than was available to the egyptians. do you see alien help being required for that project?

    3. Humans have transmitted knowledge and always have done after all Trade routes were established in the Stone Age we have even found Stone Age boats the point is The Egyptian Pyramids were built thousands of years before a lot of the South American Pyramids, so unless the Egyptians were also time travelers no way and all of a sudden had ocean going ships.
      Can't recreate these structures????? why do we need to build giant graves or temples? these Cultures could not create Nano machines either or Meta materials or hyper sonic flight or Nuclear reactors or Bio Computers or send hundreds of satelittes to transmit data from space, so whats your point?, we gain tech we lose it all depends on the need of the times.
      I said PYRAMID STRUCTURE is BASIC Engineering as a stable structure not the construction of the Pyramids, a child also learns to read fairly quickly...what happened with you?.

    4. Humans had also been making massive Walled CITIES, THOUSANDS of years before ANY Pyramid, from China to India to the Near East as well as having extensive trade routes, the Egyptians etc did not just acquire stone masonry overnight it was over thousands of years of use.
      Please give proof that we could not make these structures now, i am an engineer so you go as technical as you like.
      The 'Prehistoric' world was not what people think it was and what these ideas these programs 'play' with, they were very advanced in trade and other areas and they don't also tell you that over 95% of all Ancient Egyptians lived in Mud Houses or Hovels living on subsistence farming not grand buildings.
      Have you ever heard of Serendipity?

    5. I repeat how can it be shared knowledge if these cultures are thousands of years apart?, are you suggesting they went time traveling just to let other cultures know how to build a Pyramid?.

  51. i suppose the Channel tunnel which has been dreamed about for many centuries, another marvel of engineering, was inspired by aliens. The Main mound of the Tomb of the First Emperor in China in size and scale is like the Pyramids but it also covers a complex covering an area the size of a city why has that not been done with Alien help?.
    Why don't they ever mention the Quarries the Pyramid stones came from are right at the feet of them with the tools used to cut the stones and tool marks as well as Hieroglyphics of the Egyptians making them.
    Beggars belief.
    Primitive technologies...WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY!
    In aviation the Sopwith Camel is 'primitive' if compared to a Euro Fighter or F-22 Rator or the drone the B.A.E Taranis but that does not mean the Sopwith was not an effective 'tool'.
    I really dislike these programs that 'dumb down' Human ingenuity and think we are somehow cleverer than our ancestors.
    Was Albert Einstein 'dumb' because he lived in the past?.

    1. primitive technology is anything less sophisticated than we use now. the brown and sharpe screw cutting lathe of the early 20th century is "primitive" in comparison to a current issue mazak self feeding CNC rig. a wood lathe is "primitive" in comparison to the brown and sharpe. a shaper is "primitive" in comparison to a knee action vertical milling machine, as the knee action vertical milling machine is "primitive" in comparison to a modern 5 axis CNC mill. yet all can be used to turn out very precisely made parts (as can a "tree crotch" lathe). the real difference is how much time required, and how much and what kind of skill is required of the operator. skilled hands can scrape a steel surface so perfectly flat that 2 such surfaces wetted with a drop of oil will stick together when lifted, with a tool no more sophisticated than a properly shaped chisel that has been hardened. those artisan quality european hunting shotguns of the late 19th century and early 20th were crafted from raw forgings with nothing more than chisels, files, and various bulk abrasives.the only turning operation used was boring the barrels, and that used a machine that most closely resembled the modern wood lathe. yet, even with those "primitive" origins, those shotguns were not only functional, but finely fitted to the physique of the individual, and in many cases things of incredible artisanal beauty. michaelangelo's "david" was produced with incredibly "primitive" technology (the stone artisans of the pyramids would probably have required very little "catch up" training to wield those tools), and yet is as incredibly fine a piece of sculpture as exists. the common thread of fine stonework world over was the ability to make copper tools. once that skill was mastered, all cultures had an explosion of stone crafting precision. but, one isnt likely to get much in the way of book or dvd sales touting the skills and abilities of "primitives". on the other hand, von daniken lives a very comfortable life due to marketing the imaginary assistance of aliens with those self same "primitives" public works projects.

    2. yeah exactly 'primitive' tools etc does not mean what these kind of programs make them out to be.

  52. another thing i do not get is Hominids had been using stone as a tool for Millions of years and Large walled cities were been built thousands of years before the Pyramids is it any wonder Humans became good with using stone as a tool or material?.
    Another example is some C17th Cloth dying techniques are a mystery to us now so why don't these people say it was aliens? or any other of the thousands of lost skills??.

    1. Haha I had a dicussion about that exact topic at work last week. I posed the question as to why advanced alien races would create monuments out of rock from local quarries.

      We wouldn't built the Burj Al Khalifa out of stone, nor would an alien species with technology beyond our grasp. If anything, an alien building Stonehenge, The Giza Pyramids, or the Temple Mount would be technologically inferior to modern civilization.... yet we lack the ability to transport humans to Mars, much less Alpha Centauri.

  53. what amazes me most about such efforts as this is the sharp cut-off of this "ancient alien influence". as impressive as roman and greek structures were/are, NONE of these charlatans attempt to lay their design and erection at the feet of little green men flying around in teacups. the "expert testimony" offered up is ridiculous. that guy with the radius guage pretty much states "precision requires modern tools". well, i know for a fact the rifling of the barrels of "kentucky rifles" was done with a wooden machine made from fairly rough hewn logs for generations. the method was scaled up for artillery, and pretty much was "state of the art" until the civil war period. precision with "primitive tooling" only requires TIME and SKILL. our modern machines allow for a minimum of both. i also notice none of these "experts" mention the egyptians having oxen. glyphs are abundant picturing them pulling plows, yet somehow the transition to pulling a block would seem to be beyond the comprehension of these north africans. as for "ley lines", i could play the same game with a map of the usa, and our modern towns and cities. if i lay a line between NYC and Chicago, im willing to bet my life you will find churches, towns and factories along its entire length. repeat the experiment with any other pair of metropolises, and repeat the same results. im also willing to bet that if we superimpose a topo map over that "ley line" map of england, we will find those "mysteries of the ancients" more often than not follow fertile valleys carved by glaciers and between pre-existing geological formation. as Dewflirt pointed out, even sheep wander the same paths. here in the usa, our native skunks follow the same trails for generations. perhaps they are inspired by nibiru? an architect talking about his "post stressed cable tensioned precast concrete" is completely irrelevant to a pyramids construction, those are "compression load only" structures. the "incredible mystery" of casting "dogbone" and "butterfly" ties in situ in the stone blocks of the inca out of copper alloys becomes much less impressive if you actually know that one can make a suitable furnace for that task from a 5 gallon bucket, sand, clay, and various volcanic ejecta, and the crucible needed can be fashioned from terra cotta. the fuel is no more exotic than charcoal, or even vegetable oil. in short, the technology needed is "pottery". so oxen, pottery, and the ability to pile rocks required ancient alien assistance right up until the greeks. how does anybody still buy into this nonsense?

  54. Same old questions, but no real answers.

  55. 300tons u say??? haaaaaaaaaaa easy gather everyone in my village,give us each a bottle of whiskey and we will drag it wherever u want.

  56. Brainwashed!

  57. oh my i have not laughed so much in a long time. Entertaining in a sensational way, i can not believe people take this seriously as any student of History with even an Iota of knowledge could debunk these programs.

    1. Well, I'm going in. May the ancient gods/aliens help me and keep me safe.

  58. Castles, churches and stone circles etc, dotted along ancient trails. Why wouldn't they be? Why would you build off the beaten track? If you build enough stuff it gets much easier to draw ley lines. Even sheep stick to old sheep tracks. ;)