The Secret of the Seven Sisters

The Secret of the Seven Sisters

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Documentary series that reveals how a secret pact formed a cartel that controls the world's oil. Throughout the region's modern history, since the discovery of oil, the Seven Sisters have sought to control the balance of power.

They have supported monarchies in Iran and Saudi Arabia, opposed the creation of OPEC, profiting from the Iran-Iraq war, leading to the ultimate destruction of Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

At the end of the 1960s, the Seven Sisters, the major oil companies, controlled 85 percent of the world's oil reserves. Today, they control just 10 percent.

New hunting grounds are therefore required, and the Sisters have turned their gaze towards Africa. With peak oil, wars in the Middle East, and the rise in crude prices, Africa is the oil companies' new battleground.

In the Caucasus, the US and Russia are vying for control of the region. The great oil game is in full swing. Whoever controls the Caucasus and its roads, controls the transport of oil from the Caspian Sea.

Tbilisi, Erevan and Baku - the three capitals of the Caucasus. The oil from Baku in Azerbaijan is a strategic priority for all the major companies.

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New Yawk
3 years ago

Hmmmm . . . Explains why the name of the 'Operation' was changed from Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL)lol to Iraqi Freedom. (((SMH!!)))

6 years ago

Agreed with "bb". For some reason using bb inside of "less than and greater than" symbols produces a period symbol.

6 years ago

Agree with . It is more than difficult to change the past but possible to change your future. Unless of course your mind has been fenced in by the "edjukashun" system into just sitting on backside and blaming instead of "being the change". What kind of change? How about leaving the oil in the ground? We don't need it. Never did.

1. Ethanol: Far cleaner. Can be made from most any non wood vegetation. Harvest algae in the Mississippi Delta, grow pi melons in the desert, recycle stale donuts and grain over production. Both gasoline and diesel can run on it. Carbon neutral. The plant protein is a by product. Feed it to livestock or use it as fertilizer. It stunts weeds getting rid of the need for herbicides. Ref: alcoholcanbeagas, located on the com web.

2. Study Tesla and others that have followed. Space is not empty, it is filled with energy. The old timers called it the Aether. It is not sun or wind or rain dependent. When you figure out how to tap into it like T. Henry Moray, you will provide the seven sisters what they have had coming for a long time, if you can manage to stay above ground. If Tesla and Moray are not to your liking, there are several others. All that is required is uncorking your mind from the backside of the education system. Yet another propaganda machine manipulated by the seven sisters, actually the banksters who own the seven sisters as well as the media. And yet people volunteer to be mushrooms, fed full of manure, and choose to believe all that rot that comes out of the "press".

One thing that concerns me about this docu. They stated that the usa was scheduled to be getting 25 percent of its oil from some country or others in Africa? Sorry I was half asleep having seen other oil related docus like "The Prize". That is a bogus statement. If fracking keeps pace, usa will be an exporting (lower states) nation. Which brings up another aspect about by passed facts. We kept on exporting Alaskan crude during the pseudo oil shortage, OPEC oil embargo of the 1970s which I experienced. Even then we were asking why aren't we using our Alaskan oil.

Suffice it to say most things are manipulated for the benefit of the very few... until you become the change. Obsolete them like the buggy whip.

7 years ago

stop watching , just try to be the director of the movie , and go invent ,produce something that brings income , so that You guys get freedom and liberty and peace.

7 years ago

I very much appreciate your information and recommendations DigiWongaDude. I read "Shock Doctrine" last year and if you enjoyed it I would like to recommend a must-read insightful piece about Russia's role in this topic and how it has effected it's relationship with the U.S. and the rest of the world. "The War Against Putin: What the Government-Media Complex Isn't Telling You About Russia" by M.S. King

8 years ago

This is the first I've seen, anywhere, of any mention of the Seven Sisters. I have heard about them for years, but finally they're getting a spotlight.

8 years ago

The whole world knows by now that the so called "war on terror" is an absolute lie...American government totally ruined Iraq and manipulated the American people into believing that 9/11 was a terrorists attack, when in reality it was planned and executed by the CIA. Next is Iran's turn..and again..the American public are gonna be too naive to know the truth.

8 years ago

Corporations go into a resource rich nations and turn them into 3rd world county's by bribing certain individuals or remove them and rip off there resources and create unimaginable poverty in their wake!
and then people wonder why groups like ISIS pop up!

8 years ago

I wish to thank TOP DOC for the doc's you send me! A lot of them have helped me open my eyes to Alot of s*it in the world as well the great people in the world!
Thanks again

9 years ago

Highly reccomended however it's too brief to get into all the complexities and context involved. It's also old already (Rosnet). Still, as a building block for understanding today's world, it's good and highly unlikely to be widely shown in the west.

10 years ago the excuse is called '7 sisters'?
what a joke

10 years ago

Certainly explains the fuel shortage of of 1973 and our presence in Iraq.
Very well done. Everyone should see this.

10 years ago

I always wonder how these European are rich with no natural resources of their own. The funny thing is they are complaining that Africans and other Asian country immigrants are bleeding their country. On the contrary these European countries are sucking and bleeding the so called third world countries for the past several hundred years and filling their stomach so far and keep doing it. I hope this will all come to an end very soon or later and i would like to see these European countries go down on their knees and begging other so called third world countries for food

10 years ago

This 1.5 hour documentary provides an excellent, succinctly edited, history of the big oil tycoon psychopaths, that were and continue to be the main culprits in world domination. The film documents the rise to power of the 7 companies, shortly after oil was discovered in Iraq in the early 20th century. The information is based on historical facts, not conjecture. One leaves this documentary with a much deeper understanding for the cause of past and ongoing wars in the middle east. Quite simply, politicians have been willing to do anything to keep the oil flowing for the consumers in the west. The resulting destruction of nature and human lives have simply been collateral damage to the almighty profit of tremendous amounts of money for the 1%. Big oil produced the first billionaires on our planet.
The environmental side effects of greedy consumption are now taking a major toll on our planet. I highly recommend this historical documentary, fast paced, historical clips and interviews. excellent flow. 1 hr. 30 min.

Timmy Poo
10 years ago

Our history will tell of a time when so few controlled all.

10 years ago

I am finally understanding the history of oil. So many things make sense at last. Now I know why people in the middle east hate us.

10 years ago

While watching this program I could not help but think back to when I
and my wife are watching Chinese films about the different dynasties and
how one dynasty would conquer another. In the movies one is usually
seen as a hero dynasty over another. My wife turned once to me and said
the irony of all the films we watch about this is that they were all
bad. None of them provided the peasants with real rights. While this
documentary went through all the players from the first 3 to the 7
sisters. Ultimately leading to the nationalization of certain countries
oil companies to the US, Russia and China. The same thought came up. All
of this are bad. Some are worst than others. Obviously china, Russia
and OPEC countries are worst than the west but anytime citizens of the west try to take power away from such financial elites what is their response. I guess my point is the more things change the more they stay the same.

10 years ago

Really glad to see this on here, nice one Vlatko.

If you liked this, there is an even better one here on TDF - "The Prize, epic quest..." [8 hours by PBS] 10/10 I couldn't stop watching. Superbly factual without any of the usual hidden agenda. It's long - nearly 8 hours, but well worth the watch all the way to the end!

Then, a good follow up for the years that follow (by the same youtube user): "Oil, Smoke and Mirrors" (2006) and "Commanding Heights - The Battle for the World Economy" (PBS) (2002) - by the same team who made "The Prize", very biased towards economic globalisation (which I am not), but gives an insider view of those that promote it.

BBC Horizon recently did a special called "Tomorrow's World", which in part takes you into the world's first GMO power plant, that could well be (IMO) the answer to the supply of biofuel (without crops) in years to come. I mention this because I fear that even if we meet our needs in the abundant supply of carbon based fuel (which is arguable I know), so that these cartels no longer have to 'invade' other countries, the wars will move in to the supply of fresh water...I fear. Especially when you see what the USA is potentially doing to it's supply through fracking, and the rest of the world begins jumping on board.

The wheels turn and for all our ingenuity, little of substance really changes. All these programmes I've mentioned will teach you that it's in our nature to do the things we do. But perhaps we can begin to identify those problem areas...just identify...that would be a start at least. Perhaps then we could nail them down as we begin to understand where it all goes wrong. Before we do so again. Hey I'm an optimist.