Apollo's New Moon

Apollo's New Moon

2019, Technology  -   5 Comments
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America's first journey to the Moon took enormous resolve, innovation and moxie. When the Apollo 11 launched on July 16, 1969, the world seemed to awaken to a new realm of possibility. The missionќs success informed a reinvigorated sense of national pride and a spirit of achievement that propelled American ingenuity over the decades that followed. But perhaps the most enduring legacy of the Apollo missions is more earthbound, and can be found in the materials they brought back with them. Through careful laboratory study of lunar soil, rocks and surface characteristics, these heroic astronauts provided a new platform from which we could study the relationship between the Earth and the Moon. Apollo's New Moon explores these findings and how they've come to redefine our understanding of the universe.

Over the course of multiple Apollo missions between 1969-1972, significant amounts of lunar materials were collected and sent back to Earth for further study. The initial samples form the basis of much of our understanding today. What could the samples reveal about the nature of the universe billions of years ago? How might the rock formations and potholed surfaces of the Moon expose its origins and its ongoing collaboration with our own planet? Will the human species one day find the means to colonize the grey planet?

In addition to depicting the search for these answers, the film engages in the tools, talents and technologies that transformed this wildly improbable mission into a triumphant reality. We learn the functions of individual crew members, and the complex processes that allowed them to advance the ambitions of mankind.

The film features an awe-inspiring array of imagery captured straight from the Apollo spacecrafts. Much of this footage has been remastered in stunning 4K clarity. Viewers are placed inside the capsule and into the wonderment of limitless space during every nerve-rattling setback and rousing victory. Appealing computer simulations further compliment the narrative.

Apollo's New Moon is an exciting tribute to the can-do spirit that landed Americans on the Moon all those years ago, and a stirring reminder of the lessons they brought back with them. The journey didn't end once we reached our destination.

Directed by: David Sky Brody

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5 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Solatle

    What a mind job! Give a rest; no sane people believe this hoax.

    1. Jeff

      No hoax evidence exists. Only misinformation from conspiracy sites.

  2. Daniel Sorkin

    I thought it a good short summary of Apollo, post-Apollo science and exploration, and future prospects for the Moon.

    1. Cheyenne

      Hoax believers never listen to anyone, so it's pointless to try and educate them. The feel they are the only free thinkers in a world of sheeple. Every single claim they made, has been explained, and debunked. Most don't even do proper research, so instead, they come on sites like this , with their lies and misinformation.
      There's tons of evidence proving them wrong, some is independent of NASA.

    2. Paul Hogan

      Exactly, there is no hoax, these skeptics are ignoring hard scientific facts, in favor of some YouTube video claiming it never took place. The internet is filled with plenty of evidence to easily debunk their silly claims. The problem? Most of them will ignore anything that goes against their theories. To them, they only believe the conspiracy site, and no other information. They can't grasp the idea the conspiracy theories they believe could have mistakes.