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When Steven Spielberg first heard the word, "Jaws," he just thought of a period of his life when he was much younger. He was younger, he was more courageous or he was more stupid. He was not sure which, so when he heard about Jaws, he thought about courage and stupidity, both of those things existing underwater.

There was a very large block of pages stacked about six inches thick that said "Jaws" on it and he didn't know what that meant. What was Jaws? Was it about a dentist, because Jaws was not in the national consciousness at the time? It was just a word. It was an unusual word.

He borrowed a copy to read over the weekend, not knowing that it was a book about a great white shark, a predator off a beach and a Cape Cod-esque town. He had no idea this was about to become one of the best-selling books in the nation.

He read it and he suddenly said to himself, "This is a kind of a sequel to Duel." There was once again about something, a very large predator chasing innocent people and consuming them. At the same time, he thought it was his own fear of the water. He was always been afraid of the water and he got very interested in it and because coincidentally the producers of Jaws had just been his producers of his first feature Sugarland Express, Dick Zanuck and David Brown. He asked them if this was something he could direct next.

Peter Benchley did a very good adaptation of his own novel. Then, Peter turned it over to Steven and said, "Here it is and do with it what you want." At that point, Steven didn't quite know what to do with it because it wasn't the movie he wanted to make next.

He was sitting down and writing the script himself and doing the entire draft himself from beginning to end. It was more of an exercise for him to become familiar with what he wanted Jaws to become. It was an exercise that was very beneficial because he suddenly had a vision of the film even though he didn't possess the skills to write it. David Brown and Dick Zanick both suggested Howard Sackler, who had written The Great White Hope.

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  1. dewflirt

    He's down the plughole in my bath :(

  2. docoman
  3. docoman

    Derrrrrr Dun. Derrrrrr dun...... ;)

  4. pwndecaf
  5. pwndecaf

    Is it worth 2.5 hours?

  6. dewflirt
  7. dewflirt

    I almost didn't watch it but ended up watching the whole thing. Can't pinpoint what it was that I liked but I did thoroughly enjoy it. I like anything with sharks in it, and the sea - nearest I can get to horror, they scare the pants off me ;)
    Edit. Yes...probably ;)

  8. pwndecaf
  9. pwndecaf

    Thanks! If I snooze, no problem - it's what I do.

    Oops, it won't play for me right now. I'll try the show about the octopus so big it can suck the rivets off of a submarine's hull.

  10. dewflirt
  11. dewflirt

    ??? What octopus is that? I need to see rivet sucking too! ;)

  12. systems1000
  13. systems1000

    Human beings are land mamuals.When you go into the water your going on someone elses turf. If you have any complaints about the consequence of such action then your realy a spoiled sport.

  14. chris
  15. chris

    Unfortunately Vimeo is way too choppy. I lost patience in only being able to watch 15 second clips before it would pause to buffer. Seemed interesting, but couldn't handle the buffer wait times to finish it.

  16. systems1000
  17. systems1000

    For a human being,having been killed by a shark is a blessing. Given the fact that given the odds that hitting the power ball lottery is much much better.

  18. no fear
  19. no fear

    stealberg is a low life! he has stole so much from people that trusted him maybe he can steal from the devil . I know he will be in hell forever steve you remember me daryl from cincinnati ? Hope you burn you lowlife steaming pile of dogcrap fake

  20. Johntechwriter
  21. Johntechwriter

    Excellent work! Gives us an excuse to re-watch the greatest B movie ever made.

  22. Johntechwriter
  23. Johntechwriter

    I had the same problem watching it on my PC. Very choppy, many skipped frames. So I ran it on my iPad and once it had loaded it played nice and smooth. I've got Apple TV so I used AirPlay to upload the playback from the iPad to my big-screen TV. The result was great! Near-HD quality on a 56" screen, smooth playback, no buffering stoppages. I'm using DSL from the phone company with download speed around 3 Mbps.

  24. Glen
  25. Glen

    be nice if it worked.

  26. lakewoodmatt
  27. lakewoodmatt

    It's incredible this film was even completed, given all the difficulties and hardships they underwent. Small wonder that Spielberg and George Lucas are kindred spirits and best of friends, considering the shared experiences of getting their defining opus' completed.

  28. Ramome
  29. Ramome

    The shark made it at least a B++A- don't you think?

  30. Ramome
  31. Ramome

    Interesting side story here. What are some of the details? (briefly)

  32. cliffworks
  33. cliffworks

    interesting but too much time wasted on extras who had no or very little speaking parts - their tiny moment of glory -no one cares.

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