Ring of Power

Ring of Power

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Ring of PowerAlthough geographically separate, the city-states of London, the Vatican, and the District of Colombia are one interlocking empire called Empire of The City. The flag of Washington’s District of Colombia has three red stars, one for each city-state in the three city empire.

This Corporate Empire of three city-states controls the world economically through London’s inner-city, militarily through the District of Colombia, and spiritually through the Vatican. From the mystery religions of ancient Egypt to the Zionist role in 9/11, Ring Of Power unrevises 4000 years of revisionist human history with never - before - seen revelations.

Ring Of Power puzzles together the pieces of a giant puzzle into one BIG PICTURE documentary series. ABOUT THE PRODUCER: The Producer is an experienced, award winning documentary filmmaker who, as a child, learned that her father was a member of the secretive cult of Freemasonry.

She recalls many arguments between her parents over her father's secret meetings and the exclusion of women from the brotherhood. The Masonic ring that her father wore had been passed down from father to son over the generations.

When she asked her father about the meaning of the letter "G" and the compass and square on his ring, she got no response. As an adult, she decided to investigate. That investigation grew into four years of intensive research into the identity and history of the diabolical globalists who she calls the "Ring Of Power". Their goal is one World Empire and one world ruler.

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18 days ago

What a Big stinking pile of sheeit!

4 months ago

this movie was made by Grace Powers. she was also the creator of "The Zion King" and " monkey blood". you used to be able to purchase all of her work at helpfreetheearth.com but it was recently taken down for unknown reasons.

10 months ago

Where can I purchase the ring of power?

1 year ago

It's back up on youtube

3 years ago

pierre le grande are there your documentaries?

3 years ago

This video was originally aired on Youtube in 2005~
It was online there for several years, the view count never increasing although widespread popularity.
Youtube killed this and hence it cannot be easily found anymore.

This series of videos was created by an insider

3 years ago

Awesome fact based revlotionary documentary,humanity. One day when true freedom rings. Will remember the efforts this video making team

3 years ago

Does anyone know who made this film? I'd like to see if they've made any other films since this one. This was one of the best if not the best of the genre from the post 911, Bush era.

pierre le grande
4 years ago

QUESTION: When do we the people stand up and end this madness?
ANSWER: First, you got to research really deep and continiously the Occult systems on this planet. You also need to do the same regards Almighty God's WORD from the 1611 Original Authorised King James Bible. Then you must download and research The BOOK of ENOCH. Then you must Pray for revelation, insight and understanding. Then you must start to piece millions of the puzzle pieces together, verify each piece, check and re-check it with cross information and many sources and compare it with The Scriptures and WORD of Almighty GOD! If you don't do this, then you will never know the TRUTH!
ACTION: After understanding what is transpiring on and off of this planet and who are the secret powers and forces that steer all of this lies, misinformation, terrorisms, thefts, abuses, impositions, warrings, genocides, poisonings, financial, political, industrial and social corruption and negative engineerings...only then can you constructively even think to start to constructively resis, alter, change, improve mankind and this planets plight.
But if you personally know Almighty God and live and walk by Holy Spirit revelation and guidance, then you can immediately and constructively start to daily improve life for all, one or more good deeds at a time. For most of us...if you sit on your ass or brain...and are inactive to help better this planet and its systems, and refuse to get your hands dirty with real work and efforts required, then nothing will ever improve...until Jesus Christ comes back...

Michel Schaaij
5 years ago

When do we the people stand up and end this madness?

5 years ago

Zeitgeist is another documentary that those who "believe" in the fictional "Bible". It is a script, hence Scripture. It is a document for the sheep to follow to be good slaves for master. Masons have been at this for thousands of years. Shame that the masons who built the Guild have had their ideology stolen and used for nefarious purposes instead of building construction.

5 years ago

Since I cannot find "dates" very easily on this Thread, I will post 11-02-3017

This documentary is a full-on CLASSIC!!! A LOT of information in here.

This is a GREAT "Push-Off" point for your research. Find out if what they say is true or not.

But as I said, GREAT starting point for those seeking the TRUTH and want to learn more. : )

Yes! This IS one of the BEST documentaries, regarding this information that I have EVER found. An eclectic blend, of just about everything that we need to "fix.." : )

I think that we CAN "fix" this "Conqueror" crap. Get this Neo-Feudalism BEHIND us.

Take our knowledge, our will and our love and move FORWARD, toward a BRIGHT future, for EVERYONE!! : ) -EB

6 years ago

Oops nearly forgot, terrific, quite encompassing & after many yrs mining these caves, you folks who are thinking shes off.... got news for you, you got the issued, perverted history, start unraveling. These rulers dictate what you hear, read, see. You'll see. Remember the Manhatten Atomic Project?
ON TOPICS KEPT SO SECRET, SO INTERLACED, SO ROTTEN? bETWEEN THE SOLID EVIDENCE of which is abundant enough its fairly safe to make a few conclusions. A fire is warm to sit by, its safe to conclude its hot to touch. Criminals are smarter than the average bear & they had better cover their tracks, cuz til recently they might have been in a world of hurt. Their being bold does not bode well for us "pee ons".
This chick has most of it RIGHT, one is bound to err here or there. Its not only secret but there are misinformation agents crowding to take up the first few pages of these comments reveals a lot, your on the job aren't you boys. Those of you who embark on research, be aware, there are those who snatch children to offer them up to the beast in exchange for our slumber. 100% serious, there is an alternate reality creating what appears to be our reality, we witness/experience elaborate theater THUS the truth of what you seek to know is in a cesspit of misinfo/lies/half truths, some of it quite sophisticated & you will traverse many mazes to nowhere in search of it, its part of the territory. ALL of the journey is education & before long you smell some of the BS before you get tangled in it. It is very purposefully set out there to ensnare & suffocate your patience. Absorb, cease trying to learn, this is no easy task. You pursue masterminds, expect to be shaken off, misled. Time may be spent but not wasted, because you will come to find your honing powers of observation in an instinctual way so that as you wriggle free your filters grow. Those are pluses you'll use all day, everyday. That cannot be taught, it must be learned & the rulers have taken every measure to avoid your learning it. Its imperceptibly subtle so set logic aside....you feel it, when you get out of your own way (opinion/bias/conditioning or programming) THEN it can/will guide you.
One day, like a slot machine, the puzzle will put itself together, then it gets real interesting, you get new ears & eyes to perceive with.....
Then you'll come upon documented facts that will leave you stunned/speechless, your world splits in half & becomes dimensional, that will pass. As you grasp the magnitude of it as a whole it changes & matures you. THAT is a good thing. Be the pitbull, for perseverance is key to this pursuit of chasing the masters of deception.

6 years ago

1976 the Walter White/Harold Wallace Rosenthal, aide to Sen. Jacob Javitz, interview: "The Hidden Tyranny". Doesn't get clearer than from a horses mouth which was promptly silenced! Dispute this.

ex 32nd
7 years ago

This is all true. I'm an ex 32nd degree and I can say it's all true. If you are truly interested, you will eventually let your curiosity get the best of you and join your local lodge and find out for yourself. It is only because of my multi-generational family that I was flown everywhere, shown so much, then discarded by a refractory first time WM and now I am ruined. Special note should be taken to not marry or have kids while you are a freemason. They can and will be used against you. It's the mob on a global scale and jews run it by many different names for plausible deniability. jews/freemasons/mormons/muslims/nazis/most Christian churches (501c3 esp). I was harassed by two masons after not being renewed at my lodge "how do you want to be buried?" This is a threat to my life, not a considerate inquiry to determine if th Order should perform the freemasonic burial rites and rituals. Plausible deniability again. They embed it in everything they do. Curiousity is a sign of intelligence, but I warn all you curious people about freemasonry. It's basically global organized crime run by jews and kabbalah at the top. Jesus Saves.

Frost Bitten Canadian
7 years ago

I cant believe how much research you put into both Zion King and Ring of Power, I hope you release another documentary soon I enjoyed both immensely good work keep it up.

8 years ago

Good doc, however the most critical point seems to have been
missed after reading the comments. Unity among the people is the key to our survival yet all the comments reveal is infighting so the elite class has nothing to worry about and that is sad.

Gutter Stillirise
8 years ago

Imagine a life without money, and religions, money, and religions where tools set up by wicked men to enslave humanity.. There is nothing new under the sun.. Imagine if a space ship from a different planet landed in your back yard, no you think E.T. would have money in one hand, and a bible in the next.. Religons, money, and government was set up to keep us has slaves mentally, and spiritually... If we don't know anything about nature, and spirituality, who could we ever be one with the higher forces, with the creator of creation... We need to stop taking life handed down to us by people, and break free of the economic system.. Don't be afraid of the unknown.. But like what William copper stated, people love to be papered, they are like sheep's waiting to be Shepard.. Most people work hold day, for the rest of there lives, where they have no time for nature, or spiritualty.. So in many words have no time for the creator of creation...

Gutter Stillirise
8 years ago

To hell with the NWO..

9 years ago

Not that I would ever have the balls or desire to be a murderer, but It shocks me these rich and powerful f^@&tards have not been offed, one by one.

10 years ago

All have sinned and fallen short, even Jesus. After all, he died didn't he?

11 years ago

i saw the name and i though it was a documentary about Lord of the Rings. wow, i was wrong...

11 years ago

In response to the post below from "Lawrence Baker"
Actually, you have it backwards. Given that most people 2000 years ago couldn't read let alone write and we had little understanding of how the world around us worked, information was usually expressed metaphorically and situations unexplainable expressed by saying it was an act of God or the supernatural.
Still leaps and bounds from writing on cave walls.
Just like the beginning of Zeitgeist explains, our nature and natural fear of the reality we are living in makes us vulnerable and eager to let fear manipulate our short life.
That is how the "Stone Masons" are able to manipulate the world, they instill fear so people are eager to tighten up security, or imbed RFID chips, or always have a cell phone on their person. It is how they can start wars and further invoke usury so people are turned to slavery.
Religion is just a byproduct of that fear, and it predates any Smithsonian group, it has always been the "way out" the way to explain the unexplained.
Really if you choose to be a victim you will be, if you borrow money your a victim.
If you let fear, anger, hate, or love drive you, you are a victim. Because any one of those feelings can be exploited. Just as an optical illusion will cause a person to appear to walk on water.

11 years ago

If nothing else, the other comments here exemplify just how problematic ALL religion is. Faith is dangerous in that it justifies irrational thinking.

I very much "believe" the assertion that the people who have rigged and run the show are sociopaths.
Greed is a mental illness.
Sociopaths gravitate to power and they are very adept at seeming sincere in order to get what they want.
I have no idea if this is caused by inbreeding or not, but the idea is interesting.
They lack the ability to feel empathy for others, which is not even their fault, but that 'glitch in their programming' enables them to profit at the expense of the lives and well-being of others, with no sense of guilt.
They call it winning.
We see the results.

11 years ago

History is factual built on actual events; religion is not factual because it is built on belief and myth. I learned the difference as a young student of history.

The cartel of banksters have orchestrated the events of the last 10 years and brought the USA and the rest of the world to their knees financially. The world population is in grave danger from this secret and dedicated society of psychopathic criminals. Yes, my friends, they would like to destroy mankind as we know it, certainly, the USA as we know it.

What I do not understand is why the Chinese, as knowledgeable as they are, would allow these barbarian criminals into their country and into the criminal grasp. Has the Chinese Communist Party been totally corrupted like the US Congress?

Revolution is inevitable; it is the only way that the criminals will be brought to justice. Stay focused on humanities enemy and brings the individual criminals responsible for the death and destruction that they have caused to justice. Try and keep it short and sweet, they are only .01% of the population and we harbor them in the US and Britain.

11 years ago

Little red warning lights go on in the Jewish section of my brain (about 3/8, :)) whenever I see those evil Zionists blamed for a wide variety of ills. For the record: I am appalled by what goes on in Israel these days,and increasingly doubtful that the whole thing was a good idea, but that is another topic.

I am not sure about all this deep conspiracy stuff. Read my share of it. Take it with a big grain of salt. And if The City is London, the Vatican and Washington, where are China, India, Brazil and let's not forget Mecca? Hardly a universal bunch, is it?

My Son in law remarked that given human nature, it seems unlikely that any conspiracy could have remained secret that well for that long.

11 years ago

wow hard to top the guy before with some Jew issues. I think the point was to see the **** balls behind why we are killing others......greed!. And why its so hard to feel heard makes more sense now. I see that the negative remarks come from some of the people supporting the royal families or there just miserable whiners. Anyway this was a good and informative documentary. I have been hearing bits and pieces but not this in depth, so there is facts based with truth.....(except for the Hebrew name of jesus is yeshua) lol

Guy Cohen
11 years ago

another classic antisemitic movie, listen to your self,.

Lucifer was a Jew
bad is a Jew
anything bad is a Jew
KKK are Jews
Albert pick was a Jew...or help the Jews?

aggressive Zionist? what do you mean aggressive? respecting life?

how about....go hug a tree...u need it.
or just go suck blood.

Guy Cohen
11 years ago

how many c*** in one movie, let start with Jesus...his name in Hebrew is yeshua....what the connection to Isis tell me.

2nd thing.... peter? john? whats wrong with you people...never was born a Jews with this names on 1000 b.c to 0 B.C so stop making connection based on wrong translation...from Hebrew to Greece to Latin to English.......YAAAAAAAAAA

now...you admit the the Jews is ancient nation but you still denied our right to a state....hmmmmm. To you Israel is Palestine and belong to the Arab Palestinian...they are good people in your story....oh and ya we stole it.

listen to your order.....first it was Canaan than Israel...and only when the roman wanted to insulted the Jews they name the land Palestine.

why this land belong to the Arabs? because they lived there for 100 years?
OK...based on your theory Germany not belong to the German england not to English and ext...
if you dont see the connection between this land and Jews...2 words for you learn history.

you are just another bored anti Jews racist *** hole.

building theory on Jews based on 5 ******* families? you dont even know what is a Zionist.

Zionist is a Jew that Dont take s*** from a Nazi or any racist like you guys
we fight back....you dont like it...ahhhhhhh.

or try...a Jew with a gun...that can shot back.

you all prefer to see the homeless Jew so you can kick him in the ***.

and last.........sorry to bring you the news ...the British are not Jews, not the Egyptian and not catholic church.......lol this groups abuse the Jews systematically.


lets make it short......blame the Jews for everything that happened from 1A.D, we use to it...thats why we are Zionist... because we are fed up from you.


Have a good day.

11 years ago

anyone got a link to that master chart pictured in here? I would like a hard copy of that history timeline with the key players...

12 years ago

The most important thing to do is spread the information to all that will hear you. Cockroaches like the darkness, they thrive in the dark...these people have been opperating in the dark for years. You already know who the Prince of Darkness is. That's right, read it again, Moses and Abraham struck a deal with the devil, Lucifer himself...not GOD. Jesus is NOT talking about that guy in scripture, he say's "Before Abraham, I AM" meaning, I come before all that garbage that you fools grew to believe. Be warned and keep the watch, these people are going to get theirs in the end, no man/woman escapes death and I know who is waiting for them on the other side of the physical world...they've believed a lie. Ghandi had the recipe for defeating them...non-compliance in the face of brutality.
Side note: What does it say when the maker of the Documentary is someone called "MysticDave666"? This thing is alright except the part about Jesus, that part is wrong and it should not be that hard to figure it out. Most of this info is correct but they hope you believe all of it...including the part about Jesus being Cesars son, which is lie from the mouth of Hell.

12 years ago

There's some good information in here, but a lot of biased opinionated statements as well. It's well paced but I can't get over the mediocre editing. There's no reason a documentary like this should be 5 hours long. Someone should rewrite it.

12 years ago

A few comments below, BuddhaMatrea has very thoughtful insight there. No matter what you think of this, no matter if you believe in any or all or no part of it, you should take heed of what she says in the end. There is observation and action. What do you do in order to make the world better? I watched this doc a few months ago and since then I been doing what she said in the end of this.

Ask yourselves how do they succeed in making us battle one another in masses, killing and raping, causing untold suffering? I claim it's not because we're bloodthirsty race of hairless monkeys, but because we obey. Why we obey, is the core question, not why someone tells us so. Why we obey then? Because they control our food supply and have the power to kill us. Well, if we were an unified mass who agreed not to go around killing each other in masses, and if everyone had enough food and energy and a roof over their head, you think any violence would happen? Maybe, because I don't know a final solution. I only know that if you change those two settings, you remove a great deal of wars. Now we have two major goals to fulfill

1. Let's agree not to kill each others in masses, to not go to wars. The major obstacle to this is the politruck system and the nuke button. Nuke button is something most of us don't have to concern ourselves other than realising the threat and knowing the very basic means of surviving a ABC attack. Try find some info about that yourself. The other, more important thing, is to find something against the chain of politruck command system, the superior shooting the disobedient soldier who doesn't go to war, or threatening the lives of his loved ones. The chain of command, as you know, goes from the bottom to the top like a pyramid and I haven't given any thought to how to stop it. You should start figuring it out the moment you read this, because it's the most vital part. I KNOW that all the other stuff is already figured out by someone else, but I don't know how to stop that monster.

2. Them forcing people to war over food, clean water and such. The answer is to produce food, housing and energy sustainably. It is not an eternal solution as the overpopulation exceeds what any sort of food production can do. But until then, I've learned of a way that with you can make food in deserts, wetlands like swamps, and in cold areas, and that system also produces more food than the conventional "plowing the field"-style will. Nature itself is a very sophisticated and so finely ordered system that we see it as chaos because we don't see how it all fluxes into an order, into a harmony. So producing food the natural way is the answer. Permaculture. Solar panels. Natural graywater systems instead of sewer systems. Local food production to stop wasting energy and our precious lifetimes. Become self-sufficient, and if your heart allows, have benelovence and forgiviness even for the greatest of fools if they apologize. The same way to live with your own foolishness is to recognice it, apologize yourself and say "it's ok". It's a start.

Doing nothing may not be a bad thing, but be careful not to give a silent approval by shutting your eyes from all this. Every day I give a silent approval to many bad things, but at least I know how to divert to a better path now, and am taking real steps to that path. It's not hard if you can put some money aside from your salary, especially not if you already own some land to farm in.

12 years ago

You people really need to wake up! Your ignorance has allowed this situation to evolve to where it is today. Fobbing everything off as "Conspiracy Theories" - it's a very fashionable title to throw around like you actually know something or the truth about anything. What a joke! Have a look around the world and see what is happening everywhere. That tells the story. You don't need proof through ancient documents - the results of this reality is all around you! Do you really believe the world and the human race is improving? Do you really believe the governement of ANY country actually has your best interest at heart and their actions? What this documentary shows is barely the tip of the iceberg. I don't need to obtain proof of what is shown as it makes so much sense to explain what is actually happening today - especially compared to the alternative lies we are told everyday. Getting bogged down with minor details of document evidence is just a huge waste of time, allowing more insanity to prevail while you argue over the details. The concept is what is important and where it is all heading, not the document details of something that happened centuries ago - you ("the human race")could argue for centuries about the supposed details - but by then you will either be dead or stuck in the prison system they are creating for everyone with no hope of return. The person below who mentioned the presenters pronounciation of particular words is a fool with no understanding of the message whatsoever. From your comments I can only guess you are on "their" side. "Woodeyes" has it correct. Unfortunately we have been born into this INSANE and UNSUSTAINABLE system and most don't know any better and belive all the lies they are told from birth and their parents that have been told the same lies. This is how they have achieved so much destruction - constant lies for many, many years and the mass populaton just believes it all because everyone else believes it. Can't buck the system; don't want to stand out in the crowd; don't want to think for myself; let the government choose whats best for me and family etc. Well we deserve what we get if we just keep accepting it all the time. Gradually, step by step they have changed and manipulated popular beliefs to the point of acceptance and even conscious willing compliance. Take a real look at this system and what it is doing to your health; general well-being; education (i mean real education about truth - not getting a degree to perform a task in this same system); environment (huge toll); etc etc. it is not improving! in fact going backwards in a hurry. Those that think increased technology is an improvement - you are flat out wrong! Any advances in technology we may have are being abused to the maximum degree possible - not used to advance the population. Its all lies!! Yes you should watch "Zeigeist"; "Zeigeist - Moving Forward"; "The Futrue by Design" - regarding The Venus Project; "The Illuminati Project"; if you get through these i sure you will realise how many others there are... If you think they are all just "conspriracy theories" then i am afraid it may be too late for you and are severely brainwashed - not your fault, i guess you have just been exposed to more of it than most i suspect...WAKE UP!!!

12 years ago

Ammy- tell us all what it means then.

Seriously, what is so hard to believe about all of the things she is saying. There is WAY more fact than fiction in this documentary and, as some have already said, if only a tiny portion of it is true, then we are already too far gone.

Look at the media and what is put in front of our stupid North American faces every day (and anyone else who relies on major media for information). We are swamped with these silly distractions like sports, celebrities, government sex scandals (see-celebrities), fashion, reality TV, video games, movies that promote the propaganda, terrorism and fear mongering , not to mention the subversive marketing industry constantly trying to trick our minds into massive overcunsumption of every f***ing thing we can waste what little money we are allowed to make on.

Is it really that hard to believe that the elite ruling class found a way to disguise itself and deflect attention from itself in order to remain the elite ruling class?

Ammy Pearson
12 years ago

Denmark DOES NOT mean "Mark of Dan"!
This is just getting worse and worse! You had some good stuff in here why add such bs and fiction! MOR*NS!

Ammy Pearson
12 years ago

WOW, not only can she not pronounce anything properly, but they are making some real leaps without evidence. I bought some of it, but there is a lot of crap here. There's nothing wrong with conspiracy theories but have some proof. Oh yeah, find a better narrator, this lady is an idiot.

You Do Not See Me
12 years ago

All...... Speculation. There is a consipracy in every crime commited.

12 years ago

Some interesting points raised, however I noted a few holes in the theories and I'm no scholar on the subjects. The VI Kings was especially weak. The old Norse is Vikingr - Seafaring expeditioner or warrior. Not an English word. VI King as 6 king would be VI Rex, and surely the plural would be used. Or is that all part of the subterfuge. :) Sorry but methinks this a scary story woven from various facts, myths, legends, theories on the zeitgeist and presumptions.

You wanna watch those darned Rothschilds however. They're always in the mix when hundreds of thousands of people die or lose their homes.

Nice watch, though it could have been broken up into 4 or five clear chapters. I've fallen asleep twice trying to watch it all.

Fight the Power!

12 years ago

Long doc, Long Comment

Very interesting "documentary". I'm sure there is some type of elitist conspiracy for power going on and I'm sure a lot of these types of "documentaries" have some great leads. The only problem is they are all presumptuous in the same way by claiming to have the "answer" and the whole mystery wrapped up.

If the British monarchy or other European royal families knew they were descended from the Israelites, how do you explain their dark history with the Jewish people (and don't even start with the Khazar crap because anyone can convert to Judaism, King David even had a Moabite grandmother mother. The bible even states that god favours converts to lineage Jewry).
There was a 400 year period where Jews were exiled from Britain (1290 - 1655+).

Why isn't there and Hebrew or Aramaic script left behind along the so called trail of the tribe of Dan?

Why did the British leave palestine in 1948 to the so called Khazar impostor Ashkenazi Jews and the Arabs when they already conquered so much of the world already?

So what if the Danish king protected his Jewish citizens during WWII, so did the king of Morocco. It's the king's place to keep their kingdom in their control and not allow a foreign tyrant to come in make demands. duh!!!

Just recently Hitler's DNA was tested and shown to have some Jewish roots along with african too. How do you factor this in? Oh let me guess, the Khazars conspiracy again. Nice try.

This documentary lost most of it's credibility when it jumped on the "protocols of the elders of Zion" bandwagon. It makes a ridiculous assumption on the reason for zionism while totally ignoring why it started and became popular in the first place. It doesn't even make mention of the Jews living in palestine or the rest of the Arab world and why those Jews have to leave their homes and go to Israel.

Zionism is NOT a Khazar, Ashkinazie Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. Zionism was a result of constant Jewish persecution for being blamed collectively for killing Jesus and for just being different. So after centuries of persecution and the final icing on the cake (the holocaust) many surviving Jews decided to go back to their ancestral homeland, Israel in order to have a safe place to live on their own terms. Religious Jew's, whom happen to be the minority of world and Israeli Jewry, were and some still are anti-zionist because they believe that the Messiah is prophesied to come ONLY when the Jews are in exile and if they have a Jewish state on the land of Israel, the Messiah won't come because that contradicts biblical prophesy. However since there are almost as many Jewish opinions on any given subject as there are Jews there is also a religious zionist movement too. In short, modern Israel is just one big national Jewish ghetto refugee camp of a country who's just trying to survive amongst it's not so friendly Muslim oil drunk cousins whom have 67-68 countries and counting.

So who's the real conquer here? One of the smallest countries on earth with little if any internationally marketable resources other than beauty products and one of the smallest groups of people on earth or the fastest growing "religion of peace" empire whom control the the blood of the earth, the oil?

Sorry to force some critical ideas on you critical thinking virgins out there ;^)

Yes, there are Jewish bankers and yes some of them are crooks but that's the business of banking and no group on earth is free of the temptation of greed or less susceptible to it. Just ask the Swiss and the Ponzi scheme was invented by an Italian, probably a Catholic one at that. Like Jesus said "who among you is sinless, can cast the first stone" and "forgive them father, for they know not what they do".

The whole world needs a new system because none of us have it right yet and we're on the path of self destruction because of primitive religious thinking and the lack of ability to self criticize. Only when we acknowledge that we made some mistakes can we move forward socially and spiritually. Pointing the finger at a one of the world smallest minority groups won't make self inflicted problems go away. Don't blame the Egyptians, Hebrews, Israelites, Jews, Vikings, British, Catholics or even just the Moslems for your failed financial systems or what ever national problem because we're all on this planet together and we've all borrowed ideas from each other at some point in time and made them our own.

Here's an interesting experiment for you to try, count the minimum amount of people it took to make you, from just 500 years ago assuming there was no intermarriage of course. I'll start you off; 1 dad + 1 mom they had one dad and one mom each so that makes 4 people with grand parents that makes 8 of them... You'll soon see how many thousands of people it took just to make you. Don't tell me you think they all came from the same tribe because you'd be inbred out of existence by now. Just because they didn't have planes back then people still traveled all over the world. Have fun :^)

12 years ago

I agree and disagree with this Doc... First it was impossible to watch it all in one sitting, just because of it's length. However, that is not a slur on this video.

I have, in a very short period of my life, started questioning certain Historical "facts". Incidentally, I don't include the bible in this discourse, because like the 911 commission report, here is a record that is often praised but seldom read. I digress...in my lifetime, I've seen verified examples of my (supposed elected) government, blatantly lie to me.

As this documentary didn't really try to verify it's own facts, I picked a couple of topics to research:

The genealogy. Is, as far as I can tell with the information that I have uncovered, very accurate.

A great lot of the claims of Egyptian descent into todays power is also accepted by many scholars.

I already knew about the Queen's ultimate power as I did a paper in college about it. At the time I was a proud supporter of the British monarchy.

Frankly, I believe it is all quite possible.


12 years ago

Ok, I don't know much about bible so I leave that debate to others, but about vikings in part 12. Vikings are from scandinavia! Everyone knows that, don't try to claim hebrews were vikings just with a name association, bring at least SOME other evidence of sort. Vikings were active during 800-1100 BC, if memory serves me right. Only then they built advanced ships that were capable of sailing both rivers and vast seas like from Norway to Britain or England consisting of a few small nations as it was back then. Element of surprise and maneuvrebility were one key to their success in their raids. Even if the hebrews of that time entitled themselves as vikings, there ought to be some history records of them if they were as great pillagers as the vikings from scandinavia, unless the records were kept secret from public in which case you should say at least a word you've found something of that sort.

Just wanted to clarify that the hebrew "vikings" in part 12 are NOT the same vikings that wreckt havoc in europe at a later date and were remembered because of it to this day.

edit: my bad, should had watched through it >.< can't believe this...

Dr, Taylor
12 years ago

Mixing lies with the truth! This documentary makes claims without any real historical basis. Jesus is not a Pharaoh. This is based on a book written by a pretend scholar. I will skip the million dollar definitions and spare you jargon.
The documentary was ill thought out. It made baseless claims and used fabricated evidence to prove theories that are totally false. Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Have absolutely nothing too do with the Pharaoh's of Egypt. The Hebrews were slaves and this is historic fact! The Exodus is historic fact. Jesus was born of a Virgin Mary in Bethlehem. The so called facts in this documentary are absolute made up and invented and made too fit where they do not.

12 years ago

Lol at everyone who hates money, what is wrong about money - the bad people using it for bad reasons. If u take away money then u will have to barter and there will be people that apply shrewd commerce even without money. All you people have to do is get off those fearmongering docs and start thinking about your families, and when the system starts to taking away from you at a fast rate then go to the streets as a whole nation and die for your rights. That will do for next 20-30 years, then rinse and repeat. I come from Poland. My grandfathers fought german, russian, austrian, swedish and turkish oppresions. We were germanised, russificated and yet we still live and have our land. Why? Not because of some stupid peasants talking bullshit, but because of educated elite and deep patriotism (which was severely damaged between 1946 -1989 but we recovering at fast rate). So go to schools, get your degrees and get the jobs that are hard to get. Then you will be happier. and your kids will be proud of you as well. No pain, no gain unfortunately.....

12 years ago

Peace.It seems to me that the majority are getting caught up in the Amen and religious aspect.Thats not the the biggest issue.The meat of this documentary is the connections made and who your rulers are.The reasons why they think they are decedents of Dan isn't the point, the point is that they believe it. Just remember these devils no the bible well and know that the big 3[islam.christianity.judaism.]also know it well.Just like sports,drug,and entertainment bickering over religion keeps your eye off the ball. The same way they set up opposing ideology[Capitalizm-communism]they are doing the same with christianity and islam.So all those who beleive in The Most High continue too and be thankful He allowed you to see this.I rate her accurate on 85% but she did her job in identifying the the top vampiers and how they are doing it so well.Still I see their plan is fragile a few well spaced natural disaisters can always put the stop play on any plans mortals make.As recomended the best thing is to tell others about it leave out the religion and get to the nitty gritty.Sometimes it makes me want to cry when I see the wickedness these people seem too get away with and the countless ppl effected by it.Peace

12 years ago

You can can have all the money in the world and steer the masses in direction that suits the ruling class But hardware will always beat software in reality and as it says jesus is coming and Good will triumph Over evil.

Greg but not the Greg who commented above
12 years ago

couldnt finish it, although I have seen most of the info before and do find it interesting and informative, because I found the old 70's movie clips far to annoying not to mention the womans voice. Wasnt sure why they showed a short clip of Roots and didnt watch long enough to see its relavence. And I am Canadian not British so my spelling and grammar is allowed to suck lol

12 years ago

This women knows her stuff and its been dumbed down so everyone can understand kinda like a cbc doc without the cbc cause I don't think they would sponser it .

12 years ago

That's all not quite the mystery any more now huh? The narrator lady seemed quite sure of her words. It also appears the now a days free Masons wear no mask in their modern day undertakings. Shouldn't take research to find how many mouths masons feed and housed using their expert skills and know how in a starving world. All of North America may not understand they are presently under the crown of the UN, and have been. Cool stuff, covered a big stretch of time and in many categories in this one, yup.

12 years ago

I bet you have...