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2009, Sexuality  -   134 Comments
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PorndemicPorndemic puts faces and personalities to the extraordinary profitable business of pornography today. Porn has quietly reinvented itself on the world-wide-web, becoming more mainstream and culturally embedded everyday.

After starting with a visit to the old guard, the besieged Larry Flynt in his penthouse perch, Porndemic drops in on a Gen-X new-porn mogul on his multi-million-dollar ranch, and on an upstart one-man operation in the seamy side of town.

The camera searches out a backstreet bondage superstar, some ordinary working girls in Montreal who run an internationally successful webcam site, the king of porn-actress pimps in San "Pornando" Valley, and the millionaire pioneer of the future of porn - virtual on-line sex - in Vancouver.

Porndemic examines an "epidemic" of porn addiction, including teenage cell-phone users, and an oil executive from western Canada who belongs to the fastest growing substance-abuse community in the world: Sex Addicts Anonymous. Porndemic also speaks to law-and-order experts who think that obscenity on the internet is out of control and beyond the law, and to the blandly confident businessmen who are the new face of corporate, mainstream porn.

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  1. For those of you (I'm assuming to be overly testosterone-driven boys) posting on here saying it's ridiculous: Obviously you didn't get the point of the film... perhaps you just watched it because it had the word porn in the title hmmm? Its made in an effort to help people who have a (now) scientifically legit problem. It can act like any other drug to people with addictive tendencies.

    And it's not about "marrying the wrong one". The infinite mass of porn out there allows one to have a plethora of fantasized fulfilled at the click of a button.

  2. This documentary is hard to stomach. Porn is all about making money & marketing sex. I prefer to not be a part of reckless and damaging sexual behavior. I watched part of this doc out of curiosity about the pornademic. So ugly are humans when we don't treasure ourselves or others. Porn is gross, damaging and superficial. My opinion.

  3. IS PORN ADULTRY???***

    I just want an honest opinion of people here with porn and how it is now in the point of view thing now. If a married man watched porn and released himself with it or got arroused would that mean he commited adultry since it is litterally having sex but your not having sex with your wife your having sex with the girl who turned you on in the video and even tho there is no pennetration however you still were able to ejaculate by the video alone. So is it adultry since adultry is basically having relations with another person...people even say that if a married man has a online relationship it is adultry....but its not in person same with porn its not in person but you have pleasure and a release the same release you have if it was with your partner....someone please answer me.

    1. You do seem to be in some distress about this, so I will try my best.

      I think it would depend upon your upbringing, your religious instruction and such, as to whether or not you would consider simply using pornography to be adultery. I say using because I think that with porn, it's pretty clear that's exactly what it is: A product intended to help people get off, with no emotional connection whatsoever, for both men and women, though the fact that a significant number of women who use it do seem to prefer a different type of porn, if given the choice, one that at least simulates some emotional connection, may say something about the way the sexes are wired to respond to the subject. I mean, sex has always been a much more perilous business for women, hasn't it? But no, I don't view using porn to be actual adultery for either sex; I don't view it as an actual relationship. Even with married couples, it's not always possible, of course, to make that connection when you want it, and what did people resort to in all the past ages when pornography didn't exist, but the desire did, without access to a partner? Obviously, the porn that was already in their minds, anyway... You might say that porn is just more easily consumable, highly elaborated primal fantasies for mentally lazy, uncreative people!

      Now I come to the hard part, about online relationships...

      Guys flirt with girls, girls flirt with guys; we all know it, we've all done it. It can be fun, if kept aboveboard and in its proper context... viewed as almost a comical thing, for example, as if we were still teenagers who hadn't learned to manage our hormones yet. But if you find yourself talking to someone in secret, if you find yourself establishing a real emotional connection, saying things that you well know would deeply hurt your spouse, then I think you've got a problem, and I DO consider that adultery, whether or not you will ever be able to consummate that relationship in the flesh. Love, intimacy, is clearly an absolutely critical thing in the life of human beings, and if you've vowed yourself to another person, I think they have a right to its complete exclusivity.

    2. Not if your heart's not in it ;)

    3. I would guess many men have had affairs where their heart was not involved but their pecker was.

    4. You want to hear a funny story? About a week ago I was up here in my attic reading political articles on the PC, had to yawn and stretch at one point, leaned back in my chair to do so and grunted real loud like we sometimes do. All of a sudden, my wife yells up from the bedroom right below, "WHAT are you doing up there?!"

      I leaned forward and started laughing my butt off at her paranoia. Since I only had my pj bottoms on anyway I trotted downstairs and dropped them right in front of her for inspection, and asked, "Does it look like I was doing anything?" She looked at me with a baleful eye and a grin on her face and said, "You better be behaving yourself. That stuff is mine!"


      Maybe I am a little whipped, but I guess I know what's good for me, too. And that would be... to make damned sure she's sleeping soundly before tiptoeing back up to my attic! :P

    5. I'm almost disappointed, you have your very own man cave and you read politics? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, went to join my man in bed on on afternoon off only to find him engrossed in the RHS Good Plant Guide. God knows what he'd get up to if he had a shed of his own. I wouldn't be embarrassed about being under the thumb if I were you, men are like cream, better whipped ;)

    6. Porn could be considered adultry by a wife who forbids her husbands to watch such things. But if it is accepted then it's equal to having a subscription to Hustler, or an old Lady Chatterly by your bedside. Whatever crank your load.

    7. "Forbids her husbands to watch such things"? Pu$$y whipped you mean.

    8. @oQ

      “Porn could be considered adultry by a wife who forbids her husbands to watch such things.”

      It would be easy for me to whip out a Nietzsche quote here but I’ll resist for now. You see that’s quite a powerful statement you made there. The word “forbids” just sounds like a steel door being slammed shut! And yet... it also sounds Goddess Like, a Divine Commandment. But being your enemy in this war of the sexes I must say nay, yay twice I say nay!!

      There will be no forbidden fruit in my pornographic fantasies; I’m especially fond of a nice juicy pear. Come on girl you know you have the whip hand and the real power, for Goddess sake, give us a break and let us at least imagine liberation once in a while. Btw your “crank your load” comment made me laugh so much some wee wee nearly came out.

      The Crucified One

    9. Is Porn Adultery?

      Quite simply no it isn’t. I hope you watched @Achems excellent link because that was what the vast majority of people in it said. Porn should not be thought of as taboo and can be quite healthy for both sexes in a relationship. To answer your ejaculation question I would still say no, it doesn’t matter, it’s not adultery, it’s just porn and masturbation which is also a healthy thing to do even in a relationship. Everything in moderation of course.

      Talk to him openly about it and try to understand that internet porn allows him to indulge fantasies that he might not admit to in “real life”. Please do not feel diminished or less loved by your partner by this quite “normal” behaviour. Good luck, I hope it all works out well for you.

  4. Exclusive users of Porn experience NO STDS! :) No child-support payments, no unwanted pregnancies, no paternity fraud, no false rape charges, no divorce, no alimony....these are ALL BONUSES in my books! :) Bless the makers of EROTIC IMAGERY! :D

  5. online porn is dangerous indeed. It tricks our brain into thinking we actually had sex and gives us almost the same satisfaction. If men get addicted to porn then they won't go out, meet women and make babies anymore. In the end humanity faces extinction, all that because of porn !! But I don't care, I love it.

    1. So does watching a game of basketball, or UFC. Or even a movie. The brain secretes the same neuro-chemicals when it recalls an actual event and when it makes up a fantasy. To the brain fantasy and reality are the SAME.

    2. so if it tricks our brain into doing the act would that mean that married men who get off on porn are then intially cheating like i mean litterally because your not excuse the phrase "busting a nut" with your wife but you have infact had sex with the porn star with all the point of view and that. So tell me would it be adultry for a married man to watch porn.

  6. i wonder what pornostars going to do once they passed 40

    1. They become directors or open their own websites and do over 40 porn.:) Nina Hartley is STILL going strong and she's way passed 40! :D

  7. I liked the sexual intimacy in future at the latter part of the documentary. The problems faced by individuals are purely based on character. Drinking doesn't make me an addict while it might make you one.

  8. porn is disgusting. sex is disgusting. of course for males life is all about sex because that is essentially the purpose of male life- to reproduce his XY. filthy bugs males are. porn is degrading, ugly, and forces female submission to the filthy, debasing fantasies of males

    1. your're going to have a sad life

    2. Try reading "beauty myth". I felt the same way that you do. this book is so eye opening.

    3. @Crusher496 Sex can be so beautiful, passionate, warm, and loving depending on the man you are with. A deep orgasm is the best high ever! Have you never had a lover you were crazy about and totally trusted? I feel so sorry for you!

    4. Hi there, I want to impart something positive instead of making a negative comment, us people can be pretty blinded and not read between the lines of others plights in life...your definitely allowed to express your opinion and that you have done.
      I admit I do not find porn very desirable either and simply because I do not understand it as I have not bought into it. Im completely satisfied with the real thing, sex is not disgusting unless you have not found that to be so in your own personal experience and I actually feel for you.
      I kind of look at porn like this some people need extra spice on their food their taste buds just don’t work so good (sexual dysfunction/detachment etc) while others are quite content with natural foods and can taste everything (very responsive sexually and need not the added assistant)
      Openness and communication and knowing yourself and your partner are fundamental keys to great sex, along with dumping pseudo-guilt embrace your sexuality. A great sense of self worth, and confidence, goes along way. There is no room for guilt or shame in sex and in the bedroom.
      Sometimes I also think that some women involved in the porn industry might not view their role a submissive but the opposite that they are in control of their bodies and making money etc.. I don't know this for sure just an observation.
      You can take this idea outside of porn and apply it to your own life...this is some advice for the ladies...women are the ones with the power when it comes to sex, especially in western culture, not the men, it doesn’t happen until we say, SO!!!

      This knowledge is liberating and empowering as a women but never use it as a weapon and if you can embrace it you might enjoy Sex some day, best of luck and big hugs!

  9. it's all just the ego seeking it's temporary pleasure.
    It's not a wrong or a right but simply a thing that exists because most of us blindly serve our ego addictions trying to be happy.Consciousness is the way forward :)

  10. @julian "lets drink and be merry for tommorrow we die"...yes you do.

  11. Wow, this sure turned into a male vs female war according to some comments I read. I'm not going to get into that, nor into what's holy or evil.

    What I do think though: if anyone uses a little porn to spice up their sex life, it doesn't hurt anybody. But when porn is used to fill a void, either in a marriage or in a single's life, that, to me is when it becomes unhealthy. And having so much of it, so readily available can put unhealthy expectations in people's head. Whether it being men or women.

  12. Male addiction to sex has not changed. Men have always needed sex, we didn't grow balls last decade. The reason society is freaking out is that through sex it controls men, chaining them to slavish marriages and jobs. Porn, by providing artificial sexual release, reduces that control and thus the control society has over men. Just imagine how much society will freak when realistic sex-bots start rolling off the assembly lines.

  13. who the hell cares

  14. if you ban porn it will just go underground- you cant pass a law and stop porn- the only way to make this addiction to porn go away is not to make the person feel ashamed of porn- but educate the children and adults the negative affects it has on society and change the enviroment in which we all live-porn is not evil- people are not evil- women are not evil-porn is the result of a society that does not work today- society is to blame for this- not people.

  15. That's what happens when women desert their home duties and don't save sexuality for marriage. Today's women are a trap for men . They don't help men anymore. They destroy them and destroy themselves as well.
    Female artificial 'power' is entirely based on body and sex. That's the only power females have upon men and they use it to rule over emasculated men.
    Men who seek porn have the illusion to gain power again because sex is the only natural power left to men when all the others (authority ,fatherhood , leadership ,providing..) are so unfairly taken away from them.
    Vicious circle. Malicious strategy . Foolish war between the sexes waged by foolish misandric women .
    Epidemic porn just shows to which evil extent society can go when it is psychologically ruled by women. Women don't like sexual stability .They love cheating ,changing partners and destroying marriage. Women are lechery's best friends and whenever they have the opportunity to spread it (when morality blows down ) ,they do it and speed the decaying process . History has already shown it. Same curse always repeating itself. Isaih 3:12 curse.

    1. Christ on a bike....
      I guess I should thank you on behalf of woman kind, for hating us enough to leave us alone. Any less and you might have seen fit to inflict yourself on one of us. You should get yourself a nice husband and settle down :)

    2. The only justification for any morality can only be based on God. If not, why not maximize pleasure every second, hell with all else. A logical person would do this, but most people are brainwashed with the morals that society feeds them (child porn is bad, pedophilia is bad, damaging the environment is bad), people are basically unthinking creatures, do not understand the true consequences of the neglect of religion.

  16. Very informative and inspires me to get more involved in the porn business again

  17. As long as porn is easy to obtain, and big profits are to be made from it, it will always remain. It's been around since the beginning of time (even in cave paintings) just like all of our other vices.
    It is the nature of man to battle between the physical pleasures of our material life, and the spiritual world within us all.
    Sadly, some do not see the harm in endorseing their vices, however, it does lead others to neglect their inner spiritual side, therefore harmfull to others.
    I do not endorse any of my vices (yes I'm human), but I do try to never harm others by influencing them in negative or material ways.
    But that's the choice I make, and I can only hope to be a good example to others so that they may pass it on.
    Each of us has to make our own choices. It's called free will.
    It's a crazy and harmful world we live in. Gaurd yourself, and hurt no one.

  18. I almost forgot. I recently read the Hunger Games series, and found it was excruciatingly violent and disturbing, no matter how well written. This is the kind of book kids are allowed to read. If this series had a sex scene, it would instantly be brandished as 'unfit' for children. Why is it that so many people hold violence in a safer, better regard than sex? Sex is about recreation, and life-giving, violence is pain, suffering, pride and hate. Why don't we start bitching about how we're totally cool with going to war and killing thousands of civilians. And then calling it 'necessary' and 'heroic'.

    1. It mostly comes down to the fact that Christianity and other religions endorse violence, whereas they shun sex.

    2. Sheesh Fellas, that’s re-regurgitated rhetoric... Aidan,I try not give opinions until I am presented with the info, otherwise its just ignorance.

      i think perhaps you've met the religious ones but hey Christains say F*** and guess what they do it too, hence why christainity still here today.

      Anway why is religion relevent to the guy with a porn addiction and the wide spread of porn on the internet, the doco wasn't about how religious groups are quenching the unholy fires of the porn industry, cause just aint so....both these machines are neither gonna bow down, roll over, die out or disappear. So why fight about it? Peace

  19. I have no intention of watching this, it seems really stupid and up-in-your-face greater and more moral than thou bull. Just thought I might opine senselessly to good christians. That's all, good day.

  20. sex is between man & woman in marriage and having kids... can you put a real bullet in a water gun and shoot it? NO unless tou alter it, but your kids will get it someday and kill themselves with it. can you start a car with the wrong key? NO. unless you alter it, but your kids will get in it someday and CRASH! THATS WHY PORN IS WRONG.

  21. I was a bit iffy when my boyfriend mentioned he watched porn a few times a month, until he told me that most men who watch it, or him at least replace the woman's face with the face of their girlfriend or whatever.

    1. Yep, thats just what they do ;)

  22. It really bothers me that they make it look like that if you're in a relationship/marrige you should not watch porn. For me that's really absurd, I mean, I'm in a relationship and I frequently watch porn, so does my boyfriend,and I'm aware of it. It really doesn't bother me at all, it does not affect our sex life either, and why should it? They're two completly different things, like they say in the documentary, porn doesn't touch the heart. That's very true, it's not supposed to either. When you jack off to porn it's simply physical pleasure, and what's wrong with that? It feels good and makes you happy. When you have sex with someone you love it's completly different, then it's about feeling as well. Also that therapist program just seem like a load of bullshit, I mean, turn to god? Really? Can't we just accept the fact that humans are horny creatures and stop being ashamed of our sexuality. If this guy wouldn't be ashamed of himself and his wife would accept that he watches porn (and watch some herself), they probably wouldn't even have a problem with their marrige.

    But I didn't think this documentary was all bad, I mean, we must see the dark sides of porn as well. Women (and men) getting abused, when children are involved and used sexually etc.. But then I mean when children are the ones having sex against their will with adults, not that they're watching it. Of course it can be a problem if that's how they learn about sex, but then it's up to all the school's in the world to teach them about it, and tell them that porn is not reality. That's what my teacher said to us, and really that's the best way in my opinion. Cause telling kids to stop watching porn is just dumb, since they won't listen. Also, instead of trying to prevent that kids have sex/watch porn earlier we should just educate about it instead, so they know how to protect themselves. Saying this as a kid/teen myself (15 years old) I know that adults can't tell you not to have sex/watch porn cause you're simply to horny and curious, or to human you could also say.

    1. " I mean, turn to god? Really? Can't we just accept the fact that humans are horny creatures and stop being ashamed of our sexuality."

      God made us this way. He made us with a sex drive . That's not the problem. What God hates is not sexuality , it is what we do with this God-given gift. Sexuality IS a blessing but within marriage only. God condems fornication because it endangers our race , our lives ,our souls ,our bodies etc... God expects us to be faithful to one another and not behave like animals.
      Porn is evil but marriage is holy.
      Being 'horny' as you say is right as long as you please your mate and make him feel good and are faithful to him.
      The destruction of the marital link can only lead mankind to more and more lechery and to its own destruction.

  23. I think this is just a bunch of fear mongering

  24. All the sex addict councilors are female in this doc. Yet the doc did not define what sex addiction is. It's clear, men like porn more than women.
    Men are capable of fathering thousands of children, women can have only a few. The majority of women think long term, so are more selective. Most men think in short term solutions. For modern humans, sex is the ultimate compromise.

    Religion, farming, and marriage are relatively new in our evolution. Hunting, gathering, and murder has been the norm in the long arc of our evolution, resulting in polygamy being the norm.

    Once we were the hunted, now we are the masters with no predators but ourselves, and religion, porn, and farming has caused an out of control population, like a cancer on the earth. Will the cancer cause the patient to die?

    One thing is certain, if we don't learn how to live in harmony with nature, we may all die.

  25. I watched this some time ago and found it interesting. Some of the content is a bit much.

  26. "Yield to a higher power." I love that about 12 step programs all but I LOVE it about sex "addiction." "Sex addiction" is a farce. It's something born of Puritanical belief and a propensity for self-hatred. There IS a dark side to porn, don't get me wrong. There's also a dark side to corporate America and a dark side to math (imaginary numbers, really, math?). That doesn't make the whole thing dark. Sex is a healthy, natural part of humanity. Some could argue that sex IS humanity. As for the worry that kids get their first lesson of sex through adult material, yeah, that's called sexual awakening.

  27. You all need to grow up its not like people were putting a gun to your head
    and say watch this no! pornography has been around for a very long time
    I personally think it's an art that most people cannot appreciate and I hate
    to break it to all of you we are all animals in a sense we all have a primal
    urge to have sex with either the opposite sex or the same sex depending on your
    preference there is a lot more dangerous things in society besides pornography
    such as the bigotry or not being able to accept another persons beliefs or convictions
    for pushing those beliefs on somebody that didn't want them in the first place
    yeah I would probably not be too happy if I had a daughter and she was in the porn industry
    but it would be her choice just as well as it is everybody's choice to like what they like
    and be an individual what is really ruining our world is the lack of respect
    and the wars and poverty and people thinking they are better than you
    and the disregard of human rights because we all have in alienable human rights
    life loved and liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that should be the motto
    for all of us so we can truly grow as a society and a world
    down with tyranny and oppression and ignorance
    because knowledge is power and the more you know the more you grow

    1. So then Tommy, if you personal feel that its art then I challenge you buddy! Get a camera and express yourself artistically for the whole world to see... Get the Lube and get Nude for ART! LOL

  28. Marriage is better than adultery in order to live a happy life away from the deadly diseases that arise from the sexual relationships of various illegal

  29. yawn

  30. I hate these one-sided documentaries.

  31. A perfectly good opportunitty to understand many different things about the porn industry was wasted with this piece. I cant say there was anything in this i didnt already know.

  32. I am sorry but whoever works for the porn industry is sick. I mean sex should be private relationship not something to be exposed for everybody to watch. Beside, these sick people are treating women like slaves. They are taking advantage of their bodies to make money. I mean what is the different between human sexual behavior and animal sexual behavior. If sex is not private then there is no different. I believe porn is the greatest threat for the human society.

    1. The greatest threat to human society is the people who think they know who and what is best for everybody.-- Women in the porn world are making a fortune playing to the needs of men, men get off, women get rich, figure it out !!

    2. There is no difference. That is EXACTLY what sex is. Very few Human being only use sex for reproduction. If sex was not enjoyable the human species would have died off a long time ago. So it is only natural for something that has to be enjoyable, to be abused. Sad news friend. Humans are not to far off form their savage counterparts.

  33. it is difficult , legal system has done nothing , not even on those things on which it has control, provocative ads, tv shows, who show sex and vulgar things in name of comedy(two and half men)sex and the city, axe deo ads, these provoke kids, teens, and when they become sexually frustrated, wt do they do, they run to easily available porn jst a click away, even if they want to keep away from it , normal mainstream television , movies also show the sex, u stop this first,.....

  34. ok there are many problems with this sex-negative documentary.

    1.The "porn" referenced shows only women and shows them as purely exploited victims. Many women in the industry chose porn and see it as empowering. The woman in the documentary during the bondage scene enjoys DSM, yet she was portrayed as confused and exploited, although she consented to the act.

    2. None of the porn scenes features men!!! SO, only suggestive images of women are the probleM??? This implies that women's sexuality is taboo and immoral.

    3. This documentary portrays the consumption of porn as purely male. It fails to recognize that straight women watch porn, as do gay men and women and couples. This is so very heterosexist.

    4. The porn industry is depicted as being run by greedy, sleazy men. The documentary fails to take into account the women involved as entrepreneurs and executives in the industry.

    5. Porn is presented as purely negative and leads the "sex Addiction." Sex is stigmatized and pleasure outside of marriage is unacceptable.

    **SEX IS GOOD! The use of porn is a healthy way for adults to access sexuality. Repressing your sexual core and blaming your want of pleasure on"sex addiction" is dangerous to individuals and society.


  35. It isn't the legalization of porn drugs or anything that perverts it it is the commercialization of the product if we could legalize drugs but keep the commercialization out of it we would solve allot of problems.
    The commercials sell the desire....with usually unrealistic presentaton of product...alcohol swedish bikini models drop down from the sky.....smoke cigarettees you are a cowboy on a horse on the open range...blah blah blah.

  36. Ah, this is where everybody is, in porn where else.

  37. How can "Sexual Addicts Anonymous" be the fastest growing "substance abuse community" in the world? Porn mainliners?!? What is virtual on-line sex? Sounds like you can catch a nasty computer virus that way! I think I'll skip this one.

  38. this was some american propaganda shit

  39. I don't know what's the big deal... in moderation things like porn can actually save marriages and prolong relationships. It's only when it becomes an addiction or harms/violates human dignity/rights that it's very destructive. I for one watch porn to learn new tricks or be entertained. It can sometimes be hilarious, especially those based on Hollywood movies like "Lord of the G-Strings" or "Playmate of the Apes". LOL Good times. Anyways I agree with many of the previous posts, censorship isn't the way to go. At least not for porn that has scenes between consenting adults. Now for porn like child pornography, rape, or anything that violates human rights and safety those ought to be cracked down, banned and have the perpetrators arrested for distributing or owning such trash.

    1. I tell my wife: "It doesn't matter where you get your appetite, as long as you eat at home!" (Usually this works...)

    2. no rest torrent?

    3. @ Az

      Well, no, not exactly... (Honestly!) I've actually kind of grown out of looking at much of anything other than "Art Nudes" (like beautiful women with chairs, for example, heh heh). I suppose I just, ahem...need to see an incredible naked female body from time to time (other than my wife's), but don't really favor all of that hard-core stuff much, anymore. And my wife is guilty of indulging a look of her own every so often, too, so she really doesn't, um, "ride me too hard" about it, lol. Once in a blue moon we'll rent an adult flick to watch together, to break up the inevitable boredom that sets in on both sides from time to time. Things do run in cycles, you know, and we've been married now for over 16 years, so... we know to expect a sexual "rut" (lol) once in a while. So far, though, we've managed to climb back out of every one of those with flying colors, and not always with the "help of porn". Sometimes all it takes is a razor and a new hairdo! (for her or me, or both, depending on what the other one wants...)

    4. Haven't had a piece of skin in almost a year. Was offered "lunch" last week by a good friend who says he always liked me but after a year i might as well wait for me to choose in the menu, i kinda want the whole smorgasbor!

    5. The "meal" will great when it comes, for sure, but you must be famished by now... You should at least get yourself that appetizer, right? I don't know, maybe you should call him back?

    6. Men have been bridges towards my different selves, the highways that connected those bridges represent the time that i have been single. Some of my very best moments in life were as a single individual not sexually connected. The world was mine to discover, me facing the unexpected alone....woaw. It spelled adventure with CAPITALS and still does, i would guess even my dna has been influenced by now.
      On the other hand my relationships would be most rightly called realization ship, and what beautiful adventures those were too! (see the za, the mirror image)
      If i am a wave, i am coming to shore to the swimmer.

    7. Before I was married, I took long breaks, too. Once I went for over three years without anyone, and even before that most of my relationships were pretty brief... Up until I tied the knot, I was overall VERY MUCH a loner, so much so that I think my friends and family worried (or wondered...) about me. But I really miss those days sometimes now, and I believe I understand what you mean about the value of being on your own. Some of the most fun I ever had, places I went, etc., were really only able to happen because I wasn't constrained in any way. For the longest time, I even told everyone I'd never be married at all, and was even pretty cynical about it; and now here I am, with one of the longest-lasting unions of any of my friends or family, lol. And I don't think anyone has been more surprised by that than me!

      (funny story about the films! I have a couple of similar ones I could tell...)

      [ If you are a wave, coming in to someone...then eventually you must go back out again, right? Is that what you were saying? ]

  40. Nothing wrong with 'porn' or sexuality. Where it goes to far and MUST be policed is Child porn, Rape, Violence ... Also they need to mandate ALL porn to the .xxx domain so that Web Browsers can BLOCK this domain for say your 8 year old daughter's computer. Common sense type stuff.

    But, to be afraid anything outside the obvious BAD stuff is just human nature.

    1. I agree with most everything you suggest here except the ".xxx" domain idea. The internet shouldn't be censored just because children might be on it, it's the parents job to monitor their children. Also, the .xxx would cover porn sites, but what about blogs that post nude or sexually explicit pictures on occasion but aren't porn sites or sexually explicit drawings and writing (text only)? Where would the sites that aren't porn sites but aren't kid-friendly either fit in?

      Here's the solution: we need a kid-friendly tier on the internet. We can have sites that are kid-friendly have domains that end with ".kid" instead of censoring explicit sites. We can also have kid-friendly versions of mainstream sites and search engines where kids can a use the search engine and look for things like "black holes" and "beavers" without having to worry about clicking on a porn link. Not to mention this idea is superior because parents can then block out all sites that don't end in .kid and only allow their children to use the kid-friendly tier of the internet.

    2. That is a good idea. Do you know if there are any plans on implementing this .kid idea? I have a 4 year old son and i know that the day will come when he's going to stubble across something on the internet that I'm not going to be "ready" to talk to him about. I mean there is really anything and everything you can think of on the internet...even stuff that I don't know anything about...yet ^_^

    3. Very good idea Will!

    4. the problem is if you are watching porn nowadays it is YOU who helps pay for child abuse, rape, violence, trafficking and stuff... suply and demand, honey!

    5. Yeah, you do the same thing paying taxes.

  41. This is ridiculous. People are exploring their sexuality and doing what they want. It's not your business! Leave them alone!

  42. This was super bias. A much better documentary is called "American Porn" by Frontline.

  43. Well red, I think we are using technology to get off. And if your partner prefers it to sex, try to use your imagination a little.

  44. I don't think this documentary is suggesting that porn should stop. It seems to suggest that porn should be regulated to some degree but more importantly its asking those who use porn to critically look at the activity, question what it is they are really doing and how that relates to their thinking, feeling and relationships in general. I don't see anything wrong with that.

  45. The only problem I have with porn is the fact that my partner prefers it to sex. I could do it every day. He's content to 'shut me up' once every 7 to 14 days. Depressing.

    And yes, I look at porn too.

    1. Definitely something wrong with you partner.

    2. Agreed. I watch a lot of porn and have an even stronger interest in my partner as a result. Real sex is so infinitely much better than solo sex.

  46. I think one of the reasons why no one really tries to stop porn is because those that try to even secretly watch porn- Im sure- if not perhaps they neced to see a psychologist for not having an interest in such a natural phenomenon- sex!
    Plus, porn has many positive aspects to it, ie there is less rape victim reports, population growth control (with all that sperm wasted), a new job market for both actors and producers, I never even thought about the future cutting edge ideas that are in the works- listen prudes- as long as no one is actually getting hurt, no one is getting killed nor pressured into it (thats what im really against, real rape and kiddie porn), I think porn is one of the most mind-blowing (pun intended) phenomenons of the internet. And I think its also an interest that eventually you will learn to control with yourself over time. (or your body will stop for you anyway)
    And why not become conaisseurs? Restriction doesnt make the urge go away.. only stronger!

  47. @ Winston

    LMAO...ur f@#$%&' funny. But anyway, I think when we guys get more BJ's we have less urge to rub one loose.

    Are their any guys in agreement?

  48. There's porn on the internet?

  49. i'm with mandi on this one, and of course max and eyepopping ^ u go guys..and girl 'p

  50. I'm a feminist who also happens to love porn. I know that there are many women who are victimized to make porn (as well as some men) but stopping porn won't solve that problem. The only thing that will solve that problem is for all of us to consider men and women as equals, both deserving of respect and freedom. Media can help with that but it's by discouraging the depiction of women as objects not censorship.

  51. I fapped. Some of these pics are hot.

  52. Porn is my hobby, much like a baseball fan collects Baseball cards with their favorite players on them, I collect movies and magazines that feature my favorite stars, directors and studio's. The only person I have to be okay with at night before I go to sleep is myself, all I can say is I love who I am and will not compromise who I am for anyone. I am a women who loves gonzo porn and proud of it!

    Protect our Porn!

    Help protect our rights, 'cause if you don't your rights will be next and there will be no one willing to help protect yours.

  53. stupid. and porn is not reaily available everywhere. i live in a country where it is censored, and it SUCKS!!! i would love some porn. please sir, i want some porn. i would rather someone be addicted to porn then raping real people. what kind of porn did jack the ripper have for that matter.

  54. this doc misses the point. men are addicted to sex. and women obviously arent helping enough, so men choose porn, its like a heroine addict getting a fix at the clinic to get off of it. only he likes it too much so he keeps going back. its not a porn addiction its an unquenched sex addiction, legalize prostitution, problem solved.hahaha

  55. Porn is the best entertainment in the world, i don't care about the people who thinks its gross or sick, porn provides the entertainment for men n women.. me and my gf are now addicted to porn, sometimes we watch together and sometimes alone but its fun to watch it.

    There should be a law that porn is only allowed in HD

    Porn Rocks

  56. Derek's wife sounds like a prude.

  57. lol not only did this doc make me want to watch porn it made me lol at the intensely negative spin they put on any sexual act that doesn't follow "vanilla" tastes. The idea that consensual kink is dangerous is something someone ignorant to its benefits would think.That or they have lame sex.

    Sex addiction is not completely recognized within the APA, the symptoms that are stated to be sex addiction are usually symptomatic of something else (like every addiction ever).

    Why is porn instantaneously a system of exploitation? Porn is a ridiculously regulation heavy industry. Men and women get paid oodles of cash! Oodles!

  58. is this doc really against porn? whats with all th porn vids nd stupid sounds, no wonder whoopi went to watch porn after 5 mins of watchn!

  59. There's nothing inherently wrong with erotica/porn. It becomes wrong when one of the parties involved is harmed. Wanting to see sexual images and enjoying that is normal. But we cannot ignore the environment and culture that the pornography is made and consumed in. I think its also normal to have a concern for the girls involved. We can't ignore the fact that pornography, prostitution, and human trafficking go hand in hand and the horrors involved with all three.
    I don't mean to be doom and gloom about sex or watching people have sex, its fun. But the fact is in this culture sex and people are a commodity and human trafficking (80% or so women and girls) is the second most profitable business in the world. And its rarely the girls that profit.

  60. I would like to see the stats on educated people (post secondary education) and uneducated people (no post-sec), when it comes to porn. I would like to see if there is a difference in those two demographics when it comes to the intake of pornography.

    Just curious.

    1. whats the point?

  61. I found just doc just a one-sided.

  62. Women have no dignity.

  63. @Bryce

    LOL. Yes their is actually. Overeaters Anonymous.

  64. let's say it, i love porn and looking at it , my only caveat is that kids should be surpervised.
    I vould like to know more women that are as wicked as i am.
    no rape anyway the nbest sex is volontary

  65. This doc was very informative, and presented both sides of the coin.

    In regards to some of your comments, like yui for example; "Who cares if kids watch porn, there going to see someday anyway? Let kids be free to make their own decisions and think openly and freely."

    If I had a daughter I would not want her to be on the internet, whether she chose it or not. All those women on the internet are someones daughter. When you love people you cover them up.

    It was interesting to see how the sex addict in therapy realize that he made a mistake by watching porn with his wife, i would like to know why he thinks its wrong.

    1. by both sides of the coin you mean porn exists and is evil

  66. hhaah arnt there other things more important to worrie about? This is also the most biased thing ive seen. Whos cares if kids watch porn, there going to see someday anyway? Let kids be free to make their own decisions and think openly and freely.

  67. Epidemic, ha. everyone in this film, EVERYONE especially the narrator have visited or are currently visiting porn sites. When they say they don't they're full of s***.

  68. Very stupid documentary. Uses lies and rhetoric to try to separate the viewer from their rationality. Clearly the product of a diabolical scheme of feminazis.

    1. Well i consider myself a bit of a feminist, and i watch porn. I would be said if it went!

  69. What a strange world we live in...

  70. Internet porn is likely the largest threat in history to much of the female population. The use of their sexuality to manipulate and victimize men is greatly threatened, and is being lost. This loss of control is causing them to lose huge amounts of financial gain as well. Many will not take this lying down, literally and figuratively. The bar will now be raised ladies, and your ice-cold beds of the past will need to be warmed to attract men once again. Please your men or lose them, and lose the resources you expect to receive.

    Old bag shrink, scamming guilt trips and long range therapy profits. Them women sank their fangs into that wimpy wuss guy big time, what a 5ucker! Any bet the old bag is a big closet porn fan.

    1. Doesn't that also apply to men? After all... if men are too busy jerking off to porn they're not really getting any and their women will leave them for real men or with other women. I know I'll just end up taking some poor neglected wife or any woman for that matter... get her drug enough to wear a strap-on and ride her. Why should I work so hard for a man, if there are easy pickings elsewhere?

  71. This documentary is almost a rewrite of the 1956 religious right propaganda film: "Perversion for Profit" (parts I & II) which can be found on the "Internet Archive" site. Prelinger Archives, who stores the film, has this to say about the 1956 anti porn opus:

    "Anti-pornography film produced by financier Charles Keating*, linking pornography to the Communist conspiracy and the decline of Western civilization."

    The same blurb could be made about "Porndemic". The song remains the same.

    Porn does not become more dangerous when linked to the internet. As long as humans are stifled in their sexuality, porn will be around. Porndemic continually cames back to the aphorism of men as the users of porn. I agree, however, the film makers fail to analyse the reason men turn to porn on such a large scale. Perhaps women and men run on different sexual timetables. In the distant mists of human pre-history, men had multiple mates - evidenced by men being (on average) slightly taller and heavier than women indicating physical battles for available females. Once humans began pair-bonding to raise children with a long infancy (21 years), women did their part by becoming sexually receptive all the time (or so I've been told). I believe women gained some needed power from the pair-bonding relationships and that men, no longer able to relieve their every sexual whim, grew frustrated. Porn rushed in to fill the vacuum, solving the problem.

    Porn is not the danger the self righteous claim it is. Tampering with the free exchange of ideas, the greatest benefit of the internet, to slow the distribution of porn would be disastrous. Look at two of societies' attempts to legislate morality; alcohol prohibition and the 'war on drugs'. Both are massive failures in public policy and both invited in organized crime (with all it's miseries) to keep the supply flowing to otherwise law abiding citizens. Outlawing porn would potentially criminalize 50% of American society.

    We should, however, pursue and prosecute the makers, distributors and users of child porn. I will not get into the reasons here, but, I think minors making porn are in harms way - mentally and physically. I am for a liberal society where laws are only enacted to prevent harm. Although I believe while we should have few laws I also believe those laws should be enforced in a quick, firm even draconian manner. A person endangering a child; e.g., sexual assault, kidnapping or major neglect or abuse, would be given capital punishment regardless of status and privilege.

    [ *Yes the same Charles Keating who saw no sin in cheating thousands of their life savings leaving them penniless and despondent in the 1970s was appalled at the supposed sin of porn, or smut as it was once called. Families losing everything or people looking at porn, which do you think causes the most harm?]

  72. I'm not against the idea of porn but you know what? It is pretty gross. Most of it anyway. The way it treats women, the lies it tells about female sexuality... Men would be better lovers if they did without.
    Doesn't surprise me that someone who backs Polenski would watch porn... Internalizing misogyny doesn't erase it.

  73. A porn doc made by prudes, one-sided and boring.

  74. i watched this doc for 5 mins, turned it off, started watching porn, ha lol

  75. this world is so twisted , we humans turn into animals and accept it as normal.A sick nation.

    1. Ted, we are animals, we have instincts and one of those is sex. Get over it!

  76. Ability to find anything you desire on the internet is the ultimate freedom, be it for better or for worse.

    Its up to parents to set and upbring kids to let them know values what is good or not and use software to block bad sites.

  77. I'm addicted to cookies. Is there a 12 step program for that? haha

  78. This is perhaps one of the most biased documentaries i have ever had a displeasure of seeing.

    1) If you don't like porn, don't look at it.
    2) Ability to find anything you desire on the internet is the ultimate freedom, be it for better or for worse.
    3) Porn addiction is caused by the preexisting problem, not the ability to find it easily.
    4) BUT WHAT ABOUT THE INNOCENT MINDS OF KIDS?!! well if they're watching pornography that's what they want to do. Oh and horny boys(usually)with raging hormones should be expected to want to watch sex acts. If you as a parent don't like that, it's up to you to you to take care of your children.

  79. This was ridiculous.


  81. What a Hoot! I wish I had internet when I was young,instead of hiding magazines all over the place! That Derek dude was p****e whipped.
    He should of laid the law down, or found somebody else!

    12 steps? what a crock! most men think of sex every 27 seconds.

    Eliminate porn? what they should eliminate are the horrific blood and guts types of movies that are prevalent these days!

    Porn will always be the "Cats Meow"

  82. very good films
    thanks alot

  83. dudes come on.. who tha hell pays for porn on the internet? and im with max who ever is spending so much time looking for porn is someone who hasnt been caught by a relative. trust me when that happens it straightens you up.. besides how is it a porn-demic? so big deal porn isn't so hard for the teens to read big deal.. neigher is weed or coke!!

  84. PS
    I meant Flint. I'm p"££%^&.

  85. Twelve step program. You got to be f!"£$%^ kidding me. Maybe he married the wrong woman. Weak SOB. I'm with flit, lighten up.