Iron Triangle: The Carlyle Group

Iron Triangle: The Carlyle Group

2012, Conspiracy  -   58 Comments
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Iron Triangle: The Carlyle GroupThe Bush family, the Saudi Royal family, Osama Bin Laden’s family and Donald Rumsfeld’s inner circle – these are just some of the high profile figures who have played a direct role in the rise of one of the most powerful and influential and secretive firms in Washington.

The company is called The Carlyle Group. And in the wake of the events of September 11th and the invasion of Iraq, its power and influence have become significantly stronger.

The company operates within the so-called iron-triangle of industry, government and the military. Its list of former and current advisers and associates includes a vast array of some of the most powerful men in America and indeed around the world.

This program exposes the history of the Carlyle Group, from it’s inception as a private equity firm to it’s precent status as one of the largest defense contractors in the world.

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  1. Nina

    Our whole government and world governments are completely corrupt. They make $$ off of misery and death. That’s just sick, sick, sick.

  2. Fascists are Left wing

    Corrupt Fraud President Biden is staying as a guest of the Carlyle group, right now (Thanksgiving 2021). Nothing says greed like the Leftist Fascists of the DNC.

    1. 3Pac Liquor

      You mean “Centrist Fascists of the DNC”. Biden is the most corrupt, self-interested, unconstitutional centrist president we've had in 4 decades, and one of the most corrupt politicians currently flailing around in government. Centrists also exploit the revolving door (as depicted in this excellent documentary) for their own personal gain while leftists try to close and dismantle it completely (which is why nearly all of them are successfully blocked out of office). 90% of Democrats are centrists despite what they may claim to align with the needs of the masses in order to get elected.

      The main$tream media which panders to and promotes these public-private partnerships and candidates who support them is also centrist despite claims (and accusations) of being liberal. By definition “fascism is corporatism. It’s the fusion of the administrative state and corporate interests.” The US has 2 primarily fascist parties by design of the oligarchs to keep non-corporatist 3rd parties from competing equally and thus taking power away from the corporate state. Politicians who accept money from corporations and their lobbyists are fascists, and they always pay it back thru legislative favors and help navigating thru legal loopholes.

  3. Knorrsaga

    And the new Virginia Gov was CEO of this dark firm.

  4. Ellery

    Good job! Jesus bless you all!

  5. Brian Jacobsen

    Good vid. It's Disgusting how nonchalant these one presenters are. The destruction and Murders of hundreds of thousands of not millions of innocent people. All in the name of a buck. Wouldn't it be a perfect world if you drop Bush his cabinet and the Carlyle group in downtown Iraq. Tell its citizens these are all the people who caused me this mess.

  6. norm

    Do not take the law into your own hands.Make your appeals to the judicial arms of the governments.

    1. Amynonamous

      Because that's what we need more goverment? That is why we are spiraling downward as a country is the people need to be taking matters into their own hands. I have to agree with Brian's idea.

    2. Gazoo

      The entire government is curupt to the core.

  7. Marsha Marciano

    The Carlyle Group bot a Moble Home Park and is working to push home owners out or trying to buy their home a fraction of what they are worth. Imposing high percentage leases because they feel we are in the heart of Silicon Valley

  8. Cedrik Thibert

    Well, it's hard to deny that 9/11 was an inside job now...

  9. awful_truth

    A great documentary that exposes the political, military, and financial connection between U.S leaders, and the corporations that profit from the American taxpayers support. Although much of this information is already out there for those who make a point of paying attention to the world around them, sadly it remains unknown to the majority who are distracted by political party propaganda.
    What is more disconcerting is how many innocent people pay the price in countries that refuse to play ball with the IMF, and World bank, who sanction this corrupt behaviour.
    P.S: The idea that if the people knew the truth, the Bush/Cheney's of the world would never be elected is to me ridiculous. Even if the people knew, they would still support it, because to rail against it, would only increase their personal risk, and bring financial hardship to them, and their families. Ultimately, it boils down to a simple concept.
    The majority of people support evil nonsense as long as they are on the (dark) side that benefits. (quicker, easier, more seductive - Yoda)

  10. jim

    I would like to know how the Bush family can hug their grandkids with bloody hands. They will leave their fortune to their grandkids, made by the deaths of thousands upon thousands of people .

  11. jim

    I for see the Bush family burning in Hell for what they have done to America and the World, how many people have died so they can make MONEY.

    1. trompsky

      As many as they found necessary to kill.

    2. Sharon E Stanfield

      The Bush’s made money off both sides of WW2, they were in office when trillions were unaccounted for, since Sr. Bush ran the CIA, they pretty much were able to get away with anything, same as today, just different Presidents.

    3. Sharon E Stanfield

      I can’t help but notice that not one candidate running for office has mentioned anything having to do with dismissing their pursuit for Julian Assange. He already served his time for any charges over there, but he hasn’t been released. Our gov was trying to get him brought here on totally idiot charges, for publishing the list of illegal acts our own government did to us, from his country. He still is not able to go free because I guess where ever he’s still locked, their government must be in bed with our government, to not be sticking up for their own. Must be keeping Assange locked up because the US snapped their fingers and said”when you’ve finished with him, he’s ours, but they’ve “been finished “ for a long time. Our government knows we don’t want this played out because they are intruding on our freedom of the press rights. So they’re just ignoring the issue and won’t answer questions either, so they’re just letting an innocent journalist rot in jail for an undetermined amount of time, and getting away with that. Enough is enough. The guilty going after the innocent, holding him in jail til he becomes the prisoner time forgot? Knowingly they intentionally are keeping him in limbo in jail. All the while these evil mf’rs are campaigning for office hoping they can keep us busy enough so we don’t trip them up with asking when their corrupt selves are going to let him out. I think every time they think we’re going to bother them about Assange, they cook up another scenario to get us looking the other way, because they’re just as content he’s in jail, because his government has their heads up our governments behind. This is a journalist who is highly recognized for his nonstop bravery of getting the “truth” out for everyone to know. The information was “given to him” !!! He has been handed some serious awards for his achievements in journalism, and his own country needs to stick up for this brave man, not keep him locked up like the town drunk nobody wants to deal with !!! He’s a real hero, and needs to treated like one!!! I am horrified and completely embarrassed by our own government, that they think what they do is even acceptable. They have not a conscious at all, on any level, and shouldn’t be backed for their disgusting behavior. They don’t care how it looks to their own people, or the rest of the world. I will never vote for any of those idiots. I wish we could replace all involved. Our government is so full of themselves, they can’t see past how evil they’ve become.
      Julian, I think about how miserable your life has been made by our truly evil, greedy politicians who run our country, my heart hurts knowing your life, your freedom, is on hold, in a slow drag through time, intentionally, out of pure arrogance, abuse of power, awaiting the glimmer of light at the end of a tunnel, that will shine some warmth on you again. The evils on both side, holding on to the mind set that this is acceptable, will forever be unacceptable. It must stop!!!
      If that wasn’t in reference to our government, they well deserve the title now. I feel sorry for soldiers that are in service anywhere, who must back a government, when their government is in the wrong. Deviously wrong, know it, and won’t admit it. I never felt so strong a feeling like I passed from a positive world, to a anti matter world where all that was of good, is now gone, as I do now. All the good in life to look forward to, isn’t there. Because that’s how bad our country is being lead. All the devils are here.

  12. cyberfrank

    some very shady business going on there, and I fear that it s much worse that is being led on this documentary...

  13. Nate

    One thing's certain, there will always be wars. Out of chaos come order, and symmetry. Just as forest fires are crucial to restoring vitality, and the big bang resulted in the beautiful spiral dance of the universe, so to have the struggles and strife in our history done for man kind. There will be balance, that is the nature of everything.

  14. Bytor

    The first 1:45 is in German. I almost stopped watching this until I skipped ahead and realized it switches to english.

  15. wald0

    After watching this how can people say they want capitalism unregulated? This is exactly what you have to look forward to, except it will not be hidden and there will be much more of it. Not to mention the offenses that would take place right here at home. The current system isn't perfect, it allows many corrupt practices. But if you remove it things will get tremendously worse. You don't throw your car away when it has a flat, you fix it. This is the same thing, you don't throw away your government or regulatory system because it is broken, you fix it. Or we can sit back and expect the huge corporations to put people before profit, country before short term gain, etc. Now do you really think that is going to happen? If so I have a nice bridge you might be interested in, I'll even throw in some nice ocean front property in Tennessee!

    1. trompsky

      Corporations always put profit ahead of people. They exist to profit those that own and run them. They do not care about people or society, unless they negatively impact business.
      Pure capitalism without regulation is a recipe for disaster. The US is quickly headed down that path. The GOP passed and SCOTUS upheld Citizens United. IT is a bill that literally sold the US to the highest bidders.
      Those that vote for the GOP are either rich or insane. Yes. The Dems are also out to enrich themselves, but they at least have a little compassion for the poor and middle class.
      The GOP congress is auctioning off favors for cash and future jobs for themselves. You don't need to look any further than the very first bill (after the GOP took the majority in Congress) that they brought up and passed. Keystone.
      Keystone does nothing good for the US but will enrich Koch. The Koch brothers funded the elections for a good portion of the GOP. Keystone is a blatant payback.... and they are not even ashamed to let people see what they are doing.

    2. todd

      how many times does your car have to break down or malfunction till you realize you need a new car?

    3. ErnestineBass

      Yep. In car-speak, capitalism is "a lemon".

    4. Erik Elmer

      Actually the big corporations benefit from the regulation. They are the ones putting these people in office. If they can weed out competition by being the only ones who have the resources to hire the teams of lawyers in order to navigate all the rules that their puppets put in place then competition goes out the window.

  16. Gary V

    Blood money ! The only reason that our troops & hundreds of thousands of civilians are dying in the Iraq & Afghanistan wars is to make money for the Carlyle group, Of which the Bush, Blair, Bin Laden & Saudi Royal families are all major shareholders. 9/11 & 7/7 were both staged to justify these wars & allow the Carlyle group to make many billions of $'s for these shareholders, through defence contracts, arms deals & rebuilding contracts. Al Qaeda & Saddam's WOMD were both invented by these people, again to justify these same wars. And who will be the only people who will benefit from these wars, yes you've guessed it, the shareholders & paid employees of the Carlyle group & other such companies.

    1. Donald Edward Goodman

      It is refreshing to see that all of Generation-x isn't under hypnosis like the Military is. THEY did that sh*t to my Father. And he worked his ass off until he was dead! So being a well-trained-son, I worked until my back BROKE in 3 places! Just what Rockefeller wants. "I don't want thinkers; I want workers." JDRockefeller
      The Overtly-Wealthy or pigs of the worst kind. Greedy, suckling pigs

    2. Donald Edward Goodman

      "ARE pigs." Sorry Mrs. Shanahan. (My English teacher. A "teacher" I actually liked. She died mysteriously like a rock star. In a mysterious-plane crash)

    3. Sim Ulater

      Not all military was under hypnosis. The exposure of illegal acts from the media didn't come directly from reporters. It came from our front-liners. Just remember who else watches these docs. RIP my fallen comrades, I will represent you as well as I can.....

    4. Bruce Wayne

      Yes the reporters weren't looking for the truth. But they also were embedded and only saw what the US military wanted them to. That is why the US blew up the Al-Jazerra offices and TV station there to stop unapproved media stories because the weren't embedded.

  17. shivabeach

    They were under scrutiny back when Bush started the Iraq war. The Bush daddy played a significant part in this company

    1. Donald Edward Goodman

      And Bush's Daddy's Daddy; FUNDED WWII......and good old Adolf. WHERE DO YOU THINK HITLER GOT ALL THAT MONEY? (Rockie-feller helped too....

  18. Ron Burgundy

    this is just one layer o the Onion

  19. Erica

    It is very clear that all the nations work together in their corruption and deception and is driving by the greed of materialistic things that are ultimate valueless. It's very sad that many people have to suffer for the gain of few. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer but everyone shares the same faith. Jehovah will sort out the bad from the good at heart and only time will tell who receives salvation. The world has been a place of siege and conquest since the beginning of time and won't end until Judgement Day.

  20. Tradewind

    Really enjoyed the documentary,

    What I really appreciated though is having the objective side of the story,
    Rather than being completely critical and stacking favour against the subject of the documentary.

  21. Frostbeard

    Why do Americans love War so much? I've been asking myself that question for a long time.
    I've done my fair share of research and their seems to be a lot of 'conclusions' if you will.
    Americans originally came from Europe. The Brits and the French. 2 Nations that have always been war mongers... back when proving your strength actually meant something.
    I suppose that is the core of it?
    I guess we'll never really know why, but I hope someday the Americans will stop causing fear in the world. They seem to be greatly afraid of 'something' themselves.

    Screw defense and military spending. They should spend that money on saving the planet from our stupidity, and more unbiased religious based Science.

    1. Joe Laurino

      It's probably best that you don't assume ALL Americans LOVE war. That's a ridiculous claim. Sure our government gets us involved in plenty of wars, and yes, a lot of us support these wars as a result of the propaganda they feed us to fear for our lives and defend ourselves. However, that general statement you just made is the same ignorant nonsense that puts you on the wrong end of the barrels of our guns. We, the American people, do not make the decisions, press the red buttons, or give the orders to the military.

      Furthermore, you say that you've done your "fair share of research" and come to the conclusion that since we're descendants of Europe, we have inherited the trait of being war mongers. Well that is extremely sad to hear that you did a fair share of research and came to such a simple conclusion. My 10-year old niece knows where we descended from moron, so please come up with something better than that ridiculous assumption, detective.

    2. Lil2k7

      bravo! lol thanx for settin the record straight joe. the world would be a much different place if ppl like the bush family listened and carried out the voice of the american ppl, we didnt elect that goofy looking, word makin up, dumb f*** known as W.!

    3. Deborah Macaiodh

      Frostbeard: See? All you did was offer a theory as to why Americans love fighting and he said that's how we end up threatening or shooting people with guns! The reactions are so disproportionate to the offense in many cases. Now he's going to be all irate at me for pointing something out that is obvious to everyone who reads his and your statements. You don't even have to look elsewhere for an example. It's right above this post.

      Joe: You know you love that the USA is the most powerful country in the world. Why the charade? You clearly enjoy having the power to brandish gun barrels at whomever you see fit. Just admit it already.

    4. trompsky

      Americans don't love war. The power behind the American Government (the military industrial complex) loves war. War is profit.
      Eisenhower warned us about them. The Military Industrial Complex... made up of ex-world leaders and captains of industry (so, basically, criminals). They need war to survive.

    5. Bruce Wayne

      The US citizens are brainwashed by their media which is owned and controlled by people who want to influence US foreign policy so the US fights the people and countries who the media owners either don't like or want to control or take over. The media is also influenced by weapons manufacturers and the service companies that get huge contracts for things like doing the military's laundry, cooking, logistics, private security contractors etc.

  22. Human357

    I first came to know the Carlye Group in a Pol Sci class in 2001. Right after the "inside job" of 9/11, I was told by the instructor that I was not to write my final essay on the fact the Bushes' sat with the Saudi as the event took place. She informed me that "The Carlye Group was not a topic of the semester, and to relate the essay to topics on the "listed." They make the gun that make the wars that make the profits. Isn't that the "Good Old Party's" method of operations. Like the instructor of the class(forgot her name), the media (owned by The Carlye Group) misinforms the public to focus on "the list." I did the paper on discrimination in education and got an A-. But the satisfaction was the look on her face when knew I had seen beyond the "list."

  23. gnip tuck

    Living in a Capitalist regime, OR NOT, does not change the fact that if you are in a position to use, deceive and do harm to innocent unsuspecting folks for personal or ideological gain - you better be ready to pay for it - period!

    And 'forests', need nurturing. Because the 'trees' depend upon its biodiversity and "balance" for survival. Nothing to do, or helped by: greed, apathy, megalomania and pretentiousness from our so-called 'leaders' and their rebelling 'acolytes' who claim to speak for the 'people'...where in some camps, some have even, suddenly, discovered a taste for 'tea'!

    Regardless - there are conspiracy theorists from all camps and colors in between. And then, there are its apologists...

    Are we getting fed up yet?

  24. tca

    ehhhh little to no substance. we live in a capitalistic country; thats not some big secret conspiracy.

    don't overlook the forest for the trees, people!

    even conspiracy theorists have agendas

  25. Ian

    i didnt really think this was that great, like i knew most of it already, and its not too hard to believe that there are some shady things going on in the " iron triangle". thats my personal opinion

  26. ratview

    These people make me sick.

  27. WTC7

    Good documentary. The fact that the media has not focused on something like this and only occasionally covered it speaks for itself. I mean, come one, this would be a 'bomb', a sensational news for the media, something to chew upon and sell good for a long time. It is quite obvious on this example that we learn through media only what someone else has decided we should know about. That's scary...

  28. wow

    WOW! I love this site. EXCELLENT work guys.

  29. janneke

    saw it before, but this is shocking all over again....

  30. rabblevox

    This is must see. 98% English w/Dutch subtitles.

  31. Epicurean_Logic

    It is in Enlish. It just starts off in Dutch.

  32. thanasos

    It's about a conspiracy between politicians and business groups, it's true but it is about a conspiracy.

  33. monkey

    Why is this documentary in the Conspiracy section ?

  34. johnab

    it's dutch

  35. Seke

    what language is that? <:-)) could be nice an english. or every language text subtitle maybe would be cool

  36. Lisa O

    This is a very important documentary! It is not in English for the first few minutes, but wait...the rest is in English. It is a must see if you want to understand the relationship of the Bush family and the Carlyle group. This film uses very reputable sources.

  37. Ade Mark

    Is there and english language version of Iron Triangle? What is the link to it?