Secrets of the CIA

Secrets of the CIA

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Secrets of the CIASecrets of the CIA reveals the truth about the CIA and how this organization is behind numerous terrorist plots throughout history. Many ex-CIA agents speak out about their experiences as agents and what they were required to do.

Some of these missions even included killing of children. Most of them are now spreading the word about the crimes of the CIA and how the organization needs to be extinguished.

Ralph McGehee, a reknown ex-CIA agent, is featured in this documentary. He is most famous for publishing Deadly Deceits.

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James Otis
3 years ago

I made this documentary many years ago while in college. The Agency has gotten larger and less accountable. They use food to starve nations that are not agreeable to US policy and even poison children to discount Muslim and Communist countries.

Abdul Baten
4 years ago

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was killed by the CIA.. The government of Bangladesh did not reveal the secret of this killing to continue the friendly relations with the United States.

6 years ago

The CIA are no friends of democracy just look at their history and the involvement in killing Kennedy. They work for an elite cabal not the people.

6 years ago

@ aweful_truth you need to do some serious reading about the Vietnam war before you post anything else on the internet.

7 years ago

. and as for the BS about OBL and 9/11...just hysterically ridiculous.

7 years ago

It is all based on the grotesque notion that America has the right to invade and plunder other peoples' countries. Every single element of the West's propaganda, military, schooling etc, is based on this corrupt, evil belief.

7 years ago

Well there's more. if anyone thinks the CIA has stopped most of this stuff, they'd be sadly mistaken. The CIA is still a rogue institution, is the most corrupt agency in the US and is a $30 billion black hole of murder, influence and propaganda around the world.

Simple, the CIA continues to this day, to do exactly anything and I mean anything it wants to do to effect a US world hegemony plus the political control of the US govt. The CIA did in fact create Osama Bin Laden and had the code named Tim Osman. He toured America in the 70's, he was a CIA protege. There is no moral compass.

Presidents do what they need to stay alive.

8 years ago

You people who sound so shocked about the CIA make me laugh. This is old news. You probably think you live in a real democracy too. Real political democracy is impossible without "economic democracy". Plus I have to question how good democracy really is when I see folks like Bush and Obama elected POTUS.

8 years ago

The CIA is what happens when you tax the public, and give hordes of money, (and no rules) to a manifest destiny fascist dictatorship. Ultimately, the premise of their mindset is simple. Better to have everyone dying, and displaced abroad, then at home. Of course, you can do this as long as everyone at home is alcohol intoxicated, and brainwashed. (patriotism)
This does not mean that the Russians, Chinese, etc are any better; just that they are little less destructive, since they have less to lose.
The awful truth is humanity is a wretched thing, and if we think that we are the pinnacle of intelligence, it is because we have set our standards so low, (apathy) since we only think about today, at the cost of tomorrow!
Any questions?

Frank Thomas Morehouse
8 years ago

Actually, The Phoenix program was a success at every single level

11 years ago

CIA= The real terrorists

11 years ago

Here's a thought: STOP PAYING TAXES AND WITHDRAW YOUR MONEY FROM BANKS. That's the ONLY way short of a violent revolution to put an end to corrupt "government." If that happened watch how fast the powers that be **** a brick. What can the "government" do--throw 300 million people in jail?? Just a thought--which in reality,is the only viable solution.

11 years ago

Good video but it just toaches on the evil the CIA is involved in.They are the worlds biggest arms dealer and drug smuglers in the world.There is a book out I have not read it yet as the librarys are sold out and we have to wait because there is none ready to send at thins time,anyway the book is called Killing Hope by William Blum.It deals with all the known military and CIA intervensions since WW2.It tells about the death and distruction cused by the CIA.Look at JFK he said he was going to dismantle the CIA and rear it apart,also he said Israel would get nucular missels over his dead body.Well after JFK was muderd possible set up by the CIA and Israels Mossad.Today Israel has over 200 illegal nucular weapons,and when LBJ the vice president and president after JFK was assasinated did everything tottaly different than JFK said he would do.LBJ was in on it corrupt our threatend to do what he is told.The president don't pull the string I belive but if they told the public that the government was corrupt and he was threatend I think the military police and citizens would stand with a president that is a good person not a good politician.

11 years ago

Wow so basically they are terroists - how scary - didnt like this documentary

11 years ago

what morocco has to do with this???????

12 years ago

I WANT TO KNOW WHY THE CIA DO KILL PEOPLE but thas the cIa hate morrocco pleas waiting for your answer

12 years ago

i would love to buy 35mm films on the cia

12 years ago

Its ironic to hear at the end of the video the woman say "American people say no, we cant do that, its immoral, its wrong, its against everything I believe in, its not patriotic" and as she is saying this, probably in the 1990's, we still haven't done a thing about the CIA or FBI or NSA or Homeland Security.

We swallow hook, line and sinker the notion that Freedom of Information act is really a transparent exposure of truth which is owed the American public. In fact, we are being pacified and allowed to believe that we've made headway in closer monitoring and regulating these agencies while we actually have lost total control. They, the named agencies which includes the CIA, have not more power and larger budgets and their involvements have now spawned into not only international ventures but the monitoring of American citizens as well.

No longer is there a mystique about covert operations, but instead, we abhor the unlimited freedoms which they have gained while we, the citizens, have lost ours.

Today the CIA as in the past, are taking their orders from a shadow government which entails the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, and at the forefront of issuing orders is the National Security Agency which is one of the most powerful agencies in the world.

12 years ago

This film intro needs a date, as does every documentary. Not a bad idea to have dates on the comments too.

This is an excellent film, which deserved vastly better production values. It is perhaps time to revisit this subject in a new film, which includes the context of the CIA, the economic hit men, the WTO, Congress,`tax dollars, and the covert budget allocations.

Amazing to see Sen. Moynihan call for dismantling the CIA. At least there was hope then and may yet be a glimmer.

12 years ago

If the CIA where that good they could have put me up in a better cave. I want a 5 star ritz carlton cave, not a motel 6 cave

12 years ago

this stuff is pretty much all true, everyone watching this should watch a video or read a book called confessions of an economic hitman, john perkins has come out and told his story, he was forced to make bogus economic reports that justified making huge loans(backed by the international monetary fund, and the world bank)to the third world, a debt so big it can never be repaid, all the while gathering interest, the money went to infrastructure projects which benefited only a few wealthy people in that country and the politicians who are playing their game and saying "look im modernizing my country" leaving the poor slaves holding a huge debt. then the USA government can come back and say hey you owe us money, let us build a military base in your country, or privitize your water system or school system, or sell your resources to us for real cheap, or vote with is in the next united nation meetings. a subtle global empire, the cia is partly in charge of breaking down governments that see what the USA empire is doing. there is probably still alot of horrible things the cia is doing that we just dont know about.

12 years ago

As 9/11, the "War on Terror", the Patriot Act, the bumbling bullying TSA, the ballooning of the "defense" budget and the draining of money, resources, and jobs from the rest of the economy, .... and all of these other events show,

we must wake up as a people. To be a true patriot these days (November 2010, since date and time are not shown on comments anymore) means standing up to the very establishment that controls all mainstream media. They have a great many people in their grip, with opinions and incorrect news that suit the establishment only. The CIA is behind this "war" in Afghanistan, the "terror plots" that keep popping up on schedule, etc.

wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, ad infinitum

13 years ago

The CIA is an enormous hurdle to clear on our path to civilization, but so were irrigation and spaceflight. Little comfort to past or present victims, but many future generations can and will live free.

Jonathan R
14 years ago

So what is the solution?? This dosen't say anything about the Nazi involvement in the early CIA & their fight against blacks