Tupac: His Final Hours

Tupac: His Final Hours

2010, Biography  -   27 Comments
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Tupac: His Final HoursTupac Shakur was the most successful hip-hop artist in the world. He was no different than the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley.

2Pac was the king of rap. To his legions of fans he's the ultimate gangsta rapper. He was the angry voice of urban America.

People in the hood called him black Jesus. But for the authorities and his rivals in to the world of hip-hop he was seen as a threat.

He said many times "I'm going to die. I'll die in a blaze of glory." And soon that prophecy came true. This is the story of the final hours in the life of Tupac Shakur.

This compelling documentary unlocks the hidden secrets, psychological flaws and events that result in the tragic death of famed, notorious and the iconic.

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6 years ago

Tupac was the same as lucky dube,they faced the truth as it is.they were secal-arrounded by hatreat and all, that you name it.thats why they dead good people dont live long,i noticed.

Jeremiah Naik
7 years ago

Tupac was a real mother f*** soldier he kept his head up throw every single problem he went thru,people didn't like him cause what ever he said in every song was true about his life n his up bring n how his life. I Salute him with both my thumbs.

8 years ago

The Greatest of all time. You don't like it because you can't relate to it. That's why i can't relate to metal rock because its just loud noise.You listen to a big star from Africa who is really huge in his home country - you might end up saying what's the fuss - so just because you don't like rap doesn't make it bad - its a movement. People say it glorifies violence, abusive words towards women but that's their reality. Moreover all these has been going on in the society before rap music.
My favourite jam is 'dear mama' when i explained it to my mum and she cried. RIP Amaru - we miss you.

Eric Lawson
8 years ago

My son grew up with 2 PAC as his idol . He was a great poet. He was a great entertainer.He was a good man as well. When one enters the Thug life for real one had better be able to have great security. This artist had one man as his security that was his ultimate down fall.Gangsters kill one another for real over the craziest of things. I believe this was a retaliation for the beating put on the man at the casino.Where would he be now ??Peace !!.

9 years ago

Four cans shy of a sixpac, I'm guessing. I do welcome the day when bad poetry about anti-social behavior, blathered over a repetitive, synthesized thud, finally goes out of fashion. I used to do sound for bands for a living; nearly always, the "rap" groups, were "performing" to a prerecorded tape, with a couple of live mics, so the frontman could interact with the crowd. This phenomena was exclusive to this genre of "music"; other genres actually featured musicians actually performing, nearly all the time. The inability to "sample" ( i.e. plagiarize ), the actual melodies created by others, was a real set back to these posers.

10 years ago

Darren it's just a thing of taste.

10 years ago

what I dont get is how any one could call hip hop music let alone good music. Sounds like total s*it to me.

10 years ago

never forget the power that labels have over artists and how they create an image for them

10 years ago

brows and lashes like no others

10 years ago

while some frustrated black community leaders may have seen him as the voice that won't let white America forget. his legacy will unfortunately be the lives of other deluded black youth who have died in the street in gun play with TUPAC tattooed on their chest.

10 years ago

Believed his own hype, died of it.

10 years ago

@ Rolands : I think it was his big mouth and that he was portraying to the world that he was some kind of outlaw. (a thug, gangster). There is a huge amount of quotes in this video that shows he was trying to be something he was not ( a cold heart gangster). When from every point of view about him from his friends and family he was a man with a big heart and not till later started to really believe the hype he was rapping about. Tupac killed Tupac. He blames MTV in this doc for making him seem like a gangster and a outlaw.Still dismissing the fact he called himself a thug and seeked out the goal of convincing the world he was one (when he was not). Try to live by the gun...you might end up dying by the gun. Lets not forget the crip him and his "crew" beat the hell out of. I am sure that guy wanted payback, in 1996 tupac could not really hide where he was.

Also the government killing a man that was paying millions in taxes makes no sense. When black men kill eachother over what a man sings about, the government most likely see's that as a win. Not saying all government is racist, but you get my drift.

Was good and current with taxes and paying the government, also sparked a war with certain gangs. Leading to the deaths and arrests of alot of people. Bet they wish they had few more Pacs in the music scene.

10 years ago

lol @ the reconstruction actor that play tupac

10 years ago

why doesnt quincy's daughter get interviewed

10 years ago

government did it