Legally High

Legally High

2013, Drugs  -   99 Comments
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Youth do not just say no. They say yes and they say yes often and as the time goes on they have more and more things to say yes to. We have to accept that there's a big demand for drugs.

Every time we ban one, the chemists will get around it. Some people think that if drugs are made legal they'll be safe and of course that's completely wrong.

While previous generations had heroin, cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy, and handful of other conventional drugs, young people across UK now have dozens of other new drugs to choose from. Many young people are now using synthetic drugs customized by clandestine chemists to get around Britain's drug laws. They're legal to buy because they're sold as research chemicals not for human consumption.

The new drugs are synthesized in India and China and they're coming out faster than the government can ban them. They all have strange chemical names and they're very cheap. One of the most wanted is Ethylphenidate - a cheap, legal stimulant sold online as a research chemical. Fifty grams cost about £320... a seventy doses.

Long term effects and health risks of the use of these research chemicals are completely unknown but head shops selling research chemicals and legal highs have sprung up on Britain's high streets. Before research chemicals became big business the only people who knew about them were psychonauts - people who try out new drugs and swap notes online.

Every year tons of legal highs are delivered by post. Forty thousand parcels an hour pass through the international postal hub in Coventry. A handful of suspect parcels are held back for testing in the examination room and they almost always test positive for legal highs.

This compelling, empirical documentary - directed by triple BAFTA-award winner Dan Reed - takes a journey into a gloomy world where covert chemists come up with new drugs faster than the government can make laws against them.

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5 years ago

I've been a high timer since the 70's. I've come to associate any drugs or alcohol to have an organic origin. There was LSD and cross road speed which seemed to take a toll as far as chemicals go. There was something they were calling "perma-stone" back then which was rumored to be in our small Montana town. According to the rumors, two people apparently took the stuff thinking it was acid or something but they are still messed up. They've outlived their parents and still live in town. They are beneficiaries of an agency who collects SSI in their behalf and serves as a representative payee to them.
That said, I'm naturally cautious about research chemicals. I have a bit of knowledge in pharmaceuticals and I'd be interested in sedative hypnotics which I was prescribed at one time. I believe I'm in a good place to learn from others experience.

6 years ago

Just an observation, but the posts by Jordan seem to be written by someone on a psychostimulant (methylphenidate, amphetamine, etc.)

6 years ago

AARRRGG! the last 20sec. of audio cut out. doh!

6 years ago

You're kidding right? smoking is one of the fastest methods of getting high.

Karla Carey
7 years ago

Makes sense it's Jewish made.

9 years ago

This is a brilliant documentary: the best parts have to be the interviews with the creator of these drugs as he portrays what seems to be a genuine passion and interest in his conquests.

Not sure why the doc felt the need to try and represent two distinct halves of users though: the dodgy northerners that descend into heroin use and the somewhat upperclass and drab uni student that has developed his own ritual for the safe use of untested chemicals - the blood pressure thing made me chuckle!

It's shocking that these loopholes exist and allow for the large scale productions and distribution from within the EU as seen in Holland. It's no surprise that it all comes from China: we love the pound shop and it seems like a matter of time before we can get our drugs from there too!

Anyway, very saddening to watch on all aspects. The doc sums it up with the section on if pleasure doesn't have to be earned and worked for, we get hooked on it and can't function normally without it. Keep pressing that button, rats!

9 years ago

One of the worst experiences I ever had was on a "legal high".

It was a synthetic weed pill, It was very full on, and took me to a couple of extreme (and mostly unwelcome) sensations and then followed that up with a comedown that lasted for the best part of two days...My partner went through very much the same ordeal...never again. never ever EVER!

9 years ago

Thanks for the responses, however negative. I am appreciate of all feedback. It looks like nobody really has any questions, only criticisms, which is fine.

Yes, I am just another drug addict, if you want to jump right into it and label other living souls as such. Just know that I don't somehow view myself as superior because I refuse to inject. I am simply turned off by the idea of direct bloodstream injection because the effects are instant and all at once, very intense. I choose to smoke because, like I said previously, I can choose the level of dosage and not overdo it as long as I'm careful. I want to remain conscious of what I'm doing and simply have an altered state.

So, I don't view myself as better. Nobody is better than any other person. We're all immigrants to this planet and none of us have s*it that doesn't stink. I am glad that you can simply just dismiss my perspective comfortably and not give me any credibility whatsoever and think less of me because I can admit I am a former addict. It must be a nice feeling to be so sure of another person. I wasn't attacking those who avoid drugs in my information. I was saying I find perspectives that are so one-sided these days. It's hard to find a documentary that promotes the usage of psychedelics or psychoactive substances in the mainstream now, and that's all I was saying. I don't judge individual humans because of their moral stance on things.

Why would my information for people interested in this subject be better placed in a forum for actual users? If you're trying to get different sides of information about a subject, talk to people who know about the subject firsthand. That's what people in this documentary did, didn't they? I'm just another part of the documentary, if you want to look at it like that.

My very basic story above (it IS a testimony because I'm a former addict, and I'm swearing to tell the truth as I remember it and see it, as if under oath) is just my perspective as a typical young man who chose not to have kids and wasn't fitting in in college, which is really the ideal time in life to experiment with things and "get it out of your system," as they say.

I'm not declaring my information to be objective wisdom. I'm offering advice and perspective to people who are legitimately interested in this subject. I want to be honest about the positive side effects the drug can have if used in moderation and if used responsibly. I also want to warn people about the dangers of its addictive nature (and humanity's tendency to give in and forget their real circumstances). I'm comfortable stating such information. If you're not comfortable with me stating such information, could I ask why you visit this "truth-seeking" website in the first place? It's a rhetorical question.

People are going to experiment with substances if they have the urge, so it is best to make available certain first-hand accounts of a particular substance being used to give the researcher or potential user some perspective, just like meth or heroin (which I never used).

The ideal time in life to experiment with drugs, if you're going to regardless, is when you don't have offspring. So if you fault me for that, you fault all human beings who use synthetic cannabis or experiment with any sort of mind-altering substance, because they're all not "desired for human existence." Neither is Coca-Cola. You have the right to avoid all unnatural substances, but expecting all people to serve your utopian vision for 100% sobriety among humanity is a pipe dream. So I'm taking the logical approach and being a realist for those who are either interested in using, have considered using, have already used, or are just wanting to research the effects. I'm doing my part by telling my story, and you're doing your part by watching the documentary at the least.

I do not claim to be wise. Any addict of any kind has a void in life that needs to be filled or a vice that they feel they need to escape from, or they have become bored with life and simply want to alter their mind. My situation was a combination of being interested in the occult/mental faculties and the potential of the human mind when in an altered state, battling depression, and having a general disdain for the corrupt world we live in, so I wanted a form of inspiration to keep staying here and not commit suicide (something I've been battling since I was a boy but not any longer as of a few weeks ago). I got that inspiration while smoking with my friends (and family), and we all had a blast when we did partake. You can berate someone for experiencing something in a positive way and not having regrets, but you are the one who has to go to bed with the feelings of disgust at night, not the person you attack.

I am not sure how this is "bad advice," as I'm not encouraging the use of the substance among all humanity. I'm simply telling my story and giving appropriate warnings, but also giving my moral viewpoint on this, which is that I do support shamanistic drug use and other psychoactive substances by those who do not have "weak minds," meaning those who are either undeveloped/too young, are easily paranoid or influenced by the disorders they battle, etc., not just those "weak minds" with emotional trauma.

I'm simply saying that despite the risks and effects, which I knew about before I started smoking (I knew there could be random chemicals, sure, but I didn't focus on that, because I wanted to experiment -- kind of like when you buy a pill or some weed from a dealer out of excitement and run the risk of having the pill or weed laced with rat poison, but you're not exactly focusing on that when you buy the product), I still ended up having the best time of my life while smoking regularly, and I'm now very healthy today and have no regrets.

Like I said, emotional stress literally kills people these days, and those wanting to experiment with mind-altering substances to kick-start their journey into inner peace and escape from the stresses of the modern world are great in number. That's why so many bars are full on the weekends and many people get wasted into a state of blacking out and feeling like shit the next day, unless they're immune to hangovers. This substance called synthetic cannabis allows you to forget the world around you and get to know your own mind (and the minds of others nearby) in a more intimate, mystical way.

So, what exactly am I saying that is so vile and offensive to people? All I'm seeing is people telling me to get out of here, or that my advice isn't "good" or worthwhile because I wouldn't tell my kids this. My response to that: If my kid was researching this subject in the first place, like you people are doing, this is EXACTLY the advice and information I would give my children, because honesty is the best route to take with your children. But because I chose not to have kids at a young age, and am a young, healthy adult, it is the most ideal time in life to experiment with mind-altering substances/shamanic methods if I am going to do it. If you think I'm wrong for experimenting because of my health, age, offspring status, and marriage status (a healthy 20-something-year-old male with no kids and no wife), you think everyone else is wrong too, probably, so I would probably say you hold some radical views in life, which isn't always bad.

Thanks again for the feedback. Sorry if this response is too long. I just care about other people and where they're headed in life, and I care about how people view me too, because it's important to all humans to feel accepted among their own kind.

Fabien L'Amour
9 years ago

The pupils of the guy at the 29 minutes mark are as dilated as possible. Bet he can see in pitch darkness!

As I have said several times before, legalize all psychoactive substances and use existing laws to control criminal behaviors. The repressive tactic is proven not to work over and over unless the goal is to create jobs processing non dangerous people in the legal system. Prohibition also feeds organized crime which in my opinion is much more detrimental to society than full legalization.

9 years ago

Don't forget all the drugs we're legal by one point until the government made it illegal simple is that and doesn't matter what you call it or what is made off will be banned because is not profitable for the gov.a bunch of peoples high not productive and dangerous to the public.One thing for sure if the government would not hunting drug addicts rather educate them what are these substances and what is happening to them if they take them the big Taboo would be changed into a one time of experience or more but we would not see peoples shooting up hiding because would be not a big deal.It's plenty substances is out there we take in the daily bases which is worse than all these crap together but we called Medicine and your doctor give it to you.Everything you consume you should research it rather just take it because all the idiots telling you is good

Dr D. M. Smith
9 years ago

I still marvel at the way marijuana is lumped in together with heroin, crack, meth, and all the other "new" "Drugs". Pot is simply NOT the same, and should not be treated as such. My personal experience in Viet Nam was that the guys who were smoking, could shake it off, get their helmets and flak jackets, and get out to the berm, and defend the hill. The guys who were drinking couldn't do anything. They either stayed in their hooch, passed out, or staggered around outside, not knowing what to do....Those were the guys getting killed....and booze is still sold openly, along with cigarettes. Go Figure.

~Oliver B Koslik Esq
9 years ago


"Surprisingly a public expectation that if something hasn't been banned, its almost like the government has given it a stamp of approval. By virtue of it not being banned, it must be something that the government is comfortable with".

This is a common mentality of those wishing to affirm things they know are harmful / hurtful.

Great Doc

9 years ago

This is my testimony/advice to others interested in this topic:

I do NOT inject, first of all. I've never injected anything in my life. I've always purchased this "synthetic cannabis" to pack a bowl and smoke it. It's more enjoyable and you are able to regulate your intake much better. Having said that, please continue reading.

I was addicted to synthetic cannabis/spice/"incense" for over two years. Do I regret it? Absolutely NOT. It was literally the best time in my entire life. My buddies and I smoked it together all the time, and we provided it for people at parties we threw at no charge because we were all in safe environments. Nobody ever had a "freak out" at our responsible and respectful parties, which were some of greatest social moments I've experienced. The caliber of people involved often make life events regrettable or wonderful memories.

The only reason I quit was because the State of Georgia started "cracking down" on it and I had to be careful for legal reasons, and I wasn't making enough money to keep smoking it. It was MUCH more affordable than weed, and just as potent. Sure, your tolerance goes up the more you smoke it, as your tolerance goes up with most drugs. Self-control and responsibility to others is something human beings seem to have a hard time with concerning just about everything, hence all of the laws for "the common good."

Packing a bowl with synthetic cannabis/spice became a favorite pastime of myself and my best friend, who was also my roommate for two years. Our minds were allowed to tap into realms of enjoyment, bliss, happiness, intellectualism, visions, shamanic states, spiritual attunement, and thought streams most people go their whole lives never getting the opportunity to experience. Smoking anything isn't good for you, sure. But then again, stress (something the global population experiences to higher degrees than ever before because of modern globalism and social demands) isn't either.

Synthetic cannabis, if used responsibly, can be an aid for life's journeys and a method by which one can be inspired artistically, spiritually, and socially, to journey even further. When I was addicted, I was the happiest person I ever was and didn't feel like the monetarily poor college dropout I was. I just worked full-time, covered the basics, smoked a bowl with my roommate whenever I got the chance, and we bonded in a way that was significant to both of us, even many months later as we both reflect on our shared experiences. Smoking it was the key for both of us to summon enough courage to talk about what our spirits felt were important, and feelings we shared about different aspects of the world in which we live.

Yes, I was an addict, but an evolved and functional one. Hell, sometimes I even served tables high (and got great tips because I was feeling happy to go above and beyond) and did transcription work high and got promoted for it. This stuff gave me a new reason to wake up and activate my mind every day.

I'll never regret my experiences smoking synthetic cannabis. The "freak-outs" are a rare occurrence for people. Sometimes you are able to see other aspects of reality your mind is not ready for. I have seen MANY horrible visions in my mind's eye, but I was prepared for that. I have also seen some of the most beautiful patterns and thoughts you can only imagine.

The "freak outs" people have can result from weak minds (same thing with bad trips on mushrooms/LSD), drunken unpreparedness for psychoactive activity that ensues, or miscalculation of amounts to smoke (which can also happen with mushrooms/LSD). This stuff is best done solo (meaning without other substances), without heavy drinking or ANY other combinations of drugs (a little alcohol is okay). People who smoke an entire 4 grams of this stuff in one night their first time and have "freak outs" are the reason people put a negative spin on it.

As for smoking it individually or in groups, the effects are the same really in either case. It is better if all smokers stay in one area or room to actually do the smoking itself (to be considerate to those who don't wish to) and then rejoin the rest of the party once everyone is sure each other is okay to proceed. It is best not to drive or leave the premises, no matter how tempting. EVERYTHING will be interesting, even the conversations, so you must make yourself commit to staying indoors or training your behavior to not look suspicious to outsiders/police/whoever you don't want knowing you're high. Because of the frequent crack-downs on this stuff by local police, it is rather risky to frequent the public when under the influence (OF ANY SUBSTANCE).

This drug is best purchased with three warnings from an experienced "psychonaut"/mystic/occultist: 1) Tolerance is a factor, so always do small dosages until many months go by and your tolerance naturally tells you that you need a little more to achieve the effect. 2) As with all substances, set aside blocks of time to experience the effects, and consider the safety of others, as well as important activities and relationships, lest the grip of addiction takes you and you see everything but your newly adventurous mind go to waste. Use this as a tool to aid you in your life, rather than a crutch. 3) Your mind will take you where you have trained it to go, so if your mind and/or spirit (if you believe you have one) are negatively conditioned or you have many dark thoughts, you will experience those. Conversely, if you have many good, loving thoughts, or naturally curious thoughts about your mind, those thoughts will be amplified and put at the forefront of your consciousness. Guard your thoughts, because synthetic cannabis has been known to create borderline hallucinatory states.

Every material is a tool that can be used for construction or destruction. Be careful not to judge the material based on purely lesser human nature's dealings with it, but in addition, judge the material based on higher human nature's dealings with it. Humanity makes synthetic cannabis a perceived "danger" to itself because of its collectively addictive nature. Why all the negative reviews? It's because nobody chooses to focus on the positive. Humanity can overcome its negative tendencies in order to use practically anything -- homelessness, celibacy, drugs, alcohol, meditation, sleep, sex, food -- to enhance itself, rather than simply indulge.

I let the temptation become too great one time and I had a "freak out" where I thought I was going to die but ended up being just fine the next day. I had consumed a little too much synthetic cannabis because my tolerance was up, and I was being stupid, as humanity often is. I went two years without a "freak out," up until the very end of my journey. Some have been more fortunate, and others less.

Trust your instincts, and develop your mind first. You wouldn't drive a car without knowing anything about it (unless your judgment is poor), so don't smoke this stuff without having researched the hell out of it and testing it out yourself.

I hope my story offered some perspective to what seems to be a very ONE-sided story dished out to the public via the mainstream media and society in general, which frowns upon psychoactive drugs, yet promotes the indulgence of alcohol and pharmaceutical medications to "relieve" problems of the mind. Double standards abound.

If you have any questions about my testimony, feel free to post a response. I am now 26 years old and have not smoked spice since August of 2013. I have smoked weed a couple of times, and enjoy it thoroughly, but it is not as psychoactive as synthetic cannabis was. Synthetic cannabis was my drug of choice.

9 years ago

Durn! is "Reefer Madness" still going around? I thought that it was nonsense laughed out of existence since the '70s

Yogurt Head
9 years ago

I'm not going to watch this based on the biased and inaccurate text I read in the preview:

"Some people think that if drugs are made legal they'll be safe and of course that's completely wrong."

If the naturally occurring drugs were made legal, the synthetic (and harmful) drugs would sky-dive in demand. I refuse to listen to garbage from ignoramuses.

9 years ago

these are just symptoms of the current times/zeitgeist....the remains of
X' turned into a 'F*CK-IT' mentality which obliterates caution towards
body & soul balance & blows open the gates to addiction of any
kind.scared of missing out the next 'buzz' diminishes the worries of
every day necessities which seem to be more of a burden than crucial for
the existence of civil society....which without our
'partying-compatriots' would shrivel up & perish.a bit harsh,i
know,i'm just moody at the moment>smirk<.............

9 years ago

Ah,this doc gives research chemicals more publicity, though it isn't something new. It all began with Dr.Shulgin, i guess. It's been going on for decades, although it used to be more of an underground 'scene', what's new here is that a broader audience gets reached. And i'm afraid marketing and profit are the main motivators behind this. And that's not a good thing., because a lot of people get reached that obviously haven't done their research or haven't adopted a more careful attitude. It's very apparent from some of the comments on certain forums. By the way, i'm not saying that research and attitude are by any means a guarantee for safety, it simply isn't, but it is a means of minimizing risks. It always will be a risky exploration, and therefore probably never a mainstream one. There will always be psychonautic explorers but some people get foolishly attracted to it, these days.

I'm not actively following it anymore, but i had a bit of a quick look at the old sites i used to frequent. Let me say, there's a lot more substances available than i used to know about. It doesn't seem to me it's something that can be stopped, i wonder where it will lead?

Also, i feel i need to give a bit of advice, just in case someone would feel like exploring research chemicals, though i really don't recommend it. But if you do, know that you will have some work/ research to do, Be very aware of the right kind of vendor, because there's a lot of crappy ones out there that couldn't care less about you. And if you can't find any info on an unknown substance, then don't even think about it. Seriously!
Or perhaps an even better advice, please reconsider, it's quite easy to make a mistake.