Sexy Inc. Our Children Under Influence

Sexy Inc. Our Children Under Influence

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Sexy Inc. Our Children Under InfluenceBissonnette's documentary analyzes the hypersexualization of our environment and its noxious effects on young people.

Psychologists, teachers and school nurses criticize the unhealthy culture surrounding our children, where marketing and advertising are targeting younger and younger audiences and bombarding them with sexual and sexist images.

Sexy Inc. suggests various ways of countering hypersexualization and the eroticization of childhood and invites us to rally against this worrying phenomenon.

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5 years ago's gender equality or anti-sexism. ... saganist... those aren't proper terms either. The real term used to describe total true equality is egalitarianism. Unfortunately, too many people today overlook at that term and call themselves by other names... i.e. Feminism, BLM, SJWs, MGTOW. These groups aren't for total equality, because they only focus on isolated incidents. They don't focus on the whole picture on what truly causes inequality. They all overlook at Classism, which to me is the byproduct of our monetary-market system which profits off on all human misery, pain, suffering and death. All this misery, pain, suffering and death can be linked to the faulty, outdated principles of the monetary-market system. This is why I despise and avoid the agenda and people within the Feminism, BLM, SJWs, MGTOW groups. Feminists blame men for the problems women face... BLM blame white people for the problems black people face... SJWs blames everyone who isn't like them for the problems they face.... MGTOWs blame women for the problems men face... when will these *beep*ing clowns realize that these aren't isolated incidents or problems... they are human problems created from the monetary-market system that profits off of them.

Matuvo Namikaze
7 years ago

And THIS>> is why i say yes it is true that being a Demisexual makes you a better person inevitably.

9 years ago

Bravo! Bravo! For many years I've felt the pendulum swinging too hard in several areas of society and this one scares me for both genders. These are things that have always (rightly!) been of concern & topics of conversation but it's getting harder & harder to fight the wave of sexual saturation. How do you teach a child that "this" is acceptable & true when "that" surrounds them at every they turn? I don't understand how we got this way when EVERYONE knows it's wrong. Is it truly a handful of people re-shaping our society?

Oualid LR
10 years ago

AMAZING AMAZING DOCUMENTARY! Thank you! Really! Thank you so Much! As a muslim Girl, I've always known that the image projected about women nowadays is not approriate! It's like detaching a women from who she really is, and projecting her a sexual object! If us, young people can identify the problem with Ads today, kids are not able to do that. Some people are held back by Religion from watching inappropriate websites, or selling themselves for free, but kids are only kids. They are still building their personality, and their perspective about life, and if they grew up watching stuff like that; I can predit the consequences. I was SHOCKED when there was no difference between porn pictures, and " normal" ads. It's a clear corruption of people's minds. I wish I can do something! I wish we can do something, I wish somebody can do something...

10 years ago

Men are as deeply affected by this same, over sex-saturated money-oriented, culture as women are. Do you think little boys are born looking at women as sex objects? Do you feel women are born that way? I've met many men who don't buy into it, and many women who empower this stereotype.

Chauvinism is no better or worse than feminism. Really the opposite side of the same coin. Feminism while having done some good things in our world, is also responsible for a great many problems facing our society as well. The vilification of men is one of them. I'm not down playing the inequality that is evident in history, I am suggesting that the demonizing of male sexuality is not a solution. I have no problem with feminism, and chauvinism can be a good thing as well. Chauvinism, is deeply related to chivalry, and that was actually a good set of moral guide lines for the era in which it developed. Nor do I always hear chicks complain when guys open the door for them, pick up the tab, initiate the action in a relationship.

Today, boys are as deeply affected by this trend of "sexy" we see in the world. They're being educated by commercialism and normalcy (in both men and women) to see things in a certain way. Men have also become sex objects in this modern age. My ex - broke up with me, and one reason she kept giving was my lack of a "6 - pack" abs. Hmmmm..... no objectifying in there. Sadly, today, men will be blamed for her issue.

10 years ago

I loved the documentary. It draws attention to some really burning issues. I loathe our sex-saturated money-oriented culture in which girls wear padded bras to look alluring and have the audacity to use sexually explicit language. I'd hazard we still live in a male-driven world. Male chauvinism has only changed its face from "stay at home, don't receive education" to "show your tits to prove your value". Appalling.

11 years ago

Men and women are both pressured to conform to what society idealized as masculine and feminine. I think whatever guys do whatever it may be, even cooking and cleaning, is masculine. The same for women, whether it is construction or repair or what have you...whatever they do its feminine. This idea that one is only this or that is so limited and wonder our species as a whole (sexism is a human phenomenon issue) is stuck and hasn't really evolved or grown much. Nature rewards differences, why can't we humans see that change is good that differences and not limiting roles and such benefits our species survival for the future. Just imagine how advanced we would be as a whole (forget society, culture, etc; its about the human species, your species), if we weren't so constrictive with the human made notion of gender, race, ethnicity etc and the roles that are placed/focused upon because of those notions.

A good example would be this scenario between me and my man. If I earned more than he does, he said he would be the stay-at-home husband. However, if he earned more, I would be the stay-at-home mom. We share the same ideals, that someone needs to be the knight that guards the fortress (home security/ home maker), while the other knight fights off the enemies and protects the land (work to pay the expenses). The knight who guards the fortress protects and trains the future knights (looks after and educates the kids). Restrictive gender roles don't permit the person who is stronger for that role to do his/her job. Based on gender roles, my man shouldn't cook, even though he loves it and is a professional at it. Gender roles limits the family and therefore the whole society into evolving and advancing itself in a better position. Sometimes men aren't meant to be always the one to provide income, just as women aren't always the one to be home makers. :) Occupations/ roles ought to be given and done by those who are best at it. Gender roles don't allow for that to occur thus cause tension for everyone... and that's where the wars/arguments amongst the sexes starts. Allow the people to chose what is best without ridicule and you have a helpful household, thus peaceful society.

Hard to stand out? I always stood out as a teen and even more so as an adult. It's called dressing and acting ...being yourself. I loved to study, at a generation of kids who view being educated as uncool, so I stood out like a stubborn nail that won't hammer in. I also have the genes that make me look younger than I do. I still stand out in society. I'm 30 yrs old, but look 16 yrs old. O_O I have to live with this. I use to hate it because when I was a teen I look like 6 to 8 yrs old. I now like the young genes. Its still painful because I have the awkward preteen body. My face is that of a 16yr old. Its difficult but I accept it now. Took me forever to do so. I wanted to NOT stand out. Everything I tried I still stood out as a teen. >_> I just have to accept the fact that I have an appearance that people just want to look at and that I stand out, regardless.

11 years ago

ok okay, yes its true but c'mon, Pink a sexualized color? As an artist, pink is a color i fell in love with after having my two a disenfranchised meant to me acceptance, finally, of womanhood and everything that came along with it. This doc, while making valid points, is a little extreme in the messaging. My girls are raised to know the truth, about ads, tv, sex, is only as strong as parental involvement......btw, spell-check wants to change "sexualized" to "serialized"...go figure....

11 years ago

I have two girls and I know that media, especially music video's and the celebrities you idolize shape how you want to dress, act, dance etc. You are looking for your identity and your looking the impress boys and you want attention and you want to be accepted but to what extremes. Seeing this documentary is really sad that our society is so sexually charged about everything. There is no sensory in public. I know as a parent we have to sensor but when they are bonbarded daily by images plastered on billboards or on magazines its hard to shelter them. I guess the only thing as a parent we can do is let them know that media is not realistic and that it doesn't portray the truth about women or men. That we don't have to look or dress like the pictures they see. That is ok to be different and to be themselves. Good doc. Thanks for sharing. If all parents could raise their children with good morals and values and help them to see that they don't have to be what they see on tv, I wonder what that would be like.

11 years ago

By looking at this,i really do feel proud to be Muslim.
I see the western-world is somehow seeing their own exploitation of women .Like they say Muslim women are oppressed and stuff, but what this shows is exactly where the problem of the west lies.

shane scallan
11 years ago

Imagine how bad the kids are going to be coming from this young generation today obsessed with fufilling the image of porn stars.

the future is by no means bright and these ******* marketing pimp scumbags outta burn for it.

11 years ago

Boring... sex is an issue because we are animals. If you want to be considered more, be considered more. It's the marketplace that makes demands such stuff. Girls will say, i'm complex, blah blah blah, but then you see them at the bar dancing like sluts. then they say it's just cus they like to dance.

you don't need to know : p
12 years ago

As a liberal, feminist, 18 year old girl who has witness all of this first hand in both small and large school systems, and has both an insider (as in being part of the demographic this infuriating crap is forced on for most of my life) and an outsider (as in being totally uninterested in sex by orientation), I have to say a lot of the comments completely missed the point.

Yes, there are tons of girls who don't buy into the sexism and are okay with being themselves. Unfortunately, they really are a minority. Because of gender socialization and brainwashing, not to mention peer pressure and many young boy's total lack of respect for women, a lot of otherwise smart, confident girls are sucked in and dehumanised by this infuriating culture we're all forced into. My slightly older sister, the twelve year old I look after, and almost all of my school mates (including those several grades under me) are prime examples of this.

Also, despite being asexual I am very pro sex for others, but only in situations that are healthy mentally and physically for all those involved. I don't think that any of what the media is trying to instill in children of all ages is either of those.

12 years ago

I really like this documentary, but... like what Scott Tramposch had written before me, I feel that the children seem to be exploited in this film. The creators are just as bad as the industry they're protesting against. The kids are being exploited because the creators are imposing and forcing their own beliefs on the kids. We don't know whether these kids are forced to believe that a lady in her underwear is bad or the images they're seeing is bad. How do we know these kids aren't being manipulated into the further right (conservative) propaganda, just as the media manipulates them into the further left (liberal) propaganda? BTW I think both sides are full of themselves and people need to go back being critical thinkers and stop this gang mentality childs' play.

One thing I do agree with the documentary... kids should be kids. I'm disgusted right now with how kids are pushed into play dates and scheduled after school nonsense. They're not allowed to explore for themselves what they really like and to use their imagination. Kids ought to chose for themselves who they should play with and when. My siblings and I never had a play date while growing up. Our cousins would come over whenever they felt like it and we played out for hours on end in the backyard (swimming pool, tennis, racket ball, basketball, baseball, stunt driving with the powerwheel on the ramp... etc). We would play outside till it got dark and then played more inside with our toys or played Nintendo games. Video games was strictly a night time event.

As for the topic of taking about sex with kids, I was fortunate enough to have such a great mom who taught me and my siblings about our changing bodies, puberty, and sex since the time we started to go to school (kindergarten). My mom was especially detailed about it with me, due to my autistic tendencies and ways. She didn't want anyone to take advantage of my overt friendly persona. Now just because I grew up with that and given that information at that age don't mean that it should be done to every child. After all every child is different with different family backgrounds and traditions. As a teacher and seeing how cruel the country is at parents and their parenting skills, I'm a firm believer that parents should be given back their power over their children, regardless if the rest of us may feel differently about that way of parenting. We're not the ones providing a roof, clothing and food for that child, the parents are. I agree parents ought to choose whether their kids ought to be taught about their changing bodies and sex at school or not, regardless of anyone elses' own beliefs, including my own.

One thing I really dislike about this doc. is how it portray kids as innocent empty shell beings with no sexuality... are you kidding me? >_> Who here remembers playing "you show me yours and I'll show you mines" games? I remember seeing a penis for the first time during first grade. It was at the back of the bus. Really sweet boy too. I knew exactly what I was looking at. I wasn't dumb. I gotten my hands on some high level science textbooks from my older brother. I mean seriously... I knew I liked boys more than the girls, and thought that if I hanged out with them more I would know them and win them over. I saw hanging out with girls as a waste of time. I was quite a sexual child, but that's because I took advantage of the open opportunities that were given to explore and understand, not just my own body, but the bodies of others as well. Kids aren't these robotic beings... they know and understand sexuality quite more than what the media and these people give them credit for. They just need to look back into their own childhood and see that they weren't little saints when they were growing up.

12 years ago

After watching the show and reading all the comments I found the comments to be more interesting because they were more balanced and informative, but I found it difficult to formulate an opinion on the matter. It bothers me to see children watching TV in America because I watch how it effects them in the way they talk and play, as well as in the questions they ask and the choices they make. Of course I would prefer they watch something educational, but what passes for education these days is just as frightening. I want our kids to fit in well with society but ignorance should not be the price to pay for that. They sent the fourth graders home with a consent form to teach them sex edudcation, or the alternative to sit in another class for the day if the parents didn't want their children to be aware of sex just yet. I appreciate that, but I wish they also would have given us the chance to decide whether they get taught the real history of the USA, or just the officially sanctioned version of it. I detest most of the music videos the kids are watching these days but I pretend to be casually not interested, and I have to admit that they are often more realistic than the news. Personally, I don't enjoy consuming sexually suggestive market hyped products, and I would never become a sex ed teacher in todays climate, but I will answer their questions regardless of what inspires them, and I will encourage them to show respect for one another regardless of the degree of sexuality they decide is appropriate as they navigate the modern world. It's not for me to decide if they find nudity and sex to be beautiful or horrifying. Perhaps hiding it from them may make them want it more and understand it less. I don't know. What is natural, normal or necessary today? I can't tell how it is in Canada, but in the USA it is now considered somewhat obscene for a man to remove his shirt in public, even on a hot day. Would the people who made this "documentary" attribute that to a widespread problem with obesity? Would they suggest that it is evidence of double standards? Media money knows us better than we know ourselves. There are reasons they don't use images of sexy women to promote war, but I will need more than my whimpy little double digit IQ to figure that one out. However, I find it most interesting that the last scene of this video showed how they exploited young children by making them put clothes on an advertisement to try to influence the opinion of those who would exploit adults by undressing them to influence the opinion of children. It suggests that the entire film may be exploiting children to advance the moral opinions of the producers. Who is exploiting who? Think about this the next time you tell your kids they can watch TV after they finish their homework.

12 years ago

As a 16 year-old currently and being exposed to this on a daily basis, this plight which adults seem so worried about just... Isn't. At least not in the proportions they were speaking of. By looking at the media and women half-naked parading around piss drunk hooking up with enough guys to assure them herpes. It's something to laugh at. Because we are aware that what they are doing is beyond stupid. It's amusing to dress like that for Halloween but most girls with a triple digit IQ realize it's not reality. Nor will it be.

On the topic of Bratz... Come on guys! I liked them because they had sparkles. Jeez. I'm not going to become an anorexic pole-dancer. It's like saying that Barbie is trying to make girls want breast implants because she has big boobs, uh, no.

And finally, I agree with some of it, or I would have not watched the whole thing. It's true expectations for relationships have changed. But... It isn't as cut and dry as they make it appear.

Laura Bloom
12 years ago

This documentary is not an effective one at all. Whether people choose to acknowledge it or not, a major part of human sexuality has been and always will be looks. I think the most beautiful girls are those who are confident with themselves! Teenagers, because of hormones, are at their lowest when it comes to self-esteem. What we all should do is teach girls to love themselves and cherish their sexuality! Sex should not equate with fear, rather sex should be looked at with common sense and then embraced as something completely and totally natural.

12 years ago

I can see why ex-feminists are so upset: they fought really hard for women's emancipation and now their slogans are being usurped by marketing pimps.
But they shouldn't worry too much. No girls with an iq above 80 (that is forrest gump standard) would agree that pussycat dolls are about girl power!
I think south park did a much better job than madame bissonnette on the subject matter - the episode on paris hilton (stupid spoilt whore) expresses everything I want to say, just better!

12 years ago

Don't forget all the hormones and chemicals in our food that cause young girls to get there cycle at age 11 now- instead of 14 or 15 like it was 70 years ago.
Everything promotes growing up fast.
At the appropriate age girls should be taught to cherish there sexuality and not give it out on to the first boy that they kiss.
The problem is we shelter girls to much in one way and not enough in the other...

12 years ago

That is not to say that women should neglect their sexuality and hide it away like some shameful secret; it just shouldn't be what makes up their identity.

12 years ago

Western Society has managed to progress in making sex a problem. The problem is not Sex itself, but the repression of it, the same creative force that links us to the mysteries life and Death. The Westernization of Sex has equally made men and women psychologically fragmented, depriving them of their innate, natural expressions, that of being rooted in Nature. What we have here is a Sibling Society that has eased to mature beyond the stage of Adolescence, unconsciously grappling with dark forces of Maya beyond their control.

12 years ago

What a patronising documentary. I am a 19 year old female, I am not image obsessed, having sex like a porn star, suffering from an eating disorder or suffering with depression!!
This is sensationalist, none of the teenagers i socialise with are affected by hypersexualised images to an extent that it impacts their day to day lives...

12 years ago

What a patronising documentary. I am a 19 year old female, I am not image obsessed, having sex like a porn star, suffering from an eating disorder or suffering with depression!!
This is sensationalist, none of the teenagers i socialise with are affected by hypersexualised images to an extent that it impacts their day to day lives...

12 years ago

I am 25 year old woman. I have several problems with this doc. As someone pointed out in comments below this feels like anti-sex propaganda. I thought we've gotten past that long time ago, like in the 60's.

There is also lots of little things that annoyme too like why are all the women speaking of this "problem" middle aged, unattractive, slightly overweight? Do they feel threatend or what? Most of the commercial pics in this doc shows women in their 20's not children or teens. Music has always been about sex one way or another, I don't really listen to any music that isn't about having good time. Seeing people dancing with no clothes on makes me feel happy for them havin good time not my self feeling ugly. Although I hate bratz dolls the reason why they are so popular is because they're cute, has lots of things and clothes to collect and are glittering, colorful etc that kids are instantly attracted to. I wish someone would have bought me a bratz bra so I would felt good about getting breasts and not ashamed.

I could probably go on like this with every scence in the whole doc but I'll spare you. English isn't my first language so please forgive the spelling mistakes etc.

12 years ago

We have so covered up the female and male body, that an ideological documentary such as this can make sense, if one is uncritical. Hypersexuality is not the problem, but the dominant anti-sexuality trend of post-modern, politically correct society. It's not the children, nor the adults, but a certain ideology, that makes this video wrong: humans, from day one, are sexual beings, as is all life. It's called reproduction/self-replication. This video strikes me as a "Born Again Christian" free-message-video, aka "Born Again Sexual-Puritanism 60's Feminism Outdated" type of documentary. LOL

12 years ago

Try respecting women and treating them as equals and human beings instead of sex objects. I have my whole life, the women I know anyway yes I have looked at porn occasionally and sometimes check out women who I don't know and will probably never see again. When it comes to women I know I am not that way I talk about real things I try to get to know them to listen to them and being a good friend. It leads to being just friends while the girl you love screws and gets screwed by some total jerk. It leads to women thinking your weak and walking all over you. Women insist on being treated badly, its really seems like its not mens fault. Maybe our media or our culture is to blame but it is not the average guys fault. He learns quickly to save the nice guy routine for his mom because only she will appreciate it

12 years ago

Oh and one more thing, some of those pre-teen images of girls were just disgusting, I can't believe they volunteered to look like that, or that some sicko felt the need to take those shots in the first place :P

12 years ago

@ Ted and Erik, NO using fear to control children is just as bad as using sex to control them.

And I noticed the same thing is happening with guys, guys have to have six pack abs and big muscles and blue eyes and this and that bull crap. I noticed that some guys at my school(a pretty hefty amount too :O) are having some pretty serious malnutrition problems, many guys take pride in being tooth-pick thin just because they have a "six-pack".

Of course it's not showing the human body that's a problem, it's the fact that people(All parties involved) are treating the body as a purely sexual thing, on one hand people want it to be shown blatantly as a sex object and on the other hand people are afraid of it because they think it implies sex.
And image isn't the only problem, personalities have become fashionable too. For girls it's being a backstabbing manipulative user, for guys it's to be a jock who plays with a woman's dignity for his own sake.
And both are told they need to dress/act in ways that are being marketed at that time, yet they don't seem to clue in that they're being played by marketing strategists.

But anyways I'm straying off here xD
Point is, both women AND men are being objectified.
Seriously, girls nowadays as well as men only look skin deep and it's pretty disgusting.
Oh and one more thing, back @ Ted Erik, people shouldn't be controlled using fear, they should be held as if learning how to ride a bike and steered into the direction of critical reasoning skills
and being able to think on their own feet.

12 years ago

Dam what kind of newspaper are they reading? Man, when I was a kid I had to jerk off to a fully dress woman depicted as cooking in a kitchen. There was nothing sexual about the picture and we had to really use our imagination to get a load off; not like the kids today. But, all joking aside, this is sad to see. The media trend is producing a generation of kids that are unable to be creative in any possible way. They follow fashion trends, sex trends, etc that tv, magazines, and internet are telling them to. I love the idea of feminism because it give women this image of power and being independent. Well, I like that. However, as women gain more freedom and power in society through higher education it become noticable, they are wearing less. The clothes they are wearing in the media or in the general public is getting tighter, shorter, and just less to end it at that. So, is the increase in women independence the result of more respect to female because of feminism or is it due to the fact that males are more attracted to the new sexy looks of women and allow them to get into college or a job position because they(males) are turn-on.

12 years ago

In my opinion, the problem with blatant sexual images in the media these days is that when children are exposed to these images, they don't understand what they're seeing, and they associate skimpy clothes, heavy makeup, and chemically altered hair as being the epitome of attractiveness

I remember as a child becoming anorexic for a while because everywhere I saw super thin models wearing tiny little short shorts and half tops, and being chubby, this made me feel incredibly uncomfortable.

12 years ago

The documentary is thought-provoking.

@ Christopher - "realize that looking at women as women is one thing, but looking at women as objects is something else, and depicts women as objects void of that human essence. The frailties of being human."- I am totally agree with these lines and this is what is going on in our present money-driven world.

Christopher Smith
12 years ago

I would like to point out that in a male dominated world I think guys really need to stand up to this dehumanizing behavior that we as guys advocate whether consciously, or unconsciously. Think there is nothing wrong and body parts, but when it becomes a tool for profit, or something that objectifies the entire person then there is the problem.

Don't get me wrong I being a guy living in the United States, I am sexist in the sense that I look at women, and "dream" about what is underneath, and it is a hard thing to understand, and realize that looking at women as women is one thing, but looking at women as objects is something else, and depicts women as objects void of that human essence. The frailties of being human. I guess it is one step at a time.

edward goodpeace
12 years ago

lets put back the clothes that the children use to wear and keep the adults stuff to the adults. and let teens be teens with out thinking they have to grow up to fast. I seen a lot here as well as they children dress.

edward goodpeace
12 years ago

to my self the document I feel is a good one to observe cause it has the understanding about the problems that the fashion world has brang to society has introduce these kind of clothern to the younger children and the pre teens and the young adolescents selling these clothes has made it un suitable to wear in the market place due to it sexuality problems it has done and selling these in magazines to make it explicit . iot has to stop making these kind of clothes
I feel a women can buy a suitable kind of clothern that don't show to much of the body but to be fashionable. weastern scoitey has made its own problems by advertizing in moral wear. not every women are like others and that makes it hard for them that are not cheap andlook liike a bimbo

13 years ago

None of this will ever change, no matter what people do or say, the harsh reality is nothing will change. What will change is the amount of media covering how woman are being disrespected in the media. You see more and more of these documentaries in the past years, but its just getting worse, therefore messages like this are not taken seriously because you can speak out as much as you want on how much you dont like it, but if nothing actually happens to change it no one is going to care.

This is why feminism isnt taken seriously anymore. We complain but when woman themselves are being promiscuous and not doing anything to change it the majority of people are going to think its fine.

13 years ago

This will be a very difficult battle to fight.
1)The companies which are advertising, are only interested in what will bring them business, even at the cost of the generation's health and well-being. There's no reasoning with them.
2)Even if you do succeed in sheltering half or even most of the girls from these influences, as long as there are some who are affected, the boys will naturally give them the attention, causing the sheltered girls to want to do whatever it takes to keep up.

The most powerful part of the film, was when it demonstrated the distortion of the concept of confidence, which is in reality - 'the self esteem which gives you the ability to be yourself', and they somehow flipped it to mean - 'the shedding of all self-regard/value/respect, which gives you the ability to do whatever is desired by another person'.

13 years ago

@Karen - I totally agree with this line "What shocks me the most is all the opportunistic women that are stoking this fire, just lining up. No integrity or morals at all. Giving it all away for little in return."

I teach all types of women how to find and keep their men. And the thing that shocks me the most is today's women (and teenage girls) are willingly giving away sex like it's nothing. Almost any woman who sleeps with a man they like too soon will almost guarantee that the relationship will not last - that's the pattern I've found working with friends and clients. They give sex out like it's worth nothing so the men don't value them when they obviously don't value themselves.

Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in abstinence programs either. I believe the media and the companies selling sexualized products are to blame. They shape society's view. When overt sexuality for children and teens become "normalized" it destroys them in many intangible ways. Wearing tank tops, mini bras and heels for 10 year olds is not normal. I just wish parents out there would be more responsible and NOT buy that sh!t in the first place so those companies will change their products and ads. Vote with your wallets people!

I let my 10 year old daughter to be just that, a child. She enjoys stuff toys and animal dolls and dresses like a kid should. I don't let her watch risqué music videos and I encourage her to feel good about herself as she is. Whereas my sister-in-law encourages her daughter to be like Barbie and dress cute and sexy. Last time I saw them, she asked me to use a straightening iron on her 6 year old daughter's hair! I asked her why on earth would a 6 year old want straighter hair? My niece-in-law replied "because I want to look pretty"

13 years ago

"sexy" is so subjective, as this documentary really shows.
whats sexy about a little girl? not much to most people... I'm not sure what the real agenda is under "exposing this phenomenon"; more dictated morality? Burkhas?

13 years ago

I am glad you western people finally opened you eyes.Save those little angles from the dust and dirt of Industrial world that is fuming out of TV screens. You are lucky to have a good educational system in place to address issues like this

Phil Atio
13 years ago

Hmm, as a young man, 21, I remember seeing that change, about the time when I was in grade 8, I noticed the girls all of a sudden started to dress much much sexier and in skimpy outfits that were not normal when I was in grade 3. I think it is only going further down hill from there, and would not want to even see what kind of clothes grade 5s are wearing or not wearing today.
Then again it is all marketing, they make cartoons aimed at kids dressing sexy, so even if parents tell their kids to ignore the cartoon and they do, there will be the whole peer pressure factor from other girls in school who dress that way.

13 years ago

I'm glad this sexualism isn't so broadly advertised in my country (Israel) as in this documentary. At last something the Dossim are doing something right. The pressure they put on this country is great, and these kind of pictures are offensive to them.

Just as that woman said in the end, the parents should tell their children that advertisments like that are junk, I would even say it in an even more critical way - I would say to my future children that girls who dress like that are Sharmutot! (A nice Hebrew curse for "Sluts"). (:

13 years ago

WOW! I'm so glad I found this film, because as a female teenager myself, I have noticed the sickening evolution from child to attemptive adult- both physically and mentally, in such short periods of time, in many of my peers. And not only is it sickening, this revolutionary evolution young females are encouraged to bring upon themselves- but it's morbid. Twisted. And must be stopped. This is a wonderful film, and I hope to see it in public school circulation for sexual education classes.

13 years ago

Being exposed to loveless sexual images at a young age is one thing, while being exposed to a loveless sexual image whilst being told its wrong to do that without context is another. Every theory on development emphasizes the impact of learning, and that future problems in life are due to faulty learning. Something as large a topic as sex cannot be influenced by a single outlet. If a young boy watches a music video where women are treated like objects, they do not think "if 50 cent does this, then it's okay". He would see that sort of ideology in many places. If a young boy watches that video, sees mimicking family behaviors, and is told later that the act of sex is wrong, those add up to a faulty learning experience about the world of sex.

Kids will learn about sex. There is no avoiding it now. But the answer is not to shame them about sex, but rather to teach them fully on the topic. Why else would teenage pregnancy rates in U.S.A. increase only in the years George Bush was in office, when abstinence programs in schools received a huge boost in funding?

All this documentary seems to me is a bunch of people taught to be ashamed of their sexuality trying to pass that knowledge onto their kids. It's awful, really. I thought the modern world was about progression.

13 years ago

Why is blame always put on men or boys, especially in sexual matters?

I've heard of guys in high school being humiliated by girls who were making fun of their 'performance' or even penis size in front of everyone. The girls who sleep around early on are the ones who want to be degraded because they decide to go out with guys who everyone knows will treat them like crap. Then again, when you look at it, you also have to see who these girls are. They'r usually the ones from some sort of disfunctional households. They are not the girls that guys who treat them well would be friends with.

I really don't think this problem influences everyone. You can kinda tell which girl is more likely to be giving out blow jobs than read her math textbook. They'r the ones that need help, not the whole society.

Divine Comedy
13 years ago

Ok this documentary may have a point but its really somewhat off.

First, it seems to make what they call hypersexualization to be a mainly (thought not all together)a female problem. Well this really is not true, males are in a very similar position in much of the popular media. For instance, they mention women being objectified in the 50 cent video but in the Britney spears video there are random hot guys dancing around in a sexual manner, just as objectified as any woman.

Second they never explore why this is happening. The media does not just produce anything they want and put it out there. They look at what sells and put it out there, and we generally buy things we like. So if sex sells that means we love sex. They seem to try to shock you with how explicit of an understanding of sex young teens and children have, by they don't explore why both adults and children are attracted to these images. Because we love sex, sexuality is important from a very very young age, Freud would say its the most important, but i concede that it simply matters. So sexuality is natural, the problem is not the sex, i would say its the pressure and awkwardness with which our society still treats the subject. So on the one hand we love and embrace it, but at the same time we condemn it and make it embarrassing. A girl would not be pressured into anal sex if she felt comfortable talking about the subject. It seems we are still in the transitional stage from the Victorian sexual repression, to absolute sexual freedom, but in this transitional stage a major conflict arises. Because sex is available and desirable but its still somewhat wrong and shameful.

Finally back to the damage to femininity point. How much damage is it really doing, the say (rather arbitrarily) that the hypersexualized imagery and culture is there to bring down the female and make them concerned with being sex objects. Well is this really having that effect, women are more powerful now then they ever were. And lets be hones there are just as many portrayals of women in popular culture that are powerful, and intelligent (while being hot in some cases). Women kicking ass with samurai swords. in positions of political power, as doctors, soldiers, and ancient warriors are just as common as the sex object type of portrayals which as i said earlier are not exclusive to women.

13 years ago

Sexual Propaganda

She is right when she says we are losing our voice. Everything people protested for in the Feminist Movement is quickly being eroded. The feminist movement started out being about empowering women to think and do for themselves, it was about equality for all people; for women, minorities, and men. It was about having choice about your life and bodies. It was about options, the option that men could tap into their femine side and be cooks, nurses, fashion designers and women could choose traditional male jobs, etc. Then it turned into Lesbians hating men. Then woman power becomes this 'super freak'; aspire to be a stripper and dress like a prostitute. Similtaneously, the sexual revolution goes from having control over pregnancy, to promiscuity, to hands on everybody and do anything, show everything for free. Women are more objectified, disrespected, and degraded than ever before. What shocks me the most is all the opportunistic women that are stoking this fire, just lining up. No integrity or morals at all. Giving it all away for little in return. This is progress! I don't know if you noticed but on the cover of the porn magazine it said chat only it was spelled chatte, 1 letter away from chattel-which is what everyone is becomeing:a possession/commodity.

13 years ago

ya the documentary is an awful important educative and informative staff but the thing i realized, is there any way except practicising how to respect girl whether she is baby teen young or woman we should practise it at home school and society where the little kid s are being socialized .we need to change our look over them how come we forget they are the only medium to take us on earth soooooooooooo its urgent to limit our wildness what is being acceptd and nuturing by goverment and indusries who cosider women only as an sex object .............. sex has been marketized with a target of vulgerness , rather a tie between the lovers a commitment for a long term relationship

13 years ago

This documentary is great, It does go over things we already know but as a society (however sad it is) we seem to have a new way of coping which is to shrug it off or "what can I do?" I admit I do this myself but where will it end? We give up on fighting against war because we are told by the media that we are stupid hippies and don't care about our troops. It seems to have become the norm and I feel the thing we are losing the most is our voice, we are quelled and downtrodden and feel completely disempowered. That would make the people in charge the happiest, a bunch of citizens who wont fight them and just go with whatever they put forward.

13 years ago

You are so Right Ted.

The best thing is to explain the TV is like satan (im not relegius this is just an example) and use fear to scare them into not looking. They will never miss it. i have not watched TV since 2007.

You also use love offcourse instead of fear, its just what you like to get your kids to do fun stuff and improve their brain capacity, like playing vid games or something.

Its like raising the smoking age 1 year every year. they will never miss it !

13 years ago

Too much tv and kids would accept it as normal.Without parents explaining to them they act as tv stars and their idols.