The Weather Underground

The Weather Underground

2002, History  -   55 Comments
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The Weather UndergroundThe Weather Underground explores the unbelievable story of the Weathermen, the notorious group of 70 s radicals who, outraged by the Vietnam War and racism in America, went underground to wage a low-level war against the U.S. government, bombing targets across the country that they felt symbolized the real violence.

From pitched battles with police on Chicago's city streets, to bombing the U.S. Capitol building, to breaking acid-guru Timothy Leary out of prison, this carefully organized clandestine network attempted to incite a national revolution, while successfully evading one of the largest FBI manhunts in history.

One of the top documentaries, this award-winning film interweaves extensive archival material with modern-day interviews to explore the incredible story of The Weather Underground.

As former members reflect candidly about the idealistic passion that drove them to bring the war home, they paint a compelling portrait of troubled and revolutionary times, with unexpected and often striking connections to the current world situation.

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  1. Mark Brown

    All the La Boca Grande critics of the documentary posting here need to find a reliable entheogen source. And take a heroic dose. Then melt down and rot some. So their eyes can actually open to the savagery of life lived from egocentric obsession--the materialistic nightmare. Munch's Scream tells the real story. Yes the W.U. had many flaws and faults. But they heard the scream of the millions suffering the consequences of the petty greed and violence of those fallen fools responsible for the misery that causes 9-15 thousand children to die of starvation every day. Social media has spawned the antisemitic garbage heart, Gads.

  2. Marieinbethpage

    Interestingly, the fact that the Weather Underground was almost entirely made up of Jews is omitted from this "documentary". And that this is what happened in Russia where the Jewish Bolsheviks won, murdered 100,000,000 Whites is also conspicuously missing.

    1. JayM

      Some Bolsheviks were not Jewish. In spite of their strategy to use Jews as an ultimate scapegoat, the collectivists DO NOT represent Jewish peoples, and more than they represent ANY free peoples of the world.

  3. Darka Smith

    Walter44 defending the Judaic Satanic crime syndicate operating out of Israel and the City of London. Interesting times we live in right now, they're exposed for what they are, pedophile supremacists who have an insatiable lust for blood and love to us the west for their proxy wars. Ahhh but their days are numbered, we are in the end times.

  4. Guest

    Oh and you might want to check into an FBI agent assigned to the Weather Underground case. He said, while Bill Ayers was dangerous, Bernardine Dohrn was bat s*** crazy and scared the H out of him.

  5. Guest

    To those of you who agreed with these people just because you watched THEIR version of things, you're the kinds of people Hitler would have loved because you would never bother to verify anything you were told.

    For starters, most of you probably don't even know that Jane Fonda visited a north Vietnamese prison camp for American prisoners, and BETRAYED a bunch of them to the camp commander so they were tortured and/or executed.

    Do some research people!

    Or you'll turn into nice little red book Mao-ssts.

  6. Nuttucker

    Now look at all you. Keyboard arm chair warriors. HAHAH FAIL

  7. Ramon Martensen

    From a moral viewpoint I do think that in some cases violence is justified. When you are fighting a violent institutions that have such undemocratic chokeholds on society that peaceful solutions simply won't work, the people in power leave no other options. But this applies only in extreme cases. And that is exactly the problem. When you live in a bubble of such stronghearted activists you lose your sense of selfevaluation. I wouldn't use violence as a mean to create a better world, simply because it is not effective. The cruelty that is required for militant action will stick on you, so even if you succeed to overthrow the people in power, you will not get new leaders that will bring the peaceful world. I think that many of the cruel revolutionaries started off as genuine goodwilled people who turned bad because of all the violence that came with their struggle.

    1. therapy

      everything is extreme and offensive

  8. David Foster

    Another fine example of why the future is inevitable.

    1. Jack1952

      In the sixties, I thought the future would never arrive. Over forty years later and I'm still waiting. Inevitable...not from my experience. Its wait till tomorrow until there are no tomorrows left. Then my kids and grandkids can take over waiting for this inevitable future.

    2. devlinwaugh

      humanity will make it,but the whole system will need to change, and it will.Change will come when they realize the system is broken or the broken break the system.time has infinite endings but some are inevitable.

    3. Le Blanc

      'humanity will make it' where? Our species, just like the majority of species to ever inhabit the planet, will certainly not 'make it' We are destined for extinction and seem intent on speeding that process up ourselves. The planet will make it.

    4. Winston Smith

      The future will never arrive because it is an illusion. We exist as awareness bound in continual change (death & rebirth seen in nature) in the ever-present now. A thing not nearly so static as might at first appear as this instant can never be grasped before it moves onto the next instant. This ever-present instant, in which each point of consciousness is the center of it's own universe is all there is. Explore what it is... ('it is not as it appears, nor is it otherwise') After-all, where does the universe reside? Out there? or in here?

    5. Achems_Razor

      I grasped what you said in your post immediately, my sentiments exactly.

  9. Donald Edward Goodman

    I'm 62 years old. I was in high school in the 60's. I saw many things, but I never even heard of these people! Good job hiding the truth MSM! "Power to "we the people." What happened in Nam was WRONG, and every single act of terrorism committed by TPTB, is also wrong! And yet, "we the people" have done little-to nothing about it. Where, oh where, are the balls of the American people? We've MURDERED MILLIONS of civilians ALL OVER THE WORLD; and continue to do so!
    However, "Violence begets violence." And it is WRONG as well!
    PS By "never heard of" I'm referring to the "underground....society" "Democratic society? These so-called "College students" don't seem to know, this country was DESIGNED TO BE REPUBLIC! NOT a democracy. Our founders stated, that a "Democracy" is the WORST FORM of government!

    1. adilrye

      Um...republic is a government without a monarchy. Democracy is the political system. They are not mutually exclusive. You can't have a republic with a king. Or a democratic dictatorship. Republic is the form, democracy the process.

      I don't quite get what you're saying.

    2. Pooua

      Our Founding Fathers noted that a straight democracy is a form of tyranny, as the majority becomes abusive of the rights of the minority. That is the reason that the US never was a straight democracy. We elect leaders who represent our interests, but they do so of their best judgement, such as it is. A republic has core principles that the majority is not allowed to overrule. A democracy does not inherently have such safeguards.

  10. adilrye

    Excellent doc, this sheds light on a fascinating time in American and in a way, world history. It was a point when youth across the world felt revolution was really possible...and to see what these kids, who are basically my age, were thinking when they decided to become urban guerillas and attack symbols of the United States, is really eye opening. In 2011, one could not feel that there was some major precedent in 1965 - 1973 when protests and riots seemed to happen everywhere, inspired by uprisings in the Arab world.

  11. urafunny1

    i hope not all the people on this site are pseudo intellectual types , seems that people just seem to try and get the upper hand even when comments are neutral and not agressive.

    1. Guest

      Sorry if i came acrross agressive.
      I just don't see how the communication on the net can be stopped at this point.

    2. urafunny1

      its ok , and you were right , the government will never need to monitor all the likes or comments on the web and it would be impossible for them to do so. However, just imagine if stalins government had access to the web , it would be a living nightmare. I am not trying to say our current rulers are stalinesk but in the near future they may well be , and in that scenario anybody who is deemed anti government could easily have their previous intenret history used against them.

    3. Guest

      The internet was first in the hand of the government only and then because of the realisation of what could be done with it, it ended up in the hands of us all. I am not sure how many people are on the net daily or weekly but it has to be in the billions.
      The anti government is spread all over the world, the only thing they could do to really stop it is to unplug at the source.
      That is the real threat.

    4. Guest

      The US government has access to the net as every government in the world has access to the net. I have gone around quite a bit, it has gotten possible to access the internet anywhere, with satellite internet. Even badass guerillas are a click away.

  12. David Ewer

    Excellent documentary lifting the lid on another hidden part of our history. It's easy to tell when a thought-provoking doc lands because all the trolls come out :)
    If Israel is so democratic, how come they build a wall to exclude all those who they disagree with? Bit like the Roman Empire and Hadrian's Wall - that's not democracy but aparteid like in former South Africa.

    1. Ray Williams

      by disagree do you mean blow up in public places with bombs strapped to their backs?

  13. Imightberiding

    Thanks for making this one available. Very important for the younger generation to take lessons, knowledge & wisdom from the past albeit not too distant. What a time it was...

  14. markq_99

    Powerful. Informative. Inspirational.
    And the 'right' wants to destroy these people and all who agree or even wonder about who they really are.

  15. walterr44

    "leftist tyrannies"??? -- an oxym*ron Walter. No such thing as a "leftist" tyranny."
    An oxym*ron only to a m*ron.
    Let's list a few leftist tyrannies:
    Stalin's Russia, Mao's china, Nicolae Ceau?escu's Romania, Pol Pot's Cambodia, Ulrich's East Germany,
    Enver Hoxha'a Albania to name a few.
    As for your comments on Israel, well they lack any facts. I won't waste too much time teaching you things you should know before you jabber nonsense.
    I've been to Israel several times. Guess what. The Arabs in Israel are granted full citizenship.
    They even have representatives in the Knesset who were voted in. Arabs are full citizens in Israel while the so called Palestinians you babble about were confined to refugee camps and treated as second class citizens in all Arab countries. These so called Palestinians have engaged in serial mass murder in terrorists attacks. I suggest you learn your facts instead of being a knee jerk leftist.

    1. John

      lol. I love arguing with people like you. Al I have to do is state my case, and then watch you prove me right with your mindless, reckless, unrestrained hate and venom.

    2. walterr44

      Argue with you? Stalin, mao, weren't mass murdering tyrants?
      Israeli arabs aren't granted full citizenship unlike the so called palestinians who are second class citizens in all arab countries.
      What's there to argue? One must argue with facts and you have none

  16. Too Legit to Quit

    Great documentary, the moral of the story is never compromise morality for the sake of radical change, do what you can and the wrongs will be rewritten, the human spirit will never be conquered, it hasn't in the history all of civilization. Great new ideas will always make primitive ones obsolete, don't overthrow the government overgrow the government, and keep hope alive.

  17. dewflirt

    Definitely a top doc. Loved this. So glad they did what they did without killing anyone other than a few of their own. Have a feeling that was more luck than judgement though. I guess if your going to start a revolution you might as well do it in style. If your going to be a bear, be a grizzly :)

  18. brutusaurio

    I really enjoyed this documentary.
    I think their ideas were good, but their method to carry them out was wrong.
    Ways change, but the struggle still goes on!!!

  19. walterr44

    Ultimately, this movement not only failed but probably helped Nixon get elected.
    Question: Dohrn and Rudd now are alive and well and out of jail.
    In what other countries would anyone who engaged in violent overthrow
    of the government still be alive.
    Answer. Western style democracies and certainly not any of the Leftist tyrannies these people took as a model.
    And certainly not the Islamofascist Palestinian cause that some of these lemmings agitate in favor of today.
    Incidentally, Israel is a Western style democracy

    1. John

      "leftist tyrannies"??? -- an oxymoron Walter. No such thing as a "leftist" tyranny. I agree that situation inadvertently helped Nixon. And you might be surprised to learn that the typical Palestinian is not the hardcore Islamist. You wont learn this from Rush Limbaugh, but Gaza and the West Bank, excluding the areas occupied by Israeli settlements, are essentially giant concentration camps. I've been there. The Palestinians have their backs against a wall and they are abused daily by the Israeli army and police. Think about it. Imagine that in 1945 the Soviet Union, instead of the US, had emerged as the more prominent superpower, and then proceeded to coerce the US, through the newly reorganized UN, to give Texas to the Jews of the World. Jews from everywhere pour into Texas and set up the Israeli government. Then, for the next 60 years, with the help of money and weapons from the USSR, declare that Texans no longer own any property in "Israel" and proceed to push all Texans into a small corner of "Israel", Israel controls the water, food, oil supply of all Texans, and attacks and murders them at will. Whenever a Texan is murdered by an Israeli the media says, "Israel was once again forced to take action against Texan militants, killing a dozen Texan terrorists." But if the Texans fight back, the media says, "Bloodthirsty Texan terrorists are on the warpath again!" Well, this is exactly what happened to Palestine. I travel the world, literally, and everywhere I go people have a very good understanding of the tragedy of Palestine -- except in the US. Americans are largely ignorant of the real history, and real story of Palestine. They are kept that way by a government and media that are highly influenced by Jewish propaganda and Jewish money. Think. It is extremely difficult to become president -- or governor/senator/representative in some states -- unless you have the support of the very powerful Jewish lobby. All this makes, in the eyes of the rest of the world, America, and Americans, complicit in the the crimes against humanity perpetrated upon Palestinians. Do you really think the world hates us Americans because of our "values", our gas guzzling SUVs, our professional wresting, sitcoms, our wonderful "democracy"??? They hate us because we are happily and willfully ignorant of the pain and suffering we allow to happen in Palestine and other places in the world. We Americans, with all our TVs, internet, cell phones, etc., are the most uninformed and/or misinformed people in the world -- when it comes to the world. But we really know a lot about football, pro wrestling, sitcoms, "reality" TV, fast food, and Walmart. We have our bread and circuses, and we don't want to be bothered about anything else.

    2. WTC7

      @ John, I really like your post. I just want to add that I don't think that the people in the rest of the world hate you, those who do should know that the people in the US are no different than anywhere else in the world. My personal view is that it is very unfortunate that the global power of your country is basically in the hands of uninformed (and misinformed), mainly untravelled voters who are primarily concerned with internal issues in the US. That makes them not too much different from voters in many countries of the world however. The problem is that such lack of understanding of global issues by the common people, paired with aggravation of the economic situation in the US, allows the power elite of your country to (mis)use its
      military power for the gain of essentially a few. But the same would have happened if any other country of the world gained global dominance. People like you, and many others who post here from the States, show to all of us that the bad politics of the US are denounced by many of its citizens.

    3. PavolvsBitch

      thanks John and it's rare that someone has actually seen that brothel, Israel from the inside through outsider's eyes. but Soviet Union did 'win the war' as Stalin was handed over what Hitler softened up; half of Europe to carry on gulaging regardless. American grain and produce kept the bolshevick soviets in power and all the money funnelled into the Eugenics and aerodynamics funded through Hitler's Regime became the property of US and UK military. Once the mission of destroying christianity, morality and family in the East, the wall came down and the floodgates opened as East morphs with West which was under Fabian Socialist Communism on the left and Fascist Elitism on the right.

      The purpose of WW1 and WW11 was to 'unite' Europe into one superstate whilst settling Palestine as the Israeli 'promised land'. Which, incidently was first 'thought' to be South Africa! Nice climate but a poor geopolitical location. Even though Balfour the Jew unlawfully designated the land it was on the tacit understanding that the residents be treated with all due consideration and respect and that no action should be taken to harm or disposses the Palestinian people. St David's Hotel put paid to any protection the British may have afforded those sold and betrayed.

      All Empires have been built on the blood of slavery by pyrates invading and claiming the land on behalf of thier elders and peers and as City of London, Washington DC, Vatican City, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong and Dubai are infested by the same ilk, our attention should be rightly focussed on where the sources of the problems lie, closer to home.

      Very very few Ashkenazi or Sephardic Jews live in the Middle East, far preffering the fat innards of their host countries but then, they belong nowhere on Earth, as Israel is an ideology, a religion of world conquest and domination over nature and 'goy'. It would be in error to think that, should the location of Israel come under attack, the problem of 'Israel' will have been solved as many would like to believe. Your analogy of Texas being invaded by Ashkenazi Israeli's is accurate and already a fait accompli' - that's exactly how it works.

    4. mbrum9

      Lord Balfour.... ... was not a Jew... the reason for the declaration was not to do good, but to get rid of as many Jews as the yearly 1900's things in the west were very different... but Jews... I'm a Jew.... always were top doctors / scientists. 1 percent of Germany in the 1930's were Jewish...if it wasn't for Jews... we most possibly would be typing in German. the Manhattan Project... the head and the best scientists were Jews...My great uncle Sam .. invented the Neutron bomb... which is never discussed THE MOST AWFUL WEAPON THERE IS....
      OUR GREAT AMERICAN SONG BOOK... THE FIRST 4 MAJOR FILM COMPANIES... ALL THE PRESIDENTS OF THE US...TOP Advisers...FROM FDR to OBAMA'S RON EMMANUEL... HAVE BEEN JEWS....YES we are pushy,,, don't have the best social graces..some times. Mayor Billionaire Bloomberg of new york city....sounds like a little girl... we are, and have been the smallest group... we don't have a gene pool... we have a gene puddle... 15 the world...6.5 Million In Israel....we sure do make a loud presence....most of us are secular....because of Jewish Jesus.... we are always set apart.....if one day all Jews became Christian..... jealousy would enter, and the world would figure out a reason to hate us.... our brains and balls should be studied..

    5. mbrum9

      The purpose of WW1 and WW11 was to 'unite' Europe into one superstate............where did you go to school... AFGHANISTAN... unite Europe..? ww1 if you know any thing was started for no apparent reason other then cousins in a pissing contest... find the doc on this top doc website... ww2 .....the allies joined to unite..who.? England, France ... boy can you please send me what you smoke..? read what i left for you kindergarten drop outs...AGAIN LORD BALFOUR WAS NOT A JEW go to wiki....they always state if the person is Jewish..........and Jesus was a Jew is incorrect... he is still a Jew............he never denounced being Jewish..... he denounced some practices of the powers that were...

    6. adilrye

      I don't know your whole conversation, but of course there is such thing as leftist tyranny. If leftists believe equality and social justice is the prime goal for society and politics, the more extreme your tactics to get there could EASILY lead you to tyranny.

      I mean, millions upon millions have died in the name of creating classless society where the "oppressors" of old are basically replaced oppressors of new. Thousands have died in the name of liberation or socialist terror movements as well.

      I'm not taking a left-right position here, I just believe terrorism and tyranny can be committed by any side of the political spectrum. Ultimately, this is terrorism. There's no qualms about that. Whether you feel it is justified, as I presume you see the PLO or Weather Underground as being, is completely up to your political and moral beliefs.

    7. Donald Edward Goodman

      Then what ur saying is Obama, and every President before him (excluding JFK) are wrong?

    8. adilrye

      "Wrong" how? All I said is that the potential for tyranny and radicalism exists within any ideology, even if you personally believe that ideology has supremely good intentions.

    9. devlinwaugh

      i agree,if you think you are right and the rest are wrong the warning bells should go off.Normally the truth of the matter is 50/50 from both sides view,sides are so far apart neither can see the correct answer.

  20. Guest

    They had a lot of revolutionary ideas, people, reasons but they didn't have the internet. We do.

    1. ProudinUS

      Hi Az, Who is we, and what exactly do you stand for. I'm not being a smart a$$ I'm just trying to find a level for your way of thinking.

    2. Guest

      "They" is anyone group who tried to reverse the flow of power and bring equality, "We" is anyone group who will try in the future or is trying as we write.
      As for me, my battle has been an everyday "eyes in eyes, hands in hands" kind of thing.

    3. urafunny1

      the internet like most things can be used for both good or evil , its true we can now voice our opinions about politics and our stance on current affairs , but it is also true that our opinions and political stance can easily be found out. And im sure your aware that the people in power have very different agendas than you do. i'd be carefull about what you post on the internet, it may just bite you in the ass one day.

    4. Guest

      Life has many ways to bite people's as$, it can come at you from any angles in a variety of ways. Some fear the dark, the woods, the streets, the abroad or the internet.
      I like to take chance.

    5. urafunny1

      just wanted to point out the internet seems like a wolf in sheeps clothing to me, freedom to express what you think , but also freedom for others to know what you think

    6. Guest

      You know how many "Press Enter" a second are happening on the internet at once. Who's going to keep a tab on that?
      Of course if "the law" wants to check on a certain person, the law can search on a computer's past actions. They have done that for child pornography for exemple but those who are caught are such a minimum compare to those who abuse. In a way i see it as a way of creating fear in people.
      I have written many opinions about pot growing, should that make me fear the cops at my door? To some it would. But why would they lose their time with little me when guys like Julian Assange and his many followers are busy riduculing the law and the government and they get away with it.
      If anything they want you to FEAR. Are you a funny one?

    7. urafunny1

      "They had a lot of revolutionary ideas, people, reasons but they didn't have the internet. We do.

      i was repsonding to this post , you were implying the internet could be the awnser to a revolution in our generation, i was simply pointing out the internet works both ways and if you were ever suspected of wanting to overthrow the government they could easily see what you had written online in the past.

      and yes i am very funny , very funny indeed.

    8. Kevin Hultman

      why wouldn't you want other people to know what you think? Is this not the reason why humans have language?

  21. Mercenarry ForHire

    I find it that history repeats its self >:D The cycle of times of peace and war.

    Not much has changed in almost 100.000 years (Estimated time of humans existing.)

    i doubt anything will change it least for another 1.000 years or more.
    But that shouldn't stop us from trying >:D

    One day the law will be so saturated that being a Criminal will actually mean your a good guy who wears black Muhuhahaha! :D (laughter is the best Medicine)

  22. urafunny1

    this is painfull to watch , just reminds you that previous generations have already tried and failed to stem the flow of corruption and mass murder that goes on in the name of the west, " i tremble for my country when i reflect that god is just " gefferson, or a modern take on it would be ,what goes around comes around , history will probably place the western imperialism thast goes on today in the same box as fascist nazism , i mean are they realy that different ?