This (Illegal) American Life
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This (Illegal) American Life

2011, Society  -   160 Comments
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From a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico, and from a kitchen table in East Los Angeles, from a flophouse in a coastal farming town, to a strip-mall in Phoenix, Arizona, these are snapshots of illegal immigration in America. It's estimated that as many as 12 million people are living in United States illegally, but this story is about just two.

An American lit major named Ilse, and a strawberry picker named Filemon. They know that many do not want them here. But for different reasons they're staying. Their lives are testaments to both the power of the American dream and the absolute failure of America's immigration policies.

23 year old Ilse Escobar grew up in Los Angeles and remembers well her first visit to the UCLA campus. In many ways Ilse is a typical American college student, but in one important way Ilse is very different. Ilse's family crossed the border from Mexico into the United States when she was just 3 years old. She's considered an illegal immigrant in the only country she's ever known.

Ilse is one of approximately 200 undocumented students at UCLA. Despite their illegal status the state of California allows these students to attend its public universities, but in just a few short months Ilse will graduate into a country that can be far less tolerant. News clips provide a regular reminder of how some Americans feel.

Ilse and her peers may be unafraid, emboldened and in some ways protected by their status as students at one of the country's top schools, but just 40 miles up the coast things are very different. Oxnard, California is home to both some of the richest farmland in America and an illegal immigrant population that is anything but eager to speak its name or show its face.

The farm workers weren't talking nor did their employers want them to. Undocumented workers in Oxnard live in the shadows. At the end of their shifts they retreat from the fields to immigrant friendly neighborhoods where they often live in flophouses, trailers or dormitory styled residences. They believe there's safety in numbers.

No one knows exactly what percentage of farm workers in Oxnard are there illegally. Nationally, undocumented workers are estimated to make up as much as 70% of the agricultural workforce. The workers pick for some of the biggest brands in the produce industry. In Oxnard one crop is king. More strawberries are grown there than anywhere else in California. A state that produces 88% of this country's strawberries, and every one of them is picked by hand.

Strawberry fields are among the most backbreaking to harvest. Workers spend long days hunched over, their skin covered to protect against both the sun and pesticides. A fruits of their labor yield a state's produce industry an estimated $2 billion a year. Filemon was the only undocumented farm worker who seemed willing to speak in front of the camera.

Not far from the strawberry fields, there is a neighborhood in south Oxnard, which from the street looks like a typical working class suburb, but in fact it's overpopulated with undocumented farm workers who live in awful conditions.

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  1. If all the bleeding hearts truly cared, they would help the Mexicans overthrow their swamp corrupt government, clear out their police and other systems based on graft, and help them start businesses. Oh crap, if they truly cared about the their kids, they would do that here first.

    If Ilse is deported, what would be the worst thing?
    She would apply to European companies, such as in Spain, assuming she knows Spanish, for a job.
    Highly likely someone would take her having a degree from UCLA.
    Then they would send her back in a year or two as a company representative to the usa.

    As for the strawberry pickers:
    Kids have less distance to bend their backs, used to pick the strawberries. Why don't they now? The UNIONS ruined that form of summer work for the kids. They made a ruckus and their mentally deficient democrat reps past laws wiping out strawberry picking for the kids.

    That is why I would NEVER hire a union person and would just close a business down if a union succeeded in duping the employees to unionize. They are the reason many companies moved overseas. Unions are so smart they shoot themselves in the foot every chance they get.

    "Unions are the perfect training ground for communism." -- (Soviet) Lenin

  2. White people aren't white, they are pink.
    Hold a piece of white paper beside any part that gets no sun and look.
    I wish people would use the correct word. It's PINK.

  3. This problem is based on color. The WHITE Europeans who came here in the last century had some trouble but NOTHING like what non-whites have been enduring for more than the last hundred years. That is why I wretch when ignoramuses bleat out "God Bless America".

  4. I understand where all of the hate white supremacists seem to feel against immigrants. They are unable to get a job, struggle to pay student debts and probably have to work extra-time to afford their vacations. I get it; it's hard. This documentary showed a great deal about the lives that undocumented immigrants expect to live in the US. They showed the field worker, the cook, the housecleaning lady, the student. They showed parents concerned about the well being of their kids and kids aspiring to make their parents proud. The purpose was not white shame anybody. The purpose was not show a face of the United States that is often overlooked. Sure, people discuss illegal immigration and all the problems it has brought to their lives. But what they do not discuss is the lives that are being talked about. Student aspiring to graduate and give their talents and hard work to the US. Workers who not know about the American taxing system. I know many people do not pay taxes. It is not because they do not want; it's because they do not know they have to. If the american people want them to pay taxes, then give them the information they need to do so. Words of hate do not educate; they just create more hate. It pains me to see that a country that was created on the basis of freedom and that has fought for equality is going back to the years of segregation and injustice- and people cheer to it- If immigrants come down, so does the country.

  5. There was an important factor that either I missed, or was not presented. (Without reviewing the video, I will suspect the later.)
    How has the college grads family been sustaining themselves since arrival, and how did the girl pay for her education.
    In order to shine a brighter light on this topic, I feel that this information is important. Have hundreds of K's of U.S. tax dollars been spent over 20 years in order to secure a diploma that is, in all reality, not likely to be used?

    1. Yeah you completely missed it. They pay their own way through and are unable to receive any financial aid. No tax payer money is being given to them.

  6. That creep Obama allows all this to happen! For a reason too, to destroy America for all his Zionist friends!

  7. I've just sent an email to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and reported these illegals.

  8. Something needs to be done but it doesn't involve the US alone. Mexico is a failure and needs to be changed around by the US if necessary. The people coming to the US are looking for money and better lives. There are thousands of illegals who have been educated in the US but they are unwilling to go back to the country of their birth to improve it. This says a lot about Mexico's government and the myth of education's value to capitalism. Staying the US is also the lazy easy choice. Most all would choose to stay. The US border needs to be controlled or opened and new opportunities in Mexico opened up for Americans. Mexico should become more like America as most Mexicans would like to live like Americans and have work opportunities. America isn't a cruel state to immigrants legal or illegal. In fact, if you look at the laws Mexico is much more cruel to average Americans trying to do business there. This is also the case in most developing nations. Open the borders up but make sure the opportunities go both ways. Right now the US is the only country giving up to foreigners. I've lived abroad for twenty years as an American and I can tell you I have gone through as much pain as any of these people. The world is open to the wealthy but not so much for the poor no matter which country they are from.

    Finally, I'd like to say that Mexico has a religious / education problem. It's people have babies that they can't feed. Just listen to the woman who points out her 6-7 kids when the film crew visit her after talking to her husband and 8th child in the US. This is Mexico's failure again. If Mexico dealt with its overpopulation issue, it would be in a better state. This is the same as the Philippines. You can probably blame the Catholic church for this one. I know the ignorant people like these farmers. I live with them in Asia. Out here they stopped having giant families a decade or two ago. Mexico has to stop being ignorant and show some leadership. Mexico probably would have changed long ago if its excess population were not able to cross the border. It would have a population of 110 million people by now. Shame on the fools in Mexico's government. Shame on the wealthy Mexicans for selling out the nation at the expense of the poor.

    The problem the US has was not created by the US and it is a complex problem. Just giving citizenship will not solve anything if the broken nation to the south can't improve itself. Besides seeking citizenship or permanent residency in the US, the illegals in the US should work to change Mexico by any means necessary.

  9. People are not smart enough to trace the root cause of the problem, don't waste your time, They are still living with a precolonial mentality, specially when you divide people just for the color of your skin, the labels "black" and "white" are an obstacle to beating racism.

    1. It's not about racism. The problem comes from Mexico not the US. The Mexican government is the failure not the US. Read my other post.

  10. Here's a fact to consider: Hispanics make up the greatest proportion of inmates in California's prison system. Now why is that? And don't say racial profiling. I'll tell you why in case you are too s*upid or too chickens%hit to say it: it's their culture!

    1. as of 2010 37.6% of the general population of California was Hispanic or Latino (source census) and 41% percent are of prison pop are Latino or Hispanic (public policy institute of California). so a 3.4 percent difference. not only is this not the scourge you seem to make it out to be but the difference could easily be accounted for by prejudices and socio-economic factors.

    2. You have your facts wrong, dude. That's all I can say.

    3. Here's another stat for you to consider, yet I am certain you will find some BS explanation for it. I have JUST read an article on MSN which lists the top car theft regions in the country, with the West leading the way. These cities are Yakima, Wa., Spokane, Wa., Modesto, Ca., Fresno, Ca., Bakersfield, Ca., Stockton-Lodi, Ca., of course the greater LA area. Now what do these towns all have in common? A very large Mexican population due to their agriculture industries. Now explain that one away.

    4. When a person is so eager to point the finger and brings a cultural problem, you need to show statistics and facts to the conversation, otherwise it only shows proofs of how ignorant you are…

      1: The New York Times: Incarceration rates for black Americans dropped sharply from 2000 to 2009, especially for women, while the rate of imprisonment for whites and Hispanics rose over the same decade, according to a report released Wednesday by a prison research and advocacy group in Washington.

      2: Washington, DC: Nearly One In Eight US Drug Prisoners Are Behind Bars For Pot -- Taxpayers Spending Over $1 Billion Annually To Incarcerate Pot Offenders.

      State and Federal Prisoners, 2004, reports that 12.7 percent of state inmates and 12.4 percent of federal inmates incarcerated for drug violations are serving time for marijuana offenses.


      3:The Bureau of Justice Statistics: According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one in three black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetime. Individuals of color have a disproportionate number of encounters with law enforcement, indicating that racial profiling continues to be a problem.

      4: The Department of Justice: A report by the Department of Justice found that blacks and Hispanics were approximately three times more likely to be searched during a traffic stop than white motorists.

      5: The Department of Education: According to recent data by the Department of Education, African American students are arrested far more often than their white classmates. The data showed that 96,000 students were arrested and 242,000 referred to ((( LAW ENFORCEMENT ))) by schools during the 2009-10 school year.

    5. Look up the FBI's most wanted list for violent crimes. I did. Looks like well OVER 90% of them are Mexicans. Then again, probably just profiling. They were framed, etc.

    6. Scott do you understand that poverty and inequality creates crime not the other way around. This is always the case no matter what country you are in. The more wealth within the neighborhood or community the less crime. Even within cities this can be shown. You can even see this in communities that are predominantly Caucasian. Race does not play a role in being a criminal. The environment around you and the opportunity to succeed in the environment is what determines what you will most likely become. This is not to say that there are no exceptions to the rule but it is extremely difficult to get out of such situations. You tend to blame other nations for your problems but you fail to see how a society who thinks the issue of having the ability to purchase guns is more important then education, healthcare and poverty combined has lost touch with what is important. One last thing Scott I can see the problem you are describing but I think the solution and wording of your comments make you sound a bit on the racist side. The solutions are complex but one would be to create stronger communities within the nations that you feel are invading the US. As an example when my family was given refugee status in the mid 80's it was because the army had my entire family on a death list. Before this i never wanted to leave El Salvador. I love it and do not get me wrong I am forever grateful to Canada and Canadian citizens for saving our lives but if the US was more equal in how it deals with Latin American nations than immigration would almost undoubtedly slow down and eventually stop. You need to look up the largest factors that has caused the lack of progress in Latin American nations. Just recently their has been some hope for self dependence. I hope it continues. That last comment I am not speaking about communism or socialism but more of Latin American countries being able to decide for themselves in which direction they vote to take.

    7. pschorealm11: First off, yes. I was a bit harsh with my earlier postings. They were both knee-jerk reactions to the film and attempts to get responses. I certainly succeeded in getting responses.
      Anyway, yes, I agree with you. Poverty and crime appear to have a relationship, at least in this Hemisphere. However, I do not believe it to be a world-wide fact of the human condition. I still believe that cultural factors are the primary causes of crime. I believe that the invading hordes of illegal immigrants from Latin America (you like that? "Invading hordes"?) are more likely to commit serious crimes than average Americans because law and order mean very different things in each culture. For instance-every American with half a brain knows one thing Mexico can be relied upon to deliver is corruption. Especially amongst the police forces and the justice systems. It's always been this way, even before this reign of cartel terror. As a result, the Mexican culture, especially amongst the poor, deeply distrusts the forces of law and order. Even disrespects it, such as it is. The success rate of Mexico's police forces in solving crimes and punishing criminals is abysmal. It's from this reality that these illegal immigrants are coming from, and it has nothing to do with race.
      It's funny to me how some of your fellow Canadians felt I was racist and elitist in my thinking. Whatever. If the roles were reversed I bet most of them would change their tunes. The numbers of illegal immigrants we are talking about is staggering. If they were invading Canada, the results would be even more drastic given Canada's comparatively puny population. No amount of Canada's material wealth in minerals could off-set the arrival of that much poverty, and the CULTURE of Canada would be changed forever. But it's easy to stand from afar and cast stones at us racist Americans while nowhere else on Earth is there a country worth its salt allowing itself to be invaded as we in the U.S. are.
      You are correct that the US has treated Latin America very poorly in the past. Probably still does. I am embarrassed at the past covert actions of my government. And while it hasn't helped the poverty situation in Latin America, I don't feel it's the cause. I feel the cause of Latin America's poverty is this culture of the ruling wealthy elite. Carlos Slim of Mexico, for example. Richest man on earth in a country considered poor by European standards. American policy may have abetted this system, but I don't think it originated it. Mexico has material wealth, and there's no reason for there to be such a massive mis-distribution of wealth, but its a fact of Mexico's culture and has been for a very long time. The US is headed down the same road, and we don't need armies of Mexico's "have not's" invading our society and competing for less and less of a diminishing pie.
      The US's involvement in El Salvador was horrid. I apologize. I agree that Latin American states should have the right of free will. I assume that since your family was on a hit list and gained asylum in Canada that your family came more from the "elite" strata of El Salvadoran society than from the vast scores of poor. Purely an assumption, one further strengthened by your writing ability and obvious education. Could be your family was humble, poor El Salvadorans who lucked out and were able to escape to Canada and you are a product of Canada's education system. Regardless, you are an example of an immigrant success story. Perhaps you and other Canadians can start a grass-roots movement whereby you manage to open Canada's doors to the flood of illegal immigrants that we in the U.S. are too stupid and selfish to want. If the illegal immigrants' proponents are to be believed, all of Canada would then enjoy the uncountable benefits of cheap vegetables!

    8. I am against the war on drugs, especially the war on pot. But consider violent crimes. Here in Ventura County, especially Oxnard, the majority of violent and property crimes are perpetrated by Mexicans. If you don't believe me, perhaps you will believe the FBI. Look up the FBI's most wanted violent criminal list. It is MOSTLY comprised of Mexicans. Not just a majority.

  11. I can't wait until you Americans are to Canada what Mexicans are to America. What do you think would happen to the agricultural industry in the US if all the illegal immigrants decide to leave? You have an entire country that is ready to do all the back breaking labour that you are too entitled to do and you want to kick them out? The American economy needs no more blows as of right now and you need to start to recognize that these poor mexican workers are a big part of what keeps that country going.

    1. I'll tell you what would happen: the growers would have to pay a better wage, unemployment would go down (even if slightly), and people would have to pay a bit more in the grocery store. It certainly wouldn't be catastrophic. Here's what else would happen: prison populations would decrease and the cost of the welfare system would also decrease. Without a doubt crime would go down. I'm not saying crime would cease-all ethnicities are guilty of crimes- but the Mexican culture is far more prone to crime than established American cultures. And Dken66-let's be blunt. Canada is insignificant in terms of the world as a whole. Canada IS America, basically another state living under the delusion of being a separate, different society. You should be thankful that we Americans are here as a buffer zone twixt you and Mexico because frankly, if we weren't, Mexico would most assuredly own your frigid asses by now, and you would be living in fear of the gangs and cartels that dominate Mexico to this day!

      Half of this people are HARD LABOR WORKERS, they are the Muscle of the world and are being treated like s*it, It's all over the world too, look at Dubai!


      Robots are not that advance yet, humans are, and if you are willing to sacrifice a living organism for worthless paper or social status, you are an evil sociopath vampire...

    3. These poor mexican workers are a big part of what is keeping this country sinking, too. Believe me, we could do without them. That we "need" Mexicans is a lie they cling to. It's simple economics -- the industry can pay a Mex $2 or $3 per hour, and they're dumb enough to accept it. That forces an American CITIZEN out of minimum wage work. Mexicans are just thieves, and thieves, like any criminal, rationalize and justify that their actions are correct, and even moral. So they say we "need" them, and then sink the high American standards down to their peasant dirt farmer lifestyle.
      Just check out what people have to say about Mexicans and crime, that the FBI's most wanted violent criminals are Mexicans. They're just a bunch of lying low lives that believe their own lies so much that they got themselves thinking they are "La Raza," which is rather hilarious. A bunch of illegal, illiterate farmers, gardeners and toilet cleaners thinking they are a master race! They lie to everyone, including themselves, which is why they cry we "need" them. What they keep going is crime and poverty. Ask yourself how much we need THAT in our society.

  12. "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

    1. Life ain't simple otherwise it would be boring. Enough of that bullsh*t.

    2. why are you so mad? is simple when you have the right energy...maybe you are not eating well!

    3. I would think the one who is mad is the one who goes on and on.

  13. Illegal immigration makes a mockery of our nation's legal immigration laws. This family is a smaller % of those that are here, illegally, and make themselves successful. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the illegals that come here and are gang/cartel-affiliated and bring related criminal activities right into our neighborhoods. We have those that absolutely refuse to assimilate into our nation's society and prefer that we assimilate into their culture. This is just not the way that it is done. Congratulations to Ilsa and her family. However, they started off wrong and should have, by now, gotten it right and started the legal processes, as it stands (not wait for us to change our laws to conform to their needs making things 'easy').

    1. S W; very well spoken. Human desires, want and greed are what drive the immigration conflict... the merchants greed for cheap labor at the expense of job loss for the community citizenship (legals) and the unassailable recognition of human desire to "want" for a better life, to covet that which is not their own... and to take it illegally if it means success and justification for the ends by the means.

  14. By concentrating the wealth in just one place, is what "I think", causes the big gap between nations, this country benefits from this people and this people are humans beings, the world can start thinking as a group not as separate nations.

    This people may not know how to start to be self efficient and it takes a wealthy nation to start this, and we all know the history of the problem and the root cause for this people to fall behind.

    I know people don't want to hear this but this is important, The better the conditions are for the people around you, the better for you; You start to better your self and is contagious; People want to better them selfs! If not ¿why are they looking for work in the first place?…

    Things are easy to fix when people want to work, what's not easy to fix is the greed and apathy of the rich and wealthy…

    Hate it or not, it's the truth, and the world has been dealing with this problem since the beginning of civilization, The Strong vs The Weak…

    1. I think my biggest beef with Illegal Mexicans is why do they not go home?

      They are always so proud of being Mexican as long as it is being Mexican not in Mexico. Why?

      They say they come here for a better life for a chance to better themselves and that's fine.

      However, along the lines of what you are saying about improving the conditions around you will lead to an improvement in your life that is true to a degree but only the degree in which you want it to.

      What they need desperately to do is if they come here,stay awhile, then go HOME. Mexico will never ever be a great country if they do not. They need these people who have experienced it to go and improve their home. Take the things they have learned and go change their world. As you said if they go home and start changing the conditions around them then perhaps it will eventually become a wonderful place. If they come and stay then those they will leave behind never will and that is a very sad sad thing.

      If they learned construction they now know codes and can build safe durable homes and offices if thy work plumbing they can give their homes fresh clean water and so on.

      They need to do this even if it takes the 100 years or more it took us. It might be harder but they will have the knowledge and the ability to change the world of their countrymen their families and their future generations.

  15. Legal immigration is the only form of immigration that must be allowed in our country. Sure, there are stories that tug at our hearts, but we must create and maintain our policies using our heads and we must, absolutely, maintain our nation as a nation of laws. We have, now, a path to citizenship for illegal alien students, regular adults and children. It is called our legal immigration processes. With the cost of coming into our country, illegally, being several thousands of dollars per illegal what I fail to understand is how can illegals have no problem with paying this money to coyotes yet not pay what may be even less money to respect our nation's laws and come to (and stay in) our country using our legal immigration policies?? Then, we have people such as illsa who has been in our country for over 20 years and has not made her way to our immigration department to finally respect our nation's immigration laws and become a legal citizen?? Instead, she waits for us to change our policies to suit her and those like her. Ilsa states that she does not understand why Americans feel the way we do about illegal aliens. The fact that she could be here for so many years, illegally, secure space in public schools for free (courtesy of American taxpayers), fill jobs that could be filled by America's youth, etc. and then take a position at an American public university that turned down an American student so that she could attend (trust me the University had more applications than it had spaces meaning that American students were almost assuredly turned down for the 200 illegals to attend)....all this and she states 'I just don't understand why Americans feel the way they do'....selfish.

    1. Do you really not understand that the reason people save up/ borrow thousands of dollars to pay coyotes is becasue the diffculty in enterring and working in the country legally? Its people like you constanly framing the debate- that 1 these people are breaking the law and 2- they are taking what is not thiers- is the reason no immigaration reforms are undertaken based on the reality of the siutation. Allow legal immigration and work and these people will be paying taxes rather than coyotes. American universities accept thousands of foriegn students- why should they turn students down for being Mexicans living in the US? It's you saying- those spots should be reserved for Americans that is the display of selfishness.

    2. Do you really not understand that the reason that some people rob others or banks, steal from grocery stores or commit other crimes is because they, too, need to feed their families and most have limited opportunities. Under your argument, as long as a person has a need breaking the law is justified. I am 100% for immigration however only (only only only) legal immigration is the method that should be allowed in our country! We have laws for a reason! The main goal - the most important issue, is the protection and success of this nation's citizens (and its legal residents). This can only be achieved when we control who has access to these citizens, our health and our wealth! Illegal immigrants forego this with absolute disregard for the health, wealth and security of the nation's citizens. By ignoring our immigration laws, illegals skip the needed health, mental and criminal background checks that go a long way towards the protection of the citizens of this nation. So, no. Illegals should not be allowed to stay. They are not special and should stand in line right along with the millions who are already in 'line' doing it the right way, legally, and in respect for and of our nation's laws! No Amnesty. No Benefits. Secure our borders. Deport/Self-Deport illegals and allow those that qualify to come back LEGALLY. This is the only fair and just way to handle our illegal immigration problem. Anything else makes a mockery of our immigration laws and rewards lawbreakers

    3. Then the immigration laws need to be changed to allow in more leagally to reflect actual reality. Coming into a country to work in a low skill job that people in thta country will not do is not the same as robbing a bank. Your opinion is the reason our borders are not secure. Real reform to allow people who are working here already to do so legally is the solution, harping on the fact that we already have laws is not- those laws have not worked for decades.

  16. The Sun is going to shine even if the west falls, there's plenty of work if every body becomes self efficient. and I bet you even if there's plenty of work people will look for other minorities like not being white enough to be doing the dirty work... Some people are just plain hypocrites, I worked 12 years for a Union in NY doing Construction and witness how this companies run illegal workers and even helped to bring people illegally to do the dirty work, and it left me without any work some times and I did not complained, who the fck wants to work when this offices are going to be demolished 1 years later, the whole system is a fraud.

  17. send these people back home , lets try picking our own food

    1. The world is our home, the world doesn't belong to anybody.

      Everybody here is an immigrant either you came as a worker or as a tourist there shouldn't be borders or social classism.

    2. The fact that we have armies to protect our nation, or that we have nations at all, attest to the fact that the world has a need for borders. With all due respect, the only people who want an 'open no border' world are those who come from countries that have zero to nothing to add to the pot. The reality of the situation is that, yes, we have borders.
      When you are able to sell that load of crock to the North Koreans, get back at us. Until then, it's just a 'pie in the sky' hope that will not become reality any time soon.

    3. John-that being the case, maybe you should move to Mexico where you can live in bliss with like-minded souls. Better yet-move to Canada! They fancy themselves a culturally superior lot, all smug in their frozen wasteland (yet mineral-rich), knowing their lifestyles are protected by their bigger neighbor to the South. Canada sucks Balls! I mean, look how they buckled under US pressure and sent Marc Emery to the US so he could rot in prison for performing a task useful to all!

    4. Well look at Scotty butt-hurt over here :)
      Do you hate us because we have a better economy, an equal dollar (even higher on a good day) or because of one or all of these.

      Here's 10 reasons Canada is better than the U.S.

      1. Our political systems is much more "democratic" in that it allows for multiple views. The Westminster system is vastly superior to the US system of governance. 
      2. We are much more multicultural than the US and have much less stringent requirements for exceptional immigrants 
      3. Our image abroad caters to a much less jingoistic character that favours peace and stability above all else and as such other countries have great relations with us 
      4. We have a vast store of natural resources: water, crude oil, zinc, nickel, wood to name a few - and as such can be much more self reliant 
      5. Our country is not one that was founded by bloodshed.
      6. We gave the world the concept of Peace Keepers when the world was on the brink 
      7. Our country is not ruled by religious fundamentalists nor any other extremist sect 
      8. We have a publically funded health care system that works (for most people) 
      9. Our cities have a substantially lower crime rate than most US cities . .. ... 
      10. we don't have to ask, or show off to other people or countries why we're great, because we know it for ourselves

      As for the so called "protection" you provide us, you can keep it. Unlike you we're a country that lacks the unique set of skills to piss off so many others. A.K.A ignorance. Enjoy the bliss :)

    5. What?!!! Your country wasn't founded by bloodshed? Well, that shows you are s
      *upid as well as just plain wrong. Do you think the French simply gave your county to the English? S'matter with you? You just showed me at least 1 way in which Canada is worse: terrible schools. And that says alot coming from an American. And regarding your cities' lower crime rates, I agree. But that gets to the point of this thread: you aren't being invaded by illegal Mexicans! Peace and stability? Look-your army, puny as it may be, was right beside us in Iraq and Afghanistan, so don't give me that horse manure. And your corporations feed the military industrail complex just as ours does. Get over yourself. Whether you like it or not, Canada is pretty much the US's b#%ch!

  18. Whether you like it or not we all are humans no matter what ethnicity we are and we all have the same basic needs to survive.

    We can not tell someone to be self efficient while we depend on others to produce our food or to do the jobs we don't want to do, that's called hypocrisy!

    If you track down the records of atrocities committed by the US and Europe alone against Humanity you'll see that the whole damn system is wrong and we call this progress.

    keep enjoying your nice meals which you don't produce and the stupid jobs that keep you away from doing any labor work and keep maintaining your social status up so you don't have to see or hear from minorities….

    The system is based on greed the schizophrenia of superiority and apathy, that is the oldest story in the history of humanity...

  19. not one single comment on here even knows who is the driving force behind open is just as in Europe...the Jewish lobbies they admit as much, go watch Ted Kennedy at live leak speak at the is divide and conquer,a communist plank..and anyone who is not ignorant knows the communist were Jews.

    1. I watched that...from my post below, "...You [too] believe that we humans are fundamentally based on greed and acquisition, and by exploitation of the weak by the strong. That mite makes right, and aggression wields fortune.That is the crux of the problem, for it dangerously projects the fearful, paranoid notion that we have no choice in matters of maintaining supremacy - if we don't dominate them, they will dominate us."

      Your views are extremist and paranoid, and any supremacy gained by way of force, murder and oppression is no supremacy at all.

    2. forget about Religion, Judaism is a faith not a Race.

  20. I agree with Paul Gloor's comment below.
    Instead of treating illegal immigrants like vermin, go after the industries that hire them, the farmers and the landlords.
    Could Oxnard's economy survive without them?
    How much money do these workers spend while they are in town on necessities like groceries, clothes, etc.? Doesn't this add to the town's tax revenues?
    I have no idea.
    Without illegals, are the locals eager to snap up the jobs in the fields and processing plants? I don't know that either.
    Stop the hating, make some plans, and try to see the big picture.
    As for Arizona, not sure if detaining illegals is a cash cow or a drain on the jail industry.
    I was happy to see the young lady succeed in school. She never chose to be an illegal immigrant. What can she do with her degree in the U.S. if she doesn't have a social security number? Maybe she could return to Mexico and put her education to good use (which she paid for); but everyone she loves is in the U.S..
    She will have to do a lot of thinking on this situation and I wouldn't want to be in her shoes. She might have been deported by now for all we know.

    1. Yes, Oxnard's economy would survive. In fact, it would thrive. Higher wages would be in order, but thems the breaks. The farmers (or landowners I should say since very few of the owned farms are actually farmed by the owners) might have to content themselves with being just millionaires instead of multi-millionaires, but in aggregate, life in Ventura County would improve.

  21. “There are no Negro problems, or Polish problems, or Jewish problems, or Greek problems, or women's problems. They're Human problems”. —Jacques Fresco ...

    1. Unfortunately, you are flat out wrong. Did it ever occur to you to question why America isn't nearly as upset at oriental immigration as it is at hispanic immigration. We are a nation built by europeans who brought european values and senses of right or wrong to America. America is a continuation of what was right or wrong in Europe. I didn't invent these facts. Orientals share much more of the european based American values than anything hispanic. They don't haphazardly breed, they take care of their own problems, there is always a father present, they understand success and what it costs. Listening to people like Fresco is whats wrong with America. We're too busy coming up with really cool, unobjectionable solutions to our problems instead of what works best, letting the chips fall where they may. What a sophomoric statement.

    2. Did you really just say haphazardly breed? We're all humans beings none of us are any better or worse. Try putting yourself in their shoes.

    3. Yes they BREED. They get more money, they're Catholic and don't practice birth control, the men pride themselves on spreading seeds, go learn something about real life.

    4. Your comment is a patriotic narcissist, immigrant phobia, ignorance.

      what are European values ? eugenics? superiority complexes? haphazardly breed?

      Europe has borrow ideas from everywhere, Just look at their Religion, look at the food the eat, how ignorant are you really???

    5. I really questioned whether or not to answer your raving generalities. Try answering a specific question with manageable boundries with a specific answer. If you were a history teacher you would give a one question final exam in high school "Explain the Civil War in detail, you have one hour"

      I know you have had psy 101. You know some words, narcissist, schizophrenia, eugenics, hypocracy, phobias, etc., etc. Your generalities have expanded to new borders. It's not just the sins no one has committed but Americans (for absolutely no reason) with you it's the sins America and Europe have committed. The Civil War question's getting better looking every new sentence from you.

      I have a technical education but I'm quite sure of the following. A narcissist is a person who makes decisions without concern of input from any source but their own. An example is a prisioner gets called in by the warden. He says "Son, your mother died", his reply "Who's going to bring me my cigarettes now"? Now under the what's good for the goose, debate rule who is the narcissist? The hispanic that knows he's pouring sugar into the gas tank of the American Way of Life and couldn't give a damn, which they don't, or the American trying to maintain the status quo?

      Not argueing "Europe borrows ideas from everywhere" because you are just a rabbit hole to comment on, what's wrong with that? I'm waiting for this answer; what is Europe's religion? I assure you the food in the north of a country is different from the south as it is from their seacoast to the mountains. What information do you want from "look at the food they eat"?

      Nothing is equal. If something is superior it isn't a complex, what did you have in mind? If something raises a legitimate fear it isn't a phobia.

      The immigration laws were changed in Australia in the begining of the 20th century. Screams were everywhere about fruit picking. Within one crop a machine for harvesting was invented. Presently, tested, pattented fruit picking equipment exists. I've seen the equipment that picks round things like apples, oranges, pears, plums etc. Nothing's going to happen on the scale you describe.

      I'm not sure but the oldest story in the world is either about the 17 year old girl that picked up the hitch hiker or the kid that told Bozo to "cram it clown" or is it the girl on the Newlywed Game who answered Bob Newhart's question of "Where's the strangest place you ever made love"? with "in my butt"

      I am opinionated but I promise you I have spent my life time working to be less ignorant as a daily goal.

    6. Today, no one can deny that American life style has dominated peoples mind, what we called progress is nothing but superficiality and is not all the human potential to create a better living…

      My rage against your comments are based on what you called European values in America.

      If history is any guide it shows us how this European values have created a counter culture of greed and war, starting with the Genocides of Native Cultures, Slavery 'til todays Corporation Dominance and many more atrocities against humanity.

      So what European Values are you talking about. What we called progress is not even the beginning of the human potential, we can do better than this!

      East Meets West Cross-Cultural Influences is something again, full of lies, Racism, and again and again only benefiting the west, there is very little credit on the influence of the East on the cultural renewal of the West, AGAIN, taking Religion for Example Christianity did not start on the West, but the West Fck it up (And I can Back it up @ anytime); AGAIN The Food Brought to Europe from people like Marco Polo to European Gothic Art and Architecture which benefited from Islam…

      I'm not your enemy... and if I quote Fresco it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with America, just look at the meaning of the quotation...(>_<)

    7. Get over the Civil War. It was back a ways.

      States rights are an important topic. I believe the main point is that state laws cannot override the Constitution or US law. When some states made laws discriminatory to those "not white enough" they were struck down, as I recall.

      Also, when they were extra-tough on immigrants, they had to back down because their fields went unpicked. How's that for being realistic?

      From Wikipedia: Democratic governor George Wallace, of Alabama, who famously declared in his inaugural address in 1962, "Segregation now! Segregation tomorrow! Segregation forever!"—later remarked that he should have said, "States' rights now! States' rights tomorrow! States' rights forever!" Wallace, however, claimed that segregation was but one issue symbolic of a larger struggle for states' rights; in that view, which some historians dispute, his replacement of segregation with states' rights would be more of a clarification than a euphemism.

    8. What? Read my comments again when the sun comes up.....I'm sure you'll be awake.

    9. That would be pointless since you didn't give me a hint on what you disagree with.

      Doesn't matter - I thought you were hoping someone would say the civil war was about slavery. Anyway, Over the Edge is onto you along with everyone else with your recent comments.

    10. " Orientals share much more of the European based American values than anything Hispanic" I don't think anyone can come up with a sentence that better displays a complete and utter ignorance in regards to world cultures and history. Thanks for the laugh

    11. I watched the finest neighborhoods in NYC, disappear into fear driven slums when spanish speakers infected the city. In one generation the hispanics brought their culture to the greatest city in the world, made that way by europeans. In one generation europeans who would carry a gum wrapper in their pocket for a week if they had to to properly dispose of it become overwhelmed by hispanics who threw bags of garbage in the fountain in the courtyard of my building until we secured it.

      Hispanics came here with no respect for the law. Take this to the bank..a puerto rican will pull a knife on an old lady faster than they can throw chicken feathers out their window. Go up on the Grand Concourse where europeans kept their sunday clothes on after church walking the blvd. window shopping on Sunday pushing baby carriages. Go up there any day at sundown; watch the old people in the park gather together to make their way to the subway without being mugged by spanish speaking boys with no respect for anything. Until spanish speakers, examples of the most beautiful architecture in NYC, some in the world were carefully serviced by gardeners maximizing their beauty. When the Bronx went from european to hispanic the gardeners became grafiti removers and garbage men.

      It used to be when you made your money in Manhattan you could move to the Bronx or Yonkers. Are you still laughing dte? The Oriental community formed mostly downtown in the city. Have you heard anything but how they feed the city and their community? The qualities I mentioned above that the oriental, mainly chinese share with europeans feeds our country, the hispanic hordes are locusts. I'm not running for office and I'm not looking for pats on the back from the anarchists that frequent here. NYC was the greatest, most beautiful city in the world until southern blacks and hispanics destroyed the city as an oasis for the new americans from europe wishing to better themselves. That is an undesputable fact.

    12. i seriously debated deleting you bigoted ill informed post but decided to let others see you for who you are. there was a time when it was claimed the Italians were ruining NY, or maybe the Asians or the Irish. every time they were wrong. the blame lies with those who look through rose colored glasses. or those who have a short memory and their bigotry resists multiculturalism and allow their attitudes and behaviors to make their claim a self fulfilling prophesy.

    13. The Italians, Irish, Orientals, served their purpose under the yoke. They didn't like it. You can measure their success generationally. Hispanics never had their time "yoked". Try getting a flight from San Juan to any airport in the greater NYC area on Sunday night. You can't. Monday morning welfare checks. That's as far as they're going to invest as far as sweat. Generation after generation living within the success boundaries allowed by the size of the check. "Idle hands are the....." Why do you think Puerto Rico has rejected becoming a state? They get more welfare as a territorial commonwealth.

      If you saw Justice Sotomyier's (sp) interview on 60 minutes last night, i was very interested to hear her comments about a school nurse questioning her admission to Princeton as #3 in the class when 1 and 2 were rejected. I do not approve of making a young girl upset. She would be foolish to turn the seat down. I listened to who, by definition, is among the finest adjudicators, period. Her only refence was that the nurse made her feel bad. She's right, the nurse was mean, but in 40 years in court rooms she hasn't come up with the simplest sentence to substanciate her "career appointment Manna" Some lawyer. She has, by the way, always been listed on all records as a disabled minority. I couldn't take the chance of hiring her as an attorney. She may be good, but the opposite may equally be true.

      I, like most americans, have the objectivity not to judge a man by the cut of his sail. I don't have to pull my punches here, you don't. I assure you the civility my background requires that I look at the man's contribution to the project at hand, it's that simple. I'm not however in my mind playing Kum buy ah over and over. Remember the Emperor's clothes? .My conscience is clean on my managing human resources. The Italians, Irish, orientals were called everything in the book. How come they escaped the chains of self fulfillment?

      You are the most dangerous of all. You don't agree with someone, so you want him eliminated. Nothing about my rights to express myself, no first ammendment for me. Too bad there wasn't some re education camp you could send me to for a couple of decades. You anarchists who don't read every day are a bigger threat to democracy than you percive me to be any day of the week. "I don't agree with Mickey, make him disappear". You are one of the people that get rediculous laws like if you're looking for a black man you can't look at black men, passed.

      The BS du jour is wearing hoodies. Criminals wear their hoods so you can't see their faces when they do wrong things. The hoodies for Treyvon serve the same purpose that in murder trials you show the jury pictures of the murdered body over and over again. They get used to it. It no longer has the shock it deserves.

    14. Yes I am still laughing, You need to begin to read. First topic I suggest is to look into the history of the city you describe as so beautiful under "Europrean rule". The place was a cesspool of disease, garbage and sewage in the streets, and gang violence in the years of European migration. If you understood East Asian culture in a way beyond the most superficial level- seemingly your knowledge is the occassional stroll through Chinatown- you would know that Hispanic culture is mostly European based while East Asian culture is very distinct from both. Of course over time, groups of East Asians, along with HIspanics and Europeans, have become "American" which is really a hodge podge of many cultures.

    15. I have lived in Old San Juan, Ponce, Manzanillo, Mexico, Lisboa and Cach Cai, Portugal, Singapore, Keelung, China (Formosa), the new territories, Kowloon and Sasabo, Japan. I've had a dozen of so projects in Cochin, India. Honestly I warmed to the Chinese in San Francisco more so than the Chinatown in NYC. Nothing wrong with the Chinatown in NYC. They just don't have the time for the niceties the more settled Chinese community in San Francisco seems to have.
      The hispanics are not becoming the same Americans you use as examples.

    16. What makes you think you sound any different than somone saying this about other European immigrant groups 100 years or more ago?

      How was Formosa? Were you able to ever visit Ceylon or Siam in your travels?

    17. Formosa may have been the most pro american place I've ever been. The honesty of the Chinese is so tempered and all encompassing it's breathtaking. My second day there I went to a department store (a big national chain) to buy a setting of dishes for eight. My exchange skills not a sharp as they would be a week later, I didn't have enough money. I said I'd put it back and come back later. The cashier called the manager of the store who asked the nature of the problem. I stated " I didn't bring enough money, I'll come back tomorrow". He, as a manager enforcing store policy, said," take eveything you wished to buy, bring the money sometime this week, please"

      I, routinely, as time went on, would go out, stop a cab, ask him the fare to a certain address, give him the fare along with a bill and my card and payment and ask him to deliver it. Always, within a short period of time I would get a phone call thanking me for the payment.

      Ceylon or Siam? Are you in a bar in Bombay or maybe Siagon? Here's one back at you. I spent a summer on a project in the jungle where the copper deposits were so big that Telstar reception was being interfered with when it crossed West Irian. Until then the copper was unknown. Where was the country of West Irian? What is it now?

    18. During my years in Taiwan I never heard anyone Taiwnese or expat living there call it Formosa or China for that matter. What century were you there? Yeah your story there sounds a lot like America, guess thats the shared cultural traits.
      I've spent a fair amount of time in Indonesia, but not that part.

    19. Just cleaning up-you never got the feeling that the Taiwanese considered themselves Chinese? I never said Taiwan was in China? The people are Chinese, ask them. You do remember the name of the straight between them and China.

    20. In the South where I was many of them did not like the Chinese. It was DPP territory. Some actually had a bit of a romanticized view of the Japanese.

    21. Here here! Couldna said it better myself!

  22. I actually wanted to try work in the field picking vegetables,fruit,or whatever just to try it out and get experience, but after watching this, it seems tough to work for someone else, breaking your back, in the heat, and for little pay. Maybe if I start my own garden, that would be better.

    1. yes, that'll be a good idea, becoming self efficient is the best way to start, there are plenty resources out there to make your garden look like the garden of eden, even with robotics to do the automation for you, there is something called Bioarchitecture or Bioarquitectura and it covers all of the problems about Green Architecture!!!

    2. lol, i think hes being sarcastic and means mexicans should become self sufficient mr murgas

    3. Mexicans where self efficient at one point in time, in the other hand are we self efficient? NO, we import every fcking thing because we think we are so superior, and we can bully the
      small people....

      America was based on freedoms but only for the rich, not for me or anyone that looks like minorities, they are good enough to be servants!

  23. Sounds like a white guy would do pretty good skipping the border and heading south.

  24. If you going to talk about this delicate subject, you better Back it up with resources, if you have nothing good to say don't say anything, because your'e not helping to fix the problem.

    The effects of poverty may also be causes, and poverty is the principal cause of hunger.

    According to the reports of the first Europeans to visit the New World, slavery was almost universal in what is now Mexico and Central America. Theoretically, with the arrival of Europeans.

    Inequality is holding cultures back to recover from Colonial crimes.

    and this Inequality is derived from an schizophrenia and a superiority complex, and it happens in all cultures.

  25. The destruction of cultural identities to gain power has left many people in deep poverty, that is an instinct effect on ecological moral character and it happens in all colors...

    An ecological organic paradigm can bring reasoning, responsibility, development, Ecological Conscience, character of taming the instinct of human violence and refining the moral sensibility of humanity.

  26. There's not enough of anything for Filimone's family and my family. Illegal Alien go home. The narrator, producer is Mexican. I watched the whole thing on the slight chance there might be something new in the begging for my children's spot at UCLA, but don't bother. You folks do know Mexico's official religion is Catholism. Filimone's wife has a fruit picker's divorce.

    1. Finally...that term has popped up "illegal alien". Have you ever stopped to think about those words? How ridiculously brain washed they label you? You didn't create that phrase, you simple regurgitate it as part of your indoctrination. You want to defend that phrase to me? (clue: you won't achieve recourse with a dictionary, self satisfaction perhaps, but not recourse). As for the rest of that garbage, being so sadly affected, your only recourse may be a lobotomy, but feel free to prove me wrong!

    2. There is no sense argueing with some one that denies the truthfulness of the status of 40 to 41 million people in the US. 12 to 13 million is absolute BS. There are 12 to 13 million in California alone. The WHO and the BBC state that 20 percent of the spanish speaking world are presently inside the territorial boundries of the United States. For you to deny these aliens are here illegally drags me down to argueing the flat earth, the sun revolves around the earth and pregnancy occurs from toilet seats. Should I even consider argueing this point would indeed make me a candidate for a lobotomy. Feel free to take the place you suggested for me. Take a run on sailing off the edge of the earth while you're tilting at windmills. Just because you wish it not to be true means nothing.

      There is nothing stretched in definition or malicious in speaking the phrase aloud. The entire documentary is an attempt at pulling on our heart strings because the facts just aren't winning the arguement. I'm not in favor of hurting anyone but my original statement is true. There's not enough for Filimone's recklessly large family and mine. These illegal aliens cannot have my job, destroy my way of life or my family's future.

      Please point out the part of my arguement that reflects "indoctrination" or "regurgitation", two words that by the way, you didn't invent, but I wouldn't recomend your hospitalization for repeating. They are descriptive and serves your point, no need to invent new words.

      The fact that whether or not you are right or wrong will be buried in the enormity of the premise of absorbing 41 million uneducated, diseased criminals all of whom demand not only citizenship as payment for their premeditated crime but legal status as a minority is what's really bothering you.

      Do you feel you have the right to give away the future of a veteran employed in a chicken processing plant in Alabama trying to get by, who's only thought right now is of getting $120 to fill one of his children's cavities?

    3. I assume you are talking about yourself in the last paragraph. Would you rather pick strawberries all day long and move from field to field, county to county? Feel free. I'm not sure the farmers would want to hire a lazy white guy from Alabama, however.

    4. Answer the question, "Do you feel you have the right to give away the future of a veteran employed in a chicken processing plant in Alabama, trying to get by, who's only thought right now is getting $120 to fill one of his children's cavities"? No anti southern bigotry please, do you have that right?

    5. I didn't imply that I did. I said YOU have the right to take HIS job picking strawberries, with the implication that you wouldn't take it.

      The "veteran" part of your question and what that affords you is an entirely different subject.

    6. Sir:

      You implied it in every sentence you have ,so far, written. I assure you that if the hispanic fruit pickers were not available, americans working harvesting machines, forced to be paid a decent wage would be in play. I realize the Milton Friedman's "scorched earth" economics is in force, but as Keynes proved the health of a national economy can be and should be influenced to maximize it's strenght.

      You and I think of rich farmers in the Imperial Valley with new pickups every month as the culprits. That's so 1960's. The villians now are Cargill grain, Tyson's, Continental grain, Kraft foods, until last week Smithfield foods, at one time, maybe still, the Bush family's ownership of Zapata foods, the largest fishing fleet in the world, Libby's, Nestles' foods, Hormel, Planters and Wal Mart to mention a few. How many of you know the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. was at war with the Mafia for three decades. Those of you that went to the A&P a a child remember the stores as cutting edge. Their war with the Mafia squandered their future.

      This all makes the solution easier. Instead of rounding up thousands of farm and restaurant owners, the solution can be arrived at by arresting hundreds of paid off politicians and CEOs.

      Here's my point. No coercion could be placed on the working class of America without hispanics by the millions warming themselves over the fire of the american way burning at high heat. Whitting, unwhitting, complicitious or unknowing they are destroying the laws of economics that allow the middle class to exist.

    7. lmao, they are not 'aliens', they are human beings. The purposeful connotation of that is wasted on you. It's like calling someone disabled - the connotation being 'without ability'.

      They are illegal because you and your borders say they are. You draw a line in the sand and tell them to stay there. What gives you the right to horde, to dominate your fellow man and deny? On a humanitarian level? And then complain, ridicule and chastise them when they won't play your game? What you fail to realise is the fact that you benefit, not from the sweat of your brow, but from the sweat of theirs and others by way of domination and economic slavery. Your only defence being the self delusion that you are somehow more special or deserving than they are. That is xenophobic and racist.

      You make them illegal aliens and think that's perfectly acceptable language. Walls are for breaking down. Divides to be crossed. When the Berlin wall came down did the west suddenly cry out that their jobs were in jeopardy? Did they label the east as lazy good for nothings, and out of control breeders? I'm sure there was some of that (there always is) but no, for the most part they embraced one another and pooled their resources. For the good of all, correcting a wrong doing.

      If you could somehow get off your soapbox and see just how out of whack your perspective is, you might just begin to restore the balance in your own life. These people are not your enemy, you are your own worst enemy for not embracing them for their willing potential to contribute and improve your collective civility, and well being. The fact that you don't agree, and probably refuse to, really says it all. How can we even begin to address the imbalance of equalities when this most blatantly obvious issue is met with such hostility? How does it feel to know that of the two camps, you are firmly, and undeniably, in the problem camp?

    8. The narrator/interviewer is from Portugal, not Mexico. She is also featured in today's new doc - City of God, Guns & Gangs. Mariana van Zeller. You've got some Spillane'n to do, Mickey.

    9. People who's first language is portugeuse can pronounce "american" english with greater ease than any other language I can think of, still her spanish and her very slight accent seem spanish. Does she just live in Portugal or is she a native? I won't plant my flag over it, if necessary, thank you for straighting me out. Ms. Van Zeller (hey, marrying a Dutchman isn't a crime) if portugeuse, lives in a glass house.

      Portugal, until the recent granting release from colonial rule, Macao, was the largest colonial power in the world. When the government changes party and it's not your party you're sunk, if you have a government job, (most do, in some form). I am including the military.

      There are many night clubs, not in alleys, big bright clubs that are frequented by married men and their mistresses. It is unusual but not strange to see a man in these clubs with the wife and mistress. The Geronomist monastry and seminary in Lisboa turned out more missionary priests every year than West Point turned out Lieutenants from it's founding until the end of the 19th century. They were all bound for the new world to force their way on newly acquired lands.

      I lost money when I lived in Portugal. The government would only guarantee my safety in certain houses. I was a neighbor of Juan Carlos of Spain in Cach Cai. Beautiful place but too much for me, or face the active communists. It was worth it for the experience alone even though my bank balance was on a steady decline. On the other hand do not mention Mateuse Rose to a portugeuse man. They are embarrased by it. Portugeuse wine is the finest, period. Like Ireland who has hands down the best cheese, no one knows about it.

      Miss van Zeller didn't need to spend the price of a plane ticket to find gross wrong doing. Same thing if she's from Brazil. She's pretty, extremely well financed, and articulate. I have no heartburn with her producing skills. My comment was that she lacks objectivity, she's too close and her backers would have been better served with a Danish of Singaporean narrator.

  27. The schizophrenia of superiority over minorities:

    1: Mechanisms of schizophrenia, a mental disorder characterized by a disintegration of the processes of thinking and of emotional responsiveness { (Apathy) a state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation and passion.}.

    2: Imperialism and Schizophrenia in present time:
    Imperialism is the creation or maintenance of an economic, cultural and territorial relationship based on domination and subordination while Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by poor emotional responsiveness.

    3: Narcissism in politics:
    The primary characteristics of narcissists is their exaggerated sense of entitlement, somehow thinks they "deserve" to game the system.

  28. I'm so sick of these "poor little Mexican" horse**** sob stories. Look-any individual can be considered a decent person, but this misses the point. The point is about culture. I live in Ventura County, near Oxnard, and I can assure you that wherever Mexicans congregate turns to ****. These Mexicans are not here to assimilate-hell, very very few of them even try to learn English! Where their numbers grow, so too does crime and the quality of life takes a nosedive. It's not hard to figure out why if you just look at the issue realistically, empirically: Mexico is a **** country, always has been and always will be. Why? Well, it's full of Mexicans, and hence Mexican culture.
    And I wonder what legal citizen was denied entrance into UCLA because this gal, and affirmative action, took their spot? Anybody who defends illegals is either Hispanic themselves, has never lived where they have invaded, or is simply stupid

    1. So... fix the f--king problem, work the jobs they work, boycott the employers that hire them, protest the policies that starve them out of their own countries. Activate your activism.

    2. Work the job they work?????I like that idea but you won't find too many takers in Sunny California especially on a sunny day!
      I do like your post though!

    3. That indeed was one of my subtle points. Glad someone picked up on it :P

    4. Scott how many documentaries can you name that really speak the truth about poor little Mexicans. The only reason I ask is because usually most docs do not deal with any countries illegal population in a unbiased light. In the end remember these are human beings. Change the name of that Mexican and put a commonly used Caucasian American and tell me if this would be a story that would make you sick because you hear it too many times or because this kind of thing should not be happening to Americans. We are all human beings on this earth and until all countries begin to see every person as a one to one ratio this situation will continue. One American life is not more important than another life from any other country. As for crime it tends to grow in poor with little to no prospects of wealth no matter what the ethnicity is. Also learning English requires you to take classes and I am not sure about the US but in Canada you can not take English classes for free if you are illegally in Canada. Just so you know I am from El Salvador and I came to Canada during the civil war that country was going through supported by the US through the supply of weapons. I never wanted to involved with gangs. I never wanted to commit any crimes until I met a Caucasian kid who was poor like me and taught me to steal. I learned my lesson through the law and never have thought about it since. In fact I have tried to live my life as best as possible. This is how I know that ethnicity has nothing to do with crime. Environmental factors around you have more to do with how you will see and react to the world. As for your comment about has never lived where they have invaded well you may want to speak to a first nation about how that feels. You know a foreign race coming to a new continent stealing your land and almost eradicating entire tribes and continuously breaking treaties. You may have some in common with First Nations people.

    5. They need to go to the end of the line and get on the waiting list like everybody else. What to stop it, take strawberries of the food stamp cards.

    6. How can anyone be in Canada illegally? I've heard of lazy, but the Canadian government spends millions of dollars anually advertising in daily papers, around the world, begging people to emmigrate to Canada.

      The US was forced to become entangled in El Salvador because uniformed Russian and Cuban troops were in your country turning your country towards Russian communism against the will of El Salvador. If we were acting unjustly why is Daniel Ortega still in power "next door". My point, what does that have to do with your illegal status in Canada, beside the normal catch all "I'm a thief because of America and white people".

      I'll never argue the point that honor has anything to do with wealth. I know most Mexicans are honest, using their own definition unfortunately taught to them by alien Catholic Priests, but the numbers and the enormity of their effect cannot be ignored.

      This may just be me but anytime Cochise, or DeSoto's treatment of Native Americans gets brought into an arguement on 20th-21st century illegal immigration, I know my opponent's got no game.

    7. We don't have many illegal immigrants here in Canada .I guess our government is doing something right.
      But, professionals are promised a wonderful life here, and they end up driving taxis.
      Not the life they had envisioned when they came here.

    8. The government rather have educated people doing uneducated people's jobs, their goal for money has been engrained.

    9. I just read a number of your posts. You seem to be the definition of a white supremacist. Proud, too! I remember correcting you falsely calling out a veteran for saying he had an M-16 in Viet Nam. The ones that complain the most about "phony vets" are the phony ones, it seems.

    10. I remember it too. Nothing in my recollection has M 14s with line outfits. Di An was a few clicks south of Da Nang. That fits. I don't spend a lot of time on here but I did respond. I feel bad if my response was casual and wrong. Weapons used by rifle squads were not M 14s, however not impossible. Unless he was wounded his rotation date was wrong if he arrived with the division, but not impossible, I apologized to him. I hope he accepted it.

      I am not a white supremacist. How much easier it is to put me in that box than to argue the truth. Why don't you folks who don't know the definition of fascism but use it constantly in your raving generalities start a voucher program. You give up your way of life and that of anyone that is mistaken enough to rely on you for their subsistence to a hispanic illegal. All your "superficial, capitalistic plans, government schemes, social welfare, earned rights and way of life to be handed out to a person here on a 2 week visa to go to Disneyland issued 25 years ago. You'll be lucky to see that much substance in their residence, if you are lucky.

      I've got no problem living next door to a good neighbor, regardless of his origin, but I'm not walking my kid's acceptance letter to UCLA over to him and donating my kid's future to my neighbor.

      The illegals do not come from places where the rule of law means anything. They, aided by hispanic politicians wanting to be president , capitalists wanting to increase their end of year margins, rich political liberals who are conservative capitalists who know they will never be touched are equally at fault for this movement to ignor the rule of law, to make our government work like the banana republic they escaped are more than complicitious. Lock them up first, I've got no heartburn with that.

      Read more of my comments or knock off the selective memory.

    11. Your comments tell a story. I can only interpret what I see or not say anything. Of course I don't know you.

      We will be a Hispanic nation before long. Best come to terms with it.

    12. Well I am sorry if I did not expressed my previous point correctly about my status in Canada or the influence 1 Caucasian kid had on my early life while growing up. To clarify I was never illegal in Canada and I am a citizen. Also the point of his influence was more to say that the environment tends to shape the behavior of a person in most cases but there are exceptions to the rule on both sides of the coin. As for your argument of Cuban and Russian troops in El Salvador may be true but at best was not at the start of the war and not the reason the war started. The reason this war started really was because professors and students began to question the disparity of wealth publicly and then some went missing and then people asked questions about those that went missing and then so of the them went missing and so on. Also where have you read about Russian and Cuban troops in El Salvador. I would just like to know your sources of information. As for the first nation argument you may want to watch the series 500 nations. This is a long series but very informative from the first nation point of view which I think is one we should get acquainted with.

    13. Look-I already said that all individuals can be judged on their own merits and found to be decent people, regardless of ethnicity. I am talking about CULTURE, and all one must do is look at the Mexican culture with an open mind to see that, at least from an American perspective, it SUCKS! Gangs, crime, over-breeding...the list goes on. As far as Canada is concerned, it's easy for them to sit back on their high chairs and criticize Americans such as myself who have seen their homeland "cheapened" by a mass influx of undocumented, ILLEGAL "aliens". But I bet if they had to deal with their homes being burglarized, cars stolen, property values lessened, and all that comes with this Mexican invasion, they would change their tunes.
      Another thing: note the absurd amount of children this poor fruit picker has. He is the norm, not the exception. And I do believe this documentary states he sends home $200 or so per month to support his family at home. Well, I GUARANTEE he makes much more than that! He likely makes that in one day! Not only is that wealth leaving this country (albeit a pittance in this case), but where does the rest of his $ go? Don't tell me it goes to rent-you have already seen how they pack themselves into a single family home like sardines, turning that neighborhood into a true Sh%thole. I dare any of you "love and let live" types to stroll through that neighborhood at ANY TIME of the day. Check out Ventura County's STAR newspaper and see the amount of violent crime that comes out of this region, usually with one common denominator: Spanish names as the perps!
      Back in the early 90's, after graduating from college, I taught school in Oxnard. Their heroes were gangsters 90% of the time. They were ALL on public assistance, at least receiving free lunches. Nope, I am sorry, but there is NOTHING good to be gained from this influx of Mexicans (or Guatemalans, etc.). If they have so much to offer society, why can't they offer it to their own country. Mexico has plenty of natural resources, and they seem to be as a group a "god-fearin" folk (another hilarity-they all devote themselves to the catholic church, which enslaved their ancestors and destroyed their civilization). Canada has plenty of room. Perhaps we should open up a "Canada Express" whereby all these poor, misunderstood Mexicans can make a b-line up to your country for the good of all Canadians?

    14. I find it interesting the amount of hatred you have for others. The hatred is definitely of the racist nature. Three of the biggest factors that determine if people are going to have large families are poverty, education and religion. There is nothing that stated your background as a reason for having large families. Also remember that it was the Europeans who brought religion not the other way around to the Americas. I find it funny how quickly people forget the mistakes their own ancestors have made. As far as being easy to sit back and criticized well when I came to Canada I learned that health care should be administered by government and not private industry. We pay a lot of taxes but when you look at the government budgets you can see where that money goes. As a foreigner to Canada I was taught to respect other cultures and this encouraged me to become a better citizen not just within Canada but when I travel outside my nation as well. On another note about why people go to the US is to flee the drug violence and poverty that has been created in large part American and Canadian users have created. Remember if there was no demand then no reason to cultivate the drugs right. You mention there is nothing good from the influx. America's prices for fast food, hotel rentals, construction etc is far lower than Canada. How much would this rise if those workers were paid fair wages and benefits. Furthermore you may want to educate yourself how the US and corporations have dealt with Latin American nations to see where this problem originated. May I suggest Naomi Klein's book Shock Doctrine or the documentary that can be found on YouTube. No picker makes $200 a day. You have to be ignorant to realize this. When I was a kid one summer I went berry picking and believe i did not make $200 a day. You should maybe go one day with them and see how good the work is and how satisfying the pay is. There is a reason they pack so many in one household. I wish people like you could experience just one day of that type of work just to see what it is like. I challenge anyone to go and sit one day where the undocumented illegals are and try it to see how easy it is.

    15. I have met many lovely Mexicans, in Mexico.

    16. I have met many stupid caucasian, in Mexico.

    17. Indeed you have! They're everywhere.

  29. The illegal immigration problem will never be fixed. It employs too many white government 'workers' and red neck sheriffs..Same reason the prisons are full of black and Hispanics.

  30. The hate of the White Americans to the Central Americans or Mexicans comes from the White Supremacy schizophrenia.

    Whites have been playing that Superiority Complex since the Middle Ages, Central America and South America are part of America...

    Someone who treats people like this don't deserve to be in power for so long, the white elite have a big list of the worst atrocities to humanity.

    because if someone with no education can do the job of somebody with a "higher Education", that person is just as smart.

    1. You're not going to get much support for being racist John. If you want to talk about maltreatment, perhaps you may want to look at how "people like this" exploit everyone else.

    2. I'm culturally diverse, I'm not being racist, there's white in me, believe it or not, I'm trying to point out the root cause of the problem on the so called Illegal Emigrants....witch is the schizophrenia of superiority over minorities...

    3. then explain the root of it if you know so fkng much

    4. Perhaps white people just run things better? All the wealthiest countries are run by white people. When you add minorities the countries become less wealthy and have more crime. Explain how that is the 'white mans' doing.

      The president of france has said that multiculturalism is a failed experiment and the stats of many countries show this to be true.

      Have you looked at the horrible crimes committed against the mexican people BY the mexican people?

    5. re:Have you looked at the horrible crimes committed against the mexican people BY the mexican people?

      Mexican indigenous or European Mexicans?

      re:Perhaps white people just run things better?

      You are an ignorant, Understanding the Root Cause of Violence is way beyond color. and if you think the world we living is progress, you don't know s**t.

      We lost moral progress, and gained an iphone and an airplane, we got good at destroying the environment, we got good at Ecocides, Genocides, and more Wars than before. if you think this is progress you don't know S••t.

    6. re:You are an ignorant, Understanding the Root Cause of Violence is way
      beyond color. and if you think the world we living is progress, you
      don't know s**t.

      re:The hate of the White Americans to the Central Americans or Mexicans comes from the White Supremacy schizophrenia.


    7. Recently the predominant culture has been the Caucasian European culture and that is why people misuse the term "white" to explain what is and has happen to developing countries. The reality is that whomever has the power is the culture who exploits other cultures. Plonkette you may want to acquaint yourself with books that touch the topic on what the west takes from developing countries and how the western world has kept these countries down by supporting dictators and overthrowing democratically elected governments in the past. I always wonder if people in the western world really understand what a democratic government is. As an example if a country that has a resource that is being picked up cheaply by a corporation and then sold for a large amount of profit to western consumers and then this country gets a reformist who wants to bring in similar rights to his citizens that the western world has. What do you think will happen to that corporations bottom line? Will they stand by and loose those profits or try to change that government by any means possible? Will western government citizens support such measures? Will these same citizens be OK if the product is higher if it means a better prosperous society in that developing country? We have some of these answers in books like the shock doctrine, war is a racket and economic hitman. The reality is that western governments know how to exploit the developing world better not that they run things better. Remember that a lot of developing nations have come out of oppression from western governments as early as now. Just because you do not have a western government representative in that nation oppressing these citizens does not mean that we do not oppress these nations citizens by supplying weapons or giving out loans to buy weapons so the oppressive government can keep its power. Another interesting thing about the western mindset that any type of government is ok in a developing nation as long as it does a few things. 1. allow corporations to come in and take those resources at bargain basement prices which includes labor. 2. deny any meaningful union development that would increase employee rights. You should know that the only law that was kept in Iraq after Mr. Hussein was ousted was the one that denied the right to form unions 3. Provide protection of western assets at all cost. Also on a side note just in case you do not know 90% of the weapons confiscated by the Mexican military are traced back to weapons sold in the US. The reason there is so much violence right now in Mexico is because they are trying to fight a drug war which has been fueled by the demand created from western developed users. These are just a few thoughts that hopefully give you a better picture of what actually happens. Also look up what the US did to the first nations people and how it broke almost all treaties that they signed with every first nations people.

    8. The crux of the problem is human beings want more. always more. The natives to north america were no different, thier only problem is they were insulated from other cultures. The peoples of the euro/asia continent fought each other for 1000's of years, each developing better and better tactics, weapons, and tools.

      When they got to north america they were superior in war in general. Thats it. A few hundred spaniards were able to defeat 100 000+ Aztec's through superior tactics.

      You guys are right, it doesn't matter the nation or the colour of skin, human beings in general like to one up each other. Would you let your family starve to feed anouther? I certainly wouldn't. Now multiply that by a few million times and you have countries.

    9. I agree with most of what you said except the last part because we live in a time that allows us to not get into a situation to have to choose between me eating and you starving or vice verse. We have the resources and ability to feed everyone. For example some countries throw food away because prices for these foods would be to low to sell for profit while there are starving people all over the world that would benefit from it. Yes in the past we have always tried to one up each other but as a species we have to move from that to something more. Our survival depends on it because if we do not change then we can not plan for future catastrophes that threaten all of humanity.

    10. "The crux of the problem is human beings want more. always more." - not true. Look at China, India, South Africa, Brazil...and on and on the list could go...all 'wealthy' (resourceful) nations that haven't felt the need to go out and conquer, rape, pillage, enslave, dominate...etc., etc. Even if you get some megalomaniac stirring up the masses to go invade somewhere, it does not mean that all those masses were secretly wishing for war and conquest. People are quite capable and happy to live in peace and harmony when offered the chance to. What people 'want' is to improve their lot. How we go about doing that is a choice that some choose badly. It is a choice of civility.

      You believe that we humans are fundamentally based on greed and acquisition, and by exploitation of the weak by the strong. That might makes right, and aggression wields fortune.That is the crux of the problem, for it dangerously projects the fearful, paranoid notion that we have no choice in the matter - if we don't dominate them, they will dominate us.

      Your second paragraph states that quite clearly with the words "were able to" as though the idea of coming in peace was an unfathomable concept. That is why I stated your thinking is lost.

      Watch "End of Poverty" for a much needed complete turnaround in your thinking.

    11. Very well said, thanks!

    12. ..."End of Poverty" is pretty damn good too, in case you missed out there.

    13. See, you are so lost in your thinking that it's virtually pointless even trying to address your delusions. Good luck Ms. Plonker (look it up).

    14. Good argument. Go back under your rock then.

    15. That's probably the finest example of self reflection I've ever seen.

    16. Feel free to hide under a rock with me.
      There's room!

    17. Do you want a bunch of gringos to colonize Central and South America and turn it into Wisconsin? What would happen to Latino culture? What would happen to the Spanish language?

      I'm a minority too. We can pretend that America was founded by the United Colors of Benetton and that it's a country of immigrants but that's not really true. The majority of America is white and Christian and was founded by white Christian Europeans, that's what makes America what it is for better and for worse. We are just as American as any other Americans but the cultures of our homeland are not the ones the country was founded on, we assimilated into a culture that was and still is the best Europe has to offer.

      It goes without saying, today's American can be of any color, race, gender, creed, etc. But the rules still apply: assimilation is crucial to being accepted into this society. There's nothing wrong with that.

      We're a superpower and we have a proud tradition that millions of people literally die to embrace. Immigration isn't the problem. The problem is illegal immigration and immigrants from the Arab world and North Africa who come to America, Europe, Canada and Israel for the sole purpose of making money. It's hard not to empathize with a man who risks his life to come here, earn less than minimum wage and sends the money back to his family. They aren't bad people, they just don't really care about their hosts. They want the life but they could care less about the values and ideals. They don't really care about the language, the law or what it means to be an American. Their existence here is a game of cat and mouse with the authorities and the government. You can't be patriotic when you feel like everyone is out to get you. They don't belong here, they're breaking the law and they know it -- it's just a "necessary evil".

      This is a difficult issue because the illegals themselves aren't bad people but they are doing something very damaging to the fabric of our society. They know that what they're doing is wrong but they keep doing it because immigration is such a grey area with too many loopholes and it really shouldn't be.

      We need a 0% tolerance policy when it comes to illegals, and at the same time we should improve the system that helps honest immigrants come here, make a living and assimilate into our society -- which is a PRIVILEGE by the way.

    18. You made some very good points.
      In Canada as well, certain groups prefer not to assimilate, which really bugs me. Like wanting to use Sharia Law, as an example.
      I love learning about different cultures and picking up new languages from people I meet; but immigrants should really love Canada if they want to settle here, and should be honest, hardworking, and pay their taxes.
      There shouldn't be a fuss if Christmas is celebrated in schools, or burkas must be removed when testifying in a court of law.
      Just my opinion.

    19. I completely agree.

    20. Latino culture does the same crimes too, just go to Colombia, Antioquia to be exact and you'll find US Dollars money laundry and a cartel of sociopaths which do the worst fckng crimes I have ever WITNESS... they got Child Sex Workers, some of this kids are raised to be like this, the guerrillas who controls the Cocaine Plantations, Extortions, kidnappings, Modern Day Human Sacrifice...

      IS THAT THE LATINO CULTURE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT? and that's just in Colombia alone...


    21. Good point, I agree.

  31. Heart wrenching.
    Truth, if you want to stop illegal immigration, look for what's causing it. Treat the cause and not the symptoms. NAFTA being one of those causes which apparently forced thousands to migrate illegally because they simply had no way of doing it legally.
    I don't like immigration so much either, It does make it harder to get a job and make ends meet. But they are still human, and you would do the same in their shoes.

    1. So what? Illegal is illegal.

    2. Absolutely. But don't blame the symptoms for the problem.
      - Problem 1; Highly subsidized produce crossing the borders undermining their economy.
      - Problem 2; Employers hiring immigrant workers for dirt cheap. They're not taking jobs from americans, american jobs are being given away, in most cases by americans !

    3. Problem 1: Their economy is not our problem.
      Problem 2: As long as the immigrant workers are here legally, no problem.

    4. Their economy is starving them out of their own country. In the case presented here, NAFTA, an american policy, is flooding their economy with cheap corn, undermining their ability to make money and feed themselves on their own land.
      They come illegally because they can get hired... theres opportunity.

    5. It is your problem if you benefit from keeping that economy lower through free trade zones and you or us benefiting from lower wages and lower priced products.

    6. Absolutely not. It's up to their countries to do something about it, not ours.

    7. Mr. Gloor,
      There is validity in all of your arguements but opening the flood gates to assimulate a civilization of people unable to exist without the help of constant governmental assistance isn't the answer to any of your arguements.

    8. Exactly, which is why you take care of the problems that draw them in in the first place. I don't think they want to leave their homes, but they have to or they and their families starve. Legal immigration is fine, that can be tracked and regulated.

    9. There never was a time when the US wanted people beyond what their intended place in our society would be. The Irish had "America Wakes" when their sons went to America. They were never going back. In some places they we're called narrow backs. It was derogitory as time went on, but it was an underbreathe saying "na'r go back" whispered a million times. They wanted to be Americans, as did the Germans, Italians, etc. The government of the US didn't give a damn what they wanted. They were given physical exams, mental tests, a responsible accoutable party in America before they were allowed in, but only if they were needed, and then on 60 month probation, during which they would received no federal money, period. Our industrial revolution made it seem holy, it wasn't.

      Hispanics haven't shown any interest to become assimulated. They want to come here take every nickle to the transfer office send it home and after a few years head south for good. The europeans dropped their nationally identifiable umlauhs prefixes, apostrophies, etc. They were Americans in their souls. What's with the mother's last name, father's last name and not a word about Americanization?

      The Cubans got us broken in. The only reason Castro is in power is because he's supported by S. Florida. They talk a good line but they send money to Cuba religiously. I hope everyone got my statement that there are 40-41 million illegal hispanics inside our terriorial borders.

      There is absolutely nothing comparable to today's hispanic breaking and entering of our country and our history of legal organized immigration.

      The US is doing much more than people think to stem the flow of illegal hispanics. NAFTA is our baby, no doubt about it. That's on us to fix. I shiver to think what the Trans Pacific Trade Law, which will include China will look like. I know it'll hurt. Many of you have heard of Carlos Slim, the Mexican who is the richest man in the world. Carlos Slim is a Lebanese Christian Arab who is cashing in on a governmental communications monopoly knee deep in Mexican complisidiousness. Yes, only in Mexico.

      My question is how far over the border do you go to fix the problems that are driving the people here?

  32. I left this playing in the background and it just pulled me in as it got better and better. I'm at 28min and there's a young woman in tears at the kitchen table. I'm not surprised she is in tears, she's finally being allowed to talk about something she's never been allowed to talk about: her undocumented status has remained a long kept secret.

    The xenophobia and hatred being spouted reminds me of my days during apartheid so much. The irony (you pig headed racists) is that your descendants were invaders on those shores. This young woman is more 'american' that you'll ever be, albeit beyond your imposed borders. Your borders are sustaining that apartheid philosophy - a system of state sponsored racial segregation and social engineering. Think that I'm being ridiculous? Look at your Native American 'settlements'. State sponsored, social segregated engineering more like.

    You lot were the first ones to slap on the racist charges and sanctions on South Africa, all the while treating your fellow man with this exact same kind of disgust that was perpetuated by the apartheid government - I know because I was in your country too during the same time period...and here openly calling for a few to be shot dead so that 'a message' is sent loud and clear. Not only is that not the first time I've heard (or seen) that one, but these people are deadly serious to boot.

    What is it with you guys that you just can't get enough blood on your hands?? If only you would direct that energy at the place where it would make the most difference, but no...that would asking too much - easier, as always, to form a local lynch mob, to point fingers at foreigners and minority groups and label them baaaad, enemies even, whilst constantly living in fear and utter hypocrisy. Obviously I'm not directing this at anyone other that these US xenophobes who make me absolutely friggin furious.

    Thinking I hate americans? I don't
    Thinking I hate America? I don't
    I loath the mindset that allows thinking in terms of 'hatred'.

    ...powerful, recommended viewing.

    1. This is serendipitous and a case in point for my last
      comment two docs back. These human
      beings have been used by the left and right for political advantage. Common sense left the scene decades ago.

    2. Yes lets let tons of cheap labour in to crash the economy. Then america can be a shining example civilization just like mexico. Theres a reason people are trying to get out of that place.

    3. Imagine (if you can) that, that border never had existed in the first can't can you?

      Ok, imagine then, that Wall Street (and it's money) decided to border itself in. Or London, or any of the wealthy cities areas around the world. Now imagine someone like yourself living inside those borders saying what you say, about you. The rub is that the truth is not so wildly different - there are invisible borders there and there are plenty of the likes of you everywhere. But you ain't in that club. So get a grip of your soul and start looking around you.

    4. It was good to hear from the illegals, or undocumented folks. A path to citizenship is necessary along with a reasonable way in to work in the first place.

      Who knew they were real people? Not Jan, or Joe, or Sarah.

      This is presented by the same gal that did the doc American Call-Girls, I believe, from National Geographic. They are not that different?

    5. Indeed. 2 for 2...I think I'll try find other works she has done. (let me know if you do?)

    6. Filmography
      Hide Self (3 titles)
      2012Oprah and Rainn Wilson Present SoulPancake (TV movie)

      2012Sex for Sale: American Escort (TV documentary)

      2009-2011Vanguard (TV series documentary)
      – Cage Fighting in the USA (2011) … Correspondent
      – City of God, Guns & Gangs (2011) … Correspondent
      – Missionaries of Hate (2010) … Correspondent
      – The Oxycontin Express (2009) … Correspondent

    7. 8-O nice! Thank you

    8. Hi again, just a side note, I couldn't reply to your last post on the other site because they have changed things and I can't figure it out!
      I've been reading the above comments on This (Illegal) American Life, and look forward to seeing it, especially if it is in fact presented by the woman you mentioned.

    9. Yes, the directions added a bit of confusion to what should be simple. I wrote to Danny at youknowwhere dot com. It will also work to reply to your account activation email if you got that far. Explain what you need and that you want your comments to be attributed to you and he will take care of it.

      It really looks like there are nice additions!

    10. Danny e-mailed me and apologized for the glitch.
      I thought it was my fault because I'm totally incompetent on computers!
      Subject: Re: New comment posted on This (Illegal) American Life

    11. Glad to hear it.

    12. Great response DigiWongaDude. I totally agree with you. I live in Canada and we very much are a multicultured Country. I feel so bad for these people who so desperately want a better life than what they have in Mexico. Listening to Sheriff What's His Creep was pathetic - racist can't begin to call him what he really is. This is 2013-I'm thrilled the USA has a colored President. I know there is still much racism in the United States. People are people no matter what country they are from or what color they may be. There is good & bad in all cultures. The white man is NO better than anyone else. I am Caucasian and I would never treat another human being with the disrespect that comes out of these so called law enforcers. They are the scum of the earth - NOT the Mexicans or any other race for that matter. It's too bad we all just can't get along.

    13. Comparing the US to S. Africa is an insult of the highest order. S. Africa's "change" is as a result of US pressure. It was none of our business but we pushed, the S. African gov't caved, we disappeared, there is a whole generation that boycotted school, black on black violence, AIDS, gang rule but at least the black US reporters got their awards. Should have seen how quickly they dropped those babies. Did you get the talk that when the whites were outvoted you would get their houses?

      Black or white is a cover. "I want what you have" and "You're not getting what I have" cover's everything. Not thanking God for being here every night means you've joined the entitlement state.

      You know nothing about America.