Tupac: Resurrection
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Tupac: Resurrection

2003, Biography  -   14 Comments
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Tupac - ResurrectionMany unauthorized video titles have been released about the life of rap superstar Tupac Shakur. Tupac: Resurrection is the only one to be both executive produced by his mother, former Black Panther Afeni Shakur, and benefit from access to the MTV archives. The documentary is the feature-length debut for director Lauren Lazin, who has created several highly rated programs for both MTV and PBS.

Using voice-overs, interviews, and other vocal tracks recorded by the late artist himself, the film explores his life, music, and death from fatal gunshot wounds in 1996. Includes rare footage, home movies, private photographs, and excerpts from his personal poetry, journals, and letters.

During the making of the film, MTV reached out to his fan base by requesting submissions of Tupac memorabilia to be used in the film. C'mon America 2003 features 13 live performances from eight-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow. The set includes more than two hours of footage, including the No. 1 hit "All I Wanna Do" and the Top 10 hits "Everyday Is a Winding Road," "Leaving Las Vegas," and "If It Makes You Happy".

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5 years ago

just wanna know who murdered the best rapper ever...i become very cool evrytime i turn on makaveli....peace and keep it real...

11 years ago

you can kill a rapper but not his music!!!

11 years ago

iwaz born afta 2pac death n nvr knwn his cause of death n
til date

11 years ago

what the real documentay called? i want to watch it. i love pac and his a grate rapper i wish he was still alive but i was only 5 wen he passed away. RIP @PAC i love you!

12 years ago

when i told my friend to buy me an rap album he came back with tu pac
album i knew tu pac but i aint listen to his all song. one night i listened
to this album i was touched by his lirycs and energy. i thanked my friend
for giving me this.and i watsh this docs i feel nostalgy he was a great
rapper.r.i.p tu pac all your african fans are with you even you are dead
you touched pleople threre with your magic. raplow the king ,douala,camaeroun,africa.

jay r
12 years ago

yo we all belive 2 pac is a legend but hes gone and we stell love him tu pac he is the man...but y,ll gotta check out rapper the gamehes reall legend just like pac the game for life

13 years ago

One of the greater docs on this site... I always loved Pac and anyone who never understood him should watch this film asap. What ever happened to the poet rap? Or the rapper that spoke for the needy? Nowadays its a worst economy than in those times an all the top rappers are no where near Pac's level. RIP 2 a true legend.

13 years ago

Tupac was clearly a very explosive personality. Very talented for Hip/Hop fans. I wasn't a fan of his but whenever I saw any clips of him in action or in interviews; I knew he wouldn't live long. How did I know this? It was obvious how he led his life and by the aggressive force in how he expressed everything. His death was how I expected it would end and not because he often mentioned death himself. People with intense/explosive attitudes/personalities always die violently or through overdosing on drugs or alcohol.

13 years ago

Besides all his incredible talent, Tupac was an exemplary human being. He risked his life to try to reach the youth and all of us really, with truth. He showed us his best, flaws, his sensitive and angry sides all in an effort to show us a truth and what a real human being is. His songs are filled with passion, pain and pure genius. I put him up there with MLK, Malcolm X, Jesus, JFK, RFK, John Lenon, anyone who rebeled against the control system. Again, a great person who had the courage to express himself, show his love towards others and speak from his heart publicly despite all the risk and turmoil in his life. I appreciate the huge impact he had on my life. He showed me there was someone out there that genuinely cared.

R.I.P. Shining Serpent

13 years ago

He was the best an no one wil ever be like Big Pac

14 years ago

2pac is my ni66a, i love every thing he did, from music to movies to poetry.

15 years ago

I have the resurrection dvd, its awesome
Tupacs Lyrics are real deep and cool
I´m missing Pac like I know him, like I met him once, but i havent
You can kill a rapper but not his music
You can kill a poet but not his poetry
You can kill a revelutionary but not a revelotion
You can kill an actor but not his work
You can kill a Tupac but he is going to live in our hearts for ever
Rest In Peace, pac
Momon pisedo
Thug Love 4 u

16 years ago

i love 2pac if i die with tupacc tupac is the best man in da worldd tupac its time 2 warr !!! thug life 4 everr !! if ican go 2 america and see my man 2pacc call me 009613715963 2pac is the bestt til the day i die i will die b4 my time like u 2pac my age is 15 but i wanna be in the sky with u !!!!!!!!!!!!!! thuglife