The Globalization Tapes

The Globalization Tapes

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The Globalization TapesIf we are united in our struggle against worker oppression, united in our search for truth amidst lies, united for a truly participatory democratic economic system, the possibilities are only limited by our courage, our determination, and our capacity to imagine. A collaboration between the Independent Plantation Workers' Union of Sumatra (Indonesia), the International Union of Food and Agricultural Workers (IUF) and Vision Machine Film Project.

The Globalization Tapes is a film made by workers for workers. The story isn't told by experts, but by union members from palm oil plantations in Indonesia. Their experience is complemented by workers from both Colombia and Holland. The film powerfully documents their exploration of history, globalization, and how unions around the world can support each other and struggle together.

Using their own forbidden history as a case study, the Indonesian filmmakers trace the development of contemporary globalization from its roots in colonialism to the present. Through chilling first-hand accounts, The Globalization Tapes exposes the devastating role of militarism and repression in building the "global economy", and explores the relationships between trade, third-world debt, and international institutions like the IMF, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization. The film explains how these institutions shape and enforcing the corporate world order.

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  1. Elena Z

    This is inspirational, makes me think how I can help... perhaps by educating other people about the products and companies that use cheap resources, to give an idea that if you pay extra $0.05 you can make a big difference by supporting more responsible and fair business

  2. david webster

    The W.T.O. needs to set a wage of a at least $10 per day for company that exports or that has 5 or more workers my great great grandparents came to Canada because the way small landowner were treated in potato shortage. Many people died and the non land owners became slaves, This no better today

  3. yojimbo006

    Thank you.. until the victory, always...

  4. Tyler Partridge

    Amazing documentary. Turly naked film making.

  5. alan

    how does one put tears and futility into a comment.
    there is beauty in the Gamalan music
    music that was made by musicians, to aid, and support the workers through their day, supporting their community
    i'm lost
    i'm sorry
    no good saying 'it's not my fault'

  6. R00PHiX

    i am a huge music person, Very huge... Music is... my life. I say all that because the instant i realized that Indonesian man was playing guitar and the sound was so familiar so like me, so enjoyable i realized; That he and i, we're brothers. through out the film the music played a large part atleast for me in connecting to these people whos langauge i cannot understand. Music and love ran past that barriar with ease. Soon i realized that his struggle, is my struggle.

  7. scoogers

    Great explanation of the impact of the IMF, World Bank, and the WTO. Great doc!

  8. Realist

    Thomas M look up Greg Palast, he's a great journalist and has much to say about the WTO, BP and other orgs that pillage for profit. He also is the one that broke the voting fraud story in Florida and other states. When GW Bush stole the election and the country.

  9. Thomas M

    Would be interested in learning more about the WTO. From an independent source, anyone knows a good docu about that?

  10. Zeerak

    This is a remarkable effort. It is appalling to see the poverty shown in the video. Working for one dollar a day is outrageous.

    1. Wendy Russell

      there is nothing one can do about other peoples countries. Their government needs to do something different. And, we need to stop supporting the whole dam world. America is not responsible for everyone worldwide

  11. Pita

    anyone know where we can buy this doco from?