The Man Who Ate His Lover

The Man Who Ate His Lover

2004, Psychology  -   47 Comments
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Body Shock: The Man Who Ate His LoverConsider the following story line for the ultimate video nasty. Single man meets radical male masochist on the Internet. On their first date, the masochist offers up his penis as main course in a romantic dinner for two. After some teething problems over the best way to prepare the food, the two men enjoy a meal of garnished genitals. Satiated, and feeling woozy, the masochist is led upstairs to the bathroom, where he is left to bleed to death. Hours later, our host pops in to see how his date is doing, and finishes him off with a knife to the throat. He then butchers the body and barbecues the meat.

Even as fiction, this extreme tale of human weirdness would be difficult to stomach. So how do we respond when two middle-aged computer engineers turn this incredulous plot into jaw-dropping fact? Two words: shock and awe. Just when you thought you'd heard it all, along comes a German cannibal, Armin Meiwes, and his willing victim, Bernd-Juergen Brandes, to rewrite the book of bizarre human behavior. Rarely has a criminal investigation aroused such ghoulish curiosity or raised such difficult questions about the dark places that the human mind can go.

Amid the media scramble surrounding the recent courtroom drama, there has been a clamour to understand and to explain this behavior, which, incidentally, is not even illegal under either German or British law. In desperation, we turn to science for answers. What can rational objectivity tell us about such irrational acts of violence and mutilation? Perhaps not very much. But with little else to go on, we must be content with what morsels of knowledge we can find.

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7 years ago

No one has mentioned that the "victim" DID NOT consent to having a knife rammed through his throat. That was not the agreed manner of death. Yes, he consented to the rest, but this is a very important point.

7 years ago

Says something about this planet that in a documentary about a sadistic cannibal he seems nicer than some of his neighbours.

11 years ago

I know I'll probably get sh_t for this, and I can't say that I'd really blame anyone for doing so, but I can empathise with Armin. I mean, we all should to at least a very, very small fraction of a percent. He grew up without a father...his mother absolutely smothered him, and he seemed to not really have anyone to turn to. At all. The kid had to make an invisible friend for goodness' sake. Sure, what he did was an 'abomination' - I get that, but at least recognise the fact that he didn't have a happy childhood. Isolation is an awful thing. It truly is.

I'm a bit too open-minded for my own good - surprised it's not gotten me into trouble - but for those reasons I can empathise with his obsession with consuming an actual person to 'always have them' with him. I had thought this story was going to be about a real relationship, where it'd been physical for a while, etc, and culminated at the consumption...but I guess it didn't turn out like that. I'd of understood it a bit better if that'd of been the case.

Bottom line is that some people just see things so very differently. And they feel things differently than the average person. They get deep into things, and so on. I'm not necessarily condoning what was done, but...

Katie Newman
11 years ago

It is saying that it is true, but if it were fiction, it would be hard to understand

Stephanie Dawn
11 years ago i feel like alot of people are missing the part where this is a piece of fiction, disqusting and horrific as it is. Its just as fake as the human centipied for example. Whitch is also a movie that will make you feel sick to your stomach.

Ryan Clifton
11 years ago

This is the sickest thing I've ever seen in my life! Words cannot express the horror of Meiwes's actions as well as that Brandes would allow himself to be subjected as a piece of meat such as cow, or pig. I think both parties had extreme issues, and it is both their faults for this end. I find the whole scenario to be quite disturbing in the sense that..Why would you want someone, even as a fetish, to eat you? I remember hearing of a group of men as a LAST RESORT, in dire conditions, that they'd eat each other to stay alive in a harsh environment, and even in that situation. Me as a person, I'd rather die then be food for someone else's sustenance. Life is sacred, if you have such issues that you wish to be someone else's food..Please seek help, think of the people who'd miss you, family, friends..I am a man myself, and I value my life as well as I value others. I have both cried and thrown up while watching this..this is beyond monstrous. This is complete evil..and a man's wish to be that evil's meal. I truely hope Meiwes burns in hell (and this is coming from an Agnostic person.)

11 years ago

Ok let me get this right...
Germany is just A Place of Carnibalism???
1. I rember long ago a person told me about a movie from a german Productor name "Cannibal"???
wich there was this theory tht was made with human FLESH!! grose..

2. i see this documentary and im so SHOCK!!

3. huh? only 8- years? you do that in America and u,ll get death road! pa'l

4. so he was gonna get out of jail in 4 years? that was in 2004?
and now we are in 2012 that means hes already been hanging out around where he lives..? just like that?
a treath to society???

5. hOW can u or anybody proof that that guy really wanted to be eaten??? thats not suicidal thats just nuts!! he didnt take hes own life this franky guy took it!! so thats not a suicide person!!

and also the documentary said that the guy took sleeping pills and all that stuff that means he was not fully ok with the situation, when somebody do something because she/he wants this persons do it without drug efects
that is when is her/he's will's//

4. Wtf!!!

11 years ago


X_x thats just sickooo

11 years ago

wow, after watching this im really glad that plain old sex with the wife and internet porn excite me, i would hate to have to go that far just to get my yah-yahs off!

11 years ago

WTF DID I JUST WATCHED THIS IS HORRIBLE MAN! Damn! man im only 16 and i feel like some kinda sadness i cant describe.......... How could Some one do something like that.... :| ? FUkin Monsters

11 years ago

i wonder how many of u sick ***** masturbated to this

11 years ago

Wow, relativism at it's most ghoulish? How can you people say this isn't morally wrong or sick? I don't care what anyone says, no one will ever change my mind, eating a human being is wrong, especially in this situation where it's not even for survival or in the most extreme of survival circumstances. People die in famines and do not resort to eating another human being, that says something about it. I don't care if there's consent or not; there are somethings sacred to me and this is without a doubt one of them.

Assisted suicide is wrong because no one can EVER tell whether or not it was assisted or not. That's the problem. One person can leave a note, a video or whatever, but you can't really prove it. What if they were forced to leave a statement saying they wanted to be killed? Furthermore, is it okay to have a society where it's "okay" to kill people? Not in my opinion. People who desire to be "eaten" should be HELPED, because something is wrong with them.

11 years ago

The way to a man's heart is through his ribcage.

11 years ago

How is this "sick"? We're talking about two consentual adults.

11 years ago

sick sick sick

Richard Belanger
11 years ago

I remember seeing a movie where a man fell in love with a woman so much that he wanted to be "one with her". To her horror, she discovered what he meant by that: he wanted her to eat him, literally. Kill him and eat his body. At first, she refused. Then, she eventually gave in. They set up the stage for his last supper, and her last supper with him. Going along his wishes, she tied him to a cross to immobilize him, used a knife to execute him and decapitate him. She set his decapitated head at one end of the supper table, probably so he could "watch" while she roasted his heart, kidneys and liver on a barbecue. She took a few bites of each, to fill her end of the "bargain". A neighbor made the gruesome discovery and called the police. She went to jail for murder. The man's mother, hearing that this woman had killed her "boy", hired an inmate to rough her up to get revenge. Was she a murderer, even if she acted on his wishes? Was cannibalism the ultimate expression of love, when one is willing to die for the one they love?

11 years ago

wow. people can be very extreme and i find this very interesting. I guess I can understand that this could be a threat to people in a way. But more to Peoples sense of convention. If a grown man goes out for years to seek another grown man to kill and eat him and finally finds him, why is this wrong? I guess I have a warped sense of reality. It's against the law, and suicide is against the law too, even assisted suicide for a person that is in so much pain they cant go on living. Its inhumane to assist a human in death, but humane to put down a animal.
I could understand if he brainwashed his friend or did the act against his friends will, however this was two adults consenting.
If he was let out to do it again he could take it to the next step and murder, which is very bad, however if he just did as he has done with his friend perhaps he is doing a service.
Or perhaps I am to open minded.

11 years ago

This was an okay documentary in my opinion. It wasn't too interesting, I feel like it could have been shortened into a 10 minute thing so watching it for that long was somewhat boring. Not the most intriguing documentary out there. If you're looking for something interesting about the mind or something abnormal try looking at the multiple personalities one- it is awesome!

12 years ago

The German band Rammstein used this story as inspiration for their song called "Mein Teil", literally translated as "My Part".

The first part of the song includes a band member speaking the classified Meiwes put in the paper: "Suche gut gebauten Achtzehn- bis Dreißigjährigen zum Schlachten – Der Metzgermeister" -- "Looking for a well built 18 to 30 year old to be slaughtered - The Master Butcher".

Great song, strange story.

12 years ago

This is the most gruesome thing I have ever seen in a documentary apart 'ZOO'.

12 years ago

People all over do things that I wouldn't want to do myself. I think consent plays a really large part in this to me. They said he let anyone call it roleplay and chicken out without retribution so he kept his boundaries and didn't demand that they follow through with it all showing that he doesn't sound like someone that would just roam around his village for victims. He wanted consent, not someone against it.

When I think about this story I'm reminded of assisted suicide.
Since I would like suicide to be legalized because I believe that our bodies are own own, not property of a state, I guess I can see a time when consentually someone agrees to this and it could be accepted.

The part that is tied to it tho is not just the death but the consumption.
It sounds sick of course to want to eat humans because I can barely eat some animal meats but if it were all consentual I suppose in a society where you allow someone to eat other humans if they choose to be eaten... well... how can you deny it. It's what both parties wish to happen. I could justify it the same way that a suicidal person in pain asks a doctor to destroy them and offers their body parts to medical research or transplants. Ultimately, if you choose for you flesh to be eaten as your final wish or your eyeballs to be reused, aren't they both the same thing, domain over your parts after you are gone...

The kicker for me has to be consent. If I don't want to die by your hand, no you can't kill me even if I look tasty. That would have to stay a law in this silly society I just imagined lol

13 years ago

They never showed shyte ......... I ve met worse unfortunately an in some areas still to this day do it on a regular basis........ this was fun to watch but nt shocking to me...... interesting to see the witnesses talk , the ones that knew him anyway ...... takes all kinds , ya know. life is............ ?

caja 88
13 years ago

very true people! there is also been a movie made about this ordeal. a gem and very hard to find called "cannibal". *CAUTION* not for the squeamish. you will seriously feel the need to take a shower after watching!

13 years ago

The "BME olympics" video is a hoax/fake. Gave me a huge relief when I learned that but never the less you're better off not watching it.

13 years ago

Penis bbq? Am I reading this correctly? LOL, I think I'll have to watch some of this to believe it. I heard of a gross, disgusting immoral short video online called the BME olympics or simply called the spankwire video, as I believe it was originally posted on the porn site spankwire, regardless, I have not seen this 2-3 minute video, but I was warned not to, and many, many ppl who've watched it wish they never did, so I refuse to watch it....I'm sure many reading this will be googling the bme olypics immediately, but don't say I didn't warn you!! DON"T WATCH IT!!