What's Happening to American Democracy?

What's Happening to American Democracy?

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A reality television superstar stands alongside a self-proclaimed socialist as two of the superstars in this year's American presidential election cycle. Who could have suspected that either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders could win the title of the next President of the United States even a short six months ago? The country has never before witnessed such an overwhelmingly receptive response to anti-establishment sentiment, and the popularity of these two towering figures points to a profound metamorphosis within the mainstream of the population. An insightful two-part expose titled What's Happening to American Democracy?, produced by Al Jazeera, investigates the root causes behind these shifting perceptions.

As illustrated in the film, both Trump and Sanders are speaking to the country in a manner that evokes the need for meaningful change, but their approaches rest at opposite ends of the spectrum.

While it is usually customary for politicians to sell their ideas in a key of hope and positivity, Trump's rhetoric has only inflamed the financial and security anxieties of the populous. With unpredictable and highly volatile swagger, Trump has emerged as a political phenomenon, and one who has even the most seasoned pundits scratching their heads. The political insiders who are featured in the film cannot deny that Trump is connecting with the feelings of discontent within large segments of the country. But in the absence of clear-cut policies or political savvy, is he only appealing to their most barbaric reactionary instincts?

Both candidates publicly proclaim themselves as fiercely anti-establishment, and share frustrations over a political system that seems to be rigged against the existence of a true democracy. Their message has sparked a national outcry for political revolution, but the tenor created by both campaigns is a study in sharp contrasts. Whichever side of the fence the voters fall on - fearful anger or hope - their newfound activism indicates a rapidly evolving awareness within the country. What's Happening to American Democracy? does an admirable job of defining the cultural dynamic which allows candidates like Trump and Sanders to thrive. It's an environment where the middle class is feeling the squeeze, minority populations are growing in numbers and influence, and the true enemies of democracy are the large corporate interests who line the pockets of the political establishment.

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2 years ago

We had one of the Best President in US history with Donald J Trump. Now were are going to have a feeble minded, corrupt , career politician, who only served, to serve himself! Expect poverty, chaos, loss of Freedoms, more corruption, and division. We will truly become the Divided States of America. The Civil War begins

Margaret t
2 years ago

Yes Democracy will continue to be undermined because SCOTUS said so. They said businesses are people that do not have to go to jail like real people.
It seems as if one groups civil rights have been treaded on by the Supreme Court. They should be sued and can be individually especially the Chief Justice.
The constitution states all people will have equal justice under the law. They dont have to follow the law so why are people still being charged when they also shouldn't have to follow the law according to the Supreme courts ruling we should be able to pick and choose which amendments that are desirable to us and drop the rest just like the business people. But I doubt any attorneys would have the guts to take that on, oh how I wish someone would sue any justice that ruled in favor when it should have been thrown out. The only other option would be for them to choose who will be doing time next time they fraud or cause deaths. Our Country is so unfair our Cingress could have objected to it but they live the money not the people they represent. They are all criminals

2 years ago

Oh yes we will accept those lobbyists paying off our representatives because the supreme courts crappy decision.
We should sue the Chief Justice for discrimination against actual people that are made to do time for crimes like fraud. The reason being is that the constitution states there will be equal justice under the law. Well it's so blatantly obvious nobody did prison time in 2008 that is infringing on our constitutional rights. They weren't even really investigated either, it was just another smoke screen.

3 years ago

George G Cushing: Trump is the "framer."

3 years ago

You're response already shows a complete law of intelligence. You may have a few facts but they lack awareness or historical study.

Jon Jonzz
3 years ago

The so called Main Stream Media is the propaganda arm of the Democratic/Socialist/ Nazi Party. Does anyone really watch, or believe CNN (Chlamydia News Nutwork)??

4 years ago

Journalism is dead. Now all we have are liars with microphones calling themselves "the news" when it is just lie upon lie. It is so ridiculous, how can they believe that anyone believes them?

If "the news" actually did their job, Bush1, Clinton, Bush2, and Obama would never have been elected. Nor would HIllary ever ran. She'd be in jail with her hubby. They all belong to the Globalist(communist) cabal. Trump seems to be half and half, which is probably why he is still alive.

George G Cushing
5 years ago

Trump is being framed by all same bush/cheney/clinton..scum we now know worked with saudis to hide 911..pass patriot act..take freedoms and make halliburton money..wheres are 2.3 missing trillion rummy?

6 years ago

The Pentagon, and the CIA have been in charge since JFK. The POTUS is just window dressing, to make you think you live in a democracy.

Rob C
6 years ago

WOW.... The fact that in 2017 there are still people who just cannot comprehend what the terms "climate change" or "global warming" really mean is absolutely embarrassing. It is COMMON SENSE. Literally (NOT figuratively) over 99% of ALL scientists and branches of science pertinent to earth climate ABSOLUTELY agree that mankind IS polluting our planet at an accelerated rate which IS causing EXTREMELY SEVERE damage and IS causing the oceans to rise in temperature.

MR. Freedom
6 years ago

Only a brainwashed dimwit would think vaccines are not tools of oppression.

mike m
6 years ago

Remove person hood from corporations

6 years ago

only a unenlightened dimwit would think of vaccines as tools of oppression.

7 years ago

Real life is propaganda, facts are propaganda. The only thing that is real is the vague words of whoever is at the helm of the RNC!

7 years ago

Attn "jewjewbee" watch "Empire Files" as recommended by "oQ". It will show that Goldman Sachs has donated heavily to Hillary. But that is only bad if it involves Republicans, right? Wake up people, BOTH parties should be strung up for what they have done to this country. It is easy to tell who the TV watchers are, they prefer limiting their input to what big money collectivists want them to know and to get people fighting amongst themselves as a distraction while they do their dirty deeds unhindered.
"KsDevil" the super wealthy have been working at collapsing the system on purpose via their puppet obama. If they succeed they will attain full control. If not they will continue playing their inflation-deflation wealth stealing cycle to the depression deflation side. When deflation bottoms, scooping up for pennies on the dollar what they sold you for lots of dollars and then start inflating away(stealing) the value of your dollars again.
When I was a little varmit you, well... I could trade in 1 silver certificate, which was our dollar then, for an ounce of silver. Since no one saw to it the conversion to worthless fiat federal reserve notes (our current dollar) was rejected, they are currently worth about 1/16 of an ounce of silver. Troy oz. to be more accurate. That is over a 93 percent reduction in value of wealth stolen by your corprobankstergovtmedia complex.
If you want political candidates that are not beholden to big money, you are going to have to gather together to see to it wise uncorruptible people are running in numbers from all parties and expose the others, so it doesn't matter who the fools vote for, someone good will get in. And while you are at it, make a swift means of putting criminals like the clintons, obama, and bushes in jail. Clearly leaving it up to other politicians does nothing.

As others have said, this isn't a documentary, it is propaganda by the enemy of the middle class(lower, middle, and upper portions of the middle class). When I first started voting and for a long time until vote by mail, I had to show a photo ID in order to vote. The hypocritical democrats who love redistricting and did a lot of it, now desire to bring as many illegals in to vote for them as they can, are crying foul at requiring voter ID? Ahhh that is just terrible, cough cough. How about requiring unhackable vote count accumulators? See BlackBoxVoting.org Also, check out their youtubes regarding how easy it is to hack voting and count machines.

7 years ago

This video and the one about capitalism killing itself provide some clarity to the situation.
It would seem that the voters want a candidate who will bring back an ideal of the past, but it seems to be little but words and cheerleading. The ability of any of the candidates to achieve their promotions may only delay an inevitable flaw in the system. The past may not be achievable in the future.
It may not matter who has the money, the system may collapse on top of the wealthy.

7 years ago

Trump is irreverent. He can win the General.

7 years ago

What's happening to American Democracy? Democracy will crumble if Hillary Clinton is elected, watch Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents.

7 years ago

I love Top Documentaries Films. This was a waste of my time. The globalist agenda is blatant. Look for the truth in all works. Trump is against all the major tools of the Ruling Elite.

1. Carbon Tax / Global Warming Hoax
2. Open Borders
3. Free Trade
4. The Federal Reserve
5. Vaccines
6. Common Core
7. Obamacare
8. Releasing the 28 classified pages

All tools of our oppression, they make us sick, they destroy the economy and teach our children what fits their agenda.

Trump 2016

7 years ago

I think it's hilarious that Trump gets blasted for not making precise campaign promises - the kind that politicians never even intend to deliver. The whole thing is purely a ritualized charade and I guess I'm a "barbaric reactionary" for seeing zero utility in that.

7 years ago

What did they say against Trump that was not true? If I guy with that kind of temper and ego gets a hold of the launch codes, God help us.

Alfredo Limia
7 years ago

Anti Trump bullshit .

7 years ago

What a long comment terry seale do you have a life? How bout any hobbies or a job perhaps? Ted Cruz is controlled by Goldman Sachs money his wife was given a job there also you know why that idiot was given a job at gold,an Sachs don't you? Therefore he is as far away from the Constitution as Osama bin laden.

7 years ago

Free speech and money are two different things, Citizens united allows bought elections. All those people you named are destroying the world on the scale the Koch brothers are. Cruz is the best candidate? Wow.. He is the one person I'd never vote for. He's a religious nut job with no scruples. He is a big money lackey trying to fool conservatives with obvious ties to Goldman Sachs (someone you pointed out..) Blue dog democrats are just republicans pretending to be dems in conservative states. Difference between libs and conservatives is that liberals are making progress in the equality world, conservatives are too, just a lot slower. (Don't take my word for it, just go on any conservative blog and check out the comments)

7 years ago

Very interesting and insightful little couple of reports. A little biased perhaps, but given what D.J Trump appears to represent I do find myself sympathetic. I'd like to have seen some more analysis of the Sanders and Clinton Campaigns to balance things a little, but worth a watch.

Terry Seale
7 years ago

I am not for Trump at all unless it comes down to him or Hillary. Cruz is the most Constitutional, intelligent, genuinely conservative, courageous and top integrity person right now.

But this entire report is SO slanted, SO distorted, SO unfair that it is sickening. Al Jazeera, are you in cahoots with Bill Moyers, DemocracyNow!, and Occupy Democrats?

Brookings Institute. What about Hoover Inst., Cato Inst., or American Enterprise Inst.?

"Citizen's United v. FEC" did not change the rules. The case overturned the unConstitutional "rules" of the administrative state that denied Free Speech to citizens who combined to express political opinions. Those "rules" were illegal. The case was brought by Hillary Clinton against a well-made and damning documentary made exposing her background by Citizens United. CU had complained to FEC about Michael Moore's hit piece "911" released to hurt the Bush campaign right before the 2004 election. FEC through out their case. Then they decided, "If they can do that to us then we can do that to them."
They did in 2008 and Hillary went ballistic, as she is wont to do. FEC sided with Hillary this time and had to be chastised, corrected, punished, and humiliated by the Supreme Court's affirmation of Free Speech.

It sure hurt the Democrats and--according to this report--the Republicans, too. So the case reduced the ability of party bosses to control the debate and the distribution of funds and advocacy advertising. Poor babies! This is a GREAT thing.

The 1965 Selma voting repression was entirely the work of DEMOCRAT elected and party officials. It is totally a piece with other Democrat Party policies like the Dred Scott decision, the unprovoked attack on Ft. Sumter, the Civil War, the murder of Lincoln, voting rights violations during Reconstruction, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, military segregation, school segregation, vagrancy ordinances, framing blacks and renting them out for prisoner labor, the criminalization of interracial marriage, segregated water fountains and men's rooms in FDR's Pentagon, and every other social program destroying, hobbling, and killing the black communities and family. How does this reporter get to blame that on Republicans? He must have believed the curriculum in the Government Schools.

Citing "Republican" Gerrymandering, the reporter decries problems with Latino representation in Texas, but just a paragraph earlier, he opines that requiring proof of citizenship to vote is "racist." Gerrymandering has been used to ghettofy voting districts to ensure black, latino, Jewish, Italian, Irish, Greek, Russian, Puerto Rican elected officials since Gerry was a Founding Father--about 100 years before any Republican Party! It is part of the game, but needs to be even-handedly reformed.

Armegeddon is a Republican (Karl Rove) scare tactic? Is that worse than Global Warming as a Democrat (AlGore) scare tactic?

Harry Reid's bogiemen, The Billionaire Koch Brothers are demonized once again in the piece while the Billionaires George Soros, Barbra Streisand, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, David Geffen, AFL-CIO, Bill Gates, Jon Corzine, Robert Rubin, General Electric, Alec Baldwin, Steven Spielberg, Vernon Jordan, Michael Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton, Goldman Sachs, Hugh Hefner all get a free pass?

Stanley Greenberg is an honest expert? At least he has the decency, or carelessness, to display a Democrat donkey behind him signalling that he is a Democrat mouthpiece, spin doctor, and one-sided propagandist.

This story is a great example of crooked, advocacy "journalism," propaganda really, omitting essential facts and elements, and giving false ammunition to demagogues and charlatans on the Left. Articles like THIS are what is wrong with the US political system. And, we are NOT a democracy. We are a representative republic. Learn civics much?

Flame away, my fellow Americans.