Predator Bay

Predator Bay

2003, Nature  -   18 Comments
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There is a place in Africa where two ancient predators come face to face - the shark and the crocodile. Usually worlds apart the two are forced to share the waters of a cozy bay and compete for the same prize. For many of the inhabitants this is a dangerous land. For a young crocodile life is particularly challenging. This is his story - a journey into predator bay.

It is a crocodile heaven and a young male crocodile feasts on the local bounty. Greedy for the easy pickings he follows the shoals of fish into unfamiliar waters and unintentionally begins an extraordinary journey. Many dangers lie ahead. He ventures far from his birthplace and swims into a series of strange habitats, very different from where he was born. Extraordinary creatures inhabit the waterways. Predators prowl everywhere.

He follows the fish beyond the crocodile's realm entering the domain of a dangerous rival, another ancient hunter, a super-predator - the shark. The young male crocodile only weighs 25 kilograms, and almost two meters long he's still small and vulnerable. His future is uncertain; in fact he's lucky to have made it that far.

His adventure began five years ago on the day of his birth. Right from the start this little crocodile stood out from the rest. He was the first of his klatch to hatch, after 90 days cooped up in the confines of his egg he broke free, leaving his 50 or so siblings behind.

By the time his 300 kilogram mother arrives he's already cleared of the sandy nest. She immediately starts to gather her family in her massive jaws. Only a few minutes old the little crocodile is proving his independence. His mother gathers him up and for now his explorations are over, but his adventures are only beginning with a free ride to the water's edge.

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  1. Jesus_is_LORD_and_Saviour

    It was quite a cool doco. There should be/they should make a part to when the croc is 8 years older. And goes back out and takes on the sharks. Now that would be an awesome sequel. Anyway. Top Job everyone involved in the making of this doco.

  2. @sarluf

    according to that picture profie, taken from my hometown at Surabaya,
    Indonesia not in Africa. Tales about Suro (Fish) and Boyo (Crocodile)

  3. NX2

    I suppose watching a documentary about how this was filmed, would be equally interesting. However, i was kind of expecting a full sized crocodile to be bitten in half. To bad. Next i want Grizzly vs. Gorilla. Or is that already on youtube?

    1. bringmeredwine

      This should have been called "The Adventures of Crocky the Crocodile". This was okay, but nothing epic.
      The monitor was so cute! I've never seen one before.

    2. NX2

      Actually, before seeing this doco i had no idea they were called monitors in English. But surely, you must have seen one before? Komodo dragons are the same species. No?
      Cute on screen, not sure they would be so cute to handle :)

    3. bringmeredwine

      Oh my dear, they are so much cuter than Komodo dragons!
      My memory is appalling. I probably have seen one before this doc.
      Can you see me lovingly walking a monitor down the street on a leash, with a big bow?
      Never the less, the adorable reptilian would inevitably rip off my face the first time I tried to kiss it's little nose! (or put on the collar)

    4. NX2

      Perhaps the reptilian part of our brain recognises the cuteness of it all. On a leash, sure, or horse riding on a komodo dragon. After watching that doc about white sharks, who knows what's to come next? :)

    5. bringmeredwine

      You know, once upon a time; someone decided to get up on a horse. I'm sure everyone else thought he/she was crazy. (the horse too!)

    6. Timeh

      Monitors are the same as Komodo Dragons. They are also highly venomous and agressive. Good luck with that leash.

    7. bringmeredwine

      I'll stick with my evil little Jack Russell!

  4. Jack1952

    Great documentary. That poor, dumb crab. Fought for his meal, instead of getting the heck out of there and became a meal, himself. Just couldn't see the danger right there in front of him or the consequences of his decision.

    1. NX2

      Somehow i admire that dumb crab's attitude. "My piece of meat! I'm holding on to it, no matter what. Eat me!" :)

    2. Jack1952

      I see what you mean. Lol. However, I'd admire his attitude more if he knew when or how long to fight and when it best to get his butt out of there. That would make him smart and tough. Better to have both these attributes than only one. You can always find more meat. You can only offer yourself up as a meal once. If only he had another life to spare.

    3. NX2

      You're right, but apparently it's a crab's instinct to keep holding on. No reflection on his part. i wonder why that is? Would there be some evolutionary benefit to that?

    4. Jack1952

      Maybe the crab couldn't distinguish between the monitor and the fish. A lack of perception inherent in its species. He was doing battle with a stubborn fish, not realizing that it was actually the monitor that was the adversary.

  5. Highlander

    Why that Mephisto? I guess that you know this area and would be really interested to hear your views please ?
    I thought it was a really well filmed and interesting doc and will recommend to friends .

  6. happyMephisto

    it is crumbling,with or with out that fish.

  7. Bozman419

    Great stuff. Crazy how that whole Eco system would crumble without that fish.