Indigo Children

Indigo Children

2016, Mystery  -   23 Comments
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Another provocative investigative piece from VICE News, Indigo Children examines the claims of a small community of people who believe they have been endowed with mystical powers beyond everyday human comprehension or capability. The medical community, however, vehemently disagrees with these claims. In their view, these individuals are afflicted with the far more common and clinical diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

In an attempt to discover the truth behind these opposing viewpoints, investigative journalist Gavin Haynes embeds himself among several members of the Indigo Children community. These individuals have formed factions across the country, and they meet regularly to discuss what they believe are their singular gifts.

Their New Age movement began in the 1970s when they were first identified by the indigo-colored aura that shrouded them. They believe they are astral beings placed on our planet to help us reach our higher purpose and spread beauty and grace throughout the world. They purport to have psychic and healing abilities and a strongly spiritual inner core.

With a healthy dose of skepticism and good humor, Haynes enjoys a reading of past lives from a leading figure in the movement, visits a mother and daughter who run a holistic dentistry practice, and even attends a concert performed by a rap group whose art reflects the pursuits of the Indigo community. In spite of their unconventional beliefs, these subjects come across as congenial, thoughtful and confident in themselves.

The flip side of the coin rests in the medical community. Haynes speaks with a clinical psychologist who urges these subjects to pay heed to the mental illness that exists beneath their mystical facade. These individuals suffer from a well-documented medical condition, he argues, and their avoidance of proper treatment has only deepened their fall into mental disrepair and delusion. Their family members also aren’t immune to scrutiny as the doctor discusses their role in furthering a destructive way of thinking for their children.

Indigo Children takes a brief journey that is sometimes wacky, but always thought-provoking. At its center lies an issue for the ages. It exposes the oftentimes thin line between gifted and afflicted.

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5 years ago

Indigo's are differentiated from other psychologically weaker children by their lack of ego . not every add or adhd child will be humble ..Indigo's are deprived of ''ego''..

6 years ago

B I couldn't agree more, the manner of the presenter took away from the subject at hand. The subject matter was interesting and could have been a fantastic doco investigating the reasons such a group has formed in reaction to "perhaps"; a poor school system, a pill for everything mentality and nature over the corporate world appealing to a new generation of people . He came across as closed minded and arrogant and to the point of cruelty. We had nothing but a surface skim of the various traits of Indigo children and an ADHD specialist suggesting as near fact that a bad school life may well end up in prison. He surprisingly summarised well at the end but from someone that strikes me as extremely closed to anything other than his own opinion, I was unconvinced, it is not a presenters job to form a viewers opinion in a "I'm right you are wrong" kind of way.

Taj B.
6 years ago

Not everyone with add needs to be on drugs. My ex's son had adhd. I convinced him to learn guitar, and he learned to focus.

6 years ago

ahhh humans you are funny!! this just says to me at the end that because we should all go on ritalin because how could we be deluded into thinking we're special? no! true indigos are warriors put on this earth to set the paths on fire for others to follow the condescending view at the end made me quite squirmish

6 years ago

A shift of perception is upon us all and perhaps more so for the new entering our world. Some of us are true materialist and some are true spiritualist.
Yes, I'm sure there are those who are somewhere in between.
If you are a materialist ,then you have difficulty accepting the spiritualist.
This has been a huge problem, how can we solve this dilemma??
Think about that, PLEASE.

6 years ago

And yet most of you believe there is a magician who lives in outer space and can do tricks like making the universe appear fully formed in 6 days. Causes floods, earthquakes, plagues, etc. If you beg him hard enough, (I mean pray), sing songs to him, worship him, adore him, devote your life to him.....he may grant your wish, (prayer). Or not. Whatever floats your boat I suppose. Some people will believe the most stupid things.

6 years ago

Well.. No matter what you believe about 'Indigo Children' - It seems to me that Gavin Haynes has approached this badly. At least value people's opinions even if they differ - don't make snide comments in post production. By all means we need an opinion to be formed in a documentary but his manner just didn't sit right with me.

Terry c
6 years ago

Just weird thick arses who are trying to override their daft(nothing wrong with that) just accept it parents u certainly don't say my child is indigo their nothing special 75 percent of children who are very artistic in arts are thick as an ass just look at most actors

7 years ago

fight the power. f**k the big pharma behind those phsycotherapists in big plush offices on big $$$, the Indigo kids a real, leave them to what is natural you sick NWO f**ks.

7 years ago

It has already been proven that the majority of these symptoms are created by the developing brain in children being too stimulated for too long by television. They are unable to concentrate on things that do not excite them, like school.

nicko nz
7 years ago

Great presenter and thoughts, with a wry smile to those who were very ordinary and self determined that they had a 'higher' being. I still laugh at the sentiment over EBOLA. Not many Naturapaths across borders-for this one.

7 years ago

a load of new age hippy nonsense perception is developed by exercise of ones intelect not mumbo jumbo ,dont be fooled,,,,for those who are,,know that this is a load of bs,sorry for being so honest just dont want any body fooled

7 years ago

Seems like a case of a mislead Indigo attempting to debunk his own kind. Sad.

7 years ago

It's easier to claim you're special rather than to admit you're broken.

It would be one thing if they were looking for ways to change schooling to accommodate more learning styles, but to say they see angels and auras defeats the core of the message.

7 years ago

@KsDevil Can I thumbs up your comment? Seriously, you quantified an expression I felt unable to do. Good job. However, the existentialist in me also has to ask, even if that's true, now what?

7 years ago

Harmless idiots.

7 years ago

"Specially made tuning forks to detox the body?" come on...

I don't share the Indigo's view of life but happy for the opportunity to learn of their existence. Thanks for an informative documentary which sadly have ratings (currently 4.83) that probably reflect emotional reactions to the views of the indigos more than the quality of the documentary itself.

7 years ago

I am pretty annoyed with the ADD ADHD thing. So what if kids can't sit in a chair for 5 to 6 hours a day? That means they have to be put on drugs? Basically this medication drugs out kids and makes them submit to the system. Brilliant, path makers don't always submit very well and they also don't grow up to be understood very well or have many friends. It comes with the territory. As a former teacher, I know that more than half the kids on ADD meds didn't actually need them! They just needed more attention at home and a school system that didn't require them to sit in a chair all day and not interact with all the interesting things going on in the world around them. I also am pretty let down by the smugness of the guy in the documentary. It's like his whole point is to say "NO ONE IS SPECIAL, IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEADS." It makes me feel bad that someone has convinced this guy that he isn't special in his own way, or that the only way to feel smart is to make fun of other happy people. I used to have a big chip on my shoulder about religion and mysticism. Turns out, years later, I feel very badly for all the things that I said because I was trying to validate my beliefs/lack there of. If you want to know that there is something else going on in this world, start with your dreams. Learn about lucid dreaming and start asking your dream characters questions. That's all I will say. May your journey begin.

7 years ago

The ability of people to delude themselves never ceases to amaze me. What a scam.

Veronica Roach
7 years ago

Sounds a lot like a parent's natural feeling that HER child is different - all of us are special, most of us, if not swamped by parents or teachers, are wells of wonderful depth and life. I view this as a lot of wishful thinking for their child. I hated the psychologist's view that drugs are needed - maybe for some extreme cases, but they are loading any difficult kid up with these drugs and making them all dummed-down zombies. AND being all hyper-social is not a necessary part of everyone's life - many humans are naturally quiet and introspective and we get really angry with all those trying to get everyone to toe-the-line and act as they think a human SHOULD act - some people are Introverts - WE (yes me too) hate all that society & meetings & groupy stuff - I want to read, write,paint, dream, think, without all the severely extrovert types getting in the way ! I can be sociable for a few hours then scream inside for space & freedom - half the world are Introverts too, they are NOT a problem, they are very often the thinkers, musicians, artists & philosophers !

7 years ago

"with devices that can bring us any information we want"

- talk about delusion

7 years ago

The human ego is an amazing thing. It can enable innovation just as easily as deception.
The business of mysticism relies on this. It always has.
Here we are, with devices that can bring us any information we want, and often we only use it to look for justifications to support our beliefs and reject any information that refutes it, while completely ignoring the technology itself.
What a wonderful species, these humans. Finding balance in ignorance and knowledge but going nowhere slowly.