World's Scariest Drug: The Devil's Breath

World's Scariest Drug: The Devil's Breath

2012, Drugs  -   202 Comments
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While it is occasionally used recreationally for its hallucinogenic properties, the experiences are often extremely mentally and physically unpleasant, and frequently physically dangerous.

Ryan Duffy went to Colombia to check out a strange and powerful drug called Scopolamine, also known as "The Devil's Breath."

It's a substance so intense that it renders a person incapable of exercising free will.

The first few days in the country were a harrowing montage of freaked-out dealers and unimaginable horror stories about Scopolamine.

After meeting only a few people with firsthand experience, the story took a far darker turn than we ever could have imagined.

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  1. bloody awful video....crap

  2. Thank you so much for such great documentary!! WOW. I love what that former gangster did to those criminal scumbags. And thank you for taking charge. "devil's breath" is most definitely the proper label for it, except that it's not graphic enough for how EVIL that feces is.
    I love how in the end they threw that garbage in the flusher but somehow deemed "fit" to keep the paper it was wrapped in as if they were planning to sniff it or something??. ...I see.....
    Again, thank you for the information.

  3. governments use it to torture people and get then to kil themselves

  4. you boys never seen scopalamine od.

  5. Something that is not reported I want all to know.

    I was drugged by this Devils Breath drug by a woman I thought I loved and married. I was drugged for almost three years during the period we were waiting for a visa. After a year some of my memories started coming back in nightmares. Every she was doing in front of me, it was coming back as though it just happened, within 3 years thereafter my heart rate dropped to 29 beats a minute, the doctors could not figure out why, but put a pacemaker in me, 3 years later now and I am having a hard time breathing and the doctors did all sorts of tests. My pacemaker is running at 100% in both my lower chambers and 30% in my upper chambers. My heart is dying. The doctor stated tests reveal that my heart is pumping at 35% of what it should be. This drug is a slow death that can be used and covered since heart disease, heart attacks are so common. Her family live here in the U.S., and Colombian woman are drugging men in the U.S., it takes time to remember, but you have no proof till you are dying to prove what happened. At this rate I anticipate my heart to fail completely within the next year.

    1. That is heart breaking, Tim. I hope you can get some closure on that bitch. At least to lock her ass up.

    2. Tim are u alive???

  6. The subtitles even spell Colombia incorrectly. That's a good sign of quality.

  7. I don't agree with the ugly and fearful portrayal of Colombia in this short film. I spent almost a year in Colombia (2007), working and traveling by motorcycle. I'm still impressed by the kindness, hospitality and generosity of people I met throughout the country. The film should have focused on testimonials about the drug. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that alkaloids from this plant family (Solanaceae) have been widely used medicinally for a very long time.

  8. I forgot to mention, I have never done drugs, but it happened to me in a food, drink...? Trust your instincts, if something doesn't feel right, then it's prob not.

  9. I get that its cool to want to do recreational drugs for fun. I was always to scared too and it just wasn't me. But, please, listen to me. I have had the unfortunate experience of being laced with some kind of drug more than once. It's gotten serious, to the point, I can't speak, can't breathe, dizzy and thought it was anxiety, but I know when something is not right. Trust your instincts, today's world is scary, with all the technology. Please take what you have to that's prescribed by your Dr. Life is too precious, to take something for fun for one night and wake up In serious need for medical assistance. I'm old, but I hope at least somebody will listen to me. life is hard and rough, but if you make it through the roughest time on your own, there isn't anything you can't do or accomplish in your life!!
    Trust me, love Jenifire

  10. Hyoscine hydrobromide (Scopolamine) my friends is available in the US as an over the counter med for MOTION SICKNESS. (Use Google for crying out loud) Its available as a patch or tab.

    1. that's a different compound of chemicals

  11. This "documentary" is full of misinformation as are most of the comments on it. One thing they did get right is that it's not a particularly fun experience, about as amusing as a fever dream.

  12. What is more frightening than this? To me, maybe the fact that I see news headlines that hold stories of horror beyond belief, and watch people on a daily basis ANYWHERE out here doing sick demented things to others WITHOUT BEING ON ANYTHING AT ALL... Drugs push the body across the minds threshold in a person who has natural inhibitions. But guess what? I'm seeing people who just naturally haven't a inhibition in the world.

  13. Wow tink. Talk about a poorly constructed explaination. How can someone be sane after thousands of hits of any drug? It is a foreign chemical which is not made to be put in your body. Again, it is chemicals! The human brain is not made to interact for foreign substances. Plain and simple STAY AWAY FROM ANY DRUG!

    1. Patently untrue. The body's own endocrine system produces End-orphins ( sounds like morphine...hmmm) Endo-cannabinols. This is why we have receptor sites for these compounds, many of which mimic our natural reward response.

  14. Like what Simon Rule? Give us all one example?

  15. Hmpf...what a load of sensationalism. Scopolamine is a prescription drug available in many forms from patch to pill, primarily used to treat Parkinsons and motion sickness.

  16. Can I ask why you went to Columbia to profile a plant that grows wild in Texas? I never had the cahones to try it, but it was sure as hell growing behind my house when I was in high school.

    1. After watching the whole thing, I think its because in America, we let it grow in our backyards and that's about it.

  17. Can someone tell me where to purchase this in 10 gallon drums. I wish to start the Zombie Apocalypse now.

  18. I kinda like Datura :)
    Sure, it's absolutely horrible physically and you are not always sure the people you are talking to are real or are you even awake. Yet it is one of the most beautiful and fun things I know. You really have to know how to do it right, keep it safe and retain control. Stay home, avoid all people and communication devices and not overdo it.

  19. this drug kills presidents

  20. Is this a naturally occuring drug or is it like Meth? Either way, I'm out!

  21. I wonder if scoplamine was used on James Holmes, by the government, to commit the Colorado shooting?

    1. Funny you should ax; Every time something like this happens, I'm wondering if Geo. Soros is behind it, or some covert gov't. entity in order to get something draconian done on our Constitution. I hope the right people are looking into it.

    2. I have wondered the same thing ! I find it kind-of weird that all of a that "gun control" is a hot topic...there seems to be a dramatic rise in gun violence in the news. I suspect the government might be trying to "build a case".....very strange

    3. i've been saying this as well, when the man doesn't care nothing is reported, but when we stop their control, they go into the shadows with devious obscurity.

    4. It's called confirmation bias.

  22. this plant grows all over india there is one of these things in an empty plot near my house

  23. this stuff is good for my bowels. I take it as daily enemas!

  24. I take this every night before bed time, it really helps me sleep.

  25. what a fool.

  26. slightly confused. did the guys filming the documentary ever take any drugs at all..... and to be honest this documentary doesnt teach you anything you didnt know, and that is that Columbia is a pretty ****** up country with loads of drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. for me, it was the film makers journey and experience that made this doc riveting not so much the information of the drug -

      Did They take drugs? Why would they take drugs, they're filmmakers documenting "The Devil's Breath" Did you hear/read those stories from the victims?

    2. If you are going to talk about a Country that sounds like you personally know nothing about, Might want to spell it correctly.It is Colombia.

  27. Jacobs Ladder was a movie about BZ. scoplamine testing on American troops in Viatnam

    1. Whoa Really? thanks for that 411 - gonna watch it again

    2. A classic movie 'Jacobs Ladder' ,,,

  28. Wow, that s*** more scary then bathsalts. Do you got a documetary on that?

    1. ..Datura is a weed in australia and one can see heavily laden trees drooping with flowers over suburban fences..i have never heard of the scopolamine being isolated from the plant but have known of people using datura or 'angels trumpets' as they are also known..having said that , i can attest to only ever hearing of serious and heavy trips that have often left people burned out and never to return to the selves that they were before the experience..

  29. this thing really scares me. I know it was difficult but I hoped they caught some one drugged on tape..

  30. This is scary!

  31. Very Interesting and educational! Thnx!

  32. Does anyone remember in Robocop 2 when Cane and the scientist are discussing the newest batch of "Nuke", and he says "benzine is making my teeth wiggle . . cut it with . . 2mg . . scopolamine" . . or something like that.

    Don't know why I just remembered that. What a movie!! "Nuke"!! Classic!!

    1. yeah the weird thing is as soon as i saw this i remembered that movie trippy

  33. Wow if you can't trust your druggy dealer who can you trust? This thing sounds absolutely bogus

  34. Here's a little tidbit of information for y'all. From around 1915 until the 1970's a combination of scopolamine and morphine were injected into women in labor. It was called twilight sleep. The women were given this injection, tied to the bed, blindfolded and left all alone until they had progressed enough to deliver.

    1. Were you the one injecting?

    2. No, but I got an A on the research paper I wrote on the subject.

    3. Rubbish - twilight sleep did NOT involve being tied to beds and blindfolded - where do you live, Outer Mongolia?! :-( My great-aunt nursed for years in a hospital where it was frequently used, and mothers were never left alone, and checked constantly. (Also, she said she never saw it used after the War.)

    4. I live in Outer Mongolia, and we don't tie people to beds blindfolded either!

    5. I believe the country is called Mongolia.

    6. No, I live in the US. I've done a lot of research on childbirth and they did, in fact, tie the women to their beds. It was also still used into the 1960's in many places.
      Here's a lovely quote about the procedure...
      "During twilight sleep, women went bat-s*** crazy from the drugs and the pain. They hurt their heads (and so women’s heads were wrapped in large gauzy Q-tip looking arrangements). They thrashed around and tried to claw at the doctors and so they were strapped to their gurneys, sometimes for days, in their own p*** and s***.
      Twilight sleep didn’t supress pain; it suppressed the memory of pain. So the doctors could just do whatever and the women would not remember it and since it was ‘indecent’ for new fathers to be there, there was no one with the woman to advocate for her. Plus, and this is the part that just creeps me out, they used lamb’s wool on the restraints because it didn’t leave bruises and so the husbands stopped seeing bruises and stopped asking questions about what was being done to their wives."

  35. Jimson weed, datura, scopolamine and such should be considered the least popular of all the drugs of choice. Because, depending on dose, they are either unpleasant, horrifying or induce total amnesia (so you can't tell whether you had fun or not). This can't be good for your brain.

    Witches in Latin America used to use seeds of the Angel's Trumpet on unsuspecting victims, for a fee. I knew one such victim, who described it thusly: a month of nightmares from which you can't wake up. Total unreality. Really scary.

    There is only one advantage I can think of. While no fun to ingest it yourself, a datura trip can be very amusing if you're not stoned and are watching someone who is. They can do some very bizarre imaginary stuff... with invisible props. Like finding lost cupcakes on a floor and stuffing them into an invisible bag.

    Don't encourage this kind of behavior if you keep firearms in the house.

    1. indeed. In fact do not take datura unless your sitter is strong enough to tie you to a tree.

  36. In 1970, in college, I ate something called "mushrooms" (psilocybin not peyote) and regained awareness later while eating my toothbrush (which I'd thought was a SlimJim) and having the most absurd conversation with an ***hole at some imaginary bar (my reflection in the mirror). Needless to say, I have never repeated that horrifying experience.

    1. I used morning glory seed tea several times and the guy I met in the mirror was the most 'understanding, interesting' guy I'd ever met.
      The tea tasted so bad I'd gag trying to drink Lipton's tea for years...

    2. No kidding. We should have swapped our psychedelic wraiths...

    3. psilocybin is clearly not for everyone. I ate some a few times and cannot imagine eating a toothbrush! there's a reason that psychotropics and their radical perceptual effects were (before modern contempt for traditional knowledge was endemic) treated with respect and knowledge.

    4. Sorry if this is mean but your comment made me laugh so much. LSD was my drug of choice in my younger days. I loved tripping.

    5. Not at all. I shared it bcz I'm an open book on the absurd and wondrous Haight-Ashbury days of my 'yoot'.

  37. same think happens in pakistan, someone takes a taxi driver on a trip, when he drops them of they offer the driver a drink they (traditional hospitality in the east) go into a shop and get a sealed carton of juice, the driver drinks it and the rest is history.

    I have spoken to doctors and people in the medical profession in western country's they say the same people do sometimes die from its effects.

    like the prostitute b**** was saying how she killed that old lady and walked over her body whit her household goods, she should be hanged.

    Good on the Don for getting even for his mates life. done well killing the bastards.

    nice documentary something not along the history channel, not mainstream, crazy crackhead was shaking the hole tree down waiting for seeds to come down.

    the CIA, Mossad Ect must use this thing to think on the contrary is absurd.
    put it into peoples water supply in small doses and brain wash them into suggesting certain things in the media.
    ever wonder how a certain party or manifesto comes into overhaul support when absolutely no claims to have voted for them.

  38. All I have to say is Ibogaine! No it is not a drug and yes it does save lives and yes it does take work but takes an addict through detox and restores them emotionally and mentally to the pre-addictive state mentally. No its not a silver bullet for everyonebut has worked better than any other form of detox and reset that ever been out their on the open market....People use Ibogaine to detox of Subuxone and Methadone thats legal opiate maintenance meds....Look to nature because there is a solution, just hidden

    1. i know someone administering ibogaine... completely false...

    2. Ibogaine? I can't be the only person never to have heard of it. Any possibility of you giving me more info on this? If need be, that's my name then .sangi at yah. I am going to do research on this. This is important for anyone who has never heard of it!

  39. that is mind blowing, kinda scary at the same time

  40. Wow that stuff is nuts... I'm planning on visiting columbia soon so good to know how to try to avoid it.

  41. Its just datura us in new zealand take it all the time

  42. Loved the documentary. It makes us aware of what we are dealing with in this world.

  43. I like Vice, but this was a giant waste of time. Total douche-baggery.

  44. Isn't scopolamine, in small doses, used as an anti-nausea drug for motion sickness?

  45. Read a book about historical zombism in Haiti. Datura is one of the ingredients in zombi potions. Didn't realize it grows worldwide though!

    1. I ate a bunch of it, i was told that it was morning glory. stupid. my body felt like it was exploding and i had no grasp of reality. the lines between reality and fantasy were not blurred, they were gone. It's not quite as though anything is possible, because that would require you to differentiate between reality and fantasy. It's more like everything IS, even suggestions. If you didnt have a pimp robbing you and suggesting things, any thought in your head however preposterous could become real to you. for example my friend pat took some and thought he was walking down the street to go meet his friends. he didnt realize he was actually drowning himself trying to walk across a lake. He came to me much later in the evening and said, "I'm not where I think I am, am I?"

    2. It is Morning Glory. Jimson Weed, Devil's weed. It's all basically the same. Jimson weed, may not be as easy to drug another with however.

  46. And for the love of Jeebus..."Krokodil" is a form of morphine! Its the crap they homebrew it with that does that shit to your skin! Read up and stop being so goddamn gullible already

  47. doc was not watchable, it did not flow and did not "feel" like a documentary.


  48. I think the fellas at vice might have been led on by that crazy crackhead this time. Nothing compared to their much better docs. Vice guide to Liberia is one of my favorites. Im glad he decided not to try that crap. Only god know what that stuff was. Don't ever trust a crack head.

  49. give me a break...datura grows buddy grows it and eats the seeds here in BC....very old news. Funny how they concentrated entirely on this turn-into-a-zombie-crap and totally bypassed the hallucinogen effect etc.
    usually Vice docs are good...but this is silly. Hope the flour you flushed down the toilet was worth all those pesos x_x

  50. After watching this, I Google'd published research articles in different science journals on any related effect (ex. ability to cause amnesia, loss of cognitive ability, etc.) of scopolamine I can find. Well, all I can say is that the claims in the video has been supported by papers I found. The point issue now is how us humans uses this and other drugs that exhibits similar effect. The Columbian society as shown above utilizes it in an exploitative way. For the sake of mankind, I hope that it would only be used for beneficial therapeutic use that it has.

  51. Scopolamine is used as an anti-emetic for nausea and vomiting post-anesthesia in the form of a patch you place behind your ear.

  52. I usually love the VICE documentaries, but this one was much ado about nothing. After watching it I was wondering if it actually was a VICE documentary. The fact that it is used to rob people was the only revelation.
    Apparently the producer didn't do his homework or was just going for sensationalism.

    It's certainly not a drug to be toyed with because you have no control at all and anything can seem completely real.

    Back in the 60's I had a friend that took it just for the trip. I was driving down the road about 50 miles an hour. He opened the door and started to get out. I grabbed his arm and asked him what he was doing. He told me that his shoe fell out of the car and he was going to get out and pick it up. He had no idea where he was, or what he was doing.

    There is no way to tell what's real and what isn't. That was just the first effect of a long night for both of us.

    When the "trip" was over he remembered very little of what happened. He never did it again because it was no fun. He never thought about the danger.

    I knew several people that tried it. They were all "experienced" as Jimi used to say, and had guides along to keep them out of danger, but none of them ever took it again.

  53. definitely worth the watch, both for the cultural underground education of what comes out of Columbia, and that the drug may yet make it's way into your drink. Caution through education!!

  54. It's so sad that there are people who only think the worst about my country. If you come here looking for drugs, of course you'll get drugs. But if you come here looking for good people and beauty that's what you'll get. So It's up to you.

    1. Yes, bad things never happen to good people in Colombia, just to people who are looking to be robbed and raped and murdered.

  55. I admit I only watched about 7 minutes but that is all I could take.

  56. This may have been a good documentary but I know too much now. The CIA and the banking cabal are the cause of this.

  57. This was disappointing as a vice documentary, probably the worst I have seen. Whats the difference between this and other date rape drugs? You can give someone LSD and make the same statements and make people do all kinds of crazy sh*t.

    And that freaking loser drug guy was probably the worst person to put on film ever.

    1. "You can give someone LSD and make the same statements and make people do all kinds of crazy sh*t." Wrong.

  58. This is a lame attempt at a documentary and not worth watching, read the other comments, but don't waste your time watching this crap

    1. actually, i watched the whole thing and it was not a waste of time. i learned something today

  59. Could they not get someone else besides these douches to do this documentary?

    1. I don't see what was wrong with the way they presented it, they barely spoke as was comprised of mainly interviewees.. What exactly makes them appear like douches?

  60. I lived in Medellin for two years, never got exposed to it, never heard much about it. Naturally, if you want to go there and be a fool you'll get what you asked for. Most Colombians aren't criminals. Go to the ghetto in the USA and they'll **** you up too. Duh.

  61. This is very scary - the flower looks like my trumpet flower but I don't get pods w/seeds in them. How sad is that - only put a thumbs up on this for information purposes to everyone only. Being aware of what this or any other "drug" can do is the first step to protecting ourselves. Please don't do this for "fun" - you might not come back.

    1. Plenty of pharmaceuticals will do the same thing and humans make them. It's not the plant or the drug it's people that make it evil.

  62. I am glad someone mentioned Salvia it should be left to the shamans who know how to handle it at a music festival 2 years ago some guy spent the weekend searching for a white van he was sure was his much to the amusement of his so called mate's also a relation of mine took it and lived a different life to the one she had In my opinion why take something that is going to mess with your brain chemistry? and call it fun.

  63. I went to Cartagena 3 times. (in the 80's) The first two, were, shall we say, "for the wrong reasons?" The last time I went, (2010, for my birthday) SOMEONE, as they say, "slipped me a Mickie." aka POISONED ME! I had to return to the states a week early and spent the next 4 days in the hospital. I only ate at MacDonalds ONE TIME. Therefore, "It-had-to-be" at the "residencia" at which I stayed! WHY? WHO? WHERE? HOW? I do not know. You can bet-your-a** I WON"T BE staying at the "Residencia-Jenny Hotel," again! Now it is "corporate-owned," and they've changed the name. SAME PLACE! And I do NOT TRUST ANY "corporations," let alone any "beautiful women! BECAUSE they have way-too-much "plata!" And are DECEITFUL! Just like in "the North American Union! TRUST is "thee issue!" Ciao kiddies..............

  64. There WAS a "drug" I heard of, "when I was young," it was known as "Skoptumpolomine" The "TRUTH-DRUG" that the NAZI's USED to "make people tell the truth." Rather than the "methods" used today. Such as...."water-boarding." I REMEMBER very well, THAT word. The Military Industrial Complex, that Eisenhower and JFK WARNED-US about, (another reason he was MURDERED "from the "Misty Woods" aka "the Grassy Knoll:" has already transpired. The CFR/ aka the Illuminati has NO FEELING whatsoever! CYA!

  65. Man you don't need this to rape people. A girl I knew gave me 8 klonpins to snort and then took me swimming. The combination of the 2 was all it took to pretty much make me a zombie. She had sex with me all night after that (all she had to do was ask I would have done it anyway) and then kept me on ex for the next 2 weeks. I came to one morning and realized we were dating now and I hadn't been to work in 2 weeks. She was a cool chick but obviously went to extreme measures to be with me. Sounds crazy I know but guys can be "raped" too.

    1. can't be serious man :)

    2. Foolish unwitting boy......

    3. "Nazareth" the "city" did NOT even EXIST until the-4th-CENTURY! So, HOW IS IT, they call him "Jesus of Nazareth? hummm?

    4. I was never talking to you man, pay attention. And why do you refer to 'him'? Clearly you misread my screen name, I AM Jesus, its not a tribute :)

    5. only difference is you can't press charges

    6. wow.. can you say wtf lol sry to hear that man

  66. Am i the only one who feels like Colombia's reputation was brought down even lower?.. and it was a very One sided documentary. Colombia is actually a beautiful place with really nice people, violence and corruption is everywhere.

    1. My oldest daughter is in Colombia at the moment, somewhere near Taganga, she is loving it, although her first comment when she arrived in the country was " I love the smell of extorsion in the morning"...not sure what happened.

    2. Colombia is no more dangerous than any country. If you hang out with lunatic drug dealers and hookers what do you expect?

    3. What if you hang out with sane backpackers and lookers? Is it just me or are you sounding rude?
      Colombia is the fifth most dangerous country in the world, according to a report released by the Geneva Declaration in 2011.
      The world's most dangerous countries
      1.El Salvador
      8.South Africa
      9.Sri Lanka

      The report, which analyzes the effects of armed violence on development, revealed that the rate of violent deaths per capita in Colombia is the fifth highest in the world.

      That wouldn't stop me from going and i am not trying to attack Colombia, i also know that there is a way to travel safely and respectfully as best as one can.

    4. Colombia is one of the safest places I have ever been. Statistics are skewed due to violence in areas far away from where most tourists are likely to venture. Day to day I see less cocaine / drug use among people here than I did in Australia. I see less druken idiots fighting in bars, I see much more support and love in the family unit. Sure Colombia has its problems but you can´t imagine the damage that all of the films about Colombian drugs have done to the country. In reality, there are a few groups of people here who export a product to a massive, hungry market of millions of drug users overseas. The problem is not here.

    5. I like your comment and i am not surprised. The media is king in making a country sound dangerous and the opinion catches like the plague. I would actually like to go myself and also Brazil, a country that has been on my a list for a while but then much to see.
      My daughter will be back next week, can't wait to hear all the stories. She went to meet with her step brother who has been backpacking through South America for 6 months.
      Thank you.

    6. I've been to all of those countries except 2,8,9 and 10. I do not agree with this list, although El Salvador can certainly be scary. I wasn't in the tourist area's of these countries either, and have lived extensively with their native populations. They forgot a few if you ask me. Like Kashmir, (were I was kidnapped and held for three days) although technically part of India, and they forgot the US.

    7. i agree with u John .

    8. I agree with you!!!

    9. Yeah, you're right and it's so irritating. If they really want to know the truth they should come and go to right places, safe places. I have a friend in London whose cousin was beaten because someone was trying to steal her cell phone. And the girl is only fifteen. So, does it only happen in Colombia?

    10. You are an ID**T , never mind little girls getting robbed in London people get brutally murdered in London to, but what it comes down to is numbers and STATISTICS !!! STATISTICALLY violent crime , murdered and rape is on a scale in Columbia that the UK has not seen since the dark ages.

    11. sir,you were very rude to aruska73 which wasn't worthy of a british gentleman!shame on you!own up & apologize (with a stiff upper lip,of course!)!

  67. Propaganda! Many species of Datura contain alkaloids that cause uncontrollable halucinations. They can be found all over the US as Jimson Weed and Moonflower. Their relatives the potato and tomato have foliage which is toxic.Those that take them want to escape- badly. They will be a waste in the end whether from alcohol, opiates, pharmaceuticals or scopolamine.

  68. I have to wonder what people who make these kinds of documentaries are thinking. Information is one thing, but this documentary is almost a blueprint for a new wave of drug crimes. Tell everybody now! Here's what it is, what it can do, what it looks like, where you get it and how you use it... great! I'd sure hate to be the parent of a young child today if this stuff begins rampantly circulating.

    1. I am a father of young children and I know exactly what you mean. Some of the brave souls here expressing an interest in trying this substance ought to know how lucky they've been with their past use (of any hard substance), or how lucky they'd have to be. I just watched the krokodil video on youtube referred to above, and now I'm all disgusted and angry and sad again about the crap people do to themselves, or the crap that happens to them. At the same time, I would understand the need to occasionally escape what becomes the drudgery of our "default perspective". Also, Huxley wrote a brilliant essay (I don't mean 'The Doors of Perception,' but another one) about the very long history of man's use of drugs for that reason, and of some of the benefits that might accrue from it, but it seems to me that if a person can ONLY "learn something" when he is high, then apparently he hasn't learned anything, and the tradeoffs and risks aren't worth it. I have personally known people who tried strong hallucinogenic drugs and walked right on out of the world permanently.

      I'm tempted to suggest JOGGING as a means of fairly intensely changing brain chemistry, but folks can overdo anything. And for many it'd be too much time and effort for far too little buzz...

    2. again.....very well said ,sir!to find one's true inner-self,has multiple
      ways of doing so!every soul has a different key to unlock himself from distiguishing thy true distinction!

    3. Just be awful careful you don't become a slave to anything, is really all I'm suggesting. And I don't know of any hallucinogens that are physically (or even psychologically) addicting, but a person can never really know how these things will affect them until they try them, and it seems terribly risky, considering how powerful they are. I know ALL the times (probably about 15, altogether) I did acid and shrooms when I was much younger were bloody awful experiences I'd hate to ever have to repeat.

      Except for this ONE TIME... with a hit of blotter and the Terrapin Station album, lol. That one was the only good one I believe I ever had, the only one really worth the sore jaw I had the next morning. I may have had to grow up and look for my miracles elsewhere, but that album still holds a special place in my memories. To this day, I can listen to it and that sh*t is like CHURCH, dawg! :)

    4. I used tons of acid and shrooms when I was younger. To be honest I got the only real benefit from the first trip, it opened my eyes to the wonder of science and mathematics. Every trip after that was really pointless and only led me down a road that almost left me dead, in prison, or dead in prison. Is that where you will end up, I have no idea. But since I posted as if my experience with these things were all wonderful or mystically enlightening I feel i should make some thing clear. This experiment almost ruined my life, I ended up with a serious record and a serious addiction, far more negative than positive- trust me. I didn't find any kind of cosmic truth or become one with nature or the universe, I hallucinated because a dangerous chemical had altered my brain activity. It was a very st*pid thing I did. Sure I had some fun and made some cool memories, thats what i cherish really- not the drug use.

    5. thanks for your concerning words,but don't worry...i've been there,done it & got the t-shirt.i don't have the habbit of rushing in blind & going ape-sh*t to find myself drooling,with me underpants on my head,singing 'who let the dogs out (Hu?-Hu?)!i too,fought addiction (h & charly) & had the privilege of state sanctioned holidays.a certain amount of my life was borderline but i chose it that way with my head screwed on until i grew tired of the hassle &
      joined the mainstream,if you will.i have no regrets ,only a smirk on my face,when i go back in memories.i hope you have too....

  69. I'm lucky to still be here, having tried the stuff in Ecuador decades ago. A friend told me to sniff the datura flowers to get high, but I boiled a bunch of flowers down and drank some of the concentrate and was told the next day how crazy I had acted the night before (which I couldn't remember.) It is commonly given to aggressive bulls to lead them from one pasture to another.
    I hold that anyone can do whatever they want with their own body, but when someone uses this type of thing to take advantage of another, well, be sure it isn't some well known enforcer in Colombia. Very scary and proves that we hold no dominion over Mother Nature. Drink, anyone?

    1. Would you please explain your ideas to my Doctore? He WILL give me all the Methadone I ask for, but, "smoke a little refer? NO WAY MAN! He wants to keep all his "worship-signed-t-shirts, as though HE "earned them himself!" It aint right. This "Doctor" is 25 YEARS my junior! FKG chump!
      But it's nice to see there are two "educated" people "in-a-row."

  70. I don't know if it robs you of you free will? But it sure the hell vanquishes any sense of right and wrong - whilst you are under its control.

    This is certainly true to some degree of most if not all of the recreational intoxicants/drugs. What blows me away with Scopolamine is that no one knows that you are stoned and yet you are so far gone there seems to be nothing you wouldn't do - give all your stuff away and give all your money and...

    Not a chance I would try it - neither would I play Russian Roulette.

  71. The black prostitute states that the drug can be eliminated by washing? And, moderators, if you'll permit me saying also that the new trend in heart attacks exploited in the media of young, physically fit people suddenly stopped in their tracks on camera, this may be the cause - especially in the high ego stakes of sport. When I experienced rohypnal, those blank outs of the previous night gradually came to surface, prompted by a magazine article sent by a friend. I awoke bruised, bemused and confused. The party holders denied the man I identified as being capable of doing such a thing. No lasting harm was done, as I have a very strong will about what I don't want but it took everything I had to keep 'vertical' and focussed. Someone told me he'd been raped whilst on this and as he too was known in his area, was able to get a full ID on the perv perps. He got them. Fine' and well done him. This thug shouldn't have allowed the women raped or murdered. He knows that they are living in constant fear of it themselves from their pimps and are only doing what they have to, in order to survive.

    Great, flush it down the toilet! Let's all have some of that. Recycled water means we're all affected by the psyche meds to one degree or another. Take a stroll around any inner city, to see the zomboids who are injected compulsory meds every fortnight. It's the ultimate power trip, destroys the last remnants of trust between people and without that, we're putty in the dealers hands.

  72. MK-ULTRA - always seeking, exploring and testing drugs which heighten suggestablility, zombiehood, trance, hypersensitivity. LSD kind of backfired on them in some ways, although perfect in others. It is a fact that these drugs are used to build and control whole armies of killers as well as huge swathes of victims. They are never developed through ordinary people, but financed top down. Rohypnol is a nasty date rape drug which can literally ruin lives. But this sounds far worse than the similar accounts of some people being given Chantix to counteract smoking additiction. The perfect hypnotists drug of choice?

    Isn't that something, they've been under civil war since 'gaining their independence' It's like the CIA folks, once in, always in. You can check out, but never leave. The supply of this and other similar zombifications is tightly controlled through the Elite's international heiriarchy. Why, the world could be turned into an orgiastic killing fest if such agents were delivered via areosol spraying (Chemtrails) but they'd never do that now, would they?

    The dealer describes what we know: that any pharmaceutical process distorts the natural function of any plant and it is this process which renders the end product patentable for exclusive use by it's progenitors, the military scientists. It's not the plant, but the process which is deliberately toxic.Neither LSD or others can surrender will in this way.

    On reflection, I wonder whether the drugged up footage seen of stars and celebs is due to this, rather than implanting or a combination of both. Mengeles. Yes it always starts with sex, from men who want subjugation, harems, slaves to all their kinky subverted religions: the power of regeneration through will. They've turned love into rape. At the finish line, these psychosexualpsychopaths will be ******* themselves on the barren rock of a planet under their 'will'.

    1. 1st time I "dropped" it was STILL "legal!"

    2. Please get help, sir.

  73. Gotta get some now. Thanks Vlatko!

  74. Before watching this, it is imperative that psychotropic plant extracts should not be taken by those who do not have, at least a grounding in their minds and characters of who they are. I'd recommend that few do, under the age of forever so it's always going to be a risk, as their demons, fears and all the media and family negative imprints can and will surface. They are not purely 'recreational'.

    Yet we have children taking all manner of medically prescribed hallucinogens and little wonder that the planet is reflecting insanities within an asylum.

    Ahayausca has some mixed press but is geared to Westerners seeking Aliens (?) Mushrooms offer a wealth of experience as well. Laudinum, Opium were the drugs of choice amongst elites of 19th Century and hashish has long been used in tribal and military training of assassins. Any perception changing agent developed via military is for the purpose of destabilisation, profit and war, profit and control; i.e. Opium Wars and Afghanistan Today.

    I'll see how far I get ..

  75. This is a well made film and very thought provoking however most of the evidence is anecdotal ( The drug dealer's horror story failed to impress me. ) and not supported by professionals in the various fields that could substantiate it.
    Scopolomine has a long history (at least since 1909) of appearance in mystery novels, popular culture and urban legends. It is therefore subject to years of misinformation and unverifiable (and unverified) horror stories.
    I choose to seek out more facts and base my understanding of this compound on the best scientific and verifiable evidence that I can accumulate.

    1. very well said ,sir it seems we share the same perspective.

    2. The best way I've heard it described is: "If you want to scramble your brain and start all over from scratch then this is the drug for you"... I know from experience, no one on earth can say I'm wrong... it is NOTHING like Acid or mushrooms or LSD ... I have not met anyone who took it who wanted to take it again, a lot of people die taking it. It is found on just about every continent on this planet

  76. after reading all the comments i come to this conclusion:
    get some,do some & cross it off my to-do-list!every experience is worth while!no matter how negative or positive,all will broaden one's horizon,if you dare the dosis meaningfully!this is just my opinion,which i do not emphasize
    for everyone.........especially newbies!

  77. Im scared! I know that the drug might and as well have been used for positve medicinal purposes but the documentary is about it being a scarey drug. On the streets, home, paper, strangers that we walk amongst everyday this life! It can and might even effect you one day. Great to educate your self on the seriousness of things going on in the world and how we have absolutely no control!

  78. I want some of this, a good camera, and a group of trusted family or friends around to see how effective it is simply out of curiosity. Anyone else who feels this way may also be interested in
    Atropa belladonna (Deadly Nightshade). Belladonna breaks the conscious and sub-conscious barrier when taken at the proper dose. That means your fully awake and dreaming at the same time. You will talk to people from your past, dead or alive, as if the are in the room with you. Caution, the word deadly is in its name for a reason.

    I also read someone comment about salvia. My first time trying salvia, nightshade, and mourning glory seeds was at the same time in a tea me and some of my collage friends made. We bought it all at walmart. There you go kids. You don't need a dealer. Just stop by your local walmart.

    1. rofl you cannot buy salvia or the seeds at walmart ....
      and you'd be luck to get nightshade there... maybe you took some seraquol and hadda dream you did these things

    2. walmart sells the seeds every spring along with target and home depot. research before you try and troll me. I just reseed my lawn with canary reed grass also. my lawn is 10 acre field of DMT. you can also buy poppy plants there and get your own heroin if your a talented gardener and chemist.

    3. Salvinorum-a is not a water soluable compound, because it is a non-polar molecule. Remember "like disolves like" in other words polar compounds are very water soluable while non-polar compounds take a non-polar solvent. Also salvinorum-a is destroyed in the stomach by the degestive process. In other words you only got a small fraction of the effects from the salvia by making it into a tea. If you want to really experience its true power, smoke it. My advice however is to leave it alone in any form, this stuff has the potential to do real psychological and physical damage to people. As far as buying poppies at wal-mart, yes you can- but, they are not the right kind if you are wanting to make heroin. It has to be the Papaver somniferum L. strain if you want opium to refine into heroin. These are not sold at wal-mart or any other gardening center within the U.S., at least not legally. Morning glory seeds, o.k. I can buy that you bought these at wally world. They grow wild all over the southeastern U.S. where I live. Once again I highly recommend you leave these alone, they are deadly at the wrong dose just as is night shade.

    4. Salvia is ingested traditional by the tribes of where it was found by chewing on it. The doc. Sacred Weeds Salvia divinorum is on youtube if you would like to check it out. I did smoke it once and only once. My salvia experience was the most helpless trip I've ever had and will never smoke it again. As soon as I exhaled the stuff I shrank to about 6 inches tall and was stuck on a conveyor belt doing laps around my living room floor for about 5 min completely paralyzed. Payed $50 for a tin of it at the local smoke shop and threw the rest away. I wouldn't even give it to a friend. Way to strong for me. Thanks teach on the poppy thing also. My grandma has grown the good ones in her garden for some 60+ years. Grandpa was a officer in the navy back then and would always sneak her home exotic plants. I always thought you could just buy it at any garden store, like canary reed grass(DMT is my preference). I have been a contributor to the web site EROWID for some time now. I'm fully aware of the dangers. Thanks for your concern though.

    5. You could have the same effect swallowing chewing tobacco and far cheaper. We've humans have been experimenting with plants for millenia, nothing is new.

    6. Yeah, you can ingest it I am just saying you don't get the same kick. Sounds like you have your head on straight man, cool. Just remember though, no one ever plans to f*ck up sh*t just happens. The key in my opinion is to stack the odds in your favor, in other words avoid unneccessary risk. Of course you still have to live a little as well, its a balancing act. After all, if safety comes at the cost of compromising all the passion in life- what are you saving- right?

    7. What are you saving? your sanity!
      Correct me if perhaps I am reading it wrong.
      I smoked some weed many moons ago. perhaps it was laced, I used weed to go back into my past, and i did! i wanted to discover the reason for some psychological trauma i endured when i was a child. Not satisfied with that, i wanted to go into the future. well, i concentrated and concentrated, until I went past the moon. I am not joking! i became paranoid and i was scared for 2 weeks until i "healed".
      i learned something from that. the message is: the mind is sacred, you don't play with it. i don't do any drugs nor alcohol anymore. I want to have a full deck, aware of life without the aid of artificial highs.
      36 years of sobriety, no mentors, no AA anymore. Everything is ok now.

    8. Only things that can be laced with weed are also things that can be burnt and inhaled and still have effect. I'm not sure if datura can be inhaled or survive temps, but if it can it could of been that. Just drugs like lsd, pcp and such cannot be laced into smoked weed due to them losing their effects afterwards. Also the first just weed high tends to be intense, my friend thought he flew out of his body and tried flying into another persons, the brain is powerful.

    9. do you think set and setting or doseage had anything to do with your bad trip? i've had nothing but positive experiences with salvia she is a very nice entity to me. picks me up takes me on a journey and sets me down nicely. im sorry you had a rough time with it buddy maybe bad vendor or too potent possibly, did you have a sitter? btw just experienced dmt bout 2-3 weeks back and wow. thats all i can say. im probably getting a spirit molecule tattoo soon lol

    10. Did DMT in early 70's. 2 tokes was fine. 3 was too much. I hate the smell, I hate the stuff. Hashish. For me there's nothing finer.

  79. LOL those hookers deserved what was comin' to em... same with that scumbag pimp... what goes around comes around & all that...

  80. This is just a shockumentary, if you wikipedia it, they use this stuff all the time for sea sickness behind the ears. So really, it's not as bad as these film makers exaggerate like 10 fold...

    1. I agree with your assessment. I found that Wikipedia article, amongst others, to be very informative.

  81. I believe I'll be very careful to just stick with the occasional beer, thank you very much.

    The Devil's Breath is a very good name for it. Anything that makes you lose your freewill like that is certainly analogous to being "possessed". In fact, that's pretty much the definition of it.

    Weird sh*t grows in the tropics.

    1. Its not like most people get the choice of taking it, they are tricked into it or suprised with a face full of what must seem at first to be harmless dust. Most men I know, even if they were aware people often have this happen to them in Colombia, would still be taken by such beautiful women. A few drinks of rum, maybe a toke or two, and then when the ladies begin their charms, I'm screwed!!! Most men would hate to admit this to be the truth but, it is.

    2. What was it the poor man said, "Beauty will be the downfall of us all" ?
      Even watching this thing, I found myself mesmerized by the young beauty telling the story about her uncle, and basically thinking something like "God, what I wouldn't do for THAT."

      Yep, pretty sure I'd be an easy target in Colombia, too, if it ever came to it... And as a matter of fact, I WAS an easy target in Hong Kong in 1992, but that's another story, lol.

      Beautiful women have an almost complete monopoly of power in these matters (if the man is decent), and, boy, do they know it!

    3. datura grows EVERYWHERE

  82. This is Datura. It is a plant that is common in the US as well, as it has been planted throughout the country since the 60s. This documentary bugged me and I didn't finish it... primarily because it is full of misinformation and the guy is a dolt. But, if you are interested in learning more, read stuff by Carlos Casteneda and also the book Serpent and the Rainbow... Datura is one of the ingredients used to create the powder that turns people into zombie's in Haiti.

    1. yeah the film and the reporting is dubious but it turns out there is some truth to it.

    2. While i was walking the garden festival in my town yesterday, a friend bought a big datura plant in bloom, i told him about it being one of the strongest drug and how strange that it is legal for sale but a plant like pot that grows all over the Kootenay is illegal. Datura is talked about also in the novel The Clan of the Cave Bear.


    3. yep Datura grows all over BC...our pods are however spiky on the outside...the trumpets are exactly the same though...further proof this doc is a waste of time

  83. Turning to be a story writing for people on homemade video, I thought its all about facts but then there ain't so many truth around and hence, become dramatize.

  84. scopalamine was the Nazis favorite drug. it induces a twilight sleep. been around for decades

  85. Wow, I wonder exactly how this drug does what it does? Never heard of it until now but studying what parts of the central nervous system it attacks could tell us something about consciousness. Sounds like very dangerous stuff to work with though. Its hard to believe such a small dose of something could have such a huge, long lasting effect but after a friend tricked me into trying salvia I believe it. The smallest puff of that rotten stuff I could take was about a thousand times stronger than any other drug I had ever done, too strong. Luckily the effects faded very quickly and I proceeded to punch my so called friend in the head a few times, as soon as I could remember that I was infact a human living on planet earth that is. Anyone could have done anything to me for that three or so minutes while I was drooling all over my shirt convinced that I was a thread in a piece of fabric wrapping around the earth forever and forever and that all and everyone I had ever known were merely hallucinations. It may sound very psychedelic and cool but trust me, when you honestly believe that your whole existence and therefore all the people you have ever loved or that loved you never really existed- your heart breaks. I have never been so sad in all my life and I hope to never feel that kind of despair and emptiness again. The saving grace is that it is only about three minutes, any longer and it would have broken my mind in some way, would have left permanent psychological damage I think. In retrospect I don't know why it had such a profound and severe effect on me, I would think in a way such a thought could make you feel more free, less guilt, etc. But for some reason it really messed me up, not just that the people I had known were not real but that all I love about nature and science and so forth were also unreal and i was left conscious in a sea of nothing, darkness, lonelyness- I felt so betrayed and alone at the same time. I came to crying like a baby, trying to jump out of the car we were going down the road in, while my friend held me in the car and laughed. It took another ten minutes or so before I could tell him to pull over so I could voice my dicontent with the whole experience and pay him back. We are not friends to this day, I will never frogive him for lying to me about what I was about to experience and for letting me do it knowing the whole time what that poison does to some people. Its been four years now and I still have some issues due to the experience, nothing i can't live with but boy does it make for some wicked night mares and sleepless nights. The whole theory about how the universe is a computer simulation and reality doesn't exist as we define it- yeah, that really freaks me out!!!

    1. Yea I thought I was a piece of glass for like 5 or 10 minutes on a few salvia bong hits and i couldn't move or talk. Body got all itchy and hot. Like you said it sounds funny or cool until you think you'll stay like that forever which was the thought on my mind. Thats the worst part about a lot of hallucinogenics though, they are sometimes so powerful and altering that you just miss sobriety and dont like the fact that the trip goes on. You just want to go back to normal. But the salvia was before I had experimented with the other mainline hallucinogens.

      It happened to me the worst on 3 hits of LSD a little over a year ago and when you said, "everyone I had ever known were merely hallucinations. It may sound very psychedelic and cool but trust me, when you honestly believe that your whole existence and therefore all the people you have ever loved or that loved you never really existed- your heart breaks. I have never been so sad in all my life and I hope to never feel that kind of despair and emptiness again." It reminded me of that trip. Got on that thought pattern about one hour into the trip and It broke me down to tears in front of my friends, or at the moment, hallucinated friends. You just really dont know what to think and what is real. Its like your so close to understanding the philosophy of solipsism that you want to kill yourself.

      I guess most people would call those "bad trips" but without them I wouldn't be the intellectual I am today. Made me start asking questions about my life and the world around me. The ole' search for truth. Looking back they were an adventure that spawned a new life but i wont go into that for fear of the infamous TDF religious debates.

      But yea the paranoia still haunts me to this day, not as bad as it was for the first 2 weeks after when i was walking around campus with no shoes and not using any electronics. It was a mix of me thinking along the lines of the matrix "brain in a vat" theory and having God in control of it all for a specific purpose (Im in the process of formulating a statement that refutes the whole idea of solipsism). Luckily im sane today and havn't touched the stuff since for fear of suicide, or even worse, complete psychosis.

      As for this Doc's drug, scopolamine, sounds like the most terrifying experience ever. Sounds worse that my trip in a different way with the memory loss. You almost have to wonder, is it better to have a memorable trip that brings you to the brink of insanity, or to not remember any part of your trip and struggle putting the pieces together, never knowing if you got the real truth?

    2. Sounds as if we had very simular experiences. I loved an truly value my experiences on LSD and mushrooms, much like you they opened my mind and started me down the road of science education. I now have a degree in chemistry and work at a local college as the lab mngr. and a research assistant. But salvia was far far too much for me as well. This drug looks even more scary. Losing ones own will sounds horrifying and extremely dangerous. I suppose I should stay out of Colombia, I am a sucker for beatiful women and this stuff is just too easily given to someone against their will and too fast acting. Something tells me they would see me coming a mile a way, the crooks I mean.

    3. I imagine that when your on this stuff, you are conscious of whats happening and you can see yourself getting manipulated but your unable to act in any certain way that you desire. After its over you wake up and have no memory of the trip you were on. That, to me, would be even more terrifying. Of course, I could be wrong. Im just speculating.

    4. Datura is NOTHING like mushrooms or LSD ... most people who do Datura and survive only do it once and are changed forever... I speak with experience and no one on earth can tell me I am wrong... in this case I know what I am talking about...

  86. now i have an easy to get rich. get meself a gram of scopolamine. bill gates, here i come. lol

  87. Can escopolamina be used in psychiatric treatments ?
    It probably could be used...

    1. It wouldn't help mentally ill patients as an anti-psychotic....and if you knew anything about brain chemistry, mentally ill patients (severely depressed, schizophrenics, people who are bi-polar) you'd know that drugs would work differently than with non-mentally ill people.

    2. actually Kendra your wrong. Scopolamine is used very often as dopamine effect for surgeries, against addiction of cocaine and heroin, and other more traditional and magical uses.
      saying that. I dont think its a goos AT ALL.
      My grandfather was a victim and for 8 hours the criminals empty all his accounts and left him lost on the streets. This documentary touched things I did not want to deal with.

  88. This is the first time i have ever wrote a comment on any documentary and I can only say that this really makes me mad and upset,and shocked to know that this drug exists.I cant comprehend that their is people out their that think this is funny? And would want to take advantage of these poor people.I just hope and pray for those people that have been abused and also for the one's that are causing this anguish on society and hope that they can change their is not about taking but about giving. so please if you read this remember that life is a gift from god.

  89. Amazing video. I didn't even know this existed

  90. The seriousness and objectivity of this documentary is evident on the fact that they could not even spell correctly the name of the country in the title, "is not Columbia, is Colombia"

    This documentary is just a precarious way to understand of the world...

  91. kinda dissapointing was hoping to see them trip out :-) i would have tried it among good friends or by myself ???? and since when is cocaine a recreational drug?

    1. "since when is cocaine a recreational drug?" since people have been known to hold down a normal life Mon-Fri and whatever at the weekend.

  92. actually in carribean it really is used to create "zombies" by voodoo practitioners along with blow fish poison, they make your body appear to die, your family buries you, then they dig you up and keep feeding you datura to make you their slave.

    In India a cult of Kali called "thugs" use it for many of the same reasons Columbian gangsters do..

    Ive tried the seeds, very small dose, tripped out heavily, couldnt tell what was a hallucination, very very weird.

  93. Vice did a doc on a drug in Russia called "Krokodil" that literally melts your tissue away, and can leave you a vegetable for life. Way more dangerous than this. Vlatko should put that up.

    1. I'm watching the krokodil vid now. Thanks for the name drop.

    2. Looked that krokodil stuff up and yes it is waaaay more scary than what is shown here.
      Cant imagine it being nice to be robbed of everything you got, but at least you don´t remember.
      That krokodil stuff just eats you alive. Don´t even want to imagine how that would be.

    3. You're comparing apples to oranges, sir. Krokodil heroin is a serious drug when talking about the physical affects. The facts being that it gets you addicted the first time you use it -as with the case with heroin, erodes your skin and muscle tendon, gives you about 6-9 months of use before you die, and can leave you in a coma or kill you if you try to get off of it (due to body trauma), is much different than a drug that leaves you without free will. Scopolamine was featured in a Law and Order episode where this guy kept raping women and the women had no idea that they had been raped, couldn't remember their attacker, and didn't want to remember being violated and not doing anything to stop it. What separates humanity from the animal kingdom is our higher level thinking, our ability to develop morals, to be free to make choices, and with this columbian drug, that gets rid of all of that. :/ It's the saddest thing knowing that you could be taken advantage of and no one can help you, when you can't even help yourselves. Although I disagree with how the guys conducted their documentary, the tales of the victims and the attackers were chilling enough to make me want to learn about this horrible drug.

  94. what a wanker... "Colombia is basically ******" that kind of talk is just offensive. Constructive critisim is always welcome. Saying a country is just ****** from civil war apart from not being anywhere close to true is a sign of utter ignorance. Yet another movie showcasing the drugs in Colombia. There are many, many other fantastic reasons to talk about this advanced, educated emerging economy.

    1. it is about this particular drug, found and used there though. so columbia is a good ploace to go. although i do agree saying a country is f--ked is quite harsh considering how it used to be.