Iron Kingdom

Iron Kingdom

2018, Religion  -   11 Comments
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At the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, God's kingdom on Earth can only be attained through a well armed militia. Based in Pennsylvania, this small church glories in the queasy connections between God and guns. In the wake of the Parkland massacre and other related horrors, the church has garnered intense scrutiny as a potentially damaging fringe cult. The filmmakers behind Iron Kingdom embed themselves with the group's leaders and followers to learn the truths behind their unusual worldviews.

These self-proclaimed "judges of the wicked" only recently took up arms as a means of religious expression. In December of 2017, group leader Pastor Sean Moon achieved an epiphany. The rod of iron mentioned in the Bible should be taken literally, he proposed. Thereafter, the congregation began attending blessing ceremonies with AR-15s, and bathed each sign and symbol of the church in firearm paraphernalia.

Moon's movement has its origins in Korea. It was there - several decades ago - that his father began the initial sect of the church, and soon became the target of FBI investigations and public cries of cultism.

The filmmakers speak to several members of Moon's congregation, and each assumes a note of authenticity. They scoff at the notion that they're being brainwashed. They see a world in peril - one where moral standards are in perilous decay - and they view their advocacy of the Second amendment as merely a logical extension of their faith. Love they neighbor means you must protect them at all costs.

Moon himself clearly has the markings of an eccentric showman. He wears a camouflage suit he purchased from eBay and a crown of semi-automatic shell casings, but he speaks of his church's mission in much more subdued and measured tones. He embraces the church's involvement in the political firestorms of the day, and defends himself against the charges he's currently facing from left-leaning critics.

The inner workings of the church make for an unusual, often surreal setting. Ultimately, Iron Kingdom questions Moon's motivations for suddenly aligning with the vociferous gun interests following the recent wave of high-profile mass shootings. Is he genuine in his beliefs, or are they manufactured as an incendiary device that will garner more attention to his flock?

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2 years ago

Only in America. They Should all go back to being Isolationist.

Johnson Mascarenhas
3 years ago

imma join this rn.

Chris Gibson
3 years ago

As a Muslim I'd sooner be around armed Christians than other melitia's which hold racist and even neo nazi ideals, regarding fate, his idea on gun ownership is reasonable and protective and defensive, just like Muhammed's (PBUH) followers who did Jihad for the prophet. , but could it have been thought out better timed and planned with all the shootings in America. Its kinda inspired and could attract a big following.... who knows but good luck!!

Bill Farley
4 years ago

A Canadian perspective: These people are absolutely whacko! If I was Jesus I'd be turning over in my grave to hear my message of love being so corrupted. I thought you Christians were to follow the New Testament rather than the Old Testament. Here's a great prayer for y'all: "O Lord save us from ourselves."

4 years ago

Just another way to exploite the Constitution (Religion) it ought to be taken out altogether; Religion is used and abused; used to created world events which have pronged humanity in a black hole of violence, government created terrorist used to fuel the world wide military industrial and securities complex; used to justify the deprivation of our rights/privileges. "Religion, the Bible, is used to control our minds, justify endless wars, destruction, famine and continued murdering of millions of innocent humans.

Ray Guiducci
4 years ago

I'm a fierce defender of 2nd Amdt Rights well to the Right of the NRA: who I consider insufficiently pro-gun, in my view gun control laws are far too strict already & need to be rolled back; I've equal ardor for 1st Amdt as a life -long left-wing liberal FDR Democrat, I resent the insults I get from the right & oddly I can relate to this congregation

J Miller
4 years ago

Jamie can you show evidence for your beliefs about Vice or are you the one who's biased?

4 years ago

more nutters and more to come in the brave new world we find our selves in

Jamie O'Reilly
4 years ago

Vice is a biased leftist outlet