Islamophobia Inc.

Islamophobia Inc.

2018, Religion  -   58 Comments
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Incidents of violence and discrimination against Muslim Americans are on the rise. Inflamed by fears, misinformation and bald-faced prejudice, anti-Islamic organizations have tripled their membership just in the past three years. How did this disturbing trend begin, where is it going and how do we stop it? Produced by Al Jazeera Investigations, Islamophobia Inc examines the source of hatred against Muslims, the tools employed to spread discriminatory ideologies, and the possible culpability of President Donald Trump and others in his administration.

The film takes a no holds barred approach when assessing blame for hateful rhetoric and acts of brutality against Muslims. ACT for America is just one of the institutions in the film's crosshairs. Through incessant propaganda and a vigorous social media presence, the organization has successfully categorized an entire population of just under 2 billion people with a wide and demonizing brush. Under the guise of national security, they campaign against Muslim candidates across the political spectrum, and have brainwashed their followers into believing that all Muslims are out to confiscate their constitutional freedoms and decimate their Christian faith.

From the film's perspective, these misguided messages of hate inevitably trigger activists with violent tendencies. In recent years, the country has been left reeling from targeted shootings, public beatings and planted explosions in Muslim houses of worship. In response, the current White House administration has done little to quell islamophobic hostilities. In some instances, they've engaged in rhetoric that has only exacerbated and empowered the aggression.

Meaningful change could conceivably come from the corridors of power in Washington, but a number of wealthy donors are shelling out big bucks to ensure defeat for any Muslim candidates. Some of these donors represent mainstream and conservative Jewish organizations.

The film also includes insights from the activists on the other side of the battlefield. They struggle to defeat the rising tide of intolerance through education and social outreach.

Islamophobia Inc is an exceedingly well produced and thoroughly researched investigation of a hate movement that's taking hold across the country. It's a virus that enables ignorance and viciousness while contradicting fundamental American values and principles.

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  1. David Dieni

    The vilification of Islam started in the 90's when the west had formalized plans to invade the Middle East. The first thing they do is demonize those they are about to slaughter as sub human barbarians, as westerners who are more gullible than the average retarded stick insect believe matter how insane....except for the truth of course, they really hate that.

    All of the following are pejoratives used to demonize opposition by western imperialism. People should really learn what that word means, as the is the form of government Americans have....that Republic stuff is total BS

    Gooks, Slant eyes, towel heads, sand niggers, kites, keffers, coons, spicks, greasers etc

    Nothing for white people....fancy that, you would think they are the only ones with cluster bombs and nuclear weapons, and a gazillion missiles and jet fighters who invade other countries all the time .

    When its really the Muslims that invade western countries the first Saturday of every month (except during Ramadan) and bomb schools and hospitals etc, because that's their thing, they just like to invade

    1. Karen White

      Actually the "West" first started to vilify Muslims and Islam about 1,000 years ago during the first Crusade.

      The Crusaders sent home letters with first hand accounts of roasting Muslim children in Jerusalem on spits.

      When the Muslims first conquered Jerusalem in the 7th century, the bishop of Jerusalem gave the keys to Omar ibn al Khattab, and was astonished at the treatment of the people of Jerusalem by the Muslim conquerors. For example, the Bishop invited Omar ibn al Khattab to pray in his church; Omar declined, and said wherever I pray my first prayer in Jerusalem, the Muslims will build a mosque there. He asked for a place that was not being used, and the bishop took him to an unused parcel of land. That was where Omar offered his prayer, and yes, Muslims built a mosque there. This is how Omar ibn al Khattab saved the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

  2. hayder

    Islam is not murder. in Islam law also murders will be killed after judgment. Islam have justice
    you guys in Islam if your Neighbor was hungry and you are starved and sleep you did not believe by Islam see Islam is a religion of faith and justice and peaceful

    1. David Dieni

      Its OK brother, we are not all insane. Where i live has the most people from the Middle East per capita in the country....and they all very polite and friendly....we also have the lowest crime rate by far.

  3. 9/11 Survivor

    It's not a phobia when it's a real and present threat. The UN has deemed that between 15-25% of Muslims are radicalized and prepared to carry out jihad on infidels. Let's say 20% of the 1.8B Muslims are indeed radicalized - that's 360M Muslims that want YOU dead. How many hijackers did it take to change American society forever? Let's call a spade a spade.

    1. Gharisah

      Dude your country literally killed millions around the world, YOU are the ones who are radicalised and you easily get away with it! So keep crying about one fu*king inside-job incident like fu*king fa*gots while in this exact moment innocents are dying thanks to you

    2. Karen White


      If you really want actual data (and not just garbage that you made up in your head), check out Dalia Mogahed's book "Who Speaks For Islam."

  4. loraine

    well said Osman and Matt....

  5. Sorin Gociu

    well... how about Christianity-fobia? how about that?

    1. Love

      what about that, Christianity is ruling the world( well even if you guys are jews puppet) still you're at the world power right now.

    2. spencer

      You spelled "phobia" wrong so forgive us if we call you on BS lmao

  6. night over Dark Forest-heart of civilized West

    same old story, racist pricks congregate and spew their misery out of their feeble minds - one step away from gas-chambers all over again...

  7. Russ Tul

    All religions are man-made constructs whose origin dates back to a time when humanity knew nothing about science or natural philolosphy. Isalam is a bad copy of Christianity. Listen to some of the talks given by Christopher on YouTube and you will be enlightened

    1. Love

      then you can say christianity is a bad copy of judaism

  8. Tersoo

    Why can't these muslims simply live in their own countries and practise anything they want in those countries?

    1. Ahmed M

      let see if you can answer this question, what if you country was not safe at all, and you can't live there safely, wouldn't you go somewhere else that you can feel safe. that is the problem that muslims are facing, and if they try to go another safe muslim country like Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, what happen is the live at there is going to really hard and tough so that is why we come to the west as you would do. be sincere and open minded dummy

    2. Gigemall

      @Ahmed: And what makes your former country unsafe? Even before any invasions from outside forces?

      It is a long known principle that people who move often bring the things they were trying to move away from, with them. No matter where you go, there YOU are.

      Then there are the many muslims who are hell bent to convert where ever they go, to Islam and Sharia, defying the laws, customs, traditions, and culture of the country they move to. They arrogantly feel entitled, yet complain when someone or another country does that to their homeland. Dummy.

    3. Gigemall

      Muslims are directed by their book to lie, cheat, and steal from non-muslims; to kill or convert them when they gain the position/advantage to do so. Basically a virus or bacteria, when it grows large enough and strong enough, takes over its host.

      This is proven throughout history. They tear down historic places of worship and replace it with a mosque. Their true believers have absolutely NO respect for anything but their own; no matter what they claim. They lie like politicians and lawyers and feel good about it because their book tells them to do so.

      ANYONE who disagrees with that is either lying or hasn't read the muslim's book (Quran) especially the second part which supersedes the first part. The first part has all the nice stuff in it... where they claim they are a religion of peace blah blah blah.

      There is no point to watch this docu, which is not. It is merely Islamic propaganda doing just as they are instructed to do in their book, deceive the infidel.

      So, if you meet a nice muslim, which I have, how do you know if they are just pretending, deceiving you, waiting for the day when they can take advantage, to kill or convert you?

      It is not so difficult. If they read their book, if they go to mosque, then chances are high they are deceivers. Even if they are not the type to do the killing, only a very small handful out of their whole population would ever try to stop or get in the way of their bloodthirsty brothers.

      Of course they will call this hate but is simply fact. I don't hate them at all. I just wish they would wake up to the ridiculousness of their non-logic. They simply never think, never walk in another person's shoes. Don't realize that they must welcome upon themselves what they do upon others.

      And what of Christians? Do they send out suicide bombers to kill innocents in muslim countries? No. It is the non-religious or fake religious leaders (Bushes, Clinton) who drag the rest of the population to war at the behest of their satanic bankster war profiteer overlords, via lies and false flag events.

      With muslims, the indoctrination, the infection, the virus has the majority. They colonizers hoping to take over the world. Just listen to those in Sweden: "You are weak, we will take your daughters and breed you out of existence."

      Any nation who accepts and allows this, has at is head, those who are part of the Globalist plot to reshape the world in a communist one world govt where the population is a fraction of what it is today. See their manifesto upon the Georgia Guidestones.

    4. jj

      America IS their country. Many were born here. Religious freedom doesn't mean only YOUR religion.

    5. Feras

      Because your ******* country bombed those countries. You little ****.

    6. Karen White

      Your question displays ignorance of the US Constitution. If you truly love your country, then it would benefit you to read the first clause of the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

      This clause prohibits Congress from establishing an official religion, and prohibits Congress from stopping anyone from practicing their religion.

      If that's not enough, why not follow the example of Thomas Jefferson? When he learned that a visiting Muslim dignitary was fasting for Ramadan, Jefferson changed the mealtime to the exact moment of sunset so that his guest could break his fast in comfort.

  9. shahmir

    spread of hate always backfires. agencies promoting islamophobia are dragging America to self destruction. every one benefits if reason wins.

    1. M9k

      Pls do you also accept the implementation of non shariah law in your islamic countries?

  10. Matt Mephisto

    While I believe that all religions do more harm than good, this fear based mindset drilled into many people (especially here in America) is simply the newest of Boogiemen used to keep us distracted.
    Islamaphobia has created a great deal of anger towards a vast group of people based upon the actions of an almost immeasurable few that side with extremism. Those extremist in Islamic culture have the right to be angry and seek revenge, but in doing so have become just as easily controlled by those at the top as the American people are.
    The bottom line, we all are too obedient and lack divergent thought. Our indoctrination's have kept us fighting each other instead of going after the ones that are the greatest threat to us all... our rulers.
    Stop the hatred. Stop the blind obedience (blind obedience / blind faith are the greatest tools one can use to manipulate others with.) . And learn the concepts of divergent thought, and empathy. Put yourselves into the shoes of those you fear/hate. For if America were the weaker force and Islam were a military superpower that came to our nation and killed those I loved, stripped our resources, and then left us in chaos, or controlled by a puppet dictator (worse than the ones we normally have) ... I too would be cutting off heads and wishing death upon them.

    Wake up. Look at your real enemies. Stop being pawns to serve a ruling class that cares nothing for you.

  11. Osman Ahmed

    Knowledge is power. If you don't know my friends, get to know what is happening. First Americans hate the Japanese, then they are told to hate Vietnamese, Germans, this and that. Don't you realize that the Pentagon runs America? (Military Industrial Complex). When you hate, you do wars and guess who makes money? The arms dealers. American teens are being killed regularly, but yet the government can't ban weapons. Knowledge my friends...

    1. Russ Tul

      Well-said, Osman

    2. M9k

      pls supply your knowedge to those terrorists

  12. Bijou

    Oh look! Some whining butthurt Trumpturds!

  13. All4WakeUp

    I do not hate any human including the ones that consider themselves Muslim, but this religion is worse than fascistic ideology dressed as religion and if any Muslim is not using head to think critically they become part of this hugely dishonest parasitic monopoly plot to conquer all through all imaginable deceits and lies yet hidden behind number of empty good and positive sounding words

    1. Karen White

      Remember that it was a Muslim who invented the scientific method. Ibn al Haytham in the 13th century under Muslim rule. I'd call that critical thinking at its best. Nice try, though.

  14. Nomen

    If AlJazera can air anything that advocates Muslim Brotherhoot they are part of the same parasitic criminal ideology, as Islam is worse than Main Kamp, so take crescent as worse than swastika. It is twisted deceitful and genocidal formula how to spread like bacteria and history is full of crimes. This is the fact for atheist or for other religion member and there is no way around it.

    1. hayder

      Islam is not murder. in Islam law also murders will be killed after judgment. Islam have justice
      you guys in Islam if your Neighbor was hungry and you are starved and sleep you did not believe by Islam see Islam is a religion of faith and justice and peaceful

    2. Karen White

      Islam is the world's fastest growing religion. 2 billion people.

      If Islam is "genocidal" and "worse than swatiska," we're all in trouble. Fortunately, you are completely wrong, Muslims are amazing people, and you should be grateful to one Muslim in particular, al Khawarizmi, who invented algorithms that run your computer as you spew anti-Muslim nonsense.

  15. Joseph L

    I come from South East Asia. I also lived in a Muslim country. I find the Muslim a very peaceful people, very clean people and very hospitable people. ..... until the Americans and the CIA went stirring in the Middle East and Muslim countries. It is like the Americans are allowed to killed and harm the Muslim and when the Muslim retaliates, now they are the terrorists, the rapist, the killers. Lots of sick people in America, an immoral country.

    1. M9k

      Joseph u typed like a sick man. have you read the quran before?? why did 5 arab neighboring countries ganged up that little israel at it's inception? these guys are supremacists that come as weaklings...very soon they'll grow beyond your control!

    2. Karen White

      M9k, any attempts at portraying Israel as a victim are tired and outdated, not to mention completely false.

      Human Rights Watch finally came out with a report confirming what most of the world knew all along, that Israel is an apartheid state. Disgusting.

  16. Konrad

    Look what is happening in Europe !!!!!

    1. Karen White

      For example, the people of London have democratically elected a Muslim as their mayor.

  17. Robert

    A documentary you won't see from Al Jazeera (aka, the Qatari Ministry of Truth): a documentary on Christianophobia in the Islamic world...

    1. Karen White

      Baghdad has been under Muslim rule for more than 1000 years. And there are still churches flourishing there (in spite of the incessant bombing by Christian countries).

  18. ask Aicha

    this is nothing more than propaganda.... When guests become unruly, it only makes sense to put them back in their place. Do yourselves a favor and read tbe Qu'ran and the Haddiths... And it will soon be all to clear what the outcome of the historical game is going to be. They have been at it for 1400 years, so if you think that things will play out differently in this day andage, you are hopelessly naive.

    1. Karen White

      Muslims are not guests in the United States. They have lived here for centuries.

      Either you stand by the Constitution, or you don't. And the first clause of the First Amendment is freedom of religion.

      Also, without Islam, there is no United States as we know it. For example, it was a Muslim woman who founded the world's first university. This is why our graduates dress up like a bunch of Muslims at graduation.

      Modern medicine. Sociology. Political science. Algebra. Sofa is an Arabic word. So is soap. You're welcome.

  19. Thomas Bryant

    This film is manufactured lies . IT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN DOWN~~~~~~~~There is NO TRUTH IN IT. This is their way of getting sentiment.

    1. Matt Mephisto

      I know right! Why allow freedom of speech when it goes against your indoctrinated, fearful views???
      Truth is fact, not what your preferred news channel tells you it is.

    2. Karen White

      Thomas, are you saying there was no truth in the attack on the mosque in Detroit? When we all heard from the witnesses and saw the surveillance video?

  20. Sarto Mik

    Islamophobia. Serious?
    I see Muslims on the news everyday for murdering, raping, stealing and all those things. That documentary is disrespectful.

    1. M9k

      thanks for this....well said!

    2. spencer

      It's cute that you think "Christians" don't do the same thing everyday.

      Alabama (among other states) is currently fighting to keep child marriage a thing. But no Christians wanna talk about that lol

    3. spencer

      Damn the Bible Thumpers came for this vid with a vengeance.

      There is no such thing as "Christian-phobia" as so many here are crying about. Christians, by their nature, seek genocide through indoctrination and compelled conversion. Evangelicals, Jehovah's Witnesses, and LDS all operate on that model. Their fears are justified and not like the legitimate xenophobia many Americans, Irish, Canadians, and British express.

      Israel was carved out of WWII winning by the allied nations to give the Jewish population in Europe/the Middle East a state in which they wouldn't be persecuted. If there was a problem with its placement - that's the Allies' (aka Christians) fault. Hmmm it's almost like they realized there would be a lot to gain by stoking the flames of ancient religious wars in the region.

    4. Karen White

      Actually Muslims in the United States have a lower crime rate than the general public. As a former public defender I represented a LOT of people accused of crimes. I rarely saw Muslims in court. Nice try, though.

  21. Parvez

    Gator you are a victim of misinformation and disinformation. Religious texts are to read with knowledge of the time it was meant for. And while you and other Islamophobes (yes you are one) may have heard something from The Koran regarding killing of enemies but may find it loathe to read and research on your own, you can easily pick up the Bible and check out Deuteronomy 20:16 - "For in the cities of these people that the Lord your God gives you for an inheritance, you shall save alive nothing that breathes." This not only included believers of a different race or religion but even the livestock and other animals. So don't let your phobia, which you explained yourself, get the better of you.
    PS: While you are at it do also check Moses(Numbers 31:17 besides many more.

  22. dennis

    The biggest threat this country faces is not Muslims but the fear and hate mongering news networks that propel this false message "ginning up" the masses and their greatest enabler, the current POTUS. If you think otherwise, your part of the problem not the solution.

  23. Søren Dahse

    This is not really the muslims fault, NOR the people's fault........ This is the work of the government, inviting SO SO SO many people in to our countries, thinking "oh its all gonna work out!"......

    IT WONT, and certainly not under these circumstances...... So thank you governments around in the western world, FOR SHI**ING ON YOUR OWN COUNTRIES

    Islam doesnt have room for anything else, and thats fine if they are in their own countries, do whatever the fuck you want..... But when this many people have been invited in, and they wont give up ANY part of their culture and wants our culture to bend to theirs, thats when you get a problem..... Of course people get mad, and this was all preventable

    If more are invited in, more people will get mad........ thats kinda the recepie for what happened in ww2. if that happens, it will also be the fault of our pussy governments

    Things will explode one day..... All it takes is a catalyst, like the economy starting to fail, and we all know that will happen again, probably harder than the other times

    1. Lina

      Soren Dahse: Exactly. Well said.

    2. Karen White

      You must live in such fear and hate; what a sad way to live your life.

      Just consider this: there are currently so many Muslim physicians in the United States, that if they all got up and left, our country would face a health crisis.

      Muslims in the United States are healing the sick, feeding the poor, and I personally represent low-income people as an attorney, taking a fraction of the salary I could get if I worked for a private firm.

      Nice try, though.

  24. trevor

    What a joke! No such thing as "islamophobia" Do we have christianophobia ?

    1. Gator

      According to the Oxford Dictionary "phobia" is defined as "an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something."

      But when no other religion or culture other than muslims, disproportionate to every and all other groups, cults, religions, is instructed by the muslim's quran and directed by islamic cleric leaders, are murdering innocent people and beheading disbelievers and throwing gays off building roofs and lighting people on fire in cages and rape gangs grooming children as young as 9 yrs of age for sex and marriage and suicide bombing public events and running over groups of innocent people walking on sidewalks and running thru restaurants and hotels knifing anyone and everyone all while screaming "alah akbar", then that's not a "phobia", but instead a well founded, documented and educated and very rational fear of muslim realities of heinous horrors disguised as "the religion of peace".

      Not even worthy of calling them animals.
      Afterall, when was the last time you saw anyone other than a muslim holding a severed head?

      "When muslims are in a minority they demand human rights.
      Where muslims are a majority there are no human rights."

    2. Karen White

      If people are mistreating Christians because of their faith, then that is wrong.

      However, we should point out that the first time Christians prayed in a mosque was in the 7th century in the mosque of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. A Christian delegation had come from Yemen to ask questions about Islam. As they sat in the Prophet's mosque, Muhammad (peace be upon him) sensed that they needed to offer prayer. He asked them if they would like to pray, and offered the mosque. They accepted.

      Nice try, though.