Mega Yachts: The Latest Craze for Billionaires

Mega Yachts: The Latest Craze for Billionaires

2019, Society  -   10 Comments
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Mega Yachts: The Latest Craze for Billionaires is an entertaining and slightly disgusting portrait of the excesses enjoyed by the ridiculously wealthy.

The filmmakers introduce us to Bill Duker, a software engineer who owns one of the most expensive super yachts in the world - the Sybaris. The cameras gawk at each opulent nook and cranny in the vessel, including the full-sized fitness room, the deck that measures the size of a tennis court and the priceless works of art that grace its walls. Understandably, Duker spends a lot of time on this yacht, and often invites a series of highly influential figures to join him on his nautical adventures. They are assisted and waited upon by a team of twelve crew members. "If the rest of the world learns what it's like to live on a yacht like this," Duker admits, "they're going to bring back the guillotine."

In Monaco, we meet the designer behind this and many of the most impressive yachts in the world. Many years ago, Espen Oeino built the first mega yacht for a Microsoft executive complete with helicopter landing pad and three subs. In his quest to construct ever more extravagant ships, he is accustomed to catering to each client's wildest desires. He does business with a very select clientele, but business continues to boom. Young entrepreneurs are demanding more contemporary designs, and the results can set them back to the tune of $18 million dollars.

In Dubai, we meet the eager sellers and buyers at an annual boat show. Designers and interior decorators schmooze the wealthiest elite. Social media influencers work alongside ship owners to parade a lifestyle to the masses who will likely never be able to afford it. We meet some of the Arabian clients who constitute almost half of the super yacht ownership in the industry. One such ship costs over $220 million dollars and is so notorious that it is featured on an official postage stamp.

Mega Yachts: The Latest Craze for Billionaires takes viewers inside the private living spaces of some of the world's richest people. It's a breezy portrait that might be exhilarating to some and distasteful to others.

Directed by: Jerome Dion

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Steven Bentley
2 years ago

I want Private Mega Yacht with Solar Sales and a private rocket launch system for my private rocket.. It also electric powered. My VCs invested in Tesla... We need some Mega Yacht Builders..

3 years ago

This makes me sick to the bone. 150 Dead alligators for some f*cking boxes on a boat. What absolute scum he is.

3 years ago

Is it just me? I can realy see that all of these rich people are constantly stressed. Poor people, i feel sorry for them.

3 years ago

She "climbed" the 70m mast (7'.07"). She is definitely hardcore!!

Dale Pondysh
3 years ago

Somehow, I am unimpressed mainly because the people that own these things, probably don't know how to drive them or deal with problems when out to sea. they have an underpaid crew, probably illegal immigrants, for that. All they did was rip off the people that they enslaved, to make a bunch of money to spend on their opulence. They didn't build these things and you can bet they don't care how much pollution they create, floating around with their click, bragging about all the features of 'their creation'. When you come right down to it, they are a very low class bunch of entitled children and I'm glad they stay out of my sight!

Lee Summer
3 years ago

Disgusting display of arrogance got to the alligator trunk part and wanted to ? puke. He makes Trump look likeable?

gary crant
3 years ago

their happiness is a sham

Colin S
3 years ago

It all seems pointless.

3 years ago

I can barely afford food.