If We Had No Moon

If We Had No Moon

1999, Science  -   34 Comments
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If We Had No MoonWithout the moon, humans wouldn't exist. Life, if it had started at all, would be in the earliest stages of evolution.

Days would last four hours, winds would blow at hurricane force and there would be a dense and toxic atmosphere resembling that of Venus.

Luckily, 50 million years after the formation of the solar system, our proto-planet was hit by a celestial body more than twice the size of Mars, which formed the moon.

In this one-hour special, viewers will learn what Earth was like before the moon and what Earth would be like if the moon disappeared.

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3 years ago

this video is dog****

6 years ago

at dam up the oceans.

6 years ago

I hope no one's tax dollars went to any of these so called scientists to ponder and theorize on this nor to fabricate this nonsense docu. Great gig ...to make up shyte. So much of it couldn't recall it all but the bucket full tipped over at . Brilliant, kill the oceans, bravo. Not only that, cause the very thing you supposedly are trying to prevent. Ocean currents significantly affect the weather we have on land.

Certainly there are much better questions than "What if we had no moon?": What if people, including scientists, didn't believe all the BS taught to them in school? What if people didn't believe the fake news and propaganda? What if govts were transparent and told the truth? What if scientists, reaching for answers, weren't so certain of evidence meaning one thing when its formation could have other origins? What if the maximum population at any location was 10,000 and such locations had to be at least 50 miles apart? Another question which is more in line with the level of this docu; what if tornadoes were upside down? (who cares, they aren't, same for the moon not being there)

7 years ago

I was thinking some weird stuff:

What if our moon, (wich i heard was planted here in orbid by some people), realy was a / the mars moon before... Transported by the grey's :-)
As you know the moon is exactly in the right golden spot in our solarsystem.
So then there had to be life as we know it on mars before the moon came/ was planted here.... lol makes you wonder right? Did we come from Mars? Would it explain stuff?

Have fun with that brainstorm!

Dank Raven
9 years ago

This makes me want to rip my hair out. This video says it's private and the quality of "Do We Really Need the Moon?" is so bad and its unwatchable. What a pity

9 years ago

The protoplanet that hit the Earth and created the Moon is not call Orpheus!
Orpheus is a NEA: 3361 Orpheus (1982 HR) an Apollo asteroid that was discovered on April 24, 1982 by Carlos Torres at Cerro El Roble Astronomical Station.

The protoplanet that hit the Earth forming the Moon is called Theia.

I think that it is the best theory to explain why the Earth and the Moon are so perfectly synced that we away se the same side of the Moon.

9 years ago

Has anyone considered that Venus collided with Earth to create the moon; that is why Venus revolves backwards from all the other planets.

Tanin Sultana
10 years ago

It was really useful for me.

11 years ago

There is a major hole in their "no moon" theory. They say that Earth would wobble erratically on it's axis without the moon. They use Mars as an example, saying it wobbles because it has no large moon. But......they fail to mention that Venus has no moon and Venus doesn't wobble on it's axis. Of course, if they did mention Venus, their theory would be worthless.

12 years ago

its an interesting documentary but in the end it has all the scientific value of one asking what if mars were made of cheese. In the final analysis things like this whilst entertaining are at best idle speculation and at worst scare mongering.

12 years ago

Although the fundamental elements of the moons role in controlling the axis of the earths wobble and tide are sound; this documentary presents far too many "doomsday scenarios" that are inaccurate in the bigger picture. Speculations formed on the what they think formed moons and debris rings around other planets are just that: SPECULATIONS. They try to suggest a causal link between the incidence of crime and the full moon which is completely ridiculous and has no scientific basis, just like half the theories presented before it...

12 years ago

Cool vid, we need more stuff like this.

12 years ago

Great film, i love astronomy. This is great that i can watch all of these documentaries here. Thanks

12 years ago

Okay doc. Fell asleep half way through! LOL

12 years ago

The crash into Tiamat did not create the Moon. The "Reptilians" put it there, and not "Yehway." Read some Zacharia Sitchen wehere he explains it all. Start out with the 12th Planet....

Achems Razor
13 years ago

@ Platoson:

You are right! I stand corrected.
Everything is energy, in the vast field of Quantum probabilities
there is no empty space at all in the Universe according to Quantum theory. Even though it seems as such, that we perceive with our physical senses.

When I was talking about an idea, that to, is an energy fluctuation,
albeit sometimes an unactualized possibility.

13 years ago

great doc, very informative

And by the way, something cannot come from nothing, nor ever will.

Energy existed before the big bang and has always existed. There is no empty space in the universe; all is filled with energy, most of which we cannot percieve.

Good job Vlatko!!

13 years ago

I like the idea that the universe is fractal. so from atoms to galaxy superclusters its all the same.

Taking that idea one step further, it boggles the mind to think that our entire universe could be just an atom like molecule of some strange being (or a rock, or whatever) who in turn inhabits a universe. a universe which, much like ours in shape and design, is a molecule of an even bigger universe - add infinitum.

of course, this would also imply that the molecules that make up you and me were complete universes, within even smaller universes, add infinitum.

perhaps big bangs formed from the matter sucked through black holes (as william macdonald gibb suggested) are the parrallel universes that combine to form the matter of the next universe up.

i know its a bit of a crazy idea but i like it. this fractal like "design" is certainly seen in our universe. from an electron spinnig round an atom , the moon around the earth, the earth around the sun, our solar system around the center of the galaxy etc.

13 years ago

I just love P. Stewart's voice. Engage, Captain!
Very good documentary.

13 years ago

Fascinating! I had no idea that we owe that much to our Moon!

William MacDonald Gibb
13 years ago

@JohKen: A cataclysmic collision as Immanuel Velikofsky theorized in 'Worlds in Collision', would not carve a chunk out of the planet. The area of impact would be pulverized into a belt of debris, captured by earths gravity, which over time formed into a moon!
: Great docs!!

13 years ago

If this scenario were true, and an object twice the size of Mars struck the earth, the inertia would have sent the "moon" flying towards either the sun or Jupiter, depending upon the angle of impact and resulting trajectory of the earth-made flotsam. One of two other options exist; 1)both the Earth and moon resulted from the acquiring accretion disc early on, or 2)the moon was brought here by a civilization hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years more advanced than humans to foster growth upon our planet. It's not too far fetched to believe if you step out of the shackles that bind most imaginations. Just sayin'....

Achems Razor
13 years ago

Good thinking!

But you need "Orbit Stabilizing Rockets" on both sides to effect an equilibrium. You would not want the Moon to come crashing down on Earth.

Keith Haigh
13 years ago

Given that the moon is receding, and it is fundamental to our existence, and that the same face always points toward Earth, then why not fit 'Orbit Stabilizing Rockets' on the Dark Side to compensate for the recession?

That way we don't need to leave Earth!

William MacDonald Gibb
13 years ago

Instead of 'Orpheus' perhaps Nibiru was the colliding planet, check Lloyd Pye and Z.Stitchin and the Sumerians!

Achems Razor
13 years ago


Good Doc. I can't believe it is something that I did not know.

According to this Doc. which is scientifically plausible. It seems that the Moon should be our God! Without our Moon there would not be any humans!

Talk about throwing Religions out of whack, EH!

I also believe in the "lunacy" of the full Moon, since I was on the front lines, medically speaking, for these occurrences.