Ghosts of the Underground

Ghosts of the Underground

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Ghosts of the UndergroundMore than one billion people use London underground annually, yet few of them know just how haunted the tube really is. We investigate the supernatural secrets of the oldest underground network in the world.

Our hair-raising journey takes us through the graves, church crypts and plague pits that tube tunnels have disrupted. We hear the startling stories of the men and women who work one hundred and fifty feet below our capital’s pavements; we also scrutinize the network’s amazing architecture and exceptional engineering. This remarkable programme enables us to survey one of the most familiar environments in London from a radical and chilling perspective.

We hear the supernatural stories of London Underground staff members who man the echoing stations and tunnels at night, long after the commuters have disappeared. For the first time on camera, drivers and station staff discuss their unexplainable subterranean experiences, outlining the effect that the incidents have had on them.

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  1. Dave

    Been trying to figure out the track that starts at around 15 minutes in, just before that guy start talking about the door rattling on his shift.

    1. Plasticbeach

      YouTube the soundtrack. It's mostly all on there

  2. Melissa Burwick

    Great documentary. Would love to see more like this, thank you.

  3. Terry Graham

    People need to watch
    *A Trip into the Supernatural* by Roger Morneau and finally get closure with these stories.

  4. CeeJay

    Benjamin, the ethereal eerie track you're referring to is Nighty Night by Louise Dowd. Another track used is Sad Piano by Mark Hawkins.

  5. paul

    its just a marketing stunt for the london underground

  6. georgiypotulov

    Lol, a billion people..

    1. LarsV12

      It's referring to the average number of users, based on trips made, you peanut.

      So obviously, that means a few hundred thousand or a couple of million people doing repeat trips, daily.

      Got it now?

  7. Beth

    The stories are well told, without trying to over dramatize them. I don't know if there are ghosts but I believe these people were talking about what they believe happened. So much better than some of the presentations I have seen.

  8. jim

    Track playing at about 4min is Mogwai - Yes! i am long way from home

  9. Callum

    the workers should go in pairs and not alone because that's kinda dangerous

  10. Matt

    To Charing Cross from Finchley by foot ??!! Geez, that must have taken ages and in complete darkness ?? thumbs up to this trackwalker bloke - balls of titanium...

  11. Jonathan A. Upton

    Does anybody know the name of the track played at 40 minutes in, when the trackwalker for the Jubilee Line discusses a ghost?

    1. Matt

      Ulrich Schnauss "Gone Forever" - I'm not sure if we're thinking about the same track though...

  12. feenix101

    The Aphex Twin Track at around 22 mins is called Schottkey 7th Path, from the selected ambient works 85-92 album. :-)

  13. Benjamin Hammond

    Guys... I am so confused. This documentary appeared on the History channel a couple of days ago (19/02/12), and the music was completely different to all of the documentaries of the same programme I find online. At 35 minutes into this documentary, I know that the band Sigur Ros is playing - and I have that song. But in the recent documentary I watched, it was a different song. It had piano and children's voices in a very ethereal errie soundtrack. Did anyone watch the more recent version of this documentary, and does anyone know the song I am talking about? If anyone knows, I'd be so grateful if they could just refer to me as "Benjamin" in a new comment and tell me. Thank you very much.

  14. PlasticBeach666

    Another song is Gorillaz's Tomorrow Comes Today which plays during the introduction of the low frequency explanation. Thanks again to everyone who posted the tracks of the other songs on the documentary. I couldn't seem to find any official listing of the songs on it. If anyone knows the AFX/Aphex Twin song mentioned, that would be awesome! Thx again every1 :D

  15. PlasticBeach666

    another song during the introduction of the low frequency theory is Gorillaz's Tomorrow Comes Today. Thx everyone else for providing many of the tracks' titles included in this documentary. I searched tirelessly for the names of them! :D

  16. Craig Smale

    I think they have to improve the safety standards in those tunnels

  17. Fiona Southworth

    I came in fully expecting a hokey laugh at the expense of this doc. Turns out it's actually very well done and argues both sides of the debate.

  18. priyasikavi

    cool doc.....

  19. priyasikavi


  20. Patrick

    cool doc. I watched this about a year ago on this site. I thought I posted a reply back then, I guess not. Anyway, love how he captures the environment.

  21. Mike

    Does anyone know any of the great tunes played in the background throughout?

    1. thegreatbeast

      at 22 minutes is a track by Aphex Twin can't remember what the song title is but possibly under one of his aliases 'AFX' 'Polygon window' or 'caustic window' - pretty sure its AFX

      at 26 minutes is a song called 'take me somewhere nice' by mogwai

    2. Gavin Cunningham

      The doc starts with 'Hands Away' by the band Interpol. The only other track I recognise is at 37 mins in, while the guy talks about the Bethnal Green disaster. That track is ''Svenf-G-Englar' by Sigur Ros.

    3. Gabby Johnson

      Groove armada (last tune on Goodbye country), Sigor ros (Svefn-g-englar).

    4. Shovon Hassan

      i just know one & it is : Sigur Rós - Svefn g englar .

  22. Rachel-Nicole

    That was interesting. Slightly scary as well... I gotta remember these stations next time I visit London.

  23. john doe

    If you believe somethings happening it probobly will.

  24. john doe

    Nothing recorded on camera ,phones. 8 out of ten people in the uk have a camera phone yet no material hmmm.

  25. Ike

    Why are there only 'Ghosts' of people who have been buried & not the ones who have been cremated??

  26. Ike

    Imagine if I die & don't realize that I'm dead, I'd be the famous porn watching ghost who mysteriously switches on the computer, browses through porn sites & leaves his "ectoplasm" on the mouse, keyboard & the monitor screen.

    Will a ghost ever try to haunt a metalhead's house or can a metalhead be actually be possessed by a demon??

  27. vonC

    I don't believe in ghost either, but still, nothing beats a good ghost story! If you knew this wouldn't catch you, then why did you watch it? It has everything you can possibly ask from a documentary of the type...

  28. Len

    HOw come none of these spooky, faceless, screaming entities were ever caught on one of the tens of thousands of CCTV cameras in the tube? 45 mn of my life I'll never get back.

  29. Rick

    I was at finsbury park tube station last winter I was walking up the so spiral steps to come out of the underground and i heard footsteps so i stopped and pretended to txt someone and i heard the footsteps coming right behind me i waited to feel some one squueze by me but no one did i looked couldnt see anyone so i went back down the stairs there was nobody about I crapped myslef and ran up the stairs and out! to this day i will never stop at finsbury park past 9pm!

  30. Pauly

    Forget Blair Witch, Ghosts on the Underground has got to be one of the scariest pieces of film ever made! Terrifies me everytime it shows on TV and there are some stations I just refuse to go into now!

  31. lisa adele

    Many years ago, I was travelling on the London underground. It was late at night, about 11 pm. The tube was passing through a disused station. The train hadn't stopped there in a long time. I was gazing out of the window, as we passed through this station, and I saw an old woman, standing close to the edge of the platform. She had a blank look on her face, and was staring into space. I only saw her in a flash, as the tube rumbled along. She was just standing there, in the rain and cold, at that time of night. She was either a ghost or a suicide. Definitely strange but true!

  32. simon

    just to been left alone in the dark and a massive lonley place is enought to trigger the spooky side of our bodies ... so then with the mind going aswell .... its possible mind trick... but I think that all the CCTV that is going 24 hours aday should have captured the spooky bastards .... any way I hate the London Underground in the day time ... gods knows whats it like at night

  33. More


  34. Nielsch

    Nice doc :D

    Although some experiences could be explained by fatigue and related conditions, there's still some seriously spooky story's here. I believe that certain highly negative emotions tend to linger a while, and could possibly manifest. Who knows...

  35. James Hunt

    I think those underground workers spend to much time on their own.

  36. Cassio

    Pretty interesting. Mostly how the lines there look compared to the lines here in New York City. I also find it interesting how many lives have come to rest where those lines are now.

    Really short doc, but the last few lines are pretty wild.

  37. Allan Kirkwood

    Really good doc thanks for posting.