Secrets of the Occult

Secrets of the Occult

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Secrets of the OccultSecrets of the Occult explores the world of the occult from the ancient and modern magicians who practice it to the cutting edge scientists attempting to explain its mysterious claims.

This program highlights the advances that have been achieved by innovators who challenged established reality like Newton, Galileo, Carl Jung and Einstein.

The claims of the occult magicians are put under the microscope to reveal the fascinating interface between ancient Egyptian and Greek beliefs to modern discoveries of the mind and the physical world.

The Magicians & The Scientists Secrets of the Occult DVD Extras explores the fascinating interface between occult beliefs and modern discoveries of the mind and the physical world.

Experts speak on a range of topics from the function of magic to the beginning of mysticism. Dreams and the Collective Unconscious, a 21st Century Perspective, and many more subjects related to the first magicians and modern scientists who unravel the mysteries of our world are included.

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Mo Green
1 year ago

The Greeks got ALL their knowledge from Kemet and your information on Kemet isn't very good

10 years ago

Ummmm contrary to what this doc says Crowley DID NOT start the ordo Templi Orientis...He did however create the "argentum astrum" (order of the silver star)

11 years ago

Blavatsky was NOT a fraud.

11 years ago

Aleister Crowley had some good ideas, but you have to be very open minded to begin to understand.

11 years ago

crowley was kinda sad. but at least he had fun

12 years ago

The teachings of the Mystery Schools of Babylon never disappeared, they were only hidden and kept within secret societies through the ages. Modern science only get the crumbs of the real wisdom. This knowledge is far more advanced than one may think. It is, little by little, 'discovered' and disseminated by some chosen pawns on the chessboard, but hailed as ground breaking scientists. Only the knowledge that benefits the elite is leaked, the wisdom that would put their supremacy in check is kept under lock and key.

12 years ago

elithe1 you need only look into why it is that the sumerian/babylonians temples, pyramids point to Orions
belt as the Egyptians made theirs. And how all the Pyramids of the world. Point to Orions belt. Our problem is. We are too busy looking down. Then to look up in the direction the arrow is pointing. Until then. We will learn nothing else.

12 years ago

Bullshit the Babylonians didn't bring any type of knowledge to Egypt. Where's the proven documentation; and I don't mean speculation.That knowledge archeologists don't want to give credit to comes out of the Nile. Period!!

12 years ago

@ Ramus
lol Even Crowley himself said to say it like crow.. What a doof you are

12 years ago

its not new age ... its the old knowledge redescovered imo..

12 years ago

Note to Americans : The Crow in Crowley is pronounced as in brow not as in umm crow. And while im on the subject - its aluminIum not aluminum. I mean you dont say Titanum or Thorum or Paladum...... Ok rant over :)

Me With Me
13 years ago

jon: Watch The Pyramid Code

Illegak Alien
13 years ago

Interesting documentary, but why use the Rider Waite Tarot pack when talking about the Alester Crowley Thoth Tarot deck?

Vincent's comments echoed here.

13 years ago

The camera showed us the central figures of Plato and Aristotle in Raphael's masterpiece "The school of Athens."

The commentary was exclusivly about Aristotle whilst the camera moved in on Plato.

Whether this bobo was due to ignorance, lack of communication between departments or simply a cavileer attitude to the viewers it marred a fair but sometimes unscholarly documentary.

The asseration that Newton was competing with medieval beliefs of an earth centered universe was also annoying.

Quiet a bit of glaring amatuerism weakened this documentary and much was superfluous to the argument.

13 years ago

anyone know any documentaries that deal specifically with egyptian mythology?

13 years ago

Very interesting

13 years ago

Interesting,but its all New Age stuff. I would watch it, I deff gets you thinking.

13 years ago

The Magicians

nice doc

Love is the Law,Love under will

14 years ago

Re : The Magicians. Very nice documentary :)