The Secrets of Silicon Valley

The Secrets of Silicon Valley

2019, Conspiracy  -   13 Comments
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Silicon Valley has stood as the central hub of technological innovation for many decades. Located in the San Francisco Bay area, this picturesque region has been home to Google, Facebook, Apple and countless other companies who have shaped the world through innovation. According to The Secrets of Silicon Valley, the provocative documentary from the Corbett Report, this appealing veneer is little more than a smokescreen that hides a massive conspiracy in plain sight. From the perspective of these filmmakers, Big Tech means big trouble.

Hiding underneath is a shadowy underworld where global surveillance is king and personal freedoms are compromised. They're the real intelligence arm of the United States government, and their innovations have aided in the surveillance of our every conversation, purchase and social media encounter. Their end game is nothing short of the destruction of our privacy, the manipulation of our behaviors, and the ability to wield complete control over our lives.

This view may seem unduly apocalyptic to some, but the film anchors its theories on a long and detailed history of the region. Silicon Valley was essentially founded by Frederick Terman in the aftermath of World War II. This learned professor and electrical engineer was a major advisor to the each branch of the U.S. military, and supported their research efforts through the Stanford Research Institute. As detailed in the film, Terman's contributions get decidedly murkier and more nefarious from there.

The filmmakers explore many additional avenues of suspicion, including the birth of the internet, the ties between the Oracle software company and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the contracts shared between Google and the National Security Agency (NSA), and the parallel ascents of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The film's narrative paints a complex collaboration between individual billionaires, tech corporations, and secret government agencies. This includes a wealth of meticulously researched and seemingly well-sourced information that may impress even the most fervent skeptic.

The Secrets of Silicon Valley isn't necessarily hopeful that the tides of this conspiracy can be reversed, but it conveys great urgency in its exposure of their misdeeds.

Directed by: James Corbett

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1 year ago

Amazing! I'm gonna go tweet right now & let others know & maybe get some likes!

2 years ago

Big Tech is the Big Brother that George Orwell warned about in his classic novel, 1984!
Big Tech is bigger, and more powerful, then the representatives elected by the American People. They are the enemies of Free Speech, and the Constitution.

Ricardo pereira
2 years ago

Fantastic nice to know how isinificat we are as a humanbing

Roger Andout
3 years ago

Other than to inform and collate what is clearly public information, what is the point of this video. Authorities were steaming open letters long before surveilling the i/net. It's the same process only with different tech. For better or worse, some degree of spying/ eavesdropping/ scrutiny is necessary today where everybody want privacy but freely gives information to social media. Only a fool would think this info would not be manipulated and that the tech would not be used for evil intent. So, all governments should sit back and not at least scrutinise what passes on these 'free-for-all' systems ?? 'Big Brother' is a natural bedfellow of 'Big Freedom'. Democracy is not an absolute. And surely there must be some constraints, even if it's only traffic lights.

4 years ago

This was epic!

4 years ago

Funny: subscribing to the CorbettReport newsletter means your data goes unencrypted through the Google mailverifier... :)

ruben toledo
4 years ago

Corbett it is great , and truth, excellent video report.....

4 years ago

Corbett is awesome!

4 years ago

I highly recommend James Corbett on every level. Excellent Reporting, Journalism & documentation of historical facts. An excellent patriot for truth & integrity. This should be how your mainstream news should report & document.